Guide to removing Timescape and other apps from your X10

TimescapeWe get many emails from Xperia X10 readers asking how to delete certain applications from their handset. There are a number of apps that will start on boot even if you have no intention in using them. These apps use unnecessary memory and processor power and they can also significantly drain the battery. By removing these apps, you should be able to get a small performance boost as well as prolong your battery life.

The guide below shows you which apps are safe to remove, however this will only work for handsets that are rooted. As always this is done at your own risk and you should proceed carefully. However, the method outlined below should reduce the risk as it provides a backup of your apps should things go pear-shaped. So if you’re looking to rid yourself of some unwanted apps, check out our guide below.

Tutorial on deleting Timescape and other apps from your Xperia X10 (or X10 mini/X8)

1) Get root access
Rooting your handset gives you the permissions necessary to install custom software on your handset.

Please follow Step 1 from our previous guide on JIT installation for full instructions on how to gain root access.

2) Install Root Explorer

Download and install Root Explorer from the Android Market. This will cost ~$4.05 (£2.50). There are other file managers that would work, but Root Explorer is by far the best and well worth the money.

Guide to removing Timescape

3) Create backup folder on your memory card

Using Root Explorer, browse to the ‘sdcard’ directory. Press the button at the top so it is ‘Mounted as r/w’. Create a backup folder in the root directory. Name it anything you want, you can see that here we have named ours ‘Deleted Apps’.

This is the folder that we will move the unwanted apps to. By moving it to the memory card, the Android OS will not see them. The backup means that should anything go wrong you can easily move them back.

Guide to removing Timescape

4) Go to the app directory

Using Root Explorer, browse to the app directory ‘system/app’. Here you will find a list of all of the apps installed, including all those unwanted ones too. The settings button brings up an option for ‘Multi-select’. This will be used to easily move multiple files.

Guide to removing Timescape

5) Select apps to remove

The next job is to select which apps you want to remove. For the purposes of this example, we are removing all files associated with Timescape. However, we have included a list of apps that are safe to remove at the end of this tutorial. The same method can be used to remove any app.

Click on the settings button and hit ‘Multi-select’. Select the eight Timescape files as shown below and then press ‘Move’.

Guide to removing Timescape

6) Move unwanted apps to backup directory
Now using Root Explorer, browse to your backup folder on your memory card. Make sure the setting at the top is ‘Mounted as r/w’. Then click ‘Paste’.

Guide to removing Timescape

All of the chosen files will then be moved from ‘system/app’ to your memory card as seen below.

Guide to removing Timescape

7) Restoring apps

If you want to restore apps for whatever reason, the selected files should be moved back to the ‘system/app’ directory. You will need to make sure the permissions for each restored file are correct as they may not function properly. To do this, long press on each file and select ‘Permissions’. This will bring up a Read/Write/Execute grid. You need to make sure that the following boxes are ticked:

  • Read – Tick all three boxes
  • Write – Tick ‘User’ box
  • Execute – Leave all three boxes unchecked

The finished result should look like the picture below. Then click ‘OK’.

Guide to removing Timescape

That’s all there is to it. See below for a list of apps you may want to remove.

Safe apps to remove

The apps listed below are safe to remove, although you may want to consult this excellent list for further details on each one before removing them.












Stk [Sim Tool Kit]




37 responses to “Guide to removing Timescape and other apps from your X10”

  1. Don’t remove SEMCSetupWizard.apk

    If you remove it, you can’t go to settings in Messaging application.

  2. Removing timescape will cause problems with the phonebook. Removing mediascapw will cause you even bigger problems 🙂

  3. i remember, that when I remove timescape, my contact list didn’t work correctly – i could not open my contacts, in contact list. It was in first release of 2.1 Android. I don’t try this in latest 2.1 Android release.

  4. I have removed Time scapea and SEMCsetupwizard with no issues.I thing i want to do is remove the postcard app which came with the update. Anybody know whats its called in the system/app folder so i can delete it.

  5. I’ve removed Timescape/Mediascape and a lot of other garbage and everything works fine. Maybe SE should spend more time on getting out updates and less on useless garbage apps.

  6. Timescape is definitely the biggest offender. I’ve found doing this give my phone a huge performance boost. A lot less lag while texting. Another huge performance boost came from switching to the Dolphin browser.

  7. Tried to remove the apps on your list and my home screen wouldn’t load. Any idea which app would cause this to happen?

  8. Im sorry, but this list is crazy… mind you, I used Titatnium backup to remove the apps, not sure if it has a different result…

    i removed timescape and mediascape, have not noticed any issues other than the mediascape integration with the camera app.

    If you remove SemcCheckin, vending.apk will not work (happened to me anyway)

    If you remove SYnc (there are a few different ones not sure which) Auto Sync will crash.

    I posted a good list on the JIT installation page… based on trial and error. In any case, Titatnium allows you to freeze apps first (pro version), this is great so you can see if you need it or not!

  9. Removed all of the above (+more) can’t now make stock alarm clock, or calendar work correctly (not really a problem they can be replaced from the market). It creates an inability to change the time in both of these apps – as you need to be able to scroll through the time – and this ‘scrolling’ doesn’t happen anymore.

  10. Help… I stupidly re-installed the latest stock rom on my phone and now XRecovery dosen’t work… So I cant install this rom now.

  11. Hey Guys,
    when i select the apps that i want to move and press Move its comming up with “The Selected items cannot be moved becuase the file system is read only”.

    Do i need to press the MountR/W in the apps folder?


  12. how to move application on SD card which downloded from market / HOW to install applicaton directley on SD card

  13. Coversations.apk is NOT safe to remove.. if you do so, you will not be able to send MMS through HandcentSMS.

  14. just did all the above and now my phone is faaaast!!!this thing called timescape causes lag!!

  15. Help! I did it, but now I can’t sync my contact list with my Facebook contacts. Can anyone help me?

  16. pipl help! I have a problem like: i have contacts and they show up when I add of contact but does not show when I open direct contacts

  17. Lol ive lost my apps! i know i made the deleted apps folder and i know i pasted the apps into somewhere but now theres no trace of them wtf? Ive done about 10 searches and nothing….oops

    there doesnt seem to be any problem though but still…considering free x10 rom tonight

  18. i have move the files and my x10 freezes on startup, how do i move back the files to system, applications?

  19. i’ve created the backup folder and moved all the useless apps, but now i want to restore some apps and there isn’t misteriously the backup folder. what’s happened?

  20. ES File Manager now allows you to explore the root directory (if you have root access, of course), and is free.
    LinkToSD allows you to freeze apps, and is free.

    Just wanted to give you guys two free alternatives, over Root Explorer and Titanium Backup Pro.

  21. Sorry, app is Link2SD. Handy to FREEZE apps so they can’t start/run, which is safer than just deleting/uninstalling them. Test by Freezing first, then if everything still runs okay, uninstall the crapware.

  22. I recomend massaging use pansi sms, better than the original one.and 4 music, find mixzing or music player.for pic viewing, use quickpic, lots of function than album app.all sony app is garbage

  23. i have a x10 mini pro unlocked only problem with it is it wants to type another language. can i remove the Chinesetextinput to fix this problem.

  24. ey guys,
    i think i removed to much, my android market doesn’t work anymore. I’ve deleted the vending-stuff in system to reinstall it, but it still doesn’t work. Even installing an old version of market doesn’t change it.
    Can someone help me out of this.
    I’m using Xperia x10 mini