Swype Beta for Android open for a limited time

SwypeIf you’re not happy with the text entry system on your Xperia X10 (and let’s face it many aren’t happy with the standard keyboard) then you’ll be happy to know that the Skype Beta for Android is now open, although only for a limited time.

I’ve been playing with it for the last day or so and believe the hype, it’s super fast and easy to write text. As the name suggests, the app involves tracing the word you want to write by starting from the first letter to the end letter without removing your finger from the screen. It’s very intuitive and once you start using it I imagine going back to normal text entry will be very difficult.

Swype is available now for English, Spanish and Italian with support for more languages coming soon. You will need to go to this website, register with an email address and then you’ll be sent the link to download and register the app. At least give it a try, you may just be pleasantly surprised. Also, check out these short tips and tricks videos for getting the most out of it.

Thanks Grospolina!

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  1. I tried this and installed thru the installer but swyping wouldn’t work for some reason. I still use the one from xda alTerted for droid and it works fine. How did the author install his.

  2. Did the installation complete fully? Did you see the ‘Enable Swype’ bit at the end? If so, it should work fine.

    Saying that, I tried installing this last night but it didn’t work as towards the end of the installation process it wasn’t able to register the details, the servers were probably getting hammered. Tried again this morning and it worked fine!

  3. You are right. It wouldn’t register right yesterday.I’ll try out again today.thanks

  4. Still no luck. It says that I don’t have the permission to install it. I give up. Thank you though x10. I might try again later. In LA,t mobile, unlocked x10. Enjoying hspa+. 10 unlimited web plan. Err android 1.6.

  5. Thanks for the timely news. my previous Swype beta had expired just last week and I was missing it sorely.
    Went to the link in the blog, registered per instructions, received the email and clicked on the download link. I use Skyfire as my default browser and when it opened the link, the page informed me that I wasn’t on an Android Phone and hence couldn’t install. I cleared defaults from Manage Applications for Skyfire, opened up the link again in the Android browser and everything installed like a dream. So if anyone else is trying to install using SkyFire, Opera or Dolphin etc, please be advised that the download/install link may not work in a 3rd party browser.

  6. There’s already a fully functional free app that does the same thing on the market called ShapeWriter. I’ve been using it for months and it’s brilliant! Would never go back to the basic input now!

  7. @ Jon

    This error comes about when Swype installer is terminated prematurely by the Android OS system activity manager as it tries to reclaim resources. The following steps should resolve the issue:

    1. Uninstall both Swype and SwypeInstaller from your device
    2. Reboot your device
    3. Close as many widgets from your desktop as possible
    4. Download the SwypeInstaller
    5. Use a task-manager to kill all non-essential running apps
    6. Install and run the SwypeInstaller

    Hopefully that will do the trick! 🙂

  8. Have just installed swype and it’s amazing! I cant believe how good it is at guessing which word I’m typing. A must have app for all!

  9. I just installed the beta version of swype on the new Garminfone from T-Mobile and it works beautifully. I’m very happy with it, though I need some serious training.

  10. WOW 5 mins on this thing and you feel like a pro! no more trying to type with thumbs 😛 Great app, I will try the shapewriter as mentioned above to see if it compares.

  11. Tried Shapewriter and i have to say Swype is better, The other is good but on landscape the word suggestion is ALWAYS there and on the left taking up ALOT of space, Swype seems better imo.

  12. Swype might be a bit better, but ShapeWriter is free. Having tried both, I can’t say the difference is worth the price.

  13. i installed the keyboard and enabled it in language and keyboard settings (the box is ticked) but the default keyboard is still the default…i remember having the same problem when i installed the HTC keyboard ages ago and only actually got it working when i was composing an email later and pressed some button by accident and a little box showed up that allowed me to switch to HTC….anybody got any ideas? thanks

  14. sorted it out….just have to hold down the screen on the compose screen and it allowed me to choose…cool

  15. It keeps saying i cant download it because my phone cant download anything not from android market, and idk how to turn that off? i need some hlp

  16. Ceri-

    I have the same issue as CKLAHS and when I go to settings, I don’t have a ”marketplace” option. Is there somewhere else that I am missing this?

  17. I am trying to install this on my x10 and i am having the same problem as the folks above. I dont have market in my settings. Please help! Thanks