SE also confirms no 16M colours, no unlocked bootloader and no multitouch for X10 Gingerbread update

Rikard Skogberg has just commented over on the SE Product Blog that some of the rumours surrounding the upcoming Gingerbread update are not true. He confirmed that the update will not bring 16 million colours like some had hoped, it will not enable an unlocked bootloader and there will be no improvement in the dual-touch capabilities of the handset. Whilst this news is likely to disappoint some, we’re still happy the Gingerbread update is coming at all.

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  1. Can you confirm here.
    is it no Multi touch or the Multitouch capabilities will be as same as 2.1 ???
    this post is really confusing

  2. ikard Skogberg says:
    June 20, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    KunalGahlot and others,
    1) 16M Colors – No, sorry.
    2) Upgraded from dual touch – No, still dual touch with focus on pinch gestures, as described in earlier posts and video on that update.
    3) No as Karl-Johan has been clear on over at the developer blog this does not enable bootloader unlock on X10.
    4) FPS cap, I still haven’t got all details around that but are still trying to get a final answer. Do you have a suggestion on a proper way for me to test on the SW I have?

  3. You know we’ll be able to get multi-touch anyway with the awesome devs out there. This information is not discouraging at all, I have total faith in the ability of the Android community to pick up where SE has left off.

  4. Dualtouch is more than enough IMO, Flash is always welcome. so overall, the update is not bad from what we’ve heard and seen so far.

    The question now is Will the new OS support Asian and right-to-left languages? missing this support will be a stopper for many…

    Also, will contain Moxier? I personally hated Moxier back in May 2010, when I first used it, I dissed it big time in several sites, but after few updates, when it got more integrated into the X10, particularly into the LED indicator for new emails, as well as tapping into timescape updates, not to mention seamless sync with the phone contacts, Moxier turned 180 degrees around, I will miss greatly it if it goes away…

    At least if Moxier goes away, I am hoping that the generic access to Exchange service will be developed enough to integrate the calendar, contacts and emails proplery into the phone OS… just like Moxier already does with 2.1.A.0.435

  5. and the fps limit still remains…. i asked rikard to play air control and his average fps was 31,,, crapppppy

  6. Can the human eye differentiate 16 Million colors? Do I really want about a million variations of pink? Flash, Tethering and better battery is all I need. I want my 2.3.
    Somebody should make a parody song of Dire Straits Money For Nothing. “Android For Nothing” I want my 2.3….
    Android For Nothing and my apps for free…

  7. This is not a “SmartPhone”, it is a “Dumbphone”.

    I have been struggling since 3 months from day one of purchase.

    Apparently when the phone is synchronising Data/ Internet, you are unreachable on the “voice network”

    After 3 months of running from pillar to post, the Sony Ericsson team says that this is default feature of the phone and nothing can be done about it.

    (You can call Sony Ericsson Service center and find out)

    So when you surf on the internet or download mails, you are completely unreachable on the Voice network. No calls can come in, you are not reachable if someone calls you on your mobile.

    This is a pedestrian feature which is offered by even the lowest end NOKIA Phones.

    Don’t know what to do with this phone. It SUCKS!

    Please don’t EVER buy a Sony Ericsson Phone, they should better stick to manufacturing cameras.


  8. Those rumors sounded too good to be true. I’m glad SE went back on their decision to freeze OS updates on the Xperia, but come on, it’s not like they’re doing us a favor by letting us update our phones! This is so not the spirit of OSS…

    How many angry users will it take for SE to finally get it that we should *own* the phones we purchased and should be allowed to unleash the full potential of its hardware?

  9. Which good you notify?, poor those that bought a xperia x10 mini and pro, if the update of the xperia x10 things are going to lack him, I suppose that he needed other one to complete it. As he said sonyericsson: – we have other priorities – and his clients are not one of them.

    It was waiting for this update to see if he was buying the xperia arc, but seeing such a disappointment, I go away for the galaxy s 2.

    sonyericsson suck.

  10. right now… i still dont have the money to buy a new phone… so, SE please make my x10 mini pro a better phone… almost ALL of your clients already lose their hope that YOU could make a better phone…. or should i say, only your good brand name saves you and you really cant back your products with good quality os.

  11. Aww look at all the little cry babies :’)

    Everything said on this website is invalid and fucking ridiculous.

  12. @Fat MoFo
    Wrong! Plenty of good stuff here.
    GB 2.3.3 update postponed until August!
    Not that it should surprise any of us in any way, shape or form.

  13. too bad.. i don’t think it’s the limit. No big surprise at all. If like that, I won’t buy and recommend SE anymore in the future.

  14. My main reason for the upgrade to 2.3 is A) FLASH, and B) Saving programs/games onto the SD card (as internal space is limited). Dual-touch is fine with me, and the face lift from 1.6 to 2.1 was fine… again, just missing Flash and Save to SD. Anyone that doesn’t own a SE product may not read this, as it won’t peak their interest… but, with all the complaints about X10 upgrades (or lack there-of) does HTC do the same? Does HTC guarantee 2+ years of software upgrades/updates for their phones? Does SE stand alone on this?

    Even Apple is saying bye-bye to the 3GS, forget the 3G, so… I’m sure others follow suit… so, maybe we shouldn’t criticize too much, unless someone can give me an example where this type of service is better… (HTC, LG, etc)

  15. I’d rather wait till August to get less-bug Gingerbread on my X10 than to get on July with full of bugs. At least the camera UI still the same. Yes, me too is a bit disappointed for the delay but still I appreciate what SE is doing because originally X10 will be upgraded only to 2.1 but now SE is giving us Gingerbread (skipping Froyo) and we are just like using Xperia Arc UI once we upgraded our X10 to Gingerbread. I love the inclusion of equalizer, the Facebook integration, etc. etc.

  16. I personally congrad SE FOR releasing 2.3 for the x10, but however people still complain?? some lg phones dont update to 2.3 neither do motorola and people complain???? really were getting some updated features on our phones i for one are happy but gutless people dont apreciate nothing!

  17. I never put hope on X10 2.3 upgrade as
    – DT no MT : What do you expect, it is SE. We are lucky it didn’t go back to middle finger touch
    – 16M: some said human eye cannot see the different, but it is still better than 64k
    – app2SD unsupport in 2.1 : well i use Link2SD with no problem, just that after install don’t open the app but move 1st
    – bootloader: leave it to expert
    – Q3 update : lets put little hope on it

  18. This is awesome.
    This update for our phones will be pretty much useless as it’s already like 2.1 They don’t want to unlock the bootloader(idk why they keep it locked like that… did they put any NASA confidential plans in it for the next 10 years or what? ) the 16M unlock was rly easy, using the bootloader. Since the display is capable of 16M colors, it was just a one-line command for it. And last, but not least… the multitouch problem. The actual “multitouch” is handicapable=). Meaning: it works, but has a lot of fuck-ups when crossing axis. There was a solution to that problem, but why bother? They already finished building the 2.3.3 for the x10.. they have like.. 2 months until august … time that could be used for giving something uselful.. i mean, more useful than the stock – “improved UI” GB. They promised that this would be a stock release of GB with many improvements. But i can’t see any, to be honest. I don’t whine at all. It’s just facts, and that’s it. Without proper display, multitouch, and touchscreen functionality + their shitty/ugly(pick what u want =) ) “UI” our phones will be really handicaped. AND… the stock interface of GB works a lot smoother, and it’s muuuuuuuch better than the one modified by them. We`ll see again a really laggy phone, and they`ll do nothing in the next 2 months.
    My final point: Instead of working on the real demands … dual-touch fix/patch, 16M colors… bootloader is not a necesity, IF they`ll deliver the CORRECT KERNEL, this time… they just work on stupid interface.. and show off the camera and how good it works, and how fast is a prototype phone with that rikard guy having installed on his phone no more than 5-6-7 apps, which gives no real – life relevance whatsoever(we have 30-40-50 etc. apps, not 5-6-7, and our phones will be really really laggy compared to his fresh copy of GB).

  19. Lol… and 65K colors had my grandmother on her cell-phone.. idk .. i think was a nokia =).. and that was like 6 years ago, before she passed away, God bless her soul.

  20. No SE for me in the future, their update is always late.
    No Samsung for me either, their update is almost non existance.
    No Nokia for me, their update is outdate no matter what.
    No HTC for me, their screen and camera is the worse I have ever seen.
    No Motorola for me, the touch screen on them is just pure crap.
    No Apple for me from the begining. Its not even worth being called a phone.

  21. So, let me get this right…
    1 – The same screen. So despite having the capability of HD we must still have to contend with betamax?
    2 – The same dt. That said, I always thought that this was an hardware issue anyway, so no surprise tbh.
    3 – No boot unlocked. Even though (and I’m no expert) I would assume moving to Gingerbread would also mean a new kernel and that’s been SE’s bitch about the X10 (security yada yada yada) Maybe one day the experts at XDA can sort this out. But, I’ll probably on my 3rd or 4th phone by then.
    4 – FPS cap. I’ve bought a ‘supposedly’ Ferrari that the manurfacturers will only let me drive as a segway… Wow… Do Apple run SE?

    And to cap it all, the release is supposed to be Q2/3… But, I wonder… Which year?

    Because, after the fiasco over 2.1, I doubt it’ll be this year.

    But meh, makes feck all difference to me… roll on August when my contract is up and I shall have a shiny new Galaxy II adorning my desk…

  22. i believe that xda will make a better custom rom than this fucking shit SE did!

  23. @Suresh M Khadakbhavi

    Are you sure?!…because I can receive calls while browsing internet and checking e-mails…

  24. @Suresh- That is not true. I’m looking at this site on my phone and received a call 5 mins ago.

  25. when you are connected to a low speed network and not the newer hsdpa networks, you phone, and all phones, has to use the same bandwidth for calls as it does for internet. it is not a limitation of the phone, but of the methods that are implemented for connectivity. I’m on at&t, and pretty much anywhere outside of the big towns this is how it works….try conference calling with more than a total of 3 people… won’t work either unless you are on the high speed network…not a limitation of the phone, but the carrier. KNOW YOUR TECHNOLOGY!

  26. SE what u provide in this update ?
    u just change the 2.1 to 2.3 only that hehehe u fuck IDIOTS
    You are the most rotten company that existed in the day…

  27. Idiots ! Other brands offer all features ! When the hardware supports it then why not provide it ! Good Luck to SE !

  28. Roll out the update earlier. Update it and let us experience it before making any comment we like this upgrade or not.

  29. So other then flash (which we dont yet know how seamless and bugfree it will be running yet,)and some app removal,what are we actually getting with this update?

    I dont understand SE corporate management,throwing us a shriveled little bone,after all this delayed update bullshit,and halfassed updates that contain features,that should have been on my phone from the start.

    Well,in a few years SE will know we dont take this shit,when their profit drastically declines,stock value plummets,and nobody will buy shit from them.

    Theve done it to themselves in the end,we will all switch to a diff brand within 1-2 years tops,so SE f u,and have a nice day 🙂

  30. Adeyb, what makes you think you bought a ‘Ferrari’ ? I wouldnt call this a ferrari with 384 internal memory and 16k colours get a life

  31. I wish Camera Jpeg compression level control …
    pictures are great image… but dithering some area by low compression level of jpeg setting.

  32. @ Damian
    Erm… ‘supposedly’ Ferrari compared to a Segway… Not a literal one because that would make it a car and not a phone… I was simply using a comparison, sorry if this confused your tiny brain. And yes, 18 months on it is slooow compared to other phones. (Oh dear, did you actually read my comment?)

    Oh, and it’s 64k screen…

    (sent using my left testicle whilst thinking of Damian)

  33. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…again waiting!
    …as usual. I will bet you we dont see the update before winter!

    By the way. About the human eye. The experts mean that a human eye can differentiate about 8 million colors and shades.

    It was from the start of what normal people would today call the WWW about middle 90s and to about year 2003 that we pioneer webdesigners had to use websafe colors on websites. Netscape and IE webbrowser era. So monitors of only 8 and 16 bit would show the right colors in high priority places on the webdesign like the background colors and parts of the interfaces. The websafe palette was and is still of 216 colors to choose from. Those was the 216 out of 256 that was common on both windows and mac platforms. Anybody who know about that, will know the hex numbers 0-3-6-9-F forever! So yes it is rather oldschool not to have 24bit colors. You could have a website with lets say an almost white background. On an only 16 bit monitor that colour could be one outside the color palette of the 16bit colors. Resulting in that the white background color could turn light pink which would not be so good right! Thats part of why 24 bit monitors is the only way! True colors!

    Back to reality
    Had crappy day with my x10i today. It tilted with black screen, I had to take the battery out to get it to life again. Then it went rebooting constantly, I could not interact. I had to take out the battery again, this time for 15 minutes.. Then it came back from the dead again!!! I’m SO overjoyed with my Sorry Errorson so called “flagship”!

  34. @adeyb , reading your last post shows how ignorant you are.First I didn’t try to be rude on anyone but seems like you are,so fuck off this post is you’re going to be posting stupid things like ‘(sent using my left testicle whilst thinking of Damian)’ OP should action this

  35. Wow, I can’t believe I own the same phone as all of these whining children, who cannot distinguish hardware problems from software problems, nor device limitations from network limitations.

  36. Guys, who cares what they give us or what they don’t… Did you see how Trip was able to ‘tweak’ the graphics drivers for his 2.2 Rom? Sony said no face/smile shutter now they included it, who CARES!!! I wouldn’t use their version either, i’d wait for a developer to tweak it apart.. What we do need and they giving us is stable camera drivers, this is what we need! so we have LED on camera in native app as well as proper zoom in 2.3. Lets just appreciate what we get as we shouldn’t even be getting this.. It is like your dad saying listen son, we not getting you a car for your birthday then says hey you know what actually can afford a car, we giving you an accord. you like, no dad! I want a nissan skyline! 99.9% of these hater comments I bet are from kids, or childlike people.. Just appreciate what you get and get on with it… Most of your 2 year contracts should be nearly up, if you don’t want to buy another Sony, dont! Go buy something else and deal with their issues, because everyone has issues, TRUST ME ON THAT! Now please can all you little kids, keep your mouth shut and let us discuss positive opinions on this rom.

    If the hardware is capabale of 16m, lets see what a few developers can pull off, I can PROMISE you they not, not giving us 16million because they want to spite us.. It is because there is certain issues that is preventing it, simple as that.. You know I have a 9800 driver in my PC, its about 7 years old and guess what? I am still getting updates for that driver, that goes to show how long some things can take, and guess what thats NVIDIA?

    Just get off Sony’s back, if that is when the update is done, WHO CARES!!!! Enjoy your phone till then, can your phone phone? Can you take pictures? Can you sms? Can you browse the net? Can you download applications from the Market? Is your GPS working? If all of that is working the shut the !@#$*( up and wait till the release is out, and stop wining like the pests you are…

  37. @ Damain
    You try not to be rude?
    Opps, failure! Facepalms all round!!! Was ‘get a life’ a suggestion or some techincal advice for your ‘boy’s book of sod-all facts?’

    And speaking about ignorance (not sure of what your definition is so I’ll give you mine)…
    – In your first comment, “wouldnt” is spelt “wouldn’t” or “would not”
    – 64K not 16K
    – 384 what? I think you’ll find it’s “384 mb”

    Maybe a dictionary next time Damian? Or a quick visit to wikipedia?

    If ignornace is bliss, Damian, you must be constantly giggling!!!

    And please let me know what you have brought to this thread? Apart from attacking me twice with your wit and foul language.

    I do suppose my last comment was childish… And for that I apologies…

    (Sent using telepathy whilst dancing the fandango lalalalalalalala)

  38. X10 android 2.1 doesnt come with multitouch?
    i got mine multitouch.
    and its X10i

  39. Can’t wait for Gingerbread! Been hacking away at my x10 to make it more smooth and efficient on cpu and memory loads. 3.3 Gingerbread show give it a nice and overdue boost! Thanks SE for not freezing the updates, I was pretty disappointed months ago when they said 3.1 was the last update… =)

  40. Andrew (comment 23) said it all. No more comments. No more money waste on shit ericsson…

  41. Âíèìàòåëüíî ïðî÷èòàéòå èíñòðóêöèþ.

    Îòêëþ÷àéòå àíòèâèðóñíèê èëè èç àðõèâà äîáàâòå “Keygen” â ñïèñîê èãíîðèðóåìèõ àíòèâèðóñíèêà.”Keygen” îáñîëþòíî íå âðåäåí äëÿ âàøåãî êîìïþòåðà.

    1. Ñîçäàéòå ïàïêó “Mobile Systems” (áåç êàâè÷åê) íà SD êàðòå âàøåãî òåëåôîíà.Åñëû ïàïêà óæå åñòü, òî íè÷åãî ñîçäîâàòü íå íàäî.

    2. Êîïèðóéòå ïàïêó “com.mobisystems.msdict.embedded.wireless.oxford.coedt” èç ïàïêè “Databases” íà SD êàðòó/Mobile Systems.

    3. Óñòàíîâèòå “ConciseOxfordEngDictAndThes” èç ïàïêè “Application”.

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    ÷òî íåîáõàäèìàÿ áàçà äàííûõ ó íàñ óæå åñòü.

    5. Ïîòîì ïðîãðàììà ñïðîñèò “whether you want to unlock the app.” (Ïèøó íà àíãëèéñêîì, ïîòîìó ÷òî òàê íàïèñàíî áóäåò â ñëîâàðå)

    6. Âûáèðàåì Unlock.

    7. Ïîòîì çàïóñêàåì keygen èç ïàêè “keygen”.

    8. Èç ñïèñêà â keygen-å âûáèðàåì “MSDict Concise Oxford English Dictionary & Thesaurus v4.10”.

    9. Ââîäèì “IMEI” ñâîåãî òåëåôîíà.

    10.Íàæûìàåì Generate è ïîÿâèâøèéñÿ êîä ââîäèì â ñëîâàðü íà íàøåì òåëåôîíå.

    Âîò è âñå, íàñëîæäàéòåñ.

    Èçâåíèòå çà ïëîõîé ðóññêèé narek2526

  42. Hey guys,ive read all quotes,even the fight” above lol
    im a new X10 user, SE gave me this one after my VIVAZ fucked up with me for 1 year! this is one is REALLY A CRAP PHONE!

    On Topic, i dont understand deeper all these features but i know for sure,that all theses complaints about what will be OUT the next update,should have a lil’ bit more of attention…

    SE suppose to be one of the mayor cellphone brand and they really pisses us off when they say that they wont include certain features that we KNOW its necessary to improve our phones.

    theses phone arent cheap! here in brazil a X10 costs almost 2k REAIS (BRL) about 1k usd for you guys.

    believe it or not!!

    So,when you buy a phone like that you expect the best thing ever and all access to find out what this phone can do.

    Its ANDROID (TY GOD) but so what??? SE can give us full access or even listen to their users to fix and improve what should be done in fact on the phone.

    sorry my english “mens” im not good at it.

  43. too many people moaning on here.
    1) if you bought a mini/mini pro – tough sh!t, you were being cheap in the first place and all manufacturers bring out a newer model of your phone. pace of development means that someone’s always going to be left behind.
    2) i doubt that SE even reads these comments so all the whining and name calling is entirely pointless
    3) 2.3 update is awesome regardless of 16m colours and multitouch etc.. We were never expected to get an update past 2.1 so be grateful that they are giving anything at all!
    4) the awesome devs at XDA will continue to improve their ROMs and themes etc.. so just root your phone and make it what you want.

  44. lol, good i can get this unstable CM 6 off my phone and be able to use apps without the phone crashing, restting, loosing radio etc and now i can use apps that need the camera, and i can zoom again.
    i can use my damn phone again…

  45. Uh
    I’m so tired of this SE shit. I bought x10 in January – one week later they said “forever 2.1”. Flagship for 500 Euro, 5 months after release, and they say its already over. After 2 months these loosers found out that no one will buy their new Xperias, because nobody wants to pay 700 Euro for 5 months long software support. And now we are waiting 4 months for 2.3..

    I’ll never buy Sony Ericcson again, probably any phone with Android – because of the updates.

    The only one interesting phone for me at the moment is Nokia N9 – the camera will be amazing for sure, hardware is ok and finaly MeeGo looks very interesting. Before x10 I had 5800 – software update every 2 months. Hope that nothing changed.

  46. Complain to much….x10 is getin old..its almost 2yrs…just enjoy ur phone or get an arc…
    Am stil rockin my x10 till real specs for xperia duo

  47. Seid froh, dass wir überhaupt ein Update bekommen!! 🙂

    I’m Dave K**** … and I approve this Message 😀

  48. I dunno what that dude is talking about, I always get interrupted when im internet browsing by phone calls, not sure about the email symc though, will check it out …

    Is Rogers getting the update, or will I have to use a Generic Firmware?

  49. SE sure makes alot of phones.
    Too bad they all suck donkey balls.
    Rikard Scumberg or whatever his name is probably plugs his x10 charger in his ass while sticking his tiny scandanavian weiner into the x10 headphone jack.

  50. At everyone who is constantly complaining, seriously, just use your phone instead of thinking of how to constantly how it can be better this way or that. Yes, there is ALWAYS room for improvement on ANYTHING. After going through a Nexus 1, X10 and iPhone4 (as these are from a similar time-frame), I must say all have their fair share of issues. The Nexus, CPU/OS wise is basically the X10 but with stock Android, simple as that, and it too has lots of slowdowns, crashing, and weird issues even as it was upgraded from 2.1->2.2-> and now 2.3…. I now run it on a custom CM7 ROM but its still plagued by issues every now and then. From weird issues like the microphone not transmitting the first few seconds of a phonecall to full phone crashing for no reason, even stock android (without any manufactures mods) isn’t the holy grail everyone here is making every other phone seem to be.

    Iphone4, yes the screen is nice, UI is fast…. But doing alot of things on it just feels counter-productive. Ringtones piss me off everytime I want to change it, and having used Android for a bit, I miss the notification bar (coming soon now…) and the other physical buttons. There are plenty more little quirks here and there too, the list will go on forever for each phone.

    Now the X10. Hm. I got it because it looked sleek, was Android, and had a fairly decent camera back when it was released. Android 1.6 was certainly outdated, but was it that bad? I definately don’t think so. When 2.1 just hit, it felt extremely slow to the point I rolled back. What did 2.1 bring to X10 users that it didn’t originally have? Well, Pinch-zooming came a bit later… Was there something truely fundamental? Yes you can install a few more apps now…? The only thing that was missing from the phone (1.6 included) was flash and maybe some optimizations on the overall UI. During the last few months when I was fairly bored, I’ve tried out various 2.2 ROMS (2.3 ones were too buggy a few months ago). What I found was… Yes they feel a bit faster, benchmark a bit better… but are they stable? While not as great as stock SE software, they certainly could be used on a day to day basis. However, each rom has its own issues. I personally used WB’s CM6 variant which is a popular choice. It, like Trip’s also has camera issues (video sync), Wifi issues (unstable sometimes, WPA-E doesn’t work regardless of fix), FB data unstability (doesn’t always sync), worse battery life compared to stock, and generally speaking some small issues that constantly make them a bit annoying to use.

    What am I trying to say?

    – All phones will have their own issues. X10 doesn’t have any major ones except that its probably lacking Flash, 16m colors (you bought it knowing it didn’t have it), better MT (you knew this too), and that its a SE phone.
    SE phones have been always known to be a looker but definately not always up to date or the best performing (past experiences with walkman/cybershot phones, and the pretty but extremely crappy Aino). You should have known this as well if you did a basic background check. Its like can you expect a fashion company to make military clothing well, right away? Not really. X10 was their first Android phone, give them some room?
    Many also complain about Mediascape and Timescape being not useful or just plain bad… You do know that all of its ads and emphasis were placed on them when it was launched right? You bought it knowing these were one of its MAIN FEATURES. If you hated it (I hope you actually try phones at a store…), then DONT get it and then complain at home afterwards… Its like buying a car with an interior that you know you won’t like. You might be able to live with it for awhile, but won’t you hate yourself (most likely hate the car…) after awhile?… Do yourself a favor and don’t make your life miserable. Try/see things you want to buy next time before actually buying it. This should be common-sense when shopping.

    (I personally find Mediascape actually quite nice after they updated it. It certainly looks nicer than stock Android’s. Also isn’t too slow anymore. Timescape is not bad, good for showing off and flicking through when you are bored. )

    – Some promises were made, and weren’t fulfilled. Yes, each company does that, so nothing new. Just remember in the future, support usually drops off once they deliver the main goods, which would be the phone itself and maybe the first few updates. This applies to… everything?

    – Stop complaining endlessly. Even if you get a different phone, you’ll still be complaining about something else. Nothing in life is perfect, so suck it up and get over it if you can’t afford a better one. Not saying you can’t talk about it, but do it in a constructive manner.
    Saying SE sucks or X10/Arc/etc is the worst phone in the world isn’t really helping anyone find out what your issues are at. It just makes you look immature.

    – Use custom ROMS if you are so impatient. There may be small issues in each of them, but most of them are very stable. Just read them up on what things work and which don’t. Nearly all require you to use Vignette or the stock Android one. Battery life seems to be a weak point on custom ROM though, even a cleanly installed one will drain battery faster than a stock (in my case anyways). I can get at least a bit more than 2 days of moderate usage (daily : 30m+ calling, 30~50 SMS, a few photos, some Wifi web surfing, lots of mindless unlock/lock for time and boredom). With CM6 (and iphone4) I had to charge after a day and a half. Nx1 needs a charge every night… Love the CM notification controls and the customization on LED lights. Performance was nice, but that was probably due to Arc’s launcher and 2.2 in general. Nothing else was really groundbreaking other than Flash. Is it a “OH I MUST USE THIS OR ELSE?!” rom? No. Give it a try if you are bored, have spare phones on hand, and just want to see what you can do.

    I was bored. Some things may not reflect well in reality, I might have hit a tree while typing this.

    /endrant about rants

  51. @M nice post and you 100% correct, do you know how many updates I used to get my Nokia? My goodness, one thing fixed the next thing broken, people think SE is trying to ‘lie’ to them, they clearly have no IDEA what development takes, and its next to impossible to put a time stamp on it, yes in the ideal world you could guess 3 months and it would be launched… I find Sony very stable!!! And if it takes them longer to release an update i’d rather wait than have issues with them system and constantly having to update, then they find something major needs to get changed and bang you going to lose data again, please make sure all is backed up.. It becomes a pain in the ass..

    Yes i’d love it if SE could release a Beta version for the public to test, but yes that isn’t the way they work, so get over it..

    I will never own a Nokia again, I don’t like iPhone and I will stay with Android.. Can’t wait for the Dual processor to be released in SA and i’ll buy my next SE, just waiting for my contract to end 🙂

  52. Hello…. can somebody tell me… how much Ram… does the xperia x10 have?… i understood that it has 384 … but now… i’m not sure… thanks in advise… 😉

  53. @K3V1N-XD You are right, the x10 has 384 mb of ram on it. I’ve been reading online months back and was told that one of the reasons x10 could not get the 3.3 gingerbread upgrade is that it lacks the hardware (This would be the ram amount). So I’m kind of curious to what changed to make this happen, or how the phone will perform on 3.3 (laggy ?)

    I’ve had to root my phone, get rid of all the junk apps/services running that I would never use to make my phone as smooth as possible on the android 3.1. It would be interesting to compare benchmarks after the 3.3… I’m a bit skeptical but also the 3.3 Gingerbread OS should provide better memory management so it might even out with my rooted 3.1, but have cooler 3.3 features?? Thats the hope.. !

  54. …my doubt is why when u some kinds of apps of sistem information… for example “quadrant standart”, “android assitant” they only show u… that the xperia has total 280 MB ( used + free ) but sometimes says inactive… what does it mean?

  55. @M that was quite a ramble to say what’s been said time and time again by so many fanboys. All that defence of SE from someone who uses custom roms…. strange indeed. obviously you too have quite a lot of issues with the phone or else you would not bother with custom roms. i have been one of their biggest critics and i use the stock 2.1 firmware.

  56. 384 ram is enough to run gingerbread smooth and fast. a part of the 384 ram is used by the android system so there is about 200 available for the user….

  57. Dammit. It’s confirmed. My phone is oficially broken down for good. The only solution is to buy another mainboard, which is 3/4 of phone’s price. IT does work.. HOWEVER i can’t connect it to the PC or charge it through the micro-usb port. Some idiot broke it down in a service, when i first had this problem, now some guys who are specialists told me that if they try to change the microusb connector it might detach the copper circuit from the mainboard, and that would only result in a big-time fail, and then they`ll need a new mainboard(it’s expensive, because it has all the sensors, all the wiring, connectors, etc.). SE makes some shitty phones, idiot ppl repair them like shit… and the customer is put into the position of losing money. I`m not complaining… i`m just sad i`ll miss this blog, and i`ll miss this update.. and everything.
    Goodbye you guys. Sry for all the trouble i caused. Enjoy your updates, and phones, while you can. Hope u`ll never have the problem I had with this phone.

  58. @Andrei
    service centre just fooling u around they want to draw money 😀
    try out sumother service centre

  59. @aa==eeeyw
    Sure did. it’s 5000 km away, and i can’t do anything about it. Why? rooted, etc. Don’t u think i tried to call those guys in the 1st place? they told me their hands are tied.
    Really? Tried 4 service centres so far. Same answer. Nothing else i can do.

  60. @Andrei

    I had a similar (if not the same) problem, the phone would charge via the mains and via the laptop but I could not access the contents of my card on the computer via the cable. After a while, the phone stopped charging and the battery died whilst I had a custom rom installed on it. I sent the phone off to Sony and they repaired it for free as it was under guarantee regardless of the fact that I had installed a custom rom on it (although they did remove the custom rom and put their own crappy software back onto it).

    Have you called Sony and asked to book it in for repair? If not you should definitely try this if the phone is under guarantee. You should also bare in mind that if they turn around and tell you that they want to charge you to repair the phone then you will need to pay this price OR pay a fee (I think it was £10) to have the phone sent back to you without having it repaired.

  61. I’ve got a bet!

    I’m betting that the update first will be coming at the END of august instead of the begining of august.

    Just so SE is true to them self and are late at always 😀

  62. @Jesse aha yeah, i gave up on the 2.3 update as well, i dont blame the guy for giving up on the site

  63. its OK, if there no multi touch and 16M colors, i just hope this gingerbread update will bring a big improvement, such as : more faster, flash player capabilities, few memory for process and unused app is removed (moxier and other)

  64. next time, i buy a new phone, it won’t be a Sony Ericsson, even though SE phone model is good, but i am truly disappointed

  65. @ rain , Hey man if you still have moxier stuff on your phone you may as well give up now…

    I used to be of the mindset “Its ok if we dont have this or that…ect, ect” But over time its NOT ok, Other phones have it, I feel i got the hard shaft getting the x10, Why should I have to dig and dig, and try custom roms, and upgrade to a new firmware by myself?? If other company’s can keep up with the times, well, I will use those other company’s.

    Just got the asus transformer that runs 3.1, I wont be getting a phone that doesnt have honeycomb, the 2.x days are over… but sony still thinks donut is great 😛

  66. @rain
    you can get an app called ”terminal emulator” and that allows you to remove some stock apps (able to remove moxier, setup manager etc.), have a look for tutorials on youtube.

  67. @chendler and @skilucci (and anyone else who knows) – sorry for sounding numb, but what exactly does this mean? I’m not too hot on exactly how the firmware, basedband, build number and kernels all link together, but my X10i hasn’t been rooted/flashed and is on the following (my thoughts in brackets):

    firmware 2.1 – update 1 (current android O/S)
    baseband 2.1.54 (not a clue?)
    kernel 2.6.29SEMCUser@SEMCHost#1 (something to do with power management or RAM use?)
    build 2.1.A.0.435 (latest version of current android O/S?)

    As you can tell I ain’t got a clue what most of it really means, but just want to understand what post 86 and 88 are so excited about?

    Cheers all

  68. @Jesse-Correct me if I’m wrong, but you realize honeycomb 3.x is for tablets and not phones right?

  69. @Brian – At this point yes, but they are merging them for a phone version which sony will never want to upgrade to. The point is, why should we have to be one of the last to get this kinda stuff? Why does HTC, samsung ect get the new toys while a massive company like sony make us wait? They should be the ones that OWN this, but they do not…. not even close

  70. @Jesse- Sweet! I hadn’t heard that, do you know where I can get any details on it(3.x)? And don’t get me wrong, I love my X10 but Sony really blew it with there first attempt at android. And I’m really not that impressed with the Arc,neo, etc. I’ve got another year on my contract and while I haven’t completely given up on SE there next gen phones better dominate the competition if they want to get my business back.

  71. This Picard, Rikard, or whatever his name is, needs a good fart on his fucking face. The fag.