Multi-touch coming to the Xperia X10 in Gingerbread update?

MultitouchThere has been a lot of speculation over the last few days over whether the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will get multi-touch support (don’t confuse this with the current dual-touch functionality) once the Android Gingerbread update lands. This started when the official Sony Ericsson Brazil blog published a post saying that multitouch was coming.

The post has since been pulled, but we can still see the content thanks to the wonders of Google Cache. People commenting tried to gain clarity whether they mean this was the dual-touch update (already featured on the X10) or something improved. The answer was the latter that has led to speculation that the X10 may see either better dual-touch support or even 3-finger touch functionality. We’ll keep you posted when we hear anything concrete.

23 responses to “Multi-touch coming to the Xperia X10 in Gingerbread update?”

  1. I don’t think it’s possible too. I think display itself doesn’t support that (like HTC Desire, for example)

  2. good news…hope it comes true…but still disappointed with sony coz inspite of multiple requests they havent yet released any news about the update…
    just in case se wanna maintains secrecy coz they wanna surprise us with some unexpected great update then hope all this effort doesnt go in vain…else all hell will break lose by xperia x10 users again…

  3. A fully functional dual touch is possible. But I don’t believe the hardware can support more than two fingers unless it is really 100 percent confirmed with a demo video released…

  4. I think sony had said that the hardware would support 16M colors and multi-touch. But that time around the software wasnt there to support it. Now the software is surely there and the Arc is out too. So Sony should give is what they had said they would give.

    Extremely disappointing !

  5. All of these speculations are making the wait very nerve wracking!!! I’m anxious to wait and finally see what this much needed update will bring. Hopefully we won’t be disappointed. I love my Xperia X10 and I know it is capable of so much more 😀

  6. I saw these posts myself last week and it was made very clear by the sony ericsson rep that they meant multi rather than improved dual. I’m still not entirely convinced but would be dissapointed after a SE rep made it clear that we were getting it.

  7. i had a notification a few days ago saying multi touch update was available. plug into pc as cannot do over air. i haven’t done it yet. will do tomorrow. on o2 uk

  8. Hi all,
    I don’t want to panik you all but…
    My phome says there is an uptdate, only over PC!!!
    I am still on the road no PC till monday evening (i hope)
    Is this the Gingerbread?!?
    I’ll keep you posted!!

    Greetz from Germany

    Phone : x10i global generic

  9. Still believed it is dual ‘middle finger’ from SE. By pulling the post, it means there is no MT.

  10. Not gonna happen. SE brazil posted a bunch of bullshit about the 2.1 update last year too. They can suck it, they dont know wtf they are talking about.

  11. yay i hope its at least a fully functional dual touch without it screwing up when crossing x or y axis

  12. If multi-touch will come with Gingerbread update then that’s most welcome. For me, the one-finger zoom in the mediascape is not good (anyway better than nothing) because when you try to zoom, for example a picure, with your finger it is not precise to zoom unlike the pinch-to-zoom gesture. Well, I’m sure everybody is desperately waiting for the update (2.3.3 Gingerbread) for our X10 and SE should start rollin out the update next week and hopefully, 16M colors is also included.

  13. The update rolling out next week? That I am afraid is a triumph of hope over experience. Experience shows us that SE will at the very least give themselves at least a month to start rolling it out after any official announcement. If we get something concrete from SE before the end of this month, then we might see the update released by the end of July. But if we don’t hear anything before month end then I don’t think the update we be released before end of August at the earliest.

  14. multi touch zoom for internet and google maps just installed on mine on pc companion. o2 uk