SE officially confirms Xperia X10 Android upgrade

Android 2.1Word on the grapevine was that Sony Ericsson would update the Xperia X10 handset from Android 1.6 to a newer version of Android at some point and now the company has confirmed it. In a lengthy post on the Sony Ericsson Product Blog, Sumit Malhotra talks through the dilemmas of moving to newer Android firmware, despite the feeling that SE’s efforts on the top layer negates that need.

I have faced head to head comparisons between Xperia X10 and generic 2.1 Android devices (as well as other OS) and carriers have concluded that we still stand strong in comparison. This because of the layer that we ad on top of the generic OS,” says Malhotra.

However, he then goes on to say what we all wanted to hear. “What I hope to get across to you all, is that there will be a software update for Xperia X10 that will upgrade the complete Sony Ericsson User Experience Platform based on newer version of the Android OS.

Now we just need to know whether this means the Xperia X10 will ship with the newer Android firmware or whether this will come at a later time.


2 responses to “SE officially confirms Xperia X10 Android upgrade”

  1. Its such a comedy that a company like Sonyericsson decides to put their first Smartphone in a toy-grade plastic case. X10 is an awesome phone better than the rest on the market now, but looks and feels like a toy. And someone thought it will be kool to use Android 1.6 !!! Just a couple of more stunts like this and SE will sure be out of mobile market for good. Same happened with Nokia, when they thought to play dirty business tricks with customers, putting a good camera in one model and a good battery in another and a good display yet in another, the end result: most people hates Nokia!!