Mugen Power releases 1800mAh, 3600mAh batteries for Xperia X10

Mugen Power X10 batteryGiven the power issues many X10 owners are suffering from, it may be a good time to look at some extended batteries from trusted third-party battery manufacturer, Mugen Power. They have two extended batteries on sale for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, one with 1800mAh capacity and another with a whopping 3600mAh capacity. As the X10 comes with a 1500mAh battery, both offer a nice improvement over the default offering.

For those looking at the 3600mAh battery though, it’s worth noting that given the size, Mugen Power provides a new back cover for the phone. This means your standard X10 will be chunkier than normal with this battery. The sleek looks will inevitably be spoiled, but it seems like a great option for those who do a lot of travelling. Both batteries are in stock from the Mugen Power website right now. The 1800mAh battery will set you back $33.95, whilst the larger 3800mAh battery costs $96.95.

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8 responses to “Mugen Power releases 1800mAh, 3600mAh batteries for Xperia X10”

  1. I’m getting at least a day and a half if I don’t spend a bunch of time on some resource-hungry game, and frequently more than two days. A larger battery would be nice, no doubt, but not if it’s going to make the phone chunkier. As it is I love that it doesn’t really take up any room when I’m not using it. The smaller battery will be interesting when it’s time to replace the original though.

  2. Pretty Kick Ass 3600mAh is just madness lol wonder how long that would last hmm.

    Its too fat and expensive for me but i am considering the 1800mAh one 😀

  3. Using apndroid to turn everything off when I do’t need internet access I’m getting 2 days of use, even when I’m checking email, Twitter, news, and Facebook regularly. I’m happy to wait and see what happens with performance un the next couple of updates before I go out and buy one.

  4. Ok. My 1500 battery takes over 2 hrs to fully charge from dead. Can I take it that a 3600 would take nearly 5 hrs?!!

  5. what does MT mean, i have no idea what everyone is referring to here? ive just bought the Experia phone, well signed up for it, get it on Tuesday, seemed a cheaper alternative to the Iphone everyone has to have, i figured 20 a month or 40 a month, dont use mine as much as before so went for the cheaper option, but what is all this talk about the phone not having mt and that it never will have mt? its just an abreviation i have no idea about what it means and ive tried searching to find out.

  6. Oh oh! =(
    I read the headline and I navigate to buy the mugen battery ASAP, doing the checkout… ALT TABBED here to read the comments and visited the article @… so I gave up! Googled about it, if is true that the third-party batteries proefficiency is about 70~80% so the 1800mAh is not so better than the original 1500mAh. Just expectating the tests from to decide buy or not the mugen battery.