Xperia X10 Gingerbread update finally rolling out!

Xperia X10 Gingerbread update finally rolling outThe Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android 2.3 Gingerbread update is finally rolling out to users bang on schedule. It seems to be out in only a few select countries right now but will no doubt be available to most countries over the coming days.

The software will update your X10 to Android 2.3.3 (firmware 3.0.1.G.0.75) on Baseband 2.1.71 and Kernel 2.6.29-00054-g5f01537. No current known root exploit works for this update, however we’re sure it will be a matter of time before this gets cracked. We can also confirm that FPS remains capped at 30fps and there is no 16 million colours and no additional multitouch features. Click through for a screenshot of the update.

Xperia X10 Gingerbread update finally rolling out

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  1. This hasnt come to Norway yet, SE Norway havent even heard that this update is rolling out today so. I keep my fingers crossed for that Norway is on the list of selected countries

  2. Of all the fucking countries in the world, the update hasen’t come to Sweden! WTF!?!? Sony Ericsson is for fuck sake swedish………….. xD

  3. Praying for this phone to work decently with gingerbread…
    I´m in Panamá. I hope I get this update before monday…
    No multitouch = OMG. So “unawesome“
    FPS 30 = You´re lucky that I don´t understand this yet. 🙁

    I only ask for better battery and stable performance… If this doesn´t suit my needs. I think I´m going to take de step of rooting my cell.

    Fingers Crossed.

  4. what about x10s that are rooted? I rooted mine a couple of months ago. Will I need to unroot my phone before updating it?

  5. aro? can some one throw some light on this….!!!
    can I just update from PCC…i have debranded phone…tho

  6. Stopped using my X10 when I got a Galaxy S.. But I’m sooooo happy that this is finally out!! Just hoping that this will end some of the serious problems I had on my X10–

  7. @ martin..

    you dnt need to unroot , just update but your xperia wnt be rooted after tho so you need to re root….

  8. Dave try to update. It says that there is now update but there really is. It may work or not.

  9. From India..Just connected and checked on my PC companion..It still says your phone is upto date!

  10. Yes. it said to me too that there is no update for x10, but try to update/repair phone it really found update 🙂

  11. UK wnt get the update till later 2night/2morro at the latest, its only on selected countries, dont get ya hopes up just yet Dave

  12. Desperately waiting for an update, almost 200 times I have visited and since morning, no luck.. God, please shread some light on India, make SE push button for India 😉

  13. nice news..i was watin for this update..but someone kno when this update is comin on usa??

  14. I am getting it in UAE !

    Software downloading through PC companion ! Thanks Allot!

  15. 2.3 works really nice on x10 🙂 camera is still good and that screen shutdown efect is cool :D.

    why there is no mediascape?? music is one app and gallery different app. I liked mediascape.

  16. so I’m in the UK and repairing my 2.1 software with pc companion. for some weird reason, its downloading the software. i already had the 2.1 software downloaded when i reverted back from custom rom to 1.6 then updated to 2.1 via pcc. so could this be the 2.3 update just by repairing the software. will let you guys know in a bit 🙂

  17. For de som vil ha Gingerbread til X10 gjør dette:
    For all of you that want this now go to:​eybehk1ho34

    Download it, mount in Root Explorer (Mount as R/W) copy/paste it into system in your phone, restart then search for update on PC Companion. Download Gingerbread 🙂

  18. Hello To all those irrespective of region who got the Gingerbread update and are using the phone with it now. Can someone please kindly describe if its good or worth it? as in is it fast and smooth enough or are there any errors or lags which we should be aware of before updating? thank you.

  19. So what do people do about backups? If you’re not rooted once you update, will we be able to get our data back from mybackup or titanium if they need a root to work? Or is that not a problem? I was going to root my phone just so I could use mybackup and then get the stuff once I upgraded, but if it’s not rooted again when I upgrade will I be able to get my stuff back?

  20. It’s out in the Philippines 😀

    Guys you have to check it at least twice. At first there was no update. Then after some moments I reconnected my x10 then the update was available already. 😀

  21. Updating mine now, just modified my build.prop and vwalaaa.. PC Companion crashed once at 50% downloading, but started again and it carried on, now at 72%… So should be on gingerbread shortly… WOOOPA!

  22. Update in india successfull…………………………….

    Thanks sony ericsson for the update

  23. This is good news! And wouldn’t this be the night that I’m on a night shift and I leave my internet dongle at home for the wife to use lol ill have to see if I can find out the proxy password for the comp at work to get out to the net and not the internal network 🙂 still good news!

  24. @goku can’t check now, as busy updating, go to the xda-thread above… and look in the post you will see a mediafire download with the build.prop overwrite yours, reboot your phone and welcome to the land of gingerbread.

  25. Still nothing here in the UK.

    Could someone list some of the new features please.

  26. You can use SE Backup&Restore on Gingerbread X10, they said they would remove it and wouldnt work.. But i DOES WORK 🙂

  27. These DONT GIVE ROOT ON X10i (2.3.3)
    GingerBreak 1.20

  28. so I checked via SEUS, I am in the netherlands, but SEUS says I already have the latest! My phone is unbranded. What am I doing wrong?

  29. I dont understand how people with generic UK have the update and i dont………… I’m on UK generic….

  30. Pak ya Malaysia downloading now, half way dy, just plug it to ur pc companion and u should get the update notification><

  31. now i blame my internet service provider for such a slow download speed, really challenging my passion…

  32. hmm.. My moms x10 is stuck on 2.1.A.0.435 It no find any new updates than that. My x10 and that is both bought from Finland.

  33. PC companion says I’m up to date, but SEUS tells me there is an update. I’m in UK, but with a generic french X10

  34. It’s updated. Now if only I could remember my password for google mail to enable me to retrieve the backup info. Oh well, off to try it out.

  35. I have the update 3.0.1.G.0.75 yuuuuhhuuuu
    I was 2.1.B.0.1 CUST DE GENERIC and I’m from Romania, so i belive anybody with this ROM will have the update :)))

  36. I am from India !! any one updated in INDIA to 2.3… my PC companion says S/w latest, n phone is uptodate.. 🙁

    any suggestion… PLEASE…..

  37. Belgian xperia user here, just updated… But I’m having a little problem : I updated as soon as it was possible, doing the backup with the backup & recovery app graciously given by SE (you now see where i’m going with this), not knowing that I would not be able to recover it after with said app. :/ So… Am I doomed or is there a way to use the .sbf file with something else than B&R?

  38. Anyone know how I can check if my x10 is unbranded or not? Was a replacement from insurance company so i got no idea whether its branded :-s

  39. @ Rich, I’m guessing a branded phone has the networks logo on the front or when the phone starts up, it shows your networks logo instead of the sony ericsson logo.

  40. updates is out, I’m in uk but using the last german generic firmware that was released a while back and its updating now

  41. @Z try sprite back up if you can.. i heard it has a similar back up file format

  42. @kevin
    i already rooted to generic firmware 2.1.A.0.435
    no update until now. any idea?

  43. @Cool

    Thanks mate.

    As theres no logo I’m guessing I have generic UK so I play the waiting game!

  44. Phone has been quite slow, but seems to be speeding up slowly… Can’t wait to root it and tweak it to pieces 😀

  45. wooooo….M getting update in Qatar…..I just plug my mobile to my laptop n get update msg…
    now m updating it….

  46. So, bearing in mind root aint going to work after the upgrade AND neither is the SE back u software what backup app are people using?

    I’m going to miss Titanium

  47. Nada en Mexico, y con los de telcel peor. Alguien sabe si le pongo una rom generica podre actualizar y usar mi 3g? I do speak english, but you wont understand my question.

  48. 2.3.3 is now running on my phone, but it’s too slow: Quadrant Score of 1013, had 1150 with a custom 2.2

    i quess i switch back to custom 2.2

  49. @RazorScythe :

    it didn’t work, sprite uses the same file extension, but they’re not compatible i guess :/
    Thanks anyway^^

  50. After few crash and brick my phone for several time, finally get the gingerbread on my xperia x10^^ Malaysia
    P.S. to who ever have their pc companion crash and brick ur phone during the update process, just use the repair from pc companion it save lots of steps and guess might be someone out there who will end up like me after several time of attempt only get my update

  51. All updated to 2.3 now 🙂 I was on UK gereric and updated via PCC. I have a friend who is also in the UK but SIM locked to Orange and he hasn’t been able to update yet 🙁 So looks as if its just the unlocked handsets that are being updated at the moment.

    Anyway, I’m very pleased with the update 😀 its fast, smooth, you can pin shortcuts and folders to the little bar at the bottom like on the ARC 🙂 Flash is there in the browser, there’s an Iplayer app.. which only works on Wi-Fi, but you can get around this by setting the phone as a wi-fi hotspot and then connecting the phone to its own wi-fi connection! Madness! lol. So yeah, very pleased with the update, for a phone that is now almost 2yrs old! Thankyou SE! I’l be buying the ARC later in the yr, that or the Xperia DUO 😀 😀

  52. @Jorge,

    Necesitas “debrand” tu xperia x10. Cuando termines, puedes buscar en seus o pcc. Deberia funcionar y si no funciona debes esperar un poco mas.

  53. Gingerbread still not available for Panamá.
    Tried with PCC and SEUS.

    Both tell me that I have the last software.

  54. does anyone know how to get into the “hidden” meny?
    it is a combination ocf home, back, back, home…. can’t remember the combination

  55. YEAH, Got the notification in France. I begin the upload. For information my phone is unbranded.

  56. Can someone post a link for a “debranding“ tutorial? I really want this update.

  57. @Rami

    Mine X10i is not yet able to upgrade either to 2.3.3.
    I have generic Nordic installed though, since I had custom rom/kernel previously.
    Could you maybe check from your mom’s X10 which bb and kernal it runs in 2.1 stock rom?
    Kiitos!! 🙂

  58. Haven’t checked yet for x10a here in Canada.. Will check now but I want to know if Arabic text is supported Haven’t checked yet for x10a here in Canada.. Will check now but I want to know if Arabic text is supported natively. Anyone know about this?

  59. @ravi :

    Not yet ……..i am freaking not able to sleep now ………so close yet soo far…………
    txt me in my no if u get de update …………its 09840777076…………

  60. @Deepesh, I’m excited and desperately waiting since afternoon to see new things coming on to my xperia, but wondering why this was not turned on till now for India.

  61. @ravi:

    i was lyk so xcited tooo………….. but i dnt know wats the real prob lies behind this late release in India where they offer only Iphone & BB with contracts……….. no point in delaying ……….. India should be the first place to get it done ………i am freaking upset abt this roll out rules sony has ……

  62. Ravi @:
    nopes…we re at the best place…….
    ppl doesnt know de value of it…………………once they value , i am sure they wont be disappointed………..

  63. 2.6.29? are you fucking kidding me? i WON’T update. WTH… SE sucks big time. WTF. No GB kernel? Just xperia arc exact os ” adapted ” for the x10? The only improvement would be 2-3-4 apps removed(which I removed myself), apps2sd, flash and that’s about it. SAME CRAP. SE is worthless. Hope the xda devs will port the right kernel. XDA devs are 100000 times better than SE employees. Only thing is that those bastards have access to resources, and a lot of other internal SE “classified” stuff than the devs from xda, which deliver modified OS with kernel related-issues. If jerpelea and zdzihu would work at SE, we would have our phones updated regularly, + that it would work 10 times better, with removed fps cap and a lot of other things. I think it’s in SE’s interest to have satisfied customers rather than pissed off customers, complaining about their updates. This crap brings NOTHING new, so don’t get excited. Same ol’ 2.1 “dressed” as 2.3.3.

  64. and lol.. my phone already has the latest software and it has NORDIC generic firmware. wtf…

  65. @ Marcelo Rodrigues: Free x10 sucks ass. It’s even more limited by software. I just wanted the GB kernel, for christ sake.
    @ Deepesh : How kind of you! I thought indians sell phones, not beg for shipping a phone to a given adress.
    I’m not complaining. You’re way too blind to notice the obvious. WTF… It’s like having Lamborghini Gallardo with a 2CP lawn mower engine. You’d enjoy the body, but the engine sucks ass. That’s what SE delivers. Great phone, poor software. Are dumb or something? srsly… 2.1 kernel on 2.3?

  66. im waiting for latinoamerica. Si alguien sabe si la activaron para Venezuela avisen.. o si se puede crakear para un mientras tanto.

  67. Updating now, hope it doesnt take too long. SIM locked on 3 UK if that helps anyone else know if theyre updatable 😀

  68. @andrei Stop with analogies, please, it’s disgusting.
    If you’re really wanting the Arc kernel and the Arc OS, why don’t you buy an Arc? Or better, buy an Iphone 4 and get a lot of updates everytime.

    Best regards,

  69. @Marcelo Rodrigues
    Ok man. Disgusting is the way you act. And btw. Iphone sucks, and i’m not spending my money on any shit. I really like this phone, i just don’t like the software, period. You know… There are things you like/dislike and nobody can say anything, because it’s just about you. I don’t think i’m the only one with a real problem here. You don’t understand a thing. Just fuck off, please.

  70. HI, I’ve just updated to 2.3.3.
    It’s the same as other 2.3.3.
    Can’t be rooted with the previous tool.

    Anyway, I’m satisfy that my X10i finally catch up with others phone.

    I Love My X10i~ yeah~ XD

  71. Andrei
    Plz we dnt beg fr nything, its just ur mentality towards us, moreovr I own 3 phones, an x10 iphone 4 n galaxy s2, u cn suck ur own balls nw… no one needs ur damn advices, I said if. If u re so fucking nt int u cn ship it to someone who doesnt ve it n then suck ur own balls of it n to call n play in dis forum..

  72. @andrei Why do you need a better kernel? Do u really know why your X10 needs another Kernel?
    Man, it’s the same hardware!!! Kernel basically treats the connection between the software and hardware, why an upgraded kernel if the hardware it’s the same?
    For sure that Arc needs a better kernel; it isn’t uses the same X10 hardware.
    I repeat, if u wanna a better kernel, buy an Arc and be happy!
    And, one more thing: If this a “just mine” thing that nobody needs to know, man, write this on your diary and leave this blog for people who wants to share something.

    Best of the best regards,

  73. Done arguing. I’m out of here. I’ve been here 1 yr or so. But no more. FYI, haven’t received the update on nordic generic. Enjoy your updates, and thank you for the insults.

  74. It seems SE currently does a Unit testing with other countries before it roll it to India & USA.. 🙂

  75. How can you tell what region your phone is?

    As i had to unbrick mine a while back.



  76. Had this update for about 5 hours now. Laggy sh1t.

    Hoping it will settle down after a couple of days, but not impressed so far.

    My last OS (2.1 with Zkernal) was much better than this.

    Still, time will tell. Hopefully somebody will be able to produce a root hack, or pre-rooted FW, and at least the GB custom kernels will now be able to use GB drivers.

  77. Its almost 18 hours, am waiting to update my phone.. am loosing my patience.. Ill wait till tomorrow morning, if it was not released, am planning to go upgrade my phone with the one available in xda developers site, hope it may have all latest one.

  78. I have a DeBranded and rooted AT&T x10, and so far no 2.3 update for the north american generic version of 2.1

  79. ahhh i quess i will seee when the time comes instead of waiting in here for some one to say the date

  80. i ran with world generic (not out yet) but you can change your customization version – so i changed to 1235-7836 and getting the update now

    a little how to:
    root your phone
    root explorer to system: edit in build.prop:

    to your desired Customizatuion Version, reboot – and get the update


  81. Quadrant: first run after reboot ~1250, next runs I get between 1360 and 1470 …
    Also, it took a while for the firmware to settle (about 2 hours my estimation ? I might be wrong). The first reboots (as I was trying various ways to get root) the phone lagged a lot, scrolling in the menus / list was jumpy, etc.

    Now, it seems to have settled and is smooth enough. I will keep my X10 a bit more, but it’s very tempting to jump to Galaxy S2 (and also sell X10 mini in the process, which seems to have been forgotten).

  82. Anybody else having the PC Companion freshly installed, and not being able to see anything else than a pic of the x10, with update checking in green and settings for pcc only?? I cannot see anything else like sync, support zone, etc.. not possible to repair the phone either to see if this will give the 2.3.3. instead of the 2.1
    at least via update service it will still install stock 2.1 here in Finland.

  83. @mym; It doesn’t work! Both SEUS and Companion don’t work! netherlands 🙁

  84. can anyone help me ? how can I recover my sms/contacts ? I used sms/contacts store from 2.1 ,but now I don’t see this program … 🙁

  85. Finally got the update, looks good so far 😀 thanks SE hope to get more updates after this

  86. My phone is generic world. Its a UK contract phone. Shouldn’t it be generic UK? If so, how do I change it to generic uk?

  87. The only way to save sms contact is to have a backup app.
    I’ve bought Mybackup pro and I had no problem to gon on gingerbread. It also save your apps.

  88. Looking good for me here in IRL.
    But some tricks needs to be done on my X10, I flashed my firmware to X10i_2.1.B.0.1_CUST-DE GENERIC 1235-7836 and viola its updated to 3.0.1.G.0.75

  89. The funny thing is that I now have moved on to a Galaxy s2. I Don’t use my x10 any more.

    I just can’t get over the updating thing.

  90. @Icarus
    Thanks for the tip, it triggered the update immediately when changing those 3 settings in build.prop.

  91. Someone said that its out in UAE can u give me the region code for UAE ? and does anyone know when it will be releasing for Saudi Arabia..etc

  92. X10i CUST-AE GENERIC 1238-8010 – Released (2011-07-29)
    X10i CUST-AU GENERIC 1234-6150 – Released (2011-07-30)
    X10i CUST-BE GENERIC 1238-0870 – Released (2011-07-29)
    X10i CUST-CH GENERIC 1237-0688 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUST-DE GENERIC 1235-7836 – Released (2011-07-29)
    X10i CUST-GBA GENERIC 1238-3757 – Released (2011-07-29)
    X10i CUST-HK GENERIC 1234-6286 – Released (2011-07-29)
    X10i CUST-ID GENERIC 1237-0687 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUST-IN GENERIC 1237-0692 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUST-IT GENERIC 1237-0326 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUST-NBC GENERIC 1234-8465 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUST-NL GENERIC 1234-8547 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUST-PH GENERIC 1237-0696 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUST-RU GENERIC 1233-2792 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUST-SG GENERIC 1237-0334 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUST-TH GENERIC 1237-0336 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUST-TW GENERIC 1233-7027 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUST-UK GENERIC 1235-7379 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUSTO-IBE GENERIC 1238-3760 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUSTOMIZEDCE1-CE1 GENERIC 1237-8344 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUSTOMIZEDCE3-CE3 GENERIC 1236-4636 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUSTOMIZEDSA-SA GENERIC 1238-6349 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUSTZA-ZA GENERIC 1238-3758 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i GLOBAL-GGL GENERIC 1232-9897 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)

  93. unbranded x10a:

    X10a CUST-AR NAM1 1237-1014 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a CUST-BR NAM1 1234-4836 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a CUST-GEL NAM1 1234-4820 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)

  94. branded x10i:

    X10i 3-AT GENERIC 1234-4748 – Released (2011-07-29)
    X10i 3-DK GENERIC 1234-6544 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i 3-HK GENERIC 1234-6546 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i 3-IE GENERIC 1234-4750 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i 3-SE GENERIC 1234-4752 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i 3-UK GENERIC 1232-9592 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i BOUYG-FR GENERIC 1233-7025 – Released (2011-07-29)
    X10i CHT-TW GENERIC 1239-2540 – Released (2011-07-29)
    X10i CONN-RO VFE 1234-6156 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i COSMO-GR GENERIC 1234-7536 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CUSTZA-ZA GENERIC 1238-3758 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i CYTA-CY VFE 1234-6146 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i E+-DE GENERIC 1234-4754 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i GBUL-BG GENERIC 1236-5705 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i GT-FR GENERIC 1233-2796 – Released (2011-07-29)
    X10i KPNMOB-NL GENERIC 1234-8550 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i M1-SG GENERIC 1237-0329 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i MEDI-MA GENERIC 1238-7218 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i MENA AR-MEA GENERIC 1238-3759 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i MENA LA-MEL GENERIC 1238-3756 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i METEOR-IE GENERIC 1234-4756 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i MKOM-AT VFE 1234-4583 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i MSTAR-BE GENERIC 1236-0132 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i MSTAR-ES GENERIC 1234-7515 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i MTEL-BG VFE 1234-6171 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i O2-DE GENERIC 1233-2794 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i O2-IE GENERIC 1234-4760 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i O2-UK GENERIC 1234-4762 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i OMUS-PT GENERIC 1234-6159 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i OPTUS-AU GENERIC 1234-4764 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i ORA-CARAIB-FR GENERIC 1236-0134 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i ORA-CH GENERIC 1234-4768 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i ORA-DO GENERIC 1234-6148 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i ORA-FR GENERIC 1234-4770 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i ORA-PL GENERIC 1234-9617 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i ORA-RO GENERIC 1239-5661 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i ORA-SK GENERIC 1236-0130 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i ORA-UK GENERIC 1234-6152 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i ORANGE-AT GENERIC 1234-4766 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i PANNON-HU GENERIC 1236-4638 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i PLAY-PL GENERIC 1236-7213 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i PLUS-PL GENERIC 1234-7169 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i PROX-BE VFE 1234-4591 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i PTC-PL GENERIC 1234-7484 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i S-TEL-SG GENERIC 1237-0333 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i SFR-FR VFE 1234-8436 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i SKTELECOM-KR GENERIC 1236-4494 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i SMART-PH GENERIC 1239-6522 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i STAR-SG GENERIC 1237-0330 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i SUN-CH GENERIC 1233-2786 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i SWISSC-CH VFE 1233-7029 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TDC-DK GENERIC 1234-9751 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TELIA-DK GENERIC 1234-9747 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TMN-PT GENERIC 1237-0324 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TMOB-AT GENERIC 1234-7482 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TMOB-CZ GENERIC 1234-7489 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TMOB-DE GENERIC 1232-6435 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TMOB-HR GENERIC 1234-7486 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TMOB-HU GENERIC 1234-7487 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TMOB-NL GENERIC 1233-7031 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TMOB-SK GENERIC 1236-4639 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TMOB-UK GENERIC 1238-8324 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TNOR-DK GENERIC 1234-9749 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TNOR-NO GENERIC 1234-7530 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TNOR-SE GENERIC 1232-9594 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i TSON-SE GENERIC 1234-9753 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VFE-AU VFE 1234-4575 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VFE-DE VFE 1234-4587 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VFE-DE VFE 1239-2736 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VFE-ES VFE 1234-6163 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VFE-GR VFE 1234-4581 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VFE-HU VFE 1234-6167 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VFE-IE VFE 1234-4577 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VFE-IT VFE 1240-1465 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VFE-NL VFE 1234-4593 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VFE-NZ_VFE 1234-6142 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VFE-PT VFE 1234-4585 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VFE-UK VFE 1234-4579 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VIP-HR VFE 1234-6169 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10i VODAC-ZA VFE 1234-4589 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)

  95. branded x10a:

    X10a 3-AU NAM1 1234-4828 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a CLARO-BR NAM1 1233-6927 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a CLARO-CL NAM1 1234-4838 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a CLARO-GT NAM1 1234-4844 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a COMCEL-CO NAM1 1234-4846 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a MSTAR-AR NAM1 1237-0939 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a MSTAR-CL NAM1 1234-8447 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a MSTAR-GT NAM1 1234-4816 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a MSTAR-PE NAM1 1234-4834 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a MV-VE_NAM1 1234-4818 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a ROG-CA NAM1 1233-6929 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a TCEL-MX NAM1 1233-6931 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a TCNZ-NZ_NAM 1234-4822 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a TELEF-CO NAM1 1234-6245 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a TELSTRA-AU NAM1 1234-4824 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a TIM-BR NAM1 1234-4840 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)
    X10a VIVO-BR NAM1 1233-6925 – Not available yet (yyyy-mm-dd)

  96. @robert t

    I had same problem on windows vista. On windows xp works normally, i dont know about 7. There is also flashable version of 2.3 ftf on xda forums

  97. how to find out firmware version?

    on lock screen press: Home, Home, Back, Back, Home, Back, Home, Home, Back
    then choose Service info > Software info > look at Customatization version line.


  98. All LTU is doing is, copying and pasting a thread from XDA that hasn’t been updated for hours. That information is old. Ignore the silly little boy 🙂

  99. Well, I flashed my phone with XDA’s tricks, but i can’t make the update yet! What’s happening?

  100. Backup and Restore##########
    Can anyone CONFIRM that there is no possibility to restore a previous Backup from SD created by SE Backup and Restore after the upgrade to 2.3????
    There is a bit of confusion cause some people say that is not possible others say the other way around!!!
    What other tool is recommended for backup? There is MyBackup Free in Market which can be used for 30days…Did anyone use it?

  101. F.Y.I. to EVRERYONE… Due to the memory restrictions of the x10 running 2.3 will be sluggish, there is nothing you can do about that. But, you will get to use all of the latest apps in the app store that are compatible with 2.3 and below, and you will have access to flash, and app to sd card storage.

    IF you want to eliminate the sluggishness of the new ROM, there is a work around. Download “Launcher Pro” from the app store, this launcher’s UI is MUCH better than the stock SE UI anyway and with more options for UI customizations. After installing and initiating Launcher Pro download any task killer and kill the default SE stock “HOME” task to improve performance. And that’s it, now you will have an awesome looking and performing UI with all the benefits of having a official SE gingerbread (2.3) ROM.

  102. Ya MyBackup get the job done pretty well,
    u can synchronized ur contact via gmail or sony ericsson sync service will still available after the upgrade
    but the sony backup and restore app which present in 2.1 i cant find it anywhere in 2.3

  103. Holy crap. Just got up and plugged in the Phone.
    Optus Australia here. PC Companion. It’s here!

    ummm… ummm… better download My Backup Pro first.

  104. No update currently from Rogers Canada. Just ran PC Companion and, “phone is up to date” while running 2.1. Just ran MyBackUp free edition – just in case. Process took about 15 minutes to complete. Gotta be much better than typing in all the contacts back in manually or remembering which apps I had and downloading them again!

  105. Some people need to read. They don’t say “No Multitouch” they say “No ADDITIONAL Multitouch” which means it’ll remain like 2 point MT and not something crazy like 4pt multitouch.

    I’m Rogers x10a in Canada. I’m not holding my breathe for Rogers to release it since they carry the Arc and Play and are pushing sales for that. So I’m finding a way to debrand or whatever it takes to install global generic firmware. Time to read some xda pages.

    @Kevin If you read SE PRoduct updates, they warn you that backup and restore (sony sync) or whatever it’s called won’t transition from 2.1 to 2.3, So you should of backed up via another program, but too late now I guess.

  106. Cleaner and slicker.

    I haven’t done a restore yet. My contacts and so forth were all in Google anyway, and I think I’ll enjoy rebuilding the phone up from a nice clean base.

  107. YES YES YES!!! fUCKING AWESOME……3UK update to Gingerbread available and ready to rock.


    dudes, the above hero “monteiro-ribas” got my x10i UK to update to 2.3.3., Build Number 3.0.1-G.0.75
    I manually previosuly went root, edit and used codes below but did not work for me when i replaced the xxxx as per Icarus post. I know this worked for other, but not for me. I had used this approach ages ago for 2.1 !!

    So was about to give up, when I read the above link. His technique is just cool as it just says bollox to the fine fix, use the seldgehammer, to default everything to a known config that SE’s servers and PC Companion will definitely work with to get to 2.3.3.
    It sailed straight onto 2.3.3 !!!

    I am on UK, debranded, T-mobile.

    X10i CUST-DE GENERIC 1235-7836 – Released (2011-07-29)
    X10i CUST-HK GENERIC 1234-6286 – Released (2011-07-29)

    so staying up to 1:30am was worth it after all dudes !!!

  109. For people wondering about Vodafone uk ‘branded or not’? when I got my x10 from vodafone I get an x10, no operator logo,just the vodafone logo on the phone either. Even they sent me a replacement phone as it’s speaker stopped working, and I got another one, exactly the same,no operator logo,vodafone it should have generic uk firimware.[I didn’t get the update yet]

  110. Anybody from the Philippines who’ve already updated?

    I’m planning to visit a cafe today to get an update. 4 hours more and I should be done with my shift. Already flashed back to 2.1 stock, all backups done, phone is ready to go.

  111. Cant believe 3UK carrier got the update….Im so happy. Everything looks different and responds really smooth……. Its late and I will do some research tomorrow as well as test some shit out. It is rare for a carrier to get an update first. Thanks SE and 3UK.

  112. quote from SE

    We are pleased to confirm that the roll out of the software scripts for the Gingerbread upgrade for Xperia X10 has started as of today. The specifications of the upgrade can be found in the post that Rikard posted back in June. With regards to the roll-out plan, as stated earlier, this upgrade will first and foremost be made available to generic trade kits. Even if there will be some operator kits getting this upgrade – some of you will not be able to upgrade your customized version of XperiaTM X10. The roll out is phased (we have currently issued around 10% of the scripts) and they will all be made available over the next week. You will get a notification in your phone (if your kit is subject to the update) when the software upgrade is available. The software ugrade can only be installed using a computer and PC Companion software.

  113. Once it’s rooted I will be definatly removing timescape. it is useless for me. same as postcard and other apps they have included. Weird got a generic one and did not get it yet.

    *Is there any way to check your kit number in your phone, (I mean in the system,not the box or the back of the phone)?? Thanks

  114. waaaaaaaaaw, a great update in Gingerbread, the 360° rolling screenn very nice p^^

  115. i m actually quite impatient in waiting for the gingerbread update, hope is worth it. my X10 is generic

  116. how long we must b wait..
    please la wei..
    malaysia,singapore n indonesia need 2 ma..

  117. Guys, my SE PC Companion is failing to finish the update! An error message appears when the computer will prepare. What do I do? I’ve tried everything! Thank you!

  118. last night already update my x10 to 2.3 ,i m from Singapore. Update with Sony Ericsson PC Companion 2.0…

  119. tengs for yr information but i use same version Sony Ericsson PC Companion but still cant update yet..
    any idea??

  120. it is better and you will get root too!!!!!!

    try to go first to global generic 2.1, root it, install xrecovery from flash tool and continue the guide

  121. Tried the method in XDA as suggested mouse July 30, 2011 at 1:29 AM to change the ftf file, took me an hour to figure out the steps but now downloading GB3.0 from PC Companion.

    Figured since this will be the last software update, I am not going to wait till my region gets the update.

  122. @vinenzo697

    I’ve downloaded both files and did all the procedures, but I can not update. Gives error in the process!

  123. I’ve waited a loooooonnng time for this. I can wait a little longer for official US release… But only a lttle longer before I go insane.

  124. HOWTO:
    create a folder on your desktop and install FLASHTOOL in the folder that you created, after unrar or unzip the Sony Ericsson X10i_2.1.A.435_GLOBAL-GGL GENERIC 1232-9897 and put the ftf firmware file in the firmwares folder ( in the folder you created).
    Now double click on the X10FlashTool.exe and after click the flash button, choose your firmware and wait for the tool to ask about turning the phone to flashmode. Then do it and click OK
    Flashing will begin …

    When install finish turn on your phone and skip the setup,go to settings / applications / development and tick the USB Debugging and the Allow mock locations, now plug it to the computer but dont mount it, on the flash tool press the root bottom and wait until it reboots after the reboot press the ASK Root Perms and accept from your phone the Superuser pop up, after that the xrecovery option from the FLASH tool will go black (the letters) press it and wait until it says finished..

    Download the ftf bundle & compressed recovery image from
    extract the contents of the recovery image to a folder on desktop
    u will get a folder with 4 files as shown below:

    connect device to PC and mount sdcard
    copy that extrated folder to /sdcard/xrecovery/backup/
    so final path to folder & files should look like:
    once copying is finished unmount sdcard and disconnect cable
    reboot into recovery and restore this backup
    wipe cache, data partitions
    directly remove battery and wait for few minutes (since we dont have power off in recovery this is crude way to do it)
    now start flashtool and connect X10 in flash mode and flash the ftf bundle provided below
    after flashing is complete just restart device and enjoy prerooted X10 SE 2.3.3 GB!!!

  125. tick tock tick tock.. wait time is killing me.. Sad, still no update available in Malaysia.

  126. Allo Dad… can you teach me abc how to update this gingerbread. I yam hungry now… thanxs

  127. its fake
    belive me..
    in another region is not ame like another region..
    i tried realy hard until last nite.
    now iam start 2 tired and feel realy bad.
    need 2 sleep

  128. how about the update for the china and hong kong seems not yet eagerly waiting for the update any new

  129. @vasim:what is ur generic trade kit number……..mine is 1237-0692….no update yet..india

  130. @enigma ..Singapore SE already released 2.3 last night ,confirmed coz updated my x10 to 2.3 .

  131. It’s rather cool to have witnessed three major phases of Android on this phone.
    1.6 to 2.1 to 2.3.
    Each time has been a cool “Whoah, this is a lot nicer” moment.

    So… hey SE… go on, you know you want to… Icecream Sandwich. Show us what wizards your devs are.

    I DARE you. What, are you Chicken?

  132. Plugged it in around 1pm Perth time (Western Australia) and the update is there. Phone now updated to 2.3.3. Hooray!!!

  133. @Mike M

    Hey man, I was wondering the same. If Rogers did push the update, I’d be amazed! But I’m not holding my breath. Any chance on getting GB 2.3.3 on your branded Rogers Xperia X10a? I have no idea how to do this, though I am looking through XDA.

  134. I am still on Android 1.6. How to update? Is it 1.6 good?

    Sorry for my engilsh please help.

  135. hello guys the version is showing 1234-6286 r16b but still no update available in the xda thread is showing available but not available yet
    can anybody advise how to get the update as its showing green color in the xda thread which means is availble but no luck man

  136. is there a way to debreand or change generic codes?????? and still update to 2.3

  137. i have pc companion but still in that showing my software is up to date so i dont think any update is availble yet most of the people are like me having pc companion still showing the software is up to date and when i do the wifi software update on phone still show the same so i think there is no update available seems like it will take more time

  138. Yeah,I’ve got the update by the xda-guys! Its shiny, brandnew and works like charm. Now I restore the contacts with the mybackup app. Everything goes fine! Thx SE!

  139. I am from uk, trying to upgrade, PCC taking 100% CPU for last 30 mins and no action happening. Does any one know how long the update takes? I was expecting 5min max. Is the server too busy/slow?

  140. PC companion still says phone upto date!! What the heck?? 1235-0692(india) here!

  141. Update piece of shit……. just finished update and now my SD card is not recognized…… So much wait for this!! I gona do it again and see what happen…… Update land in Ecuador by the way.

  142. Philippines here.. still not available.

    either in SEUS or PC companion.. both downloaded from SE site today.

    Going for Pre-rooted.

  143. well just tried a repair install via seus and still not available for me..
    im on a generic global uk i think.. 1232-9798.

    well good luck for those of you guys still on the waiting list 🙂
    im gonna go to bed as im just home from a night shift so maybe when i get up?


  144. Hello I have an X10a from AT&T. How can I get the update? How do i root my phone to get it? Can someone help. I’ll really appreciate it.

  145. Search the Pre-rooted version of Official SE GB over at xda forums. follow the instructions, and get your self a rooted 2.3.3 🙂

  146. Just woken up in the UK & still no update on o2

    Come on Mr Swedish SE man
    all you need to do is
    press my button so I can update


  147. i live in north sudan, just installed it some few mins ago… wow! stunned by the awesomeness of its awesome interface! SwEEt! 😀

  148. Question to those lucky GB users.
    Does SE 2.3 looks totally different than SE 2.1?
    Is there SE Backup because there are mixed informyation abou that?
    Is it possible to install.good’old mediascape?
    Is there iptables kernel module?
    Thx in advance.

  149. if there is any update available then it will show on pc companion but still dont also on the sonyericsson website it dont show any update details this means no update available as sony say need to push the button but i think they forget to push it which make every body suffer

  150. @szef – Yes, 2.3.3 looks totally different than 2.1, by that I mean you can easily spot the difference if an xperia is on Eclair or GB. There is no SE Backup.. once and for all please stop thinking you can use your old backups made from SE backup utility. You can’t!

    You’ll have to use a 3rd party backup utility to save your data (phonebook, apps, etc)

    Not sure with mediascape.. I don’t like it personally. I think it’s a good idea SE decided to remove that. LOL

  151. anyone else here got the update for australia? ive been trying all day and still no love… lucky Gregm

  152. Yeah, what about the SG GENERIC 1237-0334? Is Singapore’s update going to be the last one? 🙁

  153. @igor
    same happens to me i change mine(nordic) to australia and run pc companion ,then it’s show android 2.3 update but when start to downloading,an error message shownn,first i think that because of root so i unrooted and try ,no sucsess.then i try the SEUS and i got the message there is a new software available and a 140 Mb file downloaded and installed and that’s gingerbread!!

  154. Jst done update…. it fast, take me arnd 1/2 hrs. with internet speed 1mbps……yeaahhhhh… nice … but my wife 1 not yet got update 1237-9005……..

  155. It´s cool to have gingerbread with fully working cam. User interface looks very nice.
    BUT: lot of lags, timescape and launcher like a slide show. Launcherpro and GoLauncher are smoother.
    Custom roms runs better, only the cam should be implemented now.

  156. yeah, any news regarding 1235-7379_r7B would be good, i’m running a world generic fs but a uk generic cust………………i remember 2.1 being released and SE UK waited a few extra days to put it through some control tests (fastidious sods) and i am wondering would this happen again?

  157. Yeah I’m still waiting for UK GENERIC 1235-7379, Pc Companion still saying I’m up to date. No gingerbread for me yet.

  158. Any news for Orange UK? I can’t remember how long it took with 2.1! I need this update lol

  159. When 2.1 came out O2 users had to wait till 11 days after the release date to update their phones! let’s hope this is not the case this time!

    Really looking forward to updating! 🙂 Come on O2 and SE!!!

  160. Those who “REALLY” updated their phones to 2.3.3, kindly post a short review/experiance with the new update, like speed, in-call volume, equalizer or the UI experience as a whole. Since Mediascape is already out, how’s the video, music, photo files look like – all media files got its own widget?

  161. 2.6.29 Kernel in Android 2.3.3??? WTF? Why not 2.6.32/35? Why not Android 2.3.4??? SE is still behind everybody else…

  162. @DRuNKeN MaSTeR .. stop saying that… i tried to say that last night, and they all mocked me. I’m so sick of these know-it-alls. They said that the kernel has nothing to do with the phone itself … :facepalm:. Srsly… Idk if i’ll ever show up here. I’d rather keep my thoughts to myself, rather then post them here.
    As for the update, it’s laggy even if i kill all the apps, it only has apps2sd, usb/wifi tethering and flash, and the new launcher. Besides that, this update is nothing but 2.1 renamed to “2.3.3”.

  163. i got it yesterday, its great! better performance…quandrant more than 1000, thats more than twice as much as before..great job se!!

    GERMANY! loves se! u kept ur words!

  164. You can check your number under “Customization Version” in the Service Menu.
    You can enter this menu by pressing this combo from the Lock Screen:

    Home, Home, Back, Back, Home, Back, Home, Home, Back


  165. how do ya check this quadrant thingy people keep on going on about?! come on o2 n SE! uk 1234-4762…..

  166. @rons
    Sorry mate, not idea why.
    When you look in the Whirlpool Android forum, it seems a few people are getting updated.

  167. How to update in malaysia?? how you all check the 1234-5678 this code?
    I don’t know how to check..
    Malaysia haven’t get the update yet?

  168. update available in Kenya. just updated. so far, so good! restoring my backed up data

  169. Confirming that 2.3.3 can be had if you change your boot props file to any appropriate region. I used generic DK. Note, however, after the update, you may not be able to access your SD card (this has happened to me and is a big deal as well as somebody else who has reported the same thing above). In the storage section, it acts like there is no sd card installed.

  170. if i use flash tool to update the gb in my phone and when the real gb update comes in my country, can i go back and update the gb intended for my country? thnx in advance…

  171. Got my X10 updated to 2.3.3 here in Denmark. Ok apart from now the app market on the web says I have no phone associated with my google account – market on the phone works fine. Have read the google help on this subject and their suggestion did not work (download an app from the phones market app – downloaded fine but still not shown on the web market).

    Anybody had the same problem?

  172. Erm – right after writing my about my problem with market not recognising my phone, now it does! Good old google – gotta love ’em!

  173. @ Shazib, Nope. No updates yet. I’m also on UK generic 1235-7379.

  174. I from SG, M1 phone but using Singtel SIM, my version is 1237-0329, anyone successfully updated so far ? pls advise

  175. I think next roll out will be on monday considering that it’s weekend now. And SE can be happy to say that the met there deadline, by rolling out in africa first.

  176. @Rune – I got an update today in Denmark – my operator is 3, don’t know if they are rolling out per operator?

  177. @Daveratters

    Mine is unbranded on nothing yet.

    And it’s weird that the branded phones got the update, when SE annonced that branded phones wouldn’t be a top priority but the unbranded would be.

    Then again, it’s SE

  178. same is mine its unbranded yet not sign at all.. Rickard Du bör skämmas att inte släppa ut uppdatering först i Sverige(oavsett av anledning) Fy på dig

  179. Does anyone know if x10 on gingerbread will get new market, i got updatebut market hasnt changed?

  180. You all dont wait la… today is saturday, tomorrow is sunday, the GB SE team are on weekend, come back on monday.

  181. Guys! Any idea of the update in India. Still it says your phone is up to date.

  182. @ Rogers Canada

    I did the upgrade on my Rogers x10a using this method that was posted several times:
    However, Step 5 didn’t work for me, so I used the 2.3 FTF file linked in Post #8

    There’s also the other method posted, where it’s pre-rooted version of 2.3, but I’m reading some people are having trouble with it once it was installed like overheating. So I’m just going the non-rooted way and wait for someone to update to existing rooting methods like SuperUseroneclick.

  183. @Rune Denmark – It’s possible that the next roll out will be on Monday as Sat/Sun is a weekend. So all of us guys who do not have the update as yet, we need to wait until Monday UNLESS somebody from them is working tomorrow Sunday (that I really doubt) to push other button.

  184. still waiting for the update in India
    I don’t no whats the problem with se to launch it in India

  185. I re-install twice now and still no SD card I tried with another SD card and same problem, does anyboby else has this problem? SD card not reconized/not mounted. I search at XDA too and nothing, they just said reboot here, reboot there, but nothing works, is been 8 h since update too gingerbread and already start to regreted

  186. gingerbread 2.3.3 update is available.i successfully updated my X10.Im in srilanka.Just connect your phone & open pc companion.It says new update is available.follow the instructions as mentioned.By the way im enjoying the new features.multitouch in photos tooo.yupeeee

  187. @sanjav why not backup all your data, reset your phone to factory and see if the sd card appears, then do the update again and see…. just an idea! 🙂

  188. has anyone edited the build.prop to get the update? if so
    which numbers did you use??

  189. I will be waiting for the root instructions to get posted before updating… my rooted 2.1 is still sick as it is (minus the flash limitations ofcourse)…wonder when its coming to canada?

  190. @Kurt
    2.3 do not use a lot of RAM space……X10 does not have enough RAM!!!
    I was surprised somehow when they announced the upgrade, cause 2.3 works better with min 512MB of RAM.
    X10 will always have some lag due to lack of RAM.
    Now if the applications can be installed on SD card does anybody know if is possible to allocate some of the internal memory to RAM, and to make some sort of swap file???

  191. @Dre, you are talking bullshit. the x10 has enough ram. 2.3 has internal memory management (something like a taskkiller). I’m never out of RAM and I have almost 90 apps installed. If you are, for example going to play a ram heavy game, 2.3 kills some apps so there is enough ram available….

  192. what that means? non-branded generic trade kit?
    I’m not sure about my phone.

  193. nevermind, i got the update the xda method 🙂 shall do untill its released for my region then ill just flash back to the generic rom i have for my region and update again 🙂

  194. @andi and also any idea if market is unlocked in this one for saudi arabia or do u reckon we shud flash global generic when it releases instead of sticking to the customized sa ?

  195. Is there any way i could go back to 2.1 from 2.3.3 as i want to try the pre-rooted 2.3.3 roms from xda

  196. @ice_truck_killer, if you had a stock rom on 2.1, then you can root any rom. If you want 2.1 back, just flash with flashtool

  197. its working i wonder why? whats that firmware that changes ? makes the phone id to kenya?? heh e

  198. @jorge Si, tengo mi plan de datos, funciona muy bien, y sin tanta basura de parte de Telcel. Las configuraciones vienen en la propia página de Telcel, sólo busca el equipo y allí estarán…
    Saludos. Alguien sabe si 1234-4820 ya esta la actualización??

  199. well this suck even with the new update itz still not stable. I CANT USE MY CALENDER whats suppose to mean?

  200. ALBANIA!!! It’s here finally. Was not expecting it to be honest. I was about to install the rooted one by flashtool, but PC Companion showed the update just now. Update in progress!

  201. Still no update in x10i Generic Global version in the U.S. even though people are saying its out for that version…

  202. no update yet in holland,im assuming itll arrive somewhere at the end of next week,just like how it went with the 2.1 rollout.

  203. To those who havent got the update yet..
    1. Root your phone.
    2. Install xRecovery-0.3
    3. Go to xda-developers. Dev. Doomslord have uploaded the official SE 2.3.3 rom along with the new kernel and baseband. Just download them and flash it.
    4. You can uncap the fps with a zip file. Plus there is 50% bravia engine porting from arc rom over there.

    I just couldnt wait anymore and today morning i did all these. And i have gingerbread with 50% bravia engine and fps uncapped. With fps uncap the phone is now lightning fast.
    Just try it. Its worth it !

  204. In INdia mostly it ll be out before tuesday ……………!!! chkd with the Generic kits around and also abt the Roll Out MaP………………cant wait for the update man….

  205. @Deepesh am also from India.. Use doomslord way.its simple plus it’s rooted too.

  206. After eight hours of testing without any lag,no freezing.quadrant: 1344-1371.

  207. Guys how come the update is out in sri lanka and not in countries like india, singapore and malaysia?? i’m really confused, coz i bought my x10 from malaysia and how come i get the update here???

  208. Just made a wifi search for updates, says it needs a pc to make the update. I think this means Greece got the 2.3.3 update at last. I’ll try for tomorrow!

  209. still want to root by myself.. coz all my backup is in titanium backup and the backup i made mybackup program disappeared somewhere coz when backedup it was on some folder and its not there.. whats the extension of that file?

  210. Can someone please tell me the link to install GB through XDA for X10a (1234_4820) to be precise.

  211. i upgraded to 2.3.3 but not able to root after update can anyone help me to update it ?=

  212. sorry i mean how can i root my phone after 2.3.3 update. i tried gingerbreak, superoneclick , and flashing tool 2.91??? any idea?

  213. Downloading update now from Malaysia…but my xperia are from france so no wonder got early…can”t wait…>3

  214. From August 2 update is available Software SonyEricsson terminals X10 Android version 2.3 (Gingerbread).

    >>>>>>>>VODAFONE SPAIN<<<<<<<

  215. @Brian Thanks for the help, but still nothing, I update via SEUS before update everything was OK now I just cant get the damn SD card to work, it say I don’t have a card inserted, Gingerbread piece of crap…….!!

  216. so already upgraded to 2.3.3 whats next which firmware do i install to get back to so that i can root.

  217. @ Mike M

    Thanks for the reply, I’m saving a few XDA methods for updating to Gingerbread. I’m in no hurry yet, I’ll hold out til next week because I hear the update may be pushed out to Canada by next week at the earliest? If Rogers did push this update, it would be amazing! But I’ll hold out a bit, I’m going to have some faith in Rogers (wouldn’t be the first…). Thanks a lot! So you didn’t update right, since you’re waiting for a custom ROM?

    PS. Anybody who wants to see the Xperia X10 running Gingerbread, here’s a Thai video of it: (the performance looks kinda sluggish, so I’m a little worried about that but everything else looks fine, especially the old TV style screen close. Really liking that!). Enjoy!

  218. X10 Customization version 1241-1846 is russian for those who wanna know. And the update wont be out for russia until monday.

  219. I bet the guys at SE are laughing their pants of at us guys keep plugging and unplugging our x10’s to see if there is an update for our region. What a great idea rolling GB out on a Friday. I recon their all down the pub celebrating their success, by my reconing the rollout is alphabetical, 3, Africa, Albania, Australia & so on already have 2.3.

  220. Still no update in NZ either…and yeah feel like an idiot plugging my phone into my computer every 5 mins too =)

  221. No roll up for any country yesterday 30/7/2011.
    Today Dunno yet.
    Tomorrow sudah pasti Malaysia akan dapat. Tune on to your PC.

  222. German FW already updated. Cant find the “shuffle” option in the Music Player.

  223. FWIW, Australian Optus users,
    There seems to be two different firmwares that Optus used:
    X10i CUST-AU GENERIC 1234-6150 , which has been updated, and it’s owners are doing happy dances now.
    X10i OPTUS-AU GENERIC 1234-4764, which has NOT been updated.

    I think the second one is branded, and has junkware.
    My X10 had no Optus branded apps or splashscreens. I bought it when Optus started dumping X10’s on a cheap $29 plan. They must have had all these unsold boxes of the things and thought “Screw it, get rid of them.”

    This might mean that you guys who spent the big bucks on the phone are buggered.

  224. For those ones complaining about the lag, let the phone settle for a while, turn data off, then switch your phone off. Turn it back on in a minute.It helps, the libraries need to settle down after first me.

  225. Its begin with alphabet a – z, Singapore is “S” so got last lah… sib baik tak Z

  226. @enigma, its not neccesary follow a to z, I really hope it will release soooooonnnn!!:);):)

  227. Malaysia already got update lah. Mine already updated to official 2.3 SE X10 ap set bought in Malaysia updated in Malaysia. Maybe Malaysia ISP block your connection or you’re using old version of SEUS. I dont know I’m just guessing because im a n00b.

  228. SG still no update….anyone in SG successfully updated ? Pls advise how to update.

  229. Wow im downloading now gingerbread in Pakistan as i was on UK GENERIC 1235-7379
    for whom who dont wanna wait follow below instructions

    1º Download this firmware in here:

    2º Download FlashTool from here:

    3º put the firmware inside Flashtool in the firmware folder!

    4º Turn off the phone, press flash button in the Flashtool and connect usb cable holding BACK button of the phone…. phone should be installing 2.1 firmware..

    5º Finally, reboot your phone… connect to Sony Ericsson PC Companion 2.0 and update to firmware 2.3.3

  230. hi, got the update yest ie sat evening in chennai, India..2.3 GB is cool, nice to handle.. its more stylish now..
    faster too.. The photo albums are really good..The keyboard is more responsive now.. The stand by looks like the one used in TVs..overall a nice update

  231. How to clean install the update? Do I need to remove the market-installed applications before the update?

  232. HA HA HA…
    how long do we have to wait? i thought we were among the first to receive the update.
    its driving me crazy, really need to run 2.3.3 on my x10.
    and now, i’m considering flashing custom rom.

  233. Im on Oranage UK and have just done the way suggested by Haseeb Shaikh, worked perfectly, for UK users who can wait, do it now!

  234. Update is available in india. Just did and its great!! Only 1 problem though.. i did a backup with the ” backup and restore” option available in the old android. The new one doesn’t have it. So i do not know how to restore my contacts and all. Any1 know how to? I even tried downloading the back up and restore download on Sony Ericsson website but it doesn’t install. Please help!!

  235. Finally the Joined Contacts bug is fixed. When I now join contacts I can change the names of them to whatever I want. The bug was that you could not change the name of some random contacts after you joined them.

    Another thing is that the “end call with the power button” is back. You can activate it somewhere in the settings, I don’t remember exactly now.

  236. for singapore users, if you want it fast, you can choose to flash your x10. it’d be faster that way. it is now much harder, better, faster and stronger..

  237. @neethi available in India?wats ur customization version?mine is 1237-0692. still says phone software is upto date

  238. if you want to restore the contacts, calendar and other personal info just make a “sync” with the SE web using “sync app”… that could help.

  239. @Neethi Dude, every description of the update SE gave, they said their backup tool wouldnt be working in 2.3.3 ( or at least you couldnt use that for this update) and they even recommended a different back up program. so why is it that so many ppl still manage to screw that up… /sigh.

  240. OK – so SE have screwed us over.

    After repeatedly insisting that people who were running 2.2 roms on their X10s weren’t genuinely using 2.2. because it was back-linked to a 2.1 kernel, it seems that SE have done exactly the same.

    This is why Rikard was coming up with crap about “no 16m colours” etc etc. If you check the kernel version on the Stock 2.3, you can see it’s linked back to the original 2.1 kernel. This is why the new “update” runs like crap.

    I will never be getting an SE phone again. SE just take the p*ss out of anybody who’se ever bought an SE phone.

  241. hi guys… wanted to know if i will get the update 2.3 if i’m using custom 2.2… or do i need to go to the stock 2.1 before updating…?

  242. @ prasad. I have no idea what the customization version is. I just got a pop up window on my phone saying “The newer version of software is available. Please connect to the computer to update” or something like that. I connected and it started updating.

    @ATH.. Hehehe. Sorry never read that. I just read that there was gonna be Ginger Bread for SE x10 and got excited. Never read the rest of it :P. So in other words i cannot restore right?? Great…

  243. @ prasad: Dude am frm INDIA too.. And my ver is 1237-0692.. Have the same problem as you..

  244. TO ALL, I HAVE UPDATED TO 2.3.3 AND I AM ON X10i CUST-GBA GENERIC 1238-3757 – Released (2011-07-29).



  245. @G A M ys dude.. i just tried with the update service from sony ericsson now.was expecting some gimmics:) unfortunate “already have latest software”

  246. @Janardhanan: I’m too from Chennai. But I get the message your phone is updated with the lastest software…. 🙁

  247. @Neethi lucky to get hands on to 2.3.Hope its working well. Can u confirm abt the camera flash, is it fixed?and wifi using proxy? and also left flip and right flip orientation change?

  248. @ prasad: I think it’s got something to do with the customization version.. Let’s hope we’ll receive the update very soon.. 🙂

  249. UAE and Qatar already got the update (as posted here) but no update yet for Saudi Arabia.

  250. my phn showed baseband version 2.0.46..
    i bought it fro united kingdom nd using it in india now..
    can my phn get andrioid 2.3 update??is this possible to update my phone?
    plz tell me..plz..

  251. @ prasad.. Flash is fine. Wifi using proxy not to sure cuz i haven’t attempted it yet. I have connected my phone directly to my wifi connection at home and works just fine. Left flip and right flip orientation works great too. I also managed to salvage my contacts stored in old back up.. And finally on the last note: GingerBread is awesome!!

  252. Just spoke to an O2 advisor and this is what he said:

    “We can’t confirm as of now when the next one will be available. But as soon as it comes, it’ll be updated on our website. Please keep a tab on the website.”


  253. hi guys im trying to flash my phone to an alternative FW using the method put forward by montiero- on xda, now i put debugging mode on, turn off my phone, put the fw into firmwares in flashtool, hit the flash button, connect usb whilst holding back button, click ok and it comes up preparing files but nothing…..give me some help please, i need an idiots guide i think

  254. @nilay: use this code in lock screen(press this buttons) : home, home,back, back, home, back, home, home, back

    ->service info->software info-> under customization version you can find it!!!!

  255. reply i just got from O2 uk twitter

    O2 O2 in the UK
    Hi GhostRacer, we will be releasing the Gingerbread update and it’s coming very soon. Keep an eye on PC companion for updates. 🙂

  256. Could someone please genuinely guide me as how to get 2.3 through xda?? i have rogers network and there is no update yet in canada.. can’t wait any longer… all the help would be greatly appreciated..

  257. 2.3.3 is fantastic.

    No lag like some have reported mine is super fast and everything runs absoluteley fine.

    Love the way it handles everything.

    Oh did i mention it is fast? 🙂

  258. Hey thanx ronak but i am really new to this xda stuff… so just wondering that when i clicked on the, the model number that its showing is X10i; however, I have a X10a, so would that effect it in anyway,… may be 3G?????
    Sorry buddy, I might sound like an idiot but i am really new to the xda stuff….

  259. I was raging but I didn’t sell mine at the time they said they were not doing this update… Result.

  260. I have an UK Orange branded X10. PC Companion was saying that my phone was up to date, so thought bugger it and opted for a repair. Phone has now been updated to Gingerbread 🙂

  261. For all SG users, hope the updates is available tomo. Good nite. Anyone SG users updated, pls advise here. thanks

  262. @ic3 last Friday night ,Singapore SE released 2.3 , i already updated my x10 to 2.3 at last Friday midnight.

  263. guys how to restore my contacts and msgs??BACKUP AND RESTORE app isn’t in gingerbread..hope you can help me with this matter..many thanks in advance..

  264. hi bkl, which carrier you are using and what is version ? U get the updates thru PC Companion by clicking the phone icon top left hand corner – checking for phone updates ?pls advice thanks

  265. hi ic3

    updated with Sony Ericsson PC Companion 2.0, before updated i flashed it back to Sony Ericsson GENERIC firmware 2.1 bcoz i was using Custom rom.
    Updated to version 2.3.3 , Baseband 2.1.71,build number 3.0.1.G.0.75

  266. I have a unbranded phone that is a X10a why is it that i can’t update while the X10i can? Are the two phones different?

  267. Does anyone know when can I get the update in Finland??? I´ve tried several times and still can´t seem to find it.

  268. @Kristian66 – did the repair option really give you Gingerbread?! As this was something I was contemplating myself. I am with Orange UK but unbranded and am getting impatient – has anybody else tried the repair option to see if it installs 2.3??

  269. I`ve just updated my x10 to 2.3.3, everything runs smoothly, using quadrant benchmark, it hits almoust same score as Xperia Arc, but there is only one problem which I hate – when playing music, it sometimes get stuck, like it stops playing for 1 second and then continues, I really hate that and I hope there will be some last bugfix for few things, which doesn`t work. Oh and also there sometimes is a bug, when using any app. quiting to main menu, that apps visual look sets as background, idk why it is doing like that, all other things(which I`ve tested) is working pretty fine!

  270. flashed and did it the xda way
    now downloading GB AS WE SPEAK WOOO

  271. Still no update for my x10i here in the Philippines with baseband 2.1.54 Kernel Version 2.6.29 SEMCUser@SEMCHost#1 and Build NUmber 2.1.A.0435 🙁 any ideas guys?

  272. Great Helpful thread is this. SO helpful u everyone. I am very thankull to all of u guys who tried to help others. Thnks again

  273. Guys Still awaiting GB update. World generic 1234-8465!! any1 in same range has updated yet??? another question: is the xda way in english language or the update is in another language???
    DO REPLY!!!

  274. Somebody tell me whats the operator got to do with the update. Why they are not releasing it in India?

  275. Just tried the repair option on O2 phone and it’s been updated with 2.1 . Come on O2 . Once again late to the party on the X10 Update. Hope we dont have to wait as long as it tool to upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1.

  276. This is the conversation I just had with an O2 advisor:

    Sunny: ok and do you now when the update to 2.3 will be available?
    Ollie: Sure.
    Ollie: Let me check this for you.
    Ollie: Once the Sony release the latest update of 2.3 we’ll customize it and then we’ll check the generic settings on how to improvise the function of the phone on our network once you download the new software. As soon it’s available you’ll receive a message to upgrade your software.
    Sunny: ok Sony released it on Friday
    Sunny: how long will it take for O2 to do their bit?
    Ollie: That’s right but we haven’t customized it yet.
    Ollie: We’re just checking the generic settings on how to improvise the function of the phone on our network.
    Ollie: Rest assured, you’ll receive text once it’s okay to update on your phone with our network.
    Sunny: ok
    Sunny: any timescale you can give me at all?
    Ollie: Thanks.
    Ollie: To be honest there is no time scale, as we need to test many things with new software if it’s helpful for your phone.
    Ollie: Once test are done you’ll receive text to update on your phone.

    Doesn’t look like we are going to see 2.3 for a while!! 🙁

  277. I don’t think using the REPAIR SERVICE app of Sonyericsson will give you the Gingerbread 2.3.3 update as posted here. I believe only PC Companion or SEUS will give you the update. Hopefully, tomorrow Monday, a lot of countries will receive the update or the whole week starting tomorrow (Aug 1 – 5/6).

  278. Hey.. I’ve tried 2 few methods and both work. One for non-rooted and one rooted with some crap taken out.

    Depends on the person if you wanna wait for the official one for your region then do so or if (like me) you dont wanna wait check out few 🙂 there are links further up n this thread 🙂

  279. Been crashing constantly since updating to 2.3, making my phone quite useless :[
    Stock rom from SEUS

  280. Lags for free again by SE.
    Fast fixes by XDA Developers.

    SE , are your developers high during software performance tests???

  281. @Carlos Balanzario gracias! voy a probar hacerlo con el pre-rooted rom si no jala seguire el método q sugieres, segun entiendo no tocaste para nada el PC Companion right? cargaste directamente el Rom con el Flashtool?

  282. natolv July 31, 2011 at 5:07 PM

    I have the same issue with music skipping, which I first thought was a problem isolated to my phone, which is annoying as it constantly skips. Although I find the equalizer option is a nice touch.

    And there is no longer the miss call widget as in 2.1, what a waste.

  283. I have installed the update everything works fine but it is not detecting my SD card. Then flashed it and installed prerooted version from XDA developers and again same problem. It is not detecting the SD card. that sucks

  284. Hi,any one having this problem after update? cant charging the battery till full only 80-90

  285. All the problem occurs because you all didn’t updated your phone by your region update. You all use XDA method and then faced many Bugs.

  286. To all ROGERS WIRELESS X10 users:
    Guys I don’t think Rogers is going to release the gingerbread anytime soon. So what I did was to flash my x10 with the 2.3 firmware that is available at xda’s website. Trust me it works like a charm. Been using it for past three days now, no problems at all or what so ever.

  287. @Victor Gzz Así es! Directamente, porque el método que esta publicado no me permitía actualizar ni por SEUS ni por PC Companion. Lo que he probado va muy bien, mejoro mucho el rendimiento.

  288. Por cierto el método es para X10a y X10i. Según lo que he leído nuestros SE X10 no tienen bronca con los radio version (banda en la que trabaja) ya que esa configuración la han dejado bloqueada a puro hardware, así que no importa que la ROM que probemos sea X10i. Un saludo.

  289. can anyone confirm me if the update is available hir in the Philippines? tnx

    i tried updating in PCC it say im up to date.. im using x10i

  290. sorry to tell you enigma, but ive tried 2 xda methods of updating to 2.3 and both have worked without issues i might add 🙂

    and one (which had a few tweaks and apparently a 100% working port of the bravia engine) even had a slight speed edge over the untouched rom installed via seus.

    but it was lacking in a widget that i use religiously so ive gone back to the method of flashing to a custom 2.1 then updating from seus 🙂

    which still runs nice and smooth by the way 🙂

  291. when wil I get d update notification…
    is nyone 1237-0692 customize got update…plz reply…thnx

  292. hi bkl and enigma,

    My customization version is 1237-0329, do i need to flash it back to Sony Ericsson GENERIC firmware 2.1. How to check whether I am using Custom ROM ?

    From software info,
    Phone Software Version 1227-4612_2.1.A.0.435 GENERIC-user.
    ETS Software version 1225-9698_8

    Can advise how I can upgrade to 2.3.3 ? thanks

  293. If you change the HomeScreen to ADW for instance, or any other, you won’t have the music widget. SE homescreen drains battery much faster than motonav + gps in my car, that’s why i needed to change the HomeScreen and just noticed this. The android music player is bound to be used only with their homescreen. That’s a fraud, since it’s android, not symbian. So.. the music player is “locked” because of them. I need a “good” free music player. The default one was ok, but it was draining way too much battery with the homescreen. Now i have winamp, which sucks because it doesn’t have eq. I tried to install a 3rd party eq and it sucks rly hard. WTF is wrong with SE? Why the hell would they make the android default music player to work only with their crappy homescreen?

    And BTW, the SE homescreen is laggy as hell.

    I noticed that the battery still drains much faster than 2.1 anyways, with 0% brightness, and apps killed all the time.

    Do I still have to mention the eclair kernel? => this slows the phone down a lot, and adds a lot of battery drain.

    So…Practically…. If you install linux on a PC, and if you “upgrade” your linux to a newer version of linux, but you somehow keep the old kernel… It will work like shit. This is not an update. And this is not fully android 2.3.3. This is 2.1 renamed to 2.3.3 with the built-in functions of 2.3.3. WTF…. They could’ve at least changed the kernel. That’s all i wanted.

    I don’t want to hear comments like : “buy an iphone, buy sgs2”. I’m just sayin’… it’s not fair… I paid some money on this phone + repairs to buy another 2 phones, and i’m getting only one, which works as a faulty one… it’s laggy and SE don’t care about their customers. I know it was easier to “update” using the old kernel and “build” GB on top of 2.1… But because of this… battery drains in 20h with a few calls (3 mins each) and 10 sms, + 4 mins of wifi, and … standby most of the time.
    I’m not complaining. I’m just saying what i noticed from this “update”. Since i have it for 2 days… i’m rly sorry i updated, srsly. But i’ll keep my “2.3.3” untill a dev ports a decent GB kernel and/or SE makes another update with the proper kernel.

  294. This is what zdzihu said, after he unlocked the FPS cap, from 30 fps to 34 fps, and not 50 or so in 2.1 : FPS is fully unlocked, the stock fw is just that slow…. SEE? even a DEV confirms that the fw is slow. I’m not crazy. He’s not a random dev, he’s one of the best devs in the x10 community.

  295. BrainFart July 31, 2011 at 10:32 PM

    Yea, I think u`r talking about same problem as I`ve, but I`ve checked this problem with other player, so, the problem is only with original one… Listened to music 2,5 hours and no lags at all from other players…

  296. why it shows in my antivirus S-360 ( FlashTool tools) from media fire is a Virus. anyboby encounter this problem? i can’t manually update..

  297. is it 2.3.3 ? is a garbage no is 2.3.3, is 2.1 with face of 2.3.3 but more lag.
    bad job sonyericsson, what happen? excellent desing of the x10, but terrible software of sonyericsson.
    wtf… is integration wiht facebook? you eliminate the garbage of moxier, timescape but inside more garbage with facebook integracion.

    dissapiont of you sonyericsson.

  298. Still no freaking GB updates in Brunei! Hurry up SE!!! Its 3.45 pm here and I am still waiting,,, waiting… waiting impatiently for the update!

  299. I had been told that team SE GB will on their job again today. Last 29/7/11 they had sussed rolling up to 10% of the region. Today they will rolling up 10% more region. Phew!! it will take 10 whole day to covered 100% region for GB to reach to user. Let guest Which region will be up today…… its some part of Europe, some part of Asia for sure not India and Mainland china, South East Asia will be coverage tonight. Last ?? USA with branded AT%T.

  300. T-mobile UK have just told me they have “no information” on this update. Guess we’ll expect a long wait…

  301. still no luck man for the update showing on the pc companion your software is up to date even on the website shwoing for the hongkong given the update but cannto update untill receive the message any idea

  302. it dropped my 3G
    camera is extremely laggy
    got new launcher and a cool shut down animation

    thanks sony ericsson for pimping my phone

    before update it was only a phone, now it’s a brick!

  303. @ Quincy ME. Orange have just told me the same thing. No information on when the update will be released. They stuffed us on the pinch/zoom update and now are lagging behind yet again on this. So much for ‘Everthing Everywhere’!

  304. X10i CUST-HK GENERIC 1234-6286 – Released (2011-07-29) showing in the xda already realsed but still canot update also when do the wifi search for the update still showing phone is up to date i think for the china mobile still no update come yet

  305. @andrei

    Agree with you 100%.

    But at least we have new sources for Cam and Bravia Engine. Give the XDA Devs some time and our X10 will get a real update.

  306. So, Mr people, Do the unbranded custom kits release before unbranded generic kits? I’m on a UK generic custom kit.

  307. Thought people might like to know, over at xda:

    “X10i CUST-UK GENERIC 1235-7379 – Released (2011-08-01)

    Just updated through pc companions support/repair option”


  308. something about Spain? when will arrive? vodafone said that he has his version tomorrow but I’m generic user and SEUS says me that I have the latest version…2.1 >.<

  309. Im in israel but I bought my mobile via vodafone uk.anybody knows when Vodafone gets an update? Because mobiles purchased in israel got the update already ….:-/

  310. @dubaiboy

    From XDA:

    X10i CUST-NL GENERIC 1234-8547 available 01-08-2011

    update with PC compagnion. Repair mode


  311. So anyways, since bob says my kit is released, i’ve hit repair to see if it updates. It needed repairing anyway since i removed all the google apps and market place yesterday to see how fast it would be without all that junk 🙂

  312. @Arnold

    In PC Compagnion, I think you need to go to support, then use repair. Rather than just going for check for update…..

    I think…… not at home so can’t confirm

  313. @ Mr bob, thats what i’m trying now. I shall post here if it does update to 2.3. Yes. Yes i fucking will.

  314. I’ve been using the 2.3.3 fw for 2 days now. What I see is great improvement of my battery life. Even though I’ve been playing and using Wi-Fi. I experienced a complete freeze of my phone (first time ever with this phone) and I had to remove the battery. It happened while I was opening emails through the stock email app. I also had several force closes on some apps and returns to the main screen, however this can be the effect of the phone settling to the new software.

    I also play Let’s Golf 2! on this phone, and I must say that on 2.1 it was really laggy, but now it runs so smooth!

    I see great improvement when opening contacts, messaging and in general any app. It is way faster than before.

    One thing that bothers me a bit, is that the stock launcher cannot be customized and it lags a bit when you have widgets like music, timescape etc.

    Overall I think my phone just became a bit better, however this is not a huge change, just some extra features and a bit more speed. Since I am a Sony Ericsson fan for many years now, I am not changing to any other phone, I just hope that xda will do what they do best! I don’t see SE releasing any other useful updates.

  315. @Arnold

    Yes please confirm if it updates, but I’m also think I don’t want to know. If it does update it’ll mean I have to wait 7hrs before I can do it which will be agony….

  316. Updated to 2.3 through repair mode 🙂

    My phone is X10i CUST-UK GENERIC 1235-7379

  317. @Arnold Fawks Tigger what network are you on? Is it a contract phone too?

    Surely you shouldn’t have the update through repair mode? that just doesn’t sound right?!

  318. i get the update with this method… previously uninstalled the pc companion then reinstalled and then thick the country for germany, and i get the update…

  319. can SG 1237-0334 update through repair then it will update to 2.3.3????????????? help please!!!:(:(

  320. Gingerbread is fast 🙂
    Although I hate the media player wat happened to most played, favorite tracks and all…
    Missin the album art update, one button push share
    And again the video player..why in Gods name wuld dey use default android player?
    Asides dat everything works perfect

  321. I just searched for software updates on my x10,its says theres a update available via SEUS!

    So i guess that means 2.3 is out for unbranded phones at least,in the Netherlands!

    Unfortunately I gotta wait untill im off work to update lulz

  322. ahhhhh this is no good i have waited here for so long 🙁 and i am not sure when the update for US will be if anyone knows plz tell me!!! thx

  323. when will 2.3 be available for x10 mini pro? I just went to the SE support site but they dont say “if” it will be released for the Mini Pro. 🙁

    Is there a way to mabe get a cutom 2.3 with slide out qwerty support???
    /want 2.3

  324. can anyone tell me the size of the update in MB so that i know weather in repair option if i try…i get the 2.3 version..??

  325. Is anyone having problems with deleting Text Massages? When I delete a message, the actual words are deleted, but the recipients/senders name still remains in my inbox with a blank slate. Getting really frustrated!

  326. @ Toche: I completely agree with you! Why the hell was SE thinking? And why can I still not control my music from the Locked Screen? Really?!?

  327. Orange UK: I tried the repair method and I am still on 2.1 🙁 But I have to put everything back on my phone: waste of time.

  328. repair option is giving me the fle size of 162.5 Mb….i guess thats the same old 2.1….but lets see…its almost going to finish….

    In India whoever succefully updated, kindly tell us….how u did it..???

  329. @raj………what is the kit/configuration version on your x10………….even i am waiting for the update……………

  330. got my 2.3.3 update.

    But i can get it to find my music, it finds the SD card, but not my music! that’s annoying

  331. still no update in india :-@

    what the hell is this? i have been like anything….

  332. dear SG or X10i users, finally I manage to get my updates, not thru companion PC by clicking update since 29th July. Tonight I got my phone to start the gingerbread 2.3.3 updates thru Update Service and just finishes updated my phone. Just follow instruction pressing back and hold etc. I am now updating my phone (144MB) so just wanna share to everyone in SG here. Dun need to thank me, just buy me coffee..Good luck.

    Here is the link

  333. Hey SE! What gives with the delay in 10a releases? So far all the firmwares that have been released have been for the 10i.

  334. still waiting for Australia Optus 1234-4764. anyone has that pls let me know. waiting anxiously

  335. Just updated in Australia,
    Virgin Mobiles
    more fluid than before.

    need more time to re-customise lots of settings now.


  336. Hellllllllllloooooooooooo SE….wake-up u still have a job 2 do….X10a update?

  337. Just came home from work. Now downloading the update through SEUS here in the Netherlands.

  338. android 2.3.3 for x10i generic singapore, 1237-0334 is out on SEUS!:-) my x10i now runs very smoothly, had a quadrant bencmark of 1043!!:-) hope u guys without the update to get the update soon;-)

  339. yeah! Just updated with 2.3 in Hong Kong!!
    yeah!! 噤先止係路…..八月才出…但好似無2.1噤順….maybe I just don’t get used to it…haha….thanks SE !

  340. Hye guys m from India..Had a rooted 2.1 using superoneclick..Have unrooted it back so that I can ge the latest 2.3 update..But its still showing on PC companion that I have the latest software..Is it because of the root?? Should I factory reset or something coz a friend of mine has the 2.3 update now and I don’t..Help!

  341. I didnt get the update yet. My phone seem like non-branded. There is no vodafone logo when I turn it on. And its sim free as well. What can I do?

  342. Vasistha @:

    Wait at midnyt we ll get the update !!!
    U could ve note it there.
    MOstly all de countries got it ..
    tonyt is our day……………….

    jUst wait ..i m nt able to wait at all…but patience is the key//////////

  343. Hi there! Am from Chennai, India. Still no updates here. How come Janardhanan J(557) got it? Please jana, post it how you got it? Thanks.

  344. Guys & Gals frm India …..just to keep u posted ……………..1237-0692 CSTM Firmware plz be patient ……………

    Midnyt we ll be getting it ………
    just be ready Backing ur contacts n other stuffs………..

  345. @vasistha: well I’m still gonna wait..cannot just erase whole stuff..
    @deepesh: you sound fairly so?

  346. Ritvik @ just take a back up sstill , no matter update it or not…………
    Just chill. as i spoke to de sony guys they said mostly tonyt n if not tomom for sure ………………………. they confirmed me whereas these guys nvr confirm us abt anything …u can give a try….

  347. Ram @ ur custom firmware Plz … it 1237-0692 ???? plz let us know if we ve to wait to get the update now or tomom ……………

  348. Hmmm. Let’s hope for the best. I don’t know how deepesh is confident about the updates?
    How do I backup my phone contacts? Please help me.

  349. Hey Laxman …..Just back it up to ur sim card or use some third party S/w’s to back up all ur contents…
    U see Ram got the Update in India…….
    Wait guys we ll get it in sometym frm now …slow roll out in india as said..

  350. @ indians all the best. If anyone getsupdate in india please please posttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.@ r u sure

  351. suddenly there was a update on pc companion just wait en i did my backup with mybackup pro, got all my apps via internet android market connecting my x10 is was easy

  352. @ Laxman Dude use a third party app as Deepesh said.. One of the best one on market is MyBackup.. download it.. backup all ur data (contacts, sms, mms, etc.,).. Good luck..

    And yeah waiting for the update still..

  353. Got the update, at last, on Orange. Finding it very sluggish but I am hoping it just needs to settle down. One thing I am at a loss without though is the the “Android keyboard” which came with the 2.1 release (not the ‘default keyboard’) I find this much better than the default keyboard on 2.3, does anybody know where I can obtain it? Thanks

  354. Ive got a Unlocked / Unbranded X10! i live in the UK
    Update manager tells me ive got the latest software 🙁

  355. Fellow Indians, by midnight do u mean our midnight(IST) or GMT?
    I just want to know why SE cant publish a region-wise schedule. That will save us so many futile attempts. Although I also know we will forget everything when we see GB on our phone. Good luck bhaiyo…


    Please check this, if it works fine for you(who is checking this) then problem is in my phone, not software…