OFFICIAL: Xperia X10 to receive Android Gingerbread

GingerbreadLooks like Sony Ericsson has been doing a good job of under-promising and over-delivering. First of all, they gave us the pinch-zoom update after stating the panel was single-touch only and now after stating that we weren’t going to receive any more updates post Android 2.1, Rikard Skoberg from the SE Product Blog has confirmed that SE will be delivering Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) to Xperia X10 owners by Q3 2011 at the latest.

The official timeline is late Q2/early Q3, so let’s call it July. Not a bad result at all, especially as we knew that the X10 had the hardware capable of Gingerbread, The vast number of ROMs on xda-developers is testament to that. What we need to make clear is that this update is only planned for “generic trade kits” for the Xperia X10. By this, we take it to mean that those on branded handsets will NOT receive this update. However, this can by easily fixed by flashing to a generic ROM.

The exact new features that will make it into the handset are still yet to be decided but Rikard confirmed the X10 will see the standard Android camera UI. This means that SE features such as face recognition, smile shutter will be dropped. Other changes include Mediascape that will see it in widget form only (much like the new Xperia range) and Moxier that will be dropped in place of standard Exchange features. The Sony Ericsson Backup and Restore client will also be removed as it is not compatible with Gingerbread. Unfortunately it also seems that bi-directional language support will be reduced compared to the latest X10 Éclair update. The details on which languages have been dropped hasn’t been confirmed so far.

The company confirmed that Android Gingerbread really will be the last update for the X10. I can’t see any reason why most customers should complain about that. Who says Sony Ericsson doesn’t listen to its customers? A great result all around.

Via SE Product Blog.

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  1. its great news, but i wonder. maybe still gt ppl want even more. like honeycomb. personally i dun really mind bt still its a great news.

  2. haha sony ericsson releasing 2.3 on it and some of you sold your phone thats absolutely hilarious lmao

    i bet xda are seething i love sony ericsson they taking da piss out you fools now u wait till quater 3 dangling on their string

  3. Well it’s good to hear that SE has finally listened to its more savvy customers.

    So we finally get 2.3.3 in July and I’m due a upgrade in August. At least my phone won’t be a total brick when I come to get rid.

  4. This (almost) goes to answer a question that I’ve been hunting around for an answer to, which is whether or not Moxier will be included on the Arc. I’m glad it’s being dropped from the X10; I wouldn’t imagine them removing it from the X10 only for it to be included on the Arc, though as of yet I could still be wrong so I wont hold my breath on anything being concrete just yet…

  5. Who says complaining doesn’t get you anyway? Good result – but why or why are Sony faffing with Mediascape and other stuff for this update. Just bring a stock Android with a blue Sony theme and save yourself all the trouble Sony. But I’ll believe it when I see it. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a cancellation story on here in a few months time because it was technically unfeaisable, by which time a lot of people have their ARCS n PLAYS, won over by new found goodwill for Sony from this news story.

  6. I’m cautiously optimistic about this potentially fantastic news. I wonder if it has anything to do with people like me who seized every opportunity to flame them on their own facebook discussion boards etc? I hope so. I want to believe this is true, but I know there is a chance they are doing this to shut people like me up for now while they release “Plague” & “Arc”. If they take this back, I’ll flame them 10x harder and everywhere! Right now I wait with some hope

  7. Hi. Please please reconsider us smaller owners. I love my X10 Mini Pro and have over a year left on my contract, without an update this beauty is going to be dead before the year is out.

    2.3 would be awesome – 2.2 would be too – but 2.1 is already out of date.

    Is there a glimmer of hope. Come on SE. Even if its not for six months at least its something. It would restore a lot of peoples faith in SE and help you claw bag some of that respect you lost.


  8. Some gd news at last, just wondering though as I rooted my phone to do the JIT installation as shown on this website will I be able to install this update when it comes out, my handset has already been flashed to UK generic so it is unbranded

  9. I pity the foool that still has a branded phone…lol

    Get that bitch debranded!

    Dont you all think that this news comes out the blue at a critical point just as the guys over at XDA are a bawhair away from bypassing the bootloader.

  10. We know SE, so if they said later q2 the real date will be LATER Q4 SOOOOOOOO 2012 !!!!!
    Who cares about mobile phone if we going to die in 2012 ¬¬ fuuuuu

  11. what about the experia x10 people that are on AT&T ???? So far we haven’t even been able to get the 2.1 upgrade which is a disgrace to Sony and an absolute garbage can for AT&T

  12. I’d say that it’s a little unfortunate that they won’t be sending it out to branded sets (it’s much easier on the users to update that way). However, I do understand that it’s about 100 times the work for SE, and if they are trying to put out 8 new phones this year (4 now and 4 in Q3/4), I can understand that they don’t really have the time to do this.

    I was considering moving on to a new handset this summer, but now I will have new software to play with. Might hold me over until Q2 2012 when I can upgrade for cheap again.

    Looking forward to figuring out this flashing to generic thing and updating when the update is released!

  13. I’ll probably skip the official Gingerbread and wait for a cleaner XDA version of the official build, minus some guff Sony will stick in it. The Arc loader is a load of shite, Go launcher is way better better and much more smoother using Wolf’s 2.2 Cryo.

  14. even now,i am stil enjoying and benefitted from my x10..and it will even get better when shifted to gingerbread …..i love my xperia spent well

  15. Pinch zoom was released in january,now its march and i havent got update for my x10 on orange UK. Gonna root my phone to generic when gingerbread is released for x10

  16. It is not SE listening to customers…
    it is we made SE to Listen to us……..
    the pressure from xda-developers too… also geohot who brought x10 to crack the ROM.
    now SE want to make their shitty face clean..

    Too Late but yet a good decision.. Now you guys look good SE..
    As usual nothing comes smoothly frm SE… have to give a huge frustration to customers.

  17. @lalaland..
    Dont get over exited.. it will be released only on 2012.. its SE.. Beware.

    If we all are lucky enough we can taste ginger bread before the Mayan Calender take effect. 😛 😛

  18. The only issue is that the carriers will make those of us with branded handsets wait an extra month.

    On O2 UK, still waiting on the mulit-touch update, and no real sign of it coming too soon

    But good news, though it does mean I won’t be getting myself an XPERIA Play…

  19. Good news for X10 users. I have went over to SGS so doesn’t apply to me anymore.
    But by looking at gingerbread operating on ARC, I think X10 with gingerbread will be as snappy as other high end Android Phone.

  20. x10 is the best, lot better than HTC desire hd ( I am using both,) Sony quality is best (not support) with 2.3 it will be ever green phone..i love my x10…i will never give my mobile….but July is bit late…

  21. just so everyone knows the end of the world is supposed to take place on December 12, 2012… so plenty of time for SE to release this

  22. Well looks like all you guys need to fuck you selves now right? After all now we know who was the immature impatient child and who was intelligent enough to see ahead.

    Seriously in your faces 😀

    At least now you understand where my confidence comes from.

  23. yo fact is fact is back… show his face.

    now we all have fun play arguing him lol…. hello man I missed ur fun ha ha…

  24. I’m just back to show you guys how stupid you were! Specially the faggot x10 warrior, He should go stay in the garbage now, since in the end he was wrong and s/e weren’t that bad after all.

    They did update their flagship to the latest and greatest android version and they didn’t lie or cheat on any customers. That’s the reason I hate speaking with many teenagers here because they are always impatient and always jump to conclusions.

    Now all the wise people, who didn’t complain like a little girl should be proud of themselves because after all they were right.

  25. good news.. camera with autofocus was nice, but I’ll waiting u fix it on gingerbread on the next update.. TQ very much.. And also hopes this news will recover back ur bad reputation on XPERIA family.. will never fuck you up SE if you like this at the early of business….

  26. Just a thought but if the new Mini Pro 2 is receiving the latest android update why can’t SE port it over to the original Mini Pro? Assuming it will have all the same menu and layout stlyes, corner shortcuts, etc…

  27. LMAO @ fact is fact

    Finally got out of your shame hole didn’t you? Not much you could say anymore, specially after the good folks of XDA kept handing SE’s sorry ass over and over.

    And after screwing X10 owners so gloriously, they realized that such retarded move will hurt them in the long run. Simple. Of course I’m getting an HTC as soon as my contract is over, SE can kiss my ass long ago.

  28. @Bandit

    shame hole? The only shame and disgrace here is you because you were the one claiming that s/e is the worse company and it will never provide any updates.

    wake up kid, your just living joke nothing more. The least you could do is STFU to reserve some dignity for your self if any left of course.

    And yes the best thing to do is to go for htc, seriously we don’t need whining bitches s/e owners, they just make us look bad, so hopefully we won’t see your face in the future.

  29. @fact is fact
    I think the real issue here is whether SE had this update planned since the begging (wich I highly doubt) or is it the result of customers discontent (complaining) combined with the advance of XDA, and as I believe is the second option what forced SE to take this decision instead of insulting those people you should be thanking them; I don’t see that this would have been SE’s plan since the begging I don’t think that patience would have accomplished anything but still having Donut on our X10s.
    Besides, is still a long time until the upgrade, so anything could happen, lets remember that is SE anything but truthful (and there are a lot of evidences around, so you can’t deny it) and once everybody buys the Arc, they easily could say that because of a “technical problem” Gingerbread is not possible on the X10 or that 2.1 is better.
    Until I install this on my X10 I’ll not believe it and even then, I’ll never recommend a SE phone again, and thats a fact.

  30. A sight for sleepy eyes =D There’s official stuff for the X10 blog to report to us Xperia lovers other than custom 2.3 ROM’s after all! This is wonderful news indeed.

  31. @fact is fact should rename self to fact on crack!
    Why do you think Sorry Errorsson finally backpedalled on their decision? Could it have anything to do with folks like me that “complain like a little girl” as you put it? That is the real reason why they changed mind. I’ve been posting on their discussion boards on facebook as well as their blogs almost daily. It’s people like me who are NOT willing to take it lying down and make the extra effort to post everywhere and complain through official channels as well that made this happen. If you and the rest of the fanboys were the only ones to speak up, they would never change their minds. They would just laugh all the way to the bank. Somehow, we must have hurt them enough to make them not only listen, but change too. In many of my posts, I have said: “Learning from your mistakes means nothing if you don’t fix them while you can.” Apparently my message finally got through to the right people. Everytime they brag about “Plague” and/or “Arc”, I was there to point out to everybody that Arc only sails sideways or in circles from X10. “Plague” is just X10 mini pro with game pads instead of qwerty and S.E. screwing millions of X10 owners is wrong. For now, I’ll save my bullets until I see if S.E. was just lying about this to shut us up. If so, the firestorm will be further fueled until it reaches full inferno.

  32. @ Fact is Fact.

    GTFO, you didn’t want anything beyond 2.1, so why are you happy? It’s just that anything SE does is right for you, because as I guess you have vested interests in endorsing this company. What confidence? You were confidently happy with 2.1 and loved moxier. News for you, retard, don’t update. You will lose your beloved 2.1 and moxier.

    The update is good news, but the reason why it is given doesn’t require too much thought.

    SE lost a lot of goodwill by refusing updates and existing customers (me included) cost it business. We dissuaded others from buying SE products and posted everywhere about how shitty this company is.

    I won’t be buying another SE phone (what for? the 2.3 update is just a motion to hunt back customers that have abandoned SE, while other companies see updates as standard features of a phone’s life cycle). Fuck that sideways.

  33. @Noxious

    Yes whining as a little girl helped but keep in mind this is because SE really cares! I mean trust me many small girls whined like hell about getting other devices updated but nothing happened! Yes nothing happened. So, please don’t think that every company listens to their customers! Because many companies like samsung and moto made their customers so frustrated that they were fed up with whining it self.

    Bottom line, SE cares, SE listens so please don’t deny it OK! Yes they make stupid decisions and yes they are not honest sometimes but they do care about their customers and their reputation. People used to laugh at me so loud because I claimed s/e will consider 2.3, but those fools never bought it back then and accused me of being blind.

    And who laughs last laughs hard and loud my friend! Trust me, I wouldn’t care less about insults from teenagers and immature kids, however, the fact is that I was right! I was patient, I was seeing something none of you simpletons even though about. Accept it or deny it, this doesn’t change what happened now.

    So it’s time for you people to grow up and admit that you made a mistake instead of making excuses that reveals that your still not mature enough to have such conversation.

    Patient is a virtue and only a few have it, and the few that have it are lucky.

    The fact is that fact is fact was right, I feel good :p

  34. @Nitin

    Your one of the whiny bitches that used to bark all day and yet you were wrong! So again, save some dignity for your self if any left 🙂

    You are stupid and you never saw ahead, so just drop it OK. Seriously, jokes like you are not worth my time.

  35. @ Fact is Fact

    I’m fine fanbitch.

    While you’re still bending over, I’ve moved on to companies with better integrity.

    Every one knows why SE is pushing this update. No sane manufacturer who intends to update will announce that it wont, they’d rather shout that they will. It’s bad business. Something you don’t know anything about collecting less than minimum wage from SE to troll forums everywhere.

  36. I’m just laughing so hard on the people that are arguing with me now looooool, seriously you look so pathetic because you lost the bet, and your trying to do your best to avoid the embarrassment of your stupidity. I said the phone will be updated because se cares and you kept whining that se are a bunch of losers that will never update their phones because they simply don’t care.

    The reason I left this blog, is because most of the users are below my IQ no offense, and that’s the reason you losers suit each other, just keep whining like a girl and keep accusing the company for your own insecure issues 🙂

    Seriously, I didn’t come here because I like the place, I just came because I couldn’t help my self of not laughing in your faces lol.

    Your situation now is so weak that all I’m hearing is bla bla bla 🙂

    You lost sorry! S/E may be late but being late is better than never delivering.

  37. In your post I see “Yes they make stupid decisions and yes they are not honest sometimes …”


    Yeah I believe, they are dishonest as hell. Integrity is a big word in my book, maybe it doesn’t matter much to a crook like you.

  38. @Nitin

    if you moved to other companies than why are you still here f@ggot? Do you still love s/e and can’t resist their products poor you so sensitive and soft.

    Just get the F** out of here. You claim you moved on and yet your still coming here every day, not only that your a retard but your so stupid. I like your kind because you think your smart but your the joke between the group hahaha 😀

    Moved on and your still here, ya right, stop making excusing because it will only make you look as a clown, the way I always knew you are.

  39. @ Fact is Fact.

    The ability to lie is not a good indicator of IQ. So please don’t tell people how good your IQ is. Idiot is the lowest ont the scale, but if i had to describe you, it’d be something in the range of cretinous mutant retarded moronic idiot.

  40. yes typical of SE, a late start but then it gets good. all’s well ends well… I guess.
    but then SE shouldn’t make this a habit, since many of their customers aren’t as patient as what SE want them to be.
    Hey, are you sure our X10s’ hardware spec is capable enough for 2.3? I mean these things were designed to run 2.1s, and 2.3 is just an afterthought…. or is it?

  41. Lmfao I’m still dissuading others from buying SE products. But you’re too stupid to get that aren’t u bitch?

  42. Ian, 2.3 runs more efficiently than 2.1, so yeah your phone will run faster, better and smoother.

  43. @Niten

    “Integrity is a big word in my book”

    If you had any integrity you would have zipped it! But believe me you don’t have any, your just words, your actions reveals how desperate you are to prove something you lost and you lost badly.

    You were so sure that S/E will never ever update the x10 further than 2.1! Well guess what? You were wrong 🙂

  44. Yes I was, and so was SE you dumb fucking moron. Why else would they announce they wouldn’t update.

    Now they lose business and backtrack.

    You dumb moron, if you don’t have a logical point to argue, zip your hole and grow some brains.

  45. @ fact is fact

    Ooh my god you swiped the floor with niten hahahaha. I’m also like you, I was so fed up with those people who kept crying all the time, so I guess it’s time for payback and yes your doing it just brilliant.


    hahahahahaha poor kid

  46. Niten is the joke of this forum hahahahaha, he should never show his face again here.

  47. @ Douglas

    Btw, you illiterate moron, it’s “Nitin” l2readtroll.

    Secondly, only a retard would see a flawed arguement as a good one.

  48. I see FiF arguing and you trolling, Good Joke?

    yeah, i’m laughing at how absolutely stupid some people can be. Monkeys have more brains.

  49. I have a feeling the Arc, and Neo didn’t open too well, and the Play’s preorders weren’t up to company expectations, so they announce this update to make people think that they actually are very committed to customers. Far from the truth.

  50. this will sound dumb but how do I make sure my phone is generic build? i bought it from my carrier but it has the stock rom from the unlocked devices and doesnt have anything that would suggest it was a carrier-specific phone. not even in the box. but i did buy it from my carrier (Orange, dominican republic)

  51. OK I’m done laughing on you clowns!

    It’s time to do some real work in life now, I just wonder sometimes why did god create stupid creatures like yourselves, hmmmm, I guess he wanted to test our patience 🙂

    Seriously, don’t bother replying because I promise you I won’t check this section again, so keep saying nonsense as much as you want. But deep inside you, you know I’m right, you lost the game and SE are back on track and are better than ever!

    Updating their older flagship to 2.3 and now all the new xperia lineup are also 2.3 out of the box with very cool designs and features 🙂

    Well done S/E keep moving forwards and let the dogies bark as much as they want because they will never prevent your success.

    Dogies include :

    1- niten
    2- x10 faggot warrior
    3- bandit


  52. niten niten niten

    What does your name mean by the way? I assume it’s a pig or a similar animal hahahahaha

  53. @ Fact is Fact.

    Funny thing, you and doug both say “Niten”. It’s really funny you have to post under another name to appear to have support for your dumb posts.

    Your point is valid. God created you (stupid creature that you mention) to try my patience. You can’t answer logical queries, so you levae the forum. Good, I hope it was always so easy, since you have posted nothing logical thus far.

    Arc is 2010 spec in the hardware department. Nice feature to have in a 2011 flagship. Have fun with it.

  54. wow, so much hostility! i think the upgrade is great since i am not ready for an upgrade for another year and a half. july is still a bit away but better than staying with 2.1 for the duration of my contract (unless xda crack that bitch of a bootloader and create an official rom). til then i can be patient, i am happy with my x10. 😀

  55. @ Morgan,

    Yeah stupid people do raise my hackles=p

    Not arguing that this update is good news, was just trying to convince stupid people that one should have no illusions as to why this update is anounced.

  56. King moe,

    Chiefly those of 2.2, Apps to sd, jit, flash and more that makes your system run faster, then 2.3 has more aggressive battery management as the chief draw. Obviously more.

    Wonder about the colours though. 16 m or not.

  57. @Fanboy is Fanboy: “Accept it or deny it, this doesn’t change what happened now.”
    Hello! It only happened now BECAUSE WE COMPLAINERS MADE THEM DO IT! I’ve been saying since October that ending on 2.1 is unacceptable. I rallied support from my Service Provider to make sure Sorry Errorsson got it from multiple angles. All along, I have said to modify the Xperia Arc O.S. to work on X10 because the hardware is nearly identical. Low and behold, the hits started to hurt and S.E. felt the pain of connected consumers.

    S.E. had the right idea years ago with K790 + similar model “Cybershot Camera Phones”. Xenon Flash, FM Tuner, Infared Connectivity AND all the usual stuff too. It was innovative, way ahead of competition and mine still takes better pictures than most of today’s devices! Until I see something truly innovative from S.E., I’m not buying whatever they are selling. They have left a bad taste with me that will last until months or maybe even years after I get 2.3 on my X10. They can win my Neutrality with Gingerbread, but they will have to totally work hard to earn my respect again. My S.P. has offered me early hardware upgrade due to S.E.’s EPIC FAIL. I’ll be on a dual core device soon and my X10 will be demoted to back-up device use. My teenager son would love to use it and it would save me from giving him a Laptop…

    P.S. X10 owners can all get “Sheenfaced” this weekend!

  58. Finally some good news ! But only time will tell if the update will be on time or as usual they will keep on dragging it !

  59. yea!!!!! surprise surprise who care of late im very very happy that se still remamber his x10 n v r getting giggerbread……..

  60. Goku,

    I expect X.X is the first version of Gingerbread released by Google for Nexii. X.X.1,2,3 etc are minor patches/ bug fixes.

  61. @fact is fact
    u M’fkr.. back.. holly shit…
    where the hell were u man… I missed ur filthy ass hole… 😛

    You think this was the SE plan to give all the way surprise about 2.3.3 ???
    again… grew up u child.. this was all about the pressure that they have in the market.
    Samsung, HTC all ports their device to 2.3…. and they are scared that they will lose the market after putting their effort in new xperia shitty phone……
    They know well that they made their X10 users suck…

    this is the only reason that they release now the 2.3 update…. dont think this was SE’s kind and sweetest movement towards their custo. u retard.

    We all know u were hiding with some other dick name 😛 ….. welcome back to battle dude….

    SE sucks !!!

  62. Great news and I was hesitant to root my phone and go for xda update to get the flash player working. I waited so long for 2.1 and I TOTALLY LOVE IT and especially after getting arabic text support and multi touch. I can’t wait for this and I hope the touch on the keyboard improves more because still, the iPhone has the best touch feel and response out there.

    I just wonder if the Arabic language will be supported (if not, I won’t update)?

    I guess these would be my most important for update:
    Flash Player
    USB tethering,
    Better memory management,
    Redesigned soft keyboard is optimized for quicker and accurate text input and editing,
    Selection of word and copy/paste made easy,
    and finally, near field communication NFC

  63. i am stunned.. looks like when my contract is ending SE will be back on my list…
    all they need to do now is realise they need to have the “next” hardware, not the “current” when they announce!

    good news

  64. @GEOHOT


  65. I now face a dilemma…in December I upgraded to Desire HD, I was planning on keeping both for a little while to decide which one I wanted to keep and then selling one to make some cash. The HD is absolutely fantastic in terms of performance compared to the X10 its super super slick and smooth…however battery life is SO BAD its very close to being a dealbreaker. The X10 with an official 2.2/2.3 will probably be enough for me to sell the HD (I’ll probably make more money from it anyway too!)

  66. (not the same one a above)

    yeah that pretty cool news, getting bored of the outdated 2.1, hopefully it will be out early summer

  67. x10 warrior

    why should i not get excited i dont need to i dont have an x10 anymore iv upgraded to xperia play so im not that bothered 🙂

    i just find it hillarious that you guys who were slatting sony ericsson n sold ur phone have now lost out loool

    you know nothing about sony ericssons intentions. Of course they didnt give this update from kindness most se customers are retarded anyway they do not know what benefits an update will do they just want it cause its avaliable

    HTC have run out of ideas iv seen their latest phones they suck.

    se play has sold out in every carphone warehouse in the uk dude 😉

  68. since i owned x10a, i’ve convinced at least four people not to buy sony phones from my owm experience, i finally debranded to 2.1. i guess i will buy another sony phone in future.

  69. Hej. Stupid spammers find different blog to ssuck each other dick fuck is fact. You Mister worrior go to Libia and have fun
    You don’t bring anything to society just massive amount of junk.

    Bunch of baboons

  70. @lalaland
    quote “HTC have run out of ideas iv seen their latest phones they suck.”

    WAHAHAHAHAHAHA. lool wow I hadn’t laughed so hard in a very long time. Thanks.
    HTC ran out of ideas. That’s interesting.

    read and weep you buffoon. The EVO 3D specs cream xperia arc/play or any other garbage Sony produces any day. I see that monster phone in my future. What do you see? My lies and promises. Good luck.

  71. SE is scared that their bootloader will be cracked, so they release this comment in hopes that people will stop trying to crack it. I bet it’s BS

  72. 02 uk still havent released pinch zoom update so anyone on 02 ull be waiting til 2012 for any updates for your x10 good thing im getting an unbranded xperia play

  73. I take this at this time, that they don’t want the continued poisoning of the new phones’ blogs and reviews by current owners warning the readers of SE’s policies toward updates; with the sprinkling of embarrassment that phones older than theirs are being updated and perhaps some private admonishment by Google on the real reason the Play was passed over for Google Phone even when they put the extra (Search) button on it against their design aesthetic.

    I predict that the update will require more than just a change to the build.prop for a generic kit; it will require a kit with dual touch already installed and still no 64K color.

    It’s interesting to me that this is happening as I originally thought. As a AT&T customer and a SE phone user for years, it turns out exactly as I predicted Last Summer. X10 will get whatever firmware that the newer phone would get a few months after the ‘new’ phone’s release. Shame that I can’t point to the post the way this forum has changed.

    I believe that SE knows from update requests, that a significant number of users have updated to the generic versions of SE’s ROM for 2.1 out of market (match SI number to IP origin). Most people have NOT gone to those 2.2 and above custom Androids. It’s easy for them to determine if there is any connection to the SE servers; through FB et al, they know how often the update news pages are being hit, how many complaints are being lodged, how many likes. They know that there is a huge number of people in EU/USA/Can who can not update to a newer phone because of contract reasons, and without a phone that is viable to sell, a new phone (which generates income for them – kust like an old iPhone) can’t be bought (particularly at the absurd unlocked prices). Let’s not forget that Play will have multiple income streams, the phone itself and the Playstation Center where SE gets a cut of the games.

    Freeing the software of the carriers who are no longer interested in the X10 relieves them of the embarrassment that AT&T has caused them by refusing all the updated versions they offered and would help mend the US market. (It may also make it harder to have a class action suit in the USA for NOT updating when the base kernel is subject to malicious hacking.) Generic versions also allow SE to not PAY Moxier for the application, and not allowing Sony Sync/Backup frees them from support issues/requests for data and applications, and makes it clear that the upgrade is ‘at your own risk.’ Though clearly they are supporting Sync for transfers from other devices to the newer phones’ software. Is it that different or is Sync having problems with the FUBAR’d phonebooks with FB/Twitter/Google/SE Timescape updated contacts?

    XDA has shown them the way, and you can bet they have people who have loaded every version of the custom software released and played around with them. The release of the ARC’s apk’s and that they run even on 2.1 (though not at full potential) was the kicker; they don’t like having their faces rubbed in it. How close the breaking of the bootloader may be another footnote, since in the US, unlike the playstation, phones can be broken legally.

    Clearly this is a internal fight that has both Winners and Losers. SE wants to win all those people who bought the X10 (no other phone was sold in any quantity by AT&T). They also didn’t want to expend any more money/time on the project then they ‘had to’ so a handful of generic kits will make most everyone happy even if they have to root the phone to change the build.prop to report a generic kit and install dual touch. I don’t think that the mini and pro people have lost out yet, but it’s a different software interface on a unit with much smaller rom/ram and ANT hardware. Clearly, they would have to do some work to make it happen and be internally happy with it. If the new phones are great sellers, maybe, but more likely IMHO, the unannounced newer phones may be closer to a reason why and their firmware may be closer to what those phones need.

  74. Wow, seriously they have been looking at the crappiest apps/processes to make it smoother:

    The current plan is that the XperiaTM X10 will get the Android standard Camera user interface and therefore features like e.g. face recognition, smile shutter etc will be lost.
    Moxier is replaced by the gingerbread native EAS functionality.
    Mediascape is being replaced by the media experience widgets and music player included in our new 2011 products.
    DRM keys for protected content on your phone will be lost in the upgrade process.
    The Sony Ericsson Backup and Restore client is not supported in the Gingerbread version and will therefore be lost.
    Support for bi-directional languages will be reduced compared to the latest version of the 2.1 version of the XperiaTM X10.

  75. we still dont get 16m colors, does it require any special display properties that x10 lacks
    so if this question if dumb…

  76. @goku IMHO, we didn’t get 64m color because the CPU/GPU is too weak the phone would lag terribly. Easier to speed up the phone without extra overhead.

  77. I wonder if this has any relation to SE’s early exposure to Gingerbread when the PLAY was Google’s step kid…

    Anyway, this is exciting news; can’t wait for XDA to release a fat-free version of the ROM. =-D

  78. I don’t get why we have to wait until June/July to get this update when the newest SE phones will be out next month with Gingerbread… it shouldn’t be too big of a step to switch from one phone to the other.

  79. jesus. Good news, bad news, no matter what kind of news this awesome site brings us a flame war goes on here regardless… seriously people, grow up

  80. hi,
    my phone was carrier locked from optus australia but i’ve unlocked it. will i be able to recieve the 2.3 update ?

  81. Got a HTC DHD & SE XPERIA X10 Any way my DHD is going to get update next month don’t mind x10 update

  82. I’m already using a custom 2.2 which is amazing. I couldn’t care less if they update it. They have been dishonest about their update t! plans from start to finish causing a lot of upset. I will be back to htc soon.

  83. We should all be happy to get 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) update even by end of June/early July. We don’t need to fight who’s wrong or right, who’s patient or impatient. I don’t see a single reason guys why we are arguing a lot and to call each other “moron, faggot, stupid, retarded”. It is so easy to discuss things in a very professional and humane way – sure we don’t know each other but for sure we are ALL human being, educated and most of all God-fearing citizen. BE HAPPY IN LIFE.

  84. yes I agree with andi,

    we are all related by one thing x10 , all this comments and writing shows how much we love our x10…
    x10 the best

  85. @goku and andi

    100% agree.. lets all just wait for the update and see what SE will provide our x10. if that would be the last and final update for our device, then lets be thankful for that.. (we still have the GODS from XDA that could provide us future Android versions.)

  86. Anybody got any idea how to debrand the current 2.1 f/w? All the links i can find relate to debranding 1.6 to get 2.1.

    Would it be the same? Seems unlikley.


  87. NOW im thinking to buy X10 cause of low price , because my DHD is not as i expected . Long live SE

  88. @Bandit
    I agree with You !! 😀 😀

    Just read the specs before you go for it buddy

  89. @lalaland
    I cant sell this costly brick dude…
    it is still with me.. the crap…
    I would love to get it sold for galaxy II or Evo 3D. 😀

    Also I cant afford much to have 2-3 smartphone .. it cost a lot here.
    We are in generic rom. we wont get any for 100$. its all about one time payment about 700$+ …


  90. I am happy but my friend’s android phone, STUPID galaxy s is getting 2.3 update THAT TOO IN FEB 2011!! I DON’T NO WHY SE IS DOIN LIKE THIS!!!



  92. Thanks to the whiners we got. If you keeps bitching, they will give it to you. SE is doing a great job.

  93. To all you whinners still bangin on about not having this and that yet from your carriers all I can say is…..


  94. i prefer bootloader to be cracked to load custom kernel rather than waiting for official SE update. they promise in Q3, but im pretty sure its gonna be later than that. like i dont know you SE.

  95. How can it be, that the handsets that need APP2SD REALLY BADLY, i.e. the X10 mini will not get an update?????????

    I will never again… NEVER AGAIN! … buy SE

  96. IM very happy to have my xperiax10 im really sure that sony ericsson will bring the update Q2/Q3. Xperia x10 was the first ANdroid phone from Sony Ericsson they have some problems at the start and they have say that they dont know that the users really wont to have the latest software, but they do it all good, first they bring dual touch, and at q2/q3 they will bring android 2.3… be happy that sony ericsson will bring android 2.3 they dont have planed to bring android 2.3 😉 i was really happy 🙂

  97. This is good news. However, I have a Vodafone UK branded X10i. Can someone point me in the right direction for flashing to a generic ROM please. Thanks 🙂

  98. @Bandit

    @x10 (keyboard) warrior

    both seething so much with hate for sony ericsson lol love it so easy to winde u losers up

    yes bandit keep laughing that htc evo 3d is not the ultimate gaming experience but an uupgraded htc desire it is faster but it has nothing special just gimicking rubbish. siny ericcsson make quality phones not toys. go buy your htc americans know nothing about the phone market, europe brings the best phones to u losers. all u have is you apple crap lol

  99. Not sure if i will be doing this?? Can anyone tell me a really good reason on why i should upgrade to this and not to one of the 2.3’s on XDA Devs in a few months when there fully finshed? Grrr SE you piss me off more!

  100. Dont understand? Why would we want a shitty slow laggy version of the arc..?
    Just give XDA Devs the bootloader they work quicker than your ants SE!!

  101. @Lawrence

    Until the bootloader is cracked, all the fine software on XDA is pasted on top of the older more vulnerable Kernel that the Android OS sits on top of. SE’s Gingerbread will include the updated kernel which will enable the things like tethering and hotspot that are not supported in the older kernel and require you to put Barnacle or PDA Tether (et al) on your phone to make it more useful. Additinoally the kernel also has some speed improvements and updated functions. So in short, an updated kernel would be best for you to gain all the underlaying speed and function. Once it’s rooted again, then pasting some MOD onto it will be much better.

    My interpretation of the update is that SE will give us a version for which they will not have to pay anyone for additional software (Moxier, Wisepilot, OfficeSuite) and others that might cause them additional support issues, such as the Sony Sync and Backup. It will include SE’s inhouse software widgets and home screens as well as the updated Media and Timescape (which some people do love). It’s a shame that they seem unwilling to try to test or integrate the existing camera software into the release or modify the new camera software interface, but again, so many people bitched about it’s sluggishness, that one of the better existing parts of the software will be abandoned.

  102. Im going to take full credit for this. Cornered SE CEO Bert Nordberg and told him what a tosser he was by dropping support on X10. LOL
    Good news but still doesnt change the fact im never going to buy another SE phone

  103. as the user of x10 and HTC desire hd.l, I say HTC is not the best when compared to x10. x10 is nearly equal to updated desire hd .when we compare both with 2.3 ..x10 is the best. HTC hardware not the best

  104. @lalaland
    So what do you think the reason of SE which changed their mind to release 2.3.3 ?
    Love towards their customers???
    Scared abt losing their customers ???
    Or as Sko-Beggar said, they found a solution to make x10 compatible with 2.3 (Big emphatic foolishness ) 😀 😀

    Its the fact (is shit) that no one can change Die Hard Fans.. The real losers 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  105. @Stan S.
    In all fairness what you said is true.. but we are soo close to cracking it..
    People have already loaded custom kernels onto the phone and got the touchscreen and camera to work (Finally) A month and we’ll have it cracked i reckon! 😀

  106. I can’t believe you guys are still arguing with a numskull like fact is fact. This just shows that sometimes people power can prevail. Let’s not forget it’s only a few weeks ago that SE officially announced that there will be no updates past the 2.1 update. This change of heart is most likely due to user angst and all the custom roms available now. The penny has finally dropped and the realize that the path they were on was indeed the road to purgatory.
    Let’s hope they stick to their word and that it’s not just another cynical move to boost their reputation ahead of the release of the their new range of phones.
    Note of caution… don’t get too excited… a wait and see approach is best.

  107. Need Help.
    Hey my phone is rooted and all and was just wondering what’s the easiest way to format my phone to factory setting? Like no root, nothing at all. I just want it like it came out of the box.
    Any help would be really appreciated.

  108. hey i am user of xperia x10 i am too much into games and other apps now the problem is that internal memory is showing full.. what to do… how to make my sd card as a defult saving memory or how to install everything on sd card from market… plz help
    my id is

  109. Maybe the fact there’s an earthquake that made Sony suspend its operations mean one thing, they had to pull this move.

  110. @eric
    @x10(keyboard) warrior and other mugs

    you are dillusional if you think this is people power at work, they simply did not have the time to work on the update previously, now they have finished work on their latest phones they have time to work on this unneeded update.

    x10 warrior thinks that putting muliple smiles will change anything lol. As i said you go buy another phone and forget about sony ericsson if u hate them so much no one wants you input.

    Americans do not really know anything about mobiles the best mobiles come from asia and europe these people in america complaining about sony ericsson have no right because SE have always had allegiance to europe and asian America is just seeing some of SE recently.

    SE know americans are mugs and will buy anything (ipad,ipad2 iphone..) that is why it is vital for them to open contracts with the major phone operators in the USA
    No doubt the play will sell like hotcakes and they will continue to make a lot of money.

    So in summary. SE have already got your money from your x10 them updating the phone does not make any difference to them they will attract playstation fans for the Xperia Play you x10 owners are no longer important or relevant so keep slatting them its you who are losing out 🙂

  111. @lalaland,

    I have read this forum for months now and have remained silent as I could not be bothered to argue over a computer screen. However, you have your head so far up your own ass that you are seeing daylight from your face.
    I do enjoy my X10 thanks to the devs. at XDA, and they have made me fall in love with my X10 all over again. No thanks to SE. I love SE products and am very cash savvy when it comes to this sort of thing. The point that you think ppl had nothing to do with Gingerbread coming to X10 is completely ludicrous. It was the ppl that made that happen.
    Not all ppl have “mommy and daddy’” to fall back on financially for support so ppl want the bang for their buck. When they don’t get it then there’s complaints on that product. Which obviously reflects bad on the company. This was the case here obviously. For me it worked and has restored some faith for SE.
    Here in CANADA we support and carry SE products over a large network of Rogers and to damage that demographic and any for that matter is economic suicide in an economy that’s really fragile. The news of this update proves the X10 owners are important as they are the guinea pigs of their android phone. Our voices still carry weight in the market place.
    Bravo SE for listening to the masses, for once. Yes the ppl were the reason this happened but thanks for finally listening.

    lalaland, get a life and learn to live a real life… Get out of your lalaland… FOOL.

  112. @goku
    what you on about, desire HD has a better screen size (if only marginal) /resolutions, better data connection, and it has HTC sense, more support and MT

    personally i think the desire hd is better but i repsect you thoughts.

  113. @TankRat: Well said.
    @lalaland: Clearly you are like a neutered dog; you’re not really getting it. This update is happening only because enough people are demanding it and posting negative comments about S.E. everywhere! Service Providers are getting all up in their **** too because they are having to grant early hardware upgrades to customers who should have been set for another couple years. S.E.doesn’t want to keep seeing negative comments all over their Xperia “Plague” posts. They need the “Plague” to sell like water in a drought and ad campaign is massive!

    S.E. can buy a lot of peace with Gingerbread for X10, that’s what it’s all about. I will wait it out for official update because I’m still in warranty. If I don’t like it, I’ll root and mod.

    In the meantime, I’m looking for 3 new handsets. 2 must be available through Rogers here in Canada. They should both be android 2.2 or later. I could also go with Windows Phone 7, but I’m very skeptical about how that experiment will work out for Microsoft. The other number can be ported from Telus to any Canadian network. I don’t want to get into a data contract with with third handset. LG Optimus 1 only $200 from Koodo & NO Contract or data plan required! That works for me, I’m interested.

  114. I don´t really know why you are all complaining about this shit. Yes SE fucked up on saying that they will no longer be updating the X10 beyond 2.1 but now they shooved their words up their asses and doing things right. I have also read on other forums that other phone manufacturers (HTC which is mainly Android OS ) haven´t updated their phones to Gingerbread or anything beyond Froyo. Now, If you bought yourself another phone good for you; if you decided to stick with your x10 congrats, you will be having a better phone than the douch who decided to change is phone because of his kiddy impatience

  115. Thanks Sony Ericsson for deciding to leap frog and offer the 2.3.3 Gingerbread update. However would advise you to be plan ahead for future phones, as the circular for the x10 update boldly mentions similar promises to the newer phones on updates, and with competition intensifying a proper roadmap being shared with dates and dependencies would best serve you and your client base.

    I was about to sell of my X10i due to the fact that i was not very comfortable running a custom ROM on a phone which seems to have battery issues with such ROMs, so hopefully we will see the update late Q2 than Q3 🙂 coz by that time i would definitely be upgrade time for many phone users!

  116. No update for X10 mini?! Android 2.2 with App2SD is f*ing NECESSARY to run this small phone with more than 10 apps installed! I love my X10mini, but it would be a lot better with 2.2!

  117. @ joao they said (sony blog) it will have only standard android camera feature (smile shutter, face recog removed) which means 720, auto focus will be removed?

  118. The update would be nice if SE considering 720p with autofocus HD video recording and bringing 16M colours display for X10.

  119. It’s a bit late SE you’ve upset a lot of your customers and probably lost a lot of new business with these poorly thought out announcements.

    I don’t blame anyone for complaining SE should have realised people who spent £300-£400 on an Android phone expected support and updates for the length of their contract.

    As regards 2.3, well, I guess it’s wait and see time but my initial thoughts are, what a lot of features removed, due to this I am not sure if it will be as good as people seem to think. It’s alright being on Android 2.3 but, if some of the hardware doesn’t work properly (such as the camera) whats the point?

    I also don’t like this idea of this update only being available for generic phones. Why? Does this mean anyone tied into a contract won’t get to update their phone to 2.3 or is it easy to change your phone to a “generic” phone?

    I agree with the people above who say that this is probably a face saving exercise and nothing more… Doesn’t seem to have been properly thought out after the announcement so recently by SE that “There will be no further upgrades for the X10”.

  120. @lalaland
    woow… so you like always sucking SE Dicks… dont you???
    B’Shit crap..

    This is the place that we can express out hatred towards SE. dude….
    Dont ever provoke … you M’ Fckr se ass sucker…

  121. Hi! Anybody knows that the battery optimisation will be better with the Gingerbread? With the Éclair,my phone is runnning out from fuel after a day, even if I turn down the brightness from 10 to 1. Background data disabled,3g off,fb+gmail sync manually…Wifi 1-2 hrs/day,bluetooth connection is active up to 10 hrs/day.

  122. @Coyote
    Yes Buddy.. you got it.. it is SE’s business tactics to save their face……

    But the die hard babies never realize it..( “fact is shit” “loo loo land “) ..
    I wud luv to say always SE sucks…

  123. i dont care what everybody told about SE and im not a SE fanboy either…
    but this is indeed a great news guys!!!!

    i believe 2.3 is kind of late to give way to their new phones
    and having a bad experience from x10 will not provide to their new phones a good sales…


  124. Thank you very much, Sony Ericsson.

    Your work would be perfect if you’ll also increase the colours to 16 millions as at first we’ve been told that the colours limit was due to Android 1.6.

    It would be a nice way to compensate us for all the frustrations about this mobile.

  125. hey guys is there any hope to get dlna in xperia x10 2.3 updat if u know any new abt it plz let us know…..

  126. heyy… ..
    what is happening with SE..
    Shit Ericsson finally getting changed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After 1 long year ooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Unbelievable ….. Great News Got all….

  127. @André Veríssimo
    Aside from 16M colors that I am looking forward to, fixing the in-call volume of X10 is my main concern, it’s really too low and SE should look into this matter as well. I don’t know what kind of speaker SE used for their first flagship Android-powered smartphone. It seems they use a very, very small speaker. I am not a Nokia fan at all but one thing that I admired Nokia handset is its speaker it’s really loud so even you are in a noisy environment you can still hear your incoming call because of its nice speaker loudness.

  128. Shit, too late to join the war against fact is fact.
    Forgot how many times he announced that he will leave the forum but keep seeing him shitting here.
    Fact is Fact, I thought you have upgraded ur IQ, emotion, knowledge (whatever you call it), you should say SE only officially announced no update to 2.2, now upgrade to 2.3 does not count and it is not the shame to SE. Ohhh, i forgot you never do the upgrade, your IQ scale still stay at 1.6 (normal people like us are 90 above)
    Though is good to hear that X10 got 2.3, but SE track record is too bad on their firmware release. It can be Q4 2011 (as per 2.1 update) or Q3 2011 with missing features (16M maybe?)
    Hope that this forum having another round of guessing the actual date of release, and the winner will be given a free X10 with 2.3 on it (anyone still want it? or fact is fact can sponsor it?)
    Or may be having a lucky draw for those successfully guessing that X10 2.3 update is just bluffing by SE and the winner shall be given a free X10 with 1.6 that sponsor by Fact is Fact (as this time he finally realize SE cannot be trusted and no point for him to keep his feeble-minded version of X10)

  129. How will i know if im going to get the upgrade?… i really dont know if im unbraded or branded user… but im using android 2.1 version
    right now… plsss help…

  130. So anyway, looks like everyone who wants to have a go at SE and each other has done so now, so could I maybe ask a real question? I noticed in one post somewhere above that the writer thought that “branded” phones would still get the update but about a month later, in the same way the previous updates have gone – SE releases the update then the carriers take a while for them to build in their own apps and software before releasing it to their customers. I seriously considered flashing my X10 when waiting for the 2.1 update but I was glad I didn’t. The only problem now is that the phone is still so laggy and takes forever to respond. Will the 2.3 come to Vodaphone at some point, but more importantly, will a further Android update make the UI worse?

  131. @Goku, one of the important things that are stopping me to get an htc is the camera, they disappointed me after reading reviews.I was expecting a little better…

    I think SE just realized how stoopid they were and they r trying to make up to us

  132. Hi.

    Am slightly concerned by the whole branded/non branded question. I saw someone earlier suggesting visiting the xda site to find out about debranding but all i can find is debranding 1.6 to get the 2.1 update. Cant find any info on debranding stock 2.1.

    Any ideas anyone or am i being a bit dim?

  133. Hopefully i wont still have one… this is easily the worst phone i have had! The screen is completely useless if there is ANY moisture in the air or on the scree or on your fingers… just doesnt work at all or will hold a button indefinitely. Not only that but for some reason mine has just started turning itself off and on every 2 mins for no reason!?!?! plus the in-call volume and speaker volume is awful. And its SOOOOO slow!!

  134. Thats whats up, it may stabilize the value of my x10, can sell it in 2 months and get a new device

  135. Have it occurred to you that Sony Ericsson is being so nice and accommodating the same week they are the major sponsor of the ATP Tennis Open in Miami, being played since last week?

  136. @ Andi (Post 172)

    I believe they used a miniature baked bean can instead of a speaker, if my X10 is anything to go by!!!!

  137. Hi all
    I am trying to update android version 1.6 to 2.1 through PC companion of Xperia X10.
    But at a certain stage whole PC hangs on. I tried this on Core 2 duo+2GB RAM+Windows XP. After preparing PC for update, PC companion prompts to disconnect phone and connect again with back key hold. When I connect, it makes whole system hang. It also shows SEMC flash device found, then nothing…………………………

    Now could anybody please tell me what to do?

  138. Thanks SE, great job on the 2.3 update. I’m very happy i bought x10. Screw you SE haters.

  139. Why are people saying July?

    Late Q2/early Q3 makes it end of April/early May.

    Normally, a fiscal year starts November 1st.

  140. @Candido
    Sorry, we are from Mars, our fiscal year starts January 1st.
    However, for SE, their fiscal year starts “when” will only depend on the backward counting upon the actual release of 2.3 🙂

  141. Mabe this was the reason they were so dang quiet about the update for years. Freakin sucks that it’s not coming for AT&T though. It seems that yet again, i have to try my best to flash the ROM to generic and probably fail at it.

  142. @candido
    My interepretation is Jan.1 to Mar. 31 = 1st quarter; Apr. 1 to Jun. 30 = 2nd quarter; Jul. 1 to Sep. 30 = 3rd quarter & Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 = 4th quarter (or last quarter of the year). If SE has the same quarterly period then the update will roll out end of June or early July this year.

  143. Hell Yeah!!! Finally SE gonna come up with Android 2.3 😀 . This is Headlines!!!! I always had the feeling SE would never let down it’s end users no matter what. Coz i’ve been on SE products from the start and really happy and satisfied with their products (y). But i’ll keep my fingers crossed on the update announcement, coz they announce and delay it too. But what the heck, anyway we SE users are getting Gingerbread.. SE always rocks.. U always delay, but u give the end user the best (y) (y) (y)

  144. Any news on when the dualtouch update is coming to the UK on branded handsets ?

    I’m on Orange and still havnt had the update …….

  145. whats this! my phone has already given up and the update is here, will SE do something about the charging problem in X10?
    this is the best phone ever, and I dont wanna buy another, sighhh

  146. I’ve had dual touch for quite a while, branded handset 3 UK….
    Just thought that may help people that have no dual touch in the UK 🙂

  147. @Abhay……unfortunately not. It says so in the announcement, “X10 mini family and X8 will NOT receive Gingerbread update” the “mini family” includes the PRO version. I would be fairly pissed if I had a mini. Glad Ive got an X10. But its branded and from my reading of the situation branded handsets will not get the update which is also in the announcement. Even though some comments in this thread seem to guess otherwise.
    I prefer an update from my carrier but I will debrand if I have to.

  148. Clewer

    Generic trade kits are Sim free region units , for example “Customised UK” would be a sim free X10 for the UK/Ireland region ,DE for Germany etc, operaterors can then customise that script with operator settings graphics and network locks etc if they wish , all of the most recent SW updates are released on these generic trade kits , the multitouch update was released first on this also on SW 2.1.A.0.435

  149. Finally!!!
    I hope this update is coming to Canada x10 users!!!
    Can’t wait! 🙂

  150. phew, i just about to smash this phone against the wall, will refrain from doing so for at least a couple of months

  151. I actually owned the PLAY, did not like it. One thing alone ruined the experience, the inability to TURN OFF the light sensor. It was too dark in low level light to play games. Also, I could not see the benefit of the basic psx emulator, with the bulkiness of the keypad. I tracked down a new x10 at bargain rate price, it is generic so should work with a future gingerbread release if it happens, but happy with 2.1 and can have my screen at FULL brightness should I choose, repeat I choose. Got the x10 for the current price of x10 mini, original phone, so good deal. The ark is nice, but to be honest its well over priced, for spec. Many dual core phones with tegra chipset cost less now, plus not so sure I like the screen on the ark. Still think slcd on Samsung , like the wave ii is best, even better than Samsung own latest super AMOLED. X10 is on par with my orange san francisco, AKA zte blade, but that’d about it.

  152. Hi SE should wake up as for as Xperia X10 Gingerbread is concerned.Why did they not realize what the demand of their customers????????????????????????????????????

  153. Gingerbread should for all X 10 OK not only for especial ones…………………..

  154. make the update easier. we want to be able to update directly from our phones and not going through that strenuous process encountered in 2.1 update pls

  155. after update my xperia x10 2.1 to 2.3…battery backup is too low…
    wat should i do..plz help me….

  156. Updated X10i to 2.3.3, but needed some apps that SE has (abandoned?).

    Overall its providing features that I can now access secured web mail sites, smoother display. The Market looks very different. Wireless and bluetooth are working better. Its got a great camera (looks the same) and gallery. Only problem was the gallery with about 150 photos seems to get hanged/frozen (looks like trying to refresh) about once a day. Yes, had to remove the battery to restart. I’ll still stick to X10.

  157. Hi! This post could not be written any better! Reading
    through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
    He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this article to him.
    Pretty sure he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!