Xperia X10 debrand tutorial revised following SEUS update

SEUSSony Ericsson has updated its SE Update Service (SEUS) software over the last week to version There’s no way of trying to run the older version as SEUS will automatically update it once started. One of the main changes appears to be a fix that SE has implemented to stop people debranding their handsets.

Luckily, there is a workaround. We have updated the Xperia X10 debrand tutorial with the new guide on debranding your handset. For the eagle eyed amongst you, the main change is step 8 in the tutorial. We have also included the latest R2BA023 generic Nordic firmware for you to download. Click through for a screencap of the new firmware.

Xperia X10 R2BA023 firmware


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  1. I exactly follow the debrand tutorial but no luck ..
    i cant able to update ..
    please help me out
    i have previously follow debrand tutorial and update from R1FA016 to R2BA020;
    bit this time its not ..
    i exactly Follow Step-8 but no luck .

  2. It worked perfectly. I’m currently running on R2BA023 generic Nordic firmware.

  3. […] و نصب میشه و هدف آن جلوگیری از Debrand کردن می باشد. منبع: Xperia X10 debrand tutorial revised following SEUS update حالا برای Debrand کردن با Update Service نیاز است یک سری تغییرات […]

  4. YES finally work for me.
    but R2BA23 is now available in OTA.
    and i downgraded from R2BA20 to R1FA016 and then update via my phone to R2BA23
    super fast now.

  5. hi am in sweden and i update my x10 t0 R2BA023 today its working great but i notice the playnow app is gone so did i do something wrong or they remove it .

  6. @ jack

    There are TWO ways to get PlayNow back

    1) Go to settings -> Applications -> make sure Unknown Sources are checked
    2) Download wooboo file manager on android market
    3) go to: /system/app and look for playnowarena.apk
    4) select it and install it, voila now you have PlayNow

    Now if you don’t have Playnowarena.apk in your phone then:

    1) download “0I File Manager”
    2) mount your SDcard to your computer
    3) download this file and copy it anywhere on your SD card
    4) unmount your phone
    5) open 0I file manager
    6) look for playnowarena.apk
    7) press on it and install it
    8) now you have PlayNow

  7. Just to tell people on T-Mobile in the UK – I tried the SEUS and no update was shown. However, when I told it to reinstall, a newer update was installed, one including the backup app and also creatouch.

    You will lose your settings doing this though, so make sure you backup first.

  8. PS I got:
    Build number: R2BA023,
    Baseband version: 1.1.27,
    Kernel version: 2.6.29-rel smc-android@SEMC #2

  9. And non branded Generic UK it is also out? Did you tried with SEUS or PC Companion?

  10. The non Branded Generic has AFAIK been out longer.

    My update was for the T Mobile version I think. (I think because the only T mobile thing is the booksmarks and alternative internet icon for the webn browser).

    I used the SEUS to get the update (evevn though I chose reinstall as the update was not showing – it said I had the latest version already.)

  11. Thanks for your answer. Yesterday I tried repair my X10i with SEUS, and available is R2BA020 (Generic UK).

  12. @you

    are you on t mobile contract or pay and go? im on t mobile contract branded and i tried that last week didnt work had to put everything back on my phone after

  13. @YOU
    I’m also with t-mobile uk. I recieved and OTA update and got version R2BA020 and then when I connected my handset to SEUS, It said another update was available so I updated my phone again. After the update, I still had R2BA020 lol. But this time with no PlayNow. It got taken away and neither of the updates gave me CreaTouch. T-mobile have no idea and SE Xperia Call centre are being twats. What to do?

  14. @Iglesias – I had lost playnow too, except today it is back somehow.

    Try reinstalling your phone, or try to get it reinstalled if you can.

    Worst case, try to reinstall the update from the SEUS (after backing yor stuff up) to see if that brings it back.

    The other option is that while you are on T-Mobile, your phone has generic firmware (which should generally mean faster updates for you) and my way of getting the update may not work.

    @ Mez – My phone is on contract.

  15. @You

    I don’t have Generic or branded software. I de’branded my handset. I got an OTA update a week ago and then when I connected to SEUS just for the hell of it, I had another update. The thing is, You say u have Build number 023 but I still have 020. The OTA gave me 020 and after updating on SEUS, I still got 020. I don’t know if there’s any difference but it would be nice to have 023. Oh and I reinstalled anyway using SEUS and playnow came back. Still no use as I have no apps or game, just music. Do you have an unbranded T-Mobile X10? I don’t think it makes a diff as we should get the same updates. But it might be my fault for debranding it 1000 times 🙂 But thanks anyway pal

  16. Hi Iglesias. Non branded R2BA023 Generic UK was not released. Really. The latest, in production, is R2BA020.

  17. Instead of copy and paste the firmware try to cut and paste. Windows do not need to create a copy and it just updates its File System which should take 1~5 seconds.

    I done this and successfully downgraded my phone’s firmware to original firmware and now upgraded to R2BA020 without any problem.

    Hope this helps for most of the people out there who are not able to get this copy paste working.

  18. Good point prathaban.

    Personally, when flashing, I move the new firmware files into the root of the ‘13740270’ folder beforehand in prepartion.

    I then just drag-and-drop each file into the ‘blob_fs’ folder when needed. First the +10MB file and then the +100MB file towards the end of SEUS finishing its downloading. Maybe I’ll add this to the tutorial if it’s clearer or yielding higher success rates?

  19. @ Iglesias

    There are TWO ways to get PlayNow back

    1) Go to settings -> Applications -> make sure Unknown Sources are checked
    2) Download wooboo file manager on android market
    3) go to: /system/app and look for playnowarena.apk
    4) select it and install it, voila now you have PlayNow

    Now if you don’t have Playnowarena.apk in your phone then:

    1) download “0I File Manager”
    2) mount your SDcard to your computer
    3) download this file and copy it anywhere on your SD card
    4) unmount your phone
    5) open 0I file manager
    6) look for playnowarena.apk
    7) press on it and install it
    8) now you have PlayNow

    R2BA023 files for X10a

  20. Vodafone X10 owners recieved R2BA024 firmware, OTA today. We were told that PlayNow and Sony Sync would be included on this latest update, but alas, they were not. Apparently, the only way for us to receive these is to update the firmware again, using SEUS. But Seus is telling us that we already have the latest firmware, and the repair option in PC Companion doesn’t seem to be working. Anyone got any ideas on what’s going on?

  21. R2BA024? Ok, then I think, that R2BA023 Generic UK have never been release (as R1FB001).

  22. got he R2BA024 today. back up and restore is new, plus the fone has ecome superfast and super soft in touch.battery has also become better than ever. new delhi india.

  23. @uliwooly
    I got playnow back by repairing my handset using SEUS. I think this is quite common with everyone and they have to reinstall software

    Yes your right, the Build number depends on network and regions but I think the update is the same. R2BA020 is the latest generic UK firmware for unbranded handsets. It’s the same as 023 and 024. The ending just depends on network and region so I don’t think anyone should worry about it too much. Kind of annoyed I didn’t get creatouch or playnow still doesn’t display apps and games but there is still a way to download apps via playnow by downloading on the playnow website on pc, then completing the download via playnow on the X10. Creatouch really isn’t all that

  24. Hi everyone, I’m having some doubts with all these firmware coming out.

    I originaly had a portuguese TMN branded firmware which I hated. I then updated using this method to the more recent R2BA020 Telenor firmware but it’s still full of branded apps, which I want to get rid of, and I’m a little unease about rooting my phone, plus the OTA updates with this firmware seem to be more delayed.

    I want to update to the R2BA023 nordic firmware, but I wanted to know before I do so, if it has branded apps on it ? If it does, does it at least have fewer branded apps ?

    Thanks for the help in advance

  25. Updated successfully to R2BA023.
    Battery timing is improved like hell.

    Right now status is
    Unplugged since 4days 4hours 6m 21s.
    Voice Call time is 1h 40m 29s.
    Display on time is 1h 47m 14s.
    and still battery remaining is 34%.

  26. updated to R2BA020 a few days ago via PC Companion. then i saw this article and tried using SEUS and it immediately reset my phone with ‘another’ update. now my phone’s R2BA024 with baseband version 1.1.28.

    don’t know what’s happening but i hope it’s better. =) location: aus/nz

  27. Ever since I did this, and a debrand before, I cannot access GPS satellites for Google Maps. I put in all the correct Rogers info in for their networks but it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas why?

  28. Can somebody help me how to update my x 10 for 023 or 024 . I try SE it update 020 on orange but it doesn’t work on my 02. Can you give my step by step guide how to set it up with OTA. Many thanks

  29. guys some one plz send to me x10 market app !? i download for other phones and this isn’t work some one if can copy it’s apk file and mail me on
    it will be so big help to me!

  30. I have Updated to Nordic Generic X10i Firmware (R1FA016) so that I can get the Android Market Application (which didn’t come with the device due to the Region). It works fine except that it feels much slower than the official latest firmware. Any suggestions? :<

  31. Apfter the update, about an hour has passed and all my X10*s screen shows is “SonyEricsson” on black backgroud. How long can I expect this to show before it starts up?

  32. I updated my SE Xperia X10i thru SEUS … aft tht was complete i plugged into the pc suite n it had another update available … i did tht, next thing my fone isnt starting … wen i switch it on “Sony Ericsson” appears and aft bout 30 secs a fone appears on a black background with a warning sign (an ! mark ) in a yellow triangle. The fone is then just stuck on this, i read up on it, its known as BRICKED. It really feels like a brick wall cause i cnt seem to get it to start. Does any1 know hw to fix this … Pls Help !!! …. i checked out this site for solutions but the prob is i cnt understand hw to do this cause it looks like sum kinda program …

  33. I did this … still no luck !!!
    Delete the ‘13740270’ folder at the following location: C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db\13740270.
    I hope i didnt make it worse … wat shud i do now … im not able to understand

  34. r2ba020 is the std unbranded SE firmware, r2ba021to r2ba025 are network augmented ones, although there is a generic firmware release r2ba026 now available in the uk.

  35. I updated to the generic r2ba026 from 16, after the updation the fone ws workin fine for bout 15 mins … then i connected it to the laptop, the SE Pc Companion said “1 more update”, i thut wat the heck … i did it and tht was ittt, i got BRICKED !!! Now my fone isnt workin… somebody tell me wat to do …

  36. Have just upgraded to RBA023 using SEUS (big upgrade – 141 meg) an and from 023 to 026 OTA (I have an unlocked unbranded phone purchased in Bahrain). The performance improvement on the upgrade to 023 was spectacular, and surprisingly enough, there is a noticeable improvement between 023 and 026 even though there are no visible changes. While it would certainly be nice to see a 2.x Android release, the performance and responsiveness of the new 1.6 releases go along way to addressing my gripes with the device.

  37. For those with slow Internet connection and/or slow laptop 😛 if you cant copy the file on time (SEUS reports failed update) create a *.BAT file yourself (or download this sample one in the link in bottom)

    Browse to C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db\13740270\blob_fs and create a bat file there.

    Note the filename the SEUS is downloading (the larger file) in this case it’s FILE_277441921. Copy your downloaded firmware into the directory under a different name (in this example FILE_GENERIC)
    Contents of the file:
    ren FILE_277441921 FILE_BACK
    ren FILE_GENERIC FILE_277441921

    What will it do is it will rename the freshly downloaded file to a FILE_BACK, and the GENERIC file will have the downloaded name. I’ve found that instant renaming of the files works better on a slower laptop, than copying the files.

    Sorry for making this _VERY_ easy thing sounding difficult 😉 Hope someone can re-write it in more clearer way 😀

  38. Pls everyone, am confused:-(, i have XPERIA X10i, i tried to upgrade to andriod 2.1, i mean the latest software for X10i through PC companion, but it keeps telling me that i already have the latest software, so i want to wanted to try the process for SEUS, but am confused on where to get SEUS and how/where to download it to, is it to the laptop or to the phone and plz what is generic Nordic, where am i gonna get it from, and where am i gonna put it, someone should plz ,for ” GOD sake” explain to me step by step. Plssssssssssssssssssssssssss coz am about to go crazy. THANKS from DOHA- QATAR

  39. Can I pick someone’s brain. I have a X10 Mini on 2.1 branded to the 3 network (UK). I want it branded to O2 (UK). My mother-in-law has an X10 Mini already branded O2 (UK), can I use hers to re/change brands on mine? Could I back up hers and restore to mine? Or do I need to take the firmware off it somehow? Any ideas?


  40. […] Sony’s Product Blog has announced that it’s current flagship phone the X10, is to indeed be upgraded to Gingerbread (2.3.3) from it’s current archaic Eclair. Whilst it may seem good news to some, the reality is less pleasing. The update will only apply to operator unbranded units, and won’t reach the majority of users who’ve had their handsets corrupted by their network operator [Good time to debrand?]. […]

  41. Where can you download SEUS from? I can’t find a single working link!
    I also tried using the PC companion method but that doesn’t work either.
    I have a X10a from AT&T running 2.1 and my computer is running Windows 7 Ultimate, how can I get this phone debranded?

  42. i am using versin 2.0 on my x10 mini pro. am aking that is there othwer updates available because evertime i receive notifications yhat there is a new software available and when i try to downlaod it it denied n i try connect it on my pc still i cnt find the update, so what must i do/

  43. am using versin 2.0 on my x10 mini pro. am asking that is there other updates available because everytime i receive notifications that there is a new software available and when i try to update, it denied n i try connecting on my PC still i cnt find the update, so what must i do?

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