Android Gingerbread details leak: 1280×760 support, revamped UI

Android GingerbreadThe first details of Android’s next major revamp, codenamed Gingerbread, has reportedly been leaked by Eldar Murtazin of fame. He revealed some juicy details in a Russian podcast. None of this can be verified as we don’t speak Russian, so we’ll have to trust unwiredview on this one!

They say that Android Gingerbread will be targeted at high-end devices and will therefore have a number of minimum specs. This includes a 1GHZ CPU, 512MB or RAM and a display larger than 3.5-inches. Ticks most of the Xperia X10 boxes apart from RAM.

Interestingly, a new 1280×760 pixel resolution will also be supported for devices larger than 4-inches. It will also come with a completely revamped user interface. The arrival of Gingerbread should also mean the end of customised UI skins like HTC Sense. Apparently, Gingerbread will launch in mid-October and the first handsets shipping with the new OS will appear in November/December.

Update: Eldar Murtazin has recently tweeted saying that the Gingerbread requirements are recommended and not minimal.


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  1. You’re right, was getting ahead of myself! Oh well, Froyo will still be welcome.

    Will update the post. 🙂

  2. You Never Know… maybe the X10 will get the Gingerbread 🙂 Hopefuly
    Ram isnt Everything youknow
    Have Faith Guys


  3. Ouch! X10 won’t support?
    Eh… that’s bad… anyhow am getting a Droid x real soon…
    Will not sell ma x10 though……:-)

  4. @MEDO: Sony won’t want to release it for X10 because it will end the custom UIs….sony’s whole sales pitch is the custom UI. Which is why they’re delaying the release of 2.1 so much.

  5. So what handsets currently announced will support Gingerbread. I make it the Nexus One, HTC Desire, Droid Incredible, HTC Evo 4G, Samsung Galaxy S, and Motorola Droid X. Any others?

  6. and what does this have to do with xperia x10???? i have already read this in several other places..I thought this blog was meant to be strictly for xperia..pointless post..pretty much all tech blogs have this

  7. Originally I thought the minimum specs meant we would see on the Xperia X10, if not anything else than at least through root. The fact that this may not be coming to the X10 is news in itself, although obviously these are all rumours for now.

    Besides, most of the readership here is invested in Android and given that this is one of the next big Android iterations I think it is entirely relevant.

  8. @X10 Dell Thunder (isn’t out yet but from specs it can do it), Samsung Galaxy Tape (the tablet version of Galaxy S), All other version of the Samsung Galaxy S that are popping up. One ones which can’t, the Samsung I8520 Beam, the phone with the Projector can’t, has only 384MB RAM (spec from GSMarena)

    I personally don’t believe this. It all sounds like something Microsoft would say, and Google wouldn’t want to be like them. I reckon these specs are “Recommend” specs for Gingerbread. Otherwise, they would make half of HTCs phones outdated and the X8 would be cut down before it even gets out.

  9. There’s something else I just thought of. What if the spec is meant to say “at least 512mb ROM” instead of RAM? I would think the minimum requirement of ROM would be more important than RAM

  10. @Raj
    Actually to be fair, Google’s been making some pretty borderline calls lately. I won’t be surprised if the next step is to impose hardware limitations..

  11. Is it not entirely possible that the handset manufacturers will stick to 2.1/2 with their custom UI’s for the time being? If you look at 3.0 it does seem to be driven towards tablets with the batch of minimum requirements. Also, as much as I’m looking forward to Eclair and hopefully Froyo, my X10 is running just fine. I do not understand why everyone needs to upgrade to the latest version of the OS so badly.

    Personally the fact that Google is churning out a new OS iteration every couple of months is putting me off Android because you can’t keep up with it. This is one example for Apple’s crazy amount of control over handsets and OS versions and apps actually makes sense.

  12. The main reason I’m looking forward to Froyo is Flash, the other features are nice, but enabling Flash would transform the mobile browser experience personally speaking.

  13. I agree with Ruben. It is pretty insane that Google keeps updating so quickly. Progress is good, but every few months is a bit much. All this busy body releasing new OS nonsense feels a bit rushed for me. I do understand that the nature of Open Source technology can lead to fast innovation, but even new Linux kernels/distributions seemed to “cook” a bit more; I think that’s a good thing.

    That said, the Xperia x10 is my first android device, and coming from someone who has an iPhone, and subsequently iPhone 3G, and then 3GS background, I love it. Personally, I think the Android OS is, if not a bit better (customization wise) is on par with Apple’s iPhone OS.

    I don’t see the need for Gingerbread. Not only does the X10 not meet the memory requirements, we also don’t have a screen that can accommodate a 1280×760 resolution; and I don’t usually carry around large screens or other devices other than a cellphone with that high of a resolution when I’m not home. I feel there’s only so much functionality, that I need from a mobile computing device, and since Apple first raised the bar the new smart phone craze has largely filled that niche I think. It just needs some fine tuning to make it invaluable. Flash would be great because its still useful on the web, multitasking would also be great, that’s all we do in life, and a point-to-point GPS system.

  14. if the x10 isnt compatible according to thier specs, then their own phone the nexus one isn’t either as its screen is only 3″7. So i doubt that’s the case..

  15. You See Guys I Told You That The X10
    will get the Gingerbread Hopefuly if sony did come with the update
    like in end of 2011 hehh.

  16. I bet they won’t release Gingerbread for the X10 officially (Froyo at best), because of its focus on the UI and its elemination of the custom UI (Timescape and Mediascape here).

    Offtopic, do you guys recommend me to buy an X10 or wait for newer models of android phones since I need a 4+ inches screen phone with at least 1ghz processor and decent other specs (I have HTC Legend at the moment).

  17. @///MEDO: I think I lean more toward the X10 because as what you have said, the design is far better and also the screen size which is larger and serves the needs of my fat fingers xD, plus I have HTC Legend (same UI as the desire) which I am using right now but Struggling with it since it has small screen for my fingers, abit slow in when I play Games on it, and the signal drops sometimes, not going to sell it in favour of an X10 though because it’s an awesome device by its own.

    Thanks for the comparsion though ///MEDO I really appreciate your help. :>

  18. @Pochi: My friend, take this piece of advice. I first had Xperia X10 but i sold it and got a HTC desire. Although X10 was a very good device but by getting Xperia X10, you’re losing lots of things that are in HTC desire. Some of them are as follows:
    – Android 2.1 (will be getting Android 2.2 very soon in Q3)
    – Flash
    – Better performance ( It is really fast even faster than what I thought. It never lags because its ram is 576 mg)
    – Better camera! Yeah, believe me! Xperia camera is 8 Mega Pixel but despite that, HTC camera is way better.
    – AMOLED screen which is more sensitive in kinds of touching
    – Having wider range of chances to customize your home screen (7 screens but Xperia’s is only 3)
    – More cool widgets ( It has just 12 different clock widgets and lots lots more!)
    – Pinch to zoom capability
    – FM radio
    and more…
    You may check this website out for more information:
    But it’s still up to you. I just told you my personal experience and what I felt about Xperia X10 and HTC desire. At first, I was a big fan of SE but now I realize that companies like HTC which is expert in creating smart phones for years, can’t be compared to companies like SE which is the integration of two company and has Xperia X10 as its first Android phone.
    Just don’t make the mistake I made!

  19. @ clueless: can’t wait to see gingrebread UI myself.

    @ Keyhan: Thanks for your described replay, I myself have an HTC legend and it’s a fine phone except for the small screen and the camera, it’s snappy despite the 600 mhz processor, I wish I bought the desire instead because it was around 60 euro more expensive but looking at the specifications of the Desire it worth the price.

    From the reviews I read on the internet they said the Xperia X10 has better camera and multimeda functions than the desire, also the TFT screen of Xperia X10 is much better in terms of sunlight eligibility compared to the AMOLED of the desire plus the 4 inch screen of the X10, other than that I agree with you (you kinda scared me because you said you used to be SE fan and you didn’t like the X10 :

  20. @pochi: Firstly, don’t compare legend to desire. Desire battery, camera, function, and of course screen is different from the legend ones.
    I agree with you that X10 is better in terms of sunlight eligibility but desire screen is OK and also X10 screen is just 0.3 inch bigger than desire one.
    Believe me, desire camera is better than X10. I’ve had both phones and have taken pictures with both of them and then compared them. The winner was HTC desire. But I agree that X10 is way better in terms of multimedia using Timescape and Mediascape.
    I think the most important reason that made me change my phone was that X10 had Andoird 1.6 and the fact that it lagged a lot.

  21. @ Keyhan: I thought Desire had worst battery life than the Legend and the same camera hardware for stillpics to the Legend (the differences in the camera is the video where the Desire surpasses the Legend, I don’t know about comparing it to X10 but i’ll believe you since you had both of the devices (X10 and Desire) and compared them (although the real quality of pictures isn’t shown up when you compare them on the phone screen, the comparison must be done in a larger screen like a TV or your Laptop to see the differences and I hope you’ve done that because AMOLED Screen is better than TFT Screen :>).

    Timescape and Mediascape are the only good things about the UI there in my opinion (wish they’ve done somthing similar to HTC sense UI which focus heavily on widgets on home screens).

    Anyhow, I think you have a point there for changing your X10 into Desire, v1.6 is outdated by today’s standards and the lagging seems to be mainly for rushing to release a yet-finished product (Although as I am using my Legend for more than 2 months I noticed it started to slow abit, even after uninstalling most of the apps from it) so slow UI is almost universal among phones after some time of its usage. :<

  22. @ Pochi: for the pics I have to say that I checked the pictures using my laptop and saw the obvious difference between them 🙂
    One of the things that I care about when I want to buy a phone is how fast it is and it will be.
    When I first got my X10, It was fast and smooth but wasn’t as smooth as the X10s used for the official video of the X10.
    The good news about desire is that it’ll get Froyo very soon and by that time the phone will be 2-5 times faster 🙂 yay!! although it is amazing now. 🙂
    But before you buy, check and see both phones and work with them making sure which one fulfill your desires.
    By the way you can find loads of widgets in desire whilst there are not many widgets for X10 and if there are, their graphic quality might be very low and disappointing.

  23. @ Keyhan: official videos about OS and UI are often a deception of how fast they are in reality.

    About the widgets I’ve tried all the widgets and downloaded those additional HTC ones on my Legend and I must say I liked the Daily Challange one the most (I bet HTC sense UI has the best widgets overall in the UI compared to other android UIs). :>

    I am studying the differences well between the 2 devices but I might end up waiting for an upcoming device that combines the best of both Desire and X10.

  24. @ clueless: try to update your phone to the latest firmware to get the market loaded.

  25. Have the latest firmware. Tried downloading appbrain market sync instead but link shows broken. Any alternates? Pls suggest

  26. @ pochi : Have the latest firmware. Tried downloading appbrain market sync instead but link shows broken. Any alternates? Pls suggest

  27. hey guys
    i just watch one video here on this site..
    x10 running on android 2.3 gingerbread…i hope that sony officially release 2.3 soon…
    i am waiting for it