Xperia X10 unboxing vid roundup

Xperia X10 unboxingThe Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Android handset is starting to hit consumers hands now and we’ve come across a few unboxing videos on YouTube. What’s immediately apparent is that there are different accessories bundled in the package depending on which region you’re from.

Some have a 16GB memory card installed along with the MW600 Bluetooth stereo headset, whilst others come with a 8GB card and no MW600. For those that have got it, we’d love to hear what’s inside the box and which region you’re in. Check out a few different videos we’ve selected after the cut.

6 responses to “Xperia X10 unboxing vid roundup”

  1. I realised the price different between region not very big, just wonder why there is different of Accessaories bundled?
    I definitely want MW600 + hansfree + Pouch + Screen Protector + video stand.

  2. will the number of colours increase on the xperia x10 when it upgrades android OS to 2.1?

  3. I got mine yesterday from Carphone Warehouse in London. Only got the phone, charger, headset and cable. And an 8GB card.

  4. Singapore’s package include:
    – MH-500 Portable headset
    – Handset Pouch
    – Video Stand
    – Screen Protector
    No MW-600 included.

  5. Indonesia’s Package Include:
    – MH-500 Portable Handset
    – A 8GB SD Card
    – Handset Pouch
    – Screen Protector
    – Standard Charger
    – The Handset itself

    Price now here is about 7.000.000 IDR on retail shop (It is close to the MSRP), but on common cellular shop it is more expensive, about 7.300.000 IDR. Though it is still rare and got only a few stocks nationwide.

    Two colours available, Sensuous Black and Luster White. But there are no carrier provider’s plan here so far.