Debrand your Xperia X10 [Tutorial]

SEUSThose of you with carrier branded Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 handsets need to fret no more. The guide below shows you how to unbrand the handset. Debranding enables you to get the latest updates quicker and hopefully speeds up the handset too.

We have attached a quick tutorial and the necessary files to debrand your X10 below. The instructions will debrand your Xperia X10 handset to the generic firmware that you choose to download . Please note that although the process is straightforward, there is a risk that you may brick your handset when flashing the phone. The Xperia X10 Blog absolves itself from any responsibility should you decide to carry on and you break your handset. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk.

Tutorial on debranding your Xperia X10

1) Download one of the following files depending on which region you are in. Each download contains two files (a +100MB one and a +10MB one).

The firmware list is in date order (newest at top):


Latin America Generic X10a Firmware (R2BA026)
Brazil Generic X10a Firmware (R1FB001)
North America Generic X10a Firmware (R1FA014)


Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R2BA026)
Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R2BA023)
UK Generic X10i Firmware (R2BA020)
German Branded (O2) X10i Firmware (R2BA020)
Swedish Branded (Telenor) X10i Firmware (R2BA020)
Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R1FB001)
Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA016)
Iberia Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA016)
UK Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA016)
Hong Kong Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA014)

Please note: Flashing your Xperia X10i to X10a (and vice versa) will result in SEUS not being able to update your phone for future updates.

2) Delete contents of db folder (C: –> Program Files –> Sony Ericsson –> Update Service –> db).

3) Run the Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) to update your Xperia X10

4) Go to C: –> Program Files –> Sony Ericsson –> Update Service –> db –> 13740270 –> blob_fs.

5) Sort files by date in descending order (latest date at top). The two files at the top will be +100MB and one around 15MB.

6) Backup these two original files into a different directory. This is an optional step but means you can revert back to the branded firmware if needed.

7) Now find the two files that you downloaded in Step 1. Rename the largest file with the same name as the largest one in blob_fs. Do the same with the second.

8 ) IMPORTANT: Please read this step fully before executing it.

Run the Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) again. It should say that you already have the latest update, click on the reinstall button anyway. The program will then start to re-download the same files. The trick here is to replace the files that are being re-downloaded with your new files from Step 7.

Open up Windows Explorer and navigate to the blob_fs folder. SEUS will first re-download the smaller (+10MB) file. Constantly monitor this folder to find out when the smaller (+10MB) file has been fully downloaded again. Once it has, immediately move your smaller file from Step 7 into the blob_fs folder and overwrite the file.

Now for the larger file. Keep an eye on the download progress bar in SEUS. Once the download is very near to completion you will need to copy the larger (+100MB) file from Step 7 into the blob_fs folder and overwrite the file. Time the file transfer for when there is literally around 1/2MB left to be downloaded.

If successful, the installation will carry on as normal. If not, try again. Don’t worry you will not brick your phone if it doesn’t work. It will simply tell you that the installation failed.

9) Voila! Your Xperia X10 is unbranded. 8)

Update: For those that cannot get this to work, there are some alternative instructions using PC Companion. Click here for the details.

Troubleshooting Tips

Phone bricked/Yellow exclamation mark: If when debranding you end up with a yellow exclamation mark on restart don’t panic. To get your phone working again, try either of the following two methods:

– Delete the ‘13740270’ folder at the following location: C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db\13740270. Use SEUS to update your phone again. You should be given two options, choose the bottom option “Restore Factory Settings”. OR

– Use this Flash Tool to help unbrick your Xperia X10i. For instructions read the ‘HowTo.txt’ from the flash tool. [Thanks to jerpelea from xda-developers for this flash utility].

APN Settings: Go to Settings –> Wireless Controls –> Mobile Networks –> Auto Internet settings, to automatically detect your settings. If this is disabled (for example if you are downloading branded firmware) then click on this Sony Ericsson page which will automatically send you the necessary settings.

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  1. Hi 🙂

    Mine is SIM Free but I want the generic UK firmware instead of my firmware which is I think Indian or Indonesian, because I couldn’t update to version 16.

    Is it gonna work?

  2. It worked, but I have a question. After debranding, the phone’s model changed from X10a to X10i. This wouldn’t change or alter the 3G frequency brands it would work in, would it?

  3. @Haz – The debranding will work on any Xperia X10 handset. Its worth taking a backup of your own firmware before hand incase of any problems later.

    @Jeshurun – Glad it worked. I wouldn’t have thought that it would change the frequencies but keep the old files just in case!

  4. @Stephen – Not yet, but it can’t be long before we start to see other regions firmware popping up.

  5. I simply cannot sign into any of google’s services (including the app store) after the debranding. Even google maps doesn’t work. I dont know if this is simply a internet settings issue, although I am able to browse using the web browser( but it is unable to determine my location)
    On the bright side the battery life has improved tremendously.

  6. Update: After hunting around google for Rogers’ apn settings, I finally found one that worked. In case anyone else is looking for this info, here it is:
    Name : Rogers (Doesn’t matter)
    APN :
    Username : wapuser1
    Password : wap
    MCC : 302 (should already be filled in)
    MNC : either 720 or 72 depending on your SIM card (should already be filled in)
    Leave all other settings blank.(This is where I was messing up)

    btw I tried going back to the Rogers firmware but SEUS doesn’t let me do it! Anyway this one works fine so no probs.

  7. The only way you can go back to Rogers is by copying back the two original firmware files. Using SEUS on your new firmware won’t make any difference. I’ve created an extra (optional) step in the tutorial above to make sure people saves these files. You never know when they are needed!

    Hopefully, someone from Canada can upload these branded Rogers files for you if you didn’t create a backup.

  8. thank you for this post,

    I don’t feel confident enough to try it, + i don’t see strong added value to do so…


  9. @HAZ
    are you from indonesia??, coz i’am from indonesia and i can’t update my firmware to version 16…

  10. Here are the settings for using the internet, as provided by Rogers:
    For WAP browsing on phones and other WAP devices:
    1. APN:
    2. URL or HomeDeck:
    3. Username: wapuser1
    4. Password: wap
    5. Wap IP 1:
    6. Wap Port 1: 9203
    7. Wap IP 2:
    8. Wap Port 2: 9201

    For HTML browsing (Private IP address ):
    1. APN:
    2. Username: wapuser1
    3. Password: wap

  11. when i go to the suggested folder I cant find the two files. All I can find are several much smaller files (like 1-10kb or something), and they all have the prefix ICON. Please help because I want to debrand to be able to access the Android Market and get .16

  12. Hmm.. something went wrong when I tried to update my Rogers X10. I made sure the battery was full, cable was not loose, and followed the procedures completely. Now the X10 turns on and displays “Sony Ericsson” for several minutes, then goes to an image of the phone, with a triangle with an exclamation mark inside it.
    The update procedure worked perfectly on my imported X10.
    Also, when I try to update the Rogers branded X10, it always end up saying “The installation failed.” Any help would be appreciated.

  13. Hmm…The Rogers X10a is here, but i’m wondering what is the difference when it is branded besides the updates? I’m in California and i’m thinking about getting the Rogers version and debrand it, but it seems people are having some issues with it after debranding it so now my confidence level is shot lol…can someone give me the pro/con of debranding it or even yet what the actual difference is with the branded versions? It would help me decide on whether or not to get the Rogers X10

  14. Adam- You can debrand the x10 here in the states, but you need to consider two things. First, just because you remove the branded fluff that doesn’t mean you can use another carrier’s SIM chip. From what I have seen in forums people can use: to remove the SIM lock on the phone. Second consideration is who’s your carrier? You may be aware, another reader may not, that Roger’s and AT&T are compatible 3G carriers. They broadcast 3G on: UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100. Whereas T-Mobile broadcasts 3G on UMTS/HSPA 900/1700/2100, which is what the international X10 is configured for. If you are planning for T-mobile then you could easily find an X10i that is debranded and (SIM) unlocked on ebay.

    I personally enjoy having the capabilities in my phone that Sony Ericsson intended for me to use. Carriers brand phones to control how their users access the network. I’ll give you a very general example when I got my C905a from AT&T branded. — If everyone was using IMAP with push enabled then AT&T would see a huge spike in network traffic, so they let you use POP with check intervals and remove the IMAP feature. —

  15. I followed everything, but when on the last step when I reopen SEUS it still says my phone is up to date. Should I press reinstall firmware?

  16. Chris: Thanks for the information, so pretty much branded versions have the carrier installed software (such as ATT has their random multimedia software and programs inside: so Rogers I would assume have similar?) And yes I have ATT (which I’ve been waiting for the X10a for quite a while and unknown when the North American version will ever come out). Either i wait for the Unbranded Unlocked X10a or get Rogers…argh Decisions!!!

  17. @Albert

    No I’m in Australia, but my X10 is Indonesian, and I also couldn’t update to version 16 until I changed to the generic UK firmware.

  18. For those that cannot get the update to work using SEUS, here’s a different method to get the debranding working using SE PC Companion in Windows 7:

    1. Download and install SE PC Companion.

    2. Connect your phone when PC Companion asks.

    3. Check for updates – on this screen you will get the REPAIR option.

    4. Select repair – and let PC Companion guide you through it.

    5. After the repair is finished your files to replace are located in C: –> ProgramData –> Sony Ericsson –> SEMC OMSI Module –> db –> 13740270 –> blob_fs. The folder may be hidden.

    [If you are using Windows XP, then navigate to: C:\\Documents and Settings\\All Users\\Application Data\\Sony Ericsson\\SEMC OMSI Module\\db]

    6. Backup your DB folder so you have the old files if you need to revert back to old firmware.

    7. Sort the files by date in descending order

    8. Rename file 1 from the archive to the first file at the top (they should both be similar size (~110mb)

    9. Rename file 2 from the archive to the second file at the top (they should both be similar size (~16mb)

    10. Now copy both files from the archive into C: –> ProgramData –> Sony Ericsson –> SEMC OMSI Module –> db –> 13740270 –> blob_fs. If asked to overwrite, then do so.

    11. Run SE PC Companion and select update. It will tell you you have the most recent version. Select REPAIR and phone will be updated with the firmware you have copied into the directory.

    12. After a successful update the phone will be unbranded.

    Note: Sony Ericsson servers are not always answering to update requests. If you get an error message to check your Internet – wait a few hours – and try again.

    Many thanks to klarsen from xda-developers!

  19. Hello,

    for those who updated to the 1.0.16 version did yousee any aimprovement for sound quality in call (reduce the popping cracking when you have volume higher than 50%) ?

    Best regards

  20. @howard: I have and everything works fine. The only thing I’m yet to confirm is 3G as I dont have it where I live. I would have to travel to a nearby city to confirm. Haven’t had the time to do it yet. If someone could confirm that 3G works on the X10a after debranding, I’d be very happy.

  21. Hi, I’ve tried the new method that you’ve quoted, but there is still an error saying “Phone update error, An error has occured and the phone software update was aborted. Click Retry to restart the phone software update.” And 2 options were given, Retry, and Close.
    I’ve tried using “Retry,” and I’ve also tried running the program again, but still no success.

  22. Also, forgot to mention this, but after I click “Close,” it says: “Phone repair failed, The phone repair has failed. Please try again, or consult Sony Ericsson support for assistance at
    I have contacted them, and they told me to call their support lines to determine if I was eligible for repairs. And, I would need to send my phone to the Newmarket repair center.

  23. Hi guys! I’m fairly new at this whole X10 scene. But I was wondering…if I have T-Mobile in the U.S, can I buy the X10 from the UK T-Mobile store and just use it here? As in not unlocked?

  24. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for providing precious instruction.
    I have X10 as NTT DoCoMo edition (Japan – SO-01B named in Japan) and burned this firmware into my phone. After burning this, it works normally as UK version, then inserted unexpected SIM, not DoCoMo, this asked unlock code. After inputting unlock code, now this was changed to UNLOCK version! Now debranded and unlocked!

    Much appreciated 🙂

  25. Hey guys this worked just fine for me but my x10 will be replaced tmrw as I am having additional problems, so.I will have to do this all over again, sigh. Love the x10 so far, typing this comment on it as it goes

  26. Masa,

    Where did you get your unlock code from. I have been trying to find one. Everywhere i tried cannot unlock Docomo one and Docomo doesn’t believe an unlock code exists…

  27. i tried to sync with sony ericsson sync and the market on my phone but it doesnt work.
    i am using a x10a and i debranded it

  28. Actually, Jeshurun, the generic UK firmware does NOT infact, run 3G with Rogers’ network. I have a white imported X10i that is currently using the UK firmware, and it automatically uses EDGE instead of 3G due to the frequency differences.

  29. Hi,

    I’m trying to debrand my phone but cant seem to get either method to work.

    If I use the update service it says no update available

    If I use the PC Companion method, for the past 2 days its been saying check my internet connection, but i can’t believe that i’ve unlucky enough to always try when their servers are down.

    Any ideas would be great Cheers


  30. @Stephen
    Yup, it wont work because the phone you have is imported, and it has different hardware for Europe bands only and debranding it wont allow you to use the American 3G bands. What I meant was, my phone was purchased from Rogers, so the hardware already is compatible with the 3G bands here, and after debranding, my model changed to X10i from X10a. My concern was 3G would STOP working, not the other way round. And I just confirmed that 3G works on the X10a even after debranding with the generic UK firmware. Sorry if I had caused you any confusion there.

  31. Hi there,
    I’m trying to debrand my X10, too. But it wont work, no matter which method i tried.
    I’m using XP and I’m from Germany. I have the same problems like James’….

  32. Just unbranded my Rogers X10a. Followed the steps to the letter and all worked fine. It now says X10i in the about phone, but everything is working, Internet, MMS, SMS, Market, Google sync and calling. Phone is also unlocked and being used on Bell Mobility in Canada. Code Unlocked by

  33. H,
    I have the same problem as James. Actually I am in the Uk and using X10i already on the orange. Is there a way I can replace / debrand the phone here in the UK. By the way when I cheked the blob_fs directory I couldn’t find the file size 110MB and 16MB would I get only after the update as I cannot update the software.


  34. Can somebody tell me where to get the unlock code for the Japanese one. i have tried 4 different websites.

  35. So.. has anyone found out a way to fix my update problem? =/
    RE: Hi, I’ve tried the new method that you’ve quoted, but there is still an error saying “Phone update error, An error has occured and the phone software update was aborted. Click Retry to restart the phone software update.” And 2 options were given, Retry, and Close.
    I’ve tried using “Retry,” and I’ve also tried running the program again, but still no success.
    Also, forgot to mention this, but after I click “Close,” it says: “Phone repair failed, The phone repair has failed. Please try again, or consult Sony Ericsson support for assistance at
    I have contacted them, and they told me to call their support lines to determine if I was eligible for repairs. And, I would need to send my phone to the Newmarket repair center.

  36. I have an X10i on the UK Vodafone network. I have just tried to carry out the debranding process as detailed above. However, I have a problem that I don’t understand i.e., point 5) Sort files by date in descending order (latest date at top). The two files at the top will be +100MB and one around 15MB. The largest file that I have is 10kb and as I’ve run the update as per point 3) all files within the folder are dated today the 26th April 2010.
    Any ideas?

  37. If you’d like the process done for you without the need for manual manipulation of the phone and a team of experts ready to assist if you have questions or trouble, visit DavinciTeam 🙂

  38. Gary, even though it tells you there is no newer software for the phone when you check, you can still go ahead and click ‘Install’ at which point it will download the current version of your software. You can then proceed with the other steps.

  39. dont visit DavinciTeam it killed my x10. it will not turn on since i debranded it from there site and i payed lol.

  40. Any body know, how come my x10 camera work sometimes and sometime when i start then camera then the telefon will reboot.

  41. I unbranded my CDN Rogers x10a and it worked without a hitch. But now I can’t seem to find an app, “Twonky Media Server”, on the app store. My understanding is that the apps are visible only in certain locations based on the phone. Could the generic firmware causing this? Can anyone else see the Twonky app?

  42. Hey everyone. So I just unbranded my x10a from rogers and it went to x10i so I rebranded it to x10a and then unbranded it to a generic x10a. I was wondering if this was the reason I couldn’t update to r1fa016 or is there other reason and if it is even possible anymore for my first mishap.

  43. hi guys. i successfully debranded my rogers x10a to a generic x10a firmware. but for some reason i cant seem to update it to R1FA016. both ota and sony update software keeps telling me that my phone has the latest software. i was wondering if any1 faced similar issues and if there is a solution to this problem. thx

  44. Hi, i tried using this method but resulted in the same problem as Stephen, yellow triangle with exclamation mark! I have a Xperia X10i in White Orange UK. Can someone please help me get my phone working again. Many thanks.

  45. Stephen and others who have the same problem with the yellow triangle with exclamation mark upon start up, i have found the solution, you will have to use debranding service from davinciteam, just go to blog section on the website and click on xperia x10 and just follow the instructions and your phone will be alive again.

  46. The Link does not work: Hong Kong Generic X10i Firmware

    Is there any other link you can provide
    I flashed to UK and realized that i need Chinese input and handwriting
    now i think i am goin to need HongKong firmware


  47. Paul – HK link is working fine for me. Sometimes MegaUpload says a file is temporarily unavailable and unfortunately that’s a quirk of the system. Just try a little later and it should be fine.

  48. i have x10 network locked by orange uk

    after debranding will ill get an unlocked simfree x10?

    plz reply me


  49. I have a rogers xperia x10a, so if I debrand it I will be able to update it in the future and have no problems.

  50. hi,
    i got sony ericson xperia x10 from canadian rogers wireless i want to unlock my phone can you guide me how to unlock my phone?

  51. I have debranded from rogers. But now it doesn’t see the network (can’t use my data plan).. what should i do?

  52. I have updated my FW to RIFA016..but now my timescape is not updating it because of it..?

  53. I have downloaded HK generic firmware,
    After flashed the phone, I can confirm that HK Generic is .14 NOT .16 as in UK generic firmware. This HK firmware is little smaller than my original firmware.

    Do you have HK firmware with .16 baseband?

  54. How much time should the second update take… i mean when i replaced the files and clicked on repair… it’s been almost a half hour now… is it normal???

  55. Hi everybody
    i have a xperia x10i got it from Dubai. Its baseband version is 1.0.14. is there any new updates for it ?
    Although i got the update service application from Sony Ericsson website and updated my phone. some improvements have been seen. For example the quality of the sounds and calls are enhanced. the question is :
    is there any difference between unbranding and getting the update from Sony Ericsson website?

  56. Hi everyone again 🙂
    The problem I faced is that I don’t have any file larger than 10 kb in blob_fs.
    What is the problem ?

  57. Hi there

    I am based in the UK and am using the SE X10i on 3 network. I wanted to find out has anyone tried to debrand theirs? if you have, have you come across any problems.

    my baseband is 1.0.14, kernel 2.6.29, and build number is R1FA014.

    also just wondering what is the baseband? im confused about that.

    sorry for long post im new to all this lol but what will debranding actually do to my phone? Thanks for ur time and patience.

  58. greetings from KSA! can somebody help me how to install that market applicatiob on my experia x10i. i just bought the fon recently and it really disappoints me after so many tries of flashing to HK and UK firmware. remains to be the same after the procedure. need help here and would highly appreciate for your response. thank you.

  59. hey again people,

    ive jst tried to debrand my x10i but in the blob_fs folder there is no file bigger than 16mb. Ive tried to do this via this method and the pc companion method.

    thanks…im not sure whether mine is branded or not however as there are no logos of my network anywhere.

  60. Greetings from KSA,

    My X10i is :
    Firmware Version: 1.6
    Baseband version: 1.0.16
    Kernel Version : 2.6.29
    Build number : RTFA016

    got mine from Malaysia

  61. I have sim unlocked Germany model of x10i. The brand says “Customized” and I am unable to get the firmware 16. I tried updating from phone itself and it says you have latest software while the update service of ‘media go’ is telling me to disconnect the phone, take out the battery, this & that and all of that fails to run the update.

    Would the above mentioned procedure enable my phone to update to Firmware 16?

  62. Same problem as some of those above, no files bigger then 10kb in the blob_fs folder. So what is the next step or is there a missing step in the instructions above?

  63. Can you change from one carrier to another using a technique similiar to this? My X10 is DoCoMo branded, but I’ll be leaving Japan for New Zealand in a couple of years and will want to switch to a NZ carrier. I don’t really want to buy another X10.

  64. i think i followed all the step debranding my phone but it is still not working on my SO-01b then when i insert other sim card its not asking for unlock code…. and when i touch also the the camera icon its restarted the phone….uhhhmmm anyone who can help?

  65. Worked excellent for me but i´ve a question. How i can update to RTFA016 help!!!

  66. Hi!

    Anyone could confirm that the “UK Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA016)” is valid for a Spanish Vodafone X10i ?

  67. I am interested in knowing as well if there is any problem installing UK or Nordic rom in an X10i from Vodafone Spain. Will it be like getting it unbranded in Spain?

  68. There will be no problem in doing that. As long as you are downloading X10i firmware onto an X10i handset you will be fine. As mentioned in the tutorial, make sure you backup your two files that you plan to overwrite just in case you need to revert back.

  69. I have a UK X10i and want get update to R1FB001. If i install the Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R1FB001) – Will that be ok? will i stll be able to access My network in the uk? Will i loose internet or any features?

    Or should i wait for a UK generic version of it?

    Thanks in Advance.

  70. I’m running the Nordic firmware fine and I’m in the UK too! You won’t lose any features. 🙂

  71. Ok, thanks for the reply, im gonna have a go now! ill report back in about half hour i guess!
    Ill try give it a good look over and see what i notice….

    Have you seen any mojor differences ‘X10’?

  72. I have updated it and now it wont connect to the 3G internet network & Cant get internet… Any ideas?

  73. I have found how to sort it… Menu > Settings > Wireless controls > Mobile Network Settings > Auto Internet Settings

    Then sorted 😉

    Ill report back after finding any changes.

  74. please help i have the yellow triangle with exclamation mark and i cant reinstall it. please help

  75. If anyone has problem, downloading at megaupload, I could host it at my premium rapidshare, or probably at my private server. Is it in anybodys interest?

    If it is so, please send me an email : just remove the big letters 🙂

  76. It is only an issue if you are cross-flashing your handset (X10a to X10i and vice versa).

    You can update your phone using SEUS if you are debranding your phone using the same firmware as your phone (X10i firmware for X10i handsets and X10a firmware for X10a handsets). Hope that makes sense.

  77. pls help!!
    xperia x10i always hang when plug into the laptop for firmware upgrad from pc companion

  78. Genoso: I have some troubles to debrand my spanish vodafone X10…
    How can I contact you?

    My mail is ktkillo[a]gmail[.]com

    Mods: Sorry, I think this isn’t the best way, but i don’t find genoso in the forum… :S

  79. This always happen when press and hold “return” with the phone off while plugging in to the usb.
    Thx for ur help

  80. didnt worked : /.
    i buyed my x10i in austria and tried it out with the : Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R1FB001)
    and the mobile phone didnt could read the sim cards anymore.
    i did everything corectly step by step.
    help me out pls.


  81. First of all try to repair the installation through SEUS or PC Companion.

    Once that’s done, update to ‘Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA016)’ firmware first. You should then be able to use SEUS to update to R1FB001.

  82. wait wait wait …:)

    first update to R1FA016 and than from R1FA016 to R1FB001.
    because i buyed it from the provider A1 and it is also branded for A1, and i am using an orange card.

  83. Use the debrand tutorial to get to Nordic R1FA016, then use SEUS normally which should upgrade you to R1FB001. Hope that makes sense!

  84. Hey just de-branded my rogers x10a, upgraded firmware to R1FB001. Improvements in keyboard response were incredible. HOWEVER, I lost all mobile network coverage. Tried manually setting to rogers network and all the other usual tricks but it would not connect. wifi still works but no 3g/2g. Reverted back to generic R1FA014. Fixed problem, but back to its old laggy self again…..

  85. OK. So just figured out if you de-brand you have to manually set APN for your mobile network to work. Did this and now my De-branded x10a (Rogers Network) is working flawlessly with the R1FB001 firmware. Some minor improvements, gonna play around with it over the next few days to determine if there is any improvement in battery life and things like that.

  86. it worked perfect on UK Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA016)…..many thanks to everyone who helped doing this…vodafone branding was a piece of crap….first thing I noticed after debranding was the keyboard response improvement….also I can have access PlayNow through mediascape…

  87. Hi

    i downloaded apk files on my pc now plz help me to install it on my xperia 10

  88. Thanks for the Tutorial.

    I purchased a Rogers X10a.
    Unlocked it with the help of a mobile kiosk in Square1 Toronto.
    Followed this tutorial using the North America Generic X10a Firmware (R1FA014) and now have an generic debranded phone.

    Cheers Steve.

  89. HI GUYS i am from Australia i got x10a from 3 the problem is that battery last for only 12 hours and everything is fine i got R1FA014 CAN i also debrand my cell & still use of 3G. which firmware i have to use it. plz guide me .

  90. Whoah this is scary, my phone has rebooted by itself twice! in the past hour???

    I may have to revert back to the branded firmware if this keeps occurring 🙁

    Has anyone else had this issue on an X10a running the North American Generic X10a Firmware (R1FA014) as linked in this tutorial?

  91. So day 2 runnin R1FBOO1, formerly running R1FA014 (rogers),
    Got this phone 3 weeks ago, today I have been using my phone same as every day.
    Mediascape runs smoother, but I dont hear any difference in sound quality.
    Keyboard still sketchy but not as bad as before.
    Its 11:00pm and my phone still has 63% bat (compared to 20-30%).
    No problems accesing any apps. Even Rogers My account works.
    Good update, worth doing.

    The tutorials on this site work. Just make sure you follow them.

  92. Hi Brett,

    Waiting for my Rogers X10, and want to debrand and unlock. So do I have to unlock it then debrand it or they are different things?

    Thanks for the updating.

  93. I would like to thank you so much! It worked for me fine! I just love my new debranded phone! 😀 Thank you very very very much! :)))

  94. Hi everybody!

    I’ve got my X10 and i’m very happy with it.

    But i want to debrand it with european original firmware or german original firmware if exists.

    I’ve searched the world wide web for it but i can find it to download.

    Can anybody help me out?

    Thanks a lot and i’m sorry for my english 😉

  95. I have a very basic question, how to check if the handset is branded? I am from Germany, brought X10 from O2 with firmware R1FA014, should I try to update it with R1FA016 using this method as auto update suggests that the phone is up-to-date. Please help.

  96. i’ve just updated to Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R1FB001) and everything is fine for now, thanks for the tutorial.

  97. Hi I am new to this and I am really confused about the procedure.
    For steps:
    3) Run the Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) to update your Xperia X10
    4) Go to C: –> Program Files –> Sony Ericsson –> Update Service –> db –> 13740270 –> blob_fs.

    When I go to step #3 I click yes accept and blah blah and then I get to a screen that says “Confirm installation your phone has the latest firmware” So after that what do I do? do I put cancel and follow step number 4′? or do I install the firmware and my phone and then do step 4. Any help will be appreciate it
    Thank you

  98. (Hi, I live in the UK)

    So if my X10 is debranded does that mean I can travel abroad (USA in August) and buy a cheap pay as you sim card in that country and use my X10?


    Many thanks

  99. I’m getting odd results here.

    my X10i is not branded and I have the generic hong kong firmware R1FA016. (bought it on ebay as australia didn’t have the X10 back then.)

    I need channel 13 wireless and this firmware has it turned off, so I thought I’d try and use the UK update firmware to flash. (UK Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA016) as above)

    It all went swimmingly until it came time to flash… it simply said it failed without saying why…. Then I tried the Nordic update (Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R1FB001)) swapped the two files in as per the instructions.. again it failed to update without giving a reason.

    I’m going to try the pc companion repair option to see if that will allow me to flash the UK or nordic firmware but I’m thinking that perhaps each region has their own signature to stop what I am trying to do?

    Has anyone loaded a firmware from a different region to the one on it sucessfully?



  100. please forget my last post about it failing without error.. I forgot to rename the files to match the old ones.. I just flashed the nordic rom on without error… seems to work fine once you do the apn thing.

    fantastic resource guys.



  101. I bought this phone today, first thing I did was unlock it (it was tied to 3).

    Everything works fine except I can not get on the 3G network now?

    (I can see a list of available networks, 3 appears three times, i’ve selected all three…)

    Any suggestions?

  102. If I cross debrand my phone from X10i to X10a will that change the freq bands as well?
    I have an X10i but live in US with ATT as the seervice provider. Their 3G is on 850/1900 but the X10i dosnt have those freq bands.

    If i change it back again will I be able to recive updates from SEUS?

    Thank you for your help regarding this matter.


  103. Hi
    I bought a x10 in uk, It is locked to “3” UK network ., Plz give me some reliable link where i can get the unlock codes. Moreover will this de-branding unlocks the phone ? ? ?

  104. I also could not find any files in the blob_fs directory with these file sizes. Largest file is 10kb.

    note: I already repaired using pc companion

  105. APN Settings for Rogers (off a x10a phone):

    Name: Rogers Internet
    APN: rogers-core-appl1.apn
    Proxy: Not Set
    Port: Not Set
    Username: Not Set
    Password: Not Set
    Server: Not Set
    MMS proxy:
    MMS port: 80
    MCC: 302
    MNC: 720
    APN Type: Not Set

  106. i have windows 7, i update x10i but i cant find the (db) folder so what to do know plz help

  107. Hey
    I was trying the first method..and the when I tried updating said “Install failed-” ..something like try having the phone fully charged before trying..I did that and still the same issue..:(
    I also tried the second option..the SE PC companion recognizes the device..but when it says that drag the status bar to allow it to mount…and I cann’t even do that..x10 says it has connected via USB..but it wont bring the drag status bar menu..I tried tapping/dragging..nothing works
    phone is currently locked to rogers and it wants network pin for my carrier (bell in canada)..I just want it to get unlocked..I paid a lot for this..plz help!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

  108. i haven’t yet received any updates and my phone bn. is R1FA014 so i think i have to debrand my phone, but i have got lots of app. and data on my phone, does anyone know how to back them up, and if i can restore them all? also if i restore my contacts will there be duplicates? because i sync them with my google account!!

  109. @howard

    hey guys i have a rogers X10a i got the unlock code for it but everytime i put it in it shows…..”SIM CARD LOCKED.CONTACT YOUR NETWORK PROVIDER” ….its the same code from 2 diffrrent sites…noiit i try to debrand with north america firmwire it exact steps…it still shows me rogers…in the beggning and i cant unlock it

  110. so i succesfully debranded the phone but now i put the unlock code in it shows me the exact same message of SIM CARD LOCKED.CONTACT YOUR NETWORK PROVIDER

  111. guys anyone cant help b4 i can debrand my x10 but when i reformatted my cp and reinstall the pc companion i cant find SEUS anymore…?

  112. I debranded my rogers x10 to the generic NA firmware, the phone shows 3G but data only works in my browser, nothing going in or out when I try to use market or facebook, anyone know whats going on?

  113. Hey guys, just tried this using the SEUS method.
    I forced an update of my x10 then replaced the files it downloaded with the renamed generic ones from the link, but when I try to run SEUS again the software crashes as it goes to start the update.
    Looks like it detects that the files are not correct and just crashes.
    Anyone else found this or a way around it?

  114. Thanks a Million for submitting this Tutorial.
    De-branding can not be more easier than that.
    It really ROCKS !!!!

  115. @Kris
    Seus deinstallieren! SEUS von SE herunterladen (es hat ein Update gegeben!) Das heruntergeladene installieren und nach der angegebenen Anweisung verfahren.

  116. I have the rogers x10a unlocked. If I unbrand the phone, will I be able to go to se and get the updates? Will se recognize my phone?

  117. I have the rogers x10a unlocked. If I unbrand the phone, will I be able to go to se and get the updates? Will se recognize my phone? I am in the us on att

  118. Hi, Im from Croatia,which version should i use to debrand my x10?Nordic or U.K.?Id like to have Croatian menu as i have now,thanks

  119. Alright, just held my breath and debranded my rogers x10a unlocked phone. I was a little nervous seeing how if I bricked the phone, it would be a 578.00 paper weight. I followed the instructions and happy happy joy joy, I now have a sweet x10a unbranded unlocked phone…I like it much better. I am with att and all phone functions work like a charm…just have to reinstall all of my apps (sigh). Thank guys! worked great!

  120. cant update….why? its almost a week i cant connect to update no SEUS NO DEBRAND issue on my phone….anyone can help

  121. Hi Scott, i have the same phone and i want to do the same , but instuctions seems little confuding to me, can you tell me the way you did it? I am on Windows 7 and i have X10a from Rogers.
    Thanks in advance!

  122. hi Emil,

    The steps aren’t too bad. The thing to remember is to take it slow.

    First I downloaded the x10a north america generic file that is posted at the top of this page. within it are 2 files. set those aside and open your sony ericsson update service program, if you do not have it, you will need to download it from the se website.

    next you have to navigate to a folder within the update program called db – delete everything in that file. The path to that folder is listed above in step 2.

    side note – I also made sure to backup my phone by running the se sync program so that phone numbers that were not on the sim were saved. I also took a few minutes to copy my att phone settings (internet and mms) as well as my email settings. I also made a list of apps that I would want to reinstall.

    Next I connected my usb cable to my phone and ran the update service program. The program uses a wizard and is very easy to use. it guides you through the steps.

    after you have ran the update, this is where you take the files that you downloaded and you go back to that db folder. there now will be another folder in the db folder that is named 13740270. go into that folder and there will be 2 big files – one will be over 100mb and the other will be around 15mb. copy those 2 files and put them somewhere in case you need to restore your phone.

    Now the 2 files that you got in the download are meant to replace the ones in folder 13740270 that you just backed up – rename the 2 new files to overwrite the existing ones. one file is over 100mb, and the other is around 15mb so you rename them matching by size, meaning name the big file the same as the existing big file, and the little file the same name as the existing little file.

    just know that the files names a very long, so take your time. You’ll know you got it right if it asks you to overwrite.

    Once you have overwritten the 2 existing files with the 2 new ones, run the update service again. when it is done, your phone is debranded…woo hoo!

  123. brilliant! (touch wood) worked for me with no problems. This method wouldnt work for me so i used the pc companion method.

  124. Thanks Scott, i did all that you told me but i got the message from the update program “The Update was unsuccessful”, and when i turn on the phone, shows warning sign an the phone.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

  125. Emil:

    Sorry to hear that it didn’t take. Would suggest trying the steps again, and if it still does not work, then use tour backed up files and run the update once again. Remember to go slow to make sure no steps are skipped.

    If it doesn’t work after that, try the pc cpmanion as ram suggested.

  126. Well, i tried all very carefully , but it seems that something is wrong and the phone now can start and shows only warning sign and the phone symbol. Seems it is bricked or else.
    I will appreciate any help!
    Thanks in advance to all of you!

  127. Ok, unbranded my rogers unlocked phone and everything went fine, yey! BUT I’m still on the R1FA014 and SEUS says that I already have the latest updates, I really want the R1FA016, it’s basically why I unbranded my phone, so I’d like to know if there’s something else I need to do to receive the R1FA016 update, thank you.

  128. just happen to debrand my phone from vodafone es, thanks guys. Hope the camera is giving better pictures as a number of articles declare about the new firmware.

  129. Note: for me in Windows 7 (x32) the db folder was located in “C:\Users\All Users\Sony Ericsson\SEMC OMSI Module\db\13740270\blob_fs”

  130. I was using the R1FA016 until my battery started having issues, i’ve debranded again to the nordic generic and everything is fine once more

  131. im wondering wether this wipes all your apps and games and messages and stuff? can anybody confirm this.

    if you are wanting to backup apps and games you will need to open up command prompt and type
    adb pull system/apps/* apps/

  132. I can confirm that in doing this it does wipe all your apps and games, messages and settings etc so do back these up first

  133. Hi…I’m in Australia and have a telstra branded x10a…will this procedure work for my phone…Cheers

  134. hii. i have se xperia x10i and it have Hong Kong Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA014). also it hasn’t market. What can i do for market. i wanna market. is my xperia branded or unbranded? i don’t know and my english not well. i need help and i’m rookie on android

  135. Somebody knows as to solve the problem of when if clica in the camera and it restarts? How I make it to stop to restart when I bind the camera? Somebody already had this problem? thanks to who can help me.

  136. Hey, I’m a new here..
    I am from Bulgaria and want to ask you which from the posted firmwares I should use to debrand my X10i? And if I do it, will I have my BG language (and input keyb.) after debranding?
    My phone is branded to M-tel Bulgaria. Thanks in advance…

  137. hi i de branded and added version 16 but now have no netwrok connection for the internet. calls and texts work fine but when i click browse it says no network connection, please help, i live in the uk

  138. Matt,

    You probably need to add apn settings.

    Go to settings>wireless controls>mobile networks>access point names>menu
    and create a new apn. You need to ask your service provider what to put there. give it a name and save and your done.

    for usa tmobile the apn settings are in the line that asks for apn and all the rest is left blank

  139. @ MASA,
    i am also living in japan.
    could u please tell me how to flash XPERIA from NTT Docomo and where to find the unlock code??

  140. Rogers X10a

    Mine grabbed the 16MB file from the internet during the update but no more Rogers logo on boot 🙂

    Hate Rogers so much!!!

    Unfortunately, now that I’ve booted, no menus are available, no icons appear, and only the camera is available.

    Did I brick???
    Thank you!

  141. Somebody more had the problem to use the camera and the device to restart? somebody knows as to repair or with Sony ericsson alone? Mine it is thus since the purchase. debtor for the aid.

  142. making root I obtain to make it to stop to restart when using the camera for followed times?

  143. hi everyone i need same help i update my x10i
    kernel version :2.6.29.rel
    build number :r1fb001
    i take from axiom in emirates now my devices restarting every time plz help me

  144. Well thanks for all the info. Unfortunately mine ended up with it wanting to retry. Rogers X10a that had R1FA014 installed. Guess I will just revert back and wait for the proper upgrade later. Now to get my Android Market to work again =/

  145. I tried to debrand from the Orange UK (R1FA014) firmware x10i. Tried to use the latest telenor one but after I couldn’t connect to the network (Orange). I got this phone through orange. Do I need to unlock the phone etc?


  146. ok, i have X10A i debranded to X10i and now i can not do a thing in upgrades.

    how can i roll back to X10A again?

    I tried to delete the folder with upgrades, i tried to replace the file, but the SEUS does not do a thing. i can not even rerun old updates to the phone.

    Should i Flash it now instead of going back to X10A ? ? ?

  147. X10,

    thanks for the link.

    will try to rebrand it later today.

    I have a question thou, if i root x10a, will i be capable to get future updates?

    i’m not eager to get new android OS, thou i would like to get HD recording.

  148. WEWT! Just unbranded my CND X10a from Rogers. Everything went well, just a bit confused as to why my phone now say “Country: Argentina”. Is this a firmware thing?

  149. Hi all thanks a lot… it’s works for me in Malaysia. Initially the 3G is not working but after gotten the APN from telco… 20 mins later… it’s really works. Additional features and apps, but some of the apps in foreign languages which cannot be adjusted to English.

  150. same here
    i’ve updated my firmware to north american firmware and it says argentina???

  151. I debranded my x10i and it worked fine but the new telenor wisepilot does not work in norway and i cant send mms messanges.. 🙁 why?

  152. Download and update the post with the link to Generic UK R2BA020 file for update with SEUS method.
    MD5: 4F12497E0A6514DA8FE29AD1AC5A8603

    Only 10 people are allowed to download it since I’m not registered to RapidShare.

    The files 100+Mb and 15+Mb were the ones back-up-ed from my computer after I’ve succesfully upgrade mine from Orange Ro 014 to UK Generic 016 and then updated to 020.

  153. It seems that UK Generic is the most usuable in Europe for faster access to updates.
    In Romania, phones selled unlocked are flashed with Greece & Baltic firmware.

  154. hey i am frm india i am having a x10 with R1FA014 I want to update nd my phone is already unbranded means i can put different phone sims in my phone how can i update ???

  155. im a noob at this can anyone tell me if im gonna debrand my phone will it make

    google android market appear to my phone? cause my phone doesnt have android market.

  156. hihi, singapore come out with x10 firmware? which website can i download from?

  157. mine works fine after i debranded it but i have problem about my browser, facebook app, and timesscape.

    my browser is not working it says i dont have internet connection but i have..
    facebook also not logging in.
    timescape is not auto updating and even i open timescape updating is not working? how come?

  158. I have a similar problem to Thrice, I have a UK on 3 networkm I have unlocked the phone ok.

    Despite chaging APN Settings: Settings –> Wireless Controls –> Mobile Networks –> Auto Internet settings, and allowing data whilst roaming (i now have a R) onto of the signal bars.

    BUT NO 3G! can anyone help?

    Many thanks,


  159. hi i really really need help this is my first time in this forum, i have a X10i i dont know what branded is but i live in USA and am using this phone (x10i) with tmobile USA and when i try to update it says (you already have the latest software) please help right now i have R1FA16 and i want to update to R1FA20 please help thank you very much.

  160. hi, after debranding, if you want to go back to the branded firmware, is the same procedure or another technique. What if you didn’t back up the two original files?

  161. Ummm just a suggestion for people who haven’t debranded their phone, but is planning to. Before going through with the process, download an app that enables you to back up your APN settings (I used APN Backup & Restore). This will store your current network’s APN setting stored on your SD card and will let you restore when needed.

  162. ! UPDATE !

    Here is Eastern European firmware R1FA016, unbranded.
    The phone was bought unlocked and unbranded from Orange Romania.

    Model: X10i
    Country: Greece and Balkan (b)
    Brand: Customized
    Firmware: R1FA016
    MD5: B2CF6F2714472308CC64FA8AA1278DEE


    Model: X10i
    Country: United Kingdom
    Brand: Customized
    Firmware: R2BA020
    MD5: 4F12497E0A6514DA8FE29AD1AC5A8603


    Model: X10i
    Country: Romania
    Brand: Orange RO
    Firmware: R1FA014
    MD5: 13BA24B4E229D6926CB40E3ECACBC0C6

  163. Eastern European firmware R1FA016 unbranded.
    The phone was bought unlocked and unbranded from Orange Romania.
    It seems that for eastern europe (at least for greece, bulgary, romania – those manual were found in the box) they use this firmware.

    Model: X10i
    Country: Greece and Balkan (b)
    Brand: Customized
    MD5: B2CF6F2714472308CC64FA8AA1278DEE

  164. Hi all,
    Huge thanks to the gurus here ! I love my x10. (idont want to ditch it for another device… i promise)

    i have a uk tmobile, unlocked x10i.

    I had R1FA014 on and could not debrand following the above instructions. I then noted SEUS was copying over my targetted UK R1FA016 files, so I ran SEUS, then when the update bar gets to 2mb less than the 100% on download from the web, I re-copied my UK R1FA016 over the top. SEUS continues and bingo, pushes UK R1FA016 in. The phone then rebooted with UK R1FA016, whereas before it kept wanting to push UK R1FA014 on again and again and not updating OTA either.

    Caution to all, if this is 1/2 copied, ie one file of one, and the other file, it could cause damage, so advice is maybe overwrite at 5mb to 2 mb to go…(done at your own risk) (i am a noob)(For all I know, u can infact overwrite the file far earlier in the progress bar)

    UK R1FA016, then allowed me to update OTA over wifi. Phone at OK to flash button, auto reboots and flashes according to the package contents (unpack…cardboard box shown with arrow point up)(flashing… arrow pointing into phone)(This took far longer than UK R1FA016 to update… just be patient and start biting the finger nails on your other hand – a good 10mins).

    Now on UK R2BA020 with baseband 1.1.25. Does it run faster? yes knoticeably. thankyou SE and gurus here.
    BTW, my phone unlock codes did not have to be reentered, phone was still SIM free.

  165. @simi_id, could you reupload a file in some other file sharing site and provide the links again? it has reached download limit in rapidshare. I need the UK Generic X10i R2BA020.


  166. Hi,

    I’m on UK T-mobile (x10i) and I’ve had the same problem as Mouse (6 July) above. I‘ve not been able to update to R2BA020 OTA (incl. wifi) nor via SEUS or PC Companion. The message I get is something along the lines of “your phone already uses the latest software”.

    Even worse, SEUS ‘repaired’ my phone from UK R1FA016 to UK R1FA014! I then tried both debrandig methods above (SEUS & PC Comp.) but both programmes download and then overwrite any changes I make to the software in the DB folder before updating the phone. I tried copying the files again during the update process and nearly bricked my phone (couldn’t boot) so I’m not keen to try this again. I managed to fix it using SEUS but now my phone is now on UK R1FA014.

    Can anyone help?

  167. Hi John,

    I am glad to hear u recovered your phone. I don’t have any good advice alas other than some things to try :-

    – I am surprised your original R1FA016 does not allow you to get OTA R2BA020.
    – I suspect, the SEUS update, (even to the wrong level), resets some hidden setting that allows OTA updates.
    – In my instance, getting the debranded R1FA016 image on my phone was key to getting the OTA R2BA020 via wifi.
    – Without any other information, the only things to try (with risk) is to try and hot swap or cold swap debranded R1FA016 by making the original files read only and copy them into the DB directory… I can perfectly understand your hesistancy on doing this. Maybe wait a few weeks to see if anyone else has any further advice here or on other forums.

    Is R2BA020 worth all the jazz ?
    – well, it does seem faster, and the android keyboard seems to miss less key strokes, but still missed “L” 3 times even though it popped up as the icon but fails to show in the text box. wft !
    – it still does not support the defacto DONUT selection ability for wifi WPA-EAP. Which still kills me for my company wifi access. Come on SE, if its part of DONUT, there is no excuse for your R2BA020 to still not fix this !!!!
    – the above said, yes I do feel R2BA020 is a good upgrade. lots of speed improvements, but like the 2.1 thats coming later this year, R2BA020 is already 6 months too late.

    I must say *Thanks again* to the gurus on this tutorial for giving me an update path from my sticky R1FA014 🙂

  168. Hi John,

    I did read one more thing…
    I read that its up to each mobile operator to qualify the f/w upgrade.
    Since your phone is still locked to Tmobile, could it be because Tmobile have not yet qualified the f/w update? I would look for evidence that any tmobile locked users out there, managed to get a f/w update OTA.
    My x10i, was a UK tmobile, but i paid for an unlock code months ago and went to o2.

  169. @mouse July 7, 2010 at 3:16 PM

    Hi mouse,
    Thanks for your reply. I have since spoken to SE and to T-mobile (with the latter being particularly unhelpful). What appears to have happened is that T-mobile doesn’t support the R2BA020 update yet and the latest update for uk t-mobile phones via SE (there is non from t-mob directly) is R1FA014. It looks like I’ll either have to wait or debrand. I’m surprised though that only you and I seem to have had the problem of SEUS overwriting the manually swapped files and wonder if I’m somehow missing a step or adding one too many. Surely, SEUS and PC Companion automatically download and overwrite the existing DB folder. Or don’t they?

  170. @john

    Hey,the trick still works, but you have to be quick about it:

    Do as you do in the tutorial (download files, rename them). When SEUS downloads the firmware files it downloads the 15+MB file first, so when you see the file has somewhere around that size replace it. When downloading of the 120+MB file is coming to an end move the unbranded firmware file into the blob_fs directory, but don’t hit “replace” in Windows explorer jut jet. Time it right when the download is complete.

  171. So basically if you debrand your phone, you won’t be able to update your phone again via SEUS, so that means everytime there is an update i will have to download a file from a website?

    Seems a lot of hassel and constant checking?

  172. So basically if you debrand your phone, you won’t be able to update your phone again via SEUS, so that means everytime there is an update i will have to download a file from a website? Seems a lot of hassel and constant checking?

  173. Mouse, Martin, thanks for your help! I did eventually manage to debrand by carefully monitoring the SEUS download of SE firmware which had earlier overwritten the files I had swapped (see my earlier post). The smaller file (16MB) is downloaded relatively quickly and can then be replaced while the download continues. The bigger file (111MB) is trickier as it seems to be the last file downloaded by SEUS. You therfore have to check the download constantly and copy the generic firmware file over at the last moment (I had about 2MB left to download). You should immediately be able to see if it worked because you will receive an update failure message if it didn’t. After that it’s as discribed above (i.e. I updated via wifi and OTA).

    Thanks again.

  174. Finally! My ex-Rogers X10 now fully functional in ATT network. After 3 to 4 hours of surfing and googling.

  175. @ john.

    Amaized to hear u managed to actually speak to SE and tmobile ! haha. Well done on that count and getting to the jazz that is UK R2BA020. tmobile branding (as far as i can see) consisted only of making the the default web site in the default browser point into tmobile mobile web site. they just need to haul ass and get this done for those poor tmobile locked users stuck back on R1FA014.

    tmobile, like o2’s support for smart phones, is way behind the curve. o2 has gone to town on Iphone web site support and setup and forgotten about everyone else. when i first joined o2, i could’t get the APN OTA, and the web site told me to call o2 support. I did. They knew nothing. Eventually, I worked it out by reading the iPhone setup pages from o2. it turns out that the APN for PAYG users is different from pay monthly. If that was the case, then why not spell it out in technical-ese for techies, instead of hiding it behind vague language for everyday users. Not everyone is a dumbo out here… 🙂 However, I am a dumbo compared to the gurus who set up this cool page… hats off to u guys again dudes !!!

    so john, hows ur experience of R2BA020 ? worth all the jazz ?

  176. @mouse July 8, 2010 at 11:55 AM

    I haven’t had much time to check it out but the phone certainly seems faster/more responsive. Backup and restore is an improvement, too. I don’t see the point in the additional backgrounds in timescape and alarm clock symbols.

  177. I can confirm that you can debrand with a little luck by replacing the files downloaded by SEUS just before the download completes and then one of two things happens:

    1) if you were a little slow with the file replacement, SEUS will say your phone cannot be updated; or
    2) SEUS will update your phone with the unbranded firmware

    It took me about 5 attempts this morning to get the process to complete and my X10i is now unbranded running the R2BA020 (UK Generic) firmware. At least now i don’t have to wait for O2 to contemplate whether i can have firmware for my phone!!

  178. I debranded one of my Rogers X10 phones prior to this whole incident where SEUS reapplies the branded firmware. I have 4 X10s and I want to debrand the other 3 but I am wondering if I first update using the debranded X10 and then update the branded ones will that work or will it just copy the branded firmware back and over again ?

    I could do the hot swap for all 3 but that would really increase the risk of bricking one.

    Any ideas ?

  179. Hey i jus spent many hours trying to debrand my X10….i had the pleasure of experiencing R2BA023….. i must say it is very snappy and fast…unfortunately i got rid of it because there was no android market on it…..onto my real issue…i debranded to R2BA016 UK then used the update service to update it to R2BA020…..everything seems ok but i cant seem to download anything from the market….it just gets stuck at ” starting download” …..tried reboot, reflashing, checking settings but nothing…..same problem over wifi and 3G…… any ideas?

  180. With regards to my last post .. Not sure if it was relevant, but my X10 used to have 3 UK branded firmware on it before…. help would be appreciated…. many thankss

  181. @ Ricky

    recommend do all ur updates over ur local wifi. 3g is dog slow.
    then make sure the APN is set up correctly for 3’s network.
    The APN is essentially a proxy that ur 3 sim log’s onto, before it can get data services, if u r not using local wifi.

  182. @chaz.

    i think the current thinking is, if ur phone is locked, its up to ur mobile operator to see if they have approved the f/w, else u cant upgrade OTA.
    hence u gotta debrand first.
    i thought my unlock was relevant, but John managed to upgrade OTA after a debrand, its appears then, the debrand provides the key.

    4 x10’s ? god !!! haha
    i dont think their is any more risk with 4 x10’s than there is with one.(health warning)
    just use the hot swap as i described above or better using what john said.(health warning)

    btw… make sure ur phone are all fully charged b4 upgrading anything !!
    if u find the first x10 was a pain, u might find by the time u get to number 4 u become an expert… or u just gave up on number 1. 🙂

    having said that, the f/w is knoticeably faster…does that give u incentive for the pain ?
    btw, check u cant upgrade OTA first, ur operator, might have all of a sudden pulled their finger out.
    good luck and let us know how ur mass upgrade goes 🙂

  183. Can you download a firmware debranding update from a different region?
    Like for example, I am in Australia (vodafone) and I am still on R1FA014 (x10i). Can I debrand and get the Nordic Generic firmware? Will it be in English/will it even work here in Australia?

  184. Additionally, can I debrand while my phone is locked or do i have to unlock it first?

  185. I exactly follow the debrand tutorial but no luck ..
    i cant able to update ..
    please help me out
    i have previously follow debrand tutorial and update from R1FA016 to R2BA020;
    bit this time its not ..
    i exactly Follow Step-8 but no luck .

  186. @Emkay – You can follow the tutorial whether the phone is unlocked or not. You can also update from any region as long as you use X10i firmware and not X10a. It will be in English and you will be able to use your phone in Australia (you may have to manually set your APN settings as in the tutorial above).

    @Asrujit – Which firmware are you moving from/to?

  187. YES finally work for me.
    but R2BA23 is now available in OTA.
    and i downgraded from R2BA20 to R1FA016 and then update via my phone to R2BA23
    super fast now.

  188. I’m trying to debrand it now. but after i start up SEUS and select x10, i navigate to the blob folder and theres no 100mb or 15 mb files. do i have to restore my phone first?

  189. Yep, you have to reinstall the files first. Once you do that the +100MB and +10MB files will appear. 🙂

  190. I just did a reinstall of the firmware using SEUS in order to eventually debrand as the firmware update was not available on T-Mobile, but after the reinstall, I notice that I have been updated to the new firmware!

    Build Number R2BA023

  191. Works like magic… managed to debrand my X10i on UK 3 mobile network and now has the R2BA020

  192. I am using unlocked (SIM Free) X10i and the current firmware is R1FA014.
    I did try the steps given above to unbrand (update firmware). But to my surprise I don’t see any files which are more than 10 MB in C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db\13740270\blob_fs. The max size of the file here is 10 MB.
    How do I go about this, please help.

  193. @ KBS – backup the data and then do a reinstall using the SEUS. that may give you the update you want.

  194. Just on your new update for SEUS It is a darn sight easer to run the 1st download as normal. Then replace the two updated files rename etc…
    Then change the two files to “READ ONLY”.
    Then run the update again. (SEUS can’t delete the replaced files)
    The download screen will zip past and will load the new update to the phone.

    I did this this week and now running 23

  195. Hi
    Merci pour les informations.
    J’ai installé la dernière version de SEUS sur car le site sony ne donne pas le bon fichier.
    Une fois installé sur mon PC, la mise à jour sur mon X10i debrandé a été automatique !
    Thank you for the information.
    I installed the latest version of SEUS on Sony because the site does not give the correct file.
    Once installed on my PC, the update on my X10i Debrand was automatic!
    Thank you

  196. Hello everyone! I am from Singapore so can I use any of the update that is shown above???
    If so which one can be use???

  197. Quick question. If I unlock the phone (which I just did), is that the same as debranding it or does unlocking the phone not count as debranding?
    I’m asking this because the update is available on certain operators in Australia. My phone was vodafone locked, but is now unlocked. If I was to insert sim card of another operators and use that operator, would I get the firmware update?

    Thank you

  198. […] Originally Posted by Bexy No, first I've heard of it as well but, could just be to differentiate between the "official" one and Vodafone's one. It'll probably be the same as 023 but, with Vodafone branded apps. I can't even get 023 though on my unbranded UK model , unless I root but, Norway can 😐 (and totally missed 020). You can get the Nordic 023 without root. I flashed it last night using the link posted below. It took me a few attempts to get the replacing of files timed right but am now on Nordic 023 and should be able to flash further Nordic firmware in future via SEUS. Debrand your Xperia X10 [Tutorial] | Xperia X10 Blog […]

  199. Got all 4 of my X10s unlocked and debranded now. Took a few tries with one of them, but the read only setting made it much easier.

  200. Hey guys I was wondering if I use the latest update from here. Does my phone turn english then? Coz Im from holland and I dont like if my phone gets English after the update 😉

    Thanks in advance!

  201. why in my blob_fs folder, no file with 120mb size?? there are only 15mb and 9mb…could u help me buddy? >___<

  202. anyone help with clearing my google search list? they’re builiding up and can’t find where to clear them from, cheers

  203. Hi all,

    i Made a stupid mistake of flashing it with X10a instead of X10i and now SEUS is unable to update my phone. Please let me know how to revert. I have the origional files asked to save in the steps above.

    please help. Asap.. Need the phone..

  204. Well I followed the instructions and flashed my UK O2 Branded phone with the Generic R1FA016 firmware so that is was unbranded. The just reconnected to the Sony Update software and it told me it needed an update and it automatically updated me to the Generic R2BA020 software. Then just got my mms/wap settings off the O2 site and reset it in the APN page…and I have an up to date Unbranded phone 🙂


  205. I too was updated to R2BA020 when I tried this on UK O2. Surprised to see a couple of apps fall off the market. National Rail app to name one.

  206. (thanks for nothing re my post #129 above)

    Anyway I have a X10 on the UK ‘3’ network and followed the instructions to debrad…

    It hasnt actually “debranded” the phone in that I can still only use a 3 sim card, but it has allowed me to upgrade to R2BA020…

    The main differences are;

    Much longer battery life
    A back up/ resore app

    If anyone is using the above instructions AFTER the first reboot you need to reset to factory settings – this will also add the APN settings…

    good luck

    The battery life is the biggest noticable change – i get almost 2 days battery power now with average use (where as before I was luck to get 6 hours).

  207. I’m in Ireland attached to the meteor network.
    Will uk codes work for my X10i?

    Many thanks.

  208. Hi X10,

    Could you please tell me which latest firmware is the best to unbranded X10 on Optus Australian Network?


  209. Hi All

    If im in canada and im using the rogers x10a and i want to debrand to the hong kong software, do i first download the x10a generic firmware or the hong kong x10i firmware?


  210. hi i need help guys, i already debrand my x10 and its been 1 month since i have R2BA20 firmware. but last night i want to update it to R2BA023 and then suddenly it says unsuccessfull update, and when i turn my x10 on it will not turn on how come? have i bricked my phone or something? is there anyway to get it back to R2BA20?


  211. i have a docomo x10 and i here at the philippines. my x10 is lock to docomo cant use it here. can anyone help me or give me some knowledge about my question.:

    can i debrand my xperia x10 docomo network ?
    what should i do first debrand or unlock?
    pls instruct me im knew to this kind of debranding..

  212. I have Updated to Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA016) so that I can get the Android Market Application (which didn’t come with the device due to the Region). It works fine except that it feels much slower than the official latest firmware. Any suggestions? :<

  213. I´ve tried to debrand my x10i, but been unsuccessfull. Tried the PC Companion and SEUS, did everything as the instructions say.

    Im in Estonia, south of Finland.

    Help please 🙂 .

  214. Hi Guys, I have a doubt about this process , after let me tell I have X10a from Brazil but in the menu in Xperia X10 show me Firmaware 1.6 but i don´t have this option showed in video. Maybe it´s not the same firware. I´m wrong ? or it´s the diferent ? Tks !!

  215. …How to DEBRAND O2 UK…

    Hey all

    Sucessfully debranded my X10i last night! – O2 UK Network (before debrand – R1FA016)

    What I did was:-
    1 – Make backups of any software I wanted to keep that I didnt get off the market – copied files to SDcard (used astro file manager). I also did a SE sync to backup contacts etc. (debranding will make you lose files…but are easy to get back).

    2 – Download UK Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA016) from the top of this page to my PC desktop (create a new folder and extract the contents of your download into it). I used this for the reason that is what I was allready running on…..dont ask if you can jump straight to the newer firmware at this point as I dont know lol.

    3 – Using SEUS on my PC i chose the repair option as my blob_fs folder did not contain the 2 large files needed to perform the debranding. (on pc – C: –> Program Files –> Sony Ericsson –> Update Service –> db –> 13740270 –> blob_fs).

    4 – Once complete you should now have all the files including the 2 large files (was 111mb and 16mb for me) in the blob_fs folder on your C:\drive. I copied this entire folder and made a backup of it just incase the install went tits up.

    5 – IMPORTANT!! Next I renamed the largest 2 files in the folder that I created on my desktop (step 2) to match the exact names of the 2 identical l16mb & 111mb sized files from my blob_fs folder. I then deleted the 2 large files from the blob_fs folder.

    At this stage you want to have your blob_fs folder and the folder you created on your desktop open and ready for use.

    6 – Run the SEUS once again and choose the repair option one more time (this is where we finally debrand the phone).
    Keep your eye on the update and watch the blob_fs folder.
    Once the first of the 2 large files (will be the 16mb file first) is completely restored into the blob_fs folder…..copy the 16mb file from the desktop folder into the blob_fs folder and overwrite the 16mb file.

    7 – Now for the 111mb file in your desktop folder (at this stage I highlighted the file and copied it – DO NOT PASTE YET)…watch the top green bar on SEUS…the very moment its complete…Paste the file into the blob_fs folder and overwrite the 111mb file that just been created. (if you get an error here try pasting and overwriting again…I did).

    Now the second green bar on the SEUS will continue to install the software to the phone, everything should run smooth from here. Once its complete…remove the phone from the PC and the phone should take a while to power up once the power button is pressed….this is normal!!, your software is installing on the phone. You now have a debranded phone!!!

    On your phone goto Settings>-About Phone>-Software update and choose Update now. You can now update the software straight from SE to upgrade your firmware. I would suggest using wifi for this….or use the SEUS from a PC.

    The whole process takes around 10 to 15 minutes (most of the time twiddeling your thumbs waiting on the updates lol) but is well worth it, faster program launch’s, no more twice a day battery charging.

    **You will recieve all future updates either by running phone updates or by using the SEUS as and when they are available straight from SE and not from O2.**

  216. […] کنین برام بذارین. روش Debrand کردن توسط پاک کردن پوشهء db Debrand your Xperia X10 کامل 9 بند رو بخونی متوجه میشی که چه روش سخت و وقت […]

  217. Hi,

    I’m trying to go through your steps to debrand, but not seeing a folder called Update Service at all. My files and folder are unhidden and I’ve uninstalled and installed PC Companion. I did follow the steps of repairing the phone and getting the temp folder in Program Data, but that still involves finding the Update Service folder.
    Any insight on what I may be doing wrong?

  218. @ Stephen

    have u got any thing to unbrick ur cell phone if any pls let us known also

  219. Dear
    if i need to return my software upgrade to an older one please somebody advice me how because i did the insturctions but later i disvocer that this one for X10 mini and not X10 mini pro and i found the new updates for X10 mini pro but later i cant make repair for my mobile and always the service update givine me you have the last version and no avilable software
    please advice me asap.

  220. If u have bricked your phone or used the wrong software then providing you made a backup of your original files…just replace the files in your blob_fs folder with your backed up files and use SEUS to repair your phone.

  221. debranded from o2 uk to 016 to 020 much better , having trouble using the update under about phone when i try to update says network error my 3g wifi and i can browse fine any ideas??

  222. Haven’t been able to debrand my x10a using all of the x10a firmwares provided here and elsewhere —haven’t tried x10i, but don’t think I should need to do so— and both through seus and pc companion. Every time I tried copying the big file (originally +80mb with downloaded +110mb) it just tells me the update is failed or whatever. I think I’ll have to flash it using the java program, but for some reason it just stops at a certain point when it stops and tells me nullpointerexception.

    Is there any other way to fix this horribly-branded piece of heaven? or could I be missing something?
    Please help 🙁

  223. @ Boothy
    The next firmware update should be to 026 which requires SEUS for this m8.

    Youll need to find an X10a firmware from your specific country…make a request for someone to llink it for u…need the files to be the same size!

    Debranding only removes your network providers branding and softwares…u need an unlock code to make it simfree!

  224. Hi guys,

    Australian here with a X10a from 3 mobile. Followed the instructions and debranded/flashed to the Latin American R2BA026, worked like a charm – no issues and the 3G signal is fine. Have inputted my service providers APN details, and have full functionality. Great job!

    The only thing that I would suggest others keep in mind, is that the Android Market applications do not supply to all countries, and i have lost the ability to view some applications that I had previously downloaded. Nothing that can’t be sorted out with an adequate backup, but thought i’d raise it as a consideration for others…

    Cheers, and thanks!


  225. Hey, thanks for the answer…
    As I figured out, my problem was trying to install x10a software to an e10a (x10 mini)… lol, what an idiot… anyway, figured this out and succesfully debranded it with a generic e10i fw found somewhere.
    My problem now is for some reason my mini got all buggy, and since I transfwd it (e10a to e10i), can’t use seus/pccomp anymore to rebrand it or whatever.
    Any ideas, please?

  226. My X10i did its first OTA update today.

    From Nordic xxxxx23 to Nordic xxxxx26 – SWEET !!!

    Nice that I didn’t have to reinstall the whole phone as Im used to 🙂

    Ill let you know if I notice any big difference.

    X10 r0x…

    Anders, Denmark

  227. I updated my SE X10i from 16 to the generic r2ba026, after the updation the fone ws workin fine for bout 15 mins … then i connected it to the laptop, the SE Pc Companion said “1 more update”, i thut wat the heck … i did it and tht was ittt, i got BRICKED !!! Now my fone isnt workin… i did not create any back- up … i dnt have flash tool kit, the Hotfile website is useless !! Can any1 pls tell me wat to do …

  228. Dear
    i tried that and returned the backup files to blob_fs but when am trying the SEUS its giving me that my mobile phone having the last update and saying there it no new updates for it , is there any other way ?

  229. I just want to say you saw my butt…..this really was god send…thank you so much

  230. I tried 10+ times and finally succeed. This is to confirm that debranding is still possible as of 11 August 2010.

    Most Important Tips:
    (1) create a .bat file to rename the rom files instead of copy them. This is faster.
    (2) After the “debranding” update, make sure you POWERON your phone
    (3) Then, poweroff and do another “normal” update.
    (4) Enjoy your fully debranded phone

    Phone: Rogers X10a
    OS: Windows 7 32 bit
    Update Software: Sony Erricson Update Service

    Note: I purchased a unlock code to unlock my phone before I debranded it.
    Thus I am not sure if debranding will also do SIM unlock.
    My guess is it probably will not. But it should not hurt to have a try. I will no it the next time I get a locked Sony phone.

    Note: I think the debranded rom is better. One thing I noticed is that now I can choose “GSM only” in network mode. Whereas with the Rogers firmware I could not.

    Thank you the original author. You rock! 🙂

  231. Hello,

    I have a branded Vodafone UK running at R2BA024.
    Can I use the same steps to debrand on the earlier version, such as UK Generic X10i Firmware (R2BA020).

    Or do I need to find the same version or newer version than the one I have?

    Thanks for anyone who could help. It’s a new phone, I don’t wanna brick it 🙁

  232. I already successfully debranded an ALREADY UNLOCKED ROGERS phone, but now I am trying to UNLOCK AND DEBRAND a x10i (Orange) and no matter how many times I try this and install different generic x10i firmwares, it still gives me the message saying “Sim network unlock pin”. What should I do to get rid of this?

  233. so my x10a that is with rogers is rooted and is running r2ba020. So if i try to debrand it using the R1FA014 file above, will i be able to update to something better like r2ba026 ?
    or will i be stuck with r1fa014?

  234. Hey Arash

    You will need to get an unlock code for your branded Orange X10 m8, do a google search for it….will cost you anything from £10 – £25 depending were you go for a remote unlock. I dont know if there is a free option to do it but scout around forums etc as you never know.

  235. @ NOOR

    Its fine to use the UKgen version at the top of this page and then update the software again after youve debranded m8.

  236. guys please help…when i delete the contents in the db folder and run the update service the files come back but i cant find the 2 files 100mb one and the 15mb one all the files are like less than 100kb…whats going on?

  237. Hello again and im back .
    SUCCESSFULLY debrand my docomo X10,
    now its UK Generic X10i Firmware (R2BA020)…

    My problem now is the unlock code huhu..

    Just follow the simple steps above and you’ll do it too..

    — thing— philippines

  238. So, I’ve debranded to the UK Generic RB2A020 firmware and I don’ t get over the air (OTA) updates any more. I had to get R2BA026 using PC Companion, which means the phone is wiped. I’ve tried with R1FA016 as well, but that doesn’t even update to 020 on its own.

    Have I done something wrong or does debranding mean I will never be able to use OTA updating again?

    P.S. My phone ‘system info’ -> ‘model info’ shows Customized , not Generic as the Brand.

  239. I could not get either method to work….which sucks cause it resets everything. No worries I backed up and all….but no dice here. I did get it rooted fine 😉 Which accomplished what I wanted primarily anyways.

  240. I did the debranding a few days ago from at&t USA. if i run the SEUS service and go all the way on the download will my phone be recognizable by the at&t network again and have all that att crap that i hate back on the phone?
    so far the att network doesnt change my data plan to from basic to smartphone because of the debranding.
    i want to get the update w/out geting all that att ish… is it posible?

  241. please i want to know if i debrand my x10,does it mean i would not be able to get the new 2.1 update when it comes? because you mentioned in debranding guide that SEUS will not be able to update the phone???

  242. hey guys i have a x10a from rogers firmware 20, should i use the Latin America Generic X10a Firmware (R2BA026) or the North America Generic X10a Firmware (R1FA014). If i use the northamerican one can i still update to 026 using seus? please help i really want to debrand.

  243. Hi, there
    I got and unlocked an UK T-mobile X10i. Do I need to debrand it also? I’m trying to use it with Fido in Canada. Can you guys tell me what to do here?


  244. Ok firstly…

    Debranding – To debrand you’re phone simply means to remove you’re network providers limitations and resrictions on the phone. It allows you to recieve updates and new firmwares directly from Sony Ericsson without having to wait for You’re network providers approval before its rolled out over the network. So in a nutshell you get updates quicker!

    You’re SIM card will still transmit and recieve everything its supposed to between you and you’re network.

    Not all updates can be obtained over the air! Some need to be done using the Sony Ericsson Update Service on a PC.

    You will be able to upgrade firmwares and android versions as and when they are released!

    Hope this clears some questions up.

  245. .Oh forgot to add…

    Once you’re phones debranded you will be recieving you’re software updates direct from SE. Now for those of you that dont allready know this…you’re service providers get exactly the same versions from SE and spend weeks addind network logos etc hence the wait

  246. how do i know if my x10 is branded. it’s simlocked on orange uk. have got a code and am going to unlock it. this is in the system info: fw version – 1.6, baseband version -1.1.25,kernal version-2.6.29-rel-semc-android@semc 2, Build Number- R2BA020. I don’t have no orange logo or wallpapers. Is it branded?

  247. Hi i’m a noob in terms of phone flashing or debranding
    i’m from the philippines i have an X10 that works only with one network here in the philippines. i would like to use it with other networks here in my country. is this the real deal?

  248. Hi, will this unbrand X10 mini also or is it just for the regular X10?
    If I can unbrand using this, does the apps that came pre-installed in my cell be erased? Like games, app for reading emails and so on?


  249. Another question, my X10 shows the Model Number as E10a, if I use this firmware here, will the Model Number change to X10a or X10i, or it will continue as E10a ?

    Thanks again.

  250. Hi Waqaas

    If you havent allready debrnaded youre phone then the likelyhood of it being branded is a yes….do you need to wait to recieve over the air updates? If yes then its branded!

    @ Matt 🙂
    Your phone is simply locked to your network provider under contract. You simply get an unlock code for it… will then have the option to use other sims in youre phone!

    @ Lucas
    Hi Lucas. Follow X10’s tutorial for debranding you’re X10 mini here, leave a post in that section for a generic E10a request and someone in there will be happy to help:-

  251. Thanks weedman. had a look after i unlocked it. turns out it is branded in the secret service menu *shuuuush*. it has orange where it says brand. will debrand straight after work tomorrow. thanks dude.

  252. Just as a side note here. If you have the PC Companion installed ONLY, your information for this is ONLY in c:\ProgramData\~\~\~ and not in C:\ProgramFiles. I had not installed the updater ALONE and the information (for the less inclined to find hidden files/folders) was not there.
    On another note. Now that the updater has ALSO been installed. I have this information in 3 spots.
    – USERS
    – C:\ProgramData
    – C:\ProgramFiles

    Without throwing this whole thread into a tail spin. Should I uninstall the companion software and use JUST the updater, or the other way?

    I’ve taken the original files that were in the ProgramData folders (Two files in question) and copied them and read-only their tags.

  253. The de-branding took without a hitch. I no longer have rogers logo blinding me at start-up.

    So I’m still on FW 1.6
    kernel 2.6.29 rel
    My intent on starting this was to bypass rogers inability to get software out in a timely fashion and take the general/generic updates from Sony as they release them for non-branded phones. So why am I still sitting on this 1.6 / 020 crap. SEU says nothing for you buddy! You’re up to date.
    WHO HAS WHAT RUNNING HERE ????? Who’s got 2.1 ??? Who’s been able to get Flashplayer 10.1 on board???

    Answers People !!

  254. Hi , i have an X10i locked on T-Mobile UK , it is any method to unlock carrier ? I want to use another SIM from other country.

  255. I have a Rogers X10 I was wondering which firmware do i use and if i debrand the Xperia X10 can i still update my android to 2.3? or the newest android?

  256. hi again im unbranding my x10 i r2ba20 uk generic to r2ba026 ill be back within 1hr or less . ill use pc companion on this one cause seus dont have repair button. wish me luck.
    update you guys if i suceed BWAHAHAHAHA

  257. I had successfully removed all Telcel’s crap from my X10.

    The only thing that happened to me was that SEUS didn’t re-download the files after the update (Step 3); when I started Step 8 SEUS didn’t download anything, it just started the installation process again. So I just deleted the two files from blob_fs folder and run update again and when the download was nearly to be completed I replaced the larger file.

    Till now I have no problems, I just reconfigured my APN settings.

    Thank u very much.

  258. Hi,
    I tried 6 times but this procedure fails, the upgrade fails!
    Replace the file is larger when seus to 146 MB / 147.8 MB
    I do well?

  259. Maybe it’s my age.. I’m getting too old to be flashing things. But whatever it is, confusion has set in and now I’m fukd. So this R2BA020, how is it related to the 1.6, 2.1 or 2.6?
    As I said in my original post (which no one has addressed yet) My original concern is to get up to 2.0> I have features that I need daily and I can’t have them with the 1.6 version.

    In this link :
    They discuss the upgrade/de-branding and a ‘market fix’
    Is this the route to go? I’m already unbranded and unlocked. I DO want the ability to grab market software not being shown to me now.
    Someone has to be able to answer a few of these questions.

  260. @JS84T – The R2BA020 is the build number of Sony Ericsson’s platform for Android 1.6 firmware. Sony Ericsson will release a firmware update by the end of this month that will move all users from Android 1.6 to 2.1. Until then, you’ll just have to sit tight I’m afraid.

  261. Hi all.
    Just debranded.
    After second attempt I got a yellow triangle exclamation mark when I started the phone.
    Thought it was bricked.
    Then ran PC companion repair and Voila R2BA020 installed.

    Thanks loads.
    Looking forward to the new update to Eclair now this month

  262. X10 Thank you for an answer. But being as I’ve used the un-branding files here.. I will have to take the 2.1 from the SEU program as apposed to using anything the OTA software update build into the phone?

    Isn’t the over the air update from Rogers itself? An the SEU straight from Sony?

    That would reapply moxie and all the other crap apps. Am I still confused here?

  263. Hi everyone,

    If i debarnd rogers X10a to X10i will i be able to use it with Wind mobile cos the frequency is different?
    Thanks for the help

  264. I bought a x10a branded to Rogers but the firmware is already R2BA020. is there any way to debrand it? which firmware file I should use?


  265. I cant debrand my cellphone when i sort the list on step 5 . i cant find those files (100 MB AND 15MB) all files are 10 kb. why?

  266. I can’t get this to work on my x10 from rogers, the phone had the R2BA020 custom firmware from rogers, but i tried at least 4 times, and nothing , it still had the rogers image on the start of the phone.

  267. I have the same x10 from Rogers and same Firmware R2BA020 , used SE PC companion
    many times, followed the instructions , but still stays on same Rogers firmware after update is finish, I notice the replace files, after update is done the 2 files retuned to the original size it was . 134mb AND 16mb

  268. I also have a Rogers x10a R2BA020…. i tried at least 6 times with seus and didnt get it… i can’t get to copy the 100+ file no matter if i put it before or after the download. I was going to try it with pc companion but if there isnt anyone thats going to assure me it worked for them, i ain’t doin’ it.

    By the way, thank god for titanium backup… its insane how it puts EVERYTHING as it was, exactly the same, with the cache… gotta love it when ur screwing around with your phone.

  269. I tried doing this by using the seus first but had no luck, then I tried doing it again with PC Companion 2.0 and still no luck I went to C: –> ProgramData –> Sony Ericsson –> SEMC OMSI Module –> but can’t find this “db –> 13740270 –> blob_fs” directory, I even unhide all files, the directory is not even not there, what up with that? Can I have some assistance please? I’m using Windows 7 btw.

  270. Funciona ala perfeccion libere mi xpereria x10 de la basura de telcel mexico y ahora muy bien me salio ala primera los que estan confundidos animense no esta dificil solo lean bien antes de.

    saludos desde ensenada baja california mexico.

  271. Oh damn I just realised, I went to the wrong directory instead of going to “Program data” I went to “Program Files” such a duch lol :P, I’ll try again next time and hopefully it’ll work using PC Companion

  272. I have accidentally debranded my X10a to an X10i firmware. Is there anyway I can go back???

    This really is a bummer 🙁 Should have read your instructions properly.


  273. Hi, can someone reload this big file, i cannot download it, its getting stuck! (i have very good iconnection – so no problems here!)

  274. Forgot to mension, that the phone is locked to ROGERS (in Canada) and im trying to download

    North America Generic X10a Firmware (R1FA014)

    this tutorial!

  275. This method apparently no longer works, I’ve tried it multiple times and it simply goes “installation failed”. I’m guessing SE have plugged the workaround with an update or something.

  276. @Dogmeat – I think you are right. Tried it several times last night/this morning and could not get it to work at all. Installation failed most times, other times it won’t even let me copy the file. Anyone else had any luck?

  277. hey a los que lo hicieron con un x10 de telcel, como lo hicieron, porque ya hice lo de sobreescribir antes de que acabe la descarga y aun asi sobreescribe el archivo que descargue y pone el original… sino, marca error y comienza la descarga otra vez. gracias espero una respuesta

  278. Agreed, this no longer works. Either that or the timing of replacing the files during the re-download is unbelievably difficult

  279. Hello guys .
    i have one problem with my xperia x10i , it
    doesnt have a market icon out of the box and
    the phone is unlocked , it makes me feel not yet
    using android phone, the phone is useless with
    no market in it , please someone help me with
    advise if rebranding will bring market to my
    unfinished xperia , my email is
    sadiqhashim @ the current FW on the
    phone is R2 BA 026 if i have to rebrand it please
    tell me which FW has the market .

  280. I need help.
    i have one problem with my xperia x10i , it
    doesnt have a market icon out of the box and
    the phone is unlocked , it makes me feel not yet
    using android phone, the phone is useless with
    no market in it , please someone help me with
    advise if rebranding will bring market to my
    unfinished xperia , my email is the current FW on the
    phone is R2 BA 026 if i have to rebrand it please
    tell me which FW has the market. and my advise to android makers please stop making android without market.

  281. I need help.
    i have one problem with my xperia x10i , it
    doesnt have a market icon out of the box and
    the phone is unlocked , it makes me feel not yet
    using android phone, the phone is useless with
    no market in it , please someone help me with
    advise if rebranding will bring market to my
    unfinished xperia , my email is the current FW on the
    phone is R2 BA 026 if i have to rebrand it please
    tell me which FW has the market. and my advise to android makers please stop making android without market.

  282. Wooot woot! Now for all you Anti Rogers out there that wish to debrand there phone: I’ve done it… It’s possible!!!!

    But there’s an update to be made to this tutorial:

    First of all do this:

    Download and install SEUS v.

    Before you start the update app, go to: “C: –> Program Files –> Sony Ericsson –> Update Service –> Settings” and open the file “currentapplication.xml”, replace every “” with “” (a lot of places, I used notepad, Edit -> Replace). Now it wont update automatically, just follow the guide!

    Then do exactly as the guide up there says with the Latin America Generic X10a Firmware (R2BA026)

    I am now free from ROGERS.

  283. If you’re asking if you have to unlock you’re phone after debranding… yes you do. This debranding is only for the firmware, not the phone’s network. You can do this easely on by googling: Unlock xperia x10. It’ll probably cost you though… good luck

  284. I just wanna thank “BlehQ” because I could update my X10a Rogers branded with no problem. Now it is unbranded. Thank you dude, and for all others just do it the way it says. It fuckin’ works!!

  285. […] Service) and a Windows PC or a Mac with BootCamp installed. You can find the instructions here: Debrand your Xperia X10 [Tutorial] | Xperia X10 Blog Let me know if you need help. Make sure you follow the instructions and it will be easy, you might […]

  286. i follow BlehQ steps but the download stuck at 99% .. wonder why .. help me pls .. spend more 12 hours to rebrand already .. failed as always

  287. Thanks for the info BlehQ! It does work 😀
    Does anyone know how to get the carrier internet settings back on? I stumbled upon an official SE link before asking you to choose your phone/country/carrier but I lost it!


  288. I’m trying to debrand my X10 Mini(E10a) but can’t find the firmware. Anyone know where cn I download it?
    Will it works if I try to debrand with a E10i firmware? Can I restore the E10a back?

  289. Hello to all. I’m from Brazil. My brother was in vacation in Saint Martin (a Caribbean island) and bought to me an Xperia X10, but I’m not able to use my SIM card (TIM Brazil). Appears a message to enter a “SIM network unlock code”. I’ve already tried to buy a code at those site that say they unlock your phone for all networks in all regions, but the code did not work :/ I’ve noted (Service menu) that it is locked to T-mobile UK. And the model is X10i. The agency that regulates communication in Brasil says, in its site, that the model approved for Brazil is X10a. So, I ask you: If I debrand my X10i to a X10a, do you think I will be able to use my TIM Brazil SIMcard? I’ll really appreciate if anyone can help me. Thanks a lot.

  290. Hey, I’ve debranded a X10a with a X10i firmware, and now I can’t get back with the X10a with SEUS or PC Companion. What I do?

  291. Hi, I’ve tried BlehQ’s method with my Rogers x10 currently on 020,
    However, I could not launch SEUS after replacing the file …
    It gives me an error and never opens 🙁

  292. Now it doesn’t work. It may have something to do with the new version of SEUS. I’ll try to find a way and if I find it I will let you all know. Stay calm!

  293. After numerous attempts I was ready to give up. Used Seus and PC Companion. Finally it worked with Seus. As usual I wasn’t quick enough when copying the larger file. I hit retry/previous in shear desperation and lo and behold it started installing the files I’d transferred without downloading new files again. Hope this helps someone. I know how grateful I am to all the people who have helped me with their comments, so I wanted to give something back.

  294. I haven’t tried this, but if you do the same as above (but replace version number) does it work?

    i.e. Download and install SEUS v.

    Before you start the update app, go to: “C: –> Program Files –> Sony Ericsson –> Update Service –> Settings” and open the file “currentapplication.xml”, replace every “″ with “″ (a lot of places, I used notepad, Edit -> Replace).

    Now follow the guide as in the blog post.

  295. I thought the above may work as some peeps reporting it to work on xda-developers. Hopefully, a work around will come soon.

  296. Just a hunch, but wouldn’t disconnecting your computer from the internet or re-pointing the update at your own computer work? I haven’t tried this yet, but unless the update app is written to fail if it can’t connect, it should work if you already have the files. Then again, this *is* Sony we’re talking about…

  297. I am on vodaphone R2BA024. Is it still possible for me to debrand? I see a lot of people are having trouble but I just want to know is it still possible in my particular case to debrand to R2BA020 (UK generic)?

  298. hi .. first of all thnx for this tutorial ..but i encoutered an issue and i’m not able to debrand my X10 ..

    i copied the 2 files to blob_fs but when i run the pc compagion and click repair ..the software remove the custom files i placed and start downloading new ones from the internet.
    why this is happening ?

    thnx in advance

  299. Excelent Tutorial.
    i now have my xperia x10 without shit of telcel 😀
    very thanks for the creator.

  300. Hello everyone, I have 2 questions about the debranding. I brought my x10i to US and found out that I can’t use the 3G on At&t (only can use for EDGE), so should I debrand my x10i to x10a just for using the 3G network? and since the Android 2.1 is coming soon, will I be able to update my x10 to 2.1 from debranded x10a?

    Thank you

  301. Hey there people ^

    May i ask : If my phone is from Spain,branded on Vodafone ES, and i wanna unbrand it to UK Generic,will it work without any problems?(I got the x10i and im getting the uk generic x10i one ofc(R2BA020) so i could get the 2.1 update sooner(Cause vodafone es will sure take loads to put it.

    Thanks in advance ^

  302. [quote]abd October 22, 2010 at 8:14 AM
    hi .. first of all thnx for this tutorial ..but i encoutered an issue and i’m not able to debrand my X10 ..

    i copied the 2 files to blob_fs but when i run the pc compagion and click repair ..the software remove the custom files i placed and start downloading new ones from the internet.
    why this is happening ?

    thnx in advance[quote]

    I’m having the same problem too, I think it maybe something to do with the new version on SE’s PC Companion that I’m using 🙁

  303. I debranded my phone just today, which surprised me because I was ready to give up (I’ve been trying to debrand for around a month now!) I used the old SEUS which I uploaded for anyone who wants to use it.

    For the record, I did steps 1-7, but after each “repair” finishes, I replaced the blob_fs files with the generic files. This didn’t fix the problem for a long time, though. I eventually noticed that the 15mb~ file was not being replaced everytime I ran SEUS (so it was still the generic one) while the 120~mb file kept getting downloaded. This is the time I did step 8, which only resulted to Fail to Install new software. But the next time I ran SEUS (without changing a thing), the updater didn’t download, and it installed the old files without a hitch.

    I don’t know if this means anything, though, but after I did step 8, I accidentally deleted the 50~kb file that was named similar to the other files. I didn’t restore it, though, and when I clicked Repair, it simply replaced that file.

    Might not mean anything, but maybe it does. /me shrugs

  304. Debs626,

    You’re doing it wrong! Update it, then SEUS will download the new files and delete any files in the folder, DON’T PUT THE GENERIC FILES THERE YET!!! Once the biggest file is almost downloaded, then replace both files before SEUS takes what it thinks is the latest file from the internet (but is in reality the generic file) and uploads it in your phone.

    Follow the instructions clearly, make sure you understand them before you start, and it’s a tricky thing to quickly swipe the files as it takes some time to copy it (100+ MB) so it might take more than one try.

  305. It worked for me yesterday (10/26).

    I debranded a Vivo (a brazilian mobile company). My model is x10a and everything went just fine.

    First time i tried the installation failed, then I re-flashed, tried again and it worked.

    I replaced the file (the 115 MB one) when there was 1,5 MB left for the download to complete and now it’s debranded.

    Thank you very much and good luck to those who are trying.

  306. Tried, tried, tried and tried again with absolutely no luck even when the file copy seemed to work all I got was a big fat FAILED try again. Anyways, guess I’ll just have to wait until my carrier ‘3’ decide that they’ll roll out new firmware, which in my experience might not be for quite some time. Pity the Xperia’s not as easy to knobble as my e71 where all you have to do is change the product code BIG SIGH in frustration. Glad to see that others have got this method to work, though you must all have cat like reflexes!!!!!!!!

  307. I doesn’t work for me. When I copy the 100mb at the end, it just pops up an error… I’ve tried over 20 times… please someone help!!

  308. @swallow, you can’t use the older version of SEUS, it just updates when you open it up. How did you use the old version? Can someone answer?

  309. Success debrand world Generic to Nordic Generic using PC Companion.

    waiting for nordic 2.1 update…………

  310. Best you should edit the post subject Debrand your Xperia X10 [Tutorial] | Xperia X10 Blog to something more catching for your webpage you write. I enjoyed the post nevertheless.

  311. I need some help guys i wante to debran my xperia x10 but i cant. When i opne pc companion and pinch update option there´s no REPAIR option why that??? any one can help me? i need that option to get the 2 files that need to exchange for the generic firmware.

  312. “Time the file transfer for when there is literally around 1/2MB left to be downloaded.” I don’t rili understand bout this. I already try bout 3 times but still installation failed. I repalce with Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R2BA026). Mine is R2BA020. Can anyone help me solve this?

  313. This method just doesn’t work anymore! It is not you or your reflex that is wrong. There was an alternative method. But that one works crappy too. Source is XDA

  314. Hey guys i have the same problem, my phone was rooted,branded and flashed from x10a to x10i..i tried to debrand it back to x10a using flashtool and after i got the yellow triangle with exclamation mark. I tried the same things mentioned and even the Omnius, but when i try the flash option on omnius it says cannot connect to server…so now the phone is bricked..does the phone still charge wen it is plugged directly into the wall or usb?

    When i plug it into the wall the green light comes on for about a minute and then comes it still charging?

    im tryin to see if i can get it fixed still.. :-/

  315. Hi, @Cleve, that happened to me too. Remove the battery for around 30 mins, then put it back and follow the troubleshooting tips above. If it still doesn’t work, bring it to the shop.

  316. Folks,

    a quick question: will I achieve carrier unlock if I de-brand the xperia x10a?
    what are the benefits of debranding?


  317. I did this using a slightly different method, that doesn’t involve switching out the files under the upgrade app.

    The application fetches lots of files from Sony’s extranet. My method uses a proxy to serve up the alternate version of some binary files instead of those that are requested.

    Here goes :
    1. Install an Apache web server with mod_proxy support somewhere (I use a Linux box, with Apache 2.2.15 on port 8000). Add this configuration :

    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

    2. Set the IE Proxy to your Apache host, and test that you can load pages through it. The requests should appear in the Apache access log.

    3. Perform the repair option on the Phone. There should be lots of requests to in the Apache log. Find the requests for the binary files (.bin). Mine was downloading :
    277494891_WYNIp5f8ugjVyMbJuml5nwvl.bin (~ 113m)
    277508959_tnKxnx9xyPxx6k5sWnQ0mOFH.bin (~ 17m)
    277196791_xjzBnD68BkXbe5-9oSZvdZYK.bin (~ 57k)

    4. Create a directory under your Apache docroot (eg. /binaries), and put your alternate versions into that directory, using the names you got from the logs in (3). Then download the third file from the site, and put that into the directory as well (ie. the 57k file in my example).

    5. Add a rewrite rule to Apache so that it provides \.bin files from your new directory instead of requesting them from sonyericsson :

    RewriteRule proxy:.*/([^/]+.bin) /my/doc/root//binfiles/$1

    [ replace /my/doc/root/ with your document root ]

    6. Restart Apache

    7. Run the repair again. Apace will provide the update app with your alternative files…

    A little convoluted maybe!

  318. OK the blog removes things that look like HTML tags.

    The Apache configuration is

    [Proxy *]
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

    Replace the square brackets with angle brackets!

  319. I bought my x10 mini 2nd hand. I have no idea if it branded or what. About phone says:

    Model: E10i
    Firmware: 1.6
    Baseband: Unknown
    Kernal: 2.6.29 SEMCUser@SEMCHost #1
    Build: 1.2.A.1.174

    There no sign of any Droid 2.1 updates for me. Can someone tell me: is my phone branded? Is it Nordic, US, UK or what? I use a variety of SIM cards in it, they all work just fine.

    confused. Help!

  320. Yes, this method still work. Use Pc companion, Rename the the Two files. Copy and Paste the smaller files when it finish download. Now for the bigger files, I let the dowload reach to 90% and direct my cursor to the original file.When the download reach 98% paste the bigger files. It pause awhile than complete the download to 100%.
    when it start to install than you know that the switch goes without any problem.
    Debrand done.

  321. Tried the PC Companion solution provided above, but I am still stuck with the Telenor (my brand) and their programs. I will try again with the solution amin suggested, to paste the big file when the download reach 98 %.

  322. The small file seems to be no problem, but when I try to paste the big file when the download reach 98 %, it goes to 100 %, and when the update starts it bumps up to 100 % right away and tells me that the Update Failed. Hmmmm..

  323. @Atle.

    Did you rename the two files which you trying to swop? Timing is critical i suppose.
    Try with slightly after 98% and paste it. Hope you have success.


    Debranded to Nordic, and now runs Android 2.1 🙂 (Had Nordic FW before, but not debranded, so I could’nt update)

    Yes Amin, tried that all the time. Even tried to create a “.bat” file who someone suggested another place, which switced the name of the two files when I pushed the “.bat” file. (Then the names of the files where different, because the “.bat” file was going to handle the switch of names so the Generic one was the one that was updated into the phone)

    I have used several hours today to get this to work, but every single time I got the “Failed to update” from PC Companion.

    After several hours I told myself that I could try 5 more times, and if it did not work then, I had to skip this. At the 3. test after I told myself this, it worked 😀

    I waited until the moment it showed 99 %: Paste -> Replace. I bet I was even faster than Chuck Norris would have been 😛

    All this showes that it is all about hitting exactly the right time.
    Good luck to you all. Just keep on trying like I did! 🙂

    Thank you! 🙂

  325. Jscott and Atle, can you tell me the version of your update, software tried both solutions and none worked…

  326. Why can’t I make this work? Have tried at least a dussin times, and I keep getting that the installation failed. Am trying to start the copy before, and then overwrite as soon as the download is at 0,5 MB left I do the overwrite, but still no luck. I have also tried to update through PC Companion and do the last copy at 99% but get the same result… PLEASE HELP!

  327. Franco: I used PC Companion (the latest version) and used the files from “Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R2BA026)”. I was on R2BA026 branded before, but used this to get debranded, so I could get Android 2.1.

    The day after I did this, I noticed that my operator (Telenor) started offering the 2.1 update, so I could just have waited for this, but at least I don’t have to have all their links and stuff in my menu.

    Liandra: I also tried this a dussin times +++ before it worked. Everytime I tried I got the “Update failed” message, but suddenly it hit the right spot, and it worked. So you will just have to keep on trying!

  328. I’m totally confused in the very base off all these. I just bought my xperia x10i a week ago in UK with Orange contract. Few things I want to do, but just a bit too scared.

    I want to debrand it from Orange so that I can get updates directly from SE
    I want to unlock the phone so that I can use any simcards
    I want to update the phone to Android 2.1

    I don’t have a clue where to start. I want to stay with the contract though, hope debrading or unlocking doesn’t affect my contract. If I debrand, will it lock my sim?

    At the end of this huge thread, people started saying this tutorial does not work anymore (maybe it’s outdated, i don’t know!). Found no solution to it other than writing this post 🙁

  329. i used this method now the phone wont boot or anything my seus does not give me the option to install it only says no new software and pc companion wont detect my phone help please 🙁

  330. Worked like a charm, running 2.1 after debranding to UK generic! I recommend using PC Companion.

  331. @Reversal,

    Not sure if you would again come to see this page again since your problem is solved 😀 anyways, one quick question, even in PC Companion, do you need to copy the files while the downloading process goes on? Or the file overwriting can be done when the phone is not going under the updating process?

    I’m doing it now (undergoing) but I pasted the generic firmware files before I started the update and not while updating process. Fingers crossed.

  332. Just a note anyone trying to get this working still, I am trying on a Rogers branded x10. To go to Latin America fw. I couldnt get the PC companion way to work so was playing around with the SEUS, and had to copy the 16,000k file to the directory, delete the 57k one, then paste the large 100MB one once it was near 100 percent completed. This didnt download the 16000k file again so I didnt have to worry about copying that. Also i copied pressed paste, and then the popup for copy and replace comes up, and waited until it was nearly finished before pressing copy and replace. Its installing now so hope all goes well, will post back with results.

  333. The PC Companion might have changed now cause I don’t have any directory called SEMC OMSI Module instead there’s a folder named Update Engine and db file can be found there. I don’t know what’s wrong, it’s just not working. I wasted the whole day behind trying to get debranded. My firmwire version is already (R2BA020) but it doesn’t say it’s Generic or not. I don’t think it is Generic cause whenever I attempt updating software it bloody says I’m updated. Well, I lost all my alchemy elements now just hope debranding works tomorrow, I need HD video before I see Linkin Park. 🙁

  334. Tried both ways through update service and pc companion with no luck. It was updated successfully and it’s still Vodafone handset 🙁
    Any tips?

  335. Tried tens of times for a couple of days….both with PC companion or SEUS but no luck, Windows 7 64 bit. I copied the files close to 98-99-100% but no way…
    Then I copied those 2 files in the folder rename them to file1 and file2 and i made a script which deletes the files downloaded by seus and renamed file1 and file2 accordingly.
    You can adapt for you …copy those 5 lines in a file with extension .bat and run it when download is close to 100%.
    del FILE_277505581
    del FILE_277508959
    REN file1 FILE_277505581
    REN file2 FILE_277508959
    I didn’t manage to make it work though, the update failed like always…
    In conclusion it is way to difficult with this method or I am fucking stupid.

  336. CRAP, it worked!!!! it’s bloooooody downloading Android 2.1!! undergoing, i’ll give you guys updates, if it helps =] FINGERS CROSSED

  337. Okay, now excuse my english if it’s bad.

    I’m now running Android 2.1. I followed the steps just as shown (thanks a million for this tutorial). Using SEUS. Orange UK. Before firmware was R2BA020 and even now. (so was a bit confused if firmware was actually updated unitll I got Android 2.1 update)

    I had to actually go through SEUS update process thrice to complete the debranding process. First time (after deleting db folder) just to bring the large files in db folder. Get their filename use the filenames to name generic files. Now second time, when file replacing will take place while SEUS downloads updates. If the internet connection is slow, timing of overwriting would be easier :p If the overwriting is successfuly timed, the updating should finish without a hitch. Frimware updated to generic by then. Now third time updating via SEUS to update to Android 2.1 :D. Finally damn SEUS says there is something to update!!

    While starting the phone next, I was a bit shocked to see a camera icon, a downward arrow pointing to the phone (maybe was making changes to the camera). Anyways, everything’s working fine, keyboard, app market. I can see many small improvements. For some reason I miss my old 1.6, will get used to the new one. Thanks to everyone, and guys, keep trying if you have time, it WILL work hopefully. Good luck.

  338. Just got the new technique for Unbranding the firmware
    i tired this my self nd this works
    so here is the 1st step
    Regeister the account it takes only 2 minute
    2.After registration and activation and then logging in click the Download tab on that website or visit
    3.Then click on Browse download..filebrowser will open .then open Flashes_SONY_ERICSSON
    Select Xperia X10
    4.Select R1FA016 it has more firmwaress
    Download the desired firmware …. of yewr choice
    It wil be in zip file.Extract it yew get 2 more Zip files
    Extract dem 2 in sperate folders. nw w8..lev it

    Download .
    6. When the file is downloaded Extract the files
    7 .Open Root_f3v3/Step1
    Youil see files in there…
    From step 4
    Files of the firmware ..thee App & the Cust
    paste these files in Root_f3v3/Step1
    8.Remember to rename the files..if necessary
    THe 1 u download will b sum what of
    nd similar for System.sin
    name them as System.sin nd Userdata.sin
    Delete Simlock.ta
    Yew r Done here now
    9.Run 1_downgrade_flash
    Connect the phone in flash enter & w8 ..
    it will unbrand yewr phone with the firmware you downloaded

  339. The biggest problem is the timing which has to be synchronized perfectly between the copy end the download process.
    SEUS downloads files, you replace the first one 15MB then wait for download of the bigger one. You have to copy the file in the moment when download is completed and SEUS writes the latest bites to the file. If the file is pasted earlier will be overridden by SEUS -> Update will fail, if the file is pasted later SEUS will detect that there are 2 different files non pair ->Update will fail. It can be monitored reading the date of the file in Windows Explorer detail view
    On my computer I never managed to make it work SEUS always failed. PC Companion the same.
    It might be VERY difficult to synchronize the timing if you have a fast computer and a fast internet connection.
    I tried to copy the files initially and to make them READ ONLY using NTFS permissions to stop SEUS modifying them but still no go.
    Any other ideas?

  340. Hi,
    i am quite skeptical to try this as the two others i have found to have tried with a white x10i on orange uk both said they ended up with an exclamation mark on start up. If this happens is it possible to make the phone work again?

    Also, does debranding the phone do anything to the warranty?

  341. Well i been ryin all day what a wasted day. Looks like i’ll be running X10 Inferior till O2 gets its finger out its arse and gives me the update. Nice thread tho just wish it woulda worked. Good luck to any one else who tries. PS I wish I could send my X10Inferior back as SE has lost its touch and O2 sucks cheesy bellends

  342. If you’re having trouble with timing, I’m not sure but this might help. While the update was downloading, my internet connection went off. Then when I pressed retry, it didn’t start from first, but started update downloading from the point it lost network connection. So, instead of overwriting, just turn off your wifi or just disconnect internet at 98% or 99% (which is ofcourse easier than overwriting!). Then take your time to overwrite the files, and connect internet back, and press retry. Just an idea.

  343. I gave up trying to use the SEUS or PC Companion method after about 10 attempts. I’ve got a 50mbps internet connection and it was just downloading the new firmware too quickly to be able to hit the sweet spot. In the end I stumped up $9 and used the service to install the generic R2BA026 firmware. Should probably have done that to start with an not wasted 2 evenings trying the other methods and reading (seemingly) millions of threads on XDA Developers. The 2.1 update then happily went on via SEUS the soon as I connected the phone back up again.

    Out of interest, those who’ve managed to install a generic 2.1, what is your Build Number now?

  344. i have got a xperia x10i which is branded to vodafone in uk. it is unlocked but still there are icons of various vodafone apps in the fone. my build no. is R2BA024. i have tried two methods of debranding my fone by using SEUS and also by using the pc companion. both didnt worked for me..
    in case of pc companion it jus finished the instalation but the fone remains in the same condition. while doing the SEUS method it jus saying installation failed….

    anyone has any idea of wat to do…???
    pls help me…!!!!

  345. Mine was a Vodafone UK branded handset. Like I said in the comment above yours, I gave up trying myself and used a paid-for service to do it. Was very simple and straight forward.

  346. Just did this.. updated to generic UK – could not wait for UK Orange anymore!

    Took me three attempts.. used PC Companion, be patient and it will work…

    Used tip by someone earlier about dragging and dropping and waiting with Copy and Replace option, pressed it about 2 seconds after 99%…

    but finally did it! Firware 2.1 updating right now, woohoo!

  347. hey,
    i`d like to have a firmware to At&t build R2CA016, to unlock my phone.
    Can someone help me?


  348. Hi does this procedure works on X10 mini pro (U20i)??

    Kindly support me or please attach a related link.

    Thanks in advance.

  349. Hi, I have locked att us x10a, I debranded the phone, it has 2.1 and model become x10i. Now I want to unlock the phone, what method should I use? x10a software and unlock code for x10i…thank you

  350. I have SE X10a USA AT&T branded unlocked phone with Android 1.6. I want to update it to 2.1 version, but SEUS says that i’ve the lastest firmware version.
    How can I do it??
    What version of firmware do i need?
    I tried SEUS method, but nothing.

  351. hello. just got an X10a, US AT&T locked phone, brought it to a phone shops to get it unlocked and to my surprised, some failed to unlock the phone, others simply don’t have any software to unlock it. What should I do?, since i’m from the phil., I decided to try to unlock it myself. Is there anyone here would like to help me out? pls…

  352. Very interesting.

    I’m confused in one note: “Flashing your Xperia X10i to X10a (and vice versa) will result in SEUS not being able to update your phone for future updates.”

    I have the x10a, if I debrand it, I´m not gonna be able to get future updates? or it´s only when going from x10i to x10a ?

    By the way, in my status bar it constantly changes between 3G, H, and E. I know this is the internet connection, but what depends it changes from one to another?


  353. Another question, if I´m from Mexico, should I download latin america or North America firmware?


  354. I’ve just tried this procedure a few time but I JUST can’t get the timing right on step 8 – replacing the larger file – I get an error on the updating software each time I copy it.

    Any advice?

    What I’m trying to do is get my imported AT&T/Rogers Xperia to work in NZ – I’m told it’s unlocked but it doesn’t see any network – I take it from what I’ve read that this is the way to fix it?

  355. I just tried the PC Companion method and there was no problems, but once i started up the phone it still had AT&t everywhere.


  356. I live in the US. I have an Xperia X10 that is locked to AT&T. Every effort to remove the sim lock and use it with other gsm network failed.
    Does anybody know how I can do this? HELP NEEDED

  357. Im trying to debrand my AT&T X10a to use it in Brazil but I just cant find the folder where Im suposed to overwrite the files. Even the computer search cannot find it. Is there any explanation?
    And a question: if I use the Brazilian firmware, will the AT&T crap dissapear?


  358. Hello Helpers, I am from Australia, I’d like to know thich one is best to upgrade my fireware of Sony Ericsson X10 mini ?

  359. Hi guys I need a help to unlock my SE Xperia X10a with network unlock (for Mongolia)! Because I can’t do this alone now, If anyone can help me with that please email me to my email! if you need the IMEI: then I will send you!

  360. Can’t make this work for the life of me. AT&T x10a. AT&T needs to catch up with the rest of the world and offer 2.1 update NOW.

  361. I don’t think this works on AT&T x10a…maybe it used to, but something must have changed in the last few months. Does anyone know when the last successful AT&T x10a was debranded with this method?

    On my computer, the Sony/Ericsson PC Companion software downloads the stock AT&T firmware not just the first time you run it but EVERY time. And then when you quickly replace those files 2 files with the debranded generic software (you gotta be pretty quick ‘cuz flash update starts automatically & immediately after the download) PC Companion aborts with a message about “corrupted file” or “couldn’t get the necessary files from the Internet”. I guess it’s a newer version of PC Companion that checks to make sure the firmware files aren’t changed after downloading?

    Still hunting for a recipe to debrand and/or upgrade to something beyond 1.6… (Note: My phone was purchased on Jan. 15th, so they’re still shipping them with 1.6. Ay caramba.)

  362. i ALSO have the ATT X10a , and i dont think this works for us at all…..iv tried sa couple of times and not far into it , things do go as they should ….. and ….. i didnt ride the shortbus, , but it could also possibly be that for some reason .. i start to get very confused , you may as well be talking Japanese , because , i can make sense outta half of what its be said …. of somebody could plz .. redo the steps .. as if its ….” Debrand Xperia X10 and update 2.1 for DUMMIES”……AND PLZ BE MORE DETAILED IN YOUR DIRECTIONS , AS IF YOU HAVE NEVER EVEN TAKEN YOUR BATTERY OUT BEFORE , , it would help alot if you could plz tell us the correct apps if any needed to root ,, tell us exactly when to strat the back up , and EXACT STEP BUY BTEP , FOR THAT ALSO ,,, it get so confusing .. one sec you are talking bout SEUS, then your talkg bout Pc Companion , but you swap back n forth so fast , some of it reads as tho we should be doing things you say for SEUS on .. PC Companion … you forget … WE DONT KNOW THE THINGS AUTOMATICALY , THAT YOU THINK , ANY PERSON SHOULDL PROB ALREADY KNOW .. AND WE DONT … .. some people think … ” well eveyr body knows you should blah bhah blah..” ……. NO WE DONT .. TELL US WAAAAAY AHEAD OF TIME , IF THERE IS AN APP WE SHOULD HAVE DOWNLOADED WAAAY BEFORE WE WE EVER START THIS THAT WE MAY NEED .. JUST IN CASE .. , YOU FOR GET .. THIS MAY AS WELL BE JAPANESE , CUZ YOU LOST US BACK WHEN YOU SAID ” FIND FILE AND DELETE… ” …. WHERE IS THIS FIILE … ON MY COMPUTER OR IN MY PHONE ………………..YOUR NOT BEING CLEAR IN WHAT YOUR SAYING ……. PLZ … IT WOULD HELP SOOO MUCH………..THAKN YOU …..

    JUST WONDERING am i the only person that thinks …. SE should do something in good faith for screwing us and not updating to Froyo since the y announced recently they will e no more updates for Xperia X10 …… when that was part of the selling point they pushed … i had my phone less than 2 mos and they announced .. NO MORE UPDATES !!… if i had known that i would have never bought ……………. in good faith they should replace for us w/a phone they are keepin g their word on … and give us a new ARC when it comes out…only fair !!

  363. Like some other users, I too am having a big problem with debranding my UK T-Mobile X10i. I can’t seem to get the timing right to replace the larger file before the update goes ahead and reports it has failed. If I try the PC Companion method the same happens – PC Companion overwrites the files and/or tells me there has been an error and the download has failed! In both cases it seems there is no delay between the finish of the download of the larger file and the start of the update process; certainly not long enough to substitute the file without the program noticing!

  364. I have an AT&T x10a. I ran into the same problem as in Dale. I also tried the Davinci team’s. It didn’t work either. With Davinci team, I flashed it with x10a (LAM Generic). the phone boot with exclamation mark and PC companion can restore it. I have to use SEUS to restore it back. I finally get my phone back to 1.6. I’m afraid that my phone won’t boot.

  365. Hello,

    I followed the steps carefully several times but it didn’t work. When i was copying the larger file I received an error message from the Update and I had to retry.
    I did it 4 or 5 times and no success and the last time I made a mistake by unplugging the phone while the update was canceling. Now I can’t turn the phone on and when i connect it to the computer the small light is red and the SE PC Companion says: “connected to sony ericsson phone” but it doesn’t recognize as an Xperia X10.
    What should I do? Please give me some information.
    Until now I was using it just for the internet connection, but now it’s useless.
    Thank you!

  366. hi…
    plz help me…how to get the internet for x10 for the operatore mobily-ksa….and how to set the 3g mode for x10

  367. Hello Alex,

    Remove your battery and place it back. Restart SUES. Follow the flash instruction and your firmware will be there again

  368. Thanks a lot everything it working super fine.

    To anandu:

    After the debranding I upgrade to android 2.1 using the update service. After that in the menu enter to settings then sony ericsson at the top of the menu then settings download and in my case it download everything directly from my carrier. And it got the 3g and everything else.

  369. I got the two new files to replace the other two while installing but it still says that I have the latest software when I open PC companion. Why did it not work?

  370. i just cant figure it out now its saying installation failed!!! and when i restart it yellow exclamation comes!!! what is this??? and i have one more question!!! i have x10a at&t but the models given above are not the same model as the one written in my mobile so if i have to debrand my x10a which firmware should i download???

  371. Hey just wondering I attempted the debranding method listed using the PC campanion software and it appeared to work. Though it still shows rogers on bootup and it still has the rogers apps loaded. Used the generic 10a and changed the files as instruscted. Do I need to go back to factory settings IE Andriod 1.6, or will this still work for the latest update 2.1 update 1. Just let me know, so I can see if I have to take another stab at it.

  372. Ok, so here is what I did:
    I have a X10i with R1FB001 firmware with Android 1.6 and I flashed a X10i_2.0.A.0.504_Generic.ftf using X10FlashTool. Now I can’t turn on my phone anymore. First, it vibrated when I pressed the power button, but it remained turned off. Sometimes when I plug it into my computer, if I let it long enough, it connects in flash menu and the LED turns green. I tried to install other firmware using SEUS but It sais I already have the latest software and I do not have a reinstall button. I also flashed a X10i_2.1.A.435_GLOBAL-GGL GENERIC 1232-9897 but I get the same results. Also, despite the fact that I let it charge over the night, when I press the power button, the LED indicates that there is no battery. Did I bircked my phone? Can someone help me?

  373. When you decompress the North America Generic X10a Firmware (R1FA014), do 4 error msgs show up? thx!!!

  374. Call me paranoid, but how can someone be sure that the firmwares that are linked above haven’t been modified?

  375. If i debrand my phone will it mean that i could receive the 2.3 update if i have bought the phone from rogers??

  376. How can I debrand my phone, which has android 2.1-update1, 2.0.46 Base Band, 2.6.29 Kernel version and 2.0.A.0.504 Compile Number??? I’m still waiting for the freakin multi-touch upgrade…

  377. As of May 2011, After multiple attempts, I was unable to de-brand ATT Xperia X10a using the method listed here. I presume Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) / PC Companion software has been updated to prevent use of this workaround for debranding. Instead I used binary flash tool and generic 2.1 rom available in xda developers website and it worked like a charm.
    After debranding, I was also able to use SEUS to install the official Multi Touch Update from Sony Ericsson.

  378. how did you do that, because i cant do it either on my phone 🙁 please help

  379. I’´m real sad now, my phone is dead 🙁

    I followed it exact, the update failed, and my phone got bricked. Now neither PC Companion or SEUS can connect to my phone, so I can’t unbrick. ie, it didn’t work at all.

  380. Thanks mat 🙂

    Now I have another problem though,

    I can’t get the SEUS method to work, and I don’t have the SEMC folder, anywhere.

  381. I would like to know if I would be able to update the X10 using SE PC Companion after the phone has been unbranded/debranded?

  382. Hello. Do I need a “generic” phone to use or can I use this tutorial to debrand a cutomized-by-the-operator phone?

  383. Sorry, I meant if I need to use a unlocked phone for this tut or if i can use a blocked-by-operator phone.
    Thanks 🙂

  384. hii,i have experia 10xi and its branded to a cell c Network in South Africa.i need help so i can use any other sim card….please kindly assist.

  385. Hi,
    Maybe some of you can help me further! After debranding (also before debranding) my x10 mini, I cannot configure the APN settings correctly! Everything works as normal, until I want to change the MCC and MNC settings. When I do so, the APN just disappears. Does anyone know how to solve this issue?


  386. Not working for me….It updates all files every time…I replaced those 2 files in DB folder but it still downloads the files again….
    Please Help….

  387. Where can you download SEUS from? I can’t find a single working link!
    I also tried using the PC companion method but that doesn’t work either.
    I have a X10a from AT&T running 2.1 and my computer is running Windows 7 Ultimate, how can I get this phone debranded?

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  389. guys, your help will be deeply appreciated if you can help me with this…..

    i bought my x10i from france and default language is also france……the thing is i am currently running 2.3.3 android but i like 1.6 android graphics more so i want to install 1.6 firmware….but i m confused as to how to do it…..i don’t know which R2BA*** OR R1FA***

    thank you
    Amit Thakor

  390. We doubt anyone get me out a lot intendo {not}
    if I do this in my X10A debrand it and locked to other carriers. will unlock to other carriers? if not where can I find a tutorial on how to do? thank you!

  391. Hi I know this thread is a little old but if you could please update the links because obviously you can’t go to MegaUpload anymore.

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