Android roadmap leaked for Xperia X10 family

Android roadmap leaked for Xperia X10 familyWe have been sent what is believed to be the Android roadmap for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 family. It is in German and originates from last week’s IFA show in Berlin. We can’t verify whether it is real or not, but it appears legit to us.

The roadmap highlights three major firmware releases: Android 1.6x, Android 2.1 and Android 2.1x. It shows that the Android 2.1 update for the Xperia X10 will get 720p video recording with continuous autofocus. HTML5 will also be adopted along with 5 homescreens and a social phonebook (facebook/twitter integration with your contacts). The document also points to a revised menu.

For the X10 mini, X10 mini pro and X8 the 2.1 update will bring with it a slight change in the four-corner navigation along with Bluetooth 2.1. These mobiles will also get the social phonebook and HTML5 adoption.

Following this, there will then be the Android 2.1x update that will bring Sony Ericsson’s revamped UX platform to Timescape and Mediascape along with more languages. Unfortunately, the roadmap for all handsets stops at 2.1x so I wonder whether we’ll ever see Android 2.2 (Froyo) on the X10.

Update: According to forum member steinii1488 of the Android 2.1 update is expected in October/November (this could be a regional thing as SE UK have promised an update by the end of Q3). He goes on to say that the Android 2.1x update will fall in December 2010/January 2011. This means that if SE is planning a Froyo update for the Xperia X10, it won’t fall in 2010.

Android roadmap leaked for Xperia X10 family

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  1. If I get 2.1 and Spotify integration in time-/mediascpae, I will be happy. I am sure I am buying a new phone in a few months anyway! Had my telephone since March, and it just isn’t fun not having something new to play with!

  2. Can i ask what is the last thing in 2.1x update for the x10 because i dont understand German … so if somebody can translate it ..Ty!

  3. … no plans for 2.2? -.- I had planned to keep my x10 for at least two-three years but I guess that’s my phones life expectancy cut in half.

  4. No one said it won’t get 2.2 this is just for the new release this month. Every major release gets a road map like that.

  5. Hi.

    No 2.2? How can they stop (2.1) there. They have something else up their sleeves. A new device with multi Touch and android 2.2. I’m disapointed because i was looking Forward to more performance and especially app2flash. One word says it all, unbeleivable! Damm you SE.

  6. as far as i know samsung and htc are in the court because of the MT option because is property of Apple and they are suing them …. but there is no excuse for atleast DT …. i`m looking forward and hoping that it will be added in future .. and as i said in the previous forum some guy hacked the spica samsung and it now has mt … sooo there is possibilty 🙂 if there is a guy with this abilities who knows how to do it …

  7. You are f*cking idiots- some of you! this is plan for german updates in this year! It doesnt mean we will not get 2.2 in January in 2011… morons USE THE BRAIN !! oh sorry i forgot some of you just dont have it !!

  8. Veezo,
    No need to get so abusive, they are just going on what they see. I have always believed that an update to 2.2 was highly unlikely. I don’t think there are many phones if any that have gotten two OS upgrades. One is usually the standard. The very fact that the x10 was launched with 1.6 pretty much put paid to any idea of it getting 2.2. The Android platform might be open source but the phones are not free. If they keep upgrading the O.S then the chances of users purchasing their new devices become greatly diminished. I very much doubt that phones like the desire and the galaxy s that have gotten 2.2 will get 3.0 or whatever comes next. That would be reserved for future phones. Even though you should never say never, I still doubt very much that 2.2 will ever come to the x10…its a sad fact of life in the mobile phone world. I personally was hoping that SE would compensate for 2.2 with some custom apps delivering some of the functionality with the 2.1 upgrade as they did with 1.6 but those hopes are disappearing fast. We users seem to have developed the delusion that because android is open source, we should get all upgrades to the platform whenever they are released. The reality I’m afraid is very different and the sooner we face up to the fact, the better we all we be for it. Scale down your expectations and you won’t become hugely disappointed.

  9. i think they will release let say a X11 with 2.2, a couple of month’s after the release of this phone they will update X10 to 2.2, they will of course not say this directly, they will need sale’s of new phone’s. they are starting to think like apple, i.e X10 =Iphone 3g, X11 =Iphone 3gs, x12 = Iphone 4

    X11 and X12 will just have small update on design and spec’s

    any one agree?

  10. guys no one said or confirmed that there will not be an update to 2.2+! If there is its just not gonna happen in 2010 which is logical and understandable! and there will be further updating for sure!! SE will not let the phone fall back!

  11. @anders
    my friend X10 is nothing like the piece of trash iphone 3g ! and there will be updates for the X10 to 2.2 and 3.x in the future!

  12. @ anders

    i kinda agree with you, i saw something saying the heads of SE wanting to adopting a Iphone structre.

  13. Maybe the guy don’t turn the page arround to see the other updates =P lol just kidding, but i believe too that SE will launch at least 2.2 Android, cause they want to be “Market Leaders”, so they need something to win in US.

  14. @chico

    That is the idea, but HTML5 is still in an early stage, and I think it will be a while before we see the transition from Flash to HTML5.

  15. We cannot have everything at the same time…. at times it pays to wait.. but it is clear the road map shows no signs of 2.2 froyo.. maybe se plans of putting 2.2 into new device..

  16. as someone said earlier this is i think 2010 plan of upgrades … and no one says there will not gonna be 2.2 update after 2010 so maybe in the new year it will be available

    @ y iphone3, iphone3g, iphone3gs but the software remains the same and everybody can use it with every phone so if they are going to do that with xperia … the updates has to be available on x10 aswell not only for the new devices

  17. Trading in my x10 mini today for another android phone.. It was great using this phone. I wish you all the best in waiting for the updates!

  18. if i have the chance to trade it with galaxy s …. i would be more than happy … but i was catch by the looks of the x10 … and now i regret for my quick actions

  19. If we X10 owners not get real Adobe Flash player v10.1 in browser so we can see ALL types of embedded Flash on websites and flash videos in full screen. And if we dont get to install Apps on SD card. THEN sony ericsson really really really SUCKS BIG TIME P-E-R-I-O-D!!!!!!!!! They say they want to be the leading android mobile manufactor in the near future. That does NOT fit together with this roadmap at all. I for sure will sell my X10 and get another Android from another manufactor that UPDATES to newer Android systems along the “road”. This roadmap is a sure ROAD TO HELL!!!!!!!!! Now listen Sony Ericsson, and listen good: “Android v.2.2 on X10 or go to HELL and stay there!!!!!!!!” It is as simple as that! Get the hell going NOW sony ericsson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. when will the update available in Singapore? I’m getting worry whether is there any update for us or not?

  21. Guys we should all learn from our experience with the x10 range and in future only buy a phone that comes with the latest software on it. That way we are sure to get at least a year from it before it becomes outdated. The initial mistake for those of us who care about that sort of thing was buying a phone with outdated software(1.6) and I’m afraid there is no way back from that. The only phones I see getting 2.2 are the ones that launched with 2.1. I don’t see any other phone that started with 1.6 with plans for a 2.2 upgrade neither do I believe that the phones that get upgraded to 2.2 having any more upgrades. The mistake was ours and we should accept that and move on. We bought the phone on the back of superficiality(the way it looked) rather than substance(the way it works) and are now paying the price for it. SE did not conceal the fact that the phone had 1.6 so no need attacking them. Like I said earlier, I don’t think these phones can expect more than one OS upgrade during their lifetime. It would be great if that were the case, but we live in a capitalist world and too many upgrades equals poorer sales for the phone makers. At least were have better than Iphone users who have had virtually the same software running from the Ipod touch all the way through to the Ipad. Poor souls indeed. My disappointment is not the fact that 2.2 will not be coming to the x10 range as I already expected that but because SE seem so far anyway to have done very little to compensate us with their 2.1 upgrade with any custom apps to bring some 2.2 features as I had hoped.

  22. It is true – there does appear to be more information/second page, so you can’t just jump to forgone conclusions.

  23. It is just a roadmap of the confirmed firmware updates. They haven’t announced any firmware updates after the Q4 update (the UXP update), so nothing more is shown. This doesn’t mean however that no update will follow, it just means that no firmware updates after the 2.1x update are confirmed.

  24. @ zodiac
    What is the poor to have the same software ??? i mean the apple products … if you have some brain you can think about it and you can see this is their best decision because nevertheless what device you got u can use all the apps which are made for Apple devices so …. ? and yet now again when the new device is launched more and more people buy it they have the best politics about putting out in the market a bit better and better phone or pad … but nevertheless everybody can use the software updates

  25. yes it’s true they need to drive new phone sales.
    leaving x10 with 2.1 can force someone to buy let say x11 with android 3
    But i doubt that many x10 owners will buy a new SE phone given the lack of firmware upgrade.
    You can see it in another way. Upgrading to 2.2 will prolong X10 life, making it a big seller. And if nobody else wants to provide 2 OS upgrade while SE does, can attract more customers.
    I think until we see some new phones, it’s in SE interest to sell as many x10 as possible making it attractive and competitive, so i have a little hope to see 2.2 in q1 2011.

  26. I am very dissapointed sony you are letting your loyal fans down. I should have expected this when i was buying my x10. It is true that it is beautiful. Beauty doesn’t only matter what goes inside this beauty matters. Sony Ericsson is doing a very stupid thing and i hope they regret this too.
    When i was first bought my xperia X1 i was very happy with it. It was also a very pretty looking device. Officially sony didnt update the Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro…….TO winmo 6.5.
    Instead you launched X2 which was a failure and i think i deserved it as well.
    Marketing plan is it what you call this devilish act of urs.
    We are all loyal customers and that is why we purchase ur device’s.
    They work great but falling back on the other android phones such as the galaxy S… desire is a shame to us.
    I could have bought an iphone instead of the x10 but i didn’t.
    and i am slowly recognizing my mistake.
    If the 2.2 update doesn’t come out i will be pissed at you not only me the entire group of x10 fans will.
    Either you give us our money back for the device’s.
    that might be a stupid thing 2 ask for but apple did it.
    And one more thing why do u always delay the updates.
    i was expecting 2.1 to come out this end of september.
    But are u serious December ??????????? :OOOOOOOO a bit lame dont u think so 🙁
    if i could back and change the past of not buying my x10 i would. :@
    a very angry fan :@

  27. lako,
    I have to disagree with you without becoming insulting because that’s just childish. There are many advantages to having software upgrades. Upgrades bring new features to the phone. For example I would gladly have flash support, wifi hotspots, and the ability to install apps to sd card even if i have to sacrifice some apps until they get adapted to run on the newer os. I think you are still living in the past. The days when smartphones were just a platform for running apps are long gone(and that’s were the iphone still is).That has been the android effect. Even the most ardent iphone fanboys complain about the lack of progress on the OS front. Thank God for android because if it were left to apple smartphones would just not be as smart as they are now.

  28. Stefano, even though I completely accept what your saying but you also have to remember that there users out there who buy these devices for the bragging rights. So if SE come out next year with a phone everyone is raving about, I’m sure these users will still buy that phone so that the can have the best thing to boast about regardless of their bad experience with the x10.

  29. zodiac i am agree m8 but i`m talking about that SE should provide us the buyers satisfying updates and become for real one of the leaders at the market . So if they do this i`ll be more than happy that i made the right choice by buying X10 … and i dont wanna be dissapointed whit my phone because i love it so much … but if SE dont provide proper update to x10 i`ll go and buy another branded android phone as soon as i can

  30. hey guys SE is releasing Xperia X8 soon with 1.6… Who will buy such piece of crap for just a bigger screen size than the minis.. when all new Smart phones r coming with 2.2 or rather 2.1 atleast. So i think Xperia X10 will get a 2.2 upgrade in future. IF not then F*** U SE for destroying a Device which could have been Great.

  31. Guys,
    I think SE is planning for 2.2 coz the HTML5 support explains it well…
    its an early stage for introducing flash support…….
    And btw i think the pic doesn’t have a second page pic taken or SE is still planning for 2.2 or 3.0……
    the hardware of X10 family(including mini and mini pro) support upto 2.2 with ease….
    Only 3.0 would be a doubt
    And i doubt SE will stop updates for its FIRST Android Phone family sooo soon(i.e by jan 2011)

    SO cheer up guys…
    2.2 might be coming maybe in May 2011(When all get the tast of 3.0)

    Update fast sony. I am fed up of waiting for 2.1x

  32. It makes me laugh to see people getting so irate about these updates.
    You buy a phone, it’s good, something new comes along, you upgrade it to a newer, better model.
    Personally, I think my X10 is the best phone I have ever owned, by this I do not mean it is the best phone out there because I have not experienced every handset out there, it’s just my opinion.
    A leaked document, this could mean absolutely nothing, could simply be an inside projection or forecast that may not even have the slightest attention paid to it!
    I cannot wait to get the 720p video recording and personally do not care if the X10 NEVER gets 2.2. byu that time, my contract will have expired and I will be able to upgrade to a new handset and keep the X10 as a spare as I have done with all my previous handsets, that way I will still get to experience all future updates on it as well as having something newer and possibly better!?
    Dont get stressed over things you expect, just because the phone is capable of keeping up with these releases, SE is in now way obligated to provide us with new OS updates for the lifespan of the phone, nothing is free in todays world!

  33. Bad news guys, a liable swedish source with friend at SE write’s the following ( in swedish)

    Jag har precis träffat folk med “insyn” och informationen var följande.

    2.1 i Q3 (fortfarande problem att få det att flyta på)
    2.1x (sent Q410 eller Q12011)
    2.2 – nej tydligen “diskuterar man fortfarnde om man ens skall lägga tid på froyo till X10

    Det värsta jag fick fram var att X10an inte ens har hårdvarustöd för Gingerbread. Vad i hårdvaran som inte stödjer detta diskuterade vi inte.

    Detta skall tas med en nypa salt men det följer linjen i dokumentet att SE inte kommer satsa på FroYo alls på denna hårdvaruplattform.

    Jag fick mer information men lovade att inte sprida det vidare och håller självklart mitt ord.

    Trista besked dock

    google Translate:

    I’ve just met people with “transparency” and the information was as follows.

    2.1 in Q3 (still having problems getting it to float on)
    2.1x (or late Q410 Q12011)
    2.2 – ‘no’ apparently ‘are still discussing if even if you must spend time froyo to X10

    The worst I got up was to X10an not even have hardware support for Gingerbread. As the hardware that does not support this, we discussed not.

    This should be taken with a grain of salt but it follows the line of the document that the SE will not invest in FroYo at all on this hardware platform.

    I got more details but promised not to redistribute it and is obviously my word.

    Sad but true

  34. Id SE is really planning to be the market leader with android, they will fail..
    If they don’t update the phones why should people buy a new SE phone?


    Why aren’t there getting any custom roms? Android is open-source but SE isn’t?


  35. Sigh.

    1. Google has stated that ‘lessor’ phones can stay on 2.1 and 2.2′ — All Xperia phones are ‘lessor phones’ since they all have less than 512mb ram and only the X10 has a 1Ghz processor which are requirements to go to Android 3.0. The X10 has the oddest ram configuration, 384mb.

    2. SE has stated several times that they will release a 2.1 and they will release 2.1 fixes after that this year. They may continue to release fixes after the new year.

    3. Some options/new functions in 2.2 area problem for some carriers. I particularly point to the USB Tethering and WiFi hotspots. This cuts in to the money flow at some carriers, particuarly ATT. (Yes, I know that there are ways around it.) Which I point out has NEVER released any update to the existing firmware beyond R…14 even though bug fixes have be available. More customization for more carriers means more work and time to release dates. SE may certainly release a European 2.1 next week but it’s going to take a month or so to spread it around.
    Some of 2.2 may also be a problem for OEM’s such as SE who have invested in their own interfaces for the camera and UXP to differentiate them from other phones. e.g., continuous auto-focus on movie mode, may break’s SE’s cybershot software.

    4. It doesn’t really matter since in 2 years, ATT and everyone else will be moving on to LTE based transmissions which the phone doesn’t support, as well as faster than 7.2mb speeds. That HTC EVO phone is the only one that’s future proofed from a carrier standpoint.

    The X10 is a great phone with still a few bugs, that we expect will be corrected and updated with newer OS and firmware. SE will certainly try to make it the best that they can to reclaim their historic market share lost in the sea of bad feature phones they produced. The X10 mini reviews are almost universally positive. But as with all electronic products these days, it has a limited lifespan if you want to live on the edge. Thankfully we’re not on the bleeding edge as some of the Galaxy S people are, without good GPS and other issues with 2.1 and 2.2.

  36. My main concern is: does my phone work. It does. I’d much rather wait for the v2.1 upgrade than deal with a buggy unstable system. The Android OS is only the base OS for the X10. SE does a lot of their own development and testing on top of if. That kind of work always takes time.

  37. OMG! I think joe ma truly believes that the ‘flash’ that comes with 2.2 (and x10 owners want) is the led light on the back of the phone! Hilarious!!!

  38. Well I was just informed by my regional SE Support Center that the 2.1 would be available around the last week of September. But that we all already knew…

    For my surprise it was also stated in the email that a new update to version 2.2 would become available at the end of this year. Just hope this isn’t a miss-interpretation by my regional Support from the 2.1x update stated in this article.

  39. @ Joe ma
    Is there an app on the market that activates a psychiatrist on your phone. lmfao! seriously?

  40. Hi guys. This forum is almost a substitute for facebook ha ha. Xperia X10 is the TOP OF THE LINE phone from SE right. Then I automaticly assume I get first class service. I demand it!!! Why does the phone come with a 8gb a SD card? … for photos… Not! If all costumers do not like the phone for some reason they will tell other people. SE will then soon get bad reputation. Do they want that, I dont think so. If all people complain about the X10, then. SE have a problem. I dont need Android 3.x. I just want to be able to install Apps on SD card and first of all. I DEMAND Adobe Flash Player v.10.1 with fully working flash played embedded in flash websites and full screen Flash videos like them from I guess all the other problems with the X10 will be fixed with the Android 2.1 update. Like the extremely low volume in calls. And like slow response on the finger-wipe when receiving calls etc. etc. etc. etc. etc… I know we never get multitouch, and I dont need it. One finger zoom is good enough. People playing games on the X10 wants. Multi touch for some games. I use the phone for more business like reasons. But I expect and damn it, demand 2.2 update or I have to sell the phone. I need flash in browser to test my work as an webdesigner. Adobe has made all the documentation and SDK’s for download. So all developers and mobile phone manufactors can just go ahead. Its free and open source. So there is no excuse to not make flash work in this top of the line phone from SE. That is my personal opinion. And. I’m living in a freedom of speech country, so I will use my right to do so. No matter what anybody else thinks and means. HTML 5 CAN NOT EVER be compared with Adobe Flash. It has nothing in common. Yeah yeah HTML 5 can play open source encoded video… big deal. What about ALL the other features that is possible in Flash applications like games, quizzes, interactive and database driven content etc etc etc… All very useful for smartphones. All that and much more have Flash player built right in. HTML 5 will never have all that. FORGET HTML 5!!! Think also on the whole worlds webdesigners and web developers that have learned to build Flash, do you think they will stop making Flash just because some morron ( has pronounced a new html standard… NOT! It is like saying to a graphics designer. You may not use Adobe Photoshop anymore because Microsoft has built Word 2012 with a photo retouching plug-in! COME ON!!! Adobe Flash “IS” the multimedia standard. on the web of yesterday, today and in the future. The big developing step from Flash player v10.0 to v.10.1 is the most important step for the whole history of Flash. Adobe have worked together with many hardware companies like Intel, nVidia, Google etc… to make Flash player work with all GPU’s and operating system including Android! The main new feature of Flash v.10.1 is that the GPU takes care of the rendering of Flash media in stead of the CPU. That is great for mobile phones. Like the X10 that has built in GPU. So rendering/playing Flash on X10 will not brain the battery because the GPU handles Flash. So yes I demand flash v.10.1 in browser on my X10. …now what…damn the X10 can’t even handle this long text messages with Android 1.6, now it goes crazy slow mode… NEED 2.2 UPDATE NOW!!! ;o) bye for now. Greetz Jesper. DK.

  41. Sony Ericsson UK Hi Hizkia,

    Thank you for your response.

    We do not currently have any videos showing the Sony Ericsson X10 running Android 2.1 however if a video becomes available, this will be uploaded to our Product blog or Youtube channel.

    Please find the links for these below.

    We can confirm that the display colours will not be updated with the upgrade to Android 2.1 however all feedback regarding this will be passed on to the relevant department.

    The Sony Ericsson Facebook Team.
    14 hours ago · Like ·

  42. I dont really care about 2.2 or 3.0. There are on 2 things on my list that I want enabled from this phone. First is MT, for browsing it’s alright if you dont have multi-touch, because the one touch zoom works great. But when you want to play the games there are alot of game you can’t play because of Multi-touch. Specially on Android, you can play emulator without any JB but you need MT to play. Second is 16M colour, some of the Widget starts looks pretty crap on the home screen because limitation of 65K colour. Someone said this is because Android 1.6 rather than hardware issues but I haven’t seen the confirmation of colour improvement.

  43. HTML5 is the future, its dosn’t need third party platforms like Adobe Flash or MS Silverlight. So even if we don’t get Froyo(Android 2.2) as long as they are successful in integrating HTML5 to whatever upgrade they rollout it should be fine

  44. HTML 5 will be the future ONLY if developers will do websites in it! Today how many HTML 5 vs. Adobe Flash developers is there?!! We are talking many years if ever before HTML5 will reach Flash. If that day shold come, SE will have releashed Xperia X6000. And STILL html5 will NEVER have the features that Flash have. Embedded in browser or not!

  45. So depressing that SE not updating this phone to 2.2. People all round me have HTC and Samsungs all with 2.2, and we are still running 1.6, c’mon SE get your act together

    My x10 could end up on ebay 🙁

  46. One word to discribe some of the comments here – Anal.. If you don’t like what you have, change it.
    Android 2.2.1 will be released for both versions of the X10, do some digging..

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  48. Yo guys

    I bought new xperia x10 over ebay for 300$’s. It had FW v. 1.6 when i got it, it was laggy and damnn slow. I guess that was the reason that previous owner sold it. I updated it to the latest version and it working pritty nice, no lag now ;). So even if SE don’t upgrade it to 2.2 i don’t care. :-p I got a nice deal for such a nice phone. lol