Who is still using an Xperia X10 and proud?

It is now over two years since the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was launched and we imagine that a lot of people have moved onto pastures green. However, we’re sure that there is still a fair few of you still using the Xperia X10 who don’t feel the need to change. There remains a great community around the Xperia X10 which is keeping the phone fresh in this age of dual-core and quad-core phones.

Who is still using an Xperia X10? Does it still suit your needs or will you try and replace it as soon as possible? If you’re looking for a new handset, will you go for Sony again or something else entirely? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve sold my X10 to my friend. She’s using it now and she is satisfied with it
    I’m with Xperia ray now and I don’t see another Sony phone that I would like to replace ray with 🙂

  2. my brother got a second a couple months back, I’m guessing he will hold on to it for some time…

  3. I’m still using my X10 🙂 I’ve bought it in august 2010. And i’ll wait few months, and buy Xperia P. I think after this my X10 will go to my 2 years old daughter, she really likes this device 🙂

  4. I’m still having my X10 from since it was launched and im still proud. but if i’m changing it, i think i’ll still be faithful to Sony 🙂

  5. been using mine since July ’10 🙂 Love it.. although recently dropped it and cracked it! all these times and it finally gave way. 🙁
    Planning on replacing it with possibly whatever euro version of Sony GX will be – depending on the timing of release. Whatever I do, Im keeping my trusty (now cracked) X10, I’d love to use it just as a pmp and I’ve always wanted to try stormtroopering it! might do it now since it needs a new screen anyways.

  6. I’m still using Xperia X10 (GB firmware), and it satisfies my needs.
    I’ll use this handset until the new LTE Xperia phone is launched.

  7. I own a white X10 but when my update was available i upgraded to the a new white Xperia S. Very similar phone, just that this one is slightly more beautiful. 🙂

  8. Still using my X10i since april 2010.
    Would love to see a surprise update from Sony to the latest version just like the 2011-series.
    Done everything with it to make it mine.
    Wife got hers since spring 2010 and also happy with it.

  9. Still using X10i but flash the X10S ROM
    It does suit me, but still a little bit laggy these day, especially its shortage of ram.
    So I’m planning to replace it with Sony Xperia S or Sony Xperia P, or maybe iPhone 4S.
    However I love my X10i, it looks gorgeous and is still beautiful compared to other phones nowadays.

  10. I have two Xperias. They are X10 and ray. I love both of them, however I am waiting for buying a Xperia P. It is so beautiful and powerfull smartphone! Thank you, SONY!

  11. I had been using mine since April 2010 until last week when I upgraded to the Xperia S (white). My heart keeps a special place for the X10 as my first smartphone. While I love the XS, there’s just a feeling of comfort with the X10 that’s hard to shake. Trying to figure out what to do with it. Custom firmware perhaps, or see if anyone I know wants a cheap, albeit slightly older Android device.

  12. Still using X10 – since rogers released it mar/apr 2010. Best camera phone hands down!

  13. Been using mine since July 2010. Haven’t felt it needed to be replaced yet. Got one for my younger brother and he’s been enjoying it as well. The dev community is fantastic and the phone performs amazingly well running the latest version of CM7. Camera is still one of the best out there.

    Not really a fan of the latest Xperia phones (low specs and non-removable battery), might pick up a SGs3 when it makes an appearance through Rogers in Canada.

  14. I still use my X10 from Rogers, but with CM7 on it. Outstanding performance! I don’t see why I would change in the near future. It does everything I need it to do, and even more!

    I hope that there will be a good CM9 release for the X10!

  15. I have compared the camera picture quality of my Xperia X10 with most recent smartphones and Xperia X10 still competitive with almost 3 years of existence. I’m proud of it.

  16. I’m still using my X10, but waiting for the Xperia P to be available 🙂 (already ordered)

  17. i would have been if i was still in contract, but as i bought mine on its release date, i was free to buy the xperia s on its release date. I was very happy with my x10…

  18. I still own one, but I am not satisfied… it remains quite sluggish compared to other phones, and has recently taken up the habit of shutting itself off at random… still attempting to find the source of that problem. I would love to hold on to it for another year, but only in the interest of finishing out my contract, not due to an allegiance to the phone. It would be very unlikely that I would buy another Sony phone.

  19. i had mine in apr 2010 and used it upto a few wks ago as gave my best mate to try as he had iphone4s that cudnt make calls and he loves it the quality of this phone is amazing i upgraded to the optimus 2x but although the 2x was fast it was more glitchy to use than x10 so i use it as my main phone up until mar2012 wen i got a galaxy note which is not bad but am waiting for a sony phone with nice big screen 5inch or more with tegra quad core

  20. I bought the galaxy nexus which is an awesome phone. I also have my X10 as a 2nd phone and still love it

  21. I still have my Xperia X10i …. its the best phone i have used .I simply love my X10 ….now that it has fallen behind in specs i am thinking about changing it …maybe i will move to the Xperia Arc S or Xperia P ….

  22. I’m still using. I bought mine in September 2012 and still is going strong. Since I am using Android 2.3.3 he is still serving for much. There are times when it is very slow, but most of the time it is normal. Now I’m looking to buy an iPhone 4S or a Galaxy S3. I really liked the finish of the Xperia X10, but Sony’s been very legend in the evolution of their devices was to launch a dual-core a few months ago and there are already devices quad-cores.

  23. had mine since june 2010, works fine, but i’m planning to switch when my contract ends. And then I want the XPERIA ION to Sweden!!

  24. I’ve had this phone for about two years

    I’ve only recently become happy with it.

    Stock, it was tremendously slow. It sometimes literally took a minute to dail.

    A couple of months ago I installed cyanogen and now I’m satisfied. It works like a real phone. I’ll keep it till the custom roms stop rolling out.

  25. I am still using my X10, but only because it is still on contract and I can’t justify buying a new phone at full price so soon. The X10 was a horrible phone when I bought it and it was running 1.6. Now that it is running 2.3, it is usable, but still very sluggish. I have removed nearly all the apps from it and it helps, but when I can’t even answer a phone call because it is lagging, it is unacceptable.

    My wife has the Galaxy Note. That is an amazing phone. As for Sony, never again. Every Sony product I buy ends up disappointing me. I keep falling for the marketing hype, but the products never live up to the promises. Sony is dead to me.

    As for these blog comments, I believe you will find them positively skewed. The majority of people that would be following this blog are still using the X10 and must therefore be happy with them.

  26. my x10 is broken drop from my bike T-T

    i have buy a xperia s for 150 € 🙂 the s is the best phone ive never used

  27. Never had the X10, but I’m still using the X10 mini pro since june 2010. Did upgrade the phone to CyanogenMod7; definitely helps in making the phone faster and more stable. Biggest problem of this phone is the little amount of RAM (192 MB).

    I am looking out for the successor of the 2011 mini pro though, since I would like to have a phone with a bit more RAM than the 2010 mini pro, but I won’t buy a 2011 model now.

  28. I’m still using my X10 as phone sidekick of the iPhone 4S, with my personal mobile Line, while the iPhone takes care of my main Line (work number)

  29. still using it until the cracked USB won’t charge. As it stands now, the phone goes nuts and constantly reboots if I get an error in Google Maps (or any app tries to use the GPS) so I have to keep the GPS turned off or if the battery (a new one, too) gets too hot (140F). I am patiently waiting for a good deal on an ion, I figure it should be between $99/$129 with a renewed contract since it simply can’t compete with any other AT&T android’s specs and they’re selling $149 and up (and if it’s higher than that I don’t know HOW they’ll sell any at all). If ion doesn’t show up in June, then I may get a SIII, but the choices with a mSD card and (semi)removable battery are slim this year.

  30. Got it for 4 months, until I got robbed one year ago.

    Great phone. I loved it a lot that I couldn’t move on when I lost it.

    No I own a Xperia Ray, I’ll get Xperia GX.

    But I won’t forget Xperia X10. Never.

  31. I have the X10, brilliant phone and has a nice modding community behind it giving it cyanogen mod 7. Im waiting till the ‘Xperia GX’ comes out with ill have for my next phone, even then ill still mess around with my good ol’ X10.

  32. I’ve used Sony Ericssons since the time of the T610. Had the W810 and the C902. So I’ve always been happy with their phones. The x10 was great because it was not like all the rest, which are now not much different to look at while the Xperia S has added some looks back into the mix while all other phones begin to all just be black slabs.

    My wife is using the x10 now I have the S. Still good, and is stop gap for her as we got it unlocked when we moved country. Going to get her the Xperia U next month.

    The x10 of course was my first android device, and so is the reason I got the Asus Transformer as I did not want a iPad.

  33. I bought mine second-hand X10 half a year ago for 100 bucks and apart from some ocasional reboot, i am very happy with it .

  34. I got Arc S in November, my wife has my old X10i, she loves it, it’s still a great fone

  35. My brother still have Xperia 10 and I asked him did you feel to change it but he said in frankly speaking no I don’t feel to change it yet it is very excellent phone you gift to me and I if i think to change absolutely I buy new Sony Xperia like S or solo

  36. the xperia x10 mini has not? still use it
    now replaced by a new generation of Sony NXT

  37. Still using my stock X10, but with ADW launcher.

    At the moment, it does everything I need, but if I see a phone with a similar form factor that has better specs (battery life in particular), I would go for it.

    For me the size is most important, and X10 still wins that.

  38. Still using my Xperia SO-01b

    My contract ended at the beginning of April but I’m waiting for the summer line-up of new devices from my carrier’s (docomo) Xi LTE network.

    I’m running ewJET version of Gingerbread, otherwise my phone would still have android 2.1 on it (X10 was never updated to 2.3 in Japan because they need something to switch your APN to a more expensive one if you tether) If not for ewJET, I couldn’t continue to use my phone.

  39. I’m from India and purchase my x10 way back in April 2010. I’m fully satisfied it any if in future If I’ve chance to buy any new phone it must be Sony brand.

  40. never ever sony again…
    My phone is as same as the slug..

    crap SONY… no more SONY phones… The amount that I have spent for this phone was 30K INR.
    If I have 27K INR today I can buy Galaxy s2…
    Now I realize how sony pickpockets with a new crap product from customer.. no value for money…
    cant even think comparing x10 with galaxy s2…

  41. Loved it initially when i got it two years ago. During one of the android upgrades it started to present a host of issues that were not addressable despite many attempts of mine to rectify. Still using it until a month ago when it has suddenly stopped charging, so am forced to move to HTC which is a an absolutely brilliant mobile device. Not sure whether i should sink money into getting it repaired at SE Service Centre in Singapore or just dump it (it still can work though if the battery charging issue is sorted)…host of other issues too, slow, hangs, etc etc. Sorry, but in all likelihood no more Sony phones for me…HTC (OneX) and Samsung (S3?) it shall be!! Let’s see if you guys read this and have some response / feedback for me (service recovery?!). Cheers.

  42. Yes, I am still using with my X10 which I bough it 2 years ago.
    I am happy with it using custom ROM with XPERIA S interface.
    The device will hang for sometime but I still love it.
    I may move on to Xperia S or other coming models but at least last for two two three months of time.
    So that I can see the full range of XPERIA handheld within this year and pick that best for my coming two years.

  43. sony rules! x8 > x10 > arc > arc S [water damage 🙁 ] > wait for my xperia S

  44. I had my xperia x10 since september 2010 and still using it as my contract last for two years. And throughout them two years, it’s been bad at the beginning but since there’s so much support for it now throughout the years, the custom ROM’s bring out the best in the X10 and I’m really happy with the custom ROM I’ve put in and really happy with my X10. Using FeraLab’s ROM (baseband .71, doomkernel v6), I can see how fast the X10 can be, and have grown to really like it.
    In my upgrade, I will be looking to upgrade to another Sony phone, they’ve come a long way and produced good phones, looking to get the ION or we’ll see what else they will bring out in Autumn. 🙂

  45. I’ve had the X1, the X10 Mini Pro, currently using my X10i, but will be moving on to the Xperia Ion when it is releasted to AT&T.

  46. I still have it, yet not using it. I’m using a Ericsson T39m excellent retro phone, I’m planning on selling the X10i, still when I see it I really miss it, but guess that I have to move on to the next gen of sony smartphones, Great phone overall, my first ever smartphone, and also the most expensive I ever bought !!!

  47. I am using my x10 over a year and half under my home network, airtel, India.
    at first, before bying the set I was really moved by its specs and technos. everywhere, in the net , almost everyone is giving one up to x10. so I bought it. and now I felt repentent for my poor choice. to back my back , here are the reasons:
    1. after updating to gb the set suffers from frequent shut down due to a little ram/ Rom. its the companies’ poor decision to update with gb , though, specification wise the set did not match the gb requirements.
    2. poor battery life. I think Sony is the only manufacturer whose 99% sets are suffering from this problem. my recent purchase , HTC explorer , a lower end set, puts me into the light. I am mooved at its ornaments .with higher gb versions, 2.3.5: higher linux karnel version, lower cpu clock rate 660 mhz, the set has an enormous engine. the draw back is after 2 hours of engaging multitasking I found only 5% battery is spent. wow!
    3.very poor ram/ Rom. where the explorer ran almost all games available in google play, x10 missed them by miles.
    4. higer prices lower usability. where the contemporary smart phones offered giant leap in all fields there x10 performs as dying old man who prepares his own coffin.
    5.no multitasking really. almost all sets of Sony including this one is made to perform single task. attempting to exceed it will result in frequent shutdown.
    whats more, we are living with x10 with darkness in our heart. the company who finally and officially announces that they have done mistakes in their first android sm and consoles them selves by saying additional foul if they did not mistake they would not cherish in android is like the words from an innocent boy who has not grown to ages.
    mark these Sony ,when you are going to sell a 40k inr sm in India, do not put lame excuses in your immature mouth cos the price tag really matters.else you can do this: return our bucks and say sorry , it would be nice.
    for me I have decided to throw Sony from my sm list. and enlist the names of HTC , apple to name only a few.
    thats all.

  48. X10 retired as of 5/9/12 for 4s had to suffer from poor battery life and a bricked phone that restarted itself every 2min from the gingerbread upgrade. Lesson learned don’t go for Sony in the future and 20 months of that contract.

  49. Still having it, and liking it. Im not planning any movement, as I dont feel any need of new phone.

  50. Have mine a little over a year and although it has served me well, despite the odd sideways moment, the times are really starting to leave it behind. The lag is unbearable and the battery life ain’t much better. I have no intention of upgrading for a while yet, and am contemplating installing CM7 on it to see if it helps sort out the awful lag issues that it suffers from. Does anyone have any advice? Which rom is the best and most stable to use? Where will I find it? Any other tools I’ll need? Not the most tech minded but not afraid to try. Its a stock x10i running gingerbread.

  51. I am waiting for cyangmod myself. I do not like my xperia and it will be the last sony phone I buy. I think they need to do something big and produce a game changing phone, then I may reconsider

  52. wow its great to see so much x10 love on here!
    I’ve been using mine for over 2 years now, and i still don’t see a need to upgrade.

    Arguably one of the best designed phones in the past 2 years.

  53. Still rocking the Xperia X10. Honestly speaking, the industrial design on the X10 imo is the best among all the androids sony has put out. clean and bold. The only phone that would make me swap this would be the galaxy nexus.

  54. i have Xperia X10 with version 2.3.3
    so plz tell me that when will be next update for x10.

  55. I’m still using my X10. Although it will not be updated anymore 🙁 but it still runs great. I would like to get me a new phone but I have no idea which one I should buy then. And there is also no money for it, so I’ll use it for a while still.

  56. I’m still using my X10, with 2.3.7 (feralab) it’s a very good smartphone with a pretty brattery live

  57. I’m counting down towards May 29th when my new phone is available. I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3.
    My X10 still works but only just. It has more and more trouble keeping up with developments.
    I have been very happy with my X10 and now it’s time to say goodbye and move on to a new smartphone.

  58. I´m still using my X10, if Sony was lauched Xloud e Bravia engine oficil modules to X10 without rooted option, it´s was perfect!

    Looking for new features like LTE, ICS “revolution” and wait for results over One Sony strategies…

  59. Replaced my trusty old X10 about 2 months ago for a new galaxy note. It was a good phone but so slow and sluggish at the end (used to kill the launcher when running apps as it ran out of RAM and it would then take ages to reload the icons on the launcher once I quit the app).

    The note was a major upgrade in screen, cpu, graphics and RAM and I wouldn’t go back – Just waiting for ICS 4.0 to come out – reminds me of waiting for 2.1 and 2.3 on the X10!

  60. I´m still using my X10, but 2 month ago Sony announcement it’s not make new update for xperia x10 so i decide i sell my phone and purchase another cell company phone like iPhone, BlackBerry, etc.

  61. I’ll never sell my X10!!!!! It holds a special place, being my first smartphone 🙂 if I do get a new phone, it’d be something awesome, like Xperia Nexus or something like that 😀
    p.s. Samsung sucks! 😛

  62. i still use my x10 mini, its cool, but i will be replacing it with an iphone 4s or 5.

  63. Still using my luster white x10i and it serves all my needs…running on cyanogen mod of course 😉 not planning to give it up very soon 🙂 it would have to crash or brake in two so i would consider a replacement…

  64. Been using my x10 for19 months, considering upgrading to the S at the end of my contract.
    Since upgrading to 2.3.3 I cant delete draft sms msg’s which is annoying, any tips x10 friends?

  65. i was using my x10 almost until change to samsung galaxy note,but i still keep it for my second phone.

  66. Still using mine.
    Running generic GB rom and working fine.
    Rooted ofcourse.
    Looking to replace with a new phone in a month or two but still can’t decide between Galaxy s3 and HTC One X

  67. I just changed my X10i. I have it, I didn’t sold it because I love it! For two years it was my trusted companion. Now I bought an Xperia pro because of the qwerty keyboard and for the fact that it’s a Sony (with) Ericsson. I do not need dual core and stuff like that, I need a fast typing machine and the pro is perfect. 🙂 Till now I love it! It moves perfectly but I can’t forget my X10i and that’s the reason why I use it as my second phone!

  68. will get one used tonight!!!! used to have this cell, but sell it, great device!!!

  69. I was a proud owner since May 2010 until the hardware fried in me one day recently. I have moved onto Xperia Play but will always have a spot in my heart for my X10 and this blog.

  70. I still using X10i nd proud .. i broke its lcd few months back and now i have replaced it with new one and still found it satisfying my needs so not going away from x10 or sony 🙂

  71. Still using mine, though still cursing SE at times. If not for the camera and the fact that I was able to root it, I very likely would be somewhere else now. With most of Sony’s bloatware thrown overboard, it runs quite a bit better, and I’ll probably try a custom rom these days to see if I can get things even smoother.
    If unrootable, I will most likely not buy a Sony again, if rootable I’d think about it if the rest (camera, other hardware, ram) passes muster.
    Overall, I feel Sony has good ideas but forgot about them on the way from the bathroom to the drawing board.

  72. I’m still using my X10 since I purchased it in December 2010. My contract with AT&T is for two years and after that I’m moving to a different carrier given AT&T is more expensive than others. My X10 meets my current needs so I see no reason to upgrade at the moment. However, there are a lot of nice phones out there, but I think I will invest in a Tablet instead of all the zooming stuff.

  73. I bought this phone couple of days ago, inquired about it to know the fact that its a 2010 release from SE, I still fits right-in the new specification of present phones. I am content.

  74. The cover broke on my x10 a few months ago so I got an xperia active instead, wanted a sturdy android phone with either ant+ or bt 4.0 and not much that fits those requirements 😉

  75. The Xperia x10 That I got for 50$ and a 3 year term contract, from Rogers. Would have been worth it. IF only Sony would have released a phone that didn’t stutter while changing screens, or using timescape or the wheel of pictures. Even listing to music gives skipping sounds from my personal burnt library???? what is wrong with this phone. Charging from day one became a shore; every damn night or no phone the next day, forget even leaving the gps on for more than 2 or 3 hours. I wish I still had a HTC magic……

    After I used Doom kernal speed improved to a point where it was usable????

  76. Köpte en X10 för att ha som andra telefon att mest spela Spotify på. Efter att ha laddat senaste programvaran blev det en massa ljustörningar och hackningar på Spotify. Så på andra diskussionsfora att detta var vanligt förekommande på den här modellen. Efter att ha gjort en fabriksåterställning till Androidversion 2.3.3. försvann alla störningar. Så det finns alltså buggar i programvaran på den senaste versionen???

  77. I have it for less than two years now, few scratches over it, but the real pain is that more and more apps are no more compatible so my app list is shrinking days by days…

    It looks like I’d better go to a ZTE next time, or Iphone to keep app compatibility over versions, things that Android and Sony have totally bypassed…

  78. I still own the device, but I have pretty much abandoned it. I replaced it with Sony’s Xperia S the week it was released in Canada. In order to do the upgrade, I had to surgically alter my SIM, so the X10 is basically a WiFi only device now. It may still come in handy on occasion, I keep it fully charged just in case.

  79. Had my X10 since the rogers launch 2 years ago. We had a real love hate relationship and has now been relegated to being a media player and a camera. X10 texting has always seemed a little off compared to newer phones but it’s camera was a trendsetter at release and still keeps up with new smartphone cameras these days. Just got back from vacation taking all my shots with my X10 camera and made all my calls with my blackberry 🙂 I agree the performance and screens are a little better in the new smartphones, but 2 years down the road, the X10 is still a decent android phone.

  80. So many with short memories of how poor SE support was for this phone in the 12 months or so after it was released. For me the only thing that saved it was taking a risk to hack it and flash to a custom rom. Mainly due to flash player being available that other phones had from new it meant that it was finally doing what I wanted. SE were so slow to get this phone up to speed and that’s what so annoyed everyone. Owned it shortly after launch 2 years ago. Now using a rooted stock rom and have a sim only deal so this is costing me very little per month. The phone is sluggish and laggy and find I have to regularly reboot it to try to keep it running at a decent speed but I presume this is because the phone can’t handle recent updates to apps even though I’ve removed every app possible that I don’t use. I imagine the relatively positive opinions on here are due to the majority of critics having now long since jumped ship to different manufacturers which is something I will do. This will probably be in November when my sim deal ends as I doubt this phone will be able to cope with the software. I will be looking at Samsung and HTC or any others that stand out but certainly won’t be considering anything from Sony due to the above mentioned issues. I don’t feel Sony have done enough to keep my custom and not happy how the phone was abandoned by them not much more than a year after release. Maybe other manufacturers are the same and this is something I will look at before purchase a new phone but no Sony for me!

  81. Still got my X10 but only until my contract expires. Physically the form factor is the best one out there. The phone just looks great! However under the bonnet it’s always been slow, initially due to poor choice of android version and poor support from Sony. Custom ROMs have kept the phone alive for me thankfully.

    Galaxy for me next time I think… depends what work is offering in July 🙂 None of the new Sony models seem to excite me and with poor previous support experience on the X10 there would have to be something fairly exciting to get me to go back to Sony.

  82. My wife and I gave up on our x10i’s in December 2011. We’d had them since Jan 2011 and couldn’t believe how slow they were compared to friends who had other Androids like the Desire HD or Samsung Galaxy. After deciding it must be the lack of RAM we upgraded to (at the time) premium Samsungs. Nexus for the wife, Note for me. Honestly we’ve never looked back.

  83. Sorry all for the double post…. But Paul (May 24, 2012 at 5:57 AM) your experience is exactly what drove my wife (a non geek) to get the Nexus. At the time we purchased she was ACTUALLY talking about the frequency of software releases & software support etc… If that’s a major concern maybe your next phone should be whatever the current Nexus is 😉

  84. Still using my XPERIA X10i, but the Adreno 200 GPU is really showing it’s age.
    Got mine at a good price brand new just before v2.3.3 was released.
    I have rooted the device, but it’s still run’s the upgraded Android 2.3.3 release, minus all the bloatware. This frees up memory and reduces some of the lag.
    Will probably upgrade to a Sony or some such device with an Adreno 225 GPU or better. Bluetooth 4.0, dual band 2.4/5.0GHz WiFi and HDMI. This is all well within the current Snapdragon S4 spec’s, but if Sony dumb it all down then they’ve lost yet another customer.

  85. Still using my Xperia x10, I updated it with 2.1 then 2.3 Custom Rom, Then it was fast then it was slow for sometime? Well I went back to the Stock 2.1 from AT&T I was SHOCKED!! It had moxer and other ware on it? It ran so fast Who Know? Why they can do this to 2.3.3 Stock Rom! Too Bad… So I Rooted it and I Verry Happy with it, Some times I find some Aps try to take over the phone so they are gone, Most of the time I have a min of 150MB
    free on my phone What? And most of the Aps have updated to run 2.1 So I can just about run what I want, I do want to get the ( Sony ion ) as my next phone In june 2012, I hope they stick to what they say Ha haa, I do have to say just watching what other phone’s on the Market almost made me change out the X10 But the X10 has been a Great Phone.
    I live in the U.S.A. By Disneyland, Just to let you all know where I live, I will be sad when I do sell this phone With out it I would haved not Learned all about Android!! Just like being in a class that will never END!!!!!!

  86. Still just using mine but picking up an SGS3 next Tuesday.
    I currently have both the X10i and the SGS1 and the difference couldn’t be greater.
    The SGS came with the current Android release which the X10i didn’t.
    The SGS can still go 2-3 days without charge on stock rom. My rooted X10i (all the crud removed) can eek out a day not pretty much everything is switched off and the network mode is switched to GSM only.
    The X10i is very laggy, the SGS occasionally experiences some lag.

    I loved the design of the X10, but time has not been kind to it and with the silver paint having come off the front three buttons it now looks cheap. I still believe Sony have the ability to put out the best Android phone out there, but while they keep releasing phones with lower specs, old Android versions and poor support I’ll steer clear of them.

  87. Ill stick with it till it will die 😀 just all new phones comes out so fast you just cannt follow them 😀 seems gettin old, btw i have it for 2 yrs now 😀 hope it will last atleast 1 more, dont want spend money anymore for shittings 😀

  88. It suite perfectly for me! mainly I am using eernote continuosly, I love that keyboad and the little space used from phone! I am jus waiting a stable update from the actual android 2.1 to be ableto instal other apps ons the microSD card, or I continuosly end spacevery quickly on the phone.

  89. Still using my trusty X10. It is mighty tempting to upgrade to an Xperia S, but I’ll probably wait a little longer. The X10 still does everything I need it to do, although it is getting a little slow. Still looks better than most smartphones out there.

  90. I’ve been using an x10 mini pro since last year November. It’s laggy and if it weren’t for the fact that I can’t afford another decent smartphone right now, I wouldn’t be using this excuse for a smartphone.
    This phone has loads of pre loaded apps running in the background When idle, RAM usage on my phone shows up at 70%. I mean, what the h***?I can’t even play a game like Fruit Ninja smoothly. The latest update to Android 2.3.4 made everything worse. Instead of removing the bloatware and making my phone faster, the stupid update installed more stupid apps like the 3D camera. Yeah, that’s exactly what I wanted to improve my phone. What is SE thinking, seriously?
    Now I’m trying to figure out how to install cyanogen to make this phone work like a phone.
    And will I ever buy a phone from SE again? NO.

  91. Hey Alex (post 103) I’m not a geek! Well maybe slightly became one because of this phone but certainly a nexus is a phone on the list worth considering along with the s3 and htc’s best offering at the time. Or could just go cheaper as my girlfriends wildfire seems to be slicker than mine with the only advantage being the better resolution and size of the x10 screen and that was half the price of this.

  92. I still have my X10, just changed firmware to M&M’s MiUi… however… I recently got the Xperia S… and it is AMAZING. Blows the X10 away, I’m afraid. I still use both, but my XS is now my “regular” phone and my X10 I use as a backup & to mess around with firmware. The XS is superior in every way… I’d implore anyone thinking about upgrading to go for the XS as you won’t be disappointed! The screen is fantastic, the phone feels great… the best thing though is the camera. It takes fantastic pictures, REALLY quickly, and they look wonderful on the Xperia S’s screen. It’s the ideal evolution of the x10, in my opinion. And far, FAR nicer than iPhones.

    Also, I must point out that I recently changed my x10’s case & touchscreen as it got tatty… cost me about £40 off eBay, and an evening of tinkering but now it looks like new again! A week later I got my XS though.

    All I need now is for Sony to upgrade my XS to ICS and I’ll be a very happy customer.

  93. Sold my Xperia X10 to a friend and now I have the Galaxy Note. It is my first android device that is why it will have a special place in my heart. The X10 is the phone that teaches me to do wonderful things in Android OS. I was able to root, install custom roms and modify everything because honestly, the software provided with X10 is very sluggish and thus needed to be rooted so that I can run a lot of games and apps for the phone.

    I’m happy with my X10 before but now I am happier with my Galaxy Note. The screen is just amazing and I have no problems running games that require a lot of RAM to be used.

    Anyways, X10 is still a great phone even if it suffers from a lot of criticisms.

  94. X10 going to receive the ice-cream sandwich update? Just read the news that product released from 2011 onwards apart from ‘Play’ will get the updater sooner. I seriously don’t want to be left out. Come on, don’t let me down, SE.

  95. SE has stated that the last release for x10 will be gingerbread, and if there were performance issues for the xperia play, there would almost certainly be issues for the x10 too. If you really want ICS, there is an alpha build of cm9 on xda (ics) for x10, but i would wait for a stable version which should arrive sooner or later.

  96. Iv still got mine ! is coming up to retirement soon. bit old and slow. want to it as a gadget /install custom os but dont know. fancy remote ? stream music to surround sound using simiur music system on x10 now.
    ideas ?

  97. had my x10 for 2 yrs now. updated to 2.3.3 last year and happy with it. but alas, all good things come to an end; will buy a sony xperia P or S once the ICS update is available.

  98. Used the X10 until the USB connection started to malfunction. Couldn’t charge it, and it would be more expensive to fix it, than it would be to buy a new phone. Couldn’t bring myself to buy another Sony after the sad way they handled the X10.

    Now I’m all about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it is twice the phone the X10 could dream of being.

  99. Had the Xperia x10 since that April two years ago. It’s a great phone and with CyanogenMod and Wolfbreak’s gingerbread Mod the phone managed to stay on top of its game, relatively speaking.

    Then I tried FXP’s CM9 on the x10 a few months ago. The rom was a battery hogger (due to deep sleep issues at the time) and had a host of stability issues (since it’s not yet a stable rom), but ICS UI left a huge positive impression on me.

    Afterwards I had my eyes set on the newly announced (at the time) HTC One X, figured it’s the best Android ICS phone out there right now. Gave up after realizing it’s not coming to Tmobile USA (at least not in the foreseeable future), and bought the unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus from Google’s play store on a whim when it became live this April. And now I’m a happy and proud owner of the Galaxy Nexus.

    And I’ve also learned my lesson. OEMs may make attractive and appealing phones, but a Nexus phone is often the most future-proofed and thus most valuable in terms of usability. Even though I may have been converted to a pure Google user, (as opposed to someone who’ll use phones with UXP, Sense, TouchWiz, etc), The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will always have a special place in my heart as my first smartphone, and my first Android.

  100. Still using mine ,Still a good phone but after 2+ years now waiting for my delayed pebble blue galaxy s3 🙂

  101. I am still using my xperia x10. Note all the development @ xda. We have a nearly fully functioning CM9 and CM7 from the FreeXperia team, the kernel ported from 2011 devices, and a large collection of roms (MIUI, Mooke OS, Lewa OS, Lezo OS, Shendu OS, AOKP port, and tons of other member’s custom roms).

    I’m happy with my x10 (though if you gave me a new phone I certainly wouldn’t object).

    @Kingston: It does have cm9! Right here!

  102. i am still really love my x10 🙂 ,, and never think about change this device with the other,, probably i will have 2 phones, try other xperia,, love xperia,, love mod,, just xperia no other’s,,,,

    Sorry for my bad english ;),,,

  103. I am frustrated now.. It lags a bit when i play some high pace games..! Although it is bearable… but not getting a 16M colours update sucks! They promised that thing initially but never ever released.. not even in the 2.3.3 update… and if anyone is still hoping for a favorable update.. Wake up!!!!

    This 16M failed promise has left a bad impression. I was looking for Xperia S (which is being promoted like the way Xperia X10 was) but i cant trust SONY anymore.. they just release new phones and forget about old ones! Time to wait for iphone 5!!!!!

  104. I’m still having my X10 from since it was launched and im still proud, and not going to change it till it lasts. but if i’m changing it, not sure, after may be a year or two will evaluate the situation with Sony (their hardware is excellent but service and updates is not upto the mark).

  105. Just got one used!!! great phone, will change to iPhone 5 As soon as it sees the light!!

  106. I had an X10 mini. It was a lovely phone, only hardware wise though. The stock software was crap. Seriously real crap and Sony just left it after Android 2.1. How pathetic. Well thanks to a developer named “nAa”, the X10 was shining. It had cyanogenmod 7 with awesome features and an impressive kernel. Then I started having pain in my eyes due to the small screen and I was always dreaming about replacing the battery to a much bigger one. Well no luck.
    Now I have got myself Samsung Galaxy S2. A masterpiece truly!
    Because of the experience I had and because I know Sony gives shit to it’s customers I am not going back to Sony unless there is somebody like “nAa” for the particular model. And yeah there is CM9 ICS in that extremely small phone now! Beat that Sony, you really suck.

  107. I’m still using mine..
    Little decline in battery life, but everything else is fine..

  108. hi there i just bought a second hand x10 and update the firmware to 3.0 i think its a really great phone from sony ericsson video is really good when watching videos have to say it beats my old n97 by miles .its a bit tricky to work but am geting the hang of it 🙂

  109. Nope. Enough already. Too many bugs. Laggy as hell. Even ring-tone sounds like it’s struggling – warbling at time (like that ring-tone that SOUNDS like it’s breaking down although I have normal stock ring-tone!) Off to get a Samsung Galaxy model just as soon as I get enough cash together. Never buying Sony phone again.

  110. i loved my x10 even with all the bugs but i have sinced moved on to a samsung galaxy nexus which an amazing very quick and does everything i need it to also rooted as well :-] my daughter has my xperia x10 so its in good hands

  111. I have a X10 by 2 years. Recently I rooted it and put CyanogenMod 7 by zdzihu.. it rocks !!!
    I am waiting for Xperia Play 2 🙂

  112. Is it possible to get the home screen on sony ericsson xperia mini pro sk17i on the x10 normal verison..i just want the shortcuts to gadgets on the 4 corners of the screen on my x10

  113. Still using mine too, although partially because I’m not working atm and can’t afford a new one. I still enjoy it though. It’s a solid phone if a little slow occasionally. Running gingerbread still, no desire to put on any of the new mods. I imagine I will get a Samsung Gal 3 or something eventually, to go along with my Samsung Smart TV although I still like the looks of Sony’s new phones…

  114. I have since moved on to the HTC One x, no more roller coaster rides for me with Sony phone products!

  115. I’ve had my Sony Xperia X10 since December 2010, and I immediately debranded it and now it’s sitting at the stock 2.3 software.

    It’s not as laggy as it was as when I first bought it, but it does drag here and there (unfortunately, where it matters, too…) but it suits me fine, and I don’t see a need to sign another contract for 2 years, or fork out hundreds of dollars for another phone. Though lately I’ve been leaning towards the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Xperia Ion.

    I wonder if there will be a stable release of ICS for the X10? That would be amazing.

  116. I’ve had my Xperia x10 since April, 2010. It got so laggy I was tempted to throw the thing as far as I could.
    Guys sort it out with these simple mods.
    Gain root
    Install Zepplinrox V6 Supercharger script
    Partitian your SD card and install Link2SD
    Lastly flash Doomlords kernal

    Honestly, it will fell like a brand new phone.

  117. Im still using X10 Since April 2010 & will use it another month
    its been a blast using it and trying all new custom ROM’s on it
    but im moving on to Samsung Galaxy SIII (the quad-core master) & got 1GB ram
    i advice everyone to get it, you’ll need it specially with all the new games and programs on the market you’ll need at least a dual-core with 512MB ram.

    search for all new smart phones & Think hard before buying a new high end phone
    Good Luck To Everyone & Have Fun Buying :):)

  118. using my x10 for more than a year and will continue using that
    right now my x10 is running on cm7
    hope fxp gets cm9 working soon

  119. Almost up on my 2 year contract on my X10 and very happy to be nearing the end of days for my X10. Phone was flashy and cool at the outset, but soon realized that it was painfully under powered and lacked sufficient battery capacity to be of much use for business. Tired of carrying around a second battery to get through a workday with moderate use. Also tired of the crashes and sluggishness of the phone.

    This was my second Sony phone and it will be my last. Samsung or Apple for me from here on in!

  120. I still love the phone despite the fact that it lags a lot and have to restart more to keep it running smooth. I’m looking for a better phone though since it’s stuck with 2.3.3

  121. get an iphone there like 10000000000000000 times better than any other phone!

  122. I have X10 and it doesn’t cover my needs anymore because while installing new games, it said that it doesn’t support your device. I’m tired of this awful, black, and exhausting style. it doesn’t work on some apps and it hung.
    I want to change my handset if Sony never change the android version and maybe I choose Samsung Galaxy instead of Sony because Samsung noticed of customers’ needs, what Sony don’t consider.

  123. I’ve been using mine since Dec 2010. I’m thinking of replacing it with Xperia Ion. Is that a good idea?

  124. Still using my x10 mini Pro, on stock firmware. It is almost descent for now, will replace with a new mini Pro if ever comes out with dual-core and enough Memory to be able to keep up with the android updates. So far Sony hasn’t been so good with their designs, for some stupid reason they keep on under-engineering their phones!!! That is not nice Sony!

  125. I am still using my X10i, thinking of getting an iPad, therefore will extend the use of the phone for a couple more months. I may switch to a HTC (One-X series) or S3. Still undecided.

  126. Hey guys, Sony is a very slow developer. Gives industry late updates and still in the time of A4 gives A2.3.3 with its latest Xperia babies. I had X10 and have replaced with BB. Sony gave only 2 updates to x10 and released new models denying updates to x10. I think Samsung is a good growing brand now a days and gives faster the latest updates. Sony is very slow on updates and also gives lower features compared to Samsung mobiles. Whereas the prices are the same. So why not Samsung – the latest technology, update and features with the same price ???

  127. I am using Xperia X10 from past 1 years and 8 months and will use it for couple of months more plaaning for Xperia go and yes next will be definately Sony……..

  128. Moved on the Xperia S, which is a much, much, much better phone. The X10 feels now like an experiment that only just worked. The Xperia S feels like a usable tool. What will it be like in another 2 years?

  129. mark : it will be as rubbish as the day you bought it, should have bought an iphone!

  130. hey all, i have an xperia x10 mini pro and have been using it since July 2010. Any news on an apdate to android 4.1 or anything? im still on 2.1 and its becoming slow!!!

  131. I gave my Xperia X10i to my nephew. My old-brother still use X10i. They both satisfied to their own Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i. Since April 2012, I changed my phone to Xperia S. I love this phone. But, according to me, X10i’s camera is better than Xperia S.

  132. yes still use x10i but is rooted, unlock bootloader and m&m’s 2.3.7 v3.0 rom. perhaps i tuning up for a while before the change it something else. maybe sony.

  133. Me and my wife still both uses our black Xperia X10 mini pro (since sep 2010 – yes, almost antique). Both are updated to Gingerbread (SE Style V1.1, Android 2.3.7, from XDA).
    Batt-life: just about from morning to bedtime.

  134. Still using my Xperia X10 and proud of it.
    No hassles for the past 2 years.
    Wish SE would provide a Gingerbread upgrade.

  135. My X10i was my first smart phone, took a while to get used to it, but learned to love it.
    I still use it, been flashing different roms. Now using feralabs V20 rom, getting the most of my X10i I will be replacing it in december, but only with another Sony Xperia. Not sure which one yet, i may wait a bit longer to see what sony comes up with in 2013. But i will stick to Sony Xperia. Sony may be slow with updates, but the Xperia community is vast and very supportive, and there’s tons of tweaked roms available.

  136. I bought my x10 in may 2010 and although I also have an iPhone 4 but I still love my x10. Honestly after rooting my x10 and installing champ x10s Rom with latest 2012 Sony ui the performance of x10 is great now and guess everyone should try getting your x10 rooted and install a custom Rom and u guys will be amazed by the increase in performance from official 2.3,3 to say x10s champ Rom…..it really is stunning and specially the music quality with latest xperia s music player n equaliser with clear bass and surround headphones its simply awesome 🙂

  137. i try both the atrix and x10

    all i say is, ATRIX IS BETTER! but still i miss the physical design of X10… its beauty not the beast 🙂

  138. I’m still using my X10
    It is still useful & doing very well
    But I wanna change …
    because most of my friends are with latest phone like Galaxy s2 or s3 or galaxy note …
    so I’m waiting for the i phone 5 … =)

  139. yes i want to continue with it
    this tech race no one can chase
    until it serves ur purpose go with it fnds
    i just need android update for it……

  140. I’m still using x10i (black)
    something I really feel mad when it lag, but something I feel good when I looking at it shape’s design, really sexy.
    But i still proud of it, it can run a lot of HD game ,especially ‘modern combat 3’! I feel surprise because of I run smootly without any lag.
    I wonder I can change it to Xperia S so far.

  141. I am still using my Xperia X10 and i have sticked with Android 2.3, the last of the updates rolled out by SE. My phone is still in great shape and there is still demand for X10 in the market as people are looking for X10!!

    Eventhough it has some drawbacks, I still love my X10……

  142. There was a time when I was a devout fan of Sony Ericsson. That was until I bought The Xperia X10. I found it very painful to wait for new updates and then loading them to my X10. I eventually became fed up with laxed and late response to customer needs. I went with Samsung. I’ve been very happy since.

  143. Using my x10 mini currently running an ICS on it by nAa. I’ve had a version of Jelly Bean running on it, but I think ICS is good enough. Sony never updated beyond 2.1

  144. Using the X10 until my contract runs out. First year I had it was terrible until GB came out. Its been alright since. Next phone will likely be a Samsung SIII as Samsung seem better at providing a stable product and regular updates, not to mention Swype out of the box. Hopefully, Apple won’t successfully bully Samsung out of the market using the courts.

  145. I’ve stopped looking for a new phone for a while as my Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10i is still up to the task.
    I currently have root access to the device with the CPU overclock to 1152MHz(when needed) and modified governors.
    I have an 1800mAh Mugen battery and a 32GB Ultra class 10 SanDisk microSD.
    With the system build.prop refined and performance apps installed, I now get more than 1½ days battery life.
    I have approx 100MB of RAM available at boot time and currently 250MB user data available (bloatware removed).
    Bravia engine installed… because I could.
    MicroSD card is partitioned and Link2SD used. Cifsmanager(cifs.ko), DLNA server and Samba Filesharing is installed, allowing both external(NAS) and internal data streams to be mapped.
    PPTP and OpenVPN configured(tun.ko).
    mp4 or mkv 720p videos compressed with handbrake for Android are watchable using MX Player Pro(16bit) or BSPlayer(BSPlayer HW engine) with only the slightest periodic lag on one or two vids.

    Sure an (S1) Adreno 200 is not an (S4) Adreno 320 and one day the moment will come when I ‘NEED’ an Android phone with a GPU 18 times more powerful than that of an XPERIA X10i.

  146. I still got my X10 because i keep forgetting to sale it to one of them recycle sites, guess i should be doing that now instead of posting on here. The phone was ok for the first year i guess but i feel that updates really messed it up made it all slow, i probably should have rooted it but could not be asked, you should not have to root a phone for it to be decent. I have now gone to the Samsung G3 and its great im not looking back just need to get rid of my x10 whats that link to the recycle site again never sony again

  147. My X10i is still going strong since May 2011 though lag and force closes are grating at times. I looked into upgrading but nothing currently in this price range quite ticks all the boxes. I was excited for the Xperia S until I saw the camera quality, which let me down somewhat. I’ll keep running my X10 until the right handset comes along, maybe an Iphone.

  148. so go and have sex with you iphone

    we live in democratic country gay can live as well dont be affraid

  149. I have had my xperia x10i for nearly 2 years and i feel no urge to change. It has everything from multimedia to gaming. It is my best phone that i have used thus far. It still amazes me like it did when i unboxed it. I just love it. I just hoped that Sony Ericsson would give X10i an ics upgrade but looks like they have become even greedier than before…no surprises there.

    el día que un iphone te dure actualizado lo que un xperia x10 hablamos.
    y tu magnifico IO6 apenas tiene lo que nosotros teníamos desde hace años, que gran avance, apenas ponerse al día.

  151. i like you guys, the king is a funny chap, lets blog the shit out of this website, dont let it die like the x10!

  152. Updated to the Samsung s3, only thing i dislike is not having its own blog like this one! but its a small price to pay for an AWESOME phone!!

  153. s3, psh, should have got an iphone pal, that samshing will be fooked in a year when you update it and it goes slow then you need customisaition rom to waver the quizzle so it gets up to speed again.

  154. i doubt we will be hearing from bad bum 8 because he has become a buddist monk and has taken a vow of silence!

    i am the king! all buy iphones, its a democracy!

  155. Still have my x10, rooted it and have it still running damn good! Even got an ext. battery to double the usage. As for the iphone, there is two major limitations…1. Can be expensive and set your pocket on fire… 2. You are stuck with that memory limitation. I got a 16gig and for 20 bucks I can go to 32gig. Iphone, you have to buy a whole new phone.. hmm 20 bucks or 700 bucks…hmm…

  156. Look fool leave this blog and go talk crap somewhere else, yay you have a iPhone no one else really cares on here, what do you do sit on this blog and refresh every second, get a life mate

  157. dont beat your self up badbum8, just because your stuck with a crap phone, relax go to apple shop and get a better one!
    anyway i thought you had taken a vow of silence?

  158. Yeah agreed with an earlier post this forum was great for the X10 kept my phone alive, any problems i had i would always come here, and you always had great posts, you guys should do one for the S3

  159. I will meet you in a apple store and beat you with a bloody iPhone you are one annoying loser

  160. Relax badbum8 I am only messing, I like this blog and it would die without me.
    I am posting this from my iPhone, it’s so nice to use better than my x10.

  161. Well still got my X10, however not using it much now as I have updated to HTC One X which I quite like. Not going to start the this phones better than that argument it was just an upgrade…

    The main reason for me not going for another Sony phone was Sony’s poor update history, which may be better now, I don’t know? But I wasn’t willing to risk it again. Wouldn’t have minded so much if the contract hadn’t been so long and the phone hadn’t cost me so much. But as it was, I thought SE support was poor and they weren’t interested in their customers!

    Waiting to see if HTC are any better, so far so good, already the Jelly bean update has been announced for my new phone!

  162. Oi JAFI JOFER i got a iPhone 5 for my company phone not liking it so far i got all my music and movies on my SD card can you tell me how to open the case to put the memory card in???

  163. Just put it on iTunes then sync to phone, no need for such a primitive thing as an sd card.
    I love my iPhone its perfect, if you really have iPhone you will be changing your android mindset and realising the greatness of iOS.
    Keep it real

  164. I dont want to install software to put stuff on my phone that’s just crazy and so dated, is there anyway i can get those cool widgets like android search the app store and there is nothing as they are real helpful.

  165. widgets? is that an app? i am not sure what you mean there is nothing as they are real helpful? help me out son

  166. the iphone is better, badbum 8 has an iphone now, he is coming out of the apple closet as a lover man.

  167. Well, I ve never heard of this phone until a friend sold one for me. I ve been in love with htc series, which I still like. When I used xperia I experience another features in mobile phone that I ve never experienced. Synchronizing my email with phone contact via the timeline. That is awesome. I love it. Well I am still using it and I will love to ve a higher xperia next.
    The developers are doing great work. Cool!!!!!

  168. I agree with badbum 8, the x10 still is a great phone, better looking than the new Xperia with that clear plastic thing at the bottom, that looks cheap and nasty.
    X10 is sexual chocolate

  169. X10 is a great phone… I was d frst one to get it in my city. Will change when sony releases a quad-core one.

  170. I have a company iPhone 5 and a personal S3 after replacing my wonderful x10 and the S3 is the next best thing after the x10 don’t ever get iPhone it’s crap

  171. Bad bum 8 your having a lough that cheap plastic s3 is better than iPhone I doubt it pal!
    S3 looks good on paper but crap to own!

  172. My XPERIA X10i continues to surprise me. I’m now able to watch Freeview TV streamed from my NAS. The Android TVHGuide.apk allows viewing(excluding viewing of 720p HD broadcast on X10i)/remote recording of any given TV program and with OpenVPN installed on my XPERIA X10i I’m even able to record a program on the fly when out and about.

    Features installed on my XPERIA X10i

    CIFS – remote folder mounted as a local folder.
    Samba network file sharing.
    CPU overclocked to 1.15GHz
    Bravia Engine
    aScreenshot for screen capture.
    32GB Class10 SanDisk
    Link2SD to make use of MicroSD card read/write speed.
    1800mAh Mugen Power battery with 1½ days battery life.
    xRecovery for system backup and installs.
    Streamed Freeview TV
    XiiAlive Internet radio
    PowerAMP/JetAudio music
    BSPlayer or MX Player Pro taking care of most of my video needs.
    Can play Frontline Commando game.
    On top of all this my NAS becomes a 6TB storage bin. 🙂

    I feel like lord of the bottom dwellers with my current XPERIA X10i setup, however the lure of a Sony 2013 quad-core with Adreno 320 may be the undoing of my XPERIA X10i.

    In which case it may become a blackbox/video and engine diagnostic device for my car.

  173. I love my iPad and iPhone, there’s no way I would ever go back to android,

    Thanks, keep blogging gus


  175. Bad bum 8 will eat your stool, the x10 was a nice looking phone but sucks in the update department.

  176. i want to replace my x10 but i cant choose other mobile phone which is better than xperia x 10 and the price is between 14000 to 16000 thousand.

  177. Still using X10i. i just stopped this stupid technology contest, The phone is not smart, Android is.

  178. @BANDIT and ruler of crap why dont you eat each other and
    @ topper harley here is my email give me a mail crank_that@hotmail.co.uk as yeah im on Xbox

    X10 was a great phone of its time compared to the phones now its not gonna match up is it silly people

  179. Using X10i since May 2012

    Having the same performance after a drop from 15 feet with its soft cover for the first time, and the second drop from the staircase cracked the screen with no change in performance.

    Good phone don’t see any reason to change ..


  180. Suck my stool, iPhone rocks Sony will always play second fiddle to apple, you just need a blog so you can convince your self you have the better phone.
    I love my apple product and you will succumb to the mighty apple one day and realise the potential you thought never possible.

    Bad a bum 8, I am a king show some respect

  181. Sony still remains the best smart phone and android os is marvellous.
    I will ever remain glue to Sony. Sony. Make Believe

  182. Whoever still uses the X10, you might as well take a piece of my hardened stool, attach an antenna to it and use it to communicate, it’ll be more useful. YOU BROKE ASS MORONS. EVEN IF YOU WERE ON WELFARE YOU COULD HAVE UPGRADED FROM SHIT10 BY NOW. GET A NEW PHONE! SHITPERIA X10 IS ANTIQUE LEGACY GARBAGE. I’M CURRENTLY USING NOTE II.

  183. i have been using xperia x10 for 6 months now. the screen got cracked and i replaced it, now its not as sensitive as previous. Its running slow too…i will upgrade to xperia P if i get the opportunity.

  184. I’ve let go of my Xperia X10, and honestly, it was the best thing i’ve done. Everyone should switch to Windows Phone. BEST THING EVEEEER!

  185. Not as good as iPhone though but the Nokia is a close second ! Love it large

  186. I am 🙂 It’s been over two years now, all the new phones coming and going, this just does my job.

  187. A sad day, but tinged with hope and optimism.

    My XPERIA X10i has had it’s SIM removed and placed into a new XPERIA S (LTA6i)
    Now my XPERIA X10i has become a mobile TV, mail client, WiFi hotspot file server(32GB SanDisk UHS-1) and Internet client.

    We are seeing Sony release new devices in the form of the XPERIA J which to some people may look very familiar as it bears a lot of the hallmarks of the XPERIA X10i, but with the option of Android 4.1(JB).

    However XPERIA X10i owners, fear not, as there are works afoot to bring Android 4.1 to the old gentleman of Sony Ericsson Android phones in the form of CM10 (Android 4.1.2).

    With an 8MP camera, 1800mAh Mugen battery and retro styling, the XPERIA X10i may still be seen to some as a better deal than the XPERIA J and now with the potential of both devices running Android 4.1, it’s on a level playing field.

    With the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10i, it seems one can never really say it’s over.

    There are many phones, but this Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10i is my phone.

  188. Still have the xperia 10i. The phone is getting a bit slower because of all the apps I keep on installing but it is still good for me after 2 yrs.

  189. Still alive.
    I’ve bought a couple of Galaxy Nexii, but my kids have claimed them.
    So I am still on this old beast.
    I’ve just spent a few minutes trimming out Touchstone and Chinese Keyboard and so forth. The phone memory is rather full.

    But it still lives.
    It’ll get replaced after Christmas will a Xperia T, or a Moto HD Razr, or a Note II, or even a Nexus 4 if I can actually get to buy one.

    Battered and restarting by itself alot… time to be put in the cardboard box of old phones.

  190. Needs some software updates if available then its super cool phone .its my first phone I am using if there is a software update for 2.3 & above

  191. I bought xperia x10 from Oct 2010, and still use it so far. If comparing to Iphone, my x10 can do anything that Iphone has, event better, still love it. However, I think to buy xperia TX for better screen size and solution as well as faster, and keep x10 as 2nd phonw

  192. took one xperia x10 mini from my sis I rooted and put a 32 gb sd card I now have ~ 82 progs and games and still adding every day ! wonderful cell ! merry christmas to all

  193. I got the X10 mini when it showed up in Rogers, lost it over the ocean within a year, got the X10 Mini Pro which was aimed for in the first place. On my X10 Mini Pro, I found out, the camera produced better results on the old Mini than the X10 Mini Pro. Probably the same camera,so important, but performing in a way that makes one check for better. The Mini’s screen size is inconveniently small, but the overall size is ultra convenient. For me Sony has brilliantly performing products that break down to soon (this experience goes back to sound equipment of the seventies), so being on a limited budget I’m a little weary of investing in the somewhat pricey Sony products. However the X10 Mini and Pro have performed very well and I’m not planning on upgrading until the right time. The Pro is a little prettier in its upgrade to 4.0… but also slower. I am happier with that upgrade now than when it was initially installed and the phone with all its assets performs well according to most of my expectations. When, very soon, the upgrade to a new phone comes along I’ll check models like Nexus as well as New Sony phones. The main reason for commenting at this time is the perceived end of this blog, since following it now for about two years as it is programmed into my Google Reader. Despite the fact that telephone technology is not totally on the forefront of my interests this always has been a favourite blog and I like to say thank you for the information and insights that made this blog so interesting to me.

  194. Even that i have sony ericsson T300, K800i, W880i,samsung i900, n7000 and nokia n97 finaly i am proud to have x10 experia mini and i am in love. It is a beauty.

  195. I used to be a big fan of SE, but not happy anymore with experia.
    The device performance is getting slower in monthly bases, as if was meant to happen from the manufacturer.
    Buying SE again?!!! For sure not, Apple and Samsung are 50 years a head

  196. Using X10 and happy with it (sort of). How about ubuntuphone on Xperia X10. Is any one looking into that?

  197. Still peter Sony đưa to it’s elegant outlook and great performance, I just bought Xperia Tx 1week and keep using x10 Sa my second phone.

  198. I love my X10
    If it breaks I will be buying another Sony to replace it
    Does everything I need.

    I like the larger size as I’ve got big fingers
    The only shortcoming is the lack of front camera for skype

  199. as per my view,x10 is a good handset that I ever used.i have been using it from last 2 years…i lov this phone very much,good camera,clarity,battery,look,no lag,bugs..overall…x10 is a good phone

  200. Still using my X10 today for 2,5 years now with FreeX10 custom rom running on it. I has been repaired once, after 6 months or something when I bought it. I find it today one of the most good looking phones compared to specs. Haven’t be able to find a appropriate replacement yet!

  201. Bahaha I was just looking for some extra ways to maybe increase battery and performance and I stumbled upon this I still use mine I even got a call from the phone guy like “hey you can just go down to the phone shop and they will give you a new mobile ” but I was like ..nahh…..nah its cool il stick her out man I wish I could somehow show you guys a screen shot of some of my wallpapers like my homepage on my experia??
    does anyone know hoe to like screen shot the phone ?

  202. Sorry ben unless you have a custom rom you cant take screen shots on root. Long live the x10. I think it was the best phone every

  203. The iphone is slowly dying king jack ass, the amount of disappointment the iphone 5 bought are leading people to android stats dont lie

  204. badbum? dont talk rubish, maybe your mates have android that dont make global stats.
    only reason android sells more, its on more devices and its CHEAPER

    ios is just better.

  205. bad bum 8 tomes? you have one of those sony watches too, so you can see the ting on the x10 before you get it out and see it on that.
    what phone are you rocking at the moment?
    i have an ipad and an iphone, because there the best!

  206. i’m still using xperia x10 and i’m proud of it
    maybe it was bit laggy, but it’s better than blackberry. i think xperia x10 still the best phone and legend.

  207. Using my X10 as second phone. After I got the bootloader unlock and the phone rooted it works fine. With CM10 that is Android 4.1.2 it works rather smoth and when it is rooted I can remove all the bloatware. Bought the phone a new backcover, now it looks almost like new.

  208. I”m still using the x10., bud it’s giving me a lot of troubles at the moment. So i have to get a new one. set my eyes on de xperia Z purple!!! LOVING IT!!!

  209. Yes! Boom iPhone is still the best but I did use my mini x10 the other day, solid as a mo-fo rock

    Bad album 8 tomes, what phone you rocking at the moment?

  210. Still using x10 mini pro after many years now. But I do have to admit, it’s because there is no alternative with a real keyboard available, cause the mini pro does make some troubles.

    I will finally switch from original roms to cyanogen, in hopes this might help (app2sd i.e.) – any hints what cm-version is fastest one? I’m thinking about cm7

  211. cm7 is good, i used it on a cheap chinese tabley, i gave it away after that it was that good.
    not, get an iphone

  212. Awesome device.using it since 2010.only problem faced was the frequent shutdown.problem detected by good sony service men . Battery replaced, the problem finished.battery was the problem. Since i am a gamer i sucked the BST -41. So i purchased two this time. Well done sony ericsson.

  213. Xperia X10 certainly a legend smartphone. Supported by many developers from XDA with various ROM and Kernel. This stuff is really great. Been using it for more than 2 years and still got fine ass kicking with it. For daily use, I would say it is a great phone.

  214. i have my x10a till now and im not planning to replace for now.it is still an awesome unit. i have flash the feralb JB 4.1.2 and it made my phone faster and cool..

  215. I’m still using my xperia x10. Its good but I have problem to update to new costume roms.

  216. i’m using x10 mob ,but i want to update my mob to 4.1 andrioid ,.is it possible? i don’t want to replace this mobile .

  217. I’ve had my x10 for over 3 years. I love that I can travel and switch SIM cards in the dark in about 20 seconds. My apple hubby’s iPhone is rendered useless in another country unless he wants to pay a fortune. Lots of memory, takes good pics, I wish the volume was louder on speaker phone. Other than that, it’s still a great phone and I don’t feel the need to switch.

    Reading through the other forum on here I’m keen to try out the new firmware… we’ll see how it goes. Last time I upgraded I lost all my contacts even though I thought I had backed up. I’ll send an update when I get around to it.

  218. I have mine. I don’t feel the need to change it, it works well for me, looks like new. I wouldn’t go to Sony for a new one, I’m an Ericsson gal. 🙂