Sony Ericsson LiveView gets firmware update

LiveViewSony Ericsson’s awaited firmware update for its LiveView Bluetooth micro display is now out according to the SE Product Blog. Improvements include general bug fixes, greater connection stability, improved automatic reconnection as well as the random reboot issue being resolved.

The compatibility across handsets (outside of Sony Ericsson) has also been improved, both in terms of battery life and stability. The reconnection issues with some handsets haven’t been completely resolved, but SE says they should at least be less frequent.

The number of LiveView plug-ins continues to grow, now standing at 30, including a Remote Camera which sounds pretty fun. If you own the LiveView you should be able to update the firmware through SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) right now.

29 responses to “Sony Ericsson LiveView gets firmware update”

  1. as already know SE team is fucking gay.
    they never give you update..
    just wait on hell, update will roll out over the air.

  2. Japanise domoco update was official!!!

    Pssssss…. hahahah

    So there was no official update dual touch for rest of the world
    I have been using dual touch for 2 weeks now and dont be so excited is not that great !!!!

    Calm down the

    in 2.1 is very lagish and does not work in mediascape is working only in browser !
    this is a reality! I dont know wheather is only in my one or any other as well but Quadrant is 430 with this dual touch. In domoco there are random update when you put in x10i
    which is pretty cracked !

    I but i have admit in 2.2 and 2.3 is i think lighter and is a lot smoother this

  3. Sorry Errorson strikes again! Update priority to this which so few buy and make millions of X10 owners “suck it”.
    Sorry Errorson, Epic Fail intensified!

  4. For those complaining about your X10 updates – The LiveView *barely* worked at all on my phone. I had to put it on the shelf since I bought the thing. The last update didn’t do much either. Hopefully it will actually work now with this update.

    Also, until SE realizes that software is just as important as hardware, I won’t be purchasing any Sony Ericsson devices anymore.

  5. just got multitouch!!!!! connect to pc companion and you will get it.
    its awsome!! at last something good from se.
    i suppose next will be dlna support (uxp update?)

  6. you know it really wouldnt shock me if SE launched another “phone” that bluetoothed to the xperiaX10 to fix all its problems, and pretend its a normal add on gadget…

    “but this is an htc phone with a sony sticker on it, and it could be used without the xperia needing to be in another pocket to bluetooth too…”

  7. @fghjj
    no its not nordic. i change it through davinci process and i am not sure, they call it ‘world’ rom, i think.
    latest version: 2.1.A.0.435
    by the way, it seems to be a little smoother when navigating through various i got neoreader and postcard app.
    nothing lost from this update,phone took a lot to start first time but everything is there.

  8. @дејан
    i have x10i.
    by the way i forgot to mention that in mediascape photos you keep your finger pressed and move it up/down to resize foto,i find this very handy.

  9. Waiting for the firmware update for my Xperia x10 2.1. Waiting for the dual-touch screen. Can’t wait. Bring it on, Rogers Communications!

  10. yes Liveview is available at sony show room in granada mall in Riyadh/saudi arabia, I just bought it this morning and it worked fine, of course not on X10 but on HTC