Rogers Xperia X10 gets ‘R2BA020’ firmware update

RogersNorth American owners of the Xperia X10 have finally started to get the latest R2BA020 firmware update. Rogers released the branded update to X10a handsets last night with users being upgraded to R2BA020 and baseband version 1.1.25. The update is only available through the Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) right now and not OTA (over the air). It’s unclear whether this is rolling out to unbranded X10a handsets too, although if not, it can’t be too long now.

Thanks Colin!

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  1. It is rolling out to unbranded X10a handsets too. Just updated my I love it!!!!

  2. I’m branded on Rogers and haven’t received a notification. Are they going to notify us?

  3. I need some help, I can NOT send pictures through SMS on an X10a Unbranded phone, but if I use a X10a Rogers unlocked it works, I’m on AT&T, both phones have the same APNs and all the settings I can check, any suggestions?

  4. Well i just rooted my X10a, so i got the B2FA020, should i go back to my carriers update???
    so far i haven’t find a useful way to use the root on my phone yet.

    i got the same problem as ulihooly, i cannot sent MMS with the rooted phone, it just looks like im missing an app because i enter the Apns, but i dont know where to find it, so if someone can help us out with this issue we will be very grateful.
    Also timescape is missging the facebook and tweeter plug-ins :-S

  5. My X10i has been updated – on Optus in Australia – only works via the SEUS not over the air. Mine is unbranded as well.

  6. On rogers. Seems to be a good update, but I’ve noticed some weird shutdown behavior. Reboots when i tell it to shut down. But everything else seems great. Now we just need 2.1. 😀

  7. I got the update and I have a branded Rogers, you wont get it if you go to About Phone-Update you have to get it through SEUS.

  8. In Sweden you get the update OTA, so that seems to depend om the region in that case…

  9. A huge change for me is the media controls on my Bluetooth headset(mw 600) finally work in mediascape and I’m able to play, pause and change tracks. Saves me having to pull out the phone from my pocket every time I want to skip a song.

  10. Hey X10, without this post I wouldn’t have known about the Rogers update, it works great. Thanks!

  11. so this update for the X10a is only for rogers or would it work on an unbranded phone (that’s how I got the phone it has never been locked or branded by any network) ? I know that x10a for rogers doesn’t have Playnow and if I use that file would it delete it?

  12. Hi everyone. I have a Roger’s branded X10 and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the update. I tried using the Sony Ericsson Sync and the Update Software from Settings but neither worked. Can someone please provide me with step-wise instructions as to how to update my phone please? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  13. @ Allen
    In order to update your X10a you have to download Sony Ericsson Update Service from

    Backup all your data before proceeding.
    After you download it just install it to your computer and reboot.
    When that done just open up freshly installed Update Service where you need to follow on screen instructions. Select X10 on the screen and press start. Shut down your phone, remove the battery for 5 sec and then put it back in, hold BACK KEY and insert a USB cable while holding the back key. Once your phone is detected release back key.
    Do not disconnect your phone until Update Service tells you to do so.
    Power on your phone and let it boot, do not remove the battery or press any keys while screen pass sonyericsson logo. You can shutdown your phone once again so that phone works better after all that installation( the phone will have more ram and respond faster).
    Hope it helps.

  14. @ Allen make sure you do NOT use Sony Ericsson PC Companion to do this, just open Update Service as it is.

  15. I hope this update takes care of wifi Proxy and CISCO VPN. Without these my android is useless in office. Yet to receive update intimation in India.

  16. @Gene I’m on the X10i – bought it through ebay – HK version (really just has all the Chinese Keyboard etc – but makes no difference)! Battery life I reckon is improved, and the scrolling is better, and the loading of pictures is much more like and iphone – still love my X10i! Can’t for wait for the next firmware upgrade.

  17. hi guys
    i updated my x10a from rogers last night and for some reason swype doesnt work anymore.
    gives me the following message:

    ” the swype package you installed is configured for another device and will operate with limited funtionality
    contact swype about this issue”

    it was working perfectly fine before the update

    anyone else facing same problems???
    any solutions??

  18. Hey, I have to say a big thank you to everyone who contributes to this blog! I assumed that the update would just work OTA so I’ve never even bothered checking SEUS. I just got the update last night (I can’t believe Canada got this so soon, we’re usually last!), seems to be pretty good. Keep up the good work everyone.

  19. @geet

    Reinstall Swype using the Swype installer. Swype always dies after an update.

  20. could someone please tell me the disadvantages of debranding my phone? can i still use sony ericsson updater to update my phone in the future?

  21. Just updated here in Canada, and ran the same benchmark test as posted on this site. Doesn’t seem any faster, and not as fast as the numbers posted. 🙁

    I really hope the battery life is improved, seems to me that cell standby and phone standby take up the most power.

  22. @ Richo, Thanks mate. It would appear that Hong Kong’s got their update. I’m on the X10a from 3 and I haven’t got the official update. I’m using the X10a update files from GaryIT. Great improvement in battery life and overall speediness of the phone. Can’t wait for the Eclair update as well.

  23. @Gene How do use those files (how do u install them)? does it wipe out playnow?

  24. How do i update with the files from garyit??? Not sure how to go about using them

  25. @uliwooly and char r
    follow the debranding tuturial from this blog. When it comes to replacing the files in SEUS’s db folder, replace them with the files proveded by GaryIT

  26. Just finished the update on a debranded Rogers x10a. Haven’t noticed anything major yet. Also playnow is now missing. Anyone know how to get it back?

  27. Whew! Just finished updating the phone and yes, I notice a great difference. I highly recommend, however, that people do the full install… aka: Wipe the thing and restart from scratch after backing up all your essentials. I got a UID error, my WeatherNetwork app decided to go wonkey on me and I had to do a Factory Reset anyways, (Doing so, btw, maintains the R2BA020 update). Many thank yous!

  28. Ok my problem is that my phone is my internet. I was trying to update without using the seus, is that even possible? Otherwise i have dial up internet which will take forever! Haha

  29. Hi im on Orange Uk did the update yesterday and could tell the difference straight away! Plus my batt life is up 50% today!! Bonus!!
    Everything is faster and smoother!

  30. Hi

    On orange uk and updated ota yesterday.battery life def improved, scrolling better, faster and smoother, or so it seems. Quick re install of swype sorted that issue out

  31. @Gene, I might be doing something wrong but either using SEUS or SEPC it keeps downloading NEW/current software and it doesnt use the files GaryIT shared w/ us, if I turn off my internet connection it gives me an error bc I must be connected, if I replace the files right after it finished downloading (and at the same time replacing the R2BA020 files) it gives me an error.

  32. @ Uliwooly,

    You have to rename GaryIT’s files to the names of the files that SEUS downloaded. Just be sure to rename the correct files.

  33. @ Gene,

    this is what I do according to the directions

    * Delete contents of db folder (C: –> Program Files –> Sony Ericsson –> Update Service –> db).

    * Run the Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) to update your Xperia X10

    * Go to C: –> Program Files –> Sony Ericsson –> Update Service –> db –> 13740270 –> blob_fs.

    * Sort files by date in descending order (latest date at top). The two files at the top will be +100MB and one around 15MB.

    * Backup these two original files into a different directory. This is an optional step but means you can revert back to the branded firmware if needed.

    * Now find the two files that you downloaded in Step 1. Rename the largest file with the same name as the top one in blob_fs. Do the same with the second. Move these downloaded files into the blob_fs folder, overwriting the original files.

    * Run the Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) again.

    Once I run SEUS again it start downloading R1FA016 files thus replacing GaryIT’s files

    I did reneamed the correct files, but both SEUS and SEPC replace everything

  34. trying to do the x10a debrand of a rodgers, but the SEUS keeps downloading new files overwriting the ones from garyIT. If I disable my pc’s network connection SEUS won’t launch at all. Any ideas?

  35. @Uliwooly

    You are doing everything correct but might be doing one thing wrong.
    You have to do a complete reset of your X10. Connect your phone to SEUS. Repair the software. SEUS Will down load the files. Once your phone is “repaired”, go to the db folder in SonyEricsson. Copy the larger file name and paste it to (rename) GaryIT’s larger file. Then copy the second largest file from SEUS and paste it to (rename) GaryIT’s second largest file. Now drag both of GaryIT’s files to the db folder. It will ask you to move and replace, click yes as you have to replace the 2 files in SEUS with GaryIT’s renames files. Then run SEUS again and repair your X10. This time, SEUS will not download the files as it will recognise the renamed files as the one that it needs to download anyway. After you have repaired your handset for the second time, your phone will be debranded. Good luck. I hope I’ve explained it well enough. Let me know how it goes. 🙂

  36. @Iglesias,

    thanks Iglesias but my phone is originally unbranded so I don’t know if thats part of the problem here, I did exactly what you suggested but it doesnt give me the option to repair I only get INSTALL, and if I use SEPC, I do get the option to repair, but after I replaced the files (and all the other steps) I get an error.

  37. Solved the problem by using PC Companion and I made a batch file to overwrite the files with no prompts. Then the INSTANT the file download finished I ran the batch from cmd line (as administrator). Rodgers gone… at last.

  38. Hi guys. My phone is unbranded. Bought it in india. Do i need to debrand it or shud i wait for the update. I’m currently on R1FA016

  39. What software updates does the 1.1.25 baseband version contain?
    My phone downloaded it automatically, and I would like to know how this have improved my phone…

  40. Just installed R2BA023 over the air in India.
    Much smoother, faster and love the backup app.

  41. @chinna: Just go to settings>about phone>software update and it should be able to find a new software for download.
    Rest is pretty much automatic.

  42. @ uliwooly
    I would like to sagest one more option. Please uninstall SEUS and SEPC… if you have some kind of registry cleaner use it. (WinUtil or River reviver) Then reinstall both programs and start exactly same process from step one.

  43. Solid update, seems to resolve all the problems with the exception of low volume.

    2.1 would be nice, but this will do.

  44. @ GaryIT, one step ahead of you, I already did that twice but still the same problem/results. Thanx for the help though

  45. Firmware update has arrived here in the Netherlands as well, mine has been updated to R2BA023, Baseband 1.127 . Seems to run much smoother and reacts a lot faster, if the battery lasts even longer than it already does with a task killer I’m a happy customer.

  46. Just want to confirm,

    I recently got the X10 thru Rogers yesterday from the Roger’s Store. The agent advised the phone needs to be updated to the latest firmware, “R2BA020”.

    Now, Just to clarify, “GaryIT” post on July 3rd, with the Megaupload Link for the Firmware, is that the generic version?

    Because, if I am going to update, might as well get a Generic / Non-Branded Version.

    How do I do the update? Just follow the instructions on this:, is that right, just using the GrayIT’s files?

    Also, for unlocking, should I debrand 1st, then unlock or vice versa. Does debranding / rebranding locks the phone?

    Also, final question, how do I back-up the Rogers MMS/GRPS settings? (e.g. for internet data surfing, photo/video messaging, etc.)

    since it is a new phone, I got no media, no contacts, which is sweet!

    GaryIT July 3, 2010 at 3:34 PM
    Here we go: Xperia X10a ‘R2BA020’ firmware update

  47. Using the update for 3 days now in Canada and the battery life is a lot better. 14hrs with still 60% left. Looking at the battery status the screen usually takes up most of the power now not the cell standby and phone idle.

    This is with wifi, bluetooth, and gps off. GPS was used a few times durning the day but not left on all the time.

    I have notices that the home screens have been a little laggy and gets stuck somethings halfway to screen on the right.

  48. Hey Guys

    I live in Canada and have been trying to get this update to work. I have a debranded x10a. I have followed the instructions step by step and taken the name of the two biggest files, renamed them in the R2ba020 files that I downloaded and replaced them in the db folder. When I redo the repair it just takes those files and downloads new ones. It will not use the renamed ones I have in the folder….Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

    Thanks in advance

  49. Hello

    I would like to know how I can rebrand my phone with rogers firmware? I cant seem to find instructions or even the original rogers firmware so I can install it onto phone and then install the new updates….Thank guys

  50. SEUS finally allowed me to update my phone, before the update:


    Generic LAM (b)


    Baseband Version 1.0.16
    Build number R1FA016

    after the update:


    Generic LAM (b)


    Baseband Version 1.1.27
    Build number R2BA023

    but my PlayNow is gone, this doesn’t make sense; I had PlayNow before the update and now its gone, does anyone know a way to reinstall it?

  51. @ uliwooly
    Where are you? US , Canada?
    Where and how did you get Build number R2BA023 X10a update?

  52. I’m in the US, if you are in Canada you should get it through Rogers OTA if not you can just run SEUS twice, but before you do so make sure you delete everything on the folder “blob_fs”. I got mine through SEUS.

    Update Service –> db –> 13740270 –> blob_fs

  53. Thanks for the fw uliwooly. I had the same prob as you with SEUS and PC Companion overwriting the new fw with the repair/install option. I finally did it by manually dropping your files into the blob_fs folder immeditely after the Downloading finished and Updating was about to start in PC Companion.

  54. while i was using the update service, my phone crashed and it doesn’t turn on anymore…my battery was at 80%…can u guys help me out?

  55. Mine is already R2BA023 X10i (Abu Dhabi, UAE). Sony released over the air update last week. The touch responsiveness is way better than the previous firmware. The battery improvement is the main thing you will notice. Theme changer in Timescape but “Playnow” is gone. Maybe they will release another firmware to fix this issue. Overall, I really fell inlove more with the X10 after the update.

  56. @topher

    There are Two ways to get it back

    1) Go to settings -> Applications -> make sure Unknown Sources are checked
    2) Download wooboo file manager on android market
    3) go to: /system/app and look for playnowarena.apk
    4) select it and install it, voila now you have PlayNow
    Now if you don’t have Playnowarena.apk in your phone then:
    1) download “0I File Manager”
    2) mount your SDcard to your computer
    3) download this file and copy it anywhere on your SD card
    4) unmount your phone
    5) open 0I file manager
    6) look for playnowarena.apk
    7) press on it and install it
    8) now you have PlayNow

  57. @uliwooly
    did you install x10i R2BA023 generic Nordic firmware.
    I am in US too but all i have is R2BA020 doesnot metter what i do. I tried using your files and same shit…R2BA020.

  58. @uliwooly

    Thanks for the info. I cannot do both options since android market is blocked in UAE and i hate it. Just now, i repair my phone using PC companion and I got the Playnow on my icons but it seems that my phone functions went back to the old firmware. I checked my firmware, it is R2BA023 still but the smoothness of functions especially the touch responsiveness are gone. Don’t know what to do now…

  59. I should’ve checked your message uliwooly before repairing my Phone thru PC companions. Ahhhhh! I hope that SE will release another FW update sooner. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  60. @ramz

    You should be able to run the repair again, even though it can’t detect the phone. The bootloader isn’t touched by the update, so you should still be able to get it into flash mode (that’s when you power off and plug in the USB cable while holding Back). If you’re using PC Companion and it doesn’t let you (I haven’t tried it), then download Sony Ericsson Update Service (SEUS) and try it.

    If that doesn’t work, you can always try Omnius flasher (, or even X10Flash (but if you’re able to get that working, you might as well go all the way and root the phone).

  61. Still no update for me in Canada (Rogers). R1FA014 baseband version 1.0.14.

    Dont believe its worth debranding my phone over, may aswell just sell this and get a nexus one if that was the case

  62. @ Andrew

    Hook up your phone to your PC and run SEUS. There is no Rogers OTA update but there is if you use SEUS.

  63. Oops. Didnt realize Update Service was a seperate program from PC Companion. PC companion does not say there is an update, but update service did. weird. Thanks guys

  64. updated my phone yesterday through SEUS.

    Firmware version: 1.6
    Baseband version: 1.1.25
    Build number: R2BA020

    I from Singapore.

  65. hey mingguan,

    Mine specs are excatly the same as yours. i’m at the same location too.
    Seems like not many X10 users in Singapore.
    Anyway how come some people got R2BA023 and different baseband version

  66. @ uliwooly

    Where did you buy your X10a? Was it a LAM version to begin with. I used your files posted and notice on initial boot it is in Spanish.

    Wonder if there is one with English on startup by default.

  67. Is GaryIT’s link for the “Xperia X10a ‘R2BA020’ firmware update”, is that the Rogers branded version or is it a generic NAM version of the 020 firmware?

  68. After the firmware update,if playnow and sim toolkit have gone just do a repair with pc companion.

  69. @Candido they shouldn’t be in spanish, it should be in english, maybe you selected the wrong language after the update. I got it directly from SE.

  70. @uliwooly

    Using your firmware you posted, if you factory default the unit, on initial boot, it will be in Spanish and only go to English once you select you the English language on the following screen….that is what I meant to say.

    Is there a difference between the 020 and the 023 firmwares other than maybe region specific stuff?

  71. @Candido, thats very odd, bc with me its all english, as I understand 20 is unbranded generic and 23 for rogers

  72. model number X10i
    firmware version 1.6
    baseband version 1.1.28
    kernal version 2.6.39-rel
    build number R2BA024

    updated 2 days ago

  73. I really need some help guys. I get to the part where PC companion tells me to turn off my phone, remove the battery for 5 sec. and the plug in the USB cable while holding the “back” button. Nothing happens. PC companion just stays stuck on that screen, and my phone boots up normally, with the old firmware. What am I doing wrong? I’m in Canada, if that helps.

  74. I love this update. Battery life is much better but the only downside i found is. ….

    the Wake Up program fuck the hell out of it 🙁 after less then a min it’s stop him self.

  75. Jeremy.
    You have to hold the back button before plugging in the usb.
    I live in Canada as well and I just did it yo get my update


  76. Same problem here. I did the procedure with PC Compagnion or update service. Either way it doesn’t work. As me to pull the battery out, press back button and connect usb cable. The phone restart as normal (take more time) and nothing else happen. I’m in Canada too. This is so stupide from Rogers, why not by OTA.

  77. I’m from the Philippines and I was able to update by downloading the Sony Ericsson Update Service first. Apparently, using PC Companion doesn’t do the trick completely.

  78. Help!
    I am from Australia and have an X10a through telstra. I really want to get this update as the battery life is killing me. Obviously there is still no ota update.
    Can anyone help?

  79. My x10i is stuck on R2ba020 and I am not really sure if my phone is branded or not. I bought my phone from a store and not under contract from some telecom company, and it comes with official SE warranty. Was just curious.. I am an update freak and want the latest firmware, if I debrand to nordic generic, will that still have english in it? and will I lose any functionality that will stop it from working here in the philippines? thanks in advance!

    btw.. debranding is different from rooting right?

  80. it. I give up. it doesn`t work. I’m gonna wait the rogers android 2.1 update. Hopefully I will get a better luck with this update.

  81. @Coyote

    It is important for you to press AND HOLD the back button while connecting the USB cable. Continue holding the back button until your PC software tells you to stop.

    As for the update, I was totally unaware of it until I decided to install SEUS last week and check for updates. After updating, I had a few bugs that I *hope* have been worked out. The first irritating bug was that the phone would randomly restart itself. This would re-launch all of the apps that I had killed, thus consuming a lot of battery life. This would only happen while the phone was in standby mode, never when running an app actively and never when connected to a charger. The second bug was that my phone calls would cut off after less than 10 seconds. Initially I considered the possibility that these were issues with the battery connection, with the SIM card, with the SD card…but these all worked fine before the update. After resetting the phone the factory defaults (keeping the update) the phone seems to be working fine. The calls are no longer disconnecting, and so far (over 3 hours) the phone has not restarted. We shall see if that trend continues though, it has managed far more than 6 hours in the past (and as little as about 5 minutes).

  82. hey i have rogers factory unlocked x10a. i am in india.. i wwant the firmware update. i have this R1FA014 BASEBAND VERSION 1.0.14. WHEN I TRY TO UPDATE THROUGH seus or companion it says ur phone is update.. repairing with companion also doesnt complete. so someone please so that i can update to latest firmware and whenever the android 2.1 comes..

  83. Got it thru SEUS…here in UAE..

    Model :X10i
    FV : 1.1.31
    Kernel Version : 2.6.29-rel
    Build # : R2BA026

    cant wait for the next update…….2.1 “Eclair”