Yellow background spotted on Xperia X10

Yellow background spotted on Xperia X10Up until now, the only background we’ve seen on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 smartphone is blue. Whether one has used the Timescape or Mediascape apps, the blue background has always remained.

Many have asked whether alternate colours will be available and it looks they will. An Xperia X10 with yellow background was spotted in Japan. Check out a video of it in action after the cut.

Update: Apparently I spoke too soon, the theme is still blue, it’s just the wallpaper that is yellow. Hopefully, SE will let us change the theme colour on release…

12 responses to “Yellow background spotted on Xperia X10”

  1. There are several on the 1.6 rom. There are 6-7 pictures and for the “wave” there are 2 shades of blue, an orange, green and a pink.

  2. Jay, can u please send me those X10 wallpapers?? i really like them, but can’t find them anywhere!

  3. Anyone seen Timescape and Mediascape running while the phone is held horizontally? I hope all the pictures turn and you can scroll sideways.
    Any video?

  4. Hi ya

    How do you change the blue background. All I can seem to change is the wallpaper. I suffer from a eye condition and I find it really difficult to read the white writing against the blue background. If I can’t change it then I’m going to have to return the phone which I really don’t want to do.

    Many thanks in advance.

  5. Hi, before i get one of these….is it possible to change the wallpaper and lock screen to an image of my own?

  6. @Gary – The wallpaper can be changed, check out our selection from the link on the header. The lock screen just uses this wallpaper image.

    What won’t change is the blue colour used for Timescape and Mediascape.

  7. @Gary,
    Yes. You can change the wallpaper to be a picture stored on the microSD.

  8. how to change the themes of xperia x10.. i have alot of themes but i cant find were is it on my fone…

  9. You can change the background colour on Timescape now, well i have the Andriod os 2.1 and if you go to Timescape and press the menu button you can change the colour, however you can’t yet for Mediascape.

  10. hi guys i m using xperia x 10 for more than 6 mnths but i m still stuck with,how to change blue background of menu and others. its 2.1 droid running on it.and also wana know how to futher update my fone software.any one plz help me to find solution