Custom Android Gingerbread ROM hits the Xperia X10

Custom Android Gingerbread ROMThe ninja devs over at xda-developers have just released the first Android Gingerbread alpha for the Xperia X10. This is great news for those X10 owners that don’t mind tinkering with their phones, especially since SE has announced no further Android support past v2.1.

As you would expect with an alpha release, there are a number of things not working including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the camera. However for those that want to give it a try check out this post over at xda.

Thanks EiN!

34 responses to “Custom Android Gingerbread ROM hits the Xperia X10”

  1. By the time SE stops making minor updates, we will have a full fledged Gingerbread ROM for the device, I believe.

  2. @goku: I can only laugh at comments like that….Yes the xda guys are awesome, but they still havent delivered a fully functional ROM yet…theres both 2.1, 2.2 and now also 2.3. But there is always something not working….So i guess SE rocks just a little bit ;D

  3. I wonder if the xperia arc gingerbread Rom can be ported to the x10. Now that would be awesome.

  4. @Nikolaj If XDA team would have the bootloader, they would SWEEP the floor with SE. Not releasing the bootloader doesn’t mean SE is superior.

  5. @Nikolaj Well, SE has never fixed the low-volume issue on the X10. So I guess SE doesn’t rock either. ;p

    Great job to the guys at XDA!

  6. @Caifan I agree. Just look at the progress they’re making without cracking the bootloader!

  7. I just wish they would finish the 2.2. Once they finish that then they’ll get some money from me. 2.3 can wait.

  8. XDA does it again! If S.E. ever digs themselves out of the giant gaping P.R. hole they are in by backpedalling the crappy decisions they have made; the XDA rom will probably be way better anyhow. Nice work XDA!

  9. SE, can you hear ?? ofcourse, you just wanna sell your new design ‘ARC’ with higher price..

    xda my men..!

  10. I would rather have a SE rom that works pretty well, than a 2.3 to brag about that doesn’t even have bluetooth or a working camera! Come on guys this is nice, but it’s not a good solution at all.

    2.1 is working fine and I guess I will stick with it.

  11. I hope XDA comes up with a stable version and something thats easy to install for people like me who dont know much ! Hell with SE…you guys are the best !!!

  12. Reading those comments braggin about an alpha release of a ROM should be quite frustrating for the xda guys. Be grateful of such hard work and at least wait for the Beta to complain!

  13. Although its good the guys at xda are doing this they really need to get something out of beta, 2.1 beta, 2.2 beta etc. 2.4 or 3.0 will be out then they’ll finish with a gingerbread beta and move into the next alpha.

    I can’t believe some of the comments that I’m reading. Sony Ericsson have abandoned the X10 users with 2.1 and a locked bootloader, the XDA guys have release hope that our phones will not turn into archaic pieces of hardware and we are still moaning. Again I say well done and keep up the good work to the XDA guys. As soon as there is a workable ROM I will install it. In the meantime I’ll contribute to the development of the X10.

  15. can anyone help me with my phone? it got wet then none of the buttons work. actually when i turn my phone on for the first 30 seconds they all work but after that only the touch screen and the power button work. so the phone is now useless! no back or home button! anyone knows whats the problem?! i disassembled it but every thing looked normal from the inside.

  16. AWESOME XDA Devs. I love you guys(not in a gay way either), I installed your multitouch on my x10 and it works great! Thank you so much for correcting SE’s mistakes, maybe you guys should make your own phones, I know I would by one!

  17. Just updated on XDA today, and now:

    phone – long first start/sometimes does not start at boot
    Notification LED

    Not Working
    – to be found

    soon will be released a new version”

  18. Just as a matter of fact, I once heard that gingerbread has minimum requirements such as 512mb of ram to be operate on. If my x10 got around 384mb ram (which sucks by the way), gingerbread should have a lot of slow issues. Except of that, xda dev team rocks, I try the freex10 rom with galaxy theme recently and it work fine except for the camcorder cuz I can take pictures now. Hope all of us learn a lesson, no more sony ericsson. Go xda!!!

  19. By the way, check the xperia Arc specs:

    Xperia Arc Specs
    General: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, UMTS 850/900/1900/2100 MHz, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, 5.76Mbps HSUPA
    Form factor: Touchscreen bar phone
    Dimensions: 125 x 63 x 8.7-10 mm, 117 g
    Display: 4.2″ 16M-color TFT capacitive touchscreen, 854 x 480 pixels
    CPU: Qualcomm MSM8255 1 GHz Snapdragon platform
    OS: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
    Memory: 287MB storage, 512MB RAM, microSD card slot, 8GB card included in the retail box
    Camera: 8 megapixel auto-focus camera with LED flash, face detection and touch focus; 720p video recording at 30fps
    Connectivity: Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, standard microUSB port, GPS receiver with A-GPS, 3.5mm audio jack, microHDMI port
    Misc: Sony Ericsson Timescape UI, built-in accelerometer, proximity sensor, Sony Mobile Bravia engine, multi-touch input, scratch-resistant surface

    Except of the screen bravia engine and the micro hdmi port, x10 users got nothing to be jealous for cuz this phone. Please correct me if i’m wrong

  20. Dont think I will ever buy another SE….cant believe they have dumped development on a phone thats not even 12 months old
    I couldnt give a toss about multi touch….i want flash so i can browse web content properly

    Really glad some smart guys are making custom roms, keep up the good work

  21. I’ve hit the tipping point. I’m so excited to see the new Arc. With specs listed above, it should be easy to port the Arc software to the Xperia. I’m rooting for the XDA team [pun intended]. DoCoMo is putting up HUGE adverts touting the GalaxyS ability to view Flash Websites…Come on….the hardware on the Xperia is capable of same. Have root…ready to flash so I can view Flash!

  22. first of all @nikolaj, you are not in the position to mock those people behind custom roms, do you by any chance remodded a stock rom? it requires much more talent than mockery… yes custom roms still have bugs, yes, somewhat not finish and yes their not fully functional.. but it doesnt mean that they deserve your stupid mockery for you know that SE has so much people on their development team they could outnumber a public clubs population, and then only one or two person will try to mod a firmware that is not for the phone and make it fit for the phone… who’s rocking now…