Xperia X10’s still sold in selected Best Buy stores for $1 (with 2-yr contract)

Xperia X10’s still sold in selected Best Buy stores for $1As far as we were aware the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 went EOL in the US in February. Well it appears that selected Best Buy stores in the country are still stocking the handset, where it is being sold for $1 upfront on a two-year contract.

It’s worth noting though that this is via AT&T, which still has not updated its X10 line to the latest Android 2.1 Éclair update. Given the delay seen so far, we wouldn’t hold too much chance for the Gingerbread update due later this summer. However, if you don’t mind flashing the handset yourself to an unbranded firmware, all of these delights would still be open to you.

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  1. Still selling here in Canada too. Free on 3 year contract.
    @Manu First to be a dork & comment 3x without saying enough intelligent for even one comment…

  2. @=NoXiouS=: agreed 🙂

    @AT&T: FAIL on every level. Still not updated to 2.1? AT&T users: unbrand your phone, install a custom “ROM” and enjoy the goodness.

    For $1 on a contract it’s an extremely attractive offer.

  3. @noxious
    Are you paying all of us for writing what you want?man this aint your family property.DONT TEACH ME WHAT TO WRITE AND WHAT NOT TO. mind your own business. Are you here to judge what others are commenting mr brilliant ? If you are looking for intelligent stuff go check out

    Just stop this crap here and wait till the xda guys come up with some good news. DONT TEMPT OTHERS !

  4. Well, Telstra in Australia is still selling the X10 and X10 Mini Pro in its current catalogue of handsets… at unbelievable (as in unbelievably high!) prices, too.

  5. I agree with Drunken Master; I’d pay a buck and then debrand the thing. If I didn’t have mine already, I’d totally be doing that.

  6. @X10, I missed seeing comments you cleared up, but thanks.

    I believe carriers probably have a backlog of pre-ordered X10’s to move. Other than dual core phones, there is little that can compete with X10 available in Canada anyhow.

    @manu, I didn’t try to teach you anything or try to tell you what not to do, so I have no clue where you get those ideas from. Lighten up, I was merely expressing my opinion. Many others agree with me that bragging about being first to comment without adding something constructive is childish. 🙂

  7. This is a copy of my post on Android Thoughts that I thought would be appropriate here:

    I picked up my Xperia X10 a couple of weeks ago for a penny. At that price, what was there to lose for a secondary phone to play with Android on? (This is my 2nd Android phone, my first being an HTC Aria that I wound up giving to my daughter-in-law).

    Out of the box, the device was hardly awe-inspiring except for the screen & its size. Running 1.6 with Timescape and Mediascape was painfully slow and the underlying OS rather creaky. However, the big joy of Android is customisation, and the 1st thing I did was to debrand it to free it from the shackles of AT&T and then I flashed Android 2.1 directly from Sony-Ericsson. The 2.1 update was MUCH better, but honestly, Timescape and Mediascape still dragged a bit (although not nearly as bad as under 1.6). Also, multi-touch was enabled with the 2.1 update and the device really was is a quite a bit more usable overall. Of course, AT&T has already discontinued the device (after less than 8 months!) and they never even got the Éclair update out, so anyone still branded to AT&T can forget about the Gingerbread update from them.

    Honestly, I could live with the stock 2.1 experience, especially if one doesn’t bother activating Timescape which seems to be the biggest drain on the device’s responsiveness (Use Root Explorer and get rid of it and the other SE stuff you don’t want). But where’s the fun in living with a stock ROM? I’m presently running a CyanogenMod ROM based on Froyo with SPB’s Shell 3D and loving it. Performance is great and I’d put it in the same class as some of the better devices currently out there. Customisability has made all the difference in transforming this device into a first rate one.

    Now that the bootloader has been cracked, I’m keeping a close eye on what the devs will be cooking up next, but I have to believe that it’ll only get better from here. Since this is a secondary phone for me (my iPhone 4 is my primary), I can play to my heart’s content.

    Since I’m debranded, I will be able to get the Gingerbread update when it comes out early this summer and naturally I’ll snag it and play with it. But I’ll still keep an eye out and see what the devs at XDA-Developers are cooking as I’m sure they’ll do some great things with the Gingerbread ROM when it comes out.

    I know there’s a lot of hate going on for this device, but honestly, it’s Android, so the hate is unnecessary. Root the puppy and make it what YOU want it to be. This is truly the one aspect of Android that I absolutely love. You’re not stuck with what you’re delivered and, really, rooting and loading custom ROMs is pretty drop-dead simple with Android (I did the same thing with the Aria for the brief time I owned it). So yeah, I’m sticking with this device and will continue to mod and play with it to my heart’s content!

  8. @=noXiouS= – i agree with you dude, i seen people like to post “first” on someone’s blog and then go and brag about it, seems like there is nothing to do in life but just wait for a new posting by refreshing the page, just to get to write “first”.

    x10 for US$1 which is cheap but how much would one need to pay monthly for usage?
    if i was in the states, i would just debrand the phone and use it as an experiment, x10 rocks and with the gingrebreak update hopefully by June-August, it will only get better!

  9. Overpriced imo.

    On another note, about the Arc, is it just me or did you totally miss the bit about various sites stating the disappointing video recording. Funny thing is people go, SE, 8 megs, exmor r, and totally refuse to believe the fail video rec capability, while bashing the M8 which has proved itself in a competitive market for a year now.

  10. @_@ $1 for a 2-yr contract is really good 😀 i had mine for $100 on a 2-yr contract with rogers :/

  11. LOL not only did I not get my Brickperia X10 for 0 dollars, I got a 50 dollar gift card on top of it with a contract. Thats about what this phone is worth. -$50.
    Still I regret it. Just played with my friends Samsung Galaxy S. WOW, what a difference.

  12. Yeah, Galaxy S is nice & I have friend with one. I’m shooting for dual core device soon. Then I can really play around with my X10 & not interrupt service 🙂

  13. LOLWUT..
    XPERIAX10 is the most sexy phone that i ever had…
    i had pay cash for this phone… i decided to keep this thing forever..

  14. i like my telephone just the way it is! dont crack the bootloader.
    going on holiday soon so i can test out the sat nav and the camera.