Latest Xperia X10 UAProf highlights Gingerbread could be coming very soon

Android GingerbreadNew UAProf’s (user-agent profiles) for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 have been made public and highlight that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update could be imminent. UAProfs are used to reveal a device’s properties for web page rendering and MMS exchange.

The latest UAProf’s the X10i and X10a show Android 2.3 as the operating system. There’s still no firm date from the company, who continue to stick with their ‘Q3′ release schedule, but hopefully it will arrive closer to July than September. Click through for a screengrab below.

Latest Xperia X10 UAProf highlights Gingerbread could be coming very soon

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  1. I seriously hope its this weekend, my X10 has been quite buggy the lady week or so and the forecast this weekend is nothing but rain

  2. @bobby gspot MAX FAIL hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  3. Told you it was coming on Q3! but already seeing September in the article as a maybe…I hope it comes in July for once!!!

  4. Sounds like late q2 early q3 is out late q3 early q4 is in…. Hard to believe Sony might take longer than expected to release an update. Lol!

  5. I dont care about waiting,as long as its a worthy upgrade that ultilizes the phones hardware capabilities,like it should have been from the start.

    Im a forgiving customer,if SE does this right it wins a bit of my sympathy back,if not no SE products ever again,and I think that goes for the majority who hasnt given up on SE as a brand yet.

  6. its gud news…
    FYI… HTC have gave-up desire now.
    Its a great news to get it released sooner by SE this time..
    they gain more trust than HTC now…..

    what shud I say.. Luck came the way of SE.. or SE love stands still for their fuckd up customers 😛 …

  7. i’ll believe it when i see it. at the minute, i’m happy with new 21B01 FW.
    2.3 will hopefully be a good (final) update for the X10 but i doubt i’ll be getting another SE handset in the future/

  8. I will forgive se in the same time when my flash will be succesfull and phone will bootup properly.

  9. Honnestly, you guys whine waaaaaaayyyyyy too much. When you bought your phone SE promised you 2.1. Not 2.3. Who cares when it is gonna be out? It is just a F*%@NG OS update!
    Of course the phone is not perfect. I myself need to reboot it at least 2-3 times a day. But so what? It takes 2 freaking minutes for God sake! I still have a smartphone that is not an Iphone (thank god!) that I can customize and tweak until it is working the way I want it to work, with a decent screen and camera (and by the way if you want a camera, not a phone…).

    So please guys chill out, relax, take one or two deep, deep breath and learn to be patient.


  10. @Peo-
    Who cares when? Obviously a lot of people.

    Its just an os update.Yes, one that hopefully will bring many improvements on speed, stability, and functionality to the phone.

    You guys whine too much. That’s what this is for, talking about X10s, good or bad.

    I love my X10. And I’m sure I’ll like it more with 2.3 and the plethora of custom roms its sure to bring.

    And as far as having patients, I think SE customers have that.

  11. most of you x10 owners must be due an upgrade soon, even if its an extra bit of cash to upgrade early because It’s not in sony ericsson’s nature to make phones that satisfy the user needs. Either buy an xperia ark or buy a phone that isn’t sold to the market with compromises. @Brian Yes this is the place for all views god or bad but all this complaining can’t be good for the soul.

  12. Got the x10 at lunch am lovin d phone….
    Dat iv bin patiently wait for june/july if it goes beyond dat it won’t b funny….wats the big deal wif this update come oh…xperic arc and x10 has almost Indentical hardware…wats the fuss about…ill just have to see for late june and early july….
    @se wen u say somethin u shuld b able to pull it off…a repeat of 2.1 can’t happen again

  13. Announcement in twetter SE Russia, an insertion will be in July.!/SonyEricssonRU

    “SonyEricssonRU Sony Ericsson Russia
    @Olesonchik прошивка будет по плану, как и обещали – в начале 3-го квартала, то есть в следующем месяце”

  14. “SonyEricssonRU Sony Ericsson Russia
    @Olesonchik прошивка будет по плану, как и обещали – в начале 3-го квартала, то есть в следующем месяце” means – “Olesonchik firmware will be scheduled, as promised – in the early third quarter, that is next month” –cool

  15. Because google chrome translates it for me, if your browser doesnt heres the translation.

    With the update release date approaching, many readers want to know what changes, what changes and what will not happen with the Xperia ™ X10.

    Thinking about it, the Preview will make a series of posts about these key points. The goal is to answer the questions as the information is released by Sony Ericsson.

    The first point: the long awaited multi-touch will be included in the update for the Gingerbread (Android 2.3). So a lot of apps that already run perfectly in version 2.1 of the system, gain new functions.

    For example, Google Maps, you can change the perspective and view of the map even more clearly the projection of the 3D buildings, when they become available in the area that is viewed by the user.

  16. Uhm・・・Japan’s Xperia(docomo SO-01B) does not prepare for update as you see.
    I think SE’s action doesn’t good.

    SO-01B wo wasureruna

  17. @Peo – Well Said
    @X10 Warrior – A friend of mine has had GB on his Desire for over 3 weeks now

    The update will release when SE are good and ready, people ranting isn’t going to speed anything up, if nothing else people should know that by now.

    I’m happy to wait, after all, I am in contract and wont be getting another handset until this time next year…

  18. Телефон – просто супер! Даже с 2.1 он делает всё то, за что я заплатил деньги. 2.3 будет приятным бонусом в любой момент – в конце июля, или в конце декабря, или в следующем году.

  19. my x10 broke down for the 2nd time in a year. it’s not charging anymore. it had the same problem 3 months ago, i went to a mobilephone service and they repaired it, and now i`m having the same problem. it’s not the phone itself, but the microusb connector. IDK what i should do.. i`d rly need some advice on this, please. i know it’s not topic-related, but idk where else to ask. I mean, i`d go again and try to repair it at the same guy, but he only soldered inside that connector and the pins, he didn’t replace the connector.. and he charged me a lot… for doing nothing. he said it’s gonna be just fine, and if it breaks down again, in 3 months time i can come in for free repairs. 3 months and 2 weeks just passed and it’s broken again.. and i won’t pay that guy again, just to solder inside my phone. he seems like an idiot.

  20. Off cause we all whine about our crappy X10 Phones!
    If somebody is happy with their “smart” phone rebooting 2-3 times a day. They must be SorryErrorson employies!

    Get a grib! Rebooting is not even an option, this lawsy fucking phone just have to work all time! Just like the old Symbian phones… Remember?!!! Or else it is a looser phone PERIOD!!!
    Would you be satisfied with a car that required to stop for ten minutes for every hour you drove? NOT!

    I will believe the Android 2.3 update when I see it on my stupid X10i “Dummy” phone. Not a split second before! Even if we get the update. I don’t think it will make the phone better in general. I guess visiting a website with adobe flash will freeze the phone completely etc…

    But we have to WAIT and see how it goes.
    One thing for sure, we SorryErrorson owners are very much trained at WAITING… And WAITING… And WAITING… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
    …Come to think of it, its just like when I press the Camera icon on my X10i, When the camera is ready to take photos, then the thing I should take photo of is LOOOOONG GONE!

    If this X0i is a”Smartphone”, I don’t dare seeing a Dummyphone? It would be lethal. A piece of shit is what it is.

  21. Our X10 has all the specs need to show 16 M, so why we don’t have it?

    Somebody said: “In gradients, 65K and 16M actually has a huge difference. Also, the photos taken from the phone look bad on the phone because of the 65K limit, it’s much more vibrant on the computer. Some widgets look terrible, like Power Widget and the default Music 2.0 widget because of the 65K colors, just try it.” A real trouble, isn’t it?

    Can’t believe Sony Ericsson will still keep us in 16 bits, not 16 M colors, like the modern mobiles. Our pricey mobile has good hardware specifications, but somebody has decided that we can’t use them fully. What a pity.

  22. We dont have 16M,cause someone just want to sell more new phones,Thats why
    Never seen before such a shame
    Will sell my x10 and give a htc,if it doesn’t take what just can handle it

  23. @andrew I had the same problem and just took it back to t-mobile, they sent it off and in less than a week I had my phone back with a brand new main board inside, free of charge

  24. SE, show your skills. You cannot lose to other android phone competitors, right? Whatever you can do for this x10, everyone here loves x10. Please do it the best for us..

  25. To the HTC Desire fanclub:

    1. I wonder why you bother to go into this page. Should you not be concerned with your own phone?
    2. I regreted not buing HTC Desire last june, when we all where waiting for the 2.1. upgrade.
    3. I have many friends with HTC Desire. They all have problems with their phone. Many has had to go to the shop etc and exchange it.
    4. I have had no problems with my X10i. None of my friends with X10i has had any problems either. Some friends (girls) with mini, complains, but that has nothing to do with X10i.
    5. HTC has a new phone every week, so it is very hard to know which one to buy. Only Desire has received very well reception.
    6. The Desire does not look as good as my X10i.
    7. I just bought a new phone to my wife. She wanted a Blackberry 9800, but was most concerned that it was white. She did not want the arch, any ugly htc nor the big samsung etc, she wanted a nice little phone that she could call with, listen to music on, browse the web with, keep in touch with her friends on facebook and msn with, take pictures with, and that fitted into her hand and looked good and modern in her purse. I bet that goes for 90% of the smartphone buying females – which explains the mini complaints from other girls up here.
    7b. I already know all there is to know about blackberry, as she whines and asks me to fix something every time she wants attention.
    8. I think that SE is doing a good job making me satisfied. I would have bought a new phone now, had it not been for the promised upgrade. Now I will waith untill october, and see what the new models then (incl the iPhone) has to offer.
    9. The phone I was most happy with was my Nokie N97.

    Have a nice life, and don’t whine too much – unless you want cosita!

  26. Awesome… 2.3.3.. maybe at&t will release it once my contracts up and/or I get an updated phone
    And bootloader = no crack
    At&T’s so amazing iPhone driver/screen that the x10 is the reason..
    That’s that cracking at&ts bank account.. you think they would allow such a thing.. but really though like anyone gives a fuck about their half ass phone.. obviouls they do since they’ll update it’s ios.. yeah what the fucks that about iPhone 5 software that is starting to sounds like android if you ask me..
    yeah sweet android 2.3.3. Cool..
    Used it about 5 months ago a lot better on the x10.. a lot..
    What I will tell you is I never had anything so fast on this x10 than new 2.2.1 that a developer at xda released. I used a kernel from there with it and jeez.
    Never will I change it.. 1768 in quadrant.. about shit myself when I saw that score.. I changed a couple sysctl commands and =1 but I don’t think ill be using their software. And if I do it’ll just be a base for something different.. all of that shit that come s with it is just a memory and battery hog.. especially when its on the home screen…

    Anyways at&t can shove their shitty ass 2.1 up a different phones ass that they have and just discontinue their use of the x10 because its nothing but a piece of shit without something custom.. had the phone but 30 minutes til I looked for someway to change how slow it is and the way it looks..
    Come-on blue? I mean yeah its a cool color but blue everything?? I’m sure its nothing but some lines of code to change the blue s
    Mtatusbar /settings/ everything

    Sorry if I sound like a dick while you’re reading this but.. cmon
    Get with the program.. and not your bank accounts.

  27. July?! er…it’s ok, I’m not going to die anyway,

    Battlefield 3 comin’ this October 😀

  28. Absolutely fed up with my X10 and would have thrown it away by now if it was bought for less. Imagine, can’t even see any missed calls! The stupid phone does not record it. So no way call back folks who tried to reach you. This gotta be 1984!

  29. Anyone know the date they released UAPs for 2.1? If we have that date and I believe it was October 31,2010 they officialy released 2.1, then we can estimate the aproximate time 2.3.3 may come out.

    So anyone know the UAP release date for 2.1?

    @ RK. If your X10 does that, send it in for service, mine has never had an issue like that.

  30. Just so everyone knows, according to an arc owner, and the UAProf of the arc shows 16bit colour when the phone shows 24bit, this means nothing.
    I am not too convinced that the colours make a huge difference anyway as LCD’s can only show about 10 bits of colour, and rest are derived from dithering. The only time you notice a lack of colour depths is with gradients.
    X10 is a great phone which will finally be fully up to date, every phone has bugs and flaws and think about it, any phone be it a galaxy s 2 or atrix will be out of date in a few months, gingerbread will keep me happy so I can skip this next generation and save for something better later!

  31. @jaykeeley
    Problem is … my phone was a gift from my cousin. It was bought from Spain. and i`m 5000 km away from that country. So i have lost my guarantee because i have debranded, unlocked, and installed AOSP 2.1 with removed apps and stuff like that. i sent it to repair, once again. The mainboard is pretty expensive, hope that idiot who repaired it first didn’t do any damage to the circuits or the textolite board itself. Now, it’s in the hands of a chief of some sort of an important carrier, and he said he`ll sort this out, hopefully he`ll go to a more trustworthly service center. thanks for your advices ! 🙂