Xperia X10 Review Roundup #3

Xperia X10As there are probably many out there who are still undecided on which phone to go for next, we thought it was time for another review roundup of the Xperia X10. It has been a while since our last roundup back in late March and there have been a tonne of new reviews and in-depth impressions over the last month or so.

The general themes of the reviews don’t really cover any new ground on what we’ve already read. The older version of Android and lack of multitouch are some of the common negatives, however this is offset by good imaging capabilities, stellar design, large screen and fast processor. Click through for the full roundup.

Carrypad:Potential customers will need to look at the Desire (if they are in Europe) or the Nexus 1 although my feeling is that the Droid/Milestone, is the better value device all round. However, if you want the best daylight photography and screen on an Android phone, this is it.” [Part two of impressions here]

Cnet:A decent camera and beautiful screen are just the beginning for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, which is packed with juicy hardware features. The software’s not bad either, although it doesn’t quite live up to the latest smart phones, due to an older version of the Android OS and custom apps that are more about the sizzle than the sausage.”

Electricpig: “In general operation though, the Xperia X10 doesn’t feel quite as slick as we’d hope considering there’s a 1GHz Snapdragon purring away within it. It has a few benefits over the HTC Desire, like the super-powered snapper and slightly larger screen, but our heart still belongs to HTC.”

Gizmag:The X10 has such potential. If Sony Ericsson could iron out the kinks in their software, and improve format support with FLAC and DivX support, it’d be a hard one to beat in terms of media, but as it stands, it’s really hard to recommend – the first thing I’d do if I bought one would be install a vanilla Android 2.1 ROM.”

The Inquirer:As a first attempt at a new direction for a mobile phone company it is a good effort. There are some positive signs, with a large screen, fast processor and a fairly comprehensive social networking application built into the OS. The positive signs are let down by some issues, such as an old version of Android and oddities to Gmail’s abilities with some hardware foibles. We suspect some of these problems could be resolved in hardware fixes and updates, due later this year.”

KnowYourMobile:However, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 isn’t a safe bet – it’s a dud. The device itself is very disappointing and lacks any sort of ambition. That said, if it came out in 2008 it would be a very different story – sadly though, it’s not 2008 and quite a bit has happened since then. Maybe someone should tell Sony Ericsson.”

MobileSyrup:The hardware is a massive step up in design for Sony Ericsson. A complete shift in the right direction with its simplistic elegant design. Remember how much hype the Xperia X1 received for its design? The X10 completely blows it away.”

Pocket-Lint: Packed with the tech specs to make it look good on paper, unfortunately the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 doesn’t measure against its lesser-specced rivals. Unless the X10 can plug some of these holes, we can’t promise that the X10 will deliver an experience on par with the rest of the pack.”

RegHardware:Overall, the X10 is well worth a look, if only to gawp at its huge and impressive screen, albeit a little let down by insensitivity at times. While it doesn’t have the latest version of Android either – and the processor’s occasional struggles were a bit of a worry too – it does have just about the best camera you’ll find on an Android phone.”

T3: “It is clear though that Sony Ericsson should stick to Android. The new UI is fantastic and if the Android 2.1 update can get on board soon, this is a phone well worth taking a long hard look at. For design fanatics, the choice between the Legend and X10 is tough. The Legend offers HTC Sense and Android 2.1, but the large screen, excellent camera and 1GHz processor make the X10 worth a look.”

TechRadar: Although the negative points seem substantial, we’re convinced that a number of them will be fixed come the Android 2.1 upgrade later in the year, and they’re all that stands between making this phone one of the stars of the year.”


5 responses to “Xperia X10 Review Roundup #3”

  1. I am increasingly unimpressed by internet reviews. Some seem ridiculously biased and obviously prejudiced, both for and against.

    Some are odd in the choice of comparison phones. T3 is normally a reasonable mag, but why choose the Legend? Purely because of it’s looks? Maybe I’m missing something but it doesn’t look that good to me. The X10 seems the best looking Android out there by far. But that’s a very superficial reason for choosing a phone comparison. The Desire would clearly have been a better comparison, but they chose to dodge that for some reason? More than a little odd.

    It seems that Sony are really putting a lot of effort into marketing this phone. Advert everywhere, and a little pressure being put on mags like T3 perhaps? Maybe it’ll pay off in the UK/Europe, but you’d be frankly mad to get on in the USA and wait for updates, when the Incredible is already here and EVO 4G is coming along, probably about the same time as the update will come for the X10.

  2. I’ve had my X10 for almost a month now and I love it, it had its niggly problems with the sound and keyboard at first but the upgrade in software fixed that and the installing the htc keyboard was easy enough. I don’t know why people complain so much about android 1.6 instead of 2.1 as to the average user, which is the majority of buyers, this makes absolutely no difference to the X10. I for one love it.

  3. hiiii

    Everyone I just purchase Xperia X 10. Its really a good phone. It feel great when use this kind of phone. I have only one problem with it that i cannot upload my all contact in it. When i start uploading it , it having one by one procedure n i have lot much contact nos. If anyone help me in that matter, I m a huge thankful to you….

  4. I got the Xperia x10 phone, and I like it, it records videos up to 800×480, just like a real digital videocamera. but it comes with 1.6v android OS, which is old version. if they update OS version to 2.1 or 2.2 android., it will be the best cameraphone in the world.