Sony Ericsson confirms X10 Android 2.3 update coming this week

Sony Ericsson X10 Android 2.3Sony Ericsson has confirmed on Facebook that the Android 2.3 Xperia X10 update should be landing this week. “The launch of the 2.3 software for X10 is getting closer, and the planned release date is approx. w30. The date could still be changed, since the launch is depending on operators approval,” says a posting by a Sony Ericsson employee.

Week 30 runs from 25th July to 31st July i.e. this week and means if everything goes to plan the Gingerbread update will be rolling out in the coming days. We’ll bring you any news as soon as we have it, but in the meantime see the Sony Ericsson statement in full after the break.

Sony Ericsson confirms X10 Android 2.3 update coming this week

Via Facebook.

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  1. These are awesome news. I must say that I didn’t expect the update to come out before – well I don’t know. Some time later.

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  3. Jim, its been repeated hundreds of times before. The mini wont be getting the update because the mini isn’t good enough to handle it. X10 mini = cheaper phone = cheaper hardware.

  4. WOW. I will buy an arc and a neo and a mini and an active now. Because this is really good customer support…Its too late to apologize, toooo late 😉

  5. Jim don’t listen to fat mother fucker he is just a fat mother fucker. The mini and mini pro are capable of running gingerbread. There are many 2.2 and 2.3 roms running fine over at xda. You never know they might change their minds just as they did with the x10 and update the minis with similar a software as that on the new xperia minis later in the year. Fingers crossed…. I feel for you guys.

  6. @Zodiac, sony already confirmed the reasons for no mini update. I didn’t say there wouldn’t be a custom rom available for the mini. The mini sure as hell won’t be getting the legit 2.3 update 🙂 The performance wouldn’t be good running 2.3 on the mini 😉

  7. I think this its fake. remember sony already said they’d roll the update out to generic handsets and not operator branded phones so what us this guy on about with the ‘dependent on operator approval’ crap

  8. Please don’t post x10 mini or x10 pro on the page this page is for the x10 xperia the mini and pro is a pack of shit

  9. Stephen please find below a copy and paste from the original SE blog:-

    “With regards to the roll-out plan, as said back in March, this will first and foremost be made available to generic trade kits. Even if there wil be some operator kits getting this upgrade, as said before – some of you will not be able to upgrade your customized version of Xperia TM you will not be able to upgrade your customized version of Xperia TM you will not be able to upgrade your customized version of Xperia X10”

    There may well be some operator kits awaiting approval. also the post came from SE on FB

  10. Can people please update this board as they get the update? Would be great to get a snapshot of who, when and where this will happen. In Ireland on a factory X10i – still nothing, but will post once I’m good.

  11. If I have a X10i locked to 3 in Sweden, is there a way to upgrade anyway? If I pay for an unlock code, will I get the upgrade then?

  12. Darren, I’m not sure if they are going to enable Wifi tethering.I saw it was only USB tethering..but you might be right.
    SE, Just stop saying update is coming this week and release it…

  13. @Adrian Try googling Davinci Team, they’ll debrand it for 10 euros. That’s what I did. Plug it in press start, wait five minutes and your done. Or you can debrand free using flashtool. Try xda developers for that. Good luck.

  14. Has anyone heard if Rogers Wireless in Toronto will provide the 2.3 update? Pls advise.

  15. jesse and Robert, I used to work for Rogers and I have an X10.. i could ask somone internally but usually the phone reps are pretty good and they’ll tell you if they know anything.. just call the 1-800..

  16. Sony.. One thing I can tell you..

    My x10i is ready!!

    Backups already in place using backup managers from the market. PC companion ready, everything is setup. Just waiting for the release 🙂

    On the other hand, i might wait for 24 hours after the release to see if people actually installed GB and didn’t have problems with it. Will read reviews first before getting it.

  17. i will be releasing this update tonite on kenya only for testing.. thanks!

  18. Please ignore impostors.

    Update will be available tonight in Sudan only. It will be released everywhere in 2013.

  19. Sorry, but there’s been a change of plan.. the Official GingerBread 2.3.3 will NOT BE RELEASED anymore, as we are working hard to get Honeycomb to work on xPeria x10. The tentative release date for Honeycomb on xPeria x10 will be late this December. Thank you very much for your understanding.

    Sony Ericsson Technology Admin,
    Rikard Skogberg Jr.

  20. Just to add to my note above, we have decided to roll out the Official GingerBread 2.3.3 to Xperia X10 Mini and MiniPro models instead.

    Sony Ericsson Technology Admin,
    Rikard Skogberg Jr.

  21. Rikard “DICK” Skogberg and i where talking while masturbating on our backyard and he mentioned that the android 2.3.3 will be release on all SATIO phones.

  22. The Sony Ericsson software development team has decided that it was best to let one of the XDA developers do the job. It seems that they were always the ones that got the devices to work in its full potential. As for the update, I lied. It will NEVER come. It was just a decoy to get people to start believing in Sony Ericsson again and rebuild the reputation that Sony Ericsson always had.

    Sony Ericsson Technology Admin,
    Rikard Skoberg Jr.

    P.S. – I masturbated while watching gay porn on my new and fast Samsung Galaxy S2 device and masturbated while typing this. Yes, I can multitask.

  23. i think this comments sections need to be cleaned up. These inappropriate comments are really not on topic!

  24. Get the latest software for Xperia X10™
    New software is now available for your phone.

    New features include:

    Backup and restore application for your contacts, messages, bookmarks, settings, etc.
    Enhanced overall phone performance and battery consumption.
    Creatouch™ application. Create your own wallpaper.
    Improved usability of camera and media player.
    PlayNow™ with premium applications and games available in selected markets.

    When the new software is available, you will receive a message in the status bar of your phone. The easiest way to get the new software is to accept this update – you can use your mobile network or a Wi-Fi™ connection for the download. Alternatively, you can use PC Companion.

    Sony Ericsson Technology Admin,
    Rikard Skoberg Jr.

  25. nice impostors you made me laugh.. the update will be release this week.. so get ready your unrooted x10.. 🙂

  26. SE, if the new firmware is ready, there is no need to look at “feng shui” on when to roll out. Just leak it to the internet and some genius will come out with updater to replace your fxxking PC Companion which takes ages to give me 2.1 on my generic x10i while others already get it from xda.

  27. @Rikard Skumbag: U mean to say that if you have rooted your x10, the phone won’t see the update? Just wanna get my facts straight.

  28. PLEASE. Stop this guy from posting here. Please ban him, please. He’s trollin’ all day long here. And there are stupid guys who actually trust him. NO, it doesn’t matter if your phone is rooted or not, it needs to be unlocked and you need to have generic firmware. Just roll the damn update, we’re sick and tred of waitin’ for it.

  29. Rikard Skogberg’s Dad
    Man be carefull where you direct me because Xperia, Sation is not a lady and it does not like to cum in face. The resaon why is: it is not waterproof .


    p.s that was a heavy release I feel like a 100 tonnes lighter

  30. btw will there be a family xxx. Because it is seem to be that there are quite few of us lets then be fun.

  31. @Rikard Skumbag

    make’s it waterproof otherway it will not make any sentse and increase a power of vibrator-overclocking.

  32. Woot woot its talking shit. The rollout hasn’t even begun. Sony never release on time either.

  33. cant to take pictures.can teach me?no wonder you are a fat mother fucker

  34. @woot woot fuck you, the update hasn’t been released yet, it’s even not on the SE servers….

  35. Thanx Sonyericssion official news X10 update 2.3………….we are waiting……………..

  36. What is everyone using to back up texts and contacts seeing as the se back up won’t work after the update?

  37. @DotArtistas

    really? can U download it? NOOOOOOOOOOOO. than it is not released !!!!! just an info web site….

  38. I hope they will release Gingerbread on December.. I wanna see people cry like crazy here waiting for it LOL!

  39. @tiborh I didn’t say I download it. I am not home right now, so I cannot check if it is available. But the site says it’s available now. I will post a video too, if it out, so everyone can see it. I hope it is! 🙂 Good luck to everyone else!

  40. Hi, I just installed the. 2.3.3. Update.! But its so laggy and it hangs all the time. I hate it.

  41. PC companion shows update 🙂 going to try download it if its true. From Finland

  42. I dont know. I think the “update” was wisepilot what appeared to pc companion..

  43. i have just flashed generic nordic….and than seus. and the newest FW is 2.1.a.0.435…

    definetly old.

  44. The update is not available in any country as of yet. I contacted sony ericsson UK and they said that SE had updated all locale pages to show the update is ready but has not started rolling out the software. He also said it could roll out from any time now til the end of the week.

  45. That URL that’s posted, I believe it will read the same for every language you plug in into the URL Query parameters. For instance, change it so it has lc=nl&cc=nl … It will say that it’s available in Dutch.
    But really, it isn’t. Not yet.

  46. Can anyone tell me if, before the update, I need to backup on the air with my backup pro or is it sufficient to backup to sd card using the free version?

  47. YEAHHHH I KNEW IT!! SE IS MY NEW RELIGION!! I would suck the dicks of all SE Developers if they would let me!! GINGERBREAD!! Now my life has a new meaning, i can put the rope away. By the way, i came four times writing this message!! WUHUUUUUU

  48. atleast i’ll get the hotspot in it n music player on my homescreen . same as like Arc.

  49. in 2 to 6 hours the update will come.. 🙂 this is a christmas gift for all the loyal SE fans.

    next update on december my techteam will update on the xperia with honeycomb.. 🙂

  50. kemon sony… wa dh xsabar nk update 2.3.3..
    agrrrrhhhh.. i smell durian (king fruit) everywhere!!

  51. Has anyone been able to actually download it yet? In Ireland I get the same webpage message as everyone else

    However I cannot download yet. I does say in the corner of the page that…
    “Software availability is dependent on operator and/or country. Therefore, we cannot give you an exact date for when the update will be available for you.”

  52. Yup here in Belgium too only got the site updated arf i lost my flashed rom XD
    i’ll wait for the update…

  53. Mybackup is for rooted phones right? Mine is not so how can I backup? Please help!

  54. Hi There,
    This is Rikard Skogberg.
    You all suck, I fooled you very well. There is no fucking update, suckers !

    Oh that was a joke.
    If you want the update, put the phone in your ass and then push like 1 minute on the power switch.
    After this, sniff your finger and the update will be send to you on a USB stick by post.

    greetings from the moon,

    Rikard Skogberg

  55. Hi There,
    This is Rikard Skogberg.
    You all s uck, I fooled you very well. There is no fuckin g update, suckers !

    Oh that was a joke.
    If you want the update, put the phone in your ass and then push like 1 minute on the power switch.
    After this, sniff your finger and the update will be send to you on a USB stick by post.

    greetings from the moon,

    Rikard Skogberg

  56. The mybackup I DL is for rooted phones. This is the free version. Can someone post the Market link to it. Also the blogger might do well writing an article on how noobs can proceed when the update is available so we dont lose our apps and stuff. Thanks.

  57. guys pls download MYBACKUP (trail version) not rooted version because after the update we dont have software to root our x10 ,we cannot open the app after the update without root permission…better go for TRil version of my backup now.

    anybody feels i am wrong pls tel me….

  58. Phone: Xperia X10 running Android 2.1 (not rooted and rather full disk)

    2.3 update arrived in Switzerland for me last Sat. 30th July, Update download and installation was according to the book and was no problem.
    2.3 flashes everything, so you need to have a backup.
    But afterwards you have space on your phone, things like Moxier are removed. ca. 380+ mb left to fill with goodies.
    The day before I had been rathe rjealous of the Android 2.3 on my partners new Samsung Galaxy SII, now I have 2.3 on the SE Xperia X10. Thank you Sony.
    Now lots of other things are working which weren’t working before, Speech to text for example, apps2sd also works. The phone seems more performant too, less memory problems. Some apps cannot be killed automatically anymore with Free Task Killer though, only manually.

    It seems that the new OS is leaner than the old one, at least after installing everything I needed again, I still have 250 mb free, before I was done to the < 10% about 45 mb even after uninstalling Skype and a few other large apps.

    Timescape, if you use it, doesn't work quite the same or as extensive as before, you can no longer have media pictures in it for example. At least I haven't found out how to yet, but it doesn't bother me really.

    For me it is a rebirth of having fun and being able to make full use of my Xperia X10.

    Enjoy it.

  59. X10i 2.1 rooted, nuc’d~soon to be 2.3 on vodafone
    Updating now will let you know how it goes….
    Welcome news indeed to wake up this morning and have the update waiting for me. sadly for all you X10mini and miniPRO users you have been a wee bit cut off and no further updates are expected for your devices. the miniPRO is in line for its replacement in the next few months. X10mini is pretty much replaced with the X8 and its ilk so is a bit redundant. all i need nows the long awaited UK MyVodafone app which “has been released to the market Aug 3” according to VF, but doesnt appear to be very findable yet.

  60. Yea, I have updated my 2.1 firmware to 2.3.3 (GingerBread) by following the steps in Official website……
    But unable to launch Audio player 🙁 getting the following error “The Process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”

    Can someone help me out???? Thanks in advance

  61. “The Process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again”…. is the same error that i am getting after having upgraded successfully to 2.3.3 (Build # 3.0.1.G.0.75)

  62. i m trying to updated 2.3 on xperia 10i since 5 day but i never in india hyderabad .i think updated still in progress.if the upgrade is already come let the upgrade in simple way so everybody can upgrade easily….

  63. I “Repaired” the Update using the PC companion…. and my XPERiA X10i is working AWESOME now …. on Gingerbread 2.3.3…. any queries… post here… I will try to answer them all… BUT YES DO UPGRADE USING the SE PC COMPANiON on your computer(s) only

  64. Dear Rahul,
    Can you please explain, how you solved the problem in detail. I am too much frustrated to solve that problem.

  65. Sure… First I installed the update… Using the SE PC Companion… After that ironically all was well It was throwing alert for camera, media, video, market and songs.

    I then went back and tried to update the OS to 2.3.3 once again… The PC Companion said that the phone is up to date… But offered to repair the update done earlier… I did that … It took just 20 minutes at max and all is awesome since then….Battery backup increass, Mediascape will go and it will be more like nokia gallery thereafter… Try repairing and then let me knowknow… How it goes

  66. I was getting the error “” force stop and was unable to use application Camera, Music or Gallery after upgrading to 2.3.3.
    Solution I found was i) go to settings:Applications:Manage Applications; ii) select “All” on the top menu; iii) Select “Media Discovery” and clear data; iv) Select Media Storage and clear data; and v) put off the phone and turn it on again (so that media from sd card is repopulated in the media library).

  67. I was getting the error “” force stop and was unable to use application Camera, Music or Gallery after upgrading to 2.3.3.
    Special thanks to Mr. Anil, for quick fix…. now my Xperia X10 working perfect with new Android 2.3.3.


  68. I take it that the 2.3 update is not available in Australia for the X10. My PC Companion says that my phone is up to date (ie, latest software which is 2.1) 🙁

    Common on Sony, bring us the goods please!

  69. AWESOME! Just got Update to 2.3.3 in Canada. How come my xperia seems faster now?!
    I got the same error that GURPEET got:”” and couldn’t use camera. Works great now, THANKS to Anil.

  70. This Anil rock it. awsome movement i don’t know if you somebody teach you or you found it self but it works for me and everybody what a bug….they should fix that.

  71. jolenne h valaki segitene nekem letolteni az updatot a 10 re mert nem akar nekem mukodni a blotoht sem meg nem megy a wifisem nem tudom miért nem rég van sonnym de nekem ez nagyon fura ez az android és hálás lennék érte ha valaki segitene nekem ebben

  72. […] czuwania do 415 godzin (2G) / do 425 godzin (3G), czas rozmowy do 10 godzin (2G) / do 8 godzin (3G)Elegancki i nowoczesny Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 to jeden z telefonów, które można wpisać do kate…ndroid, co nieco zmniejszyło koszty produkcji i dzięki temu aparat jest wyraźnie tańszy w […]


  74. I did the update on Rogers network here. After the updated phone running for 12 hours I now can’t charge it or get it to boot. Nice update.

  75. @Rikard Skogberg’s Dick please get out of your father’s ass so I can rub your goddamn snotty nose in my cheesy stink. 2.3 is duck’s nuts so stick that up your pooper.

  76. will there be any update for x10 mini pro beyond 2.1..? or SE has made this phone stuck with 2.1 only..

  77. There is still no update of 2.3 in the US. Only running 2.1 on my SE still. Every time I try to update it, PC Companion tells me my phone is up to date. This is a lie, as I should have received this update last year.. Anyone else still having problems updating?