Xperia X10 Gingerbread update pegged for August [Video]

Xperia X10 Gingerbread updateRikard Skogberg has officially confirmed over on the SE Product Blog that the Xperia X10 Android Gingerbread update is due to start rolling out from the beginning of August. The update will first hit the unbranded handsets and only select operator kits. Rikard shot a video of Gingerbread on the X10 which we’ve attached below.

SE has confirmed that that the X10 will see similar functionality as the newer Xperia range including the desktop layout and pinch-to-overview gesture. There will also be an integrated equalizer in the music player. Good news on the camera front, SE has decided to keep the original camera UI rather than forgo many of the features that X10 users currently enjoy as was first mooted. Facebook inside Xperia will also be present (click here for our review). One feature that hasn’t made the cut is DLNA, not a biggie in our eyes as there are plenty of third-party apps in the Android Market.

Via SE Product Blog.

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  1. No confirmation about-
    1)16 Million colors
    2)multi-touch(upgrade to dual touch)
    3)bootloader unlocked
    4)FPS cap

    BTW am i first 😀

  2. Fuck… very disappointing, was hoping early July.. I cant wait that long, so i’ll buy ARC and hope X10 will get the proper upgrade with 16 mill, bootloader and FPS.

  3. Aww I’m a bit disappointed at how uninformative this video is. But I’m glad that SE is finally giving us an update on the progress. AND THANK GOD for the old camera application. I don’t like the stock version, though it would be nice to have the arc’s version

  4. Rikard Skogberg says:
    June 20, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    KunalGahlot and others,
    1) 16M Colors – No, sorry.
    2) Upgraded from dual touch – No, still dual touch with focus on pinch gestures, as described in earlier posts and video on that update.
    3) No as Karl-Johan has been clear on over at the developer blog this does not enable bootloader unlock on X10.
    4) FPS cap, I still haven’t got all details around that but are still trying to get a final answer. Do you have a suggestion on a proper way for me to test on the SW I have?

  5. As a business man I thing form me will be most important think will be flash and camera. To open full my business website. And camera for marketing reason (copyright problem). So iam look forward to see soooooooooon on my old mobile phone.

    Btw what did you expect everythink in one video what to make few of them to increase. Your appetite. They are bosses so they will tell you what they wonna tell what . There have to be some catch

  6. well ain’t surpriced. It’s late, so nothing new. . o O ( retarded company )

    And wow it’s slow in the video, one big load of crap!

  7. Doesn’t seem to be faster than 2.1, only big thing for me would be the flash.I really hate that x10 follows your finger so slow, like there’s some kind of delay. For example playing games like Fruit Slice is really annoying and drop down menu has a little delay, actually everything has a delay.

  8. @hello the delay is because of the fps cap. and yes you’re right , it’s not faster then 2.1, i hope the devs at xda will optimise the rom

  9. This is not fair!
    I’ve waited for this update For a long time
    Crushed to SE, I’ll buy HTC HD desire

    good bye SE Forever

  10. @aa==eeeyw there are ways to remove the cap right, cuz its just so important to me, i don’t really care about gaming and stuff i just want that the screen really follows my finger. I would even risk with my warranty and battery life. I really hope they remove the fps cap,who cares about the facebook inside xperia apps and so on, i dont want to connect my whole phone with facebook, why dont they focus on something that really matters.

  11. Does t matter. Remember 2,1 android 🙂 every other mounth sorry next mounth next next next ……. it doesnt come

  12. For the first tym am goin to bash sony….u guys suck big tym…nothin spectacular about the update…just 2.3 den why d delay? U guys managin d x10 upgrades are MAD…
    U know wat dere doin guys deyr tryin to buy tym so arc will kip sellin alil more…while u can have a moded arc firmware on x10 in a couple of weeks…
    Am highly disappointed wat can I say? If u guys like make the update til next year I don’t care but am not buy the arc

  13. lol toche,

    First of all learn to properly type english. (I am also not native english but try my best to type properly)

    Secondly SE will try to get the software to run as good as possible on their hardware hence why they rather wait a little longer and make sure there are a minimum of bugs left in the system, if they just throw it out like a plain 2.3.3 without it properly being tested it will look and not work (bit like your typing above) correctly and than people will moan again that they got software that aint working.

    Be glad they decided to do one more update which still gives you more options than what you had with 2.1.

    Enough said i am pleased with getting another update and got the patience to wait for it 🙂

    Keep up the good work SE.

  14. I think there had only developer and he went for his summer vacations … I pity on you SE.. just hire people from XDA.. that would rather better….


  16. how come that x10 has gold buttons and rim instead of silver? (the one in the video)

  17. Don’t know how many apps it’s running in the background. But it looks a bit slow.. Anyways we all should be happy that we’re getting Gingerbread and the Camera interface still stays the same.

  18. @ Nemesis- With all the custom 2.2 and 2.3 roms out already, you think the people that made the phone are still working bugs out? Get a clue.
    By the way, “aint” is not a word. Take it back to english class professor.

  19. @Nemesis…dick head just say u don’t understand d abbreviations u don’t xpect me to type d enter word usin my mobile..
    @brain badt guy lolzz

  20. I’d rather wait till August to get less-bug Gingerbread on my X10 than to get on July with full of bugs. At least the camera UI still the same. Yes, me too is a bit disappointed for the delay but still I appreciate what SE is doing because originally X10 will be upgraded only to 2.1 but now SE is giving us Gingerbread (skipping Froyo) and we are just like using Xperia Arc UI once we upgraded our X10 to Gingerbread. I love the inclusion of equalizer, the Facebook integration, etc. etc.

  21. Oh toche.

    one last thing calling someone a dickhead shows how weak you are and the need to swear.


  22. People keep saying that xda has all these roms but it doesn’t matter what they’ve developed if it’s not stable enough for everyday use. The official sony update will be. And the phone in the video is lagging because it’s not the final release of the firmware our we wouldn’t be waiting until august to get it

  23. @ Nemesis,

    As much as I find your juvenile téte a téte with toche funny, he has a very valid point. SE have consistently disappointed their customers with late and sub-standard product. They took their sweet time rolling out the 2.1 update which, as beneficial as it was, was too little too late for many. I got my X10i about three months ago, immediately upgraded it from the antique 1.6 stock firmware, and having had a fiddle about with both HTC and Samsung flagship handsets since then, really feel that SE are struggling to keep up with their competitors in the Android world. Yes, it will be nice to have a fully working Gingerbread handset at last, but why make us wait so long? How hard can it be to get it right in a timely fashion? And it seems they still haven’t addressed the ridiculous problem surrounding the camera flash. This is standard stuff on much cheaper models. As flagship handsets go, I feel that SE could have been a bit more pro active and put more effort and thought into releasing a high end handset that people will love, and accross the many forums I’ve visited on the topic, the dissappointment resonates very loudly amongst users. Sony Ericsson are way behind the front runners. HTC have consistently created a well build, fully loaded handset with a fabulous UI. SE’s looks amateur by comparison. I’ve owned several SE handsets in the past, and the X10i was my first venture into their Android products. It will be my last. These phones are too costly to justify taking a chance on SE again. An expensive lesson learned.

    And for the record, judging from your earlier posts you probably are a dickhead so he’s most likely right about that too. Or at least very unpopular among your peers. My money’s on the latter. 🙂


  24. @Adyblers
    am havin a huge lag right now…hehehehe
    seriously mehn its annoying uv had urs 3months, iv had 1yr plus
    dats y am not moved getin d arc probably d xperia duo wuld make a good choice wat do u think?

  25. @Adyblers
    am havin a huge laf right now…hehehehe
    seriously mehn its annoying uv had urs 3months, iv had 1yr plus
    dats y am not moved getin d arc probably d xperia duo wuld make a good choice wat do u think?

  26. @toche

    My advice? Having spent way over the odds as I assume you have for this glorified paperweight, I’d say hang on to your X10 til it finally dies, and there will probably be something quad core running Honeycomb. Oh, and never buy a Sony Ericsson phone again. Ever. I really can’t stress that enough. The arc looks truly sexy but its flimsy and, well, from what I’ve seen so far, they just don’t seem to get the whole Android thing. But few manufacturers do, sadly. Maybe hang tough for the Nexus 3. It’s already in development I hear. Or just go get an iphone. Personally, I loathe Apple stuff, but their 4th stab at a phone is a close as they have gotten yet to a ‘must have’ handset.
    Truth is, no-one has really built a phone yet that ticks all the boxes. Some do certain things better than others. I guess it’s a matter of taste over necessity or vice versa. Bet SE have left such a bitter taste in my mouth that I can’t see myself going back to them ever again.
    I’m curious to see how Nokia integrate with WM7. It looks sweet and Nokia have a history of making user friendly phones, but it’s too early in the race to say if it’ll take off. In the beginning, Nokia did for the mobile industry what someone really needs to do next- revamp it and make it a wholly satisfying experience. I own a C7 too and must admit that despite the fact that it runs on Symbian (caveman OS), it can do most of the stuff just as well as its Android cousins, and some stuff better than the others. FM radio and transmitter built in? Analog TV out from headphone jack? T9 or qwerty keyboard in portrait mode? 8GB memory in the phone itself? A camera with a flash that, wait for it… flashes! And well under €100 cheaper than an X10? You see where I’m going with this?

  27. Oooooh I love my Arc so much, and I still like maaay X10 as I have it costomised as I like and not own a one sided iPhone that looks hideous and plain also with ugly UI in my opinion.
    Man I get sick of reading adyble & co’s messages. They’re all caught in captivity of negativity lol. Looking forward to your negative responses, yes they make me sock yet amuse me somehow.

  28. @Adyblers

    “And for the record, judging from your earlier posts you probably are a dickhead so he’s most likely right about that too

    wow your judgement must be amazing.

    Happy now?

  29. @st4ystrong:

    I made the choice of X10 based on my experience with older SE handsets. I always found SE phones to be a clever, simple to use and attractive phone, with a great camera and media player. So when it came to shelling out for a flagship handset, it was a simple choice for me. Should’ve paid more attention to online reviews of the handset, as they were right in their criticism of it. I’m glad you are happy with your arc, but I see nothing in it that tells me SE have turned a corner and started to respond to what the market wants.

    @ Nemesis,

    Yup! B-)

  30. @Adyblers

    I have to agree, most of the “improvements” in the ARC seem to me to be down to the new OS. There really was no need for the ARC, the X10 can do everything it can. It just seems that SE rushed out another model due to the terrible reviews from it’s customers and web reviewers and forgot about all their customers who’d invested in this very expensive phone.

    People might call this being negative, however, I think when you have purchased a so called “flagship” model a customer has a right to “flagship” support and if you don’t get it then the company can expect bad press and lots of complaints. Most of the people who bought the X10 in the UK are tied into a contract for 24 months, so it isn’t good when a company like SE turns around after 6 months of owning the phone and says “no more upgrades for X10” you feel you have been ripped off!

    The problems they have had are entirely of their own making and I see no evidence so far that SE are learning the lessons that they said they had last year. They are forever late with software and the updates are a fiasco with nobody really knowing (it seems) when the update will be available for their network/part of the world. There are positives SE have finally listened to the overwhelming complaints, but even now they are saying this update won’t be available for all X10 owners and they have entirely forgotten about X10 mini etc. This can only be bad news for SE’s market share in my own opinion. Most customers like myself who have suffered a year of this poor and disorganized support from SE won’t want to touch any more of their phones with a barge pole – no matter how good they say their phones are, SE’s support is poor and Android to be successful needs a company who is prepared to offer reliable and up to date software upgrades this isn’t a description you can attribute to SE at the moment from my experience.

  31. Well said Coyote. My sentiments exactly. Thankfully, my X10 was free. Ironically, I won it in a SE competition! They’re giving the things away!! But that’s not the point. If I had signed up on contract, I’d feel really hard done by. One bad review travels a lot further than a good one. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if they don’t change their business model, they will lose market share big time. Wonder how long before they abandon the sub par UI and redesign it completely? Or will that be a lesson they didn’t learn too?

  32. @Adyblers

    Well SE cut their own throats when they stated that the X10 would receive no further support especially when the phone had only been released about 6 months before! That’s why they were left with lots of stock to “give away” how many people will buy a product once they know the company who manufacture it, no longer support it?

  33. @ Sambo- Debrand your phone like me and you’ll be fine. Wait for AT&T and you and I will never see gingerbread IF they release it, I would guess around March 2012… Seriously.

  34. I got my x10i last june when I had waited 6 months for nokia to bring out a decent model but that never came. It was my first sony erricson and im afraid will be my last its great hardware but a htc will be my next android phone as they update the software asap. I just hope sony erricson learn from nokias mistakes and give us the updates that we deserve.

  35. Yeah I don’t want to wait any longer for this update. That’s it. I’ll buy the new LG 2Gxx =)

  36. Yesterday I prep’ed a brand new SE Xperia Play, I updated it to Android 2.3.3 with PC Companion. It was NOT faster than this X10 is in this video above!!!. It also have the famous SE Lack, even when all animations is turned off and all widgets was deleted!!!
    Where is the INNOVATION???

    By the way.
    Why is there no SE phone update tool for Mac OS X???

    Its a fact that Apple is the worlds biggest brand here in 2011, sales goes up and up. More and more people go over to the Mac. Microsoft looses users every day now.
    So I think SE should make a Mac OS X version of PC Companion. When I bought the X10 I was never told that I needed Windows OS to update the phone!!!

    Well I used a Virtual Windows 7 on my Mac computer to upgrade the phone with. Using Parallels Desktop from i-fresh.

  37. All you guys do is moan moan and moan some more, just STFU!!!! Don’t upgrade them, don’t buy the phone then, you telling me all the other phones have a place to upgrade their software on Mac? Oh yes, keep telling yourself that.

    Enjoy the phone or give it to me! I don’t give a shit, just so bitching, because its really making this place unpleasant, if you feel you can develop quicker than Sony then by all means, show us!!! Everyone gives praises to the guys at XDA and Madoco, but not 1 of these guys can provide 1 driver that gives us a proper camera UI? So, I will say again, why no praises to SE why only moans and complatains? Yet you praise second rate developers as ‘Gods’ because they give you a letter on your phone saying 2.2 or 2.3, yet 2.3 not 1 of them has native WIFI Tethering working? End of the day, SE developers are machines, and their Roms are rock solid and stable, I have had Nokia for years, weekly updates sometimes more and every one of them broke something else..

    Not with Sony! It comes to you solid and working _everything_ about it..

    So I will say again, STFU!!!!! You ungrateful %#*(@#%)$!@#!@$

  38. With all due respect to everybody.
    Everybody has the freedom of speach, please respect that.
    Positive or negative posts, FREEDOM of speach comes first!

    I respect all other opinions and I’m not telling people to shut up, I’m not telling people that they are sick, stupid or naive. I just write my opinion after buying the product and updateing it. That’s what a forum is ALL ABOUT!!!
    Many in here could learn from that!
    Nobody can tell people what to write or not in here, unless you are God or an admin of this forum!

    Why are we posting in this forum? Because we want to warn other people about the Xperia phones lack and faults before they buy one. And first of all because we in here, we know that SE are listening to the forum posts.

    If people love the X10 fine with me. But I don’t think they use the phone to the full then.
    We are a lot of people that are upset to say the least, about giving PLENTY of money for a so called FLAGSHIP that does not work like an FLAGSHIP.
    And old SE Symbian phone is quicker than an X10i.
    We expect and DEMAND MUCH MORE of a FLAGSHIP than we have been given!

    And in all that you can add all the MANY times Sony Ericsson had said one thing and 2-6 month after they say or do something completely different. Nobody can trust SE again.
    And add the ever lasting waits for simple Android updates that are obsolete when they are put online!

    And Sony Ericsson should be one of the biggest mobil phone companies, people expect more from a well known company. They have to DELIVER to keep up the companys level of professionalism. With Android they have scrued up completely, thats my opinion.

    I personally don’t care if it is the Google Android OS, Sony Ericsson hardware, SE developers, Google SDK’s or a combination of them that are crap. That’s not my table so to speak.
    What I do know is that my very expensive X10i FLAGSHIP is useless. SE have to test and test and test and test and test… the damn phones BEFORE putting them on sale and calling them for a FLAGSHIP!!! If they have had a brain. They should have been doing beta tests to volunteer non-SE people to test the phones for a period of time. Then asked them if it would be a OK thing to call the phone a flagship. How many would you think could answer Yes to that!!!! ABSOLUTELY NONE! The Phone have extremely LACKS doing anything on the phone etc…

    All that put together, does not put SE in a very positive light does it?
    It is called with one word “Consequence”!!!

    As long as I have not received a personal apology from SE HQ and got all my money back!
    I’m not satisfied.

    And yet again, that’s MY OPINION!
    I respect all other peoples opinions.


  39. wtf why would i want full intigration with facebook??? i can use the internet or the app lol that shits just gonna slow everyones phones down to a crawl an hammer there data allowances,

    se just get gingerbread working an forget all the other crap, just coz you are a facebook addict dont mean you should force it on us too pmsl

  40. @Adyblers
    its been more than a year since i bought my 1st android x10i n yes it was an expensive lesson.
    i just dont understand whether s.e even reads our comments.i guess they live in their own cocoone where every product is perfect n every thing they say is right.I PERSONALLY WILL NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE BUY A S.E AGAIN.

  41. SE have become useless. Its taken so long for an update to come out and it dosent look like theres much better than the firmware already in it. So they took there time to make sumat worse Im going on to HTC. Bye SE

  42. I was hoping Ginger bread roll out will support video calling so atleast one way video calling can be achieved.
    Any confirmation?