First 720p HD video sample from the Xperia X10

First 720p HD video sample from the Xperia X10One of the big features to come from the Q3 Android 2.1 update on the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is HD video recording. We previously reported that gbil from xda-developers is in possession of the Android 2.1 test ROM and is testing out some of the features. One of these includes HD video recording.

He has shot a short video that we have uploaded onto YouTube for you to enjoy after the break. If you want to look at the raw file, then you can download it here. The frame rate doesn’t seem that high (less than 10fps) but it gives a good indication of what to expect at this stage, plus improvements are likely. Check out the video after the jump.

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  1. Yeah, i 1.6 is better than nexus, desire etc on neocore etc 🙂 so 256Mb to 384Mb + 128Mb for the graphic chip (for the moment the GPU is OFF), so i think in 2.1 the phone will be OVER THE TOP, maybe better than Galaxy S or droid X :p, and in 2.2 or plus (2.x / 3.0) Waaaou !!

    Xperia X10 is the best of the World

  2. less than 10fps ??

    Frame rate : 21.036 fps
    Audio: AAC 1000Hz mono 16kbps [Audio]
    Bit rate : 6 000 Kbps

    IMO this looks a lot better than Nexus One/Desire/Evo 4 720p recording

  3. Again sony ericsson let down, late update to what can only be said as battery draining wallpapers and hd video recording. 10 fps! laughable absolutely useless as far as decent recording goes, no im not expecting this to replace my video cam but 10fps come on! and yes their is a snappier response on the basic menu navigation, but the things that set the phone apart as in time scape and media scape still look ridiculously slow! look at that response time when the user tries to go from album view to track view! i will never buy a sony ericsson again. and yes i know their time scape and media scape are die to be updated again at a further date, but thats just it, update to what it should have been like at another further date! lol

  4. hy! i nice vid!

    i have this phone. i run with android 2.1, but my videos leave with 640×480 o_O

    how config to 720p?


    thx :):):)