R2BA026 firmware hitting Xperia X10 handsets in UK, India

R2BA026 firmware hitting Xperia X10Sony Ericsson is hard at work on improving the Xperia X10 handset. Following on from the recent rollout of R2BA020-R2BA024 firmware, SE is now releasing R2BA026 firmware across a number of regions including India and the UK. R2BA026 updates the baseband to 1.1.31.

SE do not provide a changelog but initial impressions appear to be a much improved Timescape and Mediascape experience in terms of performance. It is unlikely to have any major changes as we only saw that with the recent R2BA020-R2BA024 rollout which included much improved battery life, a new Backup app and Timescape theme customisation.

This firmware was certified on 12 July. The latest firmware according to PTCRB is R2BA028 and R2EA001 that were both certified on 21 July. It seems that the update momentum is set to continue.

R2BA026 firmware hitting Xperia X10

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  1. Im still sitting on a R1FA016 firmware in northern Europe with unlocked phone :S And seus still shows that I have up do date phone… I wonder when any of the update arrives in Estonia

  2. Most people got new firmwares when they chose the repair option on seus.. god knows how that works

  3. can anyone tell me what is difference about this update and other like R2BA023/24??
    or this is just the same?? I have version 23 and I got 1 week standby time on my battery..

  4. Can someone please link it for download if it’s possible to use it for debranding?

  5. The Xperia X10 is becoming like a good wine: it gets better and better with age.

  6. can anyone tell me if its available in australia , and how i can get it if it is..

    thank you

  7. i debranded my x10 with UK generic R2BA020 version some time ago and since then the only message i get “Your phone already has the latest software”. this with phone update and seus…

    phone is using three network at the moment. any ideas why i get this message?

  8. If you have the generic UK software you can run SEUS even even if it says you have the latest version click to reinstall/repair it and voila 026 firmware. Thanks to those at XDA I tried it and it worked http://goo.gl/TSiw

  9. I tend to find that OTA update lies about the latest software, and SEUS is equally crap. Try using the Sony Update Service that you can download separately to the PC Companion. Works every time.

  10. I see an much improved speed for instance turning on gps is now a click and before i had to wait a little starting up speed of some apps google maps for instance batery usage is not mesurable for now cause i upgraded half an hour ago also the startup of other apps improved

  11. To HAZE :

    Your X10 is debranded ? I suppose you have ROOTED X10 but BRANDED and your carrier doesn’t update yet.


  12. I got notification of this update. x10i generic french fw running on T-Mobile in the USA with 23 firmware 1.1.27 baseband. However, the update told me you can only perform this update using a computer (obviously with SEUS).

  13. Suis maintenant enR2BA026 il y a une amélioration globale en fluidité et vitesse mais le passage en version R2BA024 m’était apparu plus flagrant je cherche maintenant la R2BA027 qui est sortie

  14. Suis maintenant enR2BA026 il y a une amélioration globale en fluidité et vitesse mais le passage en version R2BA024 m’était apparu plus flagrant je cherche maintenant la R2BA029 qui est sortie

  15. I am from the UK and i updated my phone by going to programs and used the update service from sony ericson not the pc companion suite. this is how i updated my phone. I now have R2BA026

  16. Got R2BA026 firmware through SEUS with update option (not reinstall/repair) . China

  17. Got R2BA026 firmware via SEUS yesterday, there are rumours of a wifi problem going around when you update to this firmware but my wifi works absolutely fine so i dunno if it is true or not.

  18. I got my 026 today when I try in SEUS 🙂 I use this Nordic version..
    and I dont have any problem when this update everything work fine here.

  19. Just updated my phone to 026.
    It worked through the Update service, NOT through the PC Companion.

  20. Well I got the first update a few weeks ago and received a notification yesterday that the new update was ready for my phone. I connected to sony update service and it did indeed say it was going to install the update BUT when it completed and I switched my phone back on it was exactly the same firmware, baseband and build number as before the update????

  21. I feel your pain eric im on o2 and still waiting for the 1st update! dont have much faith its coming tho..

  22. O2 UK are useless…I waited and waited for this release which failed to come so I debranded my phone last night following the TUT on here.

    What I did was download the X10i firmware that was allready in my phone from the link in the tutorial.
    Updated the phone using SEUS and chose the repair option. (Id suggest a SE sync as u loose all files and restores to default…or backup to SD).
    I then had the 2 large files explained in the tutorial.
    After the repair i saved all the orignal files to a new directory on my pc then followed the tut.

    I now have an updated, lightning quick debranded X10i and everything works fine…the phone and market rememered all my settings and apps…happy days!!!

    Ive noticed a massive change in battery life…no more twice a day charges.

  23. @Nasif: Hey Nasif, When U say good bettery performance, how good is it? I am on R2BA024 (India) and I consume something like 50% in 7 hours (Edge/GPRS conenction is continuouly on). If there is significant battery improvement in 026/028 only then I will go through the hassel of upgrading. Your respons is much appreciated… Thanks!


  24. I have a debranded phone but would really like Spotify included in the mediascape, anyone know if it is possible?

  25. Hey Guys. I wouldn’t recommend the update to 026. I’ve updated from 020 and I am having issues. I updated via SEUS as it informed me there was an update available. I updated my phone and put the phone on charge over night. I woke up this morning to find the charger and phone both overheated. I took out the charger and the phone was not charged! I took the battery out as the phone was way too hot. Then I charged it again and although the phone did charge, the battery life sucks! The battery life on 020 was top notch. Now not so much. Talk about updating, you just face more issues and I don’t see the point. Time to give Sony UK a call.

  26. eternity… why can’t i update my x10 to the latest version using the seus… it tell me that i already had the latest software.. i’m from m’sia.. plz help

  27. @Alan: The update IS available in the United States. I updated mine a few hours ago. It has to be done through SEUS.

  28. @ Fred
    do you have X10a or X10i? is it possible to upload the firmware online on rapidshare if possible

  29. i hope to see a better email application and music controller on the lock screen in the updtates

  30. @khaled
    I have a X10a. all i did was connect the x10 to my pc and used seus to update it. before that, i tried checking for a software update from my phone and from the pc companion but for some reason it didnt show, but it did update through seus no problem.

  31. Danger Will Robinson, Danger see:-

  32. @Fred – I tried doing it again, no luck. Maybe i’ll just wait a couple of days and try again. Thanks

  33. Alan-
    Fred is right just delete the content in (C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db\13740270) folder and restart SEUS, it worked with me and it recognize the update

    But for some reason my version is LAM b, is there a NAM version ?

  34. Had the new update a couple of weeks and i think the battery life has inproved slightly. I can listen to music all day with 3g etc turned off and still have 50% battery left. Never mind that when wil wel get 2.1 or is there any chance of 2.2 ?. seriously considering getting a galaxy s.

  35. Everytime even I have backup all my data and setting, but after update the firmware… all the setting like Apps will not be the same. Anyone has this problem?

  36. Hi,
    I am from India,I am getting software update alert, it is saying to update connect phone to pc. When i try to update with pc companion its giving update error.
    Present build i have is 1.6,1.1.27, R2BA023.
    Please help me to update to new version.
    Thanks in Advance for any kind of help.

  37. play now eventually worked (server seemed to be faulty yesterday or too busy!)

    one thing i didnt like. even though i used the back up app, settings do not all copy. e.g. any layout changes made were gone, as were the ringtones i had chosen (even though the mp3 file was still on the sd card), the keyboard had switched back to the awful default standard one – which made me think the accuracy screen tap patch before had been reversed until i noticed it was the other keyboard type again.
    there does seem to be a little gap at the top i dont remember before when the botom menu is raised.
    and the sadest bit… all the apps need reloading from market place. thats ok as the market remembers what you had and its easy to just selected them for reload, but 2 are no longer on the marketplace and gone forever…

    really needs the ability to save them to the sd card.
    and does anyone know if the 32gb card works? seems its too large a gamble for anyone to have tried?

  38. […] update. Ik weet dat er nog meer updates aankomen en deze zijn ook al goedgekeurd. Volgens site R2BA026 firmware hitting Xperia X10 handsets in UK, India | Xperia X10 Blog En op de site Welcome to PTCRB kun je de goedgekeurde of aangeboden updates terug zien in een […]

  39. I am in Panama. MediaScape disappeared when I upgraded. PlayNow too. Using MasMovil (Cable and Wireless) on a X10i that is “libre”.

  40. @ John
    to get PlayNow

    1) Go to settings -> Applications -> make sure Unknown Sources are checked
    2) Download wooboo file manager on android market
    3) go to: /system/app and look for playnowarena.apk
    4) select it and install it, voila now you have PlayNow
    Now if you don’t have Playnowarena.apk in your phone then:
    1) download “0I File Manager”
    2) mount your SDcard to your computer
    3) download this file http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U0DMWTXT and copy it anywhere on your SD card
    4) unmount your phone
    5) open 0I file manager
    6) look for playnowarena.apk
    7) press on it and install it
    8) now you have PlayNow

  41. Uliwolly:

    Worked magic. I now got PlayNow again.

    I was a bit unpresise in my request. MediaScape is still here, but the widget is gone.

    Still missing Spotify for mediascape too.

  42. Nope, seem great. nth missing but i can’t see anything special added to this update.

  43. bright… i still can’t get to update mine to R2BA026… already try using seus n pc campanion.. it keep saying that i have the latest sofware…

  44. Hey Guys,
    I don’t know if anyone can shed some feedback. My girlfriend and I own the Xperia X10i both through t-mobile UK. The only difference is she purchased hers a month and a half later after she was impressed with mine. My problem is that I was able to update my firmware at least a month ago and now to the current R2BA026 and the girlfriends phone is stuck on the original release. Does anyone know whether it is a t-mobile UK thing or the fact that I am trying to update both phones on the same computer.

  45. to “khaled” post of the update, i have downloaded the rar file and un zipped it… but what do i do with the two files?


  46. Got mine updated to R2BA026 few days back but still haven’t noticed anything different from the earlier firmware….for me battery is draining quicker after the update or maybe it could be coz of some app , can’t be sure ..ummmm speed is the same haven’t noticed anything thrilling or great..my x10 never lagged even on the first default firmware..so its all the same….just a new app is added to the menu called places 🙂

  47. Anyone else noticed WisePilots gone as well since updating :s. Not on mine at all now :(. Not that I used it but, that’s not the point.

  48. anyone having problems purchasing games/app for playnow since the update??? i tried to purchase Need for Speed shift 3 times….but got all 3 times pyament failed…en when i download a free app/game from playnow..it downloads without prblem

  49. i’ve installed pc companion on my laptop. it says that there’s an update for my phone meanwhile neither seus nor pc companion notifies me on my pc. and i can’t update ota as well. strange, innit?
    ok, my pc’s locale setting is hungarian, and the laptop is english, but anyway. which version will be installed on my phone if i go on with the installation via notebook? hungarian or uk vodafone version?

  50. @bex – good spot. still with google maps now doing navigation and the latest version having a navigation, places and lattitude app icons, who needs the pay version that used to be there. if people want it though, from the playnow store you can download the other navigation software

  51. @nza – try to delete the files from C:\Program Files\Sony Ericsson\Update Service\db. Then use SEUS to update, even the SEUS tells u that u already had the latest software update. Click on the update, then u will see the update then.

  52. I tried the steps above but it says all my apps, settings will be erased. So I’ve not done it yet…..

  53. Hi, I’m using an Indonesian x10 and it says here “build number: R1FA014”. What does that mean? Do I get R2BA026 as well or am I suppose to look for another one?
    And no, I don’t feel like debranding my x10…

  54. Anyone have the update in canada? I’m still on R2BA020… I tried seus and pc companion, both say im up to date.

  55. from the comment i read about the new firmware.. many says that R2BA020 is better than the new one n there are not so much difference… maybe i will stick to this firmware until sony update to the latest 2.1 this q3

  56. any body has any idea about low ringer and low call volume is there any hope of upgradation in this regard

  57. Firmware update has arrived on my doorstep as well, my X10i has been updated through SEUS to R2BA026, Baseband 1.131 . Haven’t had the time to check out the differences yet but I hope to figure that out in the next few days.

  58. Battery life is back to the level of before the previous update! So I’m not very happy with the most recent update. Did anyone notice?

  59. hi guys.. i am in CHINA,,i got x10i some days before,,but i have problem with my WIFI,,i cant connect my wifi,,whrn i search wifi from my phone,it says no network found….plz help

  60. above it is mentioned that firmware updates are available in india but when i update via seus the msg comes out that ur phone is already up to date…. m runnind r1fa014 firmware….plz help in out……..//
    thankx in advanced……..

  61. above it is mentioned that firmware updates are available in india but when i update via seus the msg comes out that ur phone is already up to date…. m running r1fa014 firmware….plz help me out……..//
    thankx in advanced……..

  62. Yes, the new update R2BA026 is not so good,
    my screen quality has decreased the pixel ration decreased….
    dont know wat to do????

  63. I updated from orginal to RBA026 , battery looks good but making call has become one step more , backup and restore is added visible benifit

  64. Is the update available now in Indonesia???
    Mine now is R2BA020.

    Increasing Firmware, good.
    But I need FROYO soon..
    Should not be delayed again.

  65. hello everybody , i am from uk (London) i am on 3G network branded , if i debrand my phone then can i get latest firmware ? if i get then what,s the different ? and i was thinking people are talking about latest update , is it android 2.1 ? still confuse , firmware and android ? what actually people looking for ? can somebody lease responce , Thank you.