Skyfire 2.0 browser for Android brings quasi Flash support

SkyfireSkyfire has launched v2.0 of its Android browser that brings with it a new “SkyBar” that gives you automatic Flash video streaming. The browser doesn’t actually play Flash natively, it goes through Skyfire’s servers which are then converted to formats that the mobile is happier to stream, such as HTML5.

So if you come across a video with a broken link, all you need to do is open the SkyBar, hit the video button and choose Skyfire’s version. The browser also includes tabbed browsing, multitouch gestures (obviously not relevant on the X10) along with integration of social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook amongst others. Skyfire 2.0 is available on the market right now. You can check out a video of this in action after the cut.

16 responses to “Skyfire 2.0 browser for Android brings quasi Flash support”

  1. Anyone else having trouble playing flash videos with skyfire? Every time I try to play a video it buffers to 50% then starts playing the video with the huge buffering loading screen still on top. I can’t seem to find anything about this anywhere else though so I’m wondering if I’m just doing something wrong…

  2. Me too. Not sure if it is a setting issue, I haven’t had time to explore it properly. Anyone have any clues?

  3. I’m having this issue too. Exactly as described by Nerrisse. Although I’m glad it isn’t just my phone I hope someone can find a resolution as I too have not been able to find anything at all about it on the net except for these comments here.

  4. Video stops at 50%, the small loading box doesn’t go away from screen. Missing exit button in browser, very difficult to get out once the browser is launched.
    Xperia x10

  5. I get this problem on my x10. I installed skyfire before and it would buffer to 25% so i uninstalled it. they updated so i tried again and now it buffers to 50%. i uninstalled again.

  6. el icono de descargas de datos despues de haber salido del navegador no desaparece y el saldo sigue aumentando sin estar navegando