Official: Dual-touch Xperia X10 update hits Japan on 19 Jan

SE Japan updateJust yesterday we saw a video demonstrating the new pinch-to-zoom update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Well now Sony Ericsson Japan has officially notified users that this update will hit NTT DoCoMo on 19th January through PC Companion and 20th January OTA.

They have also confirmed that the new dual-touch features will work in the browser, Google Maps, Office Suite and Moxier. SE can’t confirm that it will work in all third-party apps. Hopefully, this news means that the update should also start hitting other regions imminently. Watch this space.

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  1. They could have make it a Multi-Touch update instead of Dual-Touch.
    They just don’t want to improve X10 so that their next flagship (Arc) would shine more, cause if they release Android 2.3 & a Multi-Touch update for X10, Arc wouldn’t be much of an upgrade.
    It’s SE’s policy, just like Nokia.

  2. @ Topher
    … Finally someone with a real point of view 🙂
    This update is better than no update, definitely

  3. @Topher your a dumbass. even the xda couldn’t make it more than dual-touch because there is something wrong with the sensours in the screen, so instead of just saying stuff without any knowledge, check your facts before you say anything or dont buy a SE phone, have a generic piece of shit like other people.

    other than that, cant wait! lol

  4. @Sam. Im an XDA member mind you. Im not telling that X10 is the best out there. I know that there are some issues pertaining to its hardware. Think before you talk. The subject here is the software update not the crap hardware things. You can go another forum discussing the hardware issues of the X10.

  5. I think 2.2 or 2.3 is more important then multitouch. So Ill keep my 2.2 version and wait until XDA have implantet the multitouch.

    Screw you SE, Ill fart in you general wind direction!

  6. Hey guys
    My x10i is nordic now..(i have flash to get 2.1 update 1st) if the update hits 1st to japan than which firmware file i need to flash to get dual touch update on my phone..
    what is extension of japan x10i file

  7. Nice! Although I will probably will never use it. As the saying goes! It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it… 🙂

  8. @Chris. Its the policy of all manufactors….Jesus did you kow they are here on earth to make money ? Not to give you free stuff……They will do what they see the best way to give them a better earning, and tbh, that is not giving the X10 close to as good specs as the arc… Deal with it, its life….

    And i really dont understand why people still whine about upgrades…you got your 2.1, be happy or get a new device…..How many devices have gotten more than 1 major android update(besides nexus one) ? Not many, they are all the same….

    Some were apparently just too stupid to buy a device with android 1.6 to begind with….

  9. Hi,
    My X10 Nordic generic firmware is curently upgrading…… 8.64 Mo
    More precision in next post

  10. at last can play all those MT games!!!

    Agree with the point of something better than nothing…

    bad meat is better than eating grass and watching others eat it, no matter how bad…

  11. Just tried the same update (about 8.6mb) and after the whole process it said update failed. No idea what it is!

  12. I am no longer expecting an update from SE for 2.2 or 2.3. Maybe those who are expecting these upgrades, better to rely on XDA Developers because I don’t think SE will give us 2.2 (what more 2.3). For me, I am already happy with my 2.1 and receiving firmware updates to make my X10 even more decent is quite enough for me. I am going to shift to Xperia Arc anyway and I believe 2.3 is more appropriate for the Xperia Arc because of its latest features and hardware than X10 to have 2.3 (this is only my opinion). I am so happy already what the current state of my X10 compare to other brands having 2.1 (8.1 MP camera, HD video recording, custom UI. sexy design, crystal-clear screen, etc).

  13. Does anyone know if moxier will be upgraded with the update? the current version 2.1.85 is a bit lacking. According to the moxier website v added MT so can we expect the upgrade to at least this version sice seeing they have confirmed that the Dual Touch will work on moxier

  14. Ok, i was also angry with SE before and now i am using galaxy s with 2.2 but nothing is better than xperia x10! galaxy s is slower than xperia even with os2.2, multitouch really it is not that big deal cauze it freezes and really sensitive sometimes too hard to control. homescreen and menu of galaxy s is a real shit like iphone you can manage or decorate whatever useless. no flash for camera and 5mp and quality is really worse than xperia! please stop crying and wait for dualtouch and onefinger zoom update and hope to have another update for internetsharing option or tethering option as soon as possible

  15. @goku name is gokulan..i just shorted to goku not fake neither u the way what’s it name?

  16. I’ll believe it on January 19th when X10 owners in Japan have it on their phones.

    As for support in 3rd party apps: really that should be pretty straight-forward for SE to know. Did they build a MT driver that operates within the normal Android specs, or did they simply modify the apps they stated to support their custom MT?

    If it’s the former, it should work on all 3rd party apps.

  17. Keep in mind that the updates for Japan are not always the same as for other regions with regards to the X10/SO-01b

    SO-01b launched in April.
    From June to to November we had one more update than the rest of the world did as various changes were split into different milestones slightly (probably because they needed to put out of an update with the launch of SP-Mode on DoCoMo anyways)

    This means that we did not get the December 24th Update so that would be rolled together with this one.

    This also makes it a little strange that they would release updates 3 1/2 weeks after a previous update so depending on your carrier I think some users will not see this update for quite some time.

    It’s a lot of hassle to force regular consumers to have to update their phones so often: typical consumers probably don’t even care.

    Finally, what are the odds that this build will try to stop users from rooting?
    100% odds it will try to stop things like z4
    but they had some extra time, maybe there are other changes made as well.

    This page says it adds pinch and unpinch gestures (both of which I don’t like… I really want dual touch for typing and for apps that require it… but realistically, phones are usually operated with one hand which makes pinch zoom a lot more troublesome than SE’s one-finger zoom sliding control.

    Another thing that would have been nice but will NOT be supported according to DoCoMo is map rotations in Google Maps (which is annoying when the map is skewed and you have no controls or even menu commands to control it)

    In the end, I’ll wait for other people to upgrade first to give their impressions before I upgrade myself… although tomorrow may be the day.

  18. Hi guys i just wanted to ask whether it will be dual or multitouch??
    And whether dual/multitouch will work on modern combat?

  19. @ gokulun, apologies, my name is gokun, but i think i sounds cooler as goku, didnt mean to offend if i did

  20. hey its 19 now in japan exactly 2am in the morning there… japan community please post your thoughts here….

  21. Well something is better than anything. Will wait though till Z at XDA forum comes with his version of this update as I am in no hurry to roll back my heavily modified X10 which works like charm compared to brand new out of box X10.

  22. well thanks for that se,you atlast listened to us but partly ie, giving us dual touch when we wanted multi touch.but whatever it is,can it be concluded that se just dont know what they say?first se said that multi touch is not supported on x10,now they are providing us with an update.who knows,fryo may come officially to x10 the same way!!!!!

  23. Przyzwyczaiłem się do podwójnego stuknięcia, ale przybliżenie przez szczypnięcie rownież będzie fajne. Dzięki SE! I love my language 🙂

  24. woooww…
    my SE is rocking again.
    this will wipe all users frustrations..
    MT is far better than Froyo..

  25. @fact is fact.. let me tel u sometin… any time i go to any forum concernin SE.. i alwys look fr u n read ur comment.. i noe u wud wonder ‘y?’… its simply bcos ever since av started visiting SE blogs n forums.. u’ve always bin d one person that says or talks about things that makes infite sense…. u r awsome fact is fact…

  26. @Nikolaj
    I totally agree with you. If they gave out everything, they’d not make a profit, which means they wouldn’t DEVELOP the new stuff.

    Apple does the same thing (to an extreme) with its iStuff (front-facing camera, anyone?).

    I still like my X10 and look forward to either an Anzu or that PSP phone. Probably Anzu.

  27. I am glad we all get to finally use muli-touch on our phones…funny how some months ago SE swore up and down that it didn’t have the hardware to support MT. I hate liars….

  28. @ Hugh Hef, we are not getting multi-touch, we are getting dual-touch, there is a difference 😛

  29. Xperia X10 is garbage, pure and simple. Used a friend’s iPhone 4 for a few minutes and I was just blown away by how smooth, responsive, and fast it was. And what an amazing selection of games, most of them at only $0.99 too.
    Browsing pictures was a breeze, it was bloody fast and easy to zoom. On the Xperia, it’s a chore to get anything done. It’s laggy and slow, even though it has fast hardware. SE software engineers are a disgrace.

    It’s sad but I’m stuck with this phone for over two years. Fuck that, as soon as I get some money, I’m getting meself a new phone. Either HTC or iPhone.

  30. Just did the update via Rogers (Canada) today. So far so good. It does seem a little snappier. Sure, I’d like a newer version too, and just might install the 2.3 from XDA when it comes out. But the current version does what I need, runs the apps I want (ie, Skype, Dropbox) with reasonable speed, so I’m happy with it.

    @lc: My Swype also stopped running after the update. I reinstalled and it seems to work even better now (I hadn’t upgraded to the December build of Swype).

  31. en la version global para sony ericsson dice descargando la version mas nueva via OTA, pero al instalar me dice que no se puede sera acaso porque es un x10a y el firmware es de un x10i????

  32. I am a x10 user from korea. updating of 8.4mb is chainging the build number. mine was …504. and it is changed into ….0.24 build number after this uninformed update. In korea, many x10 users figure out that the product with build number of 0.24 is latest and better versionof it. But, it causes some problems among the korean user.(ex. we have to input some data manually..).
    Anyway, Multi-touch updating is started from japan today.Eventhough Multitouch does not work on games and other few apps, I hope that this updating process will make the users to feel better.

  33. @Evan – Can you please share with us what exactly you upgraded from Rogers. I am also on Rogers and made an attempt to update on Saturday with no updates available. Are you only now getting around to the 2.1 update that was released late last year? Or did Rogers/SE release a minor update just this week that I missed by only a couple of days?

    Also, what method was used to update – OTA (unlikely as I don’t think Rogers wants to support this), or SEUS/PC Companion?

    I doubt that this would be the DT update, though it is entirely possible.

  34. @Micheal – Tried to install OTA today, and all I get is “Update failed”. No reason, no errors. If I connect to PC companion, I’m apparently up to date. Don’t get it.
    I’m Rogers too.

  35. Guys, im getting a notification that an update is available for my x10 mini pro in India. . Will share my experience once Im through with the updation process. . Cheers!!

  36. hey guys
    any one from japan got update???
    reply soon…and if i flash my phone to global fw than i will get update or not??

  37. The search for updates on the phone turned up nothing (in Japan on my SO-01b).
    I’ll try SEUS to see if it has anything… to show but last time it wasn’t launched until 6pm… it’s only 3pm here

    Nope, SEUS in Japan for the SO-01b has nothing to offer as not 3:08pm in the local time in Japan

  38. Guys, im getting a notification that an update is available for my x10 FW: 2.02.A.0.24 in Georgia

  39. I’m not planning to actual update the phone until I know that various things won’t break;
    however, I did want to share with people whether the update had launched or not in this region since people kept asking 😛

    I’ll try it again in a few hours

  40. Actually according to the folks on twitter,

    The SEUS update will be at 8pm tonight (4 1/2 hours from now)
    and the OTA update will be tomorrow at 8pm (UTC+9)

  41. I always knew it x10 kick a&%s, Mtouch its not a big deal to me , there a lot of features that make a unique phone, the best I have had and use. IM NOT a fanboy but x10 only left me because the ark, but Im happy now, just wanna have automatic flash on cam

  42. Hey guys..! I got the Update today morning.. am in Japan on NTT.. The update is cool.. Angry Birds works.. Gmaps.. browser.. single touch zoom also works but not pinch in image.. could have better if it had.. again something s better than nthing.. few games dint work like NES emulators with joystick buttons on screen.. Only thing notices was the second touch takes a delay to recognize in calibration app…

    All in all a really good but think the last update 🙁 🙂

  43. Hey
    Some guys got update…is that true…which genric file they r x1 is
    Nordic genric phone…to get udate which country firmware I hve to flash on my phine…

  44. There is still almost 3 more hours to wait until DoCoMo releases the updateだよ~
    I just double checked it and SEUS and the “search for updates” on the SO-01b itself and they both yield NOTHING.

    2 hours and 50 minutes… give or take about 10 minutes typically.

  45. Us using Mini Pro don’t really need the DT/MT since we have keypads and small screens.

    Nevertheless, It’s a great addition to X10 users. Hopefully, it works great with games and emulators. Looking forward to hear reviews about this update.

  46. By the looks of it,it Wont support ALL the games ofc (Tbh the only one they said it will support is Angry Birds )But nevertheless we can hope ^ ,also im sure that if it doesnt work on the rest of apps,the devs at XDA will unlock it for everything :p.


  47. SE!!!! when others region will get the update too…… why not roll out together???? why only Jap got it……………… suxxkkkkkkk se…. wht we really need is Froyo……..

  48. Too silent now.. It seems that no official update has been released. Everyone is waiting. Come on SE, do it now!

  49. Hi all..

    – How people can be happy without any updates for this juicy lime?

    – I understand that we are left with no choice , so be happy with what ever we have ! but still how can someone thanks SE for this? Are they doing justice to our investment ?
    – Some people dono if they are Sony employee..but still pricing Sony as if they have given them the best ! omg I dont understand !
    – 8 mega pix ? led Flash? is that what we look in a phone? A $30 china phone can do better if that is what is wanted!! please 2.2 is way ahead !!

    – I see a lot fake post ( looks like same guys trying to price sony for money or a free arc? god know) Why do this to this forum??
    – And some people are so happy as if sony has released 2.3 in japan !!! and some says DT is much better than 2.2 , please know what is froyo before even comparing it with DT !!
    – Some one says eating bad meat is better than eating grass and see others eating… I rather eat grass and buy the good meat for the next meal !

    I gave up and just sold me X10 yesterday..

    good luck for all those SE lovers who are happy with X10

  50. Guys, I m from India, & i got the 8.4 mb update on Generic version.DT is present, though takes some time for calibration. But believe me guys, this is like throwing cents on Messrs Goldman & Sachs..We need major bailout man…something lyk Froyo 😛

  51. hey @ Li Nu
    stop kidding and stop replying junk post…..
    Some people got update like Saurav Jena..
    @ Saurav Jena hey which firmware ur on?…global genric ??..
    I am on nordic firmware ..tell me how can i flash my phone nordic to global ?
    reply and hows dual touch working on game like gangstar or avatar?

  52. Some pathetic guys are ruining this thread. We can see by your name which country you are from. Every post you are putting here represents your origin. Is that the way your mother country raised you???

  53. @Topher no you cant know what country he/she is from by the name,as one can put whatever he/she wants as name,i could might aswell put “Reznov Dimitri” and say im russian when im spanish,or maybe im french.

    The internet can cause the biggest lies you ever saw :p

  54. @ XtrmShadow — i second you !!
    @ Nikolaj — ur 100 % rite.. It is indeed stupid to buy a phone with 1.6.. Even last week my friend did the same mistake and suffering.. Well about the china phone 😉 it has hdmi output too 😛

  55. @XtrmShadow,

    I am working in the MidEast and I know a lot of them. The link he posted can give you some idea… Well anyways, no need to waste time reading their nonsense post. Lets wait for the update and hopefully, we can get it today.

    If somebody got the update (OFFICIAL), post it here.

  56. @Topher Agreed.
    @My Fact Thanks.

    So c’mon jap people :p in theory you got the update since 41 mins ago,so whats new mates?

  57. Was offered the new update 20 minutes ago, the phone automatically informed me, that it was available. (Denmark)
    Now updated, but haven’t found any changes.

  58. @piyam ju No,its official on the Sony Ericsson japanesse website,that on 19.01.2011 on 19 +9 it should be available.Regards

  59. Wow, lots of racial slurs suddenly in this thread.

    I just tried SEUS and the search for updates on the SO-01b and still nothing.

    Aside from contact merging/linking and issues with notification sounds when something is playing, I have no problems with the current build of the SO-01b (2.0.B.0.138) and don’t really need this dual touch update and whatever update other regions got on December 24th.

    Just read what people say on twitter with #xperia and they will write when the update goes live.

  60. guys does any body know how to see the service menu of 2.1 x10 for checking global or nordic or what ever pls reply any one ( i tried
    *#*#4636#*#* its diffrent)

  61. @ topher. i am frm India (generic user) i changed the no 1234_8465 nordic no to update 2.1 earlier in nov… there a problem on this but it shows generic global user but customization no is 1234_8465? pls reply

  62. @gokulan,

    Your FW is written on the “CUSTOMIZATION VERSION:”

    Mine is 1232-9897 which is the Global FW

  63. According to this page that someone posted on twitter (they were wondering how these people could get the update when they couldn’t)

    It shows the change as:
    Old Base Band: 2.0.47 (same as what I currently have)
    New Base Band: 2.0.52

    Old Build Number: 2.0.B.0.138
    New Build Number: 2.0.1.B.0.19

    That being said, folks in other regions who may want things like MMS probably shouldn’t bother with this build anyways… and just be patient and wait for it to come to your own carrier unless you in the states of course.

    While it is pretty miraculous in its own right that they’ve managed to rewrite the touch driver to get basic dual touch inputs (although the hardware isn’t good enough to allow you to cross over the centre axis while touching… as shown on posted youtube videos from SE), I’d prefer if their one-finger zooming paradigm had caught on.

    Apparently according to this newspaper the update will commence sometime at or after 8pm
    That would probably explain why DoCoMo is late.

  64. @gokulan,

    You are using the Nordic Generic Firmware. The Global FW is 1232-9897 which I am using.

  65. @Saurav Jena can u pls post the customization no of India by checking with service menu (press lock key and press this keys in order:

    home back back home back home home back) also frm india i need to know our Indias customization no..pls post by checking it

  66. @topher , this means that i wil get update based on nordic time updation not like global? what if i update my global no u said?

  67. @gokulan,

    Yes exactly!! The good thing is, Nordic receives the update first (always)
    compared to the other regions.

  68. @topher am i the global generic user with nordic firmware ? but i not yet got any update .i am frm india many people got update in india but not me why ?(will i be updated based on nordic time?)

  69. My previous comment is being held in moderation still
    but pocketgames dot jp has already updated while other people on twitter are complaining that they can’t update.

    Some people are saying they can update and others are saying the server is overloaded.

    Sounds like most people are just going to give up and try again tomorrow.

    pocketgames shows the change as:
    Old Base Band: 2.0.47 (same as what I currently have)
    New Base Band: 2.0.52

    Old Build Number: 2.0.B.0.138
    New Build Number: 2.0.1.B.0.19

    I also wrote:
    “That being said, folks in other regions who may want things like MMS probably shouldn’t bother with this build anyways… and just be patient and wait for it to come to your own carrier unless you in the states of course.

    While it is pretty miraculous in its own right that they’ve managed to rewrite the touch driver to get basic dual touch inputs (although the hardware isn’t good enough to allow you to cross over the centre axis while touching… as shown on posted youtube videos from SE), I’d prefer if their one-finger zooming paradigm had caught on.”

  70. @gokulan,

    You will get the update when they start rolling the NORDIC. If the update hit India, of course all those having India FW will get the update. Its only a matter of time or maybe days and you will get yours.

  71. any indianguys can u pls post me the indias firmware no by checking in service menu like 12xx-xxxx?pls post indian guys

  72. hey @ topher do u have any idea about the Japanese genric firmware ?…
    give me link of Japanese firmware for x10i…
    or just tell me what is the firmware file name of Japanese firmware or global fimrware?
    like nordic have “NBC” english have “uk”..india have “IND”..such like

  73. i am currently downloading the software now.
    first of all im from the philippines but i bought my phone in japan.

    i debrand my phone to generic x10i last year.
    when i heard that x10 is updating the software for DT i realize that i cant have it right away cause i changed the firmware.

    so decided to rebrand my phone to nttdocomo again. now the update service is working and as i have said its downloading the software now. its 155.6 mb ..

    ill be back if the upgrade has the DT and one pinch zoom..

  74. I dont understand
    my old version was

    “So Some people are saying they can update and others are saying the server is overloaded.

    Sounds like most people are just going to give up and try again tomorrow.

    pocketgames shows the change as:
    Old Base Band: 2.0.47 (same as what I currently have)
    New Basend: 2.0.52

    Old Build Number: 2.0.B.0.138
    New Build Number: 2.0.1.B.0.19 ”

    it is gonna 2 update?????????????

  75. @seus
    you have a global firmware

    pocketgames are reffering to so1b firmware… ( ntt docomo – japan x10 )

  76. Hey guys i live in Florida just got an update notice and im on global, ill let you know if its the DT update ASAP!!

  77. I just went to the update software on my phone and their was an update available, i honestly dont know if its the dt update or not but like i said ill let everyone know. Its almost done

  78. I live in Japan and just got the update, the pinch zoom works well and I have noticed that the phone runs a lot better than before, more responsive and even angry birds seemed to run smoother. Timescape seemed ok, but mediaspace seems as lame and unresponsive as ever.

  79. Hi, I know this is not the right forum thread to post this on but the threads about rooting my phone don’t seem to be viewed so often anymore. If anyone can help me I’d appreciate it. I have rooted my phone to get rid of all the apps I wasn’t using but I’ve managed to delete the google talk app. Market no longer works and as best I can tell it is because I deleted google talk. Is it possible to download the google talk app, I can’t find it on the google site (at least not as a downloadable app) and don’t seem to be able to find it anywhere else. While looking for this app, it seems to be a common enough problem and yet there’s no straightforward solution? If anyone can help me thanks in advance.

  80. Why would ya want the codes? Yes you will be able to install the firmware but you’ll end up with a FW that will probably mess up your data connection,you wont be able to have JIT,you wont be able to root it(yet) and you can even mess up your kernel.
    Anyways you decide,but if i where you (actually i am in the same situation) im gonna wait for a few more days,we waited this much we can wait a bit more so calm down.
    Yes im also upset that we dont have it and Jap’s got it but hey,life is life , if it wasnt for Jap’s we wouldnt have Plasma TV’s or PlayStations or many stuff we know atm so its alright.


  81. here’s my so-o1b fw code 1227-4612

    DT is like MT… no errors ,,.. awesome..

    works on emulators.
    works on browser…
    works on maps…
    works on your mom…

    X10 rocks again ..

  82. guys..dont change firmware and try it..i wont work i tried much…waste of time..its better to wait

  83. There is no update. SE are liars. I’ve checked with Rogers many times, no UPDATE AVAILABLE. NOTHING.


  84. @Picolo : Dude calm down, YES there is a update,but only in Japan Docomo, so chill.

    It will come to us sooner or later.

    And i will suspect “later” for you dude,if your phone is Rogers Branded it will take a bit until ya get it.


  85. @swapniladsure have u changed ur firm ware before? or rooted Z1 latest root? are u frm india? have u got update? dont try to change fw now even u changed before…reply

  86. @ VXtrmShadow can ui please explain me about rogers brand ..what it mean…i am frm india i am generic user and put nordic fw before for 2.1 update…

  87. @picolo : hey there’s a update try looking at youtube..

    if you want to get it try this..
    1. flash your phone
    2. use japan firmware
    3. dont root..
    4. and update it using update service by ntt docomo.
    5. go cry to your mom not here.

  88. gohan i will destroy you, you monkey, on a serious note did you do your update through the website or seus or st8 from the phone, just curious, i know that seus and software update through the phone is basically the same thing so dont bash me now!! Also you said it works on emulators, does that include all emulator or just some, assuming ofcourse that you have most emulators out for the android. One more thing, in know this isnt the forum for it but, has the xda developers release a 2.2 or 2.3 rom with the camera working?? i know i know too many questions

  89. @gokulan Ah,if you got Nordic Generic Firmware your ok ^^ , the problem is if your phone has a branded firmware (mostly x10a’s have) and then the update doesnt come directly from SE,it has to get aproved by Rogers or whatever company you got.

    But if your at Generic(Nordic or Global,doesnt matter) it will come directly from SE so it is alot faster.


  90. @Freeza You cant update straight thourght the phone yet, so only SEUS and PC Companion,and no,the 2.2 and 2.3 roms still dont have working cameras yet,but they almost got it so not much more waiting,be patient.

    EDIT : Gohan will have to answer the emulators part XD dun have multitouch yet as im from spain.(Generic global fw).


  91. kameha meha to freeza… ” freeza died”…. lol
    update it through seus ..
    i downloaded emulator roms app. yes all workz ..
    they havent release a working camera on 2.2 and 2.3..

  92. @gohan : Have you got xrecovery installed mate? Cause if you have,make a backup of your phone and upload it to megaupload or anything,then we’ll send it over to XDA’s developers to just extract the driver and then everybody can flash it.


  93. shut up kakarot, its DT not MT or is it? well we will never know till we get this update going, dont really know why people expect to have the update today when it was clear that only Japan would have it…smh

  94. here’s how i do it..

    Download flasher here

    Download firmware here choose SO -01

    follow the video here Updating the Xperia X10 to v2.1.1 (Update 1) & Rooting Using SuperOneClick

    but dont root your phone …

    uninstall your seus and download the seus japan version ( dont worry you can choose language) here >> use a translator for this site cause its japanesse , i use google chrome cause it has built in site translator
    then update your x10 and boom you have DT ..

    by the way im not in japan in the philippines ..
    3g works fine
    i dont find any issue re: so-01b FW
    dont worry you can flash your x10 again if japan fw dont work for your network …

  95. I am running.
    File System Version
    World 1256-2.0.a.

    Customization Build

    Phone Software Version
    1227-4612-2.0.A. Generic user

    Any idea when i can expect the update. I have Seus on my computer but says software is up to date

  96. @ XtrmShadow is the latest z1 (latest root)root causing problem or blocking us frm update of MT?sorry if the question is so dumb

  97. is the latest z1 (latest root)root causing problem or blocking us frm update of MT?sorry if the question is so dumb

  98. @gokulan No,they cant detect if we got root or not,its just the zone mate.
    SE released the update only for phones with a specific code only released in japan,so doesnt matter whatever you got installed,it wont work until SE releases it for global and/or your specific device code.
    And nah its not a dumb question :p

    Regards ^^

  99. @dilbert Yeah i saw you downgraded,cause you should’ve had 0.24
    Well mate you’re gonna have to update to .24 if you wanna then be able to get the DT/MT update. But you dont have to do it now tho,just wait until the DT/MT update is out and then you can update to .24 and then to the newest one with DT/MT which i suspect it will be 2.1.A.0.390.
    EDIT : Also if you wanna be between the first ppl to get the firm make sure you’re in Nordic or global generic.

  100. @XtrmShadow i am actually global debaranded generic (india)x10 i..with changed to nordic fw no 1234-8465…am i global or nordic or some other .pls explain it to me detaily

  101. i flash my phone to geric world
    phone sw version
    file system
    s1 boot
    custome verson

    I flash my phone from nordic to genric world but still no update…
    which file i need to flash to get update

  102. here’s how i did it..

    Download flasher here h ttp://

    Download firmware here choose SO -01 h ttp://

    follow the video here Updating the Xperia X10 to v2.1.1 (Update 1) & Rooting Using SuperOneClick

    but dont root your phone …

    uninstall your seus and download the seus japan version ( dont worry you can choose language) here >> http: // www use a translator for this site cause its japanesse , i use google chrome cause it has built in site translator
    then update your x10 and boom you have DT ..

    by the way im not in japan, im in the philippines ..
    3g works fine
    i dont find any issue re: so-01b FW
    dont worry you can flash your x10 again if japan fw dont work for your network …

    i put a space on the link to pass the moderators..

  103. @Xtrmshadow

    I never had the .24 cause the update never has been
    available. I am US if that matters and used davinchi
    to debrand my phone. And i take it i have Global Generic.

  104. @gokulan : Hmm,you’re atm on Nordic so you’re fine,cause mostly sure Nordic will be the first to get the update and then Global(thats how the 2.1 update went out at least) so you’re fine.

    The fact is that the updates are based on the FW number,each FW number gets the update at a specific time ,thats why Docomo Japan got it first,cause of their FW number.

    But yeah,dont worry you’ll almost surely be between the first to be able to update ^^

    PS : Bin4ry just got the Docomo JP software that could be flashed into the phone =p .
    If any of you are interested,check it here :

    Regards ^^

  105. @dilbert
    Ah i understand,wierd if ya got global and dont have .24 but might happen.
    No worries then,if you got no update then possibly you wont need it and you’ll skip to the next version which will be DT/MT.
    EDIT : I posted the FW at XDA that you can flash but flash at your own risk :p as the post says.


  106. @ swapniladsure..hay dude i am frm india …i changed to nordic before from global…thers is no much diffrence between nordic and generic fw…its better to keep nordic.. ..all wil get update nearly at same time..if u have any ideas … tell me …

  107. @ XtrmShadow are u global or nordic or branded …..? is it advisable for me go back to my global 1232-9897 frm 1234-8465 nodic?

  108. @gokulan Im on Global but might switch to Nordic. And Nah stay at nordic,im almost sure it will get the updates faster than global.


  109. I think i am just gonna wait till Davinchi has the
    auto flash on there client lol. I am not all techi and
    stuff lol. Any easy pointers would be awsome but
    I feel that AT&T is still screwing me even though
    I debranded lol.

  110. Give me a sec ,im trying to see if i can get MT/DT without installing the Docomo Firmware,with a bit of luck ><.


  111. @ XtrmShadow which country u are frm? are u global from the time u bought ur mobile?is ur global code 1232-9897?

  112. @gokulan Im from Spain,but i unbranded it.

    im trying to get MT by just installing kernel and baseband files but so far it wont work -_-

    Will keep on trying.

  113. I have been a customer to SE for many years. It dosen´t matter what SE do in the future. I will never buy a phone from SE again. X10 means:
    – poor and mainly old updates.
    – poor battery life
    – several bugs in the software
    – Mediacape is shame
    – does not support flash
    – poor response
    – the hardware dosen´t support multitouch
    – no android 2.3

    The list is long. Now they try to make us buy the xperia arc. I really hope that the consumers will not go on this. Can´t understand how they treat old customers this way.

    I don´t know about other brands but never again SE.

  114. Meh out of time,gotta go,will be back in a hour or so.
    Take care people (Will continue trying when i get back).


  115. flashed my phone with the docomo fw. aaaaaaaaaand, it reboots in constant loops… (never goes further than the DOCOMO bootscreen image). wtf.

  116. @ andrei : download fw nordic 2.1 and copy the userdata.sin and paste it to docomo FW. it will work ..
    gud luck

  117. branded.. but im finding a sulution to wipe the unnecessary apps.
    but it seems ok even its branded its fast and not crashing….

  118. @gohan…
    ok…thank you for your reply, i will try ur method and see how it goes. I`ll let you know, asap.

  119. Got the update today in italy, i can say its much worse than i expected, if someone else has it , write a review please, does it work properly ? or it just goes ike s***t

  120. It worked. i rooted it.. time to remove apps etc. idk.. but it works as shit. it has SERIOUS axis problems. the bootloader needs to be cracked. it’s not the SCREEN but SE incompetent dev-team. THEY SUCK BIG TIME. at least mt works…. more or less.

  121. Got the DualTouch update!!!! works fantastic on Z`s Froyo 2.2.1
    No need flash japanese fw.. Jus follow Binary`s tut on XDA to get dualtouch on any firmware;)

  122. @ varun dude your the best!!! got my DT in a couple of minutes. Works pretty good, not perfect at all though. Best result are in photos. Works on emulators fine too. Tried on Angry birds and it was really sh*tty, not all browsers seem to support it for some reason. Still testing but so far so good. i owe you a beer varun!!

    Thanks again

    Prince of all Saiyan

  123. Hi guys pls answer got the dual touch update now someone jf yes i just wanted to ask whether it works in games with a joystick on screen ( fifa 10) so that i can run and shoot at the same timee

  124. @Micheal:

    Yes, this is the same update that most of the world got last year (2.0.2.A.0.24). It was delivered OTA by Rogers and did not require plugging to a PC.
    I’m actually a little surprised that the install went so smooth, as my ROM was an unlocked, unbranded (but also un-rooted) 2.1 obtained from XDA. That didn’t change, the system is still un-branded.

  125. My stats on the phone with a docomo x10 in Japan, not rooted.

    Model number SO-01B
    Firmware version 2.1-update1
    Baseband version 2.0.52
    Kernal version 2.6.29 SEMCUser@SEMCHost#1
    Bulid number 2.0.1.B.19

    I updated the phone using the update service on a pc. I used it in English. Download was about 150meg.

    *Touch screen use on the phone in general is better, swiping to open the phone works all the time now, sometimes it would get stuck for me. .
    *Pinch zoom seems to work well in browser and angry birds etc.
    *Speed of using the phone is a lot faster and responsive than before.

    Anyway, hope the update is released to everyone soon. It seems to make my phone work a lot better.

  126. @ india…guys frm india who updated can u pls post the
    baseband version
    kernal version
    build no…pls

    me not updated frm india

    baseband 2..0,49
    kernal 2.6.29
    build no 2.0.2.a.0.24

  127. seus wrote:

    “I dont understand
    my old version was


    SO-01b’s Build Number was 2.0.B.0.138 and would upgrade to 2.0.1.B.0.19
    The SO-01b firmware is slightly different than the other X10s; hence why it has a different build number and a different entry in the SEUS.

    If you use the Japanese one, things like MMS might not work (since there is no MMS here)

  128. No news yet about the Global Generic FW yet. I will patiently wait for the update. I think there’s no need to flash your phone to branded Docomo (Japan).

  129. Finally getting around to updating since people on the Internet are not reporting anything major.

    [install] Download took about 20 seconds through SEUS although many users were complaining about server trouble with their downloads last night


    According to XDA, photo applications that use the pinch and unpinch gestures work but mediascape which wasn’t designed to use pinch gestures will not work at this time.

    [install] install software in the phone……… took about 4-5 minutes


    Sounds like a good idea to wait (or use the addon from XDA rather than using SO-01 FW) especially if you want to be able to use jit, etc… Hopefully, it gets released really soon.

    [install] initial boot…………. SE splash is okay although spending a long time on the DoCoMo splash. took about 4-5 minutes

    [install] Baseband is 2.0.52 and Build number is 2.0.1.B.0.19 as expected.

    Browser pinching works quite well

    Regular maps … pinching works well (obvious and unfortunately no rotation though)

    Maps embedded in applications using older UI work with no problems pinching

    Angry Birds working very well

    I can confirm that neither pinch zooming nor sony ericsson’s one-finger zoom work in mediascape’s photo section

  130. @DerekNobuyuki,

    I can wait for a few days more but if SE fails to deliver ’till this weekend, im going to reflash my device to branded Docomo.

    This wont be the last update if im not mistaken. SE promised to update the UI/UXP this Q1 that is why i want to be in the Global FW for sometime.

  131. @ DerekNobuyuki ,

    Thanks mate, one of the reasons is i wanted it to work for photos, unfortunately it wont happen but still it will be good to have pinch and zoom for web browsing. which helps!
    not sure if i got the right phone, just received my phone 06/01 and it was that day when announced no 2.2… sad!

  132. @ Topher

    On XDA, dual touch for any ROM has been posted and this site has made a blog post about it.
    Then, another user has found some lines to add to a prop file to enable the dual touch to be used in more applications that may support it. (that one is ”
    [GUIDE] Make Dual Touch Work in EVERY app on 2.1 ROMS” in the X10 development section

    I wonder if that might work out better for you?


    Users of other photo applications have reported that pinching works for them.
    There was a youtube video of someone from XDA and pinch photos worked for him as well.

    I just checked that one.. “coollead” on youtube
    and he is using pinch zooming fine in the 3d gallery for android (just not mediascape)

  133. uguys i updated via xda fash and sin file…i have muti toch working on gallery app..but Mt not working in browser and mediascape and maps..its crazy..can anybody give asolution

  134. hey guys
    i am from india..
    i have follow the xda guys trick
    1st i update the kernal
    than root the phone.
    than edit the sys files
    than copy past multi touch xml file set the permission
    than restart
    and done…..

  135. @swapniladsure…explain it clearly and detaily pls…
    (i installed using xda with kernal sin file and flashed to complete…but Mt works only on gallery not on maps , default browser media scape ..xda fash method is Unfinished pls dont try it…after that i connected to SEUs said new update available which was previous 162.9 mb update…my phone is back to normal …..i am happy and waiting for official update. )

  136. I received the update yesterday, I honestly wasn’t expecting it, I just connected my phone to the pc to do some file transfer, I was surprised to get anyway, I’m happy. I’m a Nordic headset…

  137. @ swapniladsure…has indian mobiles got upgrade officially? i think its not officially released in india…(if u know tel me)

  138. @DerekNobuyuki
    Thanks for your post. I am pleased to note that the pinch-zooming or Sony’s one-finger zooming are also both working in mediascape’s photo section. I’m still waiting for this firmware update in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) and just hoping to get this firmware update next week (really can’t wait and excited).

  139. @gokulan
    No dude there is no offcial update for x10i (dual touch)…
    but dude if ur rooted ur phone u can try above steps to get multi touch on ur i did …
    i am on global genric firmware ..

  140. se sux they anounced update 2 all xperia but update only X10!!!!

    i have u20i but can’t update any way …. sux

  141. andi January 20, 2011 at 8:34 AM
    Thanks for your post. I am pleased to note that the pinch-zooming or Sony’s one-finger zooming are also both working in mediascape’s photo section. I’m still waiting for this firmware update in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) and just hoping to get this firmware update next week (really can’t wait and excited).


    @ andi

    I think you misread it.
    I wrote “NEITHER” work.
    So, Pinch Zoom AND SE’s 1 Finger Zoom BOTH DO NOT work in Mediascape.
    Sorry, to break it to you.

    I’m sure Mediascape does not register to listen to pinch gesture events and their 1 finger zoom control was released after the original mediascape was likely to have been developed.

    That being said, SE released the source code for the 1 finger zoom so anyone can implement in their own applications. I don’t know why it wasn’t added to mediascape.

    I suppose they could add pinch gestures to mediascape but there is little incentive to do so.

    Pinch zooming is functional in other photo applications.
    An XDA member posted this video watch?v=jbYEDUvbjco
    That video shows pinch zooming working in another photo application (AGAIN) not Mediascape

  142. something i find funny is that when news of a new update
    surfaces, lots of folk end up hacking their phones to get
    at the new features lol dont get me wrong, ive hacked
    the shit outta my x10 now lol

    my point is, it must be embarassing for SE that people
    dont wait for them to release it officially, they sod off
    and hack/flash/update their phones themselves lol

    poor sony… id feel sorry for em but.. nope! besides if i
    waited around for them, id never have my x10 in the condition
    its in now, namely running froyo 2.2 with the dual touch function
    that works 🙂

    say, has anyone tried that ganster game at all?

  143. DoCoMo SO-o1B in Japan. Used over the air update. No glitches.
    MT or Dual Touch pinch zoom and pinch out works great in these apps:
    Dolphin Browser
    Mail Droid
    Gallery (need an app to “unlock” as SE buried gallery from normal users)
    Google Map

    DTDoes not work in Mediascape

    Z4 root stops working after update

    Still seems laggy to me, but the dual touch was worth it for me.

    Firmware did not change after update.
    Base version changed from2.9.47 to 2.0.52
    Kernel unchanged.
    Build changed from 2.0.B.0.138 to 2.0.1B.0.1
    Glad I updated.
    Wish I could get Flash next. And App to card. With a functioning Camera!

  144. When will the update be available for the Generic Firmware? Surely Generic would get it before branded sets??

  145. @stephen its worth waiting, may SE will provide update for all users with media scape working MT functionality (they never announced officially for generic and branded users about the update)…so we can wait for a max of week and then try xda..generic Nordic will get update nearly at the same time next will be branded…just wait it to be official

  146. @gokulan
    if generic nordic, does the camera application work? As far as i know, if we root the phone to the 2.2 under XDA, the camera function does not work yet, however with generic nordic, does the camera function works?
    I prefer to wait for the SE update, i dont know when it will happen but i just got my phone on the 6th of January and still am not used to it.
    for me, the worse news is that this phone will not get froyo, so even with 2.1, at least I get dual touch but i still want my apps i put on the phone to have the option to go to the SD card and yes, Flash ! I will see how 2.2 goes with XDA team and may reboot that if everything is good!

  147. i got the update in japan the pinch zoom but the update has caused my swype keyboard to not work

  148. When will this update hit the rest of the world? Anyone know what to look for?
    Can’t find any info from SE, and getting tired of repeatedly checking SEUS just to get “you have the lastes program”….

  149. hey guys just did update and i got a new keyboard but no DT. 🙁
    idk why it happened lyk this but hope it will be fixed soon.
    do u enable it or sumthn??

  150. No Bonnie……dont worry thats just the first minor update before the dual-touch update.
    It just improved the lock-screen, quicker menu and better keyboard.
    At least I think it was a decent update.
    But no, it is not this dual-touch update that is mentioned in this topic…..this will arrive to us all soon.

  151. Ill second that!

    No one heard anything about the dual touch update for the generic uk handset?

    I’ve been using the 2.2 froyo from xda’s zdzhu, and the new beta 2 has a working camera, but not camcorder as of yet, and having the camcorder is the only reason I’ve gone back to se 2., the camcorder is important to me as my wife is getting close to having our first baby 😀 and as ya do, ya wanna be able to take pictures and videos lol

    And I miss the dual touch zoom for browsing the net, makes it a lot better me thinks 🙂

    Might be stuck with 2.1 for a while as I have to be ready at a moments notice lol

    However if the camcorder got fixed on the 2.2 rom then happy days!

    Just hope she doesn’t go into labour while I’m flashing my phone lol

  152. Does anybody has news about the ghostly dual touch update???
    It look like the 2.1 update, announced in september release in december.
    OMG,, why these sucker of SE do always use these fake announcement effect, maybe they want us to forget/forgive them because they abandonned us 8months after the release of the x10.. they sick, and they owned us again

  153. This update is useless if multi-touch or pinch zoom doesn’t work on Mediascape. Pinch to zoom is very essential to view a picture.

  154. if anyone could, Please let me know the date of launching multitouch on X10 in india. I m dying to have that feature in my phone.

  155. lol these forums seem very quite lately,

    for those waiting for SE to release the dual touch update, (which lets face it might be a fair while yet lol) why not do it yourself?

    ive had the freeX10 2.2 rom running on my x10i but ive gone back to SE 2.1 as i need the camcorder at the moment, the 2.2 rom has the camera working just not the camcorder yet (which personally i reckon its gonna be saved for something of a crown jewel when the roms 99 – 100%)

    so at the moment ive got my x10i running a rooted SE 2.1 rom, with a nice theme on the top, and ive implimeted the dual touch hack too, and i found an .apk that lets you bring up the gallery for pics (for those out there that like to use the pinch zoom on pics, i know i do lol) and all that is, is basically a shortcut to the app that SE have hidden.

    i still have mediascape and timescape installed, in fact i havent removed any apps at all 🙂
    so untill the freeX10 2.2 rom gets the camcorder working i kinda have a happy medium.

    but when 2.2 does get the camcorder working ill be moving to that as i think the rom is stable enough for daily usage, and that was at beta1, they now have it on beta 3 !!, sure there are a few kinks, but its a very VERY nice rom and when its settled after the install, its like butter 🙂

  156. ”TylerDurden”

    I can confurm BETA 3 works really perfect! Z dilivered perfect works!
    Everything works for my except camcorder and (internal) tether. Just download the famous barnacle and you got even better Tether 🙂


  157. @ Guido

    thanks dude! ill have to check out this barnacle, i dont know what its for lol

    cant wait for the rom to have a working camcorder 🙂 it will be perfect then 🙂

  158. Ahhh…….SE suck……….. if want to update all global user la…not only at jap……….. is tht jap more using x10 compare wit others region???????????? at least give other region user know when it will b a update on DT for us.not ask to wait & wait…… I planning to chnage my phone from se to HTC desire HD at lease support 2.2 coming 2.3…. se… wont buy already…… fill like being cheated…..

  159. I am from the UK and after the 2.1 saga I rooted my phone and flashed it to get dualtouch.
    It works nice until you cross the axis but hey what more can we ask for? The phone was never in line for the update initially.

  160. thank you sony ericsson for your fucking update,i think it will be available by next year,great support,simply superb because we cant use phone while charging because it reboots after 20 seconds.

  161. Can someone help me.. everytime i root my device using superoneclick, it goes to “Waiting for Device” and it gets stuck there. I thinks its because of the DRIVER, how can i install the driver for x10? help pls..

  162. Im in New York using an unbranded x10a and I just got the update with pinch zoom. The phone seems much smoother now too 🙂

  163. dyepnoodle, you should make sure that you connect the phone in flash mode, if it keeps waiting for device, remove battery(don’t panic) wait a few secs,remove cable,insert batt back on,holding back key plug your usb on.The green light would come up then it should find it.

  164. It is so ugly phone ??…
    And Touch screen is not so good
    If u want to Take an touch screen Phone Then Never take xperia 10
    Take i phone is far to better then xperia
    And U spend the money for xperia …..
    It IS so

  165. @Nixy which network are you with?, im on o2 and my x10 is still saying it has the latest software….i went into o2 to find out when this update would be available for the o2 users and they are now telling me its going to be somewhere between now and and of q2 (july) >.<
    seriously thinking of just rooting and manually upgrading to 2.2 and be done with it