SE comments on future Android upgrades (post 2.1) for Xperia X10

Sony EricssonSony Ericsson yesterday confirmed that we will be seeing Android 2.1 hitting the Xperia X10 in late Q3. However, the question still on many owners’ lips is whether we will see Android 2.2 (Froyo) released on the handset.

Mattias Holm from the SE Product Blog released a comment on the SE Product Blog. “You can be certain that we are working on implementing later versions of Android OS into our portfolio.” He also went on to say that the smaller firmware update that was promised a while back will be due “very shortly”. There you go, it’s nothing concrete but still a hopeful indicator that Froyo is on the agenda for the Xperia X10. Click through for the full spiel.

Mattias Holm’s comment from SE Product Blog:

Thanks for all your comments. Both positive and negative. Rest assure that we work on addressing any issues or concerns you have with our phones. I briefly wanted to respond to some of the comments stemming from this post:

* With regards to Android updates. We have now confirmed 2.1 from Q3 and onwards. In addition to that you will get some really nice additional UX upgrade such as HD video and DLNA connectivity. You can be certain that we are working on implementing later versions of Android OS into our portfolio. However we cannot/do not want to reveal our future Android roadmap at this stage due to commercial/competitive reasons. You will have to stay tuned on this blog for more info to come

* Apologies. I am aware that we haven’t followed up on the post re smaller software update that Sumit did a couple of weeks ago. We will get back to you with more info on this very shortly (read very shortly)


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  1. Translation:

    “We haven’t thought of going to 2.2 yet. Now in the mean time look at our pretty proprietary software ooooooo isn’t it beautiful?!?!”

  2. Sick and tired in this xperia x10 why did I dump the iphone at least I coul
    d hear people dung a pphone call pretty important for a phone id say…..never again will SE get my cash

  3. chris, serious? I have call volume at about a third; any higher and it starts getting uncomfortably loud. Not at all a criticism, but if you have ruled out a faulty handset you might want to have your hearing checked. I’m serious. Hearing loss is one of those things that really slowly creeps up on you, and people can often go around half deaf for years before they realize there’s anything wrong at all. It’s just like presbyopia – you sometimes see people squinting at a book or newspaper, arms straight out as far away as possible, but if you ask them their eyesight is just fine, thank you…

    We got the update here last week. Seems a little faster and definitely better battery life.

  4. @ Janne
    Where do you live?
    I mean in which country this update is available..
    How much does it improve battery life..
    double? as said by Sony themself…

    yes it is low..
    but only on outdoors..
    on indoors its fine..still little low..

  5. I thought it was a bit quiet at first. Then I moved the phone around a bit by my ear.

  6. I don’t find it low, i can hear well, and of course in most case i always put call volume to max. Outdoor is still fine, unless there’s construction works nearby

    I do however hope the updates comes fast, seeing my friend using Galaxy S making my phone looks outdated

  7. Don’t get me wrong, I love my X10. There are some serious issues that SE needs to address in my mind. Call volume is one of them. I find in a quiet room the volume is okay but throw in a little background noise (not a nascar race but just another conversation in the room or vehicle) and i find it really hard to hear people. I am not going deaf lol and I have had no issues with previous handsets that I have owned. I find that this is issue is reiterated by a lot of X10 owners so I know that I’m not alone. I’m glad that some owners don’t find it an issue but for me and possibly a lot of others I’m hoping it can/will be improved for me to be completely satisfied.

    Just a note: I’ve managed to significantly improve battery life with Juicedefender and Ultimate Juice (android market) although I’m having a problem with wifi reconnecting automatically. This will probably be fixed in an update as I see from the comments I am not the only one.

    I wanted to smash my X10 until I installed the HTC keyboard mod mentioned on this site. One of the best improvements I’ve found.

  8. @g-seven: Japan

    @Mac, I tried Juice Defender for a while, together with a real power logging application, and did a somewhat more formal test. For two consecutive days I charged the phone to the same point in the morning, went to work, had the phone in the same place up until lunch, and made sure I ran the same apps at the same time as much as I could, with JuiceDefender one day, and without the other. (I have a regular, quiet job so it’s easy for me to do).

    The end result was that Juice defender didn’t save any significant amount of power. Not sure why; one reason may be that opening a connection takes more power than just letting a connection sit idle for a while. This may also be why battery seems to drain faster in the subway, as it’s constantly disconnecting and reconnecting to base stations along the way.

  9. @MAC
    You must try swype keyboard its much better than HTC.
    Even i have same call volume problem and battery sux!!

    For significant battery life you must try ADW launcher or Helix launcher.
    I dont use them because i love to flaunt my X10 with sony’s launcher 😀
    I recommend Helix Launcher for you

  10. SE, why are you always late to the party? I can understand because of your Timscape UI & just like HTC Sense UI. It will take sometime to install 2.1 into your Android handsets. By the time you have 2.1 on your handsets, 3.0 Gingerbread would have been out & running & as such you are forever late to the party.
    This is the main reason I would not buy the X10 & originally it was short listed as one of the phones I would buy besides the N1 & the Desire? Now is down to the N1 & the Desire.

  11. Hey ppl em lukin forwrd to buy dis fone (x10)
    so guys jus tel me y i shud and shud not buy dis fone and if not suggest me sum gud alternatives man….
    and teme some gud workin updates for d fone plz if any helpful

  12. @ dlff and Dixon

    don’t buy X10 go for HTC desire, waaay better! even with less internal memory, still win by far! don’t fall in the same trap like many of us did, save your selfs while you still can…

  13. I wouldnt buy the desire. It looks cheap the x10 is the reason i always buy SE always top quality phones once they get the updates u will regret buying a htc. Dont forget SE have underestimated the demand for smartphones relyin on thier walkman/cybershot success. Give them time after coming out f a period of poor net income

  14. hi all
    i found using combination of juice defender , juice plotter and advanced task killer works maximum..
    i am now nearly getting 2.48times the original battery also i regulalry kill apps whenever i remember.
    that was numbers.
    now practically i hear ~ 1hr of music , ~ 2hrs of movie watching at 50% brightness.
    with calling of ~ 1hr daily, with smaller other jobs like 15-20 messages and gaming.

    at the end of the day i have 30% battery which i put to another test while running in evening ~ 30-45mins as my ipod likee
    at the end i retire it to batery cahrger with 20 % battery..
    i have noticed this difference from the time when just chrging at nigyt , waking in morning gave me 50 battery already gone.

    hope it was helpful

  15. @mez
    i doubt there will be any significant different after the next update, SE did a hell of work to enhance the 1.6 and now it looks really close to 2.1! (except for time scape which i don’t really need!).
    i don’t know why they didn’t just used 2.1 from the beginning and save time and work. they re-invented the wheel.

    oh yeah! and still there will be no multi-touch for this device for ever…
    this IS what makes me regret.

  16. hey, just wondering what about connecting the x10 to the ps3 is it getting an update or something for remote play, would be cool if you could stream video from the ps3 straight to the phone( watch bluray on your phone :P), or play some games on it, or just swap files….. anything like that ever coming?

  17. @hisham

    Yh but still you cant deny the X10 is one of the top 5 phones around now, its just a matter of preference. SE i guess didn’t realise consumers would be needing multi touch, i agree if they want to be top dog they need to match the other phones. The X10 has so much potential i still think they can improve it i wouldn’t swap it for any other phone at the moment

  18. The in-call volume is not terribly low. Try moving the phone around on your ear. You’ll notice that your automatic holding position might not be ideal. I moved the phone around a little and noticed a significant increase in volume. Besides that, I normally use a Bluetooth handset anyway.

    Nice to see that we’ll be getting some 2.1 love.

  19. hmm i thought maybe thats what DLNA meant.. well thats good to hear…wonder what we’ll be able to do with the ps3??? pity there isnt multi touch could have had better connecticity with some games… but oh well… is there a list of there of all the changes they are going to make so i have mre to look forward to…. and what months are Q3 in… just need to know when i need to check for the update..

  20. one more thing… why is it that compared to the iphone, just sliding the main screen left or right isnt as smooth. bugs me cause my gf has an iphone and its just so smooth for the little things…. doesnt change much.. but i just like things being perfect when they can be…

  21. Dont bother with the HTC, I had problems with the screen going black and couldnt see a thing, I reset the phone back to its defaults and still same problem. HTC Customer support was useless, they tried to tell me it was a installed program fault, but as I had the phone back to default there was no additional programs on it. A Lot of people are having the same HTC black screen problem, just google “HTC Black screen problem” and see how many people are suffering.

  22. Hello Sir/Madam,

    Am using Xperia X10 since September. Just a week ago, i upgraded to Android2.1.

    The features when i bought XPeria X10 is not now.

    Some features am missing are:
    1. Automatic Brightness adjustment (The Widget present in Android 2.1 is not good)
    2. If i press the power button means, the incoming Call is not gets disconnected in Android2.1.
    3. If i press the power button means, the screen is not turning it off for locking. I have to wait for Screen timeout which i set for 15secs. (When i Click for Factory reset means,it is enabled. Then after a while if i press means,the screen is not locking).
    4.The keyboard i used when i bought the new mobile-Android 1.6 OS was very good. Now in Android 2.1,its horrible. Everytime am typing the words which was previously i type. Even i had enabled the word prediction,Learn words,Next word suggestions,etc. its not as good as Android1.6 default Keyboard given when i bought Xperia X10.

    These are the disadvantages am feeling when am using Xperia X10.

    When i bought the mobile,i admired very much about the phone. I liked & loved very much to touch My Xperia X10i for messaging and seeing. Now its very very horrible to see my phone to typr. The phonebook showing the default pictures with outline are ugly to see. Who asked this? Xperia X10i with Android 1.6 is very very good. This upgrading i did how it looks means, i myself had thrown shit on my face.

    Moreover i am very much disappointed over the absence of front camera. Now these frustrations also!

    Very very frustrating!

    So please Suggest the solutions for the following:

    1. I need the default Android1.6 Keyboard that You had given me when i bought the mobile.

    2. I need a solution for disconnecting the call when i press power key.

    3.I need the Automatic Adjustment for Brightness.

    4. Solution for the Screen lock when i press the Power button.

    Reply soon.

    Am waiting.