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  • Sony Ericsson re-confirms no Gingerbread for the X10 mini family and X8

    Sony Ericsson has confirmed once again that there will be no firmware update beyond Android 2.1 (Éclair) for the X10 mini family and the X8. Two reasons have been cited for the decision. The first relates to hardware and more specifically the lower RAM available compared to the X10. The company feels that they couldn’t […]

  • AT&T Xperia X10 finally gets Android 2.1 Éclair update

    We thought this day would never come. Sony Ericsson has announced that the Android 2.1 (Éclair) update for AT&T customers has finally arrived. This is seven months after the rest of the world’s X10s were updated to Android 2.1. The update will officially start tomorrow, May 31st and we’re sure that for many Xperia X10 […]

  • Xperia X10’s still sold in selected Best Buy stores for $1 (with 2-yr contract)

    As far as we were aware the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 went EOL in the US in February. Well it appears that selected Best Buy stores in the country are still stocking the handset, where it is being sold for $1 upfront on a two-year contract. It’s worth noting though that this is via AT&T, […]

  • AT&T Xperia X10 reaches EOL; hopes vanishing for Android 2.1 update?

    Whilst most of us around the world are now running the Android 2.1 update on our Sony Ericsson Xperia X10s, spare a thought for those in the United States, where users are still stuck on Android 1.6. Back in late November, Sony Ericsson USA said that the update will take longer to hit the States, […]

  • AT&T says “timing undefined” for Xperia X10 Éclair update

    Frustrated US owners of the Xperia X10 have been sitting on the sidelines watching most other X10 owners from around the globe boasting about the Android 2.1 update. The bad news is that AT&T X10 owners may still be in for a lengthy wait. Sony Ericsson USA has posted an update on their Facebook page […]

  • O2 UK X10 update now released, T-Mobile says next week, Vodafone still quiet

    We thought we’d just update you on how far along the UK operator’s are with the Android 2.1 Xperia X10 update. The good news for O2 customers is that the update finally started to roll out this afternoon. T-Mobile have also updated their customers, tweeting that they expect the update for the X10 family to […]

  • Custom Android 2.1 now available to download for all tinkerers

    A week ago, we reported that the gurus over at xda-developers were well on their way to getting a custom Android ROM working on the Xperia X10. Whilst the bootloader hasn’t been cracked, they’ve managed to get a new ROM on the existing kernel. This morning, the devs have released the firmware that will allow […]

  • Orange UK and Three get X10 update; O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone users still waiting

    Despite the fact that the generic UK Android 2.1 update for the Xperia X10 family rolled out 11 days ago, we are only now seeing some of the operators release their branded firmware. Orange and Three released the update yesterday according to user comments. However, O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone Xperia X10 owners are still waiting. […]

  • Xperia X10 update hits Germany for generic and O2 handsets

    Just a quick heads-up to let you know that Germany is now rolling out the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 update for all generic handsets along with those on O2 Germany. We believe the generic German update started rolling out last night but Sony Ericsson Germany officially confirmed it this morning through their twitter account.

  • Rogers Android 2.1 Xperia X10 update finally lands

    Rogers has released the Android 2.1 update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. A tipster pointed to a release date at some point this week and it looks like he was right. A number of people have already downloaded the firmware successfully according to the comments in our last Rogers post. Looks like Sony Ericsson […]

  • Complete list of Xperia X10 Android 2.1 ‘kit’ numbers to date

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 family continues to receive the Android 2.1 (Éclair) update through different regions and operators. The guys over at the SE Product Blog have highlighted the full list of ‘kits’ that have been updated thus far. Sony Ericsson’s reference to kits is that each type of X10 in each region will […]

  • Arabic, Farsi fonts finally available for rooted Éclair Xperia X10’s

    There has been a large group of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 users that have managed to get by up until now by not having their native language support by the handset. In fact, in the run up to the Android 2.1 update, the demand for Arabic fonts in the Xperia X10 intensified. Whilst, the phone […]

  • NTT DoCoMo’s Xperia X10 update hits on November 10

    It appears that the Android 2.1 Xperia X10 rollout is gathering apace. Just yesterday we reported that the update commenced in the UK and later the same evening Rikard Skoberg from the SE Product Blog confirmed other regions have also gone live. This includes generic firmware in China, the Baltics, Belgium, France and India and […]

  • UK Xperia X10 update now rolling out

    Sony Ericsson UK has confirmed that the Android 2.1 update for the Xperia X10 is finally rolling out. They also went on to apologise for the wait. I imagine this is for unbranded handsets right now with the branded updates following at some point down the line. Hopefully other regions should follow shortly.

  • X10 mini gets surprise continuous autofocus in Éclair update

    A number of Sony Ericsson X10 mini and X10 mini pro users are reporting that the video functionality of the handset has been upgraded to include continuous autofocus. This functionality certainly wasn’t on the change log, which makes me wonder why SE wouldn’t want to promote such a feature. Of course, there’s no HD video […]

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