Xperia X10 Schematics available to download

Xperia X10 SchematicsNow that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is over a year old, some of you may start to have problems with the handset as it starts to age. If you’re one of those people that likes to take action in your own hands then we’ve got a couple of PDFs that should help to give you a rolling start. You can download the schematic diagrams for the X10 here and a component replacement guide here.

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  1. this blog has become so BORING!!! updates comes after weeks!! btw cool schematics!

  2. 1st of all, i think people who post a comment saying “1st” should have their IPAs blocked! Like come on, are you 7 years old, do you have nothing better to say? 1st, no Im 1st, blah blah, uggh, it makes me mad when i see people being so stupid in life!

    2nd of all, electronics dont age; they are not organic, there is no salt or water getting inside to cause rust…good electronics should last 10 years +, not 1 year.

    3rd of all, who in their right mind would ever try to attempt to fix a modern smart phone…its probablly like 5 layers of circuits, the largest component being the size of a grain of rice…good luck!

  3. I am just waiting for them to suggest a good completely (camera and all) working ROM with X10 now that the bootloader has been cracked.

    But yes, updates have been slow. I still come here has i believe it has become a trusted site for all x10 users.

  4. @dw

    If you are going to make a 1st comment…AT LEAST SAY SOMETHING MEANINGFUL, or don’t comment. Because @Osama is right, you really do sound like an immature brat that is too young to be on the internet.

    As far as the schematics go, what use are they really? Just a simple ribbon cable guide would be far more than sufficient, as not many people have the tools to solder micro surface mount components. Most electronic components are designed to just be replaced rather than repaired. (Repair is so pre-80s)

  5. What is this complaints about the schemas beeing posted? Are there anything that is harmfull in any way? Doesn’t it help understand the phone/computer?
    Yes, I would not expect someone to build one from the schemas, but it helps to understand the phone.

    You doesn’t HAVE to use it, just ignore it if you don’t find it usefull.

    But whining about it is there is like posting a “1st” comment to a blog.

  6. @Osama I think he ment if theres a part broken you can.. and ive known people to fix there touch screen phones before and have worked?:)

  7. Hey i have a heavily scratched screen from when i slammed it in a car door…
    This is a guide i have wanted for a long time…
    I repair tones of modern stuff if it broken you’re not going to hurt it trying to fix, it only a gain..

    So thank you for the great post…

  8. Erm, I don’t understand what you saying, updates come after weeks, as soon as something new happens with our X10’s its on this board… So I don’t know what you moaning about…

    There isn’t much happening with our roms at present, once SE releases 2.3.3 then yes i’m sure we will see more action as certain kernel modules are giving developers a hard time, so is battery, etc. So once these become available, after the release then we will see allot of development ontop of what SE has done, also stripping out all the bloat they add.

  9. hay boys, i will replace the processor in my phone when it dies, i have a soldering iron and some solder, will i need flux?

    Keep it on the low

  10. boring…
    i know the reason, its all because of your new site you guys left .

  11. That must surely be an idea that will come down the line somewhere, phones with upgradeable motherboards so you can increase ram if you want to or change the processor? It could happen?

  12. Thank you for sharing the schematics, really useful and graceful of you.

    Could you share the ones for the mini_pro as well?

  13. thanks! this will greatly help a lot, since there have been a growing number of people suffering from NAND memory failure or motherboard issues.