Google Goggles and other apps demoed on the Xperia X10 [Video]

Google Navigation on Xperia X10One of the great things about an Android smartphone is the quality of apps on offer, none more important than those from Google itself. Rog from SE-First was lucky enough to be spending Christmas in New York and even luckier to have the Xperia X10 handset on him. He has shot a number of different videos, walking through various Android applications.

Whilst looking for a place to eat he fires up Google Places Directory, he demos Google Goggles that allows for visual search, he shows off an augmented-reality app called Wikitude and he even has time to demonstrate one of Google’s killer apps, Google Navigation. If that’s not enough, he also has some Xperia X10 sample photos & videos on the site. You can check out all the app videos after the jump.