Latest Custom Android 2.2 Xperia X10 hotfix includes native APP2SD

App2SDZdzihu from xda-developers continues to make great progress on the Custom Android 2.2 (Froyo) ROM for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. In the latest hotfix, he has now included native APP2SD functionality, which enables you to move your apps to your memory card.

However, it’s worth remembering this is still a beta release and there are still plenty of bugs that are being worked on. If you’re feeling brave to test this out, there’s a good step-by-step tutorial here to get it working.

Thanks @saltorio!

44 responses to “Latest Custom Android 2.2 Xperia X10 hotfix includes native APP2SD”

  1. Great progress.. Now lets get the camera fixed and the x10 might be one of the front runners again

  2. does anybody know when the custom 2.2 rom will be stable enough for dauly use and with camera finctions??

  3. might aswel just buy the arc by the time they achieve anything like a decent version of 2.2 on the x10 at xda the arc will be oon 2.4. lets face it the x10 was a learning curve

  4. @goku:
    Zdzihu has stated that the camera functions are a work in progress, but no idea when it’ll be fixed. As it’s the only feature missing from the 2.2 ROM at this point, I’d assume it’s what he’s working on (in addition to the FC fixes).

    There’s a link to a how-to in the second paragraph of the article. Just follow the instructions there.

    The X10 was indeed a learning curve… for both SE and it’s customers. However, as this 2.2 ROM is quite stable from the comments and only missing camera functionality, it’s likely to hit release before the Arc hits retailers, even if it’s on-time with the March estimated release date. Zdzihu has already stated that 2.3 will be next as soon as he gets 2.2 to a release quality.

    Nope. I beat you! ;p

  5. Thanks a lot Saltorio…not only you are a great communicator , you are funny at it too!

    Thanks Zdzihu…make this camera work with 2.2 and I will definitely contribute $ for all your hard work!

  6. Great news. Can’t wait to use this ROM. I really love my X10 and won’t sell to get another phone, even Arc. Keep great working bro… 🙂

  7. leave it to the SE guys to turn up a great phone, screw with the software, give customer false hopes and promises, and leave loyal SE customers in the dark after just one update.

    the Gods at XDA sure knows how to save the day. these people deserves more royalties than the devs SE hires to screw their androids for us!

  8. THIS SYSTEM BROKE MY PHONE, IT’S JUST STAND SE LOGO IN 16 HOURS NOW?! i can’t go in to xrecovery or something! what i’m gonna do?:(

  9. @thuddis
    hey bro. Try to remove ur battery, wait 3-4-5 sec then insert it back
    press the power button, then wait a lil` . When se logo pops up, just press lots of times on usb mngmnt or smth like that and MOUNT usb. on ur computer, open pc companion and repair ur software, and it will reinstall shipped 2.1 by S.E.

  10. Been using this ROM for a week now. (Now with Hotfix 4a)
    It’s really stable, fast and awesome.
    There are some really nice Themes at xda for this ROM too.

    I recommend this to everyone who can live without the Camera.

  11. my screen is flashing and it’s no service, i’m not good at english, i culd not follow the instruktions

  12. @saltorio thanks for the reply, hopefully it will be soon, cant wait for the custom 2.2 rom, will XDA be able to knock up a custom 2.3 perhaps??

  13. @saltorio

    Even if some how xda manages to get 2.3 running on the x10 i highly douubt it will be stable and saying 2.2 is stable on the x10 2.1 isnt exactly lightening speed. I dont really see the point its not the same having a dodgy version as official will always risk killing your phone totally. Can’t see the point myself technology evolves x10 has gone as far as it can

  14. @se1

    This rom is fast, very fast. Have a look at the specs of the new se arc they are very close to the x10. What it can do the x10 can do. Now check out what lg & samsung are bringing out (dual core) the arc will flounder badly this year. 2010 tech in 2011 = Bad business. Xda will make the x10 suceed where se have failed.

  15. This is great! No camera, but the speed difference between this and the stock branded 2.1 is night and day – flash too!

    To people with flashing screen prob. If you’re having trouble with fixing with ADB, try download PDANet – Plug ur phone in, run setup. And the end of setup it will ask you to install a usb driver, click Yes. Wait. Check your phone and see if it’s fixed it worked for me

  16. Is there a word yet on X10 Android Update for AT & T users? The last one I saw on this was posted in December, and now he seems to get news out. Have we forgotten? I know SE are launching new phones, they decided to forget them, which was bought last year with the promise of an update soon that never came

  17. Hey all, anyone that gets the problem of the phone flashing, just whip the battery out, pop back in and switch on, worked for me 🙂 this is a nice rom still needs a bit of work tho, and compatibility for the apps we used in the se 2.1 would be wicked i.e backup and restore and mediascape I use em both. I downloaded a pack with all the apps in it but they wouldnt install 🙁 not to worry tho there are other apps and ways and means to work round stuff. If the xda boys can get the cam working and recording in hd and make it more stable then I for one say job very VERY well done!

  18. Zdzihu you are incredible. All power be with you! Dont worry about junk apps most of just dont need

    se=monkeys kingdom

    @tyler why did you stick to mediashit there are large amount of apps which are 200% better that mediashit power amp , and titanium backup
    poweramp=equalizer and better sound!
    titanium backup is a proffessional app for buckup
    2.2= fully loaded website

    dont be stupid be in heaven with Zdihu GOD!

  19. Thanks for the heads up on those apps amazingly job!
    Ill be sure to check em out!
    I only discovered winamp has an app out too
    Which allows you to make your own playlist
    Something I demand lol

    Don’t worry tho when the 2.2 is stable enough and has a working cam ill be there!

  20. If I were to root/flash my phone, would I be able to keep stuff like the timescape or mediascape? and will anyone be able to copy the xperia x12 software, and re-shell it onto the x10?

  21. Does this custom android 2.2 support adobe flash 10.1 and also be able to tether? Would be awesome if anyone can confirm.

  22. I’ve installed zdzihu’s 2.2 beta4. Working smooth& fast. I never change this great Rom.
    I need se timescape only. How to install to froya zdzihu’s Rom.
    I tried lot of times, methods. No use.
    Anyone can help me?

  23. zdzihu thank u a lot I love ma x10i plz help us to make a rom better than se txxxxxx a lot … 😀 nw I feel happy he he lol lol lol

  24. hi…
    I got a SE Xperia x10 i have a problem in it the camera was working fine till the phone gets upgraded to 2.1, i just upgraded the firmware myself directly from the internet from 1.6 to 2.1 from that when i try to turn on the camera automatically the screen goes very dim and its going worst, if i exit and come out of the camera option also the brightness remains same but if i switch off the phone and turn it on again then the phone goes to it original condition and the screen has the perfect brightness and it looks fine, i just want to know does anyone got this same problem,if yes plz help me out of this issue
    Thank you

  25. leave it to the SE guys to turn up a great phone, screw with the software, give customer false hopes and promises, and leave loyal SE customers in the dark after just one update.