Bit9 says Xperia X10 is third most vulnerable smartphone

by X10 on November 22, 2011

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Security specialists Bit9 has released a new report that suggests the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is the third most vulnerable smartphone. The list compromises “devices that pose the most serious security and privacy risk to consumers and corporations“. The most vulnerable device is the Samsung Galaxy Mini according to the report, with the HTC Desire in second place.

I’m unsure of the exact methodology Bit9 use to determine which phones are most vulnerable but the version of Android and timeliness of updates appears to play a part. They suggest this means that “security vulnerabilities are not being maintained, bugs are not being patched, and loopholes in your system are being left open“. The last firmware for the X10 was 2.3.3 and the latest from Google is 2.3.7 (ignoring ICS for now). This seems a bit harsh to us considering that the 2011 Xperia line-up is only on Android 2.3.4. We’re sure Bit9 is talking its own book here but the infographic below is an interesting read nonetheless.

[Click to enlarge]

The full ‘Orphan Android’ report can be read here.

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