Test Timescape live on the Xperia X10

XperiaXTenSony Ericsson already have a superb Xperia X10 virtual simulator for those wanting to see what the UI is like, but if you want to see a live example of Timescape in action then head over to XperiaXTen.

The site basically consists of an Xperia X10 being streamed live in real time running Timescape. You can send a message via facebook, twitter or email and the message should be displayed in real time on the X10’s display. Funky. Check it out here.

One response to “Test Timescape live on the Xperia X10”

  1. I liked the way T/scape works. I configured my email and Facebook and twitter. Calls, Messages and Social Services from F/book and Twitter started updating in my home screen in the T/scape widget.

    But when I delete those messages or information, I am left with blank T/scape widget. The original Sony Ericsson logo in T/scape widget is gone. Can we retrieve it back? Or is there any ways, when we empty the calls, messages, mails, the default Sony Ericsson logo comes back in T/scape widget. please advice.