Sony Ericsson releases Xperia X8 retail demo video

Xperia X8Sony Ericsson has released the first promotional video for the Xperia X8. The video highlights the Android market, YouTube, the four corner shortcuts, sharing photos, browsing apps/contacts as well as SE’s proprietary Timescape app. Hopefully the release of this video highlights that the Xperia X8 launch is just around the corner. Check out the video after the jump.


21 responses to “Sony Ericsson releases Xperia X8 retail demo video”

  1. Why why why do the waste so much time on new handsets when the flagship x10i is still running a old os!? Sort out your house b4 you start on a new one lol

  2. The X8 just shows that SE over did the mini concept with the x10 mini/mini pro. The 3 inch screen of the X8 is the lowest a smart phone should have. I think SE should have at least if not with the mini included a 3 inch screen with the mini pro. That would have made the mini pro a true champion.

  3. Waste buy dont buy it. It looks at the poor mans x10 LOL. Instead spend your hard earned money on something else that has a real homescreen. Just buy a droid or something.

  4. Sony is possibly the worst phone company running android to date. i’m selling this piece of s*** x10 and buying a samsung captivate. People need to know how badly SE treats its customers and how poorly they make their phones compared to the competition. An 8.1 mp camera means nothing compared to the lack of android 2.1 even though its coming in september… lightyears after all other android phones.

  5. really these fcuks have the nerve to even be introducing new hardware are you joking me…get lost se, ppl don’t bother with this crap they’re only good for taking your money. it feels like you get the best computer money can buy to date but running on windows 98…wow brilliant idea!

  6. Goodness there just are so many unhappy X10 owners out there. Well I suppose the phone greatly under-delivers for its specs when compared to its rivals HTC Desire, Evo and the Samsung Galaxy S. A sharp contrast to the mini and mini pro which actually suprise and deliver much more than u expect for the specs they have. Well X10 users, you all need to face the reality that SE will likely ditch the X10 as they did Satio because of the very negative press it has gotten. In the world we live in its very hard for a product to recover from such a bad introduction (Windows Vista case in point). The X10 will go down as the phone that could have been great but fell quite a way short of the finish line. It seems the Satio and the X10 were practice runs by SE so I’m an SE phone that will just blow all comers away is just around the corner.

  7. This focus on OS version reminds me of the incredibly simplistic megapixel race in cameras. I have an X10 and I think it’s fine. Maybe not the best phone on the market, but it does all I want it to do. The UX improvements bridge almost the entire gap to v2.1. I don’t miss multitouch at all. It’s stable, attractive and easy to use. It’s also selling very well in Sweden, which is where I live (actually only about 1 mile from SEMC HQ). It shows no sign of being another Satio.
    The OS version number is almost irrelevant in practice (just like megapixels in a camera) so I just don’t get the harshing here at all. It’s not like SEMC are asking a premium price either.

  8. This focus on OS version reminds me of the incredibly simplistic megapixel race in cameras. I have an X10 and I think it’s fine. Maybe not the best phone on the market, but it does all I want it to do. The UX improvements bridge almost the entire gap to v2.1. I don’t miss multitouch at all. It’s stable, attractive and easy to use. It’s also selling very well in Sweden, which is where I live (actually only about 1 mile from SEMC HQ). It shows no sign of being another Satio.
    The OS version number is almost irrelevant in practice (just like megapixels in a camera) so I just don’t get the harshing here at all. It’s not like SEMC are asking a premium price either.

    Just a shame there is a very big world outside Sweden. I am sure SE would sitting on top of the world if all peoples were like the loyal Swedish. Remember Sweden is the spiritual home of Sony Ericsson.

  9. This is the problem with companies like Sony Ericsson and Nokia. They build tooooo many phones based on a specific phone type. Half of them turn out to be shit.

    Sony Ericsson should focus more on the mini’s and x10 PERIOD. This N8 and the mini is just garbage for company and consumers. The X10 is pretty waste considering the fact that its the company’s flagship device, BUT it does have great potential. Hopefully they will focus more on the X10 in this year and not just dump it for its new flag ship device, like how they did for their Symbian touch devices.

  10. @Obasan i agree totally.. SE have way too big a phone portfolio, They need to downscale and do a Iphone thing. 1 phone great phone oncerntrate on it or 1 range of similar phones. They were on the right track till they paniced and reintroduced the walkman phones spyro etc. Trying to bring back old success with relying on those customers they had that loved those phone who have probably gone to the iphone by now

  11. You guys need to think about what your saying. SE are a mainstream phone company (phones for the masses). Its a small percentage of the market that use smart phones( and even smaller fraction using the high end phones). How can they focus on one phone for a niche, that would be suicide for such a big company. You can argue that they make too many, but focusing on just one would just crazy for a company of that size and scope. The X8 is a smartphone designed to appeal in price terms to the masses and as such, I fully expect it to do very well because it will introduce great technology(android) to a wide range of people. Fellas remember it is only a minority of phone users who are prepared to spend premium amounts of money for their phones. The trouble I find with most tech enthusiasts is that they largely develop a very narrow insular view and forget that there is a much bigger world out there full of billions of folks with very different ideas to theirs. To put it simply High end phones sell only in the millions while mid-range phones in the tens of millions. Lower end ones do even better with respect to sales. SE are a business and since most of their sales and profits naturally come from the lower end spectrum, that is where the focus will always remain. The high end phones only give manufactures credibility and very little else. This is the real world guys…face up to it.

  12. Am sick of everyone moaning about the X10…it’s a great phone, much better than HTC Desire.

    The only thing the Desire has better is 2.1 / 2.2 Android.

    The X10 beats the Desire on looks, build, camera and functionality…why is every one giving it a hard time!!!

    A lot of people knew they were getting Android 1.6 when buying it so not point moaning now…

  13. @Zodiac if they want to expand in the mid range section then why are they bringing all these useless phones to the market. Out of the x10 mini, mini pro, and x8 only the mini pro is a worthy buy. The rest are just a waste buy. The x10 mini uses a t9 keyboard, real intuitive. For those that are gonna say “oo the size of the mini is soo small how would you add a qwerty”, then why in the world do you need such a small phone!

    SE should release a proper mid range/low range phones with a proper homescreen etc. Look at the backflip or htc tattoo, and the samsung spica. They are all affordable android phones that work like normal android phones. Also a smart consumer would skip this phone and spend a bit more and get something else, or look at other phones in the same price range.

  14. Obasan, yet again your just demonstrating the very narrow insular view I find too often in the tech community. You are imposing your elevated idea of what a good phone is as being the standard. Its not the standard, its your opinion and personal preference. Someone else might like the mini exactly because of its small size. There are billions of souls all over the world. That’s why we have the variety of phones so different personalities can pick what works for them best. You talk of SE releasing a proper mid range phone. I put it to you that they have not only released a proper mid range phone in the mini/mini pro, but a fantastic one. Your idea of what proper is, is just what it is……your idea of proper. Millions seem to disagree as the mini has been widely received with open loving arms by the tech press, reviewers and consumers.(It even won a major award). As to your assault on the X8, can your in your words give any sensible reason as to why an android1.6(but eventually 2.1) phone with a 600 mhz processor and 3 inch screen would not meet the needs of the average mobile phone user. Please while you ponder on your response to that question, make sure you don’t impose your own views as that of the average phone user because you a far removed from the average phone user. Your an entrenched ethusiast.

  15. @zodiac

    If you know so much about how suicidal it would be, please tell me how they have been doing wide spread models of phones all this time are they number 1? wheres the iphone? Nothings wrong with the phone. But is it going to be there forever? No. They will have to come up with something again they cant rely on the x10. they need a new approach or they will go under. Yes we all know the specs of the x10 are similr to the htc well done to you, but look at htc they have taken a new approach and run with it jumped on the market. Look at SE sitting there all this time same old things no new ideas. It’s people like you they work for, people who will settle for what your given, and not want better, thats why i love technology cause its always growing. Your the sort of people we dont want in the companies

  16. are completely missing the point, SE and Nokia are not smartphone companies they are mobile phone companies. They might not sell as many smart phones as htc or apple but they sell many times more phones in general. Its like you just refuse to digest what I am saying. SE are a big company with a huge customer base so they have to create a wide range of phones to cater for all their different consumers. They are not going to just scrap their business model to please a tiny minority in the high end smart phone market. Get real and stop wishful thinking. Please try to understand that there are many people(infinitely more) out there who neither need nor want a £400 – £500 high end phone. Unlike apple who are and have always been a elitist company selling their products to a niche with the promise of exclusivity, Sony are a peoples company. If you want to subscribe to a company that only deals in smart phones then flipping go to HTC or start using an iphone. But for heavens sake stop demanding childishly that a huge and well established company like SE change their business model just to produce the kind of phone you can be happy with. Its really pathetic and juvenile.

  17. I was one of the lucky ones to have won the newest edition to the Xperia family, the X10 mini pro. I was so excited to when it arrived at my doorstep because it is already open line and I can use it using my smart sim card for texting. Once I actrivated the GPRS and MMS settings from my service provider, I have been using the Android market to purchase some applications and using the facebook widget to get updated of my friends. My friends are so happy for me bacause i know i won’t buy just any phone unless it is Sony Ericsson, and the fact that I won it made it really special for me.

    One thing I like about your phones is that it is so easy to transfer files. I tried it using the X10 on my computer because I have music files on my computer that i want to try to listen to my new phone. When I connected my phone using the USB, the screen appeared 3 choices: MediaGo, PC Companion and Charge the phone. Based on the instructions on the user manual, I should pick PC Companion and I did. It didn’t work. the touchscreen in general is not working. The phone seems to be charging (light on the right is flashing) but I cannot open the memory card on the computer. I tried it more than 3 times last night. That is one of my concerns with the phone. I have another Sony ericsson phone, the K800i, but I did not experience this problem, whatsoever. I tried to format the Micro SD card on the X10 phone but it did not help. It even erased the user guide on the phone and I have to download the guide online. I tried inserting another Micro SD card on the X10. the songs on the memory card are playing on the phone but when it is connected to the computer, the problem is still the same thing. What should I do?

    Another that I use often on my phone is the bluetooth because I can transfer pictures and songs to my friends’ phones in a snap. I was glad the X10 mini pro has the bluetooth so I tried it. I follow the instructions in turning on the bluetooth and activated its discoverability so that my K800i can locate and connect it. Pairing it was successful but when I tried to transfer one song from my K800i to my X10 mini pro, my K800i cannot find the X10. the X10 says it is paired with the K800i but not connected. I tried to connect the devices more than 5x but was unsuccessful. Can you please tell me what do?

  18. im confused which fone is better some of you say x10 but others say no and no one says x8. at the end of the day im just a teen lookin for a hi- tech phone that do the basic works ya know