Xperia X8 sized up against the X10 [Video]

Xperia X8 sized up against the X10The Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 was formally announced yesterday and a number of hands-on reports are coming out. SE-First has a hands-on video that gives a good look at the handset and compares it to the Xperia X10 as well as its mini siblings.

We covered the full specs in our previous post and it’s clear that SE is positioning the handset somehere between the X10 and X10 mini. However, it seems that the X8 falls a bit short of the X10 mini in a few areas including camera resolution (3.2MP with no autofocus versus 5MP for the X10 mini) as well as build quality. As the 3-inch screen size is only slightly bigger than the X10 mini (2.55”) you’ll still get the four-corner shortcut UI seen on the mini. Check out the video after the break along with a SE Developer and a promo video.

4 responses to “Xperia X8 sized up against the X10 [Video]”

  1. seriously i dont like X8
    my X10 looks so sexyy 😀
    Already X10 is so faulty..
    and this new x8 will come up with 3 mp camera..!!
    No one will buy such phone…even if it comes with Android 2.1 in Q3

  2. I don’t like the size or look of the X8 neither.

    However, the second video really impressed me: the device looks so fast launching applications compared to X10…
    Yesterday, i realised how slow was my X10 compared to the I-phone 3GS of my friend… His mobile is 1 year old, mine is 1 month but his look like new compare to me!

  3. Xperia x8 is very good phone, of course, x10 is better, but x8 is 4 times cheaper.
    I like it a lot.

  4. i loved the x10 mini when i first got my hands on it, even with the outdated android 1.6 (to be honest, i miss some of the 1.6 features. e.g, the browser magnifier which is missing with 2.1 .. ghey) but the more i use it the more frustrated i get. not being able to uninstall lesser liked features that get in the way of day to day things, it’s slow, the signal on these phones are inherently bad, battery life is poor to say the least! BUT, it is cute. and a conversation starter : “hey, your phone is tiny!” “yeah i know. it’s s#*t too!”
    and c’mon guys, the x10 series was technically obsolete before it was released!

    the x8 sounds even worse tho. looks arse too. i don’t think i’m gonna get another snericsson smart phone. not until they pull their fingers out at least.

    that said,.. i do still have a soft spot for the mini. the pros’ are too chunky tho. my friend got one coz i got the mini. she wanted a mini too but the pro was all that was available. i do feel kinda responsible, but, lol. gutted.