Xperia X10 side-by-side against the 2011 Xperia line-up

Xperia X10 and 2011 Xperia'sIf you are wondering how the current Sony Ericsson flagship, the Xperia X10, stacks up against the new Xperia’s then check out the photo below. It shows the Xperia X10 in a line-up against the Xperia arc, Xperia neo and Xperia pro. The only one missing is the Xperia Play. The photo shows that the X10 holds its own against the newly designed Xperia’s, although for us, the arc just edges it in the beauty stakes. For all the latest coverage on the new Xperia range, check out our sister site,

Xperia X10 and 2011 Xperia's

Via SE-First (1 and 2).

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  1. I would NEVER buy another Sony Android phone due to the disgraceful way in which they have been so late in keeping York date with new Android releases

  2. lol….. then you should never buy any phone again…. every manufacturer had problems and update delays with at least one phone….

    HTC Hero
    Samsung Galaxy (first one)
    Moto Milestone

    and so on….if you would hate a manufacturer because of one or two mistakes you should stay at fixnet phones….

    ah and btw: my Arc will have android 2.3 at launch…. should i laugh about you both if you have only 2.2 with yout HTC or LG or Samsung?

  3. lol I will more than likely end up with the Arc by the time I am due an upgrade. Unless there are plans for further phones in the range by then, still got a while so will be able to watch how things get handled this time round.
    Would like to see evidence of SE trying to redeem themselves.
    I love my X10, very few look this sexy and you can update it yourself, without the need to rely on SE.

  4. still x10 looks and feels nice. but i will think twice next time i change my phone to buy se product again.

  5. @Marc Hoffmann
    Given the fact that you will have gingerbread on launch, and Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) will launch within 1-2-3 months, yes. your phone will already be outdated:) (Nexus S will be first to have Honeycomb, made by Google, DAH ). Deja-vu, anyone? We bought our x10s with Donut, while 2.1 was already available on other phones? (even 2.2 was available back then:) ) . Enjoy the new outdate line of phones.
    + that what everybody calls “ROM” is just like a theme/more functions applied to the “real” rom which is the kernel itself. explication : without bootloader cracking, and kernel stuck on .29(a.k.a. Android 2.1 kernel) it’s almost impossible to have gingerbread on x10. and yes, actual AOSP gingerbread is in fact 2.1, with gingerbread looking(same kernel=>inability to use WiFi/BT Tethering and/or apps2sd or other kernel-related functions).
    P.S. => AndroidOS and/or Android devices are, under GNU general public licence( GPL) OPEN SOURCE, thus bootloader should not be MODIFIED BY THE PRODUCER (a.k.a SE), with Encryption / Encrypted keys in order to LOCK the alterations/changes in SOFTWARE (SE locked the bootloader and nobody can crack it for now. ) They disobeyed the law. BUT google won’t sue them, as i can see.

  6. after x10 i ll never buy any se mobile phone coz of ther f***ing update service its better ill buy Samsung galaxy s2 bye bye se n f*** gay…

  7. After the X10, I WILL buy another SE phone because they are the only one with Xperia Play gaming controller. The others can just cry with envy! hehehe

  8. I dont like neo and xperia pro they looks odd and old. By now only arc is as stilish as X10 in the lower bandwidth of the style-ish scale. other one is below my scale arc is only one which will be counted. But still the spec is heavely compromised with the style !!!!

    assuming that there is a any chance that i will buy any of this after what se did it
    Arc is only proposal, if any

  9. @Andrei

    APP2SD works fine on my x10 with jerpeleas gingerbread. AOSP is not 2.1, it’s only using the same kernel.

  10. SE 2010 was a disappointment but X10 is BY FAR the sexiest phone out there.
    No plan to buy another SE phone with worthless and laggy UI on top of Vanilla but No plan to get rid of my X10 White …
    For the future, well… XDA to the rescue!

  11. I’d really like to see a table comparing the X10’s technical specifications to those of the new Xperia line.

  12. @andrei from r u getting this?

    The GB build current available @ is based on AOSP 2.3 build…

    Wifi tethering working == use Barnacle
    USB tethering working == use PDANet
    apps2sd working with FreeX10 (2.2/Froyo) and (2.3/GB)….

    only issue is bootloader is not cracked…

    btw afaik HoneyComb will be only for Tablets…

  13. does any body know what is next to 2.3 or 2.4 (3.0 is for tablets)….is there any os gonna be totally different version of android.frm 2.x series after 2.4?

  14. The X10 sure looks better, but the Arc is a bit more prettier than it. But who cares, surely not buying any other SE phone ever. Good luck with your phones SE !

  15. As Seus lighting said, Arc has no chance against next generation phone with it’s single core 1GHz CPU.

    Just look at Motorla Atrix, Galaxy S 2, LG Optimus 2X,…

    What chance does Arc have?

  16. Even if you can get past the legacy of shoving cock up our arses with X10.

    Fact is.

    Arc = sexy as fuck, but near X10ish specs


    LG 3D smartphone. Dual Core & 3D Display (and I kid you not…probably less expensive then Arc)

    Xperia play is a POS with a joypad.

  17. Never buying another SE phone, EVER.

    I want a phone that I can enjoy, not one that gives me headaches. FUCK YOU SE.

  18. I always have, and always will buy SE phones! They are by far the most sexy phones out there, and I have always loved their media players (except for Mediascape, damnit!!!) and the overall touch and handling of phones.
    I have to agree though, SE shot themselves in the foot with X10. Still loving it though. Sexiest and most smooth to the touch phone I’ve ever held. Way better than that shitty iPhone crap.
    Regarding the specs… I can’t see any problem with no big uprade to the Arc regarding the CPU. My X10 never experienced any lagging cause by being short on CPU. Rather have an awesome camera and l33t screen experience instead of some speccs I can brag about but not use for anything.

  19. HAHA!! I think you’re so dump if you think honeycomb for smartphones… But I’ve heard ice cream(2.4) will launched on april…

  20. Keep your x10 or just sell it. Just don’t buy SE’s android phone, their support sucks. This is fucking android phone that need after sales support from the manufacturer, not a fucking symbian phone.
    BTW, my quadrant benchmark average score is 2300++ X10i running 2.2.1, 998.4mhz, Cyanogen Mod 6, Data2SD with stock kernel. This is my every day use phone. Never had issue, it’s extremely stable, fast and snappy. Better battery life. Plus I have Adobe Flash Player in my browser.
    Just imagine how great x10 will perform when the bootloader has been cracked in the future.

  21. Sorry, but all those who say SE have learnt their lesson from the x10 either don’t have a clue as to what other manufacturers are doing or are just the same fanboys talking their usual crap. All other top end phones coming out this year from LG, Samsung and Motorola have dual core processors( Tegra 2 with its powerful graphics engine) and I’m sure HTC will soon unveil their own contender.
    As far as I can see SE are just doing the same style over substance crap all over again. The only difference this time is that they are up to date softwarewise. The arc in my opinion is only great when you compare it against 2010 phones like desire and galaxy s but up against the new range of phones, just like the x10, it can only boast of having a better chasis and that’s it.
    SE are still it seems one year behind the competition. You have to remember that dual core phones will unleash a whole new generation of high powered games and apps which the new line from SE will struggle with. Very strange that even the xperia play which is intended for gaming has just a single core. boo hoo SE.

  22. zodiac seething motoroa brand new unreleased phone still using 2.2 yes sony ericsson is behind haha, sony ericsson is rebuilding from a loss they are doing very well. zodiac your efforts to hate on se are wasted no one cares anymore xperia play will be massive so shush

  23. X10 was my last mistake with SE. I’m not going for Arc until i see changes in their support policies, the product is simply not worth the investment unless backed up by proper software updates, whic SE apparently doesn’t understand.

  24. I can guarantee that by the summer the Arc will be exactly where the x10 was at the same point last year…. behind the competition with only fanboys singing its praises. Let’s wait and see…time as they say..will tell… but it’s a safe bet in my opinion. 2011 will be about the dual core phones. They will form a new super league of phones while the Arc will remain in the second tier. However, if the new eco-system of apps and games that take full advantage of dual core technology evolves slowly then Arc owners wouldn’t be left behind. But if as I suspect developers are quick to take full advantage of the new technology, there will be a plethora of apps and games that the arc just wouldn’t be able to handle leaving Arc disappointed. I just cannot see the Arc holding it’s own against the galaxy s 2 with its super amoled plus display, 8 mp camera + 2 mp front facing camera, and most importantly, the mighty tegra 2 dual core processor.
    All in all, it would be very interesting to see the drama unfold. I have a year left on my contract so I’ll just be a spectator.

  25. @ zodiac I agree, if its not dual then whats the point? the galaxy looks great and while sony does make a good looking product how can you feel good with yourself for buying something for the same price thats slower…. these arent classic cars, there cell phones, new, fast, tons of gadgets are what makes them great, “Wow sweet look at my anolog phone!” is not a phrase you want to use about your cellular device

  26. I concur regarding dual core phones. Arc & Play are already obsolete in an ever changing Android world. More Epic Fails from our “friends” @ Sorry Errorsson! I have 30 months remaining on my insane contract and the only way I’m buying a new handset is if it has EVERYTHING! Dual core, Xenon Flash, heaps of internal memory, fm tuner & transmitter, stereo bluetooth, etc., etc..

  27. Who is on a 18 to 24 month contract ?,most of us ,so we dont need to know about the arc or any other phone yet , we have been let down by SE time and time again . Most of use are waiting for the xda 2.2 Rom to see us to the end of our contract .

  28. @andrei
    Google has not said that honeycomb is coming out for mobiles… it may well come out. However its a complete redesign for bigger screens and higher resolution screens. You may be right. However dont make assumptions

  29. I like the Xperia Pro since my preference is toward physical keyboards and a smaller form factor. I guarantee it will look a lot better in person than the images currently circulating, so we can’t be too judgemental.
    I have to laugh at the HTC/Samsung fanboys though. Most of their new models are being released with 2.2 and since “Honeycomb” won’t be compatible with a 4″ display or single core processor, I think you’ll be waiting until “Ice Cream” for the update. This means most of you SE haters are unlikely to receive the next android iteration until January 2011.
    As far as new models, SE have registered the “Xperia DUO” name in Europe, so maybe a dual core is in the works.

  30. @zodiac

    You have an unhealthy obsession of SE bashing. Get this checked out professionally before it ruins your life or an aneurysm pops in your head.

  31. Still happy with my X10 for now….locked into a contract so I guess i have to be. WOuld I buy another SE phone……..NOPE.

  32. Another 18 months of my contract to go, so I will be watching with interest to see which company provides the best updates and customer support.

    At the moment it seems from articles I have seen on the web, SE support is regarded as a dismal failure for 2010 and that’s not just with the X10 but a lot of their other models as well.

    It seems they have total disregard for existing users of their products. Preferring to release new models rather than sort out problems for existing models. This isn’t what I want with my next mobile provider, so who knows maybe by the time my contract runs out SE will no longer exist… They certainly don’t deserve to based on their current customer support.

  33. @Mark:

    Probably you dont surf that often on the internet! yes your arc will have the gingerbread and so what =D. havent you heard about CM7 on the X10i its a W.I.P and you can flash it on your device. ROTFL.

  34. Psss this phone is last century s3E are from last century or what . I want dual core! – motorola atrix and lG optimus 3d nad SAMSUNG glalaxy S God damn

    That is a joke as simple as that!!!!

  35. @No Need To Know
    Oww, rly? CM7 for x10(gingerbread)? with 2.6.29(android 2.1 ) kernel? Jerpelea is kind of w.i.p-ing too … Kudos to them, but… the bootloader is not cracked yet, so the they can’t put gingerbread kernel, which would help devs much more .
    in my own opinion, this is kind of a waste of time(for devs). When the bootloader will finally be cracked, they will have finished porting everything from gingerbread to 2.6.29 kernel. And then, the real pain in the ass:) , the reverse process: porting all drivers and all functions from the 2.6.29 kernel to the custom gingerbread kernel. SE failed delivering OPEN SOURCE OS/SOFTWARE to a device which had potential, (for me still does:) ), and LOCKED the bootloader in order to KEEP the OPEN SOURCE OS modified/customized only by THEM(thus significantly slowing down the phone)=> Try to install Freex10/GB made by Jerpelea to see the difference between a CLEAN OS and SE modified OS(doesn’t matter the version, as long as the same kernel was used:) ). This is a fraud, actually, as GOOGLE, OWNER of ANDROID stated that their OS is FULLY customizable. How can we customize our phone(s) if they won’t give the bootloader code? it kind of seems like SE broke the law.

  36. brown certificate should look like this. maybe a dev could help:) and lol… strictly confidential, this should have been OPEN SOURCE, not strictly confidential.

    # Manuel edited key file
    # Generation Tool: Manual
    # Version 00.00.01
    # Sony Ericsson Moblie Communications AB
    # Strictly Confidential content
    # old name_S1QSD8250_BROWN;

  37. @ Andrei:

    Well said though, i know that J&Z are trying hard to give us the best! and i’m talking about others they’ve made the CM6 working and stable & TripNRaVeR they just started the CM7 thread and actually its a good start. anyways hope that the SE give us the stupid code and leave the work to the devs.

  38. @No Need To Know
    They are all working hard, problem is nobody is really appreciating their hard work(i don’t mean donations&&stuff). I think we should all stick together, and find solutions, really fast. x10 is GB capable(se locked RAM memory to 280 afaik, but the device actually has 384 mb) and it should work(have seen lots of other phones like spica / hero etc. with 2.2/2.3.2 working flawlessly and the HW is much more inferior than x10’s HW). Let’s hope that the bootloader will be cracked soon, and the devs won’t spend too much working on 2.6.29, trying to port all the drivers, again. SE won’t give us the code, because they think that 2.1 is much better than any “vanilla” android version. Oww ,rly? they suck hard. Not only stupid, but selfish(they took our money, and now won’t release a bootloader code, given the fact that android is supposed to be open source). I mean, i understand them, that it’s their device, and it should theoretically be their responsability about the HARDWARE. but hardware has nothing to do with software, and they shouldn’t be afraid we’ll brick our devices. XDA devs are 100000times better than sony ericsson devs, (and i`m not talking about experience). I`m talking about giving people what they want => 16M colors, dual-touch axis problem correction(i bet is just a glitch/bug, which SE devs can’t really work on atm because they work on other phones/don’t know how to solve this, maybe:) ), and NO SONY ERICSSON PREINSTALLED APPS/THEME etc. which would increase significantly not only the speed of the phone, but battery life (have a friend that has 2.3.2 on his spica and his battery is discharged after 3 days of heavy use) etc.

  39. @Andrei:

    I Agree with you. we should hope for the XDA Devs to crack that bootloader and we should help them out if they need some help! actually they’re doing a great job.

  40. i love sony…if ur so crazy about dual core go for samsung or motorola…..deyv not bin able to fix battery problem deyr are addin dual core lets pray xperia arc saves d battery issue wif the bravia display…so we culd have much fun wif the display…
    i still love my x10…ill get the arc wen d price drops….

  41. @ tochi Yep may by. BUT the matter of fact is that they far behind the competition. Still update are fucked up by them !!! And the most worst thing is missleading

  42. @JO …
    your just being pathetically stupid. The new xperia line up have last years hardware…its not SE bashing to state what is just obvious. SE just keep making phones that look good on the outside for superficial idiots like you with effeminate mindsets… basically chicks with dicks.
    real men go for substance and not just style…. that’s the preserve of the women folk… fool