Sample shots from the Xperia X10 Panorama app

Sample shots from the Xperia X10 Panorama appLast week we brought you news of a new Panorama app that Sony Ericsson has released for the Xperia X10. It seems to be a very smart app and a very easy way to capture panorama shots without the traditional method of ‘stitching’ your pictures together.

One of our readers, Pat, got in touch to share some of the impressive samples he has taken in and around Sydney. Some of the shots have some banding issues and the ones in well lit conditions come out best. However, they are all well worth checking out on his blog, Graphic Design By Pat. What are your impressions of the app? Have you managed to get decent results?

12 responses to “Sample shots from the Xperia X10 Panorama app”

  1. I have to say that I was quite impressed with the app.
    It’s simple to use and quite effective.

    The only real issue is that the photos go into /sdcard/Panorama and not into /sdcard/DCIM/100ANDRO

  2. Its quite good actually, if it is really a BETA then it SHOULD get better still, I played with it briefly and noticed the banding right away, but im wondering if i was moving to fast/slow? Anyone have what speed to move the camera that gives best results??

  3. WOAH!!!

    Thanks so much guys, my blog has never received this much attention, and other non-English sites are linking to my post, it’s just amazing 😀