Stock Android 2.3.3 for Xperia X10 now rooted

Stock Android 2.3.3 for Xperia X10 now rootedWe knew it was just a matter of time before a root method for the latest Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was discovered. Credit goes to aZuZu from xda-developers who has posted some step-by-step instructions here. If you need something more detailed, DooMLoRD has another guide that also includes pictures. Thanks to those gurus at xda, we can once again get the most from our handsets.

Thanks Remy!

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  1. UK generic handset updating as i type. Again no notification update was delivered. Estimated update 30 mins :))

  2. I actually downloading official SE update now available from SEUS. Like i said above i didn’t get a notification i just connected to PC companion and update was available give it a try :))

  3. Followed the guide and it worked. My phone is now rooted πŸ˜€ Time to remove all that junk sony include and get my good old screenshot app back πŸ™‚

  4. @ Mark, most people had to do that. I dont know why they added a software update otpion to the phone… Its never worked. To have to click repair to update something is just a bit backwards if you ask me.

  5. Finally rooted πŸ˜€ pretty straight forward, great work to everyone, does anyone know if there is a way to get benchmarks higher now such as JIT?
    @Arnold Fawks Tigger what apps will you/have you removed i cant think of any to get rid of, thanks.

  6. Yeah there arent much useless apps at all on the new X10 with Gingerbread. All I could find was a chinese and japanese keyboard.
    I rooted pretty easily although the guide posted on XDA as usual makes it look harder than it really is. It is quite poorly written but kudos anyway to the author for trying. What I want to know is whether the “Optimize”(or JIT) feature is working in the X10 Flashtool. I pressed the “Optimize” button and it showed it had completed in the log but it failed to reboot the phone properly unlike the other features……so from that I suspect it is not working yet.

  7. @ anthony, that’s funny because, I removed like 20 useless apps from the phone πŸ™‚

  8. Will DoomLord method wipe all of my user data? Because I really dont feel like reinstalling all of my apps and re importing all of my contacts and getting everything set up again to where its back up and running.

  9. YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Now I can get id of all the CrapWare! BTW After updating to Gingerbread, my phone will no longer recognize my 16GB sdcard, onlu my 8Gn one??? Anyone else having this issue???? Or is it just me. When I insert my 16GB and turn my phone on, it does not even bother to detect it, and i know it works because I plugged it into an adapter and my computer can share files with it just fine but when I plug it in my phone, nothing not even an error. I plug my 8GB card and everything is starts up as normal.

    Anyone else having this issue with their x10 not seeing 16GB cards and above, is this a bug of some sort??

  10. ROOOOTED!!! 2.3. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTION JUST AS IS!!!!!! and you should be fine, it’s not too complex at all

  11. Mauricio:
    Your problem with the card may have nothing to do with its size, this happened to me on my 8GB card. What solved it for me is formatting the card on another android phone that could read the card.

  12. Mauricio:
    check if accidentally you have formatted it in NTFS format. Android doesn’t support NTFS so you have to format it to FAT32.

  13. does any know any info about the new android market? or does any one got the new market? will our x10 2.3.3 get the new market?
    -reply pls anyone

  14. Hey Guys, i found that CPU on my rooted stock 2.3 always run at either 998mhz or 245mhz/deep sleep mode and doesn’t run at any frequency in between.
    Tested with CPU SPY,
    its giving me a better standby time but once i run any apps my battery rain very fast cause CPU will run only in 998mhz

  15. Don’t be put off doing this. It is realy quite simple. I followed the instrustions on BluechipJ’s video see below links, it took less than 30 minutes to complete.

    Xperia X10: Flashing Wolf’s Tweaked v2.3 Gingerbread Firmware From: BluechipJ | 31 Jul 2011 | 320 views Loading…This video shows how to install Wolf’s custom firmware built around the recently released official Gingerbread v2.3 update using xRecovery.

    Wolf has tweaked the firmware and added additional features such as the Mobile BRAVIA Engine from the Xperia arc, SD Card tweaks, etc.

    This works on ANY rooted X10 (i or a) and the video shows all the steps from flashing a clean v2.1 to rooting to installing xRecovery and installing the custom ROM. Always backup your data using Titanium, MyBackup or other 3rd-party application to the SD card (do NOT use v2.1’s Backup & Restore).

    You CANNOT do this from the official v2.3.3 update because it CANNOT be rooted. Flash back to v2.1, root and install.

    If anything goes wrong, use PC Companion, Update Service, or the FlashTool to flash the phone back to stock and start over.

    The instructions are similar to this XDA thread:

    As always, _both_ PC Companion and Update Service MUST be installed.
    PC Companion:
    Update Service:

    APN Settings (3G/3.5G/H Internet) for Rogers, AT&T:

    Wolf’s Tweaked Gingerbread ROM:
    (Optional) Add-ons:
    – Widgets:
    – arc Launcher:
    – Circle Battery mod:


    Graphical FlashTool:
    WinRAR (to extract the kernel) from Wolf’s ROM:

    My previous, original X10 v2.3 Gingerbread flashing video:

    Found this useful? Buy me a coffee. πŸ™‚… Thanks! … (more info) (less info)

  16. I did the BRAVIA. At first it was lagging a bit in Gallery and kept refreshing my pictures while i was viewing them. After 10 mins it just settled itself. There is a small difference, however the pictures have to be of good quality, else it does not do much. It is worth having it though, at least until something better comes out…

  17. Oh and by the way, I rooted my phone too. Works great after removing many apps I didn’t even know existed… (Sound Recorder??? How can I even get acces to this?) The procedure is kind of akward and annoying and at some point you might scratch your head, however it is easy and does the job! Safe too!

  18. Works as expected.

    Honestly, the instructions make it sound more complex that what it really is…

  19. updated&time to restore everything!!nice surprise!!it’s all gone!!!thanx SE!!! all my photos are blurry!!? well they were blurry before they all disappeared,music’s gone too!,the photos &music were fine after i’d first updated!all my apps are on my memory card,is there any way of getting them back onto the phone?i hate gingerbread!!any help would be greatly appreciated!

  20. How do I get 2 my sd card videos now I dont have mediascape?..
    Also bring back android keyboard the default one is crap!
    Altogether tho gb is better I think
    Root is a must its not as difficult as I thought

  21. can somebody help me?!
    I used another method to upgrade to a custom Rom called Wolf GB which is basically a bit better version of GingerBread with added features like the Bravia Engine, but now even though xrecovery recognizes the SD card, the phone itself when its on and in use does not recognize it! what should i do?

  22. I successfully rooted my phone and installed xRecovery.
    But I cannot boot into recovery mode.

  23. @Arnold Fawks Tigger…..oh ok, perhaps I was just too worried to remve some of the apps as I was worried about side effects. I still dont think that there is as much junk as before. And Gingerbread is a massive improvement. This is one of the best updates I have ever had from any company/provider. It is more than an update….its like a whole new system.
    I can even run Fireflies live wallpaper smoothly as well as Co-pilot Europe as it should be run. Unlike on 2.1
    Will have to see which apps can be removed.

  24. updated my phone bout 2 days ago.. today i found lag.. and my music player skips.. anyone know of any fixes??

  25. @ Ofer,

    That did not work, but it did prove my theory that there is nothing wrong with my 16GB sdcard, as my Motorola Backflip easily recognized it and and even mounted it. Can anyone else check their S10’s to see if it’s a common bug: Since upgrading to Gingerbread my phone will no longer mount my 16GB sdcard, even though the sdcard works just fine on other phones with Android. My X10 will recognize my 8GB sdcard but not the 16GB. Can anyone else confirm that their x10s are accepting 16GB sdcards????

  26. IS ANYONE HAVING ISSUES WITH THEIR X10 ON GINGERBREAD not recognizing their 16GB micro sdcards????? My x10 will not longer recognize my 16GB sdcard, but I know the sdcard works because it loads up on other Android phones I have tested it on… On the other hand my x10 will recognize and mount my 8GB sdcard, and that’s what leads me to believe that there is a bug in SE Stock ROM of 2.3.3?? Is anyone else having this issue?? BTW both card are from the same manufacturer (SanDisk)

  27. @ Mauricio Nope mine is fine. You should wipe it and install a rooted rom from xda, those guys know more then the SE devs….. speaking of which you should post your Q in the SE q&a section on xdaforum, if you havnt already of course

  28. @ Deucehigh,

    My ROM is from the XDA devs, and it has been rooted…. ARG!!! Why me?! You knwo what I’ll just flash to another version of the .tft in hoped that it works. Thanks dude

  29. @ Anthony, i removed the same apps as what was in 2.1. Things like device monitor, sony sync, live wallpapers, learning client, SEMC checking service and much more. All the rubbish that runs in the background and a lot of other rubbish that remains unused by a normal human being. The phone still runs perfectly fine with no problems. 2.3 is a nice update but the new copy and paste feature is the most annoying thing known to android. The big silly arrows get in the way of words in the word suggestion box. Thats my only down side..

  30. @Deucehigh: Its stock 2.3. I downloaded it through PC comp. Ty for the info though.. will check it out..

  31. hi friends 2.3 upgrade for x10 is available in India in just done on 2nd of august it took more than one hour for me to upgrade in 4 mbps internet connection speed i sujest you to go to and download the PC suit for x10 and insert the USB cable and in the phone set development as USB debugging and then insert the USB follow the instruction that computer says you after few minutes you phone will be unguarded to android gingerbread 2.3.3 and enjoy the features of new android 2.3.3 in all aspects of working it is working good the user interference is well improved addition of voice search in Google and apps can be moved to SD card without rooting. Enjoy using your x10 2.3.3 after upgraded.

  32. First of all great work guys!!

    The broblem I am having is that when I am in Xrecovery I can’t do anything only backup
    when I try anything else it says can’t mount sd card.

    By the way I am using the rooted version of 2.3.3

  33. @aranny

    after you root and you remove all the useless apps, you can flash BRAVIA engine and Uncap FPS. The touch screen becomes way more responsive. I noticed when I pulled down the Notifications bar it was actually following my finger nicely even when I was doing it fast.

  34. @ okin87
    is the screen response improved due to bravia engine or just because of rooting and removing apps?

  35. @okin87

    Can u explain how to “flash bravia engine and uncap FPS”

    I used the xda root method easily, but havn’t deleted any stock apps yet.

    I’m Using , LPP, autokiller memory, sdmaid, superuser, sysctl config, titanium, watchdog lite…

  36. Hey, in v05 of wolfbreak Rom ist the google talk update with video chat. Did someone get it working ?

  37. @Arnold Fawks Tigger…..Thanks for the information mate. I really need a full guide on exactly what app does what before I remove. For example: doesn’t the Sony Sync service handle the syncing of other stuff on the phone? not just the sony contacts sync feature? hahaha its a bit late and my head is not right. Will investigate more tomorrow.
    I deffo want to remove anything that is not necessary, does anybody have a guide as to which apps are safe to remove and a description of what they do.
    By the way, after rooting and installing some apps my new Gingerbread install is no longer smooth like it was at first. I have tried to kill background apps but I fear something else has caused the issue.

  38. So I flashed the rooted 2.3 rom on monday, is the ROM with the BRAVIA engine worth flashing again for ?

  39. @goku

    The touch screen improves after you uncap FPS. Bravia engine has to do with the quality that your phone is showing your pictures. Removing apps on the other hand is the best thing to do as it will greatly reduce the lags on your phone.

    Here is the link to Uncap FPS (Thanks to zdzihu, again):

    And here is the one for BRAVIA Engine:

    *Note that BRAVIA Engine kept giving lags on my gallery and was kind of refreshing my pics all the time. That only happened for the first 10 mins for me, after that it settled and my pics look a bit better now, kind of HD quality πŸ™‚

  40. @ iad do whatever wolfbreak puts up. even if its a full clean install like the new version is.

  41. U P Y O U R R O N S O N P A L . W H A T S G O I N G D O W N H O M E B O Y S?

    K E E P I T R E A L A N D L O C K E D D O W N !

    S O L I D

  42. @ iad, Yes it is my friend!!! My phone is as smooth as butter, and the colors look sooooooo much better!

  43. my 16 gig card not working either is there a fix have rooted stock gingerbread and yes sd card working fine on comp someone help please

  44. I really would like to use my 16GB micro sd card. This bug about the new 2.3 SE stock ROM not accepting 16GB micro sd needs to be fixed. This was happening on unrooted stock 2.3 ROM as well.

  45. Well SE should use 2.6.3x kernel build like everyone else. Good thing is they have “started” use Google platform specs.. πŸ˜€

  46. is there a problem with scdard of 32 Go for rooted 2.3 AND/OR Sonny ericson 2.3 roms unrooted ?

  47. aye! on board with the root myself now πŸ™‚ had to flash to an old UK generic 1.6 Rom I’ve had since the 2.1 update days, and when I hooked up to seus it went straight to 2.3 πŸ™‚ then I got on to here and followed the link to the root guide. the only thing that caught me out was needing the new 2.3 drivers for usb debug mode to install xrecovery, after I’d installed those it flew through the last part! I’ve flashed the uncap fps which I think adds a nice bit of smoothNess to the phone πŸ™‚ but I’m not to sure about the bravia engine, kudos to the devs for sorting it out but I can’t really see any difference, I think its more a marketing ploy of bullshit from se than a poor port from the devs at xda, those guys have pulled of some serious shit with the x10 πŸ™‚

    well kudos to the devs and everyone else out there who’s helped with the transition to 2.3 πŸ™‚

  48. I m unable to access my SD card after up gradation of phone software from 2.1 to 2.3.3 on Sony Ericsson Xperia x10i. Any one please help me.

  49. no problems using my 16gb sd card used no formating required just worked try repairing your firmware

  50. @ Ghostracer, what is your kernal version and baseband version. And can you send me a link to your 2.3 ROM. Also, whas you phone originally a X10i or an X10a? Thanks for your help bud.

  51. happy friendship day guys…!! though we are from different places and countries and we are united by our x10 and we are now friends.. i am wishing u all happy friendship day !!!

  52. Joys of rooting and flashing, Wolfbreaks 2.3 v3 rom from xda is a huge leap from even the new 2.3 stock rom. I was always nervous about the whole rooting flashing debranding etc but once you realize whats possible, I would recommend to anyone πŸ™‚

  53. i hav updted my phone with andriod 2.3.3. I have taken backup of all the files. But after updation it is not showing in menu backup&restore button.Sm bdy plz help !!!

  54. Guys I really need your help, I connected my phone via pc companion but it said my phase has already the latest version, I am using unrooted X10 with stock 2.1. Any one please tell me how to upgrade to the latest stock 2.3?

  55. Any one to please tell me how do I update my phone to 2.3 when the PC Companion says I cant update because I am already using the latest version, although I am NOT πŸ™

  56. I have the same problem as Osama, can anyone advise on how to get round this? Thanks πŸ™‚

  57. @Krishan

    SE didnt include their back up and restore on the 2.3 update, if you used it to back up and have updated, im afraid your going to find it difficult to get the data back.

  58. anyone please help me, after upgrading to 2.3 via update service, my sex10 keeps on restarting..I have update a few times and that does not solve the problem..

  59. 2.1 : orientation sensor – compass – working like a charm
    2.3 : NOT ! even the keyboard is not rotating…..

  60. Stop checking out this thread anymore, go to XDA and flash Wolf’s 2.3 V3 ROM and after you’re done with all the tweaks you won’t believe how fast this stock ROM feels like.

    BRAVIA Engine gives pics a more detailed background and emphasizes colors. Pics look way better and pleasant on my phone screen. For this to work properly though your pics have to be of good quality, blured pics or poor color ones will not have any difference on the screen…

    Thanks Wolf. Waiting for more tweaks from you!

  61. ^ +1
    forget the stock rom and use wolfbreaks rom with speed tweaks!!!! your xperia becomes awesome. lol (seriously)

  62. @edanan : Seems as though you used flashtool to flash — the bootloop you are talking about happens when the baseband and ROM are not compatible. Try using SEUS to restore your phone should work.

  63. would someone be able to tell me what apps to remove after the root?? I am brand new to all this so the help would be really appreciated….

  64. For $25 dollars I will walk anyone STEP by STEP who needs it, through installing 2.3 on your x10. If you are interested please e-mail me at I will even show you how to back up your original ROM. I can walk you through on IM once the $25 have been deposited in my PayPal account. PayPal insures that no gets screwed in the deal. I will also teach how to use the XDA FlashTool to make your own TFT files if needed. This is just for those people that want 3.2 desperately, but don’t want to take the time to learn how to do it themselves. It takes about approx. 35-45 minutes to finish the process. You can choose from the Wolf version3 ROM or the Stock SE 2.3 ROM. (PLEASE NOTE) The Wolf ROM has been heavily Modded to decrease the size of the ROM and some of the Original Google Apps have been removed, only what is needed by google to run the android phone is left

  65. @Mauricio

    This is a free information forum. Shame on you for asking money to help people when the site itself is for free.

    To everyone that has such questions on how to install ROMs or do other tricks, either ask here and someone will redirect you to a decent link for FREE, or go to xda and there you will find what you need for SURE.

  66. I’m currently using stock(2.3.3) rom for My X10. I’m facing some serious issues related to sound while playing music. this distortion in sound is not observed in 2.1, any help is appreciated and will I be able to receive any S/W updates from SE, after rooting my fone.

    Thanks in advance

  67. Free x10 2.3.3 by zhidzu is out. Finally stock gingerbread. Check it out at xda. Best ROM available. Fassssssssssttt!!!! Seriously u gotta try it.

  68. im stuck at 17–>18 my phone wont turn on after inserting back the battery.. it will only turn on again if i remove the usb cable. pls help T__T

  69. @Albatross

    stock rom that updates from PC Companion is slow. you should highly consider a rom from xda. Personaly i use Wolf’s latest GB 2.3.3 rom v3.6. It is fast as hell and no lags throughout scrolling even when i’m playing music.

    Trust me everyone is using them and they are LEGIT!

  70. I live in Canada and Rogers still hasn’t pushed this update yet so I’m really considering rooting now but my biggest question is, IS ARABIC SUPPORTED NATIVELY?

  71. can any one guide me how to install wolf 2.3.3 Rom..or give me a link of steps and guidelines from xda wolf Rom

  72. @ Stiggy, Yup wolfe’s new 3.5 ROM fixed my SDCard issue and it is now “iphone” quality smooth when moving around in the UI especially in the home screens. I can’t believe that I would ever love my x10 again, but here I am in love and having fun with Gingerbread! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much to all the XDA devs.

  73. X10, would you be able to post a step by step guide with links to get wolfbreaks working gingerbread v3.7 rom after getting the official 2.3 update please? i’m not a dummy but there’s a lot of instructions floating around that assume you have other things installed and a rooted phone already. all your other step by steps worked a charm.

  74. just rooted my stock gingerbread x10i. The instructions are very simple to follow, even for the noobiest of noobs. Top job! πŸ™‚

  75. @goku real, that must be some un-American comeback, maybe that’s why it wasn’t funny? What the hell is a Kipper? a fish?

  76. Jesus H. Christ!!, guys there a least a hundred links on this comment wall alone with instructions on how to flash you phone. You guys need to learn how read and follow direction, I had to, no one held my hand while I did it. If you guys cant follow directions from the XDA devs then you have no business flashing your phones, because if something goes wrong after flashing you will have NO CLUE how to fix it. Again HERE IS THE LINK with the 2 files you need and the steps on how to do flash your phones to 2.3. If you still have to ask people to write you step by step instructions on how to do it after reading the instructions, then you need to apply for your own personal handicapped space parking placard because your a F%$ken retard and have no business flashing your phones in the first place. So don’t put down people that offer to charge yo money to show you how to update your phone, obviously you can’t do it alone!

  77. Hey guys, i’ve been using Wolf’s Tweaked GB update for a few days now. Overall, it’s a little faster than the stock 2.3.3 update for the x10 BUT there’s just one PROBLEM that i’m having with the phone after the update which is i am unable to find my phone on my computer’s network after enabling the Media Server. I even used ‘Wireless File Transfer Pro’ app to test if i can perform LAN stuffs. But as i have expected, i wasn’t able to open the IP:PORT address on my Chrome. So has anyone encountered the same problem? If ya’ know how to fix it buddy, tell me aight.. πŸ™‚ thanks

  78. hey i just updated my X10 with the new is good but i’m not able to access my media at all..whenever i go to gallery or music it just force closes..also my market also force closes..i never had any kind of problems with my previous updates..can anyone help please??

  79. thanks to Mr. Doomlord and all the other XDA-experts. was finally able to root my X10 and get rid of all the junk/stock apps.
    Been playing around with Set CPU right now to find out what makes my battery more efficient, but very pleased right now with my “cleaned up” X10. πŸ˜€

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  81. Well it’s been a wonderful 18 months, but my new shiny Galaxy 2 adorns my desk so I will be selling my ol’ 2.3 rooted & unlocked X10. (XDA are GODS – DON’T pay, visit there site for advice)

    So farewell suckers!!!!

    And Goku, I had your mum. She’s weird. Kept calling out your name during naughties. Strange. Question – Do you have 12 fingers? (I suppose multi-touch is a different concept for you!)


  82. Searching for new update….


    Yipeee! (orange uk network)

  83. Typical! T-Mobile customers always last to receive updates. Probably to make sure all the necessary bloatware is compatible.

  84. I followed the instructions. it was easy and all massages were based on the pictures , but still
    after turning on for a several times I cant use rooted software. it shows ” not rooted” . why?
    do I need to install another software. please… me. I really appreciate .

  85. Please what do I do this when he writes ERROR – Please install or reinstall device drivers in driver folder

  86. Please some body help me.

    I try to root my phone.
    When i downgrade the kernel. it not powered on nor showing root in flashtool. only showing sony ericsson logo.

    please tellme what can i do now.

  87. my wifi is not getting on.
    when tapped at the wifi its shows turning on…and then after 10-15 seconds shows a errror
    wat wud be the problem

  88. please somebody help me out,since i upgraded my xperia x10 to 2.3.3 the camera has refused to work,evey other thing works perfectly well