SE working on in-ear call volume issue for Xperia X10

Low noiseThe Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 suffers from low in-ear call volume. There’s no hiding from this issue, volume is much lower than any other handset I’ve used and this problem remains atop of most people’s ‘to fix’ list for the Xperia X10.

However, hope is at hand, if a Sony Ericsson representative is to be believed. Jeff from the SE forums says that “we are reading and acting on these concerns about low volume and otherwise. I realize the timing of actions is not what you are expecting, but we are working.”

There you go, there’s no time line for any fix but hopefully it will be sorted out at some point. It also highlights that the issue is most likely a software rather than hardware issue.


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  1. See? The U.S. launch hopefully motivated SE to get moving on key issues. Q4 is coming fast, and they promised to deliver Froyo. They were inexcusably slow so far, let’s see what they do now.

  2. Why isnt it loud enough in the first place, isnt that kinda basic thing phone to be able to hear??

  3. I don’t think it was that big of an issue to the point that you cannot hear the other person at all. From the reviews I’ve read, I believe the volume is only a noticeable issue when you’re in a crowd of people…which in that case, is difficult for any person to hear. It may also depend on the person’s hearing, to be honest.

    CNet’s review read:
    “The signal was strong and clear, the volume was loud, and voices sounded natural. At the higher volumes there was a slight audible hiss on some calls, but it wasn’t a big problem. ”


    I do hope SE does up the volume a bit, regardless. It’s harmless to have a higher volume when you can adjust it down. But if it is indeed too low at its max volume, then it’s an issue.

  4. I have to agree with ff here. I’ve never had a problem with my handset, although I have experienced the ‘hiss’ on some calls. Perhaps the problem is more profound on handsets from a certain region?

  5. The in-call ear volume is most certainly and issue and an issue with a lot of people. Especially in the UK and other parts of Asia. Up to the point, where if the volume is full, the speaker crackles. Not pleasant to the ears. It is a known issue to the Xperia team here in the UK. Maybe it is for a certain region of handsets but the problem is there.

  6. the in call volume of my handset is a joke, unless I am indoors its a struggle to hear what is being said by the person you are on the phone to. If you are in a pub or on a busy street you might as well hang up and call the person back when you are in a library.

  7. Marky P.. I couldn’t have said it better myself!
    Really.. There was 1 time I was in the public loo and yet I can hardly hear anything.
    What made it worst was the fact that I have to disconnect my earphones in order for the microphones on the X10 to work. Giving you even more hassle when you were comfortably listening to your music on your earphones at 1 time and then hurriedly taking out your earphones in public the next to allow your friend to hear you but then, you are struggling to make out what your friend is saying.

    This was the most basic feature for all my previous phones and yet it is absent in this one.

    I’m from Singapore and really.. are our voices of lower meaning to that of the US customers? If so, we have a case of racism here.

  8. OK, this must be dependent on the particular region and handset model. There is no way we can be talking about the same sound volume here. On my Xperia (Japan), if I pull up the volume beyond the halfway setting it starts getting uncomfortably loud. By the 3/4 level it gets loud enough to hurt; I could not hold it right next to my ears at that level. Make it louder than this and it would start becoming a real problem to me.

  9. The call volume must be network dependent then. I get calls from Landline number and the volume is fairly good. I get pertty good volume from some mobile numbers while terrible on others.

  10. we’re all right to be honest. sony e probably put in a cheap incall ear speaker and some of them are working fine, some are not, and some are fine but not so fine at the same time. turns out either some of us were very unlucky, some of us were lucky, and some of us a bit of both!

  11. The in-call volume is really low as compare to my previous SE phones.
    I from Singapore.

  12. You guys must know how this works by now. Many of the problems/gripes are often leaked by competing manufactures to boost sales of their own product. I own the Australian X10 which is sold by Singtel thrughout most of Asia, and I can unequivocally say their is no problem with sound during a voice conversation.
    Maybe it is the hardware; maybe it’s the network; Either way, SE have done the right thing by investigating. I look forward to a 2.1 update over the next week or so, but if I have to wait a bit longer I’m not about to sell my phone or lose any sleep over the 1.6 platform.

  13. 2.1 won’t be released in the next week or so but sometime in september. 2.2 will be released before the end of the year and 3.0 beginning of 2011. That’s official

  14. call volume is too low in X10 and everybody knows it sony should rectify this problem.
    if call volume and multitouch problem is not solved then i will have to sell this phone

  15. My volume is way way too low i drive for a living and it’s near impossible to hear any one with the engine running bluetooth volume is low also, but same bluetooth headsets on other phones are great.

  16. i am in uk and my call volume is terrible. I must have the worst luck according to Iglesias21 as when i am walking down the street i cant hear a thing. It is that bad that i can only call indoors in a room where i am alone

  17. @novo2393

    Yep I have the same problem, I cant talks outside or at car or any place where theres backgroundnoise, inside at home no problem!

  18. the in call ear volume as well as volume in general is half as compared to any other phone. Cannot hear music unless I use earphones. My friends did not belie it was real Sony phone as they he best sound in market. I just hate this phone more each day especially when I see my friends using other phones like Galaxy

  19. I and my wife both have a Xperia X10 Luster White, and both has very low (too low) volume when in a phone call. We have updated both phones to the newest firmware. (that is 2 updates in all: 148 mb and 1,5 mb) So it is true. The phonecall volume is very low even if the volume is set to max. Handling a call could also be better, it seems the phone lacks CPU performance when a call is coming in, the graphics go slow and the thumb swap is not always reacting on my touch of the screen. Apart from that is has an way too old Android version, the phone is great in many ways. But it will never have a 14 days standby battery time as a normal boring Symbian OS mobilphone have. Ether use or no use of app killers and clean up of autostart apps. The battery could be a bit larger in capacity. But there are 3rd party batteries out there. I have seen 3800 MHz with a new back-lid for more room for larger battery. I’m looking forward for the new Q4 Android update for X10. Android 2.1 or 2.2 update, who knows anyway!? A daily restart of the X10 phone is good for releasing RAM memory (Just like a Windows computer, ha ha ha).

  20. Low battery life is part and parcel of smartphones. The volume issue however should be of no excuse.

  21. same problem too … hmmm … what did you say??!!
    I drop the BB Storm for x10 so … make it 10x,


  22. @pluc I don’t think SE ever promised to deliver Froyo. They are currently focused to deliver 2.1 by end of Q3.

  23. Im from germany and my call volium is terible too, and the microphone of the x10 is not better

  24. Coming from a blackberry, using this x10 was noticeably lower in a crowd of people. I have to bust out the headset to counter that problem. But even on the Bluetooth it is still lower. (I use a q1)

  25. Hey Guys !

    Is that Android 2.1 which is expected to released for x10 have the feature of AD HOC WIFI ?

    If so, it will make a great leap for net access in x10.


  26. Ive heard about this problem alot, but i use my X10 everyday for phone calls in different places and have never found it hard to hear. Really Strange.

  27. I somewhat have the same problem, but it really depends. I have heard (barely) what the other side was saying while standing in one of the noisiest locations at work (a paper factory). It is so loud that you have to scream in order to hear eachother 100% clear. Still, sometimes (rarely) I cannot hear the other side while in crowded places… I would believe it to be a problem with leveling all audio to the same level, rather then just putting out sound.

    How hard can it be to just always give out the same dB? There must be something to fix that…

  28. call volumes better than satio same with recording volume as the satios volume when recording video was really really bad. so glad 02 gave the firmware update as its such a good phone battery issues been solved as well but im hoping the new android will make phone better and the promise of HD recording happens as itd be great

  29. yes it is true sony has to do something about low call volume, call volume is too low and sometimes i really get frustrated so please sony do something about it.

  30. x10 isn’t getting 2.2 sept, you’re thinking 2.1. I live in nz and i dont have a problem, i think SE has nearly sorted the problem or has and just wants to update all at once. P.S. 2.2 update hasn’t been confirmed at all let alone end of the year. apart from being able to install apps on sd card 2.2 is a bit overrated and hyped up. heard several people with other phones saying not very much faster but lets not start an argument 🙂

  31. Hi there,
    I live in Dublin and I can say with no doubts that my xperia has an issue in the in-ear call. Too low!!!! I really enjoy all of my phone offers to me, however it’s a BASIC skills: Talk and hear!!!!! And this phone is not doing those basic tasks. It’s a shame.

  32. if they are working on the low in-call volume shouldn’t they be working on the heating, burning , not charging batteries also??????? why haven’t we heard anything from SE regarding that also.

  33. the volume on my phone sucks. only reason i regret buying the phone and being the 1st person to have it in Ghana :D. it’s cool though with its other functions.

  34. I agree 100 % with both Jesper and Martin from Denmark. Im also from Denmark and we need this issues solved, for the phone to be of use to us. Will it be fixed in either Q3 or A4 update???

    Karsten, Denmark

  35. I knew about the low volume problem from several reviews, I actually asked a taxi driver (who had an x10) and he said it’s OK but he keeps his at max volume, so I got the phone. Basically the volume is not higher nor lower than my other phones, or not different so much in order to notice it. It’s for the german market (made in china).

  36. This is phone 1 0 1 what does a mobile phone do?? YESSS do phonecalls!!! so volume should be the first thing to get right on the engeneering table!!! comparing to my Blackberry9700 this X10 is terrible in this matter. Battery life and volume calls are making me think selling this device its just unnaceptable.

  37. In France same sound level problem.
    Tested on six Xperia X10 phones, with firmware up2date.

    Probably an excessive software limitation.
    With the freehand mode the level is high enought.
    But it’s an additionnal step to have an acceptable level, no comfort in it.

  38. I tried the X10 versus the Samsung Captivate in an AT&T store and the difference is quite noticeable with a little backround noise. I thought the X10 was too low. Nothing in this update is supposed to address this issue, but I guess we’ll see what has really improved shortly.

  39. The call volume is way too low!!! Hope Android 2.1 fixes this serious problem.

    However when the vendor opened the box there was no pouch in it, but when I visited another outlet the vendor says the box contains a pouch for the phone (also was mentioned on the contents list on his box which wasn’t to be found on my box). Can anyone tell me why is it like this? Or does it depend on the manufacturer?

    Vijay – Bangalore.

  40. I have 4 x se x10 for our work here in australia & ALL of them have very loud volume when taking. Rang se australia 1300 650 050 & they claim this the first they know about it & it isn’t a problem, we are still on. 1.6, but they say even when they release 2.1, there are no audio udates in this upgrade, so if volume will remain as it is. These x10 we have are unuserable as a talking device & se don’t give a crap! P.s. I’ve always had se, time to look elsewhere. ..

  41. Peace,
    I s.e x10 users from malaysia ..
    I am very disappointed with sony ericsson now! ringing tone is very slow so I did not hear the calls I receive from someone, especially when in an open area, plus if they are placed in the bag. vibration system is also not as strong as the previous se .. when I put it in a pants pocket, like nothing that I can feel the vibrations coupled with the tones that slowly.
    I was wondering, is this a smart phone is said to produce the se?
    I now prefer my w550i which has a vibration and sound systems than x10 is the best art in name only.
    I hope the se to resolve this problem immediately and listen better if I had se x10 systems like the sound of w550i.
    Thank you.

  42. XPERIA X10 was a wonderful and best handphone ever.
    but the problem is, call volume for this X10 are quite low.
    the range of X10 dB is lower than other phone. I think
    Sony Ericsson X10 Malaysia also are having the same problem
    with other Asia country. Hope SE will fix this problem ASAP.
    Thank you SE !

  43. Khairy November 21, 2010 at 5:09 AM

    XPERIA X10 was a wonderful and best handphone ever.
    but the problem is, call volume for this X10 are quite low.
    the range of X10 dB is lower than other phone. I think
    Sony Ericsson X10 Malaysia also are having the same problem
    with other Asia country. Hope SE will fix this problem ASAP.

    good Khairy.

  44. Hi

    I have the same issue i know this is not a hardware issue this is totally part of android software

    but there is no news about this topic

  45. I tried to send this as email to SE. Nothing doing.

    Does this phone suffer from low sound volume? My Xperia X1 had a pitiful excuse for a loudspeaker. Some complain that the X10 (not the mini) has the same problem in every mode of sound projection. I like the look of the phone, as well as everything that SE says about it. The one thing not bragged on is; how LOUD it is or isn’t.
    In other words will I be forced to use earphones if I buy one? Please respond by email. Thank you

  46. Can somebody here please tell if there is any resolution at all possible in the near future for the issue of in-call ear volume. not able to bear this issue anymore.

  47. my is Australia mode x10i, the voulme for calls is on the low side, its pity that Sony has not addressed this issue. Will they ever ??? do they care ?? they still sell heaps.

  48. Is it everyone is having problem with the hearing low in-ear call volume. is there any other android software where can solve this problem when we spend lots of money for this xperia x10 phone we don’t expect this form the company so hopefully i hope company will sort out this problem ..awaiting for a reply

  49. Well there you have it, I liked the look of phone ,like many of you who bought it , I’m tied into a contract and stuck with it awhile! Just to agree with many faults ,In-ear volume-rubbish ,ring-volume too low,vibrate – don’t know it’s happening,message landscape don’t happen and sometimes changes keyboard to Asian language for no reason (I only speak English! unfortunately) Can’t sync numbers,names to my pc for backup and easier editing, . All they say is buy outlook to do it why can’t it be done thru’ USB cable? like
    videos ,music. I’ve done software updates. eMails to SE, costly land line calls to them suggested by them, paid by me. After a long time their advisor told me it was costing me a fortune and we got nowhere ,time to throw in towel -someone from technical may ring to help, noooo! was ages ago . Cynical ,yes ,but very dissappointed but stuck with it for a while on my contract . Maybe it should just go in a drawer until I can get upgrade and ressurect my N95 8gB,did’nt get this trouble.

  50. i ve been using x10 for a month now.All the features are great,especially mediascape.
    The biggest flaw which they still havent fixed is the LOW in call volume.
    It is frustrating at times when u are unable to hear properly an important call when outside.
    I really hope SE finds a solution for it by Q2 2011 by the time they release 2.3 update and also the battery issue(drains within a day even if not used 🙁 … )

  51. I have been using the x10 for a while..its a great phone..

    but it definitely has a low in ear volume problem..and a hissing sound too..

    hope it gets fixed soon..

  52. Hello there everybody,
    I’m another happy user of Sony Ericsson Xperia X10a. However there are a few things that I wold like to mention as my concerns. After the latest update (gingerbread android) I started to get frequent fade-outs on bluetooth playback, it was not like this before. Secondly, call volume is kind of low over bluetooth as well. Thirdly, when using latest skype, bluetooth works, but when video is active on either end of the call it transfers sound to the internal speaker and I could not seem to find a way to set it back into bluetooth headset. All my accessories are SONY and this should be good. (Bluetooth headset MW600) I wonder if those problems can be addressed.
    I hope somebody can hear me on those feedbacks.

  53. Still not fixed, seems to occur on just about every Sony Xperia Android phone…. PLEASE FIX THIS.