Sony Ericsson targets leading Android market share position

Sony Ericsson AndroidThe Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was the company’s first Android smartphone, which was quickly followed with the X10 mini, X10 mini pro along with the upcoming X8. The company clearly has high aspirations for Android as Chief Executive Officer Bert Nordberg said that it aims to be the largest supplier of Android smartphones, without giving any timeline.

He went on to say that the company currently has an impressive 17 percent Android market share, behind the leading (unidentified) player at 23 percent. It probably doesn’t take a genius to figure out that HTC is most likely to be the leading Android vendor and taking over their position will take some asking. Do you think they can do it? If so what does the company need to do better to reach number 1? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. There is a fundamental problem with sony…it’s called faffing…when any CEO makes statements lyk “we will become this position in the market”…it is always accompanied with.. “by so and so of a blah year”…i mean here you have…a CEO…being vague…not saying by when they intend to have the leading market share…

  2. Number one? Are you kidding me…
    seem like x10 users too much disappointing about android version…
    and keep waiting and keep waiting so long to get update…
    they will never number ONE if they not considering costumers satisfaction…
    first come first serve! dont play game too much sony ericsson… we’re really hate that…
    GET AN UPDATE OUT!! Q4 sucks!!

  3. note he said ‘supllier’ not seller. so im assuming he means have the largest range of avaliable andriod phones …

  4. Just listen to the end User. If SE makes a high end device (like the X10) the end user should have all of the perks that come with a high end device even if it comes out on another high end device SE manufactures, i.e. the Aino has remote play but no other device SE makes has that functionality. Just Stupid. SE expects the end user to buy the X10 @ $600 +/- and then buy the Aino @ $600 +/-. They hype up Remote Play on the Aino which I use on my PSP, at the time I had an X1a (which I paid a very handsome price) and did not want to pay $600 for the Aino just so I could have the Remote Play functionality on my phone. SE high end devices should have ALL functionality.

  5. I guess firmware version doesn’t matter to the average joe, and if they have 17% market compared to HTC’s 23% who has been in the market longer, it could be a easy target.
    and obviously easier if they get the updates out the door to keep firmware freaks happy.
    perhaps SE is onto a winner, despite the bad rep cuz of donut firmware

  6. That’s easy, they need customer retention, customer loyalty. Especially since there are so many other Android devices out there that keep getting better because they get regular updates. You need more customers then the usually Sony Ericsson fanboys (and girls). I do love my X10, and I got my brother to get one. But I get increasingly frustrated with the lack of stability with the phone, the incredible lag that comes with it for a supposed 1ghz processor. And the lack of further upgrades that are gauranteed is something I hate. No news on Froyo or Gingerbread, for all we know (regardless what Iglesias says on this forem, with out proof). Even the iPhone 3G can run iOS 4.2! I have owned a total of 4 SE phones and I am ready to jump ship. HTC and Motorola know how to keep there android customers happy, with well timed and frequent updates. If there is no news on froyo then I am headed to HTC or Motorola, even Samsung! Also, SE needs to stop lying to us about no multitouch on the X10, it is capable of it, they are just too cheap to pay patent royalties to put it on. I would really like to play games and use the awesome android emulators. There I said it!

  7. TGO you are absolutely right, I had a discussion with someone a while ago when I tried to explain to them that the average phone users do not have a clue about 75% of the things we talk about in these forums. Most of them don’t even know what the meaning of firmware is let alone anything else. So when I hear all the tech enthusiasts in forums lambasting SE about all these things and demanding all sorts from SE, I always tell them that they are a minority of SE”s customer base. This is why the x10 is selling well (especially the mini/mini pro) because as they are, they cater for almost if not all of the average phone users needs. This is why the iphone does so well. Its simplicity just sits well with the average phone user even though most real tech enthusiasts would not go anywhere near it.

  8. SE, u will never sell a SMART phone on hardware alone, unlike most other kit u sell. SMARTPHONES are all about the software (AND hardware). Eclair after everyone else is on Froyo is just asking to become looked over. Especially when Froyo brings major enduser plus points to the table. All you are doing now, is setting yourself up a track record for late f/w delivery. My next device, will not be SE. It will be from the company who appears to be the first on new f/w releases with no major recalls or wifi bugs or wifi WPA-EAS-MSCHAPv2 issues…ie the current number one player. U have 3 months to keep your promises on Elair and Froyo. Go use that resource budget now before u slip further behind, Mr CEO.

  9. @Zodiac.
    I agree with your points.
    However, how many of the 75% bought SE out of ignorance of the slow SE f/w updates…and are now fed up and ready to change…because their mates Desire runs like greece lightning on FB, and photo slide shows. My x10 slideshows have no Multitouch, and advances like my HP4700 ipaq from 5 years ago. Having paid so much money, I figure, I have a right to go from the majority 75% into the 25% who have realised how slow my device actually is.
    Having said that, I am still just about happy my x10 does my basics, take 8mp photos, surf, read pdfs. The 8MP camera is surprisingly good and is good evidence of sony being able to draw from its other divisions. Something that HTC cannot do….but new kids on the block Samsung galaxy S, do have many divisions, and catching up real quick. Galaxy S and TAB demonstrate a real vibrancy in the way that company division is run. Come on SE.

  10. I do realize that the majority of customers don’t really care, but that is defiantly changing. Smart phone consumers are getting more and more knowledgeable about what version of android they have and if they are getting an update. Most people who pick up my X10 try and use it as if it had multitouch and are very disappointed when I tell them it doesn’t. I wasn’t a android or smartphone buff when I first bought this phone, but I became one and I believe that’s where most are going. SE should please the smartphone buff crowd even if we are in the minority because we are the ones that write the reviews on engadget, gizmodo etc, write positive or negative things about there phones on forms or blows and create better software for there lousy software, ie, the SE keyboard is appalling, thank goodness for this site and letting us know about the HTC mod keyboard. Or I would have tossed this phone and got an iPhone 4. Everyday people can tell immediately if the keyboard is bunk. When I now recommend android phones to my friends I tell them get an HTC or Samsung. I really hope that SE does further update this phone past one year of its release date, it almost seems right now that SE is going to stop at eclair before a year is up! This phone needs froyo and multitouch.

  11. I am an avid reader of this site and comments. I do AGREE with the readers/users.. get the updates out soon SONY.

    However, the problem is, we aren’t being heard by complaining over here. We all should post this comments on Sony blogs daily or write a petition to them.

    It’s just a thought, but let’s see.


  12. I agree with what most people said already, sure SE makes kickass droid phones, but really, stop trying to put out like 10 new phones in a month and work on getting out the eclair/froyo updates! If sony wants to hit #1 that is a crucial part of getting there.

  13. my x10 has the looks and the specs of a formula one race car but the perfomance of a “reasonaly priced car” and this isnt helping the sale of sony phones, when someone asks me if he should buy a x10 i would not encourage him to do so. look at the benchmarks a froyo phone works more than 2 times faster then a 2.1. when you want to rule you have to look ahead of you not beside you

  14. Guys, it’s only 2 bloody months since 2.2 started appearing on phones. I agree the 1.6 patform sucks, but at least se gave us some of the features from eclair.

    Most users wouldn’t know if their phone is running 1.6, 2.1 or 3.0 so I doubt updates are the solution for gaining market share. A good looking stable handset (like the iphone dare i say it) is much more important.

  15. I don’t think firmware is the answer to the average joe, my wife has a Hero which I updated from 1.5 to 2.1 and she couldn’t care less,I think stability and user experience is much more important.SE X10 only needs multitouch which in my experience is overrated and flash support to compete with 2.2 and that is from a 1.6 platform.

  16. always be the first to deliver the very new version of an Android version.

    Samsung Galaxy – S , always get the newest, all of my friend bought SAMSUNG Galaxy S, becouse of the android version, becouse of the very recent coming updates !

    that the problem .

  17. I work and live in London, England my job dicates that I am talking to teams of people all the time…

    Being half a geek we always get around to talking about phones…

    I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS tell people how sh!t my X10 is – (battery, 1.6 etc etc)

    In this way I am doing my bit to ensure no one falls foul of the advertising and marketing cr@p that comes from Sony Ericcson ever again.

    If every X10 user could do the same then one day this world will be free of the brick of a fuc# up that Sony Ericsson have produced.

    I count the days down to the end of my 2 year contract, i think about it more than i think about my wedding day (next month). I dream about inventing a time machine to go back in time and pick the HTC instead of this utterly, utterly sh!t phone…

  18. you all need to get a grip! your all complaining about the firmware, well i’m not being funny but its not like sony ericsson kept it a big secret what version of android the phone would be shipped with, so your the dumbass if you bought it and are now complaining about it. If your so tech savy and want to be ‘up to date’ then why did u buy the phone? surely you would have known the samsung galaxy was coming out, why didnt you wait for that? It’s not the firmware thats the problem, its you! the reason why sony ericsson doesnt get the updates out as fast is because they have their own UX layered over the top of the android platform which you should all know about (being so tech savy) so obv whilst samsung are just shipping out the boring looking bog standard android software, sony ericsson are providing something much better even from a lower OS. u dont get mediascape on samsung, you cant take 8mp pictures (no matter how many times u get an update) the contacts list isnt half as nice looking etc. at the end of the day SE have said when the update will be available, so until then why dont u just stop moanin like a bunch of 12yr old girls. you knew what you were buying and you got what you paid for. you cant blame sony ericsson if you bought the phone with the expectance of an upgrade.

  19. Yeah, X10 was delivered with 1.6, but also a “promise” to deliver 2.1 in june this year. At least when I bought the phone. Now it’s probably to arrive october? Meanwhile interesting apps aren’t available because of this, so it’s not only a geek-issue. 2.1 comes with extra features, of which I now can only dream about or look at it on my friends’ smartphones. Sony to become One?? They still have to learn a lot about this market.

  20. To become No 1, SE has to learn that the geek users like me are waiting for 2.1 and also for 2.2, but we fear that 2.2 will never come.

    And now nearly half of the lifetime of this phone is over, if i get perhabs 2.2 in April 2011, at this time i surely have another phone, but this time from another company, who doesn´t sleep.

    SE has to give real informations for the customers, then they are quiet and waiting brave for their updates. As i would do, but …

    But if SE delays every half-promised update about months, then the user will get angry.

    And like me, the user will sell his X10 on xbay, because the HTC desire HD with 2.2 will come faster as SE comes with his 2.1 update.

    Sorry, and if someone really doesn´t care about 1.6, 2.1 or 2.2 IT doesn´t interest me, because i need and want 2.2 . If some don´t, that means nothing to me.

    Only my opinion, not suitable for others who do not want to.

  21. You say the adverage user doesnt care about updates, but when they start seeing sluggish responses from their phone and the phone taking ages to come out of the lock feature, i think they are going to start asking questions.

    Btw when you say its only a few geeks complainning about the updates, maybe you should take a look over at the Vodafone forum and the sony ericsson uk and international facebook pages people are constantly asking for the update there they give the same answer.
    So if you have facebook join their page and start complaining lol they always reply too

  22. I purchased X10 a way back, and its annoying that still I am using IceAge (1.6)… my unconscious mind has already started looking other options like HTC , Moto, Dell (Streak)..

    Well, my wishes are there to capture more market, but again Sony was used to get the latest technology before it’s rivals. That trend is ended……… 🙂

    It’s not too hard to tweak Android as per your need from the technical standpoint, TimeScape and MediaScape is not important than speed…. 1GHZ is useless if we don’t have its usability.

    Sony needs to be creative on how easily a user can enter data and get data from the phone… X10 is SmartPhone.. it has got hardcore users and these users needs “Latest” not an IceAge operating system.

    1.6 is not gonna work longer, 2010 Q3 ???? It’s been 5 fre@king months passed. I have a better choice……………

    – Frustrated Sony Ericsson X10i user.

  23. lmao @ x10user_india good post i have alos been using it for a long time, its frustrating i know i have looked at the desire but im holding out the desire doesnt do that much for me its just more updated but the x10 is good aleady sony alwys do something different and special from the rest so the update is exciting to me

  24. get a grip?? when the flagschip of sony ericson is running behind. then this is saleswise a huge mistake. witch wil cost them dearly. when in comparisson to lesser gods its performing les. and al kind of phones catch up and dash forward then sony ericson has the game lost.
    And the consumers who are in comparisson to other manufacturars poorly served, keeping this in mind this wil be my last se phone. waiting for the desire hd.

  25. Definately multitouch. I can live with 1.6 for now but making it so that end users cannot play a large portion of the games on the market is mind boggling on a “top end” phone. Mobile gaming is currently booming and in this department the x10 fails miserably. I think the lack of gaming options will definately limit the number of “average joes” that pickup this device.

    The lengthy wait for updates would be my #2 concern if sony wants to hold the majority of the market share.

  26. In about a year I’m sure just about everybody will be synced up with Gingerbread and the level of Android fragmentation won’t be a big deal. Sony Ericsson needs to work on the front-end and overall user experience in much the same way that Apple does with iPhone. They need to make syncing between gmail, exchange, and pop mail accounts simple and intuitive. That appears to be the path they’re on with Timescape, connecting Facebook and Twitter to the Contacts list, and media scape. Turning Times scape into an intuitive touch screen version of Black Berry Messenger would be a big deal to a lot of people.

    The people I’ve met you buy X10’s don’t play video games and don’t care about which version of Android they’re using. They care about having a phone that works well with their small business, email, social networking, being able to read documents, and the camera. Most complain about having to type on a touch screen.

    Honestly, I don’t think the average Joe really cares that much about gaming. At least not on their cell phone.

  27. Not care about gaming! How can you say that and know about the existence of the iPhone! Shake your head man. The highest selling apps for iPhone are games.

  28. Ya gaming is one aspect – They need to compete with iPhone for sure – But SONY is huge, they have fingers everywhere and if they want something done they will just buy the competition. But if SONY jumps on the google train look out there could be a new world order 😛

  29. Hmmm… I’ve been an Ericsson/SE fan for over 10 years… I’m wondering, are we next to Apple fan boys? Hahahaha… We bitch and moan about slow updates and upgrades… (guilty) …. And yet we brag about having their product. Hahahaha

    And yes, I’m still waiting … Impatiently for 2.1 and secretly hoping theybskip over to 2.2 instead.

    I agree regarding TimeScape. It has such potential if they refined it further.

    Sigh… Come on SE… software has been their weakness since the Ericsson days… Now that it’s free from Google, they intentionally lag behind??? Why? Nostalgia? hahahahahaha! “Remember the good old days? When we had killer hardware and crappy software? Let’s stick to 1.6 for a while and remember the past…” hahahahahaha…. Sigh…

    Still faithfully waiting… 😛

  30. if you say you are the best, and you aint. thats the issue i didnt pay 550 euro’s for a midrange phone ive payed full because i want the best, performance vs vallue than sony had to do like acer for 3 a 400 euro’s you get a phone that is running 2.1 with the promise for 2.2 in the q4
    but stil sony delivers a phone with a 8 mp cam, with te quality of a 3.2. not to mention the speaker issue,
    softwarewise a old phone and claims they wil be leader in the android scene?
    keep on dreaming. and andrew the average phone user doesn’t pay 500 euro’s for a phone no way
    sony ericson has nothing to do in the high-end market, a high end phone in specs needs a high end software support thats state of the art, they just havent the developers to do it, or arent willing to pay them
    as i said before no se phone for me again
    the profit for sony wil be a short one, nobody buys this.

  31. I just want once again to remind you all that the best selling phones as we speak is the x10 family( particularly the x10 mini pro). This is SE first android device and they are already in second place. I totally understand that the x10 is lacking in a number of ways but you all need to remember that the average joe is someone who uses their phone primarily as a communication device and not a multimedia or gaming unit. Lets be honest, mobile phones are not really meant (even the 4inch monsters ) for web browsing, watching movies or gaming. These aspects or features are really complimentary and not fundamental in any way. I think we are all (especially the tech loving community) getting more than a bit carried away with these devices. Almost all phones have their own problems …Iphone 4 with its antenna issues and extremely simplistic OS platform…samsung galaxy s with its frequent unresponsiveness and lag…htc with their poor designs, screen and build quality. Having said all this, I have to add that my next phone whenever I am ready to get another, would most probably be a HTC phone because their phones come with the best software which for me personally is the most important aspect of a supposed smartphone. This is not to say I will never look at SE phones again. If they come out with something great in tomorrows world, then I’ll go for it. Whichever phone it is it would not be a high end device because I think the high end devices are very pretentious creatures. They try to be all things to all men and as a result don’t do anything particularly well. I will rather by a smaller but powerful mid range phone and then pick up an android powered tablet cause for me the apple software is just too damn simplistic and in some ways ridiculous for what they claim to be. This combination I think would meet all my needs to a high standard rather than buying one pretentious device that does nothing particularly brilliantly.

  32. 1. Get latest OS
    2. Support multitouch
    3. Freakin increase the loudness of speaker
    4. Dump Moxier mail
    5. Support playback of all video format. No AVI support and forcing users to download apps from market for that . Dumb stupid really.

    There you have it Mr. CEO, if your marketing or busniess analyst has not told you.


  33. @mouse
    Apparently the 10 is capable of mtg touch as the many tear downs show. A 20 pint touch screen. The reason its not on the X10 is because SE is too cheap to pay Apple for use of its patent, one would think that SE doesn’t have any patents that Apple wants. The X10 CAN do multitouch, when they say that it can’t, they’re lying. Wouldn’t be the first time SE or any corporation lied about the ability of their products.

  34. Dreadnaught: Competing against the iPhone isn’t the only way to make money in touch screen phone market. My personal interest in the X10 was the camera, GPS, web browsing, being able to sync my email and contacts, and some support on the Android app market. I’ve downloaded a few mini games as a distraction.

    The truth is, what Tech Enthusiasts look for is never what dominates the market. It’s always something much more cost effective and simple. Lots of people with old flip-phones, messenger phones, and Black Berries would love an X10 mini especially if can sync their email, Facebook, and twitter as part of the general setup.

  35. That’s very true. Regardless of the X10’s short comings it has sold a fair amount considering the bad Tech press it had before it was released and then after the Tech community realised it didn’t have multi touch.
    All the comments on all the tech blogs could be printed out and put edge to edge reaching the moon but the consumer knows nothing of this but will see a SE phone that looks good and they would buy it before they picked up an HTC.

    I think it will be the developers who force SE to put more value into the line up because who wants to develop for a non multi touch phone and the rest of the world at the same time? SE’s hand will be forced or they won’t achieve a quarter of their claims for market share.

  36. OS update, Media- and Timescape improvements, speaker volume, multitouch and a better use of the processor. Also, remove Moxier.

    I really do want 2.1 soon. It’s a pain having to wait for so long. I hope the update will make the general speed of the device better, because it is capable of more than it shows at the moment.

    I actually like Timescape and Mediascape, but since they are the key feature of the x10, they should be a lot better than they are. For example, updating your status through Timescape should be faster (perhaps with a home screen widget?) because right now, opening up the app and updating the status takes more time than the competing specialized Facebook and Twitter apps.
    More elements in Timescape would also be appreciated (Gmail, Google Buzz, maybe Blogger?)

    A thing I’d like to see in Mediascape was a sorting method using tags instead of albums. For now, if you want to sort your pictures in Mediascape, you have to move the pictures to another folder, since the “albums” merely are the folders containing image files (which also leads to image files from apps being counted in). This means that all my camera pictures are just lying unsorted in the camera folder, and the pictures I download are put in different folders (eg. wallpapers, funny pics, etc.) manually. If there were tags instead, which you could apply to the pictures (multiple at a time, preferably), you wouldn’t have to create specific folders for the different images. This would also give the opportunity to apply several tags to one picture, so that it appeared in several “albums” without duplicating the file.
    Maybe the camera could then have the option to apply tags automatically, so that you could select a tag, snap a bunch of pictures, and they would all get the selected tag.
    Getting this feature would be a vast improvement, since the folder album thing is just annoying and less user friendly (I mean, having to use a file browser to create picture albums?). And it can’t be hard to make.

    That’s what I think anyway.

  37. Does any one else notice it takes about 4 clicks to actually call someone? I know its not that big of a deal, but its really annoying after a while. One click to select phone book, another to choose the person to call, then you have to choose the phone number of the person, then you have to actually push call! All the while getting to the contacts, the phone lags like hell, I do love this phone, but even the SE fanboys who write on this blog have to notice that. I know you can use the call log to call numbers quickly, but most of my numbers are not there, is that a SE issue or an android 1.6 issue, because I hope 2.1 can make calling simpler, like the iPhone does. I’m not smartphone snob, not a techy, I don’t play games on it (mostly because there are none in the market). I bought this phone because it looked awesome and had a nice camera. I did get my friend to put on the htc keyboard on it, and I was really happy with it (I couldn’t stand the old keyboard! :-() This phone is awesome but it is far from what it could be. It’s not very stable I find and lags a lot, coming from blackberry I know what lag is! This is actually my second X10, my first one had a terrible headset, I got an another one the first week. I know fanboys love this phone no matter what, but I hate not being able to download some apps because they need android 2.1, (eg angry birds I think, and Twitter, among others) and because the app needs multitouch, or is better with them. I’m an average customer and I do care about games and a laggy phone, and updates, and all my other friends who have Android, iPhones, blackberries etc care about updates too, and they are not technically inclined either. This feels like a xbox vs ps3 blog where the fanboys can’t admit to their systems faults. I know other android phones have faults too, but this phone seems to have a lot more of them, knowing what it could be capable of. If SE wants to keep me as a customer, they need to please me, an average Joe, with updates and multitouch. If not, htc looks pretty awesome right now! Oh yeah does anyone else notice that the WiFi one this phone will cut out when the phone sleeps and when you wake it, the WiFi won’t connect back on unless you manually go in the settings, turn it off then back on again. Sometimes it cuts out while I’m surfing the net! Anyone? Thanks! 🙂

  38. Rod H, if you care really care about all the things you mentioned, then you are not an average joe. The very fact that you visist a forum to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of a phone means you are definitely not an average joe. You might not be a committed enthusiast but you are not an average joe either. I am not a SE fanboy, far from it in fact. I know that the x10 under delivers when compared to the other phones in its category. If you think that the x10 has more performance issues than other phones then I put it to you that you have not spent enough time using other devices. I can tell you categorically that the samsung galaxy s is one hell of a laggy phone even with 2.1 on it. Like I said in my earlier post, its a problem with most high end android devices. In my opinion, phone makers just don’t pay enough respect to android. It has evolved a lot in the last year and a half into something quite sophisticated that makes a lot of demands on the processor in particular. These phone makers keep slapping onto their devices hardware that’s also very resource hungry like large 3.5 inch and above high res screens(to name one out of many). This ensures that these phones will always suffer performance problems(freezing and lag).
    Take the x10 mini/mini pro, they are the fastest and best performing android devices out there despite their mid range specs.Why? because they have very small screens that don’t leave too big a performance footprint allowing android to shine on them. The problem with a lot of the comments I read on these forums is that they just ignore the simple realities.
    The iphone is not a better performer than android phones. It only seems that way because it has a much simpler OS (basically a platform for running apps). High end android phones load web pages and games quicker than iphone. The iphone is just much smoother on an OS level cause its much simpler. Its like windows and macs. Windows is a universal platform dealing with a much larger remit than macs. Macs are basically for mainstream computing(web browsing, multimedia and simple word and document processing) whereas windows is for mainstream, business, development and gaming as well as supporting an infinitely wider array of hardware. As a result, windows loads up a greater amount of processes on start up and has a lot of these processes and services running in the back ground. These processes all leave a performance footprint so the cpu on a windows based machine is carrying a much heavier load and will not perform as fast as a mac with a comparable cpu. Although its not exactly the same but it’s a similar contrast between iphones and android based devices. The fact that apple exploit this with phenomenal advertising is just naked opportunism but that’s to be expected. You will just have to wait for faster processors before you will see android really shine in performance terms on the higher end devices especially the big screen monsters. I say again with the emergence of the android tablet pc, I think in future it would be better to get a smaller but powerful smartphone that performs very well for your communication and a tablet for your web browsing and multimedia needs rather than buying one expensive high end smart phone that tries to do all these things but does nothing particularly well.

  39. Hahaha. So funny. How can we expect sony ericsson sale numbers to go up with the the outdated operating systems. Until you upgrade to 2.1, I think 3.1/3.2 should be in the market already.

  40. @ Zodiac
    Regardless of what you may think, I am an average Joe. I honestly don’t understand I thing you just wrote, no offense. I’m am very sure it makes great sense to many here. 🙂 Call me an ignoramus, but I guess what you have to understand is I don’t need to be fully up and up on the technical know how, all I know is how my phone performs. Just because I visit this form and discuss my phones strengths and weakness have nothing to do whether I am an average Joe or not. Many average people visit forms about politics with out knowing what they are talking about and argue and leave comments, and are very enthusiastic about what they are saying, but it doesn’t make them politicians, they are still average people just reaching out. Modern day average Internet users write on forms whether they are knowledgeable or not, all the time, everywhere. It’s not hard to do. Forms and blogs are not just for the tech wizards anymore. I also don’t understand all this Apple bashing Android users have, yes Apple has it’s flaws as does the iPhone, may be insanely simple but it’s stable and works great as a phone and a web browser, and that is what the majority of people want, which is why it sells so well. (Apple also has a greatly successful marketing machine, it does what it’s supposed to do, sell it’s products) I really like iOS, I really like Android, I really like OSX and I kinda like Windows and my laptop runs Windows 7. I’m just an average everyday user that just wanted to express his elation and frustration of his phone. I have never played with a Samsung phone but I have used my friends Telus HTC Desire here in Canada and it has a comparable screen and processor to the X10 and it rocks. It’s fast and snappy, loved it. Why couldn’t SE do that with the X10? Seeing that I know that it’s in the realm of possibility that the X10 is capable of the same, big screen and all. I don’t need to be very technically astute to figure that out. I guess average users are becoming more and more knowledgeable and aware about technical things, but we are a growing number of people, we may not know how to hack a phone but we know enough when things could be better. The everyday consumer is becoming more technically aware I’m afraid. Perhaps it’s less that I’m guess slowly I’m become more technically aware and more of “Average Joe” is catching up.
    I also wouldn’t mind the day your comments make perfect sense to me, and we could discuss that like adults, coherently and inoffensively. We would probably agree most of the time. But I would still be, an average consumer.

  41. Rod H,
    You have completely missed the point of my post and as such it is pointless to argue with you(not even my intention in the first place). I was merely offering an explanation which you obviously refuse because it does not sit well with you. I also find the fact that you take offence to being referred to as not an average user to be rather curious to say the least . Very strange indeed. Just to take up on what you said about the htc desire, HTC phones are notorious for their poor build quality and their screens are some of the worst out there.This is why their phones perform better than other high end devices because the hardware the employ is not as resource intensive. I used the x10mini/mini pro and the contrast between windows and macs as example to explain why I think high end android devices seem to suffer such performance problems. I guess that was a total waste of time as you either can’t digest or refuse to properly consider the idea.
    Your analogy with politics is also very curious indeed. Politics is something that affects us all in many ways and even then I doubt that you will find any political sites or forums with millions of patrons, followers,subscribers or users anywhere. Not in any case as you would with the mainstream online communities like youtube, facebook, or twitter. That’s why I say you are not an average joe. I am not an average joe either but the difference between you and I is that I don’t hold up my own expectations as being the standard like you do. I fully accept that there are millions of people out there who don’t know,care to know or even want half of the things I know and want in a phone. That’s what I mean by facing up to the simple reality. All the crying in the world is not going to solve the problems you have with your phone. As a high end user, you should consider yourself as being a beta tester of sorts as that end of the spectrum is all about pushing the boundaries. You should learn from your experience and in future do your research properly and purchase a device that comes closest to meeting your exacting standards. Having said that I’m sure the x10 you own is not so so bad that you can’t function with it. It might not afford you the bragging rights with your friends but I’m sure it does most things you really need doing so you can either manage it or get rid of it and opt for a dire. I also said earlier that I too would probably be getting a HTC phone next as I love what they do with android and just hope they improve their designs and build. I was only trying to inject a bit of down to earth realism into the debate but it looks like your very happy being in the clouds.

  42. I think it’s pretty hard to become the number one android seller. Because android is so diverse, there are a lot of different android users, and making only a couple of handsets will simply not cater for everyone. I really do love my x10, and whilst im SO annoyed that it doesnt have 2.1, or 2.2, theres no feature that is missing that I really need.

    I do love my x10 SO much, but find myself suggesting other android handsets to friends

  43. @Zodiac
    Dude, no point in being an ass about it. You’re right okay? You are also my intellectual superior, I get it. You’re better than me. “It’s curious”. All I wanted to know was if anyone encountered the same issues I have with the phone and see if they have found some way around them. You went on some intellectual triad. If you wanted to prove that you’re intelligent, mission accomplished. I guess you can’t tell tone with text, as I was not trying to argue, I’m Canadian, we enjoy peace. I rather like it up in the clouds, so much more…positive and much less condescending. This is truly pointless and you are a waste of my time, you haven’t helped me with any of the issues I spoke about. I do really like this phone, and I’m not crying about it either, it’s only a damn phone. But, as long as by discussing this with me and picking apart what I say (so surgically might I add), makes your self esteem bubble grow and make you feel better, by all means keep at it man. You probably need it. But I’m done here, you and me, we’re done professionally.

  44. i think there is 3 or 4 people only that comment here! but they keep changing their nick names 🙂
    i can see the same pattern 🙂

  45. Rod H,
    Don’t take it that way, there was nothing insulting or offensive I said about you in any of my post other than I don’t consider you an average user as you seem to care about and know far more than any average joe I have come across. My reference to “clouds” was simply a metaphor for your crown expectations. What you refer to as an intellectual rant was just my opinion of android devices to maybe shed some light as to where we are right now with them. I only did that so that you might possibly understand that we are still some way short of an android device of premium quality and high specs that would run as smoothly as an iphone because android is just more sophisticated and resource intensive. In future, as their processors get faster(a 1.5 ghz snapdragon on the way shortly) we will see android devices produce better results in performance terms. Having said that, I remind myself that android is rapidly advancing and will have more features built into it to preoccupy the processor. To avoid going off on another “rant”, all I am saying is that we understand what the platform is and accept the performance hit if it means we get all the great features and added functionality. Sophistication at a price I suppose. This way you will not get so hung up when you notice these problems but rather reconcile them and really begin to enjoy your device which I presume is why we spend so much on them in the first place.

  46. For those living in Canada there’s a lack of choice when it comes to larger-screen android phones, uh devices. Basically the carriers each have one in their arsenal. The X10 is on Rogers. I wanted a 4″ phone so it was either the X10 or the Galaxy (Bell Mobility). It’d be nice to have more choice but then again I think the X10 would be a great phone with a few updates. I’ve already tweaked it and my wife’s X10 beyond what I thought it could do and we already spend way too much time on it! I like the fact that android is so open and not so restricted like the iphone. Get 2.2 froyo and we (well, most of us) will rejoice, at least for a little while. No manufacturer or carrier will EVER satisfy everyone…there’s just too many variables.

  47. @mouse.

    Thanks for the link. I had already signed the petition after writing my initial comment but thanks anyways. 🙂

    I think all the users who visit this site should also visit SONY blog and YELL AT THEM… I don’t think we get heard. Let’s all do it.. everyone go write “DON”T BUY Xperia X10” on all sony blogs, sonystyle review site, fb fan pages….etc, xperia page..that way they’ll start hearing their users…
    Like I said, we can’t complain to each other over here..Complain to the source.

  48. @RodH:
    Try aContacts as a replacement for the dialer. It cuts out the irritating ‘press call after selecting the number to call’ step.

  49. It just hit me that this statement from Sony Ericsson is bad news for the Android platform.
    We’re all so busy with the pro’s and con’s of owning an x10 that the gravity of what it means when SE Say they are going to target the leading Android market share position hasn’t hit home.

    SE will sell substandard phones with outdated OS versions to the average Joe regardless. They’ve just proved that their profit margin is the most important thing so essentially would you want them flooding the market with more of the same?

    SE has always been ridged when it comes to competing in the hardware stakes, they own the Walkman phone brand but the Walkman phones aren’t superior for sound handling and the head phones are mostly cheap. The Cybershot phones fair better but the lenses aren’t the greatest when the should be.

    I don’t think SE will change their fundamental business strategy any time soon so I see this as Bad news. Very Bad News.

  50. Devon,
    You are absolutely right, SE just don’t seem that committed to delivering for the higher end spectrum of phones or even android for that matter. I think like apple they are more concerned with producing good looking devices for the more mainstream user. Unlike apple though their devices don’t even work as well(performance wise) so I think users looking for more should look elsewhere. I recommend HTC if you have the disposable cash to spend but if like me your on a contract, then just make sure next time you give HTC a good look before getting anything else. They seem the most focused and put their heart and soul into making their android based devices. The x10 when compared side by side with these other devices except the Iphone just looks miserable. I just accept that this time around I did not make the right call but will learn from my experience so that I get it right when getting my next phone. Word of warning to all ….don’t fall for the marketing of these big companies….it always ends in regret.

  51. I’m a little down on SE and maybe I shouldn’t spoil Christmas for the hopeful. In truth I love my X10 failings aside and there’s always two sides to a story.

    Maybe SE plans to kick some device butt with the next line of phones, time scale wise they normally show some random shots of a prototype about now that jumps ahead of the road map they previously publically announce.

    I had a HTC Diamond which specs wise seemed to have more too offer than the IPhone at the time but it ran windows, the speakers were tinny sounding and I’ll never go for HTC again.

    I’ve been an SE fan for years andIdeally I want SE to prove me wrong. Fingers crossed 🙂




  53. @ zodiac

    I didnt fall for the marketing lol. I know whatto expect from se. They are in a recovery period. Next year htc and se will be the top android phonee markers by far they are no mugs they know what they are doing. But my partner has a htc has 2.2 i still look at mine and hers, still prefer my phone, thee alternative to timescape on the htc is tacky, and i dont like the batch production feel about the htc, the x10 has a unique feel about it. Id say when u change from se u will regret it next year, they are just behind because they are not experience in smart phones

  54. x10fan,
    Have you taken a good look at the HTC desire, I defy anyone with an open mind to tell me that is not the best smartphone by far around. Yes its build quality and design might not be as good as the Iphone or the x10 but its much better than the previous examples from HTC. Software wise(which is the key to smartphone technology) it is miles ahead of all comers. I too like the x10 design but sorry this is not enough at all. I said earlier that I just don’t believe SE are that committed to producing top range phones or even android. Samsung too are the same. They release their android phones with what is almost stock android. Android is a platform and should to built upon by phone makers to suite their devices producing the best user experience possible. This is what the HTC sense interface is. An enhancement of the android platform. I hope your right though about better to come from SE because with the x10 it feels like they just cobbled something together without much thought. Releasing a supposed high end phone in 2010 without multi touch just demonstrates the type of inexplicable development I am talking about. With the mini/mini pro, it even seems like SE spent more time thinking about what to do and implement.

  55. Herein is the pity, that SE has a solid share of Android, yet it has failed to capitalize more. Imagine if the Xperia line had 2.1 already and 2.2 in the looming. Tragic.

  56. Um, Zodiac, you are clueless. Samsung’s Galaxy S is the best smartphone right now, and it is a clear example that Samsung hasn’t gone with an “almost stock android” build. Yes, it’s derivative of the iPhone, but the hardware is significantly better than the HTC Desire. You talk about MT as if the Desire actually has it. LOL. It doesn’t! It has software implemented two-finger touch, which pretty much all smartphones feature. The Galaxy S has true MT with 5-finger recognition.

  57. @David
    Thanks for the heads up on that app! I love it! It’s really good, way better than the terrible on on the phone. Nice to know some people out there still listen! Many thanks, yet again.

  58. applebook,
    spoken like a true fanboy. I acknowledged in my post that the Desire does not have as good a design as phones from other makers. When compared with the Galaxy S, it only looses out on the screen quality front. It is a lot faster and smoother than the laggy freezing Galaxy S and the HTC Sense interface is at least a 100 years ahead of the flipping near stock(yes “near stock) android interface of the Samsung Galaxy. It only gets voted best smartphone by the tech press because for some strange reason screen quality seems to be foremost in their considerations. But to me smartphones are all about software and the desire wins hands down .

  59. Hey, how do programs like like “Android Comic Viewer know that I’m multi-touching and blow-up my comic, when I do such a thing if the X10 is not multi-touch capable? Can someone explain that? Thanks!
    Also, why don’t you all download a task killer app from the Market and quite complaining about how your phone lags? Timescape and Mediascape lag because they’re giant memory hogs – All that pretty comes at a cost y’all.
    Do you think there’s a reason that Apple took such a long time adding multi-tasking to their OS? I’ll spell it out for you: it’s because having multi-touch inherently has it’s issues – such as lag.
    There’s a lack of efficient task-killing built into the software build of 1.6 – which leads to the quirky behavior – Now you know.

  60. @Ryan
    I have had Advanced Task Killer the day I got the phone, I use it very frequently, all the time actually. I still experience bad Lag, so I’m not sure what to tell you. I also never use Timescape and only use Mediascape for photos.

  61. @zodiac

    Yes i just told you it is not the best, i think you think you are some super SE expert when your totally not. You are one of those people who think your opinion is right and no other logic is acceptable. Tbh i think you talk complete bull lol. I value other peoples opinions on here but when it comes to your comments its just a paragragh of unjustified arrogant rubbish:)

    As iv seen above im not alone in this opinion but hey keep making yourself look foolish or maybe you should work for SE and fix their problems haha

  62. Yeah, quicker updates would help. Especially if you can keep up with htc.
    Oh, and probably more freedom to customize their phones, anything from themes to Apps…
    You hear that, Sony?

  63. Having owned the P900a, P910i, X1i, and now the X10i I could NOT tell you that the issues facing SE are simply engineering short comings. Having seen very similar issues facing each SE device I have owned I know it is possible that these delays and ‘behind the competition” revisions could be the fault of SE’s business model.

    If in each of these cases it is do to stability problems well then I am switching anyways to a manufacturer who can deliver a more stable product in a more timely manor; such as Motorola, HTC, or even Samsung. What is the point of being first to market with the latest hardware when you are last (if ever) to release the latest software. Making users wait over a half a year for a piece mail MINOR update to 2.1 is a joke. This tells me that either their device or business model is seriously flawed. Weather it is intentional or accidental it screams to me ‘jump ship’. The list of device offering 2.2 is growing by the week. And, the lack of Flash 10.1 support (which requires 2.2) is a serious draw back. Also, why have SE closed Android’s open platform? Talk about taking a pi*s out of your customers.

    My device life cycle is about 12 to 18 months. By the time SE come out with 2.1 (which I don’t even want) I will already be researching my next device; which will not be a SE. Sorry SE but you have lost my business for good!