Custom Froyo ROMs finally get camcorder fix

MovieOne of the biggest stumbling blocks for people when considering a custom ROM is that they will lose the ability to take video recordings. Most custom ROMs up until now have had this key feature missing.

However, the gods at xda-developers have done it again. A patch is now available to download that will restore the camcorder and will work on all Froyo ROMs. It is already confirmed that it works on FreeX10-beta4. However, the functionality is not native as some apps like Barcode Scanner and Google Goggles do not work. Despite this, it’s a massive step forward. You can download the necessary file from here.

Thanks EiN!

35 responses to “Custom Froyo ROMs finally get camcorder fix”

  1. Nice news, but my x10 deied by hot soup πŸ˜›
    now i have a LG Optimus 2x, and that is sooo mutch better!

  2. best news I’ve had all day!

    btw geohotz isn’t going to crack the x10. he’s just doing it for publicity.

  3. Still got my X10i – but using a Galaxy S.

    However just think how much publicity Gehot will get if he cracks this phone…

  4. Works!
    The battery drain problem seems to be the only issue with this CF, the rest is fantastic

  5. Doesnt work on Trips Custom MIUI Froyo rom. Has anyone gotten it to work on this ROM? Either way im confident their will be fix for this rom too, good job XDA

  6. @lalaland
    Xperia Plague will suck and Xperia Arc only sails sideways.
    Nice work XDA!

  7. @noxious

    XDA will soon ditch your sorry X10 soon you will be forced to get with the program soon πŸ˜›
    Only the moaners and haters stick with their x10 and mess with it. I admire sony ericsson for sticking two fingers up to you, and you got what u deserved, NOTHING!
    technology doesnt wait for the foolish, keep up or get left behind


  8. I have a wife and son on x10s. I bailed on my x10 ( we got 3 at once) and got a used Nexus One which I love. Yet I did not sell my x10 assuming one day with it will be reasonable with the write dev ( the sony camera was the best I every had on a phone and much better than my Nexus One). My son is dying for flash – but as the sys admin for the family, I do not want to put my wfe and son on a ROM that they will complain about and I have to deal with forever. Are we there yet with this one, or should I just wait it out. Or would you as the household sysadmin, move your family to this ROM – knowing they assume everything should just work fine?

  9. @Steve
    I know what you mean, I don’t want to put custom ROM’s on my friends x10’s because I know that is something goes wrong they will bitch at me and ask me to put it back the way it was and I honestly don’t have time for that. I’ve been using Freex10 beta 4 by z and is a very stable and functional ROM, I also think is dummy proof, the only problem is the video cam so if you know they will use the cam don’t install it on their rom.
    I think you should head over at xda forum and check the roms out, there are a lot of good rooms available for daily use which are fully functional and much better than the stock one full with crap that SE installed.

  10. So what is the best way to go android 2.2 or 2.3 and what is missing from these Roms that we have on SE 2.1 , and apart from flash what are the benefits on changing ?

  11. @lalaland
    News Flash! They already ditched X10, E.O.L. was March 6th.

    My carrier has granted me early hardware upgrade status because of Sorry Errorsson’s Epic Fail. I’m still researching handsets to decide what I’ll have next and it won’t be Sorry Errorsson! When a consumer gets a new $600 handset, it should be good to go for over 6 months, not a month and a half. Do you buy a new laptop every 6 months? NO! That would be ridiculous. As soon as I have a new handset, I’ll start rooting and modding my X10 thanks to the good folks at XDA. For now, I can’t afford any downtime with what I have. I believe S.E. needs to continue being bashed good for this Epic Fail.

  12. Correction to my previous post #15:
    S.E. E.O.L’d handset, not XDA.
    @lalaland you say X10 owners deserve nothing? When you buy a new $600 laptop, you get O.S. updates for a long time. You don’t have to buy a new laptop every 6 months to keep up. I was promised 2 years of updates only 6 months ago. Haters & Moaners? Many people like me are stuck with 2 or 3 year contracts and can’t afford to shell out another $600 for a new handset just because the manufacturer is greedy and abandons their loyal customers. The Xperia Arc is a sidestep from X10, not a forward step. Xperia “Plague” is also just a sidestep. Looks like X10 mini pro with game controls instead of qwerty…S.E. Epic Fail.

  13. Oh wait. You can record in 1280×720, but it will be green on the screen. Just choose Custom as video quality. You can’t c what you are recording… but it is recording in HD. I wish I could post on the xda dev forum πŸ™

  14. Also the video files save, and I can see them on astro. But when I connect to the pc I can’t see them unless I reboot my phone. I believe this is related to Data2Sd

  15. waiting for geohot… πŸ™‚
    common buddy.. make it πŸ™‚

    ditch u filthy crap M F’ckr SE… mama ass sucker SE

  16. @ NoXiouS

    Dont stress too much. lalaland’s statement qualifies him as that tool “Fact is Fact” or some SE employee blowing off steam after being reamed by the entire X10 buying population for his epic fail.

  17. @ steve.

    XDA is awesome, but if you just want something that works, bug free, avoid anything from there.

    They are doing good work, but stuff happens. It’s more for the adventurous folk.

  18. My x10 is sweet since I rooted it! No more Mediascape, Timescape, Moxier. Delete Delete Delete. My internal memory is only at 30%! (mind you i dont have many games)

    Only thing Im missing is flash, which sucks, but whatever, its all ads anyway.

  19. will it work on the Xperia Mini Pro???? Does the FLASH function work? Any noticeable lag or bug (random reboots, etc.)?

    Thank’s, guys.


    look here for custom rom (froyo and gingerbread) for mini, mini pro and x8

    And to answer all you guys questions

    1)Carmcorder fix

    This fix don’t apply to our devices but in our devices the camcorder only don’t work on the stock apps while the barcode scanner, video camcorder illusion, goggles etc work perfectly.

    2) Flash

    I’m sorry guys but our processor don’t support it so we have froyo and gingerbread but will never have flash.

  21. Loving it. No battery issues, camera works. Benchmark test brought it to 3045. As where stock was barely over 700. Adobe flash works. No complaints. Good job xda!!

  22. DIVR:

    lol, sorry! I thought it was meant that the flash from the camera didin’t work. πŸ™‚
    So the camcoder function will only work via 3rd-party app??

    Thank’s for all the work.

  23. I still keep my white xperia 10 with eclair just for its pretty hardware design and camera features, it’s like the muse of my android gang, afterall i got my gingerbreaded galaxy s and soon-to-be honeycombed galaxy tab.

  24. Am using froyo 2.2.1 my xperia x10i…. its a best rom but my camera has no zooming effect and also the battery sucks very fast……….. what wil i do?