Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update officially delayed to end of October

Tick-tockUh-oh, this is going to get ugly. We don’t like to be the bearer of bad news but Sony Ericsson’s Rikard Skogberg has confirmed over on the SE Product Blog that the planned Android 2.1 (Éclair) update for the Xperia X10 family has been delayed until the end of October.

Just yesterday, Sony Ericsson UK was tweeting that the update was still scheduled for the end of this month, so this delay is somewhat surprising. Rikard said that the team “need a couple of more weeks before we are ready to start the roll-out”.

The rollout will not be a simultaneous global launch. Instead it will be phased with different “kits” (software configurations) launching at various times to comply with various legal and operator requirements. Operator branded phones are probably last in line, but this shouldn’t surprise anyone and is normally the same for any manufacturer.

He also went on to confirm what the (eventual) update will bring, which we’ve listed below. There are no surprises from what we’ve already learnt. Whilst I understand Sony Ericsson wants to ensure that the update is properly tested, this delay is another kick-in-the-teeth for Xperia X10 owners who have patiently waited for a software upgrade that arguably the phone should have initially shipped with. We’ll keep you posted with any further developments.

Xperia X10 Android 2.1 features:

  • HD video recording with continuous auto-focus for high quality videos
  • Upgrade of the Android platform to Android 2.1
  • New back up and restore application, with extended content back up
  • 5 homescreens for apps, widgets, shortcuts and folders
  • Social phonebook which automatically syncs contact pictures from Facebook and shows when your friends are online

Xperia X10 mini and X10 mini pro Android 2.1 features:

  • Improved Bluetooth functionality with support for sending and receiving pictures, contacts and more
  • New backup and restore application with extended content back up
  • Automatic synchronization of your contact pictures between Facebook and your phone book
  • Improved ways of handling pictures, audio, text and numbers in your messages
  • Upgrade of the Android platform to Android platform 2.1

Via SE Product Blog.

356 responses to “Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update officially delayed to end of October”

  1. You are absolutely spot on….this is going to get ugly!

    My patience with SE has been wearing thin. Please, if SE wants to be a technology company then behave like one. Otherwise go sell goats and chickens…that way you don’t have to deal with software upgrades.

    This whole situation has been pathetic. Disgraceful!

  2. Great… but what should we expect sony ericsson has never been able to hold the timiline for the X10.

  3. I’m very disappointed with this, I have the X10 and love it and had to get over the fact that it was delayed before I could post it on my blog. VERY disappointed SE. But at least I don’t need to keep checking my phone every 5 minutes now.

  4. SE its better to tell the truth that there no Android update exists and at least people will not be hopfeul and wishful thinking about their Xperia phones and move on and drop SE and embrace other android phones from HTC and Samsung.

    SE is totally CRAP and enough with those false hopes.

  5. Oh what a surprise. Sony you are a joke. The joke of the industry. If any HTC reps are reading this, any chance of a publicity stunt to give x10 owners a discount handset with froyo on, followed by mass burning of xperias?

  6. SE det her er ikke godt, for lidt for sendt og så har vi ventet i over 6 månder og nu trækker SE den yderliger . . . . slut oktober ! Jeg trode på SE men nu går det ikke mere SE.

  7. SE it hendes is not good for Just for ikke adgang and so we ventet i over 6 Mander and now Trækker SE the yderliger . . . . tøs October ! My trode on SE mænd now are the not blotte SE.

  8. I am really disappointed. SE is not able to fulfil what they have announced many times? They just post this information at the very late end of the period that was promised. This is gonna take away a lot of customers, and what is much worse, a lot of fans! The only customer support i found at SE were promises..

  9. I wouldn’t embrace Samsung if you want updates…you’ll get the Froyo update but nothing in the way of bug fixes after that from Samsung…

  10. That ‘s the big news annouced Yesterday by the big CEO of SONY.
    X10 is my last Sony ……… for ever …

  11. What’s the big deal anyway the phone still won’t play flash. who cares about homescreens and the photo sync crap. My only hope is that the battery life will be improved so maybe it wont be dead for the drive home from work. If not then this battery sucking ,buggy, non flash playing, overpriced piece of crap is for sale and i’ll get a samsung galaxy s. My friend just got one and an update to froyo is already scheduled. He also put me to shame when he drowned my phone out completely with his while watching a video. There are so many things about the x10 that piss me off but i’m in a 3 year contract so i’ll see what the update does. One thing i know it wont do is fix my multi scratched scratch resistant screen. SE douche bags. Grrrrr.

  12. bullshit! se are taking the piss now complete joke of a company! totally taking the piss out of loyal customers arseholes!

  13. @geo your 100% correct been looking into that handset and am staying well clear. Lg and samsung phones are crap as well. Moto and htc plus acer have jumped on thr android waggon they make cheap ok laptops so might have the know how to get it right. Sony stick to cheap walkman phones thats what u DID best ! ! ! Cock ends!

  14. @Bayhas Kana
    No its not run by teenagers, but it is run by the very same people who starred in the famous xperia x10 product testing videos i.e. Toddlers, Models, Guidos, Senior citizens, Surfers and failed rockstars i.e. Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumber people.


  15. SE claim they want to have the market share of smartphones?? How the hell are they going to do that when they can not even provide simple updates to thier phones?? the 2.1 update has been ‘around’ for over a month now and they are still claiming it needs more testing?? What about releasing it as BETA for those that specifically want to give it a shot? Would keep a lot of people happy. They are behind the times already and at the moment they are LOSING market share, not gaining. They need to pull out some big stops to convince all these people thier phones are any good and that they are up to the challenge. At the moment, they are the laughing stock of the android phone market. Pity, because the phone is physically awesome.

  16. Asombroso!!!!!!!!!!! Que pandilla de inutiles…. Mejor seria que cambien de trabajo y se dediquen a otra cosa.
    Primer y ultimo SE, me compro un galaxy mañana mismo
    Señores de Sony Ericsson, que tengo que hacer para devolver mi telefono y me devuelvan el dinero?

  17. After this update disaster there is only one way giving X10 owners what they deserve.

    Android 2.2 OS update – full functionality in November 2010.

    Everything else won’t be accepeted!

  18. Their schedule is filled with preparations and plans to launch their next phone and not with support for existing phones.They probably only started working on this 2.1 update like a month ago and are having problems as usual with the nonsensical timescape and mediascape apps. I’m sure the mini/mini pro updates are ready but are just being delayed because of the x10 that’s lumbered with these very stupid useless applications. They were a bad idea(inefficient, cumbersome, and resource hogging) from the start and SE still persevere with them. They should have scaled down both apps long ago which would have improved the phone dramatically in all respects. But no, they want to force their world view(a view that almost nobody seems to share) on their customers. Very reminiscent of a certain other company(2 prizes for guessing who). All these things together with an encrypted bootloader means this fucking device will frustrate its tech loving users for many more moons to come. Face it guys, this is what you get for dancing with the devil. All they wanted was your $$$, ££££,and euros. Once they got it, it was “so long suckers” being shouted from the highest levels in the organization.

  19. shutdown & Fuckoff…
    SE , if you cant give up

    why the hell SE still hanging around, better go & sell bra, panties

  20. I wont buy another SE phone even if it comes with the hardware from 2030.
    f u SE bigtime, not ever again, u lost urself a loyal customer.

  21. I know that there will be a witch hunt for me after reading my comments but here goes.

    Let me start off by saying that I’m dissapointed in the delay but there are a few things that most of you guys are missing. We were told that we were going to get an interim update before the full 2.1 update. SE must have listened to you you people whinning about the features so they have decided to put that right with 1 update rather than 2. Ok we now have to wait an additional 4 weeks BIG DEAL.
    Can Anyone on here actually say that they cannot use there phone, (and buy that I mean there purchased product). Let put this in perspective (I am guilty of this too). You contract was due to end or you wanted to buy a phone, you did your reasearch and you chose the best phone for you at the time on the market. (For me it was between the X10 and the Desire). We chose the X10 becuase of the hardware, additional features and promise of an upgrade. Currently we have 2 out of 3 with a delay on the 3rd becuase the X10 is the most unique Android phone on the market with great potential.
    You have to remember that this is there 1st Android device and we only know about all of the flaws becuase we are on this blog. I bet that the other companies such as HTC, Samsung, Motorola and the dreeded Apple all have there own problems that we are not aware of. A friend of my has a Motorola android device (not sure of the model) still running Cupcake (1.5) and it came out after the X10.
    I like updates but you need to understand that you can receive updated like Linux or Microsoft. Microsoft will keep dropping software without fully testing it fully for backward compatability then will give you a patch to fix a patch hence you’ll end up with loads of update but your software experinence will be buggy, they sometimes add new features to try and appease you. Linux on the other hand will send out 1 major update to fix all issues after it has been fully tested hence a stable piece of code.
    I work in development and I depend on good quality code before I can have it deployed onto my network for my customers so I hope I understand what SE are doing. (Living in Hope)
    There are 2 things that SE has done wrong;
    1. SE should have giving a clear plan to when X10 users would receive their updates. This would give the users a clear expectation on when their phones could complete with current markets.
    2. SE should not have mentioned any new phones on the horizon until they have addressed all the concerns with their original flagship phone. This will lose their customer base / loyalty. People with be apprehensive to purchase the new flagship after hearing about the old flagship.

  22. Sorry SE, but I have decided not to buy nor recommend any other SE product for myself or any of my friends for that matter. Going to get the HTC Desire HD when it launches. Shame on you SE.

    “Bert Nordberg, Sony Ericsson’s CEO, has promised that “big surprises””. Well the 2.1 update is delayed. SURPRISE!

  23. SE, you just lost another costumer. My X10 will go on auction sites as fast as you can say “SE sucks!”. I will never ever buy another SE product, nor will I ever recommend anything from your company to anyone, not even my worst enemy!

    Absolute disgrace. Grow some shame SE! The mobile world is laughing at you.

  24. Right i have been in contact with the bbc and if they get a lot of complants about this handset they will contact sony and put it on telly plus compo lol so please emal them all the plobs with this phone and it will make it to there tv show. They sorted virgin mobile and tesco mobile last week with there data and txt scams unlimited data but u get billed if you use more than 500mb a month lol

  25. Hmm.. waiting like this is pretty annoying, on the other hand I’m glad I’m not one of those developers, they are probably under a lot of pressure… 🙂
    I agree with what some are saying: If u hadn’t known the date of this update it wouldn’t be so unbearable… The update will probably be really neat, but I don’t think it will dramatically change how much I appreciate my phone… But that’s just me!

  26. -major one!

    broke, gf cheating on me, no phone update for my mini…
    what will come next?

    btw -folks, we should all post our (hate) comments
    on the SE blog instead of here.
    hope someone will release an android phone
    that fits my pocket -and with the latest OS and
    reliable updates that is…

  27. Of course Sony would mention this when they are supposed to be launching. How can a company even last in todays society with service like this? Company is full of broken promises.

  28. i nid a dip breath..
    iv waited so long for dis update dis week to hv a swell birthday wif by next…sony just sent d wrngest birthday gift
    …..fine lets face facts
    we all know sonyerisson makes tight phones
    havent wondered y. deyr not moved..
    fine am disappointed bt ill wait
    i like dis phone no doubt
    u knw how many times i had to resell and buy?
    trust me desire,galaxy s even nexus 1..bullshit iv used dem all…touch not so responsive on nexus and yet it has froyo…
    camera fucked up..
    UI sucks sell ur x10 trust me ull come…imagin d galaxy s wit no led notification…
    its like am bbin wit my x10
    truth b told d major disappointment i hv wif x10 is d absence of multitouch…
    october…hmmm ill hv to wait…cuz if dey didnt make sn anocement of 2.1 ull still use d phone

  29. Disappointment is to be expected with S-E these days.

    Once S-E were leading the market with some excellent novel phones, but a pedestrian pace at bringing products (and updates) to market leaves them in the wake of HTC and Samsung.

    I would never buy a S-E phone again. They have insulted their customers with this news.

  30. Who would have thought that in order to buy the flagship of the Samsung I have to sell the flagship of Sony and add 300 bucks
    on-site of Sony’s CEO , I would have done harakiri;-)

  31. Why is it still allowed to sell hardware with an old OS ? New programs can not even run on this stupid sh*t stuff from SE. O yeah, telling customers that SE has Android 1.6 does not say that customers know that Android is allready on 2.2! It sucks how we customers are played with instead of them doing what they are telling the whole world. ‘We are #1 android’ is equal to lying to customers. SE s*cks big time! Never SE again. They cant keep up with the market and just tell customers to buy a new version phone. F*ck you, SE!

  32. The only thing that swayed me about the X10 was the 8.1 megapixel camera. Otherwise it is inferior in many ways to the other offerings from Apple, Samsung, etc. There are glitches and features that should be on the phone at that price point that make X10 owners like myself regret buying it. The only thing making me want to keep it was the 2.1 update to at least sort of put it at par with other phones but alas, Sony clearly is a dinosaur who does not understand the market they’re in. They don’t want their customers to buy their products again and have brand loyalty. It’s a software update for frig sakes, how angry are they willing to make their customers over all this?

  33. Its so sad that this hugh company is not able to stick to his word.
    I bought a X10 for a try instat of an iphone.But the service is to bad.
    I wish all SE freaks good luck.I change back to iphone.Sorry under my level!!

  34. tochi,
    Your comments are just intelligible, tried hard but could not make head or tail of it. For those who keep saying the x10 has loads of potential. I really wonder what you mean by this. Hardwarewise, it is lacking when compared to the Desire or Galaxy s. Both phones have better screens, similar processor, more RAM. Face it mega pixels don’t mean much unless you print out the pictures. The cameras on these phones are really meant for aiding communication( mms, youtube and such like) not for pictures in the photo album at home.
    Softwarewise, the x10 is quite a way behind and getting further away by the day it seems. The only place where the phone stands out is in its design and that’s not enough for a smart phone.
    I think the lesson we can learn from this is to never buy a SE phone expecting it to get better with time as other android phones do. Just make sure if you buy future SE android phones that they come with features that tick all your boxes and forget about support. Salvation for the x10 will come not from SE but from the clever so and so who eventually cracks the bootloader so we can all ditch SE software.

  35. I’ve owned nothing but Sony Ericsson phones. The X10 will be my last no doubt about it. The only reason I bought the X10 is because the internet was filled with 2.1 rumors. What a load of shit.

  36. Androids benefits of being an open platform is speedy software development. If you can’t keep up with that, what’s the use of making Android phones? No more SE folks…

  37. The day I got my phone, I was torn between choosing the X10 or the HTC Desire…

    I chose the X10 for the larger screen and the fact that I have used only SE mobiles for the last 6 years!

    Now with the constant let down and waiting for SE to pull their finger out….
    Why oh why didn’t I just get the desire!!??!!
    A friend of mine got himself a desire a couple of months ago with 2.1 already on it and it’s brilliant.

    annoying and as for SE wanting to lead the market for android devices, unless they keep their currect customers happy by delivering on the promises and timelines THEY have set out, they wont have a chance, can’t see it happening.

    The way it’s going, SE are going to be a flash in the pan, they are going to be left behind, as are all of us, the SE customer base! SHAMEFUL!

  38. I actually kinda like my x10. It has all the features i want. And since that i can’t help hating the iphone, i had and actually still is finding the x10 quite likeable. I can read some ebooks, play some simple games and call my friends. If i press the phone a bit harder against my ear i can actually hear quite well. But, i am selling it now just because i am starting to hate se and tired of their “promises”.

  39. Well yes it’s hardly a surprise..

    But Id rather them get it right than release software that’s not finished.

  40. i am a dev for mobile security suites for symantec, i purchased this phone for around 1k a couple of months ago, i just pre ordered my htc desire hd, poor form se. i will not purchase another se phone after this experince.

  41. If any mods are reading, please close these threads or at least filter them. The level of profanity is becoming quite ridiculous for an official public forum linked to twitter.

    I like reading the articles/news on this site, but I think you should disallow the comments section. It resolves absolutely nothing while representing the view of about 0.1% of all X10 owners. It could hardly be considered useful feedback for Sony Ericsson.

  42. Who cares when the update is coming. There is hardly anything worth waiting for in the update.

    Waiting for salary to buy some other phone that actually works as smartphone and not as browser or facebook phone.

    And Mr. CEO BlackBerry does not make texting phoness. There phones have much better audio than your fucked up phone.

  43. Se is playing their customer. They are testing, teasing, stressing or whatever you want to call it, their customers by releasing again and again a new phone. And maybe they hope that by releasing newer and better phone their customers will forgive them and buy their phone again in the future. But, i can’t and don’t think that i should trust a company that plays their customers. However good their next phone is going to be. And for me, trust is very important. Never again sony ericson.

  44. Never I should change me from Nokia to Sony Ericsson.
    Today, the best Sony Ericsson’s phone is the worst Samsung’s phone.
    I will change to Samsung Galaxy S.
    Xperia X10 is not a smartphone!!!

  45. Dear @Rex,

    Please let us to say what we think. If you think different, it’s your opinion. Our opinion is this sucks!

  46. Rex works for se
    Xperia is way behind and will never catch up. It’s very stupid with what sony are doing.

  47. I WANT! I WANT! I WANT! Do any of you have anything else between your ears than what you want?! Lighten up and see the big picture!
    Most of you will probably stick to your X10 no matter what you are posting – simply because you can’t afford a new phone right now. Most of you will probably regret that you trashed your X10 for a Desire or something else. Most of you will change your point of view completely once the update has arrived. You are acting like small spoiled children. I doubt that SE takes feedback like that seriously. 😀
    This is not the end of the world – you can use your phone as it is. And by the end of 2010 you’ll get a FREE present from SE in the form of an update. Get a life folks!

  48. So this is what we’re getting,

    Xperia X10 Android 2.1 features:

    ■HD video recording with continuous auto-focus for high quality videos
    ■Upgrade of the Android platform to Android 2.1
    ■New back up and restore application, with extended content back up
    ■5 homescreens for apps, widgets, shortcuts and folders
    ■Social phonebook which automatically syncs contact pictures from Facebook and shows when your friends are online.

    My questions is, how long is it going to take to deliver nothing. 5 things, I work in IT and if this was something I was working and this happened I’d be expecting a P45 in the post. No multi-touch, not even an increase in colors that was pulled. and Nothing with any real impact. 5 Homescreens, wooooooohhh, that’ll impress my friends on HTC, Apple and Samsung…. NOT!!!!!

    SE, you really really need to dig your heads out of your own asses and take a look at what end user support is meant to be like from HTC, Apple and Samsung. Or your not going to be in the mobile phone business for much longer. MARK MY WORDS SONY – YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!

  49. Another hit in the customers face
    Bunch of……
    god am i glad now ,that i preordered my DesireHD at the first day via amazon.

    Sorry but this is a clear No Go.

  50. @JC

    i payed, ipayed, i payed for untrue promises.

    and i can afford a new one, i allready preordered it from amazon, HTC Desire HD.

    I doubt that SE takes any feedback seriously , at all.

    At the end of 2010, is the end of the lifetime for a phone like the X10 is.
    WE do NOT get FREE presents from SE , WE Payed for them….

  51. I’m a SE user for last 6-7 years but i have never been disappointed like this before. If SE does not upgrade X10 to 2.2, then this is going to be my LAST SE phone.

    I’ve complained to BBC watchdog i hope they will feature this problem in their program. How come they still hope to be leading company in the market. Someone earlier in his comments said if SE is run by teenagers, i don’t think even teenagers are that dumb !!!!

  52. I’m going to Paris next week. Its a nice thing.
    When you expect to shoot hd video and show it to your friends.
    Now i have to take a video camera with me!

    I was hoping to have nice camera, no way, have the shity 8,1 mp which is worse than my reverse camera of the car.
    F**k you SE!

  53. I bet SE must be rolling on the floor loling away at all of us….. i predicted a october rollout… haha….. didnt expect it to be really true….. I dont think 2.2 will ever come at the rate 2.1 goes….. i think 2.1x would be delayed until like feb next year or something citing reasons that their whole software team suddenly came down with testicular cancer….

  54. What did I say? The new Desire HD will be out before this update! A two finger gesture to it’s customers – how long does it take to ‘test’ this update out?

    Not to worry… I shall be investing in a new spanking phone before Christmas because I seriously doubt if this update will see the light of day anytime this year…

  55. I’m not surprised by the delay. This is sounding quite familiar with SE. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get the update on my O2 branded X10 in December. I got the last firmware update just last month when everyone else got it in May/June.

  56. What can I say ?

    Its a bit of a D!ck move, but I hope they have a good reason, or they are atleast merging the 2 updates planned into 1 or something..

  57. I’m over it. Trading my x10 for the Droid. FU SE!!! Quit dicking us around. What’s the holdup? You wont ever be the top android at this rate. Thought this phone was good. Now because of your procrastinating manners. It sucks. Peace. I’m out. Droid 2 here i come

  58. I’d also like to get my two cents in here. As with many this was also my first SE phone. I thought for sure that it might very well be the iPhone killer. In reality, it could have been but SE is turning this phone into a brick all on its own.

    As far as I am concerned, I am willing to throw money at this thing to get what I want – an OS upgrade. So, I think android should allow consumers to purchase OS updates (I would pay as much as $50CAD) on their own to install them on their devices. That way when someone makes the mistake of purchasing an SE phone, they can fix the problem these fools seem unable to fix themselves.

  59. Please stop the flaming, it makes the usufull information here inaccesible!

    I am disappointed by the delay like everyone else not working for HTC, Apple or any other competitor. But right now I think we should all worry more about the mental health of those who obviously seem to have misunderstood the importance of a mobile device, and needs to GET A LIFE!

  60. great job SE!! well done idiot CEO!!

    very good after sale service and lier~~ won’t believe end of oct can get it as well~~ LIER!!

  61. I was fine to wait for the September, it was promised to us. But this is just the last straw! I’ve been positive about SE until now, but this now makes me considering jumping ship to someone else when it comes to getting a new phone. I still LOVE my X10, Just not Sony Ericsson.

  62. I seriously cannot understand why poeple are behaving this way. You have the Xperia X10 which have great hardware. if you cannot wait why dont you root it and install the upgrade yourself. OK you will lose the Mediascape, Timescape and Infinite functionaly but that is the gamble you take.
    You still have a useable phone and SE has not said they are withdrawing support from the X10 if they launch a new phone. Let be patient and see.


    Haha i agree!

    My only Question is… how can it be “officially” delayed when we didn’t have a MOTHER F***IN “official” release date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    excited for the contact syncing though!

  64. I don’t get who people are so p!ssed about 65k / 16 million color thing I’m quite sure most people could tell the difference from just looking.

    I can understand some people been frustrated the scheduled 2.1 update was a factor in me buying my x10 mini but I have done without 2.1 for the past several months a few weeks is not going to hurt I would rather have a bug free version later than a buggy one now

  65. For me, what’s very peculiar is the timing of this announcement. On the day most likely, according to SE Spain a few weeks ago. I mean SE UK where only a few days ago confirming that it would be before the end of q3. It’s like their developers could not tell that they would miss a deadline only a few days away. I can’t believe such a big company can be capable of such incompetence. This points to something rather more cynical. Maybe they are just trying to manage user angst regarding the slow roll out of the update. I think q4 was always when they planned to release it but only brought it forward because of the outcry. It seems to me that they want to get as close to the end of the year as they can before releasing the update so they can just move on immediately to their new phone(s) without having to deal with the inevitable cries for 2.2 from x10 users. In short, they have no intention of updating the phone to 2.2 and just use the 2.1 update to buy themselves time.

  66. I think it’s time to switch to HTC or Motorola… SE has thus far let me down with their Android experience.

  67. I see many people are telling why they need 2.1/2.2 when 1.6 is just fine. Sorry to those people , i pity thier ignorance.
    Im saddened by the fact that the update is delayed.when 2.2 is becoming a norm, we are still cribbing for 2.1. also the fact that what we are getting is not impressive

    1. 720 video rec : stop kidding, many other already have that. no point bragging abt it as it shud have been given by default at the first place.

    2. restore app? : It takes a millenium to restore the lost customers, forget contacts, setting and app restore !

    3. A social phonebook : How the hell will that be a selling point? you are telling that is the feature, there are zillions of app to do that. U dont add any value by giving that. For eg, tell me wat value u r adding by media scape? that shitty app takes 8 seconds to load and if im on transit and need to switch on music in a jiffy, cant do it, it doesnt have a widget too. Mixzing does the right job.

    So in short u r creating all the fuss for nothing.

    Also ur selling points are timescape and media scape, i have already told abt mediascape. Timescape is another heavy shitty app, which cant be uninstall-ed without rooting. again it takes loads of time to open. I dont know wat market research u have done to put those app, if u have the current data of people using it ull know it.

    Now many here can ask why I bout this phone. here is my answer
    1. I believe”d” in se, that they ll be rolling out 2.1 soon (then) but they said in q4 later, fine. Then they said q3, awesome. but now why this delay. Cant u analyse situation has changed? that 2.2 is out on every other tom dick and harry phone??

    2.Grt looks and a very potential hardware, I thought it cud bee rooted soon and i can put latest sw on it

    3. For grt products sony had in the past. I have a K790i, an awesome phone.

    4. Sony experience of course (which is a myth now) 🙁

    I hope people who makes decisions there makes them right and soon. I think u have lost everything now, Wat i fel is release a immediate update with deterministiic bootloader behavor , so xda people can take care of the rest.

    But for now bye bye SE, hate U big time. Also im not going to recommend any of the product to my friend and family

  68. I absolutely have no problem, honest to goodness. Since it was rumored that it had some lag, MAYBE they’ll fix the issue. I would rather wait a couple of weeks to have it in near perfect form, rather than something that’s all bugged up.

  69. my wife has a HTC hero, nice little android phone i bought it her over a yr ago with 1.6 on it, it must be what 2 months ago now she was updated over the air with 2.1 and it looks good, now my dissapointment is that my phone is only about 3months old if that, much better processor than the hero, more ram, more quality camera better UI but STOP her phone is over a yr old and it has a better OS than mine! thats wrong, my x10 is capable at least 2.2 maybe 3.0 at a push its like buying a brand new P.C. with a dual core processor, 3gb ram a graphics card with a 1gb ram and HD too turn it on and find windows 98 on it!!!!! it wouldn’t happen…….

    i am thinking sod it and get an iphone but part of me wants too wait and hopefully “Sony cant get it right ericsson” will pull something out the bag and make there so called flagship model something to be proud of , cos at the moment i am not proud of owning it!!!!…………

  70. i hope the big surprise is not the X12, becouse i dont fucking care about a new phone… i cant WASTE my money into a new phone every 6 months… im very disappointed

  71. Just been looking at htc desire hd what a phone that is and its out on 6 th oct running 2.2 and costing less that the
    x10i when it came out.

  72. f**k you seeeeeee!!!!!!!
    if i had a wish then i could wish that SE GOES BANKROOP!!!
    this is not normall anymore i have paid 560 euro voor x10 to get android 1.6 bad camera 65k bad volume ring the hole phone is bad!! i throw my phone away in too the sea to be sure that nobody get such an bad foon!!!

    SAMSUNG GALAXY S here i come

  73. Hi, someone please help me. I just put my X10 on ebay.
    Should I get the Samsung Galaxy S or HTC? I’m not sure about the HTC models, which is the best? HTC Desire? Sense? HD?

    Or if there’s a good phone coming out soon and I should wait a little longer, please let me know.



  74. anybody having problem with posting at SE blog – i’m trying for half of hour….. and my post is not showing ???

  75. This must be the big surprise the SE CEO was referring to yesterday…

    Just waiting for HTC Desire Z so I can get off this sinking ship. Too bad SE is a bunch of idiots, cause the x10 mini pro is really an unique phone.

  76. I have a question for SE which is going to come out first Eclair For X10 or is google going to release Gingerbread, as at the moment I think that 2.1 is NEVER going to be released on the X10 Range SE are just ripping customers off with false promises.

  77. OMG i’m soooooooooooooo surprised……. its really a damn huge in ur face surprise by SE CEO…. well done on the big surprise thingy….

  78. C’mon…. u are wondering about the bad selling from the X10? Its a pretty awesome smartphone with an still outdated OS. Then u tell the world u will update to 2.1 ( and not 2.2) withsuch an big delay anyway. maybe 6 weeks later we will get an still outdated android and have to wait till 2.2 is coming with app2sd & teethering. Really bad move SE. Android 2.1 and 2.2 are developed since a long time. What’s so hard to roll out the update?????

  79. Anybody wanna buy an out of date, over priced Xperia X10.
    Lifelong SE user…ends today.
    What should I get an HTC Desire or a Samsung Galaxy S…. Let me know guys…

  80. lol Mr. CEO did say he’s got a surprise for us. This is so sad and irritating that i’m actually laughing now. I think i’ve been pretty patient up to this point.

    Wasn’t the 2.1 prototype we saw on videos floating around fully functional? Why are they suddenly “not ready” for the release? So unless the “surprise” is that instead of releasing 2.1 they are releasing Froyo 2.2 to us (well, a dream’s a dream right?), it’s gonna be very hard for SE to regain my confidence. (And I had such fond memories of my old K810i…)

    oh and maybe the surprise is actually that they are adding a button to our x10 that gives us a shower when we press it. woo hoo for portable showers -_-

  81. WOW! Cannot believe developers missed deadline in only few days and managers WERE not aware of that? A few days ago it looked to be end of September but now they changed their mind? WOW!! I cannot believe a comany like SE has issues like this. Imagine Apple does it and ….???

    I purchased my X10 a few days ago only because there was an update scheduled, but now? I cannot trust SE anymore. I will try to exchnage it with a Acer Liquid E (Rogers).

  82. Exactly! Why the F*ck they want the release a new phone every 6 months, most of us cant afford a new phone so fast, the x10 has an amazing hardware, and SE ur just wasting the potential of this phone.

    We are going to get a out dated SO anyways! well done SE, remember the customer is always right, we deserve more from our x10. Personally i wont buy a “SUPER IMPRESSIVE 3.0 Gingerbread X12” its a joke, u selfish bastards just want us to spend more money, we already did on the x10.

  83. Not surprised AT ALL, but I just wanted to read the official words before I made my mind up. X10 goes in a drawer and I’m never buying a Sony Ericsson phone again.

  84. as I thought already….
    -No Multitouch…
    -Updates are taken too long maybe they don’t have enough quality of human resources in the developer world!…

    Get Rid of My X10 now… to all : never buy SE Products again now!! they’re Cheaters!
    bye Sony Welcome HTC!!!

  85. This isn´t a surprise at all! My trust in SE just keeps getting lower.
    What they need is to update their heads first to a more reasonable firmware and stop doing this lazy job with the x10… I´m really sad…

  86. For me it’s the first SE phone after a lot of Nokia and Samsung phones.(more than 25 phones in the last 8 years or so)
    I think the X10 is the best phone by far I ever used and for sure the best looking phone.
    Indeed it’s a shame that the update is still not ready for rollout but when I bought the phone I knew the specs and they where (are) fine and they can only get better after more updates.(even if there were no updates to come on the X10 still would not buy a Samsung)
    Does anyone knows how long Samsung takes to get an update out? if they ever get one out! (Nokia never gets you to a higher level of symbian platform, they let you buy a new phone if you wish to upgrade)
    I think that everyone should stop complaning about updates and all and just enjoy your
    X10’s, must users here wouldn’t no if they were on Android 1.6 or 2.1 anyway.

    Just sit and wait, everything is gonna be allright!

  87. Well, since I have a branded phone and I have no desire to de-brand, I already knew from my service provider (Rogers, Canada) that the update wouldn’t be happening until at least mid-Q4. Will this current 2-4 week delay affect the release through Rogers? Probably, but maybe not. Might service providers already have a practically functional update to work with that will only require a minor patch in order to bring it up to snuff for SE? Maybe, but probably not.

    For me, other than the fact that it will move to Android 2.1, this update is pretty useless. I find that I don’t have enough room on my current 3 home screens to fit some of the less-used apps/widgets/shortcuts so, having 5 would be nice. I would hope that the 5 aren’t linear though…whether it becomes one on each side and one above and below the main screen, or if it becomes essentially able to scroll infinitely to one side or the other and just rolls from screen 5 to screen 1 again would be WAY better than only being able to scroll from the main (screen 3 in my opinion) to 2 and then 1, but if you wanted something on screen 5, you would have to go from 1 through 2, 3, and 4 first.

    HD Vid, could be neat to use, but I haven’t done much photo/vid work anyway. More back-up and restore capabilities…well…ok, maybe? And “social phonebook”? I just downloaded an app for that. Why do I need SE to give me something I already have?

  88. enough is enough…ive had it with this motherfucking phone and this motherfucking update…im going to buy a new phone tomorrow and sell this piece of crap…sony ericsson you suck im not gonna buy a s.e phone never again.fuck you sony ericsson…

  89. SAmsung galaxy s

    Victor Rendon September 23, 2010 at 7:59 PM

    guys, suggestions for a new 3g cellphone… android please… no iPhone… i HATE iphone.

  90. SE get a whole new android developer team!!! Symbian teams don’t know how to android’. Wake up!

  91. @ SE


  92. X10 is a good phone even with android 1.6…. but SE should not make promise they cannot keep. I am happy with my X10 even without update I wont sell it but SE disrespect toward their customers will affect my judgment when I choose my next Android phone next April when plan ends.

  93. Sony know you are disappointed, they are listening. 2.1 is ready to go but for the hardware it has it is just too laggy, the problem is know, it is being fixed. If it had been released there would be serious moans about it’s performance, yes it is all down to timescape and mediascape. Yes it could all be cut out and just give you a plain device with decent hardware and let you all get on with it. But Sony are commited to being the leading provider of handheld entertaiment … not just a phone!

    Close ties are being formed with Google, there will come a time when you’ll stop looking at the version number of the OS and concentrate on the end product. WE must all agree the although our OS version shows 1.6 the X10 is much more than vanilla 1.6. When it says 2.1 it’ll be more than 2.1, we all know that!

    We all feel here that the X10 feels like a trial run for Sony’s venture into Android .. But Sony know that Andriod is the future and it could turn the companies fortunes around. Google know that it has to break Apples hold on the handheld entertainment market, it is happening, I know it seems slow now but we are backing the right team now.

    P.S. You aint gonna need multi-touch …. that is soooooo 2007!

  94. I’ve been thinking of selling my X10 but the update was making me rethink… bye bye SE, welcome HTC… HTC deserves the glory now… much better devices in the look and mind.

  95. Simply Ridicoulous.

    SE, you HAVE to cover this almost huge gap.

    My company simply would have killed me for such an announcement….

    Customer deserve higher level treatment

  96. Except for HD video android 2.1, the update does not bring anything we can already have
    5 home screen…. with ADW you can have up to 7.
    Better backup/restore …. there are a lot of back up/restore apps (for rooted phones)
    Social phone book…. with the Facebook app you can already put a FB contact folder on your desk.
    The X10 was rumored to launch with 2.1 but it didn’t, now almost a year SE is unable to deliver what they promised to their customers and they want make them to believe they are working hard on an update that is seemingly already ready given the Berlin IFA video floating around.
    SE PR are just pathetic liars.

  97. Guesswhat: X10 is my first SE phone and after this whole fuckup it is also my last. Should have gone for the HTC Desire or even the Samsung Galaxy S even though I had to wait. Hindsight is always 20/20.

  98. I’m very dissappointed… i buy my x10 a couple of weeks because they will update the sofrware in no time…

  99. Well, Although my X10 works fine but it is all about company promises and deadlines which set the expectations. a compnay which needs to lead the mobile market needs to behave well.

    I was (and still am) sick of Apple updates because those made my iPhone 3G like a crap phone (so laggy and useless). Why? They want us to go an buy new *Hardware* which is iPhone 4. I stopped that because I was sick of spending fortune money on a phone which I know will be useless in next major update (iOS 5 maybe?).

    So I decided to get something (Android) to not be in the race but guess what? I WAS WRONG!!! I had tried windows mobile on HTC and they sucked big time (HTC devices are crap IMO). iPhone ionly good for 1 year (till next one comes out) and then Android phones? COME ON!!!! WTF is going on? I may try Acer or Samsung (if I have enough money to buy one full price.) but I will not buy LATEST one because I know the game now: it will be old nex year and I have to spend a lot of money to get another one. So I decided to get out of this game and just use the features I NEED rather than the features LOOK good and SOUND attractive. this way I will SAVE my hard-earned money and spend it somewhere else. MOBILE World SUCKSSS big time.

  100. I hope one of these days, one of these crazy radical groups get tired of using 1.6 on their android phones (Slows them down for planning) and decide to knock on SONY ERICSSON’s door..

    That’ll be great. That’ll teach them to delay sh**t…. I hope that shit goes down.

    Headlines read “SE Headquaters, Mobile division were held hostage by couple of crazy radical groups, not for religious, ethnic reasons but for being slow to update their phones with promised updates.”

  101. Sony, there is a solution. Release the bootloader, make the phone software accessible to developers! The dev’s are willing to create the software additions to make 2.2 work on the X10!

  102. This is my new mantra:

    Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone, Buy an iPhone,

  103. I am kicking my self for selling my hero to get this phone, even that phone is better than my x10 now. Sony really need to sort this out this new update really needs to be 2.2 at least to make things better otherwise htc hd for me too i think

  104. @Ramon Gonzalez

    But iphone are for handicap brainless casual. If anything get another android phone. Thinking of getting the new desire hd.

  105. @Ramon Gonzalez

    But iphone are for handicap brainless casual. Its slso super glued together. If anything get another android phone. Thinking of getting the new desire hd.

  106. SE no X10 customer cares about ur new phones….
    we know how sh1t u made x10… and then failed to put it right… all ur new devices will b the same. sack ur firmware architect team, they are shit. ur f/w engineers need new direction. dont make pointless announcements months ahead of time and then fail to hit them. Whichever VP made that choice, sack that d1ckhead as well. In a recession, this will be easy. We did this on one of our VPs who fucked up. let this be a lesson and apologise with an accurate statement on what the delay is at least…u owe us this. There are 164 posts in this thread….99% all negative. If x10 was £400, thats £65,600 worth of revenue that has ended up as seriously disappointment customers, with nothing to go on but each others disappointment….and that day 1 of posts…. by end of day 2, this will top £100k, easy. Now do u get the picture ? now do u understand why that VP needs to be sacked… ?…he is killing u and everything u have built, one week at a time….

    all who agree say aye ?

  107. I hope that somebody soon will hack/crack this **** so that we don’t have to wait for SE anymore. That would be a beautiful in your face to SE for making us wait this long.

  108. Over the xda forum the developers working on to crack the bootlader.
    Guys please hurry because i cant wait for SE (Su*k)

  109. i think xperia x10 is a great device
    but to be very honest i am a bit dissappointed with this news as waiting for the 2.1 update for quite a long time…….i guess i have to wait for it more as its a very unique n different mobile than any other android device .
    what makes me even more dissappointed is the features included in 2.1 update……i am not not much into multitouch stuff n i was expecting SE to include one finger zoom on the X10 in 2.1 update but heard it wont be included till the UXP update??????????????????

  110. WOW! i cannot believe the BALLS they have.

    SONY ERICSSON is the worst of all corporate F***S. The audacity of these people. the devs on xda would be able to make an 2.1 faster than SE’S ppl.

    We should all burn in hell for supporting SE by giving them our money (including me), SE’S the devil and were all his bloody minions.

    SELL the x10 and buy ANY phone besides SE NOW!!!!!!!! hopefully they will fall within the next 2 years. B*S*T*A*R*D*S!!!!!

  111. Hey all…

    Been reading threw the comments and im 100% behind you on the whole 2.1 let down…however, I really do have a gutt feeling that something real good is going to come from this delay.
    S.E are not some stupid backstreet company…lets calm down for a sec and think about this for a sec.

    All blogs were pointing towards the Q3 release which up until today where changed. (Totally random)
    No multitouch.
    No 16m colours.
    A big surprise is coming! announces S.E’s CEO.

    Now it might just be me reading to much into the subtle hints and signs but before I melt my X10 in the chip pan I’d like to see whats up the S.E sleeve.
    I know it sounds kinda dumb to throw this in the face of an angry mob but could they be releasing something bigger and better for us?
    Lets face it…the bugs surely etc had to have been fixed for the release date and we’ve seen proof of this running smoothly in the leaked video…or are S.E playing mindgames with us the way companys like Steam do with game updates?

    S.E know exactly what the hardware inside the X10 is capable of…after all they did make it! They also like to make bold statements in the phonemarket by inventing new things.

    So lets think here…whats better than 2.1, better than multitouch, better than 16million colours…you never know…food for thought!!!

  112. Hi all, yes I am fed up waiting too, gone back to my p1i, atleast its reliable!
    I’m not too bothered about 16 m colours, I just want to be able to hear the person I’m calling and them hear me, anyone else having same problem? I have to redial upto three times before person I’m trying to call can actually hear anything from my end, SE if you read this could you please let me know anyway I can sort this, it is not a network issu but my x10, I reckon se rushed this phone out without caring about its actual ability, another case of style over substance, I will not be fooled again!

  113. wankers..

    i have been a Sony person most of my life, Sony Bravia tv, Sony stereo, PS3 and I thought that getting a Sony phone would be a no brainer. It’s not so much the actual 2.1 update, but the delay and the availability of 2.2, i thought they would jump to 2.2 . anyway, this will be my last sony ericcson phone…throughly annoyed….

  114. You guys are a humiliation to all Android phone manufacturer.U said it gonna be an update ib end of September.Most Android’s phone was moving on to 2.2.And u guys is the dragging back in this Android lines.U guys are shit.Ur x10 sucks like bitch.I’m so mother fucking i vought one.Fuck u all Sony shit crap errorness.

  115. This is ridiculous, this should of shipped with 2.1 anyway, and its not even going to the most update one, as 2.2 is out already, you are a failure sony ericsson, i hope you read this, your a FAILURE at life, except the ps3, that is a sucess 🙂

  116. Is anyone a layer out there. I bought this phone with SE marketing telling me how wonderful it is, but it has let me down on many aspects of application delivery. It’s not the phone I thought I was buying even after all the research I did. If my fridge let me down this much I would be eating take out every night.

    Can we take a class action out with SE and get the real phone they promised when it comes. I want my money back so I can buy a reel phone. Here I was so excited about my awsome phone I payed over $800 for and now I’m reading one month in about SE plans for there next phone. Already I feel ripped off!!!!!

  117. I know I’ve been trying to tell myself that xperia is a good piece of hardware and with proper support it can still kick ass… but I guess the support part won’t happen for a while. We need more than just a pretty face; it means nothing if underneath the looks lies the brain of an idiot. And we all know Xperia’s software is quite outdated.

    Just out of curiosity, I browsed around HTC’s site. And looked up HTC Desire HD’s specs…. the thing is godly. I would so get it if it was compatible with my network’s 3g bands

  118. This IS the big surprise, and the surprise DID come earlier than expected.

    In all respect, Sony Ericsson did do NOTHING wrong, they said EXACTLY what they were going to do.


  119. hillarious, what a joke is sony making of itselves.
    i am not gonna wait desire hd here i come.
    what a display of lack of knowledge.

  120. no prob Sony ERICSSON~! take ur own sweet time. Will go on to Iphone 4… yeah Steve Job~! Anyone interested with this lousy X10… please email me.

  121. WTF???? first they said “Much sooner than you think” and then “Big surprise” and now this???Bullshit

  122. I have just leave my x10 behind now and have get my a iPhone4 yesterday..
    now I will never turn back to a SE product ever!!!

    SE will never be #1 in android world!!! after they lie every word they say from beginning and until now still lie.. I can’t believe..

    bye bye SE xperia X10 great hardware but sucks software support..

  123. Latest news update from CNNBC Reporter, Fxxk Nordberg
    Sony Ericsson CEO, Bert Nordbery just announced at local time September 24, 2010 3.00AM that he wish to change his “Big Surprise” contents and release it now. Below are some extracts of the revised “Big Surprise” which going to be released to the press later at 9.00AM, after all SE staffs brought their inflatable sex doll / vibrator to their office.
    ” I wish to inform the whole world that after receive millions of condemns from disappointed X10 user, I would like to take some correction actions”
    ” my staffs and myself will have immediate 1/3 of salary cut, no bonus, no overtime, no more free supply of sex doll / vibrator and adult channel for them to pass time… so that they can quickly roll out the 2.1 update”
    ” while waiting for firmware 2.1, we do offer following smartphones for disappointed X10 user to free exchange for their current set. The phones offer are (i) Xperia S-Galaxy with android 2.2 (ii) Xperia HD-Desire, also with 2.2 (iii) Xperia X-Droid/Milestone, again 2.2 and Finally (iv) Xperia 4-Apple, errrr future upgradeable to Android 2.2/3 and condom for signal drop prevention is provided . Interested user please contact SE for their prefer phone and bring along receipts as proof of purchase. Please bear in mind that SE needs couple of weeks to change the cover of the 4 phones above so that they carry SE Logo and Xperia model respectively, these phones will be available tentatively end of October. However, I’d also like to highlight that the exchange will be made available in a phased roll-out which means that different “kits” get the exchange at different times. It will take some additional weeks from end of October before all different kits have the new smartphone available”
    Further report after the official announcement at 9.00AM sharp, Guys, trust me, when SE CEO said 9.00AM, it will be very very sharp at 9.00AM…

  124. what are you smoking cnnbc reporter ???????………..and can i get some of it. Just be patient. the new update is not going to change your life. mine is just fine the way it is. all will happen in good time

  125. Of course, it’s delayed.
    Really not surprising.

    Someone wrote about promising a smaller updates before the bigger one;
    We’ve had TWO smaller updates in Japan. The latest update was just released August 31st so I definitely would no longer expect SE to force users to update their phones twice in one month.

    The first and second update in Japan are STILL missing some of the pieces that other regions have got although the second update added a backup and restore utility that you cannot kill/remove (i’ve been told that if it isn’t running then you can’t connect to any networks)

    The second update also included very important Japan region specific things to cater to the needs of that market… something that Apple has largely failed to do.

    Finally, I agree with some others; While it’s disappointing, it’s really not the end of the world. The phone is still perfectly usable and runs quite well. The only people who really care about the firmware versions are people like us who either work in the technology industry or are technophiles

  126. SE wants to delay the update till end of this year. By 2011 they will have a successor to X10 which will be launched with 2.2 and will get 3.0 eventually. We, the owners of X10 will have to stop at 2.1 officially. Unofficially, we’ll have to root our device and install 2.2 after we get 2.1

  127. I am so torn, why does a company that packages phones so well suffer with critical firmware updates?

    Maybe this has something to do with their extra large product range covering Windows Mobile, Android and Sony’s own phone OS. Have Sony Ericsson put to many eggs in different baskets?

    I would like to hope that it’s SE’s strict quality control that is causing the delay, but ultimately SE really need to revise their releases for Android updates to ensure they can maintain a strong following in the Android arena which is where there is the largest growth in the mobile OS sector.

    I’m personally happy with my current X10, it’s a great phone, but I can’t help but feel let down and jealous of other manufacturers ability to release Android updates in a far more transparent and time efficient manner.

    SE ~ As perhaps one of your loyalist customers, please rectify this process as soon as possible to put us all out of our misery, for not only 2.1, but all future Android releases.

    PS. This message feels like I’m pissing into the wind.

  128. LOL @ YOU LOSERS. You nitwits should have bought my iPhone. I designed it with my customers in mind, and when there’s trouble, I quickly order software upgrades.
    You thought you’re clever, buying an Android phone, thinking you’re different from the masses. You are different, everyone else don’t have crap bricks with outdated software, everyone else can hear the person they call.

    Visit your nearest Apple Store and experience the difference.

  129. Im fron mexico, and i actually dont care to much about thes upgrade, its true im very angry but i will dont care more, i gonna let the time go and see when SE decides to release that 2.1 android upgrade.

    And i must tell something, i have bought the xperia x10 beacuse in this moment its the best cellphone officialy released in my country (except the iphone, iphone3g, iphone3gs and iphone4 wich are all a shit.) We dont have too many options to choose from as you, for example: we only have one model from htc (diamond), we dont have the google nexus one, we dont have much of the cellphones you have, thats the only reason beacuse i bought my x10. (We have aproach 2/3 of the phones you have).

    and please sorry for my bad english

  130. BIll always told me how much fun it was to steal Apple’s Kool Aid in the 80’s. I can’t believe I’ll get a chance to do it to them myself. Hey, my Windows Phone 7 would port nicely to one of these X10’s!!!

  131. whew!! I sold my x10 today and bought an iphone 4!… that x10 was really pain in the butt because of a bunch of glitches…. no more SE for me from now on!

  132. This was a complete waste of time. Even rooting the phone is not an option.
    It is taking FOREVER to get the updates which don’t even have the things that should’ve came out with initially, Android 2.2, Multi-touch, and the Flash Player.
    Selling mine and looking for another phone that has the 3 features above as well as the many nice features of the X10 if possible!

  133. Hi,

    First of all i got an X2 (Windows Mobile based), then after waiting about 4 months we got an update that didnt solve many things and i got really angry; I readed about the X10 and (mistakenly) i tought, “lets buy the X10, sounds like its a really good device”, and as a matter of fact it is, really im amazed!! (I use to push the phones to the best they can do, and often i get tons of errors, automagical restarts, non booting, and so on, but with this X10 everything has changed, IT REALLY WORKS.

    Now, i tought that changing to the X10 phone would be good because it may be developed by a “smarter”, “more professional”, “better quality” team rather than the X2 but turns out that its kind of the same s.h.i.t because from the start i got a mobile with outdated OS, the update is taking months and it will be yet an outdated OS and YET with LIMITED CAPABILITIES!!!!!

    A mobile with this $pec$, not being able to play flash, restricted to install software on the internal memory (because will not be without froyo), restricted to have a 65k color screen, ITS CRAP, and well lets not talk about the multitouch.

    SE, why you do this to your customers?, really you dont care about them?, you made me really disappointed with two NOT CHEAP phones (X2 and X10)…

    What if you take half of the budget of your ads, promos, and use that money to hire competent developers, managers, engineers and release products with the quality that a customer is expecting for 11,000 mexican pesos (in my case, in USD is about $850); I can assure you that solving the customers needs and expectations, you will get unpaid advertising and sales by P2P recommendations…

    Im really not lying when i tell you that i allready discouraged 3 of my coworkers that saw my phone and were going to buy it, i know that 3 people is nothing for your corporation, but also im really sure that im not the only one doing the same.. so do the math…

    Yet another unhappy (not with bad luck, -s.t.u.p.i.d-) that trusted on you a second time, and got f.u._.k.e.d twice.

  134. SE, If you don’t have the means to support customized, branded Android versions, why don’t you just go with the generic versions?

    By the way – no one cares about Timescape, so if it is that feature that is holding you back, don’t bother.

  135. You are right Tandgnost! SE is ALL WRONG… instead of providing smatphones with up to date technologies (OS, screen resolution, Flash, etc.) they rather develop very low quality softwares on top of the out dated OS such as Timescape and Mediascape that nobody cares about.

  136. @neverAgain, TBH The Timescape + Media Scape thing was the main thing that interested me about the phone on the adverts, so it might just be you that doesn’t care about them?,

    And secondly

    Everyone here is BITCHING about how SE has let you down blah blah blah, to be frank, They could say “fuck you, keep that outdated piece of shit”, but no. there releasing updates to KEEP all the little fucking kids happy, and oh my god? a delay its not the end of the world.

    If they released the update and there was a load of bugs everyone would just be bitching about that?!, So i think SE has did the right thing to make sure all the bugs / the software WORKS properly before releasing,

    Sure everyone knows its annoying everyone has been waiting for a update that has been delayed a month, but at least when you get it, most the bugs should be gone, if not bitch away all you like. I’m just saying give them a month.

  137. baddiE,
    It is not the update matter, the big deal here is an International Company like SE never commit on their promise and keep delay it. With such culture do you think they will care on the quality of their phone, or even their brand name?
    opps, almost forgot it owns by japanese Sony, which lately become bad attitude for japanese big corporation. If you don’t believe, just google how Toyota handle the accelerator problem.
    Sorry, Japanese, not against you but the Jap Big Corp have become Jap Big Ass. We still love your anime, AV…….

  138. @baddiE

    You retarded? Seriously you don’t see nothing wrong with picture here. They made an announcement and towards the end of the week of release, the back track and make another announcement. Do you think they woke up yesterday morning and said “shit! we aint going to me the deadline! Oh well, everyone will understand 🙂 “. That’s bullshit, if they had any kind of project management going on…that delay was seen weeks ago.

    I bought my phone based on the fact that they set a date. now i am running an OS that can’t sync with my work’s exchange unless i get a 3rd Party app which none out there actually tie in with the OS (i have to have multiple contact programs). Seriously, for a smart phone and no updates to 2.1 (which supports exchange directly) this is fucking sad….

    you are obviously one of the people that just accepts the bitch slap to face expecting another one to come and do nothing about. i’ll see you in a month with another delay and will like to hear your rosey response to that.

  139. @baddie

    we are not bitching around and you are simply the kind of customer that get abused in the sense that you are ok to pay for a product that does not meet the requirements of today’s market and most importantly what SE themself promised. One month delay is one thing but changing plans at the last minutes when customers have already paid is smoething else.

    I simply say never again.

  140. Just wanted to tell all of you that the big surprise would be gingerbread on x10 after its release in mid october , that is why sony is delaying the update . And the 2.1 news for x10 is just to distract.

  141. When i got this phone all most 6 months ago i was told that it wood have 2.1 in a few months then it was end of q3 and now its 1 month into q4 but might take more time so might be upto 8 months after the phone came out of mother ses arse. I am saving up for htc desire hd will keep x10i as the prices have dived only worth about 150 pounds if lucky cpw have slashed the new price to 349

  142. Bert Nordbery, contact us as early as possible. We are interesting in bringing WebOS 2.0 to your SE Xperia X10 to quel any unhappy users would have with Android updates. We believe our company can move at a much faster pace in delivering faster product updates than your people can inflate their sex dolls. Do drop me an email and i’ll get my team cracking on it porting WebOS for Xperia X10 right away.

  143. @ aman thakur
    Quit asking us to vote for it. X10 is a piece of crap, it shouldn’t have even been allowed to be in that competition. Screw you SE!

  144. yu mofo SE…take shame…..yu cant even get a 2.1 update rolln out when all da oderz r runnin 2.2
    SHIT head….m a big SE fan..n yu’ve let me dwn….:( :X :X

  145. I’ll just wait… I love the features, The way sony does things and the way sony work!
    maybe taking the piss abit but its not like i cant live without another update!
    Seriously get a punch bag or something people!

  146. We all are idiots – because we bought the worst phone ever. Its like buying a high end PC with windows 98. And go on ericsson get all the new phones and try to make us feel bad. No more ericsson – banned for life. At least after this lies and dumb hopes, I will request people not to buy ericsson phones ever. This is the only way to give answer to them.

  147. Will they do something about the hopeless solution they’ve set up in camera? It seems so antique that you have to manually switch on the flash…. I cant’t think of any other phone in 2010 with such a stupid solution….AND IRRITATING!!

  148. I have said before that if your looking for an android phone then SE is not the place to be. Unlike HTC who just tweak android to produce better results, SE super-impose their own proprietary OS(UXP) over android. SE just don’t seem that committed to android but just release android based phones to maintain a presence in the market while they work on improving their OS. The HTC sense interface is just a skin with a lot of tweaks applied to the android OS, the galaxy S is running android with only a touch wiz face on it. But the x10 series have almost two OS’s running in tandem. UXP to handle the SE apps like timescape and mediascape(these are not android apps) while Android does the rest. Android might be the only one you obviously see and interact with but UXP is there either hovering over or lurking beneath the surface like a bad smell. In future, android lovers should stay away form SE phones until it is clear they have either ditched uxp or at least reserved it for their other phones.

  149. I gave my x10 to my girlfriend and now own a Samsung galaxy s. Dissapointed really cos the x10 is miles nicer to look at but asthetics arent necessarily the be all and end all. my mrs is more than happy with the x10 as would i have been if they had something to overcome the lack of multi touch. I will have to see what sony phones are out in the future as i still believe sonys build quality, if they carry it from this handset to future handsets, is superb and im hoping things can only get better. 🙂

  150. Oh My God !!! How will i be able to survive this? My whole life was depending on this update !!

    I am so sad that all the comments are so far from common sense….

  151. @Mevio: People are angrynot because of update itself. people are not happy because they do not see SE communicate with them properly. I am a senior software developer in Toronto, Canada. I understand that if QA does not approve the release, it is not gonna happen, but what pisses me of is that they should have known this long time ago not just days before release. If something like that happens where I work, we will be fired in no time. in 2010, these kind of issues are not acceptable. that’s why people are mad.

    I still like the phone’s hardware but I got it specifically because of the update releasing “soon”. when you buy a product and manufacturer does not look like to be commited, then it concerns you.

    Just my 2 cents

  152. There’s two issues. It’s not the delay it’s the fact that it’s

    (a) a further delay on firmware that will still leave the phone out of date
    (b) the fact that Sony Ericsson haven’t communicated unless they absolutely HAVE to.

    Think about it. You’re on a plane. You know there’s fog below you. You know you should have landed by now…. but the pilot doesn’t tell you anything until you’ve landed back at your starting airport and told you can’t get home till tomorrow. It’s not ideal – but the worst thing is only finding out afterwards – that’s the annoying bit.

  153. I have been a very patient person. But everyone’s patient has a limit.

    My suggestion is screw your OS and just give the XDA Developers the key to your bootloader!
    I don’t want your stinking OS as opposed to Android 2.2! Be it custom or not!
    I can’t even play my favourite games thanks to SE either blocking Multi-touch or hardware disability.
    In Singapore, not only are we limited to just free apps on the market and now, thanks to their stinking 1.6, I am limited to even less apps!

    If you guys think this phone has hope and wants to buy it from me, please do contact me!

    Screw Sony’s upcoming Playstation Phone. I bet it will be stuck at Android 3.0 for the reason that updates can result in older games to not be compatible with newer Android OSes. And even if it does update, I bet it will take them almost a whole year like with this X10 to get ‘checked thoroughly’.
    How about you let us beta test that OS for you and decide whether there’s anything wrong with it? Wouldn’t that be faster than just having a small group of testers at your Testing lab?

    Really.. Sometimes I feel like SE is run by a group of brainless dickheads!

  154. @baddiE

    Its not about the update thing, its about the price we paid and the product we got (also i suggest you read my previous post, No. 206), Do you remember how was when the iPhone got in the market? everyone laughing about the people that went for it, paying lots of money and got a device that in reality costs the half or less of the price?, just to be iLemmings…

    Now, we went to buy a device that was suposed to be a really good thing, however they fail at us by forgetting to put the current market standard, not oudated software that puts a break into the functionality of the phone…

  155. And what “X10 Singapore” says,

    If SE has shown us how they are unable to do their work… release the bootloader and then allow that people with enough skill and knowledge (XDA) do the work for them, it would be a matter of a couple of weeks before we get Android 2.2 working.

  156. can you all please stop this?anyones file isnt going to get better because of the update!we all got angry cause of the delay,but really stop acting like little kids.and you will see,when the update comes everyone will forget all about this.

  157. People DONT buy more SE Phones….. I am VERY DISAPOINTED


  158. time and time again SE has been pissin me off. first with xperia x1 now with this why is se always so behind. honestly im done with this company. im going to move on to htc. like honestly if sony ends up falling and blowing up now you know why.

  159. I lost my trust in SE and I am really dissappointed…
    I will never buy another SE product, nor will I ever recommend anything from your company to anyone.

    SE should give us android 2.2 to put things right !!!

  160. I just throw mine X10i on the wall! X10i my last phone from SE. Buing a new Samsung Galaxy tomorrow.

    SE = Out of date!

  161. Very disappointed as well. Will never buy an SE phone again. Seems like Sony isn’t targeting their phones on people who want the latest updates or features. They rather seem to target persons like my wife who want a nice looking phone.

    Your phones are like shit on nice looking can!

    Good bye SE. Hope I’ll never see you again.


  162. For gods sake, let people express them selves. Good or bad. Don’t you think Sony Ericsson people are listening in here! Off cause they are. If you can find this forum, so can they right! Power to the People!

  163. Congratulations Sony Ericsson, you finally did it. After using your phones continuously since 2002 with your first phone, the T68i, followed by a couple of others – K700i, W810i, W980, W760i, C905, W890i, T700, W595, W715 – I finally decided to step ahead. The X10i will be the last phone of you I’ve purchased. You “support” your flagship phones for half a year and then quickly release a new one.
    You’re just interested in making money but not in having satisfied customers. I’ll keep my X10i until X-mas is close to see if you break your promises again or what the update lookes like and then somebody else will be having my phone under his/her X-mas tree as a present.
    So thank you for helping me decide that the Motorola Droid/Milestone 2 or the HTC Desire HD also look very promising. You just lost a faithful customer who used your devices for more than eight years.

  164. I used to be a Sony Ericsson fan, I have bought over 20+ handsets of theirs because I work in the industry. I now have switched to the HTC desire. Looking forward to meeting the SE rep next time she is in.

  165. Jesper Simonsen, Denmark, no I don’t think they do. If they did, they would of listened to us and moved to Android 2.2.

  166. i bet se is looking at this blog and say:these are our customers?a bunch of whinning babies?like liar zone:I just throw mine X10i on the wall!(wow how mature really…)get a grip.get a life.

  167. Not a problem if you work with SE because it seems SE don’t work at all, just a problem with you and your stupid opinion about getting a life. These people have a right to complain, but you complain about their complaints which is a problem for us all.

  168. Sony Ericsson CEO says “big surprise” coming soon

    Xperia X10 Android 2.1 update officially delayed to end of October

    Sony Ericsson CEO is so funny! CEO? crazx spex deadheax bitcx, LOLOLOL
    damn thing is going to smash up Sony Ericsson. LOLOLOL

  169. se is working more you can possibly imagine.if you remember 1 day before the announcement i wrote to this blog that the update is going to be you know why?

  170. let me explain you why.because its a common rule in psychology..i tell you one day before the announcement for the delay,and no matter your current reaction,your subconscious takes that information and before you know it,it has become an idea.thats why my friend joseph…all you have to do as a consumer is to wait for the free update,or sell the device.

  171. Just bought me an iPod touch 4th generation to help ease the pain of the delay. I recommend it. The X10 is actually a lot faster and more responsive, which is strange because the iPod is supposed to be faster than the iPhone. It makes me enjoy my X10 more.

  172. My comment @ :

    Just give us the bootloader. If SE can’t make the update the community will. Can’t wait ’till the h4ck3rs crack the bootloader and we can put Android 2.2 on our X10’s.

    I have been a loyal and happy SE user the last 7 years (T610, K800, X1 and now X10), but the f*ckups you are making nowadays are getting on my nerves!!!

    Can’t you people see that EVERYBODY is starting to hate SE because the delayed updates? Just look around! Here are a few examples from XDA-Developers:

    “Where are all p*ssed off, how to trust SE again?”

    “I am changing my signature to protest: SONY will soon announce TWO NEW XPERIA super phones
    scheduled to be released ‘as soon as their specs get outdated’”

    “SE is ruining my lifeeee”


  173. Wow They cant evan bloody spell the month right never mine MULIT TOUCH Bloody idiots i officially hate sony

  174. I am totally disgusted with SE! I bought this phone in Aug with the understanding that it would be getting the 2.1 update by the end of the 3rd quarter! So much for promises eh SE! Spiners of truth is no longer your banter, it is now, I lie when I want, will do what I want and to hell with all of those idiots that bought the X10, because really we are coming out with the X12 with 2.2 in Feb, so the X10 can pound sand.. See that is what you MEANT to say yesterday, but even though you didn’t we all caught you liwing between the teeth.. I will NEVER purchase a Sony Product again! Shame Shame SE………………

  175. @ Kats: “Free Update”??? Oh really? Is it only SE providing “Free Update” or all other competitors do the same? Kats, please!!!! what are you talking about?? it is 2010. Large Companies provide exceptional services to win customers. Does SE do samething??? oh boy!!!!

  176. Some users here “complain” why other users say such things and blah blah…. Well I don’t care if you are just a fan or you are SE employees. I talk for myself: I have earned my money hard and when I sepnd it, I want to get most out of it, OK? When I am promised for something I want to see either they make it happen or they communicate any delays “properly”. maybe some of you are wealthy enough to not care and but another SE phone for a better OS (X12 ???) but I don’t have that luxry and even if I had that, I want to make “most” out of my money/phone!!! yes, X10 is beautiful, stylish and blah blah…. but does it function well?? When I buy a smartphone I have a specific needs (messaging, email, web, Wi-Fi, …). but Android 1.6 is not capable to provide a good email experience (no Exchange Server support, then I have to use a third party app). Wi-Fi limitation is other problem.

    You may ask why I have purchased this phone if I knew the shortcomings? WELL, I HAVE BEEN PROMISED FOR UPDATES TO ADDRESS THEM. That’s why I am pissed off. Again some of you may say: “Hey! It is just a month. Wait a couple more weeks and then you will have the fixes/updates”. Is there a Guarantee for that? Or shall we get another “Delay News” on Oct 29th?????? Is there going to be an update after all???? What’s the guarantee?

    Beside a beautiful device, I need FUNCTIONALITY!!!! I need a phone to stands up to its specs and does the job properly. Android is capable and they have proved it (Read about Wi-Fi and email support in 2.1 and 2.2 versions) so I need that on this phone as I have been promissed and I need it NOW!!!!

  177. After being with htc for the past 5 odd years, i was looking forward to x10. So guesses where i’ll be headed next! Im utterly disappointed with se.

  178. Jesus, its a phone. You make calls & send texts & emails & yet you keep saying how shit s.e are. They have made a phone that does what it says on the box, what more do you want.
    Yes im a little annoyed the release date has been put back 4 weeks but so what, who cares so long as you can keep in contact. I have probably seen 2 other comments on here that makes any sense what-so-ever…GET A LIFE.

  179. I’m a SE user (Xperia X10i).

    The phone is fully functional. The update can delayed as long as you SE developers consider necessary.

    I don’t won’t an incomplete OS, so good luck with your work.

    Please ignore some of the above comments, they exaggerate to much.

  180. @Nady and @Rubby2

    I respect your posts but a smartphone is not only for calls and few emails. if that was the case people would buy normal phones not smartphones. We have issues with Wi-Fi and Call Volume to name some of them. Also when you buy a smartphone like this (High Price), then you expect to have support, a GOOD support. You don’t want excuses. If they cannot manage to release an update on time (a bug-free update), then it concerns me. as I have said before in my previous posts, it is not only the update itself but also they way they communicate these issues.

    Just my 2 cents here.

  181. God this makes me laugh – the people bitching on this post about the underlying architechture of their sodding phone like its a matter of life and death.

    You’ve absolutely no idea how complicated upgrading software to consumer devices can potentially be. The level of complexity must be 10x fold that of normal PC software taking into account the multitude of distribution channels/operators and devices – my brain hurts just thinking about it.

    From one developer to you all – please – for the good of everyone – retain some perspective and try to avoid be a tool.



  182. Absolutely unbelievable. My Xperia has sat in a box since I bought it. The place where I bought it wouldn’t take it back as they knew it was a POS. Make the root procedure easy, and allow us to install the latest updates from google. SE’s insistance that any one gives a damn about the experience layer is crap. No one cares. Get rid of it, or at least give us the option to upgrade to the latest Android build without screwing around pretending like you know what is best.

  183. @ CyberTurd

    I am developer too and that actually makes things even more strange. A development team should know the product in and out. X10 is their productso no excuse that they don’t know how complex it could be. A Project Manager (if they have one, which I doubt) should be able to predict the time-line and stick to it. For now, we have had couple of delays and couple of features cut. Couldn’t they know about this before? Couldn’t they give a more accurate feature lis and timeline?

  184. To be perfectly honest i’m more than happy with the current firmware on the xperia x10.
    I would rather se get the upgrade right without any problems than release it early just to keep everyone on here happy.

  185. i am completely disappointed in sony with this phone all together i bought the phone out and it is horrible know multi touch first of all like come on really second 99% of the apps are horrible only ones any good are the emulators, sad to say but the only good thing i can say about this phone is the camera, my phone freezes, its holds keys in while im texting? and its touch screen! i gotta be sure to text slow enough because theres know multi touch, lets just say i would have took it back after a week only i talked on it for more than 30 mins and currently back to using my iphone untill this update comes out and if im still not pleased i will be getting rid of the phone, lets say as of right now i regret not waiting the few weeks for the iphone 4

  186. I’m a SE fan ever since the t68 phone came out. Sorry to say, but I think I have given up on the x10. Phone has great spec, I know there is potential in this phone, but I am really disappointed at the lack of support that this phone has. I gave SE a chance till September to make a come back, but they failed. I am currently in the process of selling my x10, going to the old rival nexus one. Tons of support for that phone… too bad its a HTC. not really a fan of their phones… but they are the king of android phones right now.

  187. Clunk, the sound of my bug ridden X10 hitting the garbage bin.

    They delayed this since March. Then they said December, then backpeddled to September. This is just a ploy to pull you along. Throw the damn thing out and never buy a Sony, Erickson or SE product again.

  188. Please, PLEASE! Do not aim for 2.2 after the 2.1 debacle. 2.2 was released in May and with 3.0 slated for release in Q4 2010 you should be working towards that. With luck you’ll be rolling it out in Q1 2011

  189. I have only one question . . this 2.1 upgrade , will come also with the flash player ? That`s all i want , the rest is perfect for me .. Thank you

  190. Heyyyyyy
    stop it….
    i like the 1.6
    see other people, i have friends using iphone 4G its horrible lot of problems
    two friend has samsung the nice one 8.1 mega pixel, its touch screen stopped working

    so we are not facing these problems.

    I was disappointed before, but now I am satisfied 🙂

  191. WOOOOOHOOOO now we xperia x10 owners are just about a year behind the present android version so by this rate well get a 2.2 update by the middle of next year

  192. I have owned the Xperia for a month now. I purchased it not only due to the fact that it will be updated soon but because this damn phone is awesome in every respect compared to the HTC Desire and the iPhone 4! (… and not the cost they were all within my budget).

    It doesn’t bother me at all that they will need the extra time for development… that is to be expected… in fact no matter how much money you throw at it, development will suffer some form of delay. SE probably chose to delay it not to cut corners (like most do) but to deliver a working product and, the most obvious, avoid a double update. Why not? We’ve waited this long. Four more weeks or more is not going to kill your productivity as the current bugs are negligible. Ah sorry, I did not mean productivity – I meant to say your entertainment.

    I’m ready to bet that most of you will still complain about bugs when the update occurs. Get over it! It’s how software works. Most of you that will switch and not wait are going to be slapped in the face with bugs whatever phone you choose. There are shortcomings which ever way you go – Seriously, it’s like Windows vs Mac OS X. Each has pros and cons.

    Not that? Upset because there’s no multi-touch and no flash? With all honestly you are telling me that you are annoyed you can’t pinch and zoom your photos or maps and watch news or whatever on your favorite site? With all honestly I’m not missing the multi-touch it’s just a cliche at this point until every PC at home has it… you’re not going to miss it and it’s not going to hinder your productivity… ah… I mean entertainment.

    Or maybe you feel robbed of the fact that you’ve had the phone for so long and by now it’s really outdated. I can’t blame you there but then again SE – or Sony in general does try to push the envelope when need be. Are you a PS3 owner? Then you know – they took a good while to sort out DLNA issues but it works flawlessly now – even if there was a network error the setup doesn’t hang it continues. Now they’re support is quicker and updates are regular than before (besides the whole modding debacle).

    Ah wait maybe it’s the support factor that’s annoying you. Ok… now we’re talking but then again if it’s because of cliches and negligible bugs then I’m afraid you are just complaining for the wrong reasons. I’d be more worried about the lifetime support for this phone and hope to god that it’s not short.

    Battery life? *shaking head* sorry but the specs actually are spot on. 8hrs of talk time holds true… in the beginning I wasn’t happy about it but after talking with a few iPhone users… it came to my attention that that is normal and expect to charge the phone regularly. 8hrs of talk time in a day is more than enough for anyone. But if you are getting annoyed because you want to talk and watch video and browse the web and use GPS and have your Bluetooth on and expect miracles then good luck finding a phone that does all that with a long battery life. I’d love to see a laptop battery accomplish such a feat.

    I do not mean to sound condescending but I believe that most you complaining didn’t realize that some research was in order before taking a dive into these new generation of phones.

    Oh BTW, here’s a tip from someone who has been a techie for a over decade… any device that has a battery… charge it over overnight… drain then charge again, and repeat… expect to do this until you don’t see an increase in standby time. My Xperia lasted at least 72hrs over a long holiday weekend recently where I didn’t even touch it (not even a call).

  193. This is what happens when you let software engineers run projects with RUP models…

    CRAP SE – Aply som real Systems Engineering NOW!

  194. The udate will make flash fully work right…?
    If so I reckon it’s worth waiting [:
    If not then am really pissed off ]:

  195. lol @ “Is Sony Ericsson run by a bunch of teenagers”.

    Look at all of you – you would think that your life depended on a Megabytes of data – pathetic.

    I’d rather have an update that’s a few weeks later that is bug-free than one that is going to cause my phone problems or is glitchy, and that’s what it is, folks, a PHONE, not a life support machine. Get a life.

  196. looooooll!!! thanks to all the comments am so not getting the Xperia X10 now.. shit all of these angry people.. and the gay ass update with the “HD videos” .. no multi touch….. like seriously…. its not 1970… -.- … plus all this wait and the 2.1 doesn’t even play flash LOL!… I mean the iPhone doesn’t play flash either but at least it has a stable version…. iPhone here I come 😀 SE .. HahahHAhaH I bet all these comments will appear in your dreams you mofo liers… watch your market go down after this shit..

  197. @Says It How It Is : I’d rather have a mobile phone company that delivers its promises to its customers rather than giving false hope and, at the end of the day, lying. They could quite easily have left the expected update date as Q4, however they promised us an update that would roll out at the end of Q3 quite a few months ago. It simply doesn’t take 2 months to suddenly realise, a few days before the end of Q3, that it’s going to take another month to be complete. SE must be a complete organisational nightmare right now and they’re really starting to lose the faith of their customers.

  198. People who say that delay is better so that we get a software bug free must be real dumb.

    Bet you no software is bug free, delays like this only shows incompetence.

    It’s not a mere 1 month delay, this update is due 5 months ago! And no guarantee anyone will get the updates late October. Most likely end of December for most of us due to the staggered release.


  199. I talked with my wallet, my X10 has been replaced by a Samsung Galaxy S, the Galaxy S is better than my X10 in more ways than I can list, the difference between SE’s “Premium” handset and the galaxy S is huge!

    For startes it feels like a high end handset and operates like one too. The issues I had with my old X10, are outdated software (1.6), mediascape and timescape are useless and no one wants these apps, the battery life is shockingly bad, I don’t know how you managed to do it, but my X10 used to go from 100% to 50% in the space of a 3 hours, without even using the thing!! The build quality is poor, plasticy and feels cheap, I even had to send mine off for repair as the USB port stopped working.

    Would I recommend a SE handset to anyone else? NO! Will I buy another SE handset? NO! Take a good look at what Samsung (and other phone manufacturers) are doing and learn from your mistakes, the way you keep your customers with you, is to keep providing regular timely updates to the OS, at least look like you are trying to keep up with your competitors, or people will simply get annoyed that there handset is so out of date and just switch. Like i did, go get a Samsung Galaxy S / HTC handset and you will not regret it.

  200. To: A. Hutch.
    If you mean Adobe Flash player in webbrowser. Nope Adobe Flash player requires Android 2.2, We only get oldschool v.2.1 from Sorry Errorson!
    Sell your X10 and get a new HTC Desire HD or HTC Desire Z.

  201. Fuck SE. I am selling my X10 and my next phone will never be SE again…………fuck them.
    I am thinking about Nokia N8……nokia is nokia HDMI, stable system beter batery life, on time updates and so on. SE HAS NONNE OF THAT.

  202. Well folks, here it is. SE has cut short on its commitments to clients and to the future development of its own technology (Xperia Extend).

    Here is the update on the potential SE lawsuit I wanted to bring to life in Canada.
    We currently have ground to sue SE based on the two following and yet simple points.

    Xperia X10 was sold with the promise of regular firmware updates and the assurance that Xperia would evolve alongside Android OS (which is why we bought those bloody devices). This is considered as a contract with the clients and the providers/distributors of the said phones.

    Since this will not happen and is therefore contrary to what we were assured by the company, SE is in ”breach” of contract with clients and distributors.

    But the real point that could enable us to win in Canada is the following. Buying SE Xperia X10 will cause substantial losses to all of their owners (who will have to break their current contracts with carriers and assume the related fees, buy a new phone and finally get a new contract with same/different carriers). For some of us, the total amount in question can reach 1015$ (in my case:I have a 2 years contract with Rogers, so I have to pay remaining balance on my phone 315.00$CA, cancellation fees 400.00$CA, buying a new phone 200.00$CA and lastly new contract and related fees 100.00+, for a big total of over 1000.00$CA). It is easy to prove that those losses are intricately tied to buying Xperia X10, and they would not have occurred had we bought another device. Since our phones are a business tool and we will not be able to use it as needed and as promised, despite what SE advertised and assured, we have ground for a serious lawsuit.

    But to win this in court, we need to make it a collective case against SE, therefore proving without a doubt that we all suffer the same consequences due to misinformation and false promises made by SE.

    It is considered illegal in Canada to make false advertisement, and based on those two facts alone, we have serious grounds, but we need to stand together to win this and force SE to assume its responsabilities towards its clients.

    If you want to join the cause, please contact me at

  203. I have never in my life purchased a bigger piece of crap than the Xperia X10, I am sure that the saying ‘Give a hundred monkeys a typewriter and they will eventually write a book’ rings true with the designers of this rubbish. I cannot express more strongly the dissapointment I have with this overpriced paperweight, FFS SONY jam this thing where the sun doesn’t shine. I am a heartbeat away from turning it into a pile of broken glass and circuit boards. DO NOT purchase this thing, it is SHIT.

  204. I brought this piece of shit for Rupees. 31,000 in India and am deeply let down by Sony. First no update for Android 2.1 and then this delay. I can’t enjoy many android apps which are only 2.0 compatible. SE are you listening? Hello…… Wake up!!

  205. Hey guys,
    Today i got a message on my X10 mini pro that there’s a new software available for my phone.
    I’m from the Netherlands.

  206. SE is totally crap company, company cant even develop a software for their own product (10x)
    so shame if you don’t know anything about software development then why u made product like that leave that thing to other mobile company they will do best than SE. or if u dont know how to develop then make it from other company like nokia, micromax ,htc,virgin mobile . panasonic even thy will do better than u

  207. The majority of you people need a life. You have nothing better to do than to complain, and my betting is that when you do get the alleged ‘life-saving’ update for your ‘phone’ (let’s not forget it isn’t a life-support machine), you will complain about that too.

  208. WTF.. i have been waiting for so long… this is enough…
    btw.. when the update comes out.. how will i know about it and how will i get it?

  209. God, some of you are really pathetic!!!

    If the most important thing in your sad little lives is that your phone doesn’t have the latest OS then it’s a sad existence!!!

    GET A LIFE!!!

  210. Hello.
    I do not use my X10 Mini Pro anymore. It does not have a nice user interface. This is the main problem with Android 1.6 and that is why we want the update so bad. I have tested other brands with both Android 2.1 and 2.2 so i have to say that Sony is way behind when it comes to development. This will make them loose many customers and that is a fact. So to you who say we are pathetic keep that to your self. This is a nice phone but Sony gave us hopes and took it away. I bought this phone and liked the way it looks and believed that it would get the user interface like android 2.1. This gives some new functions that will help when it comes to using this phone. So for all that have complained about us who are not satisfied with Sony. You should know better then to say that we have sad little lives when we need the functions that the upgrade offer. So i will end with this.
    Sony is a nice brand but have failed with this series of phones.

  211. maybe your not satisfied because you got the mini pro, who would get the mini pro over the normal X10. what a loser!!

  212. You people are such a bunch low life whiners…
    You just be glad they even decided to give the phone an update to 2.1. This is SE’s first Android, did you really expect them to be on top of things with their first? They have done extremely well considering it’s their first. Lay down on the floor and start knitting, you pathetic losers. Go get a life instead of bitching about it, and you go tryk and do it antal better…

  213. Hey. I’m clueless. Have an x10mini. When is this update out and will 2.1 mean better apps and games on the android market? Ta. 🙂

  214. “awesome guy SF October 19, 2010 at 10:00 AM
    maybe your not satisfied because you got the mini pro, who would get the mini pro over the normal X10. what a loser!!”

    Both the X10 Mini and Pro are widely recognised to be far better than the X10 itself…loser!!!

  215. I’m reading all the above opinions,
    holding a X10i in my hand, which I bought just yesterday, for a very dear amount of money.

    aww. . . . . . . . .

    but no worries , these fools think they control what their customers are supposed to do with their “premium,proprietary,trademark” bullshit software .

    This beautifully hollow device is going to be flashed rooted cracked overclocked and screwed in every respect.

    . . and I may scratch off that Sony logo off the front panel too.

    Tell these stupid “leading electronic giants” to stop making kids stuff. The real kids out there are smarter than the “pro” coders they hire.

    peace, imaut.

  216. Domski October 23, 2010 at 3:02 PM
    Both the X10 Mini and Pro are widely recognised to be far better than the X10 itself…loser!!!

    hahaha, wronnnnggg !!!

  217. SE, come Oct 31… if there is not a 2.1 or 2.2 update on this POS X10 phone of mine, an iPhone 4 or Blackberry Torch will be replacing it! And I am certain there are many otrhers like me. Enough is most certainly, ENOUGH! Stop with the bullshit and get this phone up to par with the rest of the droids out there, or close shop and start selling pocket calculators cause thats all that this glitchy POS X10 is worth right now!!

    OCT 31 SE, make it happen or FAIL!!

  218. I have thrown the shit X10 to the wall and now it is destroyed (yippi i yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    No i have a super phone HTC Desire HD!!! Thank you very much for your support SE. It is the best support what i have ever seen …

  219. “domski sucks balls”

    Aren’t you the big man hiding behind your keyboard. Crawl away you pathetic excuse for a human being!!!

  220. Now the X10 is a good phone but why let it down with old software

    It has everything the only downside is Android 1.6

  221. I think you guys bitch to much. Be thankful you have a phone at all. The xperia is still a great phone with or without the latest software update.

  222. You’re all a bunch of moaning tits…
    The update has been delayed for 1 month, that’s all! They could have rolled it out last month if they wanted to but if it had ghosts in the software it would have caused uproar! I’m glad they’re taking their time with it, hopefully when the update becomes available their will be no issues with it whatsoever. Have some patience people, the phone is great as it is, give SE break and let them get this right!

  223. Dont be stupid guys. I am using X10 for last 6 months and am very happy with my piece of cake. I am just in love with this device 🙂 It helps me so much with everything..from best quality music to best quality pictures…It’s so fast….awesome features….beautiful design that iphone and galaxy don’t stand anywhere near to this…now when u all have bought it love it instead of cribbing it…imagine when u marry a girl….and get to know her a lot better after staying with her for sometime, if u crib about her…there is not a bigger fool than u…u fall in love with her again and again even after knowing her shortcomings…that means u r smart…nothing is perfect and stable in this world…so lets fall in love with X10 again….and say thanks to SE & Android that they are working on the update….I am sure that they would come up with something really wonderful…cheers SE & Cheers Android

  224. Switching to iPhone 4 very soon… very disappointed! Great FAIL, SE, with your customers.

  225. October ka end aur kab aaega aaj 28th oct ho gayi chutiya bana rahe hai beti chod
    Sony erricsson ki ma ki choot

  226. I really regret that I have bought this phone, not only because of the delay of OS, but also a bunch of other things: poor voice qualify, ridiculous battery life, easily scratched screen, too many clicks in order to make a phone call, so on and so on… This is absolutely the last SE phone I would ever buy…

  227. can any one tell me about tuv player availability in android store for xperia 10mini..?
    also plz advise about file exploring method in xperia 10mini

  228. Yes im glad the update is nearly here,
    but guys get a life , its not the end of the world,
    its only an update,
    its a damn good phone, if you dont agree well then go get yourself an iphone and bitch on some other forum,
    i still think se produce wonderfull phones,
    ( i once was a dedicated nokia user )

  229. Hey Can Anyone still confirm whether the update is ready and rolled out or not if it is rolled out when will the update for middle east start to roll out. Man i am regularly getting bored for checking the updates.

  230. excuse me verry one i have a doubt that i recently updated my phone… but now i cannot download anything from android market…. it shows message unsuccessful… can any body please help me out…..???

  231. Good to hear the working RAM has increased by 5MB. The total is only 280 MB. Will there be option to install apps to SD card instead of Phone memory? There are apps that are 15 MB like Tom Cat. If this option is not there, we cannot have good to install many apps.

    Will there be any apps coming up that will support to install in SD instead of Phone? Need this badly, as I want to keep the phone memory empty with sys files only.

  232. when i bought the SE i thought it was the best, now when my friends are asking me about the SE, i told them SE is the worst technology ever, because they have the worst work team,
    guys”samsung galaxy is much much better”

  233. BYE THE WAY I HATE IPHONE AND ALL THE THINGS THAT APPLE COMPANY PRODUCE. Theyr product ONLY LOOK DIFFERENT but they are WORSE than other brands and they get a lot of money from you just because they product LOOK DIFFERENT. For example IPHONE 4 vs GALAXY S. Galaxy S is BETTER than Iphone 4 but iphone is cost MORE than galaxy. Just look at these information below: (This link kis for stupid apple fans who think apple is COOl!)

  234. Hello everybody, I’m Alexander from Romania.

    Until recently I was the happy owner of an Xperia X10. It’s not that I’m not the owner anymore, it’s just that I’m not happy anymore.
    I just want to tell you from the beginning that I wanted to buy a Samsung Galaxy S, but one of my friends tuck me into buying his X10. It was a plain and simple transaction, my friend didn’t care about updates, he only liked the X10 for its design, but he needed the money, that’s why he sold it to me.
    So, on Nov 24 I found out (only because of my repeated update checks and not because SE sent an update notification) that Android 2.1 is available in my country. I followed all the steps and updated my phone. After restoring the saved data, big surprise: the phone would log off the mobile network every 2 minutes. I had to deactivate my PIN code in order to prevent the destruction of the phone (hitting X10 against the wall to achieve that seemed like a good idea at that time), but logging of the network was annoying (that’s the least to say), especially during phone calls. And when the phone was ringing, the caller info & the other items of the incoming call screen would disappear completely, leaving only the nice blue & black color variations; I had to guess where the ‘answer’ button is and how to slide it to the right (luckily this was simplified with the 2.1, with the curved line of the 1.6 it would have been much more difficult to guess). The only solution was reinstalling the software, which worked well.
    And now back to the actual update. Apart from the obvious improvements (the screen doesn’t lock anymore after a call in ended, saving Drafts in Messages (officially, and not by pressing the ‘Home’ Button after finishing typing & adding no recipient at that stage) is possible, 5 home screens, more icons per screen & the improved screen layout, text typing layout and the others already mentioned in the official press release), there are some major back draws (for the update or for the overall functionality, regardless of the Android version):

    1. The Timescape function is defective with the 2.1: some of the tiles from Facebook only have the photo and the name of the person, with no text. After accessing the profile by tapping the tile, I am prompted to one’s daily horoscope. Wasn’t it supposed to prompt me to the status message? And the Facebook account updates very slowly/not at all and keeps updating even after I close Timescape (the ‘updating’ icon from the upper taskbar is visible at most of the time I have the X10 turned on + wi-fi on & functional). Not to mention that Timescape closes repeatedly without prompting it to close.
    2. Once the synchronization starts, sure as hell not even Doomsday can stop it (we do have Doomsday every day here in Romania – jokin’).
    3. With the 2.1 update, the ‘relationship’ between my phonebook and Facebook is a wreck (that’s an understatement as well)!! It was much better with the 1.6 when one was able to associate contacts MANUALLY between the phonebook and Facebook straight from the phone. Now Facebook overrides the phonebook, even with sync deactivated (from Facebook Android Application (updated)/settings/sync contacts/DON’T SYNC) (isn’t this breaking terms & conditions + invasion of privacy?). And, believe it or not, in my country 2 different people can have the same first name & surname, which makes very annoying to have your actual girlfriend Mary in your phonebook, but with Mary’s (ex-girlfriend) picture from Facebook, Mary ex-girlfriend which is not anymore in your phonebook – how’s that for a divorce case? If I chose facebook/settings/sync contacts/sync with existing contacts – that’s Iraqi War, as for ‘sync all’ – that’s Star Wars + WW III. I had to restore the phonebook a few times and I had to access manually 20% percent of my phonebook, then ‘edit/menu button/separate/save’ in order to separate the (unfortunate) 20% phonebook contacts from Facebook contacts (same person or, worse, another person), even thou, I repeat, I have chosen in the first place NOT to sync the contacts between my phonebook and Facebook!!!!!
    4. The in-call volume is still very low, I have to press the phone against the ear very hard.

    And now for my fellow X10 owners: stop asking if there’s gonna be an upgrade in terms of screen colors!! SE does software updates, they should replace the whole screen (as a hardware component) in order to upgrade the actual screen to 16M.

    That’s about everything I can remember now, if something else will come up I will get back!

    Bottom-line: As a happy owner of SE phones (T28, K750, V630, W995, Aino (present)), I’m about to go back to Nokia or to start a ‘relationship’ with Samsung if SE’s new X10 update will not be Android 2.3 with all the above-mentioned flaws fixed!!

  235. The phone is a piece of shit. Today I signed on to a 2 year contract for an iPhone 4. I’m at wit’s end trying to find a method of transfering my contacts list over. Is it even possible? The X10 was my 3rd SE, but I had a couple of Ericssons before them. I will never ever ever again purchase a product of any kind with either of them labels again. You can go and get well and truly fucked up the ass sideways you fucking asswipes….. I have never ever in my life felt this way about any brand before….. and I have never met another person that has a good word to say about the X10….. I sincerely hope that SE goes bust. No-one deserves it more than they do…..

  236. Why is it taking so stinking long to upgrade this software. I am going to start telling everyone I see NOT to buy a Sony Ericcson phone. This is stinking ridculous.

  237. Yes hello I actually bought this xperia x10 from craigslist and I was surprised that it was factory unlocked and also had the 2.1 update its actually pretty nice hopefully the get it out soon so you can enjoy the update

  238. The Xperia X10 has been my 9th CONSECUTIVE Sony Ericsson phone. My last Sony Ericsson Phone too.

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