Bootloader cracking moves a step closer

Xperia X10The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10’s bootloader has been stubbornly hard to crack. The tight security has meant that the xda devs have had to deploy custom ROMs using the existing kernel. However, judging by recent events on xda, it looks like we may be moving one step closer in finally seeing the bootloader being cracked.

One of the devs called Bin4ry managed to use his own kernel to load a custom image, although there were a number of barriers including a lack of working touchscreen and USB. More recently another developer, jerpelea, confirmed that he was able to load a CyanogenMod 7 ROM using a custom kernel. There is still a long way to go, but these are definitely encouraging steps for the X10 community.

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  2. @mat…im running gingerbread on the x10…works pretty good even on the 2.1 kernal….the devs have done a pretty good job…so do try the customized froyo mentioned in the last post of this blog…
    @ryu…do u read “geo hotz” in any part of the above post…he is just a sucker for fame…and the credits of the bootloader cracking,whenever it happens will go to bin4ry,jerpelea and the other great devs at the bootloader cracking thead!

  3. Guys, you’re way behind! Touchscreen, USB, all that works now. On some Basebands the only problem is that there’s no radio – THAT is a big step forward. From developing Gingerbread without radio to the actual pretty stable Gingerbread ROM with radio, it was only a few days! Keep your fingers crossed!

  4. hopefully they’ll crack it by next week and thereafter its gonna be a nice april!!!

  5. Hay,

    that is great news, sinc i planing to buy X10, but I have question:
    what excatly cracking bootloader bring for end user?
    Do we get finally 16m colors, flash 10.1 or brings only a bit better and stable software.

    Thanks guys.

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    They have ages working on this, so they deserve it to happen since there’s not more support for x10’s.

  7. Hmm,Wrong,the Bootloader Isnt one step closser to get cracked,its just bypassed for now,but the bootloader is still there and still intact,so dont get your hopes too much.
    Thought as Jerp said,we can expect few stuff in the future ^^


  8. @Agrikt: Get a life spam boy!
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    I can’t decide which is worse, spamboy or fanboy… I also thought Geohot was on it and haven’t heard anything further since original announcement.

  9. Fantastic news! Cant wait for this to be cracked… not sure what it does but still.. :L

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    ill take my x10 with me and see if it works in the states.

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  12. xda rocks….

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  13. Hey I’m a noob when it comes to this kind of stuff. What happens when the bootloader is cracked?

  14. @beast
    You’ll get ur ass kicked.. 🙂 just kidding.. if the bootloader is cracked then we’ll have a better and awesome x10.. devs will be able to provide us what SE didnt.. they suck, android is an open source OS, SE loves to take our money and leave us hanging in the end.

  15. @x10 warrior
    Agree 100%! Think he loves too kiss se’s ass.. dude they wont give you an update even if you praise those A-holes

  16. yeah..Android is open source. It allow you develop without restriction from provider.
    I don’t know why SE stop updating X10.
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  17. @Yeh Its Mr Me

    yes you are right sony ericsson make the best rom for the x10

    congratulations to xda for their attempts but its just going to be a knock off version that your always going to feel your phone is a little cheap and devalued.

    again i feell sorry for these poor x10 owners that cant get the arc or play, missing out 😀

  18. There is a big difference between cracked and bypassed!! *SIGH*

    This is exciting news to all Xperia owners, if they can bypass the X10 bootloader, then the 8X, X10mini/pro won´t be far behind.

    Bin4ry andJerpelea are really skilled developers, i have used Jerpeleas custom roms for my X8 for a while now and now with the Pinch-zoom module by another developer on XDA, the phone is getting better and better.

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    XDA = “Winning!”

  20. @lalaland

    when they bypass the bootloader and write a suitable rom how will it make the phone feel ‘cheap?’

    If you mean by cheap that it will be 3-4x faster than the se rom with all its bloatware, have more features and actually be tailored to our needs? then yes i agrre with you 100%……

    Noxious is right the arc is a bigger joke than se software support! what are you actually getting not alot, try comparing it to any of the latest gen e.g. optimus x2, galaxy s II epic FAIL

  21. se are always a step behind, they’re just playing catch up and they are not innovators, only innovators will win majority of the market share, otherwise it will only be a small propotion, typically by loyal fans (which should be little, considering what they did to the X10 users) and stupid fans boys.

  22. @lalaland
    Missing out arc and xperia play ??????????

    do you ever think who loves the Android and looking for support will ever go for SE again ??????…

    loll… u gonna compare arc or any other SE phones with HTC and samsung release then come back…. go to GSM ARENA … you will find the result there

  23. BYE BYE SE….I m never ever buy a SE again…
    I HAVE BOUGHT A SAMSUNG GALAXY SL i9003…its much much better than your X10…!

  24. haha sony ericsson releasing 2.3 on it and some of you sold your phone thats absolutely hilarious lmao

    i bet xda are seething 😀 i love sony ericsson they taking da piss out you fools now u wait till quater 3 dangling on their string 😛

  25. that’s good news for those who stick on stock roms. but mostly for us we still need the bootloader to be open so we can run rockin CM roms and to maximize the capabilities of the phone that we PURCHASED PURCHASED PURCHASED! a ton of tnx to J&B xda rocks!