Xperia X10 battery life revealed

Battery lifeUp until now, the battery life of the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 smartphone has been kept under wraps. The official product page is just left blank under the battery performance section. However, with the news of the handset launching in Japan, the official SE Japan site does reveal this juicy information.

Given its 1GHz Snapdragon chipset and 4-inch screen, I wasn’t putting too much hope in decent battery life, but it’s looking reasonably okay. Talktime with 3G networks should last for 4 hours and 50 minutes, whilst a 3G standby time of 200 hours is quoted. Obviously official numbers are always inflated, but at least you’ll hopefully be able to get a good days use out of it before having to re-charge. Check out a breakdown of the battery performance after the break.

Official global product page does not reveal battery life…

Xperia X10 Product Page

…but SE Japan’s site does!

Xperia X10 Product Page

Via Sony Insider.

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  1. My X10 does not even last a full day with ‘normal’ use. 3G switched off even. A few phone calls and SMS – no data. By the evening, sitting at 30% remaining.

    Sure hope that the next update will tweak power consumption and allow for more efficient battery use.

    Currently using R1AA044 Baseband version.

  2. Have to agree with QiR about the battery life! It’s pretty abysmal but when you consider all of the things it does ‘in the background’, it’s hardly surprising. I guess you can turn off the Media Scape and Time Scape and perhaps that will conserve battery life? However, that is the ‘beauty’ of the device, having everything about one contact/piece of media in one place!!! Let’s see how the OS update improves it, if at all. It’s a beautiful handset I have to say, although the keyboard takes a little getting used to – not all key presses actually register despite showing you’ve selected the appropriate key!!! No phone on the planet is perfect (not even the fruity phone!).

  3. Well, as a fruity phone ex-user, I have to say the X10 battery life is atrocious. 12 hours is typical for me, comprised of approximately:

    – 20 mins on the phone
    – 30 mins listening to streaming radio via bluetooth headset
    – 10 text messages
    – auto check of email hourly (I want every 10 mins!)

    But I’ll put up with it for the positives. Am going to HAVE to get another battery though.

  4. My first impressions of the x10 was that the battery life (or lack of) was going to be a problem. What I discovered after a few days with the phone is that you need to kill your un-used apps in the background. Also, the first couple of charges are going to go very quickly. I’m almost at a week with the device and I can say that the power consumption does improve. Get the following apps to improve performance and battery life…

    1) Advanced App Killer (there is a free one, search it)
    2 Quick Settings (better visualization of what your phone is doing and you can turn Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off here (disable wifi and BT when not in use). GPS is a serious drain as well…don’t let it keep track of your location unless you really need it.

    Hope this helps someone. So far I’m loving my new toy.

  5. hey,
    is google maps automatically starting up and running in the background on your x10’s? and if so how do i stop it from doing it?

  6. The x10 is amazing in every way, but i have to agree with other users that the keyboard sucks, although there are aftermarket ones which work fine. The earpiece is very quiet (i have mine on max all the time and its still difficult to hear at times.) The biggest concern i have is the battery life. I have yet to see my battery last a full day even with data and email updates turned off. I also am continuously shutting off apps in the background but so far no big change.

  7. I got my phone the other day and what is being said is true. The battery life does improve, greatly, after a few full charges from nothing. Also by getting the Quick Settings App. By turning off the Mobile Data it will last a hell of a lot longer! Before getting that app, along with Task Killer, my battery life lasted untill I got home from work!! Not good times!

  8. I had the same problem as all people mentioned here. My Xperia x10 is working fine now in terms of battery life. Before I used to charge my Phone after 5-6 hours. Now it last more than 24 hours. As of today, I unplugged my phone from charger 6:30 in the morning and it was fully charged. now its 19:30 PM and my battery life is 82% and I am listening to music from last 45 minutes (full blast).
    I used every solution provided on different blogs, such as: Use Task Killer, Use only 2G, Switch off WiFi, Bluetooth, updating email, facebook and twitter account every hour.. etc, it did make a difference but not much..
    Two things I did to my phone and I don’t know which one fixed the battery problem.
    1) I dropped my phone from 3-4 feet height. 🙂
    2) I disabled auto Time zone (Network Time for phone clock).

    Try the second option first, and if works for you guys, then Hurray!!!!..
    otherwise keep the first option in your mind as well.

    Hope it will help for you guys.. remember.. I still use task killer and 2G only..

    Best of luck.

  9. I’ve had my x10 almost a week now, battery life was pretty pointless at the start, I think I got 6-7 hrs on the first charge.. but its been improving, the trick is to fully charge it and then let it run down until it turns itself off, do this 2 or 3 times and the battery seems to last a lot longer, also instal a task killer, I have task manager, it was free and it kills all the background apps every time you lock the keypad.. Don’t leave bluetooth, wlan or gps on if you don’t need them and set the screen brightness to automatic to save power.. If your still finding your phone dies before the day is out, buy an extended battery 🙂

  10. well i got my x10 not even a week ago i let the battery go dead now it wont charge at all it comes up with 2% battery then cuts out it keeps doing it then turns of again. !!!! help !!!!

  11. It appears I may be yet another gullible sod who has had an Xperia X10 from O2 for nearly two months – I made the mistake of believing the people at O2 and the specification details from Sony Ericsson (listed below under the heading of Battery performance). During that time I have tried all the the tips/tricks quoted by those “in the know” and yet despite one replacement battery, it is as bad as the day I first took delivery.
    With no apps running, no BT, wifi, gps etc and the no use of the phone whatsoever, it only manages 25hrs from full battery to empty and that’s with it just on “Standby”, a big difference when SE quotes 415 hours.
    When phone is actually used, only as a phone that is, the battery runs flat within 3.5hrs (which does not compare well with the 8-10 hours quoted by SE)and that is not continuous talking! When using some of the phones features like wifi, gps, etc. the battery life is about the same but still nothing like the following;

    “Battery performance
    Battery performance may vary depending on network conditions and configuration, and phone usage.
    Networks Talk time
    GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 10 hours 415 hours
    UMTS/HSPA 900/1700/2100 8 hours 425 hours
    UMTS/HSPA 800/850/1900/2100 8 hours 425 hours “.

    One final note of caution about this rather expensive pile of **** is that I have found the handset back becomes very warm to the touch after 10-20 minutes and not only that but the heat is sufficient to warm up both the ear and the side of head around the ear being used!
    I am now awaiting a repaired phone from O2, though I think they really should have simply replaced it after all this hastle – maybe the Trading Standards people would be the best at resolving this?
    Any other suggestions?

  12. Does anyone know how often the Mini X10 checks for emails from my email account (not gmail). I would like to choose how to set the check interval for this. Thank you.

  13. @Stu
    I am curious if this is possible anyway. In my experience there is no auto-sync in the mini. What do you use for this function? Frank.

  14. The x10 is a gorgeous phone and easily better than iphone, however its battery life lets it down massivley. Take today for example, i unplugged it 3hrs ago according to the battery use monitor and its already used 30% of its battery power!

  15. awwww maaaan!!! i just bought a new xperia x10 and I DONT USE IT AS MUCH I CHARGE IT.

  16. Mark, even though the batter use app talks about consumption from the last time unplugged, it’s actually giving you information from the last time you turned it on…. so if you turned it off for whatever reason after a charge, it restarts from the point when you turned it back on again… this will give you an inconsistent reading…. not sure that is necessarily your issue, but it could be….

  17. I have had my x10 for about n month now, great phone! The battery was also great at the start lasting around 2days, i charged it from 0 to 100 everytime. But then i charged it on the move twice for only half an hour and now its really bad! Lasting 6hours max! I uninstalled most of the apps. Charged from 0 but still not great as it was. Anyone had the same problem?

  18. I just got my xperia x10 last week. Battery just needed some optimizing (turned screen brightness low, but its still bright enough) and i turn bluetooth and wifi off whenever im not using it. My phone usage is quite moderate: calling, texting, watching youtube and browsing android market using wifi.
    Anyway, I charged it from 4% – 100% yesterday (Saturday) from 8:30am – 10:45am (2 hrs 15 mins) and it is now 1:00pm (Sunday) and the battery is at 49% (unplugged for just over 26 hrs!), which is good. I think most of you may have a faulty battery or simply not optimizing it properly. Also, you should only charge it when its below 5% and dont leave it charging for too long after 100%.
    Hope that helps. Its a great phone!

  19. So I fixed my battery. First of all, downloading anything els than a task maneger to fine tune your battery is, a wast of battery! Juicedeffender is no help! I switched bluetooth, wifi, gps and 3g off. I also ended all apps and turned the screan down, also took the clock of aoto set by network. I uninstalled all apps but around 5 witch i use. Also charged the battery from 0 twice! And now life with my X10 is great. Been on for 10 hours and is at 72% And i used it alot!! Calls, messages, web pages, bit of downloads and also about an hour of music. Last tip, Only charge your phone when its at 5% or less.

  20. Hi….i dont know how to install apps ….no android market app on my phone….where do i get it…or do i have to go on a website to download from android market……Help

  21. how do i turn my phone off to charge it. it keeps turning back on.
    just bought it and cant figure it out. or at least how do i make the phone go to standby mode while charging

  22. I fell in love with the X10 mini pro and eventually got it. The battery life however was really a shocker, so much so that I wanted to sell the phone. Out of desperation I hit the web and applied the following to my phone:
    I chaned to “HELIXlauncher Donut 2.1 ”
    Downloaded “advanced task killer free” from the market
    Changed the following on my phone
    -turned down my brightness
    -disabled data traffic (enabled again when I do web surfing)
    -disabled background data (enabled when on the web)
    -disable auto sync

    My battery life increased from a few hours to almost two days (with heavy usage)
    Otherwise two days (moderate usage)

  23. My X1 eventually died. Moved to the X10; very disappointing. I (incorrectly) assumed that having the same name (Xperia) as my X1 and being a natural upgrade, it’d have the same functions plus a few more! If I can keep it powered up long enough to receive my works voicemails by email, it can’t play them, a simple wav file.
    Sony Ericsson support: useless.
    Active sync with Moxier: wubbish! It won’t even do the calendar!
    Bluetooth (Ericsson development): wubbish! Crackly on the same kit that’s OK on the X1 and now my old P1i!
    Even the right hand ear piece on the personal hands free failed after 3 days.
    Battery life, you’re better off farting in a can and using that to power the fookin thing!
    Camera’s quite good though!!
    And the little pouch it comes in keeps it from getting scratched; it’s the little things that matter!

    Does anybody know of a bigger battery by a third party?

  24. Just wondering if anybody has an answer for Nikki from Aug 10 as I’m having the same problem and it’s driving me crazy – it’s like Groundhog Day!

  25. In response to Ann. It sounds like your phone is running android 1.6.This is normal for xperia x10 running on 1.6. If you upgrade to 2.1 etc then you can charge the phone without it being turned on (all the time)On 2.1 and above it just shows a picture of a battery while charging.

    hope this helps.

  26. Has anyone found other batteries for the x10 mini pro other than its default 950mah?

    Surely there must be one out there. Lots of other phones like the xperia for instance have higher battery capacities e.g. Even X1 or other Xperia batteries look like the same specs with 3.7v, why can’t they be used?

    Seems like a major weak point that would otherwise make this a decent phone.

    …otherwise am I just inviting frying my xperia.

  27. “[…] whilst a 3G standby time of 200 hours is quoted […]”… yeah, more like 6h30m with screensaver on, and then running out of juice and refusing to be recharged … seriously, what’s wrong with the se x10?

  28. how do i upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1 when the phone keeps turning it self on and off instantly?

  29. Battery life of the Sony Xperia x10 for AT&T is terrible. It will be fully charged before I go to bed and when I wake up its less than 80%. What do I do?

  30. well i have just disabled the auto date and time settings, turned off auto account sync, installed task manager and auto killing heaps of programs that love to start up and run by themselves. i wish however i could completely uninstall a lot of programs that are completely useless and come with the phone like timescape. please note however im currently running : 2.3.3 android version & 2.1.71 baseband with gingerbread etc so menus and options are different and no longer have moxier/mediascape and a few other useless apps.

  31. having thois phone since 1.5years, I can say that is I’m not using the phone, WiFi shut off, task auto killer, my battery can stay 20h…. without task killer (that kills the apps of this f*cking provider) the battery dies after 8h…. pretty short… really desapointed by this phone….

  32. prethy: my mobile is getting heated in standby mode donno wat to do pls help… charge is not even lasting not even for 2 hours….. when it was nt used also also it is showing battery low in just 6 hours…. wat should i do nw????????