Xda-dev claims Xperia X10 bootloader cracked

X10 bootloader crackedOne of the prominent Xperia X10 devs over at xda-developer is claiming that he has finally cracked the bootloader for the Xperia X10. zdzihu produced a couple of screenshots showing the X10 using a custom kernel used as well as another showing the removal of the FPS cap. Full details haven’t been provided so far but hopefully we’ll see something in the next few days.

We can’t help noticing the timing of this announcement (April Fools Day), but let’s hope that zdzihu wouldn’t be that cruel to the X10 community, especially given how this has been a sensitive issue. We’ll keep you posted on future developments.

X10 bootloader cracked

X10 bootloader cracked

Via xda-developers.

Thanks dominic and all the others that sent this in!

32 responses to “Xda-dev claims Xperia X10 bootloader cracked”

  1. Pure Genius if its a joke, Pure genius if its true.
    Either way, get that dev a beer!

  2. I might sound completely ignorant, but as I have installed zdzihu’s 2.2 custom rom, what’s the advantage of cracking the bootloader? What else does it allow to do? Thank you!

  3. Yes there is all this excitement around cracking the bootloader but I dont know what that means? I’m also running z’s 2.2 beta 4 with the vid cam working. AWESOME. so how does this better that?

  4. if it’s true, it means this phone is now capable of a lot more! april fools? naah, surely it’s just coincidence! 😀

  5. want to place a bet on this?

    is Z kidding or not?

    (i agree with morgan, i think its just coincidence)

    if this is true, Z just kicked SE’s ASS!! LOL!

  6. This was posted yesterday. So it isn’t a 1’st april fake. And it was posted in a dev thread. They don’t play in that type of threads.

  7. The title on the post reads: “Bootloader is broken/bypassed!”
    Anyone know which one is it? Because the bypass is old news and very different to crack the bootloader (for what I understand).

  8. Based on what Z was posting it looks more a long the line of a complete bypass using Kexec to boot, and loading a totally different kernel.

  9. @Everybody asking why it’s important to crack the bootloader: because the so-called “ROMs” out there are not real ROMs! They’re merely software built around the SE kernel. Even though your Firmware Version may say “2.2” or even “2.3”, the Kernel Version still reads 2.6.29 SEMCUser@SEMCHost for EVERYBODY! That is a Kernel from 2.1! Just to name a few advantages of a cracked bootloader (=custom kernel):

    – remove the 30fps cap
    – remove the 65k color cap
    – homemade drivers for camera, screen, etc… (basically everything)
    – customizations all the way 😉
    – performance enhancement with custom built kernel
    – built-in JIT (built-in, as in “not copied in some folder” like these times…)
    … and and and …

    So until the bootloader is cracked, you just have a bunch of apps around the old 2.1 kernel…

  10. Amazing news! 🙂 Btw guys he hasnt cracked it.. hes bypassed it.. the difference you may ask…
    Cracking would mean that he will be able to modify the kernel that is already on the phone
    Bypassing is when he puts his own kernel on there

    (At least i think)
    Since on the post he says something like come on Se Just open it for us now!:)

  11. bypass = stop the DRM check / not check the DRM everytime phone reboots. =) bootloader crack = eliminate the DRM check + add your own modified kernel .

  12. finally we can have device with his full potential,looking forward for new 2.3 version with all tweaks and improvements,big thanks zdzihu!!!!:-)

  13. hi everyone!

    does anyone knows how to reset the “Network counter”?
    i have the code and i want to unlock my X10 but there’s not attemps left to… i’ll appreciate your good answers.

    thanks for read this comment!

  14. Moin Moin

    is someone up to date and know, if there are datas from z to unlock the b.loader or if there is a fully gui for that?