AT&T finally ready to launch the Xperia X10?

AT&TWe last heard that AT&T was thinking of launching the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 into the United States back in April. A lot has changed in the intervening three months, but the company has still got plans for the Xperia X10 according to BGR.

They have been told that the X10 has passed “through AT&T’s technical acceptance process,” which means the handset should be available in the “coming weeks”. There are no other details at present, but let’s just hope that SE at least launch with Android 2.1. With all the major players already moving onto Froyo in the US, it would be a crazy move to hit the US market with Android 1.6 this late in the day. Surely SE wouldn’t do anything that silly…

9 responses to “AT&T finally ready to launch the Xperia X10?”

  1. The phone is definitely is going to be launched with Android 2.1, because its supposed to get the update in Q3 which is in late august/early September

    I hope they dont add AT&T ugly logo on the phone

  2. I am waiting patiently for éclair and wondering when the upgrade will take place.
    It is August already get with the program.
    Just must say I am very happy that I replaced the ipodphone with my X10

  3. Sean

    I am talking about the logo on the phone housing not the software. The Samsung Captivate got ATT logo slapped right on the front!! X10 will get the same treatment

  4. It sounds like they were waiting for 2.1 upgrade for launch. If this was the case then upgrade is coming very soon.

  5. “The rogers boot screen is dumb. Debrand your phone the SE one is much better.”

    Do people still actually turn their phones off? Mine is on 24/7, just put on Silent at night.
    Only time It goes off, is when I’m on an airplane. lol.

    That’s why boot screens no longer bother me. I only see them a few times a year.