Xperia X10 reaches EOL on AT&T in early March?

AT&T Xperia X10Whilst AT&T Xperia X10 customers are still waiting for the update to Android 2.1, it appears that the handset will reach end-of-life (EOL) on March 6 according to a tipster at AndroidCentral. This is a bit surprising given that AT&T only launched the handset in August 2010.

The move is probably down to lacklustre sales and AT&T suggests that the Samsung Captivate and Motorola Bravo are the perfect substitute for the X10. However, we would expect that the Xperia arc is likely to make it on AT&T at some point, although you may be in for a long wait if you plan to go down that route. Let’s just hope that AT&T still plan to release the Android 2.1 update for existing X10 customers at some point…

Xperia X10 EOL on AT&T

Xperia X10 EOL on AT&T

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  1. And I thought O2 UK was bad making me wait a month, have other carriers in America made it available?

  2. well if the arc is coming in 3 months, then thats about the time you would expect it to get killed off… thats of course assuming america wont get the arc 8 months after europe.. and thats assuming the arc isnt delayed until the winter everwhere and then ships with 2.1

  3. Why every are so concern about all those update i dont even remember how the orginall soft se looklike since i find xda i just dont care about assholes in se i ididnt install seus and pc companion when xda release update then interesting. By now i worhship Zdzihu for 2.2 this is just amazing perfect work. So what is special about that go to xda chang cda you can have it since 10november

  4. So, my “flagship” SE phone is not even out of manufacturers warranty and is being EOLd? By SE. I’d say it’s been nice, but it hasn’t.

  5. LMAO, wow EOL already?! I must laugh because in Canada, Rogers have updated their X10 in November when the update was going on through out the world. I got it about the second week or so in Nov. I have been pleased with the update, but still things could be better with it. Hopefully if there is a 2nd update, in Q2 it will improve. I am refering to the media/timescape update. (Hope this update brings the ability to tweet from the phone itself)

    To Answer Adam’s comment the X10 is exclusive to AT&T. Rogers and AT&T are one in the same, Rogers in Canada, AT&T in the USA. This is because Ericsson layed the network.

    Commenter seus says it the best. I personally bought an unlocked X10 because I didn’t want the problems that come with a carrier locked phone. And HELLO it is ANDROID!!! you can customize the hell out of your phone!!! Find someone on the XDA developer website that can help your X10 FROYO lacking situation!!! ROOT ROOT ROOT!!!

    To fried egg, the Arc looks promising but it will come out with 2.3 and will be upgradeable to 2.4. And ye I don’t know how but Canada got the X10 like 2,3 months before the USA. Of course Rogers does nothing to promote it and it was $800 with no contract for a month or so.

    What I did was, buy my X10 unlocked at this Asian mall near Toronto. If I can remember correctly I saw the X10 at the mall in February before it even came out. I waited till June/July for the price to drop and I got it for a much better price.

    That is all…

  6. you guys are so stupid you want to make me scream!! God how can you stand yourselves.

    So it’s att who are giving up on their customers and they are the ones responsible for not updating their phones and your angry from se? What kind of logic do you have, seriously if most se buyers are with this IQ, I’m beginning to feel bad about my self.

    Sorry for being aggressive but I’m finding it very hard to tolerate with such stupidity! So 2.1 is in every other place in the world and because att didn’t release it, we should blame se ha!
    I know SE made a bad move by not upgrading to 2.2, however, blaming se for everything even if it has nothing to do with it is not fair at all. The only thing I blame se for is that they released their phone to the douche bags in att! Att are really horrible. Look at Rogers in Canada and you will see for your self the huge difference between the two.

  7. USA Xperia X10a users with at&t (SI# 1237-4604):

    -at&t received the 2.1 update on October 31st,2010.
    -I finally got to talk to a Senior Customer Supervisor at at&t with name Anthony. He acknowledges that indeed they have the update but at&t is STILL performing testing on it before rolling it to all of us at&t users.
    -He apologizes saying that it is well known that at&t over-tests and holds on to software updates this long because they rather forward an update with virtually no bugs, and he says that in their history this is what works best for them financially as a company….to screen and test software updates to the grind in order to avoid bugs and hence avoid a larger number of inquiries in the future due to bugs associated with new software put out.
    -I then asked him : How is that over-testing serving me well if I am working with an outdated android 1.6 that does not allow me to experience the android market as most other android users do?

    So, bottomline…It is OFFICIAL …at&t has the 2.1 update…only not releasing it yet cause they want to make sure its as bug-free as possible.

    Call at&t and give them HELL…
    Demand your 2.1 update from THEM and NOW!

    Sony Ericsson is out of the loop …for now…

  8. @Fact

    Not SE’s fault. Well, not entirely.

    It’s going EOL because no one will buy the X10 anymore. Who would want to buy an expensive phone running 1.6 and only upgradable to 2.1? – See? Ripple effect.

  9. I can see how the EOL announcement, as unofficial as it is so far, is the fault of SE for announcing that the OS will not be upgraded past 2.1. Since AT&T has delayed 2.1 for so long, they know that they can’t sell the X10 any longer. Indeed, Rogers Canada probably can’t sell the phone any longer either, but at least their users have had the 2.1 update since early in the update process. As for the phone being expensive, there have been times when they were offering the phone for one cent with a 2 year contract. They have offered a buy one, get one free (I think on or off contract, with the contract price around $75…I believe). But even with those offers, there is no appeal to a phone running “outdated” software compared to direct competition. I assume (and truly hope) that this doesn’t mean that AT&T simply ignores future updates offered by SE if their participation is required to roll the update out to customers. SE has still stated that it plans to continue with software updated through their estimated 2 year life cycle, even if those updates are not Android.

  10. People, be nice to Sony Ericsson. Can’t you see fact is fact is almost chocked up and exploding from anger, since his love corporation is being criticized. Seriously, there could be tears. STOP. LEAVE HIM ALONE. LEAVE SE ALONE. FORGET ABOUT YOUR $500 IN THE TRASH AND MOVE ON.

  11. @Andrew

    Not to mention that the Xperia X10 has been proven to handle 2.2 (Better than the official 2.1 that SE released…with only a few hiccups.)

    Sony should just make one final OTA update, that gives the owners of the phone the ability to update to non-official Android updates, and release the driver information to XDA…it’s a pity when the users can make the equipment work better and faster than the OEM.

  12. I think we all need to send well written letters of complaints to Sony Ericsson. I think thery will either confirm officially that major updated have stopped or they will officially announce it on there website. I have sent my letter off to them already.

  13. @David J

    Voting with the wallet works way better than sending letters. Skip SE and their bullshit. Go with HTC or Samsung.


    This is a petition group for all Sony Ericsson Xperia users who wish to see a future release of Android 2.2+ on the Xperia series.

    Notable features in Android 2.2 that will enhance the functionality of the Xperia series (Source: Wikipedia, “Android (operating system)”:

    * General Android OS speed, memory, and performance optimizations
    * Additional application speed improvements courtesy of JIT implementation
    * Integration of Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine into the Browser application
    * Increased Microsoft Exchange support (security policies, auto-discovery, GAL look-up, calendar synchronization, remote wipe)
    * Improved application launcher with shortcuts to Phone and Browser applications
    * USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot functionality
    * Added an option to disable data access over mobile network
    * Updated Market application with batch and automatic update features
    * Quick switching between multiple keyboard languages and their dictionaries
    * Voice dialing and contact sharing over Bluetooth
    * Support for numeric and alphanumeric passwords
    * Support for file upload fields in the Browser application
    * Support for installing applications to the expandable memory
    * Adobe Flash 10.1 support
    * Support for extra high DPI screens (320 dpi), such as 4″ 720p

    By joining this group, you support the idea that Sony Ericsson should develop and release Android 2.2+ for the Xperia series.

    Join us!

  15. I will apologise for the long post but I’m PISSED OFF

    @ Bandit
    You right but my money has gone into my X10, stuck in a contact for 18 more months

    @ Ugh! Not Impressed Yet! et all (INCLUDING SONY ERICSSON)
    I don’t think you have a clue of what loyalty it about. I have always used Sony Ericsson products because of their top quality designs and hardware. When Sony Ericsson announced that they were going to launch an Android device I thought that I’d died and gone to heaven.

    Upto now software has always been a missing part of Son’y Sricsson’s puzzle, but with Android this should all go away do to it being an “open source” operating system. (or so I thought)
    The X10 was release with EARLY software which promises to have this upgraded so I brought into the vision.
    Slight disappointment as Sony Ericsson where always famous for the camera phones (K750i, C905 ect) but the X10 had no real flash which meant you couldn’t take pictures in the evening. OK I can live with that as the phone has so many more things to offer with Android, all these things could be fixed with the Android OS.
    Then Android 2.2 gets released (remember at this stage I’m still on 1.6). The Desire (similar specs release the same time as the X10) gets 2.2 but hold on, I’m still waiting for 2.1 which has been delayed yet again. Finally I get 2.1 for the X10 and I’m happy as I have a smother device, I have live wallpapers, I can Bluetooth contacts from one phone to another without an app, I have more homescreens, I have access to more APP from the Android Market and it doesnt take as long to get into meadiascape and timescape as it used to (Even though I didn’t want them but hey its a signature App so I’ll live with it).
    OLDER and lower spec devices than my FLAGSHIP X10 (HTC Hero for example) has been upgraded to 2.2 which now means;
    -their devices are faster
    -they can view flash content on the web (a basic right nowadays)
    -they can more App from phone to SD which allows the phone to have more core memory
    -they have access to better 2.2 Apps on the Android Market
    -they can to 3G tethering.

    9 months after the phone is release (8 months since I am into my 2 year contract) I am offered 1 major release and a notification that my phone will get no more past 2.1 as there UXP gives a better experience in some cases that stock 2.2. Please have a look at the list above and let me know how 2.1 with UXP can be better.

    On top of that they launch another phone as their flagship phone with a 2.3 a day after the announcement of end of life for the X10
    -they de-scope Mediascape all together to use stock android.
    -they announce that Timescape will be quicker as its a added widget
    (Remember nobody really wanted these things anyway but they were signature apps)

    Now I don’t think that Sony Ericsson should spend their time constantly upgrading their old phones as they are in the market to make money and grow their business but the X10 was the device that put Sony Ericsson back in the mobile world.
    -Its people like me who promoted their FLAGSHIP to friends and colleagues.
    -Its people like me who feel cheated to be used as BETA testers
    -Its people like me who used these forums to suggest improvements to Sony Ericsson only to see them on the ARC
    -Its people like me who have just realised that the X10 software delays were due to Sony Ericsson working on their new devices whilst forgetting there current FLAGSHIP.
    -Its people like me who have spend their hard earned money on a phone that is End of Life after 9 months with an operating system that is 1 year old (Jan 2010)

    The people like me are all X10 users

    2.3 would be great but if Sony Ericsson upgraded all X10s to 2.2 then said “There will be no further MAJOR upgrades” it would still be a hard pill to swallow as 2.2 is still 8 months old but at least it would have seemed like there was some form of loyalty to there customers. Instead we are shifted aside with no real communications and that its.
    If the X10 does not get either 2.2 (8 months old) or 2.3 (yet to be released) them I believe the Arc will not be a success with all the negative press Sony Ericsson will get.

  16. i will F u n make u come shit through ur ugly mouth if u speak anything that supports SE..

    Are you happy enough by supporting the worlds best robbers ..

    SE Robes.Customers
    My infinite Shit on u SE

  17. I’m am soooo glad i got this phone for free….cause this whole thing is a joke,whats this 1.6 crap,its slow,freezes up ,the gps sucks,sony should be a shamed of themselves,soo i hope when the arc comes out,its going to be free as well,putting us thru this crap,who knows if we will see 2.1 or anything,they should be sued…..or maybe its just the crappy AT&T server…

  18. I guess it cannot come soon enough. I bought my X10 through Rogers in Toronto in early August. Yesterday morning after turning on the phone, the phone apparently blew its little brain out. No matter what key I hit, I get this dialog box: “Sorry! The process android.process. acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.” AFter hitting the dialog box “force close” every 5 seconds for several hours, I gave up. Rogers is sending me a replacement phone. Can’t wait to see what shape the replacement is in, as it is a “refurbished” phone. Rogers also apparently removed an option that permits the user to do a factory reset. Has anyone else had this problem? It has apparently occurred to some HTC phones too.

  19. I wonder how would AT&T react if EOL = EOContract… I mean, many of the US based users, acquired the phone under 2yr contract, and now they’re taking it out of the rotation and there is no more support from the maker… so I’d like to see the contract voided, I’d like a phone that works and have the latest OS installed.