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  • Multi-touch coming to the Xperia X10 in Gingerbread update?

    There has been a lot of speculation over the last few days over whether the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will get multi-touch support (don’t confuse this with the current dual-touch functionality) once the Android Gingerbread update lands. This started when the official Sony Ericsson Brazil blog published a post saying that multitouch was coming. The […]

  • X10 mini pro gets unofficial dual-touch fix [Video]

    The X10 mini handsets were unfortunate not to receive the dual-touch update that its bigger brother the X10 received. Whilst some may question whether it is needed on such a small display, we would personally like to have the choice. Some keen devs (doixanh and slade87) over at xda-developers have finally managed to get dual-touch […]

  • Dual-touch fix for all ROMS now available

    Are you running a custom ROM? Can’t wait for the official dual-touch update to hit your handset? Well you’re in luck as the whiz-kids over at xda-developers have released a dual-touch hotfix that will work on all ROMs. All credit goes to Bin4ry from xda-developers, you can find the downloads needed and instructions here.

  • Official: Dual-touch Xperia X10 update hits Japan on 19 Jan

    Just yesterday we saw a video demonstrating the new pinch-to-zoom update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. Well now Sony Ericsson Japan has officially notified users that this update will hit NTT DoCoMo on 19th January through PC Companion and 20th January OTA. They have also confirmed that the new dual-touch features will work in […]

  • Dual-touch and one-finger zoom shown off on Xperia X10 [Video]

    Hopefully, it shouldn’t be too long before we see the dual-touch firmware update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. While we wait, a video has surfaced that shows dual-touch working on the X10 as well as the one-finger zoom. It seems like a worthy addition to the handset, but the timing of the update is […]

  • Official: Xperia X10 will get multi-touch in Q1 2011

    Sony Ericsson has officially confirmed that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 will get some form of multi-touch during an OTA firmware update in Q1 2011. Rikard Skoberg from the SE Product Blog has said that there will be pinch-to-zoom (dual-touch) functionality on the web browser and Google Maps. So what’s changed you might be asking? […]

  • Multitouch Xperia X10 debate surfaces again following convincing videos

    The multi-touch issue surrounding the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 has been one of the key talking points since launch. Sony Ericsson continues to confirm that the handset does not support multi-touch in hardware or software, whilst there are a number of others who refuse to believe them. A number of videos have appeared over the […]