More details on Android 2.1 Xperia X10 delay

Android 2.1 Xperia X10 delaySony Ericsson Xperia X10 owners have been up in arms following yesterday’s announcement that the Android 2.1 update has been delayed by a month. The post on the SE Product Blog is nearly 1,000 comments strong, with some very harsh words for SE, and we’ve had over 200 similar comments on our post regarding the delay too.

Rikard Skogberg, the Nordic Product Marketing Manager, has tried to calm things down by being active in the comments section and doing his best to answer questions. We have sifted through the hundreds of comments to give you the key additional points regarding the Éclair delay as well as other interesting tidbits.

Rikard Skogberg made the following points:

On Xperia firmware roadmap

  • We of course admit we have issues, that’s why we had to delay things. This is of course our fault, it’s our plan, our product and our planned timing failed. As easy as that.”
  • As a result of this delay, the second firmware update (2.1x that brings UXP improvements) has also been delayed and will now roll out in early 2011.
  • An upgrade to Android 2.2 (Froyo) has not been ruled in or out at this stage.
  • The boot-loader will not be opened. The reasons behind this are legal issues as well as ensuring the phone will pass the strict quality control processes of network operators.
  • Regarding Adobe Flash, 16m colours and multi-touch, Rikard said that there are “no such plans committed”.
  • Not heard anything on improvements on “in-call volume connected to the software update”.
  • Camera flash does not appear to be included in the coming update.
  • The update does not “seem to include Arabic letters“.

On Xperia X8

  • The Xperia X8 is scheduled to launch in two weeks time, at least in the Nordic markets.
  • The Xperia X8 will get the same Android update as the X10 mini and X10 mini pro, although at some point later (but within 2010).

On future releases

  • Android is absolutely at the core of our product portfolio for 2010 and 2011. We will release newer versions into our portfolio as soon as possible, either as upgrades to existing phones or in new product generations.
  • Going into next year – It’s a key part of our plans to be able to deliver products on the very latest Android releases available to us.”

277 responses to “More details on Android 2.1 Xperia X10 delay”

  1. Somebody at Sony Ericsson is laughing his ass off thinking “Oh jesus, look at what those idiots will believe!”

    Half the things they promised or make 2.1 good will not be included. It’s pointless to buy a Sony Ericsson if they’ll only cripple the OS with bloatware and thus cause inability to upgrade. I got this phone because it was an Android, not because it was a Sony Ericsson.

  2. Did you read that you nits? There won’t be a 2.2 update, no MT, Flash, 16m color.

    Enjoy your bricks. I’m selling mine.

  3. […] Weitere Infos & weitere Statements vom Produktmanager.. More details on Android 2.1 Xperia X10 delay | Xperia X10 Blog As a result of this delay, the second firmware update (2.1x that brings UXP improvements) has […]

  4. Bof, bof, bof. Tout cela me laisse bien perplexe. Et j’en viens à me demander quels moyens SE accorde à la branche téléphone Android.

  5. Sell your phones on Ebay. Some poor sod will pay $300 – $400 for it. Then, get a real phone and let SE die a slow death.

  6. “I got this phone because it was an Android, not because it was a Sony Ericsson” – I totally agree on your comment. SE will NOT be my first choice of brand, when I am going for a new phone. I will do more research and choose that brand who take their customers seriously and that wants to fullfill the customers requirements at a reasonable speed. How hard can it really be ???

    At the end of the day other brands/vendors are far more serious and working at much higher speed to please their customers. A wish of being the No one Android-Branded phone seems like a zillion-years away…

  7. Shocking!!! The only upgrades people actually want and no further forward with them! Flash since most websites run it and 16m colors something most if not all phones have and not on SE??? Come on get a grip SE!!!!!!!

  8. This update gets crappier every time I read up on it. They keep delaying the release and everytime I check they are removing features from the update. Looks to me like the software development team is spending all day playing farmville or some other gay ass game instead of doing actual work. Bunch of R-tards. I bet they having a circle jerk right now instead of working

  9. Reply to Post #1

    I got this phone because it was a Sony Ericsson, not because it was an Android.

    If I wanted the latest version of Android, I wouldn’t would of got a Sony Ericsson. For those fools that got SE, and are complaining, welll duh – Do you want a SE or Latest version of Andriod?

  10. Well, this is what happens if you cut down the developer resources when it’s hard times.
    That descision will bite you in the ass when the market returns.

  11. Now I’m sure. Because of these lame excuses and there arrogant way of dealing with their customers I am selling my X10. This is just too much shit from SE. HTC here I come.
    anyone want to buy a X10?

  12. Wau……first time I heard of people trying to calm things down by telling what they cannot give, but not what they CAN give. This is just too stupid…….

  13. As a result of this delay, the second firmware update (2.1x that brings UXP improvements) has also been delayed and will now roll out in early 2011. – WTF they said it would be in October now its 2011!!!! you guys are unbelievable probably you should hire developers from XDA!!!

  14. If your product is faulty then why not recall it. I am sure guys defending it will be first ones to return it back.

    And they still have nerve to launch X8. I hope this blunders gets coverage on all best tech blogs which users refer to before buying phones.

    Mark my word, they are just working on X12 and saying what the heck, we can give 2.1 release anytime as it hardy will include anything new for suckers. 🙂

  15. It sound like SE are actually getting annoyed by all the harsh comments and criticism and are once and for all trying to tell us that the x10 is not an android phone but a SE phone. They are basically telling those of us who want android to fuck off elsewhere. All that talk of becoming a leading android phone maker is just that….talk. SE’s main priority is uxp. They want to get it as good as they can so thay can start releasing phones purely with it and move away from android(just like nokia with symbian). Android lovers “Stay away from us” seems to be their message….. loud and clear. Looks like we backed the wrong horse, jumped aboard the wrong ship. Those who can afford to, save yourselves endless frustration and jump ship. The rest who have to sit out their contracts, reconcile yourselves to what the phone is and stop hoping for salvation(it will never come). That way you will find peace of mind while waiting to get your next phone.

  16. this gets more ridiculous i read it,

    no 16mio,
    no adobe flash,
    no froyo
    no camera flash
    no improvement on in-call volume
    no exchange possibility, moxier is crap

    Pack your timescape and dump it in the deepest part of Loch ness

    As i say, no update, no money.

    Am i glad that i ordered the Desire HD the first day, and i hope i will get some money for my X10 on ebay

    How would SE be the best on the Android market ? Like this ?

  17. I can fully understand people are upset, being promised something then not getting it. However I bought my phone because it is a Sony Ericsson running Android. When buying it I was fully aware it was only running 1.6. I still bought it. In the meantime SE promised upgrades that aren’t coming yet, that dosen’t change the phone I bought, it’s still the same phone running the same 1.6 OS. It hasn’t suddenly become a worse phone because it hasn’t recieved an update. Put ADW Launcher on it. It’s brilliant !! I have friends with the HTC Desire running 2.1 It’s for ever force closing and major memory limitations. At least SE X10 is reliable. Be patient guys. The best things come to those who wait !!

  18. They have a major problem if they say they want to be number one in the Android world.
    Then you have to follow Google and be the first to adopt the new firmware versions in all (well, all newer) phones.
    Being the last manufacturer to adopt the new firmware like now will definitely make them fail.
    Sony Ericsson, you should invest heavily in employing developer that can help you implement the latest features NOW, not tomorrow!

  19. We have waited, any no the best things never ever come to those that wait. The next SE flagship will come out and then it’s x10 what x10 why provide support for the old when we have the new latest shite from SE I have been a SE fan for years even when the phone was shite but this is now one phone to many. HTC or Apple is my next phone.

  20. what a shocking news.
    well, gotta wait until this October for the Eclair.
    Duh, i feel i wanna sell my x10 and go for the iPhone 4.
    man, i’m a madman like this.
    SE !
    What you have done !?

  21. Can’t one of you inform techy geeks write a virus’s and bring down the se website?

    I will pay GB£100 to anyone that will do this…..

  22. Let’s just all say it together now…


  23. is this a joke no camera flash what are we actually getting in update. this is going in ny draw will keep it for a spare. htc is the company to go with fuck sony there garbage will never buy a se product again.

  24. Well, I just bought this phone last week and there’s no exit foor for me. 🙁 I have to wait till next year I get something decent. Oh boy, maybe I get something exceptional (dreaming now) next year. who knows? but it is not going to be SE FOR SURE!

    I keep using this one so at least I don’t feel bad about my money (although I do feel I have wasted my money. it was my fault and my mistake). but next time, it is either HTC or Motorola. I am coming from iPhone world and it will not be my next one either.

  25. being in 3rd world country(philippines) its so hard for me to get an android phone… i skip a lot of meals just to save money… walk almost a mile just not to pay the transpo fee… i did lot of things just to have this phone(x10)… but after heard this news… i feel so pity to my self to be one of the owners of x10… tsk tsk

  26. Make.Believe

    lol I’m make believing that 2.2’s coming out and all will be well. I would jump right to a good android alternative right now if I’m not limited to 1700/2100 band on Tmobile US’s 3g network. Unfortunately out of the higher spec-ed Android phones, it seems that only the X10i, Samsung Vibrant, Nexus/Desire run on the 1700/2100mhz. I would go for a Vibrant but seeing how Tmo US ripped out so many of the good stuff (front facing camera and such) I don’t feel like spending my money for something that’s worse than the original. Nexus/Desire are becoming outdated at least hardware wise.

    Anyone here know of a good android phone aside from the ones I mentioned that’ll be fully compatible with Tmobile USA’s 3g network? It would be a great help folks

  27. It’s fairly clear that in spite of continuing to produce other phones, they aren’t really interested in being actual competition. They’re counting on, as so often they do, the “Sony” part of their name carrying them through, rather than having to bother with delivering a product that is really competitive with other high end phones on the market.

    Really feels like they’re just phoning this one in. (Pun almost intended.)

  28. What arrogant BS from SE.

    “We of course admit we have issues, that’s why we had to delay things. This is of course our fault, it’s our plan, our product and our planned timing failed. As easy as that.”

    Well you need to spend more on your software development then this would not happen As easy as that.

    As a result of this delay, the second firmware update (2.1x that brings UXP improvements) has also been delayed and will now roll out in early 2011.

    Not acceptable, get more developers on the case NOW.

    An upgrade to Android 2.2 (Froyo) has not been ruled in or out at this stage.

    Translation “There will be no 2.2 for the x10 range”.

    The boot-loader will not be opened. The reasons behind this are legal issues as well as ensuring the phone will pass the strict quality control processes of network operators.

    BS, other phones are not locked down anywhere near the levels SE’s phones are.

    Regarding Adobe Flash, 16m colours and multi-touch, Rikard said that there are “no such plans committed”.

    Translation “There will be no Adobe Flash, 16m colours and multi-touch for the x10 range”.

    Not heard anything on improvements on “in-call volume connected to the software update”.

    Translation “Our developers cannot fix this problem, so we will ignore it”.

    Camera flash does not appear to be included in the coming update.

    Translation “Our developers cannot get this working, even though it’s technically possible, so we will ignore it”.

    The update does not “seem to include Arabic letter

    Translation “This is not important enough for us to bother with, I mean, have you seen the mess where in???”.

  29. this is good… more bad news jajaja, this upgrade sucks…

    Sony Ericsson you can take your xperia x10 and PUT IT IN YOUR F * * KING * SS!!!

    unfortunately i have bought it two month ago and it still function, and also unfortunately i dont have much money for buy another cellpohone…

  30. Regarding Adobe Flash, 16m colours and multi-touch, Rikard said that there are “no such plans committed”.

    Well here i see that SE just said FUCK YOU EVERYONE !!!

  31. Good folk if sony retard son say fuck you to uss than well we can sag it back i want everone to send messege too every friendoff yours in twitter face book too not buy any sony ericsson becous if there there respond too all the critisim for there custommer than the hell with compony and evry dame monky developper wich they work for this clown ass company….
    protest name Rip sony ericsson

  32. I had a big dissapointment with NOKIA but now with SE it’s a disdissaster!
    SE first made a big shit with symbian uiq … a symbian with shit on it now they want to take Android into disgrace… it’s their fetish!
    Go make TETRIS or something!

  33. Sony ericsson good bye for ever i never buy a sony ericsson phone in my life ever.. its very bad company and always in the last so fu++++ck you sony ericsson

  34. what a basic message of ….Fu** you se users you will be given what we wanna give you nothing more nothing less…. thats what they might as well say they think the name sony will make everyone go for the phones with the massive outcry surley people will elarn not to buy another SE phone and sales in sony phones will plummit to an all time low. doubting that as there are too many sheep that will follow sony.

    my brother has a htc touch and niece has a htc wildfire…. both have 2.2, multitouch a flash on camera but not amazing colour (but who the fuck cares about the colour???) yet both are classed as basic phones but have the most up to date software. thing is how can SE go so wrong and make a better than average phone with an inferior software and then have the nerve to not give a fuck to customers they want to please. they might as well just tell us to go to htc or apple and have done with it .

    NOTE TO SE EXECS; pushing out phone after phone to make up for the problems each one cause isnt the solution learn from apple create a superior phone every either half a year or year hype it up and when you get a problem sort it out quickly and without reprecussion if you dont your market will fall and your share in phones will fail msierable making you the bottom of the barrel. htc were the bottom but are now rising up

  35. @ rikard skogberg
    you are a fucking son of a bitch. fuck you motherfucker
    my money my time all for what for a fucking phone which can nothing only to make money for your next phones hah.
    i only hope that all the hundreds of people stay to their word and sell the shit called phone and never by a se phone er again for the rest of our life

  36. The text input on the x10 as it stands is often unusable, i end up sending half edited texts cause it just wont do what i want it to. Time to sell it and get the Captivate.

  37. i have changed my mobile phone every 1 year . x10 was my first sonyericson phone .
    i want to sale it .
    i will never never never never buy any sonyericson phones.
    if there is no good updates for the smart phone you can not call that smart phone D-:
    good update = smart phone

  38. I’ve stuck by the X10i, as I love the form factor/screen size, In England you have to drop down to 3.7″ screen if you want to stay Android, well unless you go for the Galaxy S, but I don’t like the way it looks. But as soon as I heard about this delay I put in my order for a Desire HD. I will certainly think twice before buying a Sony Ericsson android phone. They really have missed a trick, by not making it instantly shareable with the PS3 and Bravia internet TV’s.

    I hope HTC treat me better.

    Night all


  39. Sony Ericsson, You will never be great manufactor of Android phones with this stinking service level!!!
    No Android 2.2 = X10 degraded to be a doorstopper!

  40. Once we get the update we will all be happy and no one will post anything after that. And this way Sony Ericsson will be the winner. But no one will care about the problems we are facing and will be facing with the android on the most expensive phone (AUD 1200). For all X10 consumers to be the winners – Lets not forget this and ban SE for the rest of our lives.

  41. Guys, I just had something even worse than this happen to me. I bought a computer three years ago from HP and they still haven’t upgraded it to Windows 7!!! WTF?!!! Three years!!! Do you believe that? I have a right to free upgrades on my phone and I have a right to free upgrades on my PC! I am so totally gonna call the police over this.

  42. Delayed? No surprise from SE. Phone is capable of 16 million colours but there won’t be any? It’s just like having a ferrari with a 1000hp but could only run at 100km max.

  43. haha… makes me laugh when i read the comments here. just reaffirms my belief that android phones are crap.

    by a nokia you clowns.

  44. @Rex,

    Nothing wrong with my X10, it’s just out of date with Android. Great phone, has been since the day I bought it, sure it’s not latest Android, at least I know it will work when they finally release 2.1. It is a slick phone, and I am happy enough with it.

    If I don’t get 2.2 or 3.0, my contract will be up and I will just get the new Sony Ericsson Android phone at the time. Despite the firmware problems, the hardware is good and was a much better phone than the iPhone 3GS on launch. Either way, all this complaining should hopefully get the red hot cattle poker up their behinds and they can get on-top of these Androids updates; this really should be their priority given the success of Android OS.

    I do admit, I have a bit of a chuckle reading through these comments, a lot of you guys are so vindictive and show little understanding; eitherway, I understand your frustration and SE need to hear these messages.

    I have faith in you Sony Ericsson, please, come to the Android party 🙂

  45. With this said, I will distance myself from SE next time. Dont the SE realized that X10 is one of the expensive phone around but with low quality in features and service. Dont bother to release a new phone people will not buy it.

  46. SE, the hardware is very powerful, the display beautiful but 65k color??? No multi and flash?
    :´(( Best cell SE? Wrong!!!! Wrong!!! Wrong!!! Playstatioandroid! Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid!Playstatioandroid! PLEASEEEEE!!!!!

  47. I got my x10 pretty much release date and i am very happy with the phone even with android 1.6, i’m not petty enough to actually care, i will quite happily sit and wait for the update tbh.

    I didn’t buy my phone because it’s android i bought it because it’s a sony ericsson with a large screen, i have used their old school operating system since 2003, and always loved the bubbly quirky interface, someone on here make a wise crack about regular updates with apple, are you actually insane? that’s a company who have finally realised a phone needs to multitask, then try and pass it off as though they invented it? get over yourselfs.

    At the end of the day, this is sony ericsson’s first android phone, if they decide to only release a 2.1 update and go ahead and release the x12, then so be i’ll buy one… simple as that

  48. Firstly…let me say a massive thank you to this website! Not only do you guys bring us the latest up to date and on the hour news but also allow un-edited freedom of speech, the true voices of the X10 users.

    I had the feeling that S.E were going to fix all our issues in the delay and pull a surprise out the bag for us to regain our faiths in a major company that we all hate to love…hmm, how wrong was I!
    Im sorry but even I have lost all confidence in this brand…the bottom line is the 2.1 update will bring nothing, let me rephrase that by saying absolutely “FUCK ALL” to hardcore users. (Please excuse my Scottish swearing lol)
    All this update will bring to us if and when it arrives is this firms pig headedness improvments on software they created.

    I sleep with my X10 by my side, I lift and proceed to play with various functions of my X10 at least twice an hour checking forums for news on fixes or updates but now…after what i’ve read under this topic there is no simpler way to say it….I’ve literally been fucked in the ass by the cock we call Sony Ericsson.
    I feel at this very moment in time more embarrassed for S.E as a company than I do as an X10 owner. This product fails to deliver the specified settings and workings advertised and marketed to users around the globe that enticed people to purchase this product…quite frankly we have been missold an unsatisfactory product which fails to deliver advertised specifications and to my understanding is a breach in E.U sales regulations. I am not angry after reading the news under this topic infact, im outraged!

    2.1 will bring nothing to the X10 apart from animated homescreens and improvments to S.E’s own useless software developments.

    I think the time is now people to support one another…stand up and be heard…complain to you’re service providers, lawyers, newspapers, tv shows etc and let them know that we are not willing to let the co-operate gaints take our cash and fuck us up the ass in return for nothing! Demand a recall on a product that simply doesnt meet the advertised specs nor does the features currently in use (as sold) work.

    We have been sold an unfinished product! That people is the harsh truth and the foundations for a case for a complete refund!!!

    Once again let me apologize for my use of language and being a parent myself…no adult should let children be allowed on blogs before checking it over first!

  49. Well let me tell you something mmmm for real i been looking forward for this update sience i heard about it and each day i look online for more info about it and a delay i know its frustraited but do you know what do u have on your hands? Its a phone that was out 1year ago and still its in the market as full capacity phone, 1year, a phone from a dif company only its “hot” for only a few months then they replaice it and you know it but only SE puts faith in they handsets and a prouf its the software update im almost 100% sure other companys do that they just replaice the phone with a newer one and the prev phone its dead im really HAPPY with my x10 and i will wait for the update to make my phone EVEN BETTER and for sure i never put my hands on a bb or a htc or a iphone to what to get a phone that will be ok for only a feew month hell no, and to finish the device you have will be better and will not get all the features its missing but its still better than many phone out there jaja and also will wait for the x12 jaja poor apple and rim jaja no chace jaja

  50. What is SE doing? B4 I believe

    se device cos sound quality camera.. now I really disappointed of waiting to update, they produce nice hardware but inside not good enought and now the date of updape has been delay. Maybe se wants all x10 users to sent their to ebay or what?

  51. Delay = suck
    Not 2.2 = suck
    No multiple touch = suck
    No flash = suck
    Call volume suck
    No 16km color = suck
    X10 = suck
    SE = suck

    I feel shame to own this shit,
    I feel like I m idiot in front of my friends who own a HTC

  52. Whenever the update is made available, SE server is going to crash from too many downloads. Stupid and lazy SE.

  53. Regarding Adobe Flash, 16m colours and multi-touch, Rikard said that there are “no such plans committed”.

    This point clearly states it…..
    No 16M colors for X10(BTW its display only supports a max of 65K colors)
    I am ok with my x10 mini as it will get 16M color support by 2.1 update
    BUT SE has taken a really bad step of not including multi touch and flash

  54. Once again there was no sorry in the statement and an air of being annoyed that customers would have the cheek to be upset.

    Here is the problem with business.

    If they can avoid spending money developing for a product that is already sold, that’s what they will do.

    SE see the number of complaints as small and contained so even having someone put up statements on blogs is actually them being generous.

    If the general public were angry this would be a different story or if this news were to get into the public eye then SE would do something.

    Social Networking, Media Coverage and Viral Messaging is the only thing that they would take seriously because believe it or not tech blogs don’t sell a phone, the Android version doesn’t sell a phone and finally Multi touch doesn’t sell a phone. ADVERTISING SELLS PHONES and SE seems to have plenty of money for that with an expensive well shot little video for every little phone they make and expensive billboards every hundred metres in every country.

    A thousand plus complaints is simply annoying to them and selling your x10 will ease your pain but make no difference to SE because they already have the full price money from you and the general public will continue to buy the phone because they know no better.

  55. I am glad that I just purchased my X10a last week, so tomorrow Saturday it is going back to the Sony Store, and headed to AT&T to get the Samsung Captivate.

  56. Sorry, I have to disagree with the hostility here. Yes we’re all pissed about the delay but this is by far the best smartphone currently on the market. Admitedly the user interface on the HTC looks very nice, but for a 1.6 device these devices do some pretty remarkable things. Has anyone here even used one of Android’s older operating systems? If you had you would quickly come to realize just how good the X10 is. As for hardware, other phones don’t even come close; I’m sorry, but next to an N series Nokia, most Android handsets look and feel like a toy.

    Wake up and smell the flowers kids; You really don’t understand how good you have it.

  57. @Theweedman Well said!! Jus love the way u’ve phrased ur comment, couldn’t have been better. Cheers to the weed man! I guess we’ve all got to get together n get SE’s CEO sacked. Nokia did it, SE’s next in line. The idiot runs the company like a retard. Calls blackberry a texting machine…atleast it’s a stable texting machine that u can be proud of unlike an unstable entertainment machine that ur embarrassed to pull outta ur pocket

  58. I hope to see an unofficial update from xda team before SE. all android phones have the 2.2 and now they are planning for the 3.0 where SE is still on 1.6 and have problems with 2.1. SE must workibg us HTC where they are making only a layout for the home screen and having the whole os with the defult os instead like SE which is changing all ths underface. Uxp sucks

  59. Open letter to Dissapointed x10 owners-

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    You are an ignorant moron. Either that or you’re a shining example of “Generation Me”, but I guess the two are synonymous with one another. SE will recover and even improve once they distance themselves from imbeciles like yourself and others who feel some type of betrayal.

    It doesn’t matter how many times people explain SE’s actions it still won’t permeate your 10 inch thick skulls’. Please do us a favor by purchasing our competitors product because neither Sony Ericsson nor its vendors have the time or patience to deal with dipshit retards like yourself.

    Kind Regards

    Rikard Skogberg
    Nordic Product Marketing Manager


    My old iphone screen cracked and the delays for an iphone 4 are weeks. I waited a month and finally decided to get the x10. I’m thinking about going back to using my iphone 2nd generation because texting is much smoother and easier on the iphone even though its fucked up.

    x10 failed because:
    -no multi-touch (did you guys expect everyone to play checkers and snake???)
    -no 16 mil colours. (and your not going to give it to us when you can!)
    -In general just not very responsive. My old iphone is smoother, If I can get 200 for the x10 ill be using that money to repair the iphone. SUCK IT SONY!

  61. Dear Sony,

    Why? I cannot understand why you don’t give us stock 2.2. Is it something legal? Can hardly believe that. Drop your custom OS, it’s not superior to stock 2.2. I truly regret buying this phone, but I won’t sell it (the market value has drastically declined, as you will understand).
    Please, please, please, open up the bootloader! If any SE-programmer is reading this (and knows how the bootloader is locked), help us anonymously at the XDA forums! SE doesn’t have to “officially” open the bootloader, but sony employees can definitely help cracking it. Your company has some seriously crazy CEO’s, btw.

  62. XDA team will fuck SE badly… Sooner or Later.

    Don’t worry guys, we will have a chance to show middle finger to SE for it’s bad shit….

    Legal ?? SE is spoiling reputation of Google by producing such a laggy customizations on it’s phone…

    See Samsung Galaxy S, HTC or Motorola… Even, “Spice” mobile in India… who have floated 10K Android 2.2 instrument with Stock OS and I tested all the features myself, which does not have a lag and it works like a charm…..

    TimeScape and MediaScape ??? TweetDeck has more features than TimeScape and Android Stock Gallery is more punctual than MediaScape without Equalizers and Bass-boost options….

    Fuck you SE…


  63. XDA will not bring an X10 hacked bootloader or any Android OS beside SE.

    Not as long as this device will be available global.

    Maybe March 2011, when the successor is shipped, someone will try it.

    And for now, stop blaming yourself.

  64. I am a fan of SonyEricsson’s cheaper phones for a couple years now mainly because they have reasonabe price to feature ratio and are quite stable.
    From what i ‘ve learned so far, the company intends more to sell new phones rather than give new updates to older models and that will probably wont change much with android models.

  65. We keep talking about SE this SE that wtf are SONY saying about this? after all like a fool I got this phone becuse it has SONY in its branding & thats a name I would have thought was worth the money I paid for this phone,

    I have to say I like this phone works a lot better than my old iphone 3gs (if you install the wright apps “better keyboard,astro,task killer” ) BUT it was the fact that an update to the os was to follow “SHORTLY” & the sony name I got this phone thinking it was future proof! but its NOT looking that way now SO is this not FALSE advertising?

    “False advertising or deceptive advertising is the use of false or misleading statements in advertising. As advertising has the potential to persuade people into commercial transactions that they might otherwise avoid”

  66. Hi all, this upgrade probblem really is a joke SE, wil anyone from SE actually be straight with us x10 owners and give us a definite date, also can anyone give me advice on low in call volume and probs were person you are caling can’t hear you, very annoying! Any responses to this prob will be appreciated, SE YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED O THIS POOR POOR CUSTOMER TREATMENT!

  67. Dont get me wrong im upset with the rest of you but this is se’s first android phone and the specs are still ace. The one thing that bugs me is that they wont release access to the bootloader for legal reasons i would be willing to put money on the reason being the screen is capable of multitouch as people suspected. There has already been reports of the screen being the same as iphone 3g but apple the a** holes they are most probly want to hold the monopoly on the mt on these screens and have threatened legal action purely because they was scared of competition . Hold in there all good luck and god bless

  68. I really dont understand, they delay it but the future software are not with too much improvement that we really need such as 16m colour except the software/firmware no. Im sure all engineer are dumb and treat us dumber.

  69. Damn what a b*llsh*t from SE. They really don’t know how to handle open source system and they also don’t know how to keep your customers satisfied 🙁

  70. Dear X10 User,

    Thank you for buying our premature product, as well as your money & patient to be our part of trial and error initiatives. Please don’t expect to much on X10 since that is a rejected android device. From X10 we now that Timeshit and Mediashit are useless and will not be available anymore in our future product. As mentioned recently by our CEO, the real device will be X12.

    See you guys in hell.

    Fuckin you,

  71. again as I’d said….
    This is the S*ckestt ANDROID Bricks EVER!

  72. Finalement, SE fait tout pour nous faire revendre notre X10 et prendre un iphone…
    Doit y avoir une taupe de chez Apple dans leur département Android…enfin, si il y a un département ANDROID chez SE bien sur…

  73. SE, have you ever heard computer maker such as HP, Dell, Acer got sue on the software installed on their PC or the software maker being sue by other software maker of copyright issue?
    Will fruit company fxxk you stupid SE’s asshole or rather they kick google/HTC’s ass?
    Are you fxxking SE represent the whole android market to against fruit company?
    Stop telling copyright issue and include MT etc in your next update, uh, we don’t want your mediashit and timeshit

  74. Hi.
    What is the real big deal, the X10 is a great phone even with 1.6. Why sell it due to this?! The phone havent become a bad one due to this. Better to release STABLE sw instead of release one that re-boots. Im looving my white X10!

  75. I cannot believe they just made the wait longer, This has got to be the worst company in the world for customer relations, Tell me why does it take one of the largest electronic company’s in the world a year to add there UI to an already created OS? They had no issues adding it all to 1.6 but 2.1 comes out and it is taking them this long…… Something just does not sound right to me, I have a feeling they are putting all there efforts into a new phone and the X10 line is not a priority, It seems funny that HTC, Samsung, Motorola and more are all able to add there parts to the Android OS and ship out phones and this was months and months ago, but Sony has a few features like Timescape and Mediascape and they take this long, they to me have taken an excellent phone with ton’s of potential and just killed it right out of the box, by the time they release all these updates we are going to be right were we were when we bought it, Out Dated! Sony needs to either admit that they are not devoting the time to the Update or what there other agenda is, for it seems funny that I have seen several emails from Sony that say different things, It is sad when the company’s employees do not even know the facts or what is going on. I am just upset that I live in Canada or I would have bought the HTC or Droid X by now, to a lot of people the X10 may be great but I am sorry, I want a product that I am able to use the latest software and features, I want a product that the company supports and is willing to put themselves into it, which Sony clearly does not. So for me I am not putting any more effort into this waiting game for I have wasted a year of hoping and depending on Sony to come through just to be disappointed again, So I say again Thank You Sony for your lack of concern or effort towards putting a resolution to the X10 issue and I hope for future products you devote the time to finishing it before release and actually have a plan for its future not just whatever you think is good for Sony, and as for your advertising slogans this one just suits you to a tee……….. “””We Make You Believe “”””

  76. What is the point of us keep on complaining? Those from SE don even bother… they r thinking u either take it or leave it since “we” idiots already let them earned our money. Let’s boycott all the SE products… SUCKS~! i’m getting all my SE on ebay… PS3, PSP and crap X10~!

  77. Bandes de geeks sans amis, sans vie, sans cerveau… Si le fait qu’une mise à jour d’un téléphone portable très sympa (qui comporte ses défauts certes) vous met dans un état pareil, c’est que votre vie doit être bien triste.
    Qu’est-ce qu’on en a à carrer que l’update soit repoussée d’un mois ?! Si obtenir cette mise à jour le plus tôt possible vous provoquerait une érection, c’est qu’il est temps de sortir les gars ! Oui sortir, vous savez, la vrai vie, avec des vrais gens, faire des soirées avec des AMIS, boire un grand coup pour fêter (ou pas) quelque chose, se faire un trip sur la côte un week end avec des pôtes… Vous me faites bien pitié !

    Dans 1 mois, vous serez tout excité de montrer votre update à votre seul pote geek, et aurez oublié que vous avez attendu 4 semaines de plus !

    Vous êtes tous l’illustration de la bêtise humaine.
    (Pour les amerloc incultes) : You are all illustrations of human folly.
    (J’ai un X10, et aucune érection à la sortie de mise à jour :))

  78. Question: so this model will be stuck with Android 2.1/2.2 forever if you want the SE skin, unless SE decides to support it more in the future?

    I assume you can install a vanilla version of Android in the future, but it won’t have the SE skin. Is this correct?

  79. Regarding Adobe Flash, 16m colours and multi-touch, Rikard said that there are “no such plans committed”
    An upgrade to Android 2.2 (Froyo) has not been ruled in or out at this stage.

    brought the phone back to the seller. desire ordered.

  80. I’ve had tried to be reasonable, you can check my other comments… I was still defending Sony Ericsson up to the “delayed” post.

    But now I’ve had it. Been a loyal customer to Sony Ericsson for 7 straight years, had over $3000 worth of high end phones along with lower end phones.

    Xperia X10, considered it sold.

  81. Dont think about the future support it will only get 1 update an that is andriod 2.1. you know why se considerd not to put 16m colors because the xperia x10 already has higher resolution then other phone 16million colors will make the phone slower. Crap device. no adobe flash. wow what to do now i want to sell it but how ?

  82. You see I got this phone because some of its good qualities and look and feel but mostly because it uses Android. WHY oh why does it take MONTHS for an update that has so little improvements. A whole team/company is working on this and I would think that if it was me working on this, I would’ve done way more than the entire SE team in the past 4 months (not to mention the delay now).
    Multi-touch, 2.2, 16m colors, flash player, and Arabic letters are primary things for me and many others and this update and NOT ONE of them is included.
    I’m thinking of the Samsung Galaxy S now and selling my X10.

  83. I am SO disappointed and pissed at SE. If SE just puts in half the effort that Sony puts into the Playstation updates they will not be sitting in shit street financially. I really wanted the X10 since the first time I saw it in November 2009 but this is just ridiculous, I have lost all respect for SE and their product. You can almost call me an iphone hater but at his stage iphone seems like a MUCH MUCH better deal with their reception problems and all as Apple is at least doing something about it and not just standing with their heads in the sand like and ostrich. SE must maybe try and not promise people stuff that they cannot deliver on.

  84. Soooo disappointed 🙁
    I bought the SE XPERIA “for” Android.
    I wish I had listened to those who advised me to buy the HTC Desire :-(((
    Please, Mr. SE, be a bit more serious and don’t abandon us in the middle of nowhere!

  85. You are a disgrace Sony Ericsson, how could you do this to us, your costumer, and to yourself? You must have realized by taking this decision, you put your Company in a very bad position, in costumer’s point of view and other vendor’s point of view.

    Well, to you, maybe doing this is just a part of business or market strategy. But to us, this SE Xperia X10 means a lot more than that, I mean this is not just a cellphone. I thought after buying this phone, I would not have to change cellphone again for at least one and a half year. I thought of that because I trusted SE that much. After deciding to buy both W508 & K330i, I thought, “Wow, SE actually is a very good cellphone brand, which really understand the need of its costumer”. That’s why, I took gamble to buy your so called glorious android product of SE.

    I believed in your company and by looking at the first Xperia (X1) you launched, you would not let us down. Especially because this was your first android phone. I thought that you will be fully committed to this phone. In my mind before I bought it, I was a 100% sure that you will gave us a totally satisfying after sale service. But look at where we are now? You totally let us down.

    Some of your costumer, may got this phone easily, from economic perspective, because they don’t have any issue about their economy situation. But some (like me), actually had to wait for such a long time until they finally could get this phone. Costumer like me, put a lot of faith in this phone so that I felt, “This is the most expensive phone I’ve ever bought, but c’mon this SE product I’m sure this phone is going to be great!”.

    This was supposed to be your huge project, the project which supposedly will put your company’s name bigger and gain more respect from other vendor. But, to me it seems that you did not take this project seriously. You are not fully committed to X10 and that’s sad.

    Well to me, compared to other high end android product from other vendor, everything about X10 is a joke, oh and why should I felt so surprised since X10 was maybe a joke for you, too…

    I’m not that disappointed about the delayed Eclair or no guarantee that there will be Froyo for X10, what disappointed so much is that by doing all this stuffed I think it kind of shows that you have a little commitment to X10 and X10 is your first android project, which like what I said before, supposedly your big and very important project, and it seems you took it lightly. If X10 is ‘like this’, I’m sure the your other products will absolutely look ‘like this’.

  86. Why is anyone surprised?

    Please stop expecting a cheap TN LCD like the one on the X10 to display 16 million colors anyway. Multi-touch? The X10 doesn’t even have support for TWO-FINGER touch, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the hardware is incapable of recognizing two fingers. Sell your X10 on eBay immediately and get a Desire, Galaxy S, or 24 other Android phones that are superior.

  87. You are a disgrace Sony Ericsson, how could you do this to us, your costumer, and to yourself? You must have realized by taking this decision, you put your Company in a very bad position, in costumer’s point of view and other vendor’s point of view.

    Well, to you, maybe doing this is just a part of business or market strategy. But to us, this SE Xperia X10 means a lot more than that, I mean this is not just a cellphone. I thought after buying this phone, I would not have to change cellphone again for at least one and a half year. I thought of that because I trusted SE that much. After deciding to buy both W508 & K330i, I thought, “Wow, SE actually is a very good cellphone brand, which really understand the need of its costumer”. That’s why, I took gamble to buy your so called glorious android product of SE.

    I believed in your company and by looking at the first Xperia (X1) you launched, you would not let us down. Especially because this was your first android phone. I thought that you will be fully committed to this phone. In my mind before I bought it, I was a 100% sure that you will gave us a totally satisfying after sale service. But look at where we are now? You totally let us down.

    Some of your costumer, may got this phone easily, from economic perspective, because they don’t have any issue about their economy situation. But some (like me), actually had to wait for such a long time until they finally could get this phone. Costumer like me, put a lot of faith in this phone so that I felt, “This is the most expensive phone I’ve ever bought, but c’mon this SE product I’m sure this phone is going to be great!”.

    This was supposed to be your huge project, the project which supposedly will put your company’s name bigger and gain more respect from other vendor. But, to me it seems that you did not take this project seriously. You are not fully committed to X10 and that’s sad.

    Well to me, compared to other high end android product from other vendor, everything about X10 is a joke, oh and why should I felt so surprised since X10 was maybe a joke for you, too…

    I’m not that disappointed about the delayed Eclair or no guarantee that there will be Froyo for X10, what disappointed so much is that by doing all this stuffed I think it kind of shows that you have a little commitment to X10 and X10 is your first android project, which like what I said before, supposedly your big and very important project, and it seems you took it lightly. If X10 is ‘like this’, I’m sure the your other products will absolutely look ‘like this’.

  88. Hi all!

    Ive been reading what has been posted here, and if I hadnt owned the phone I would think it was the work of the devil as some of you whould have beleived.

    First of all I have been using SE products for a while. A big while. And you know what all of them have in common? Exceptional build quality! I never broke one! I just gave them to my folks and so on whenever I bought a new device. And im very clumbsy! So i tend to drop things a lot!

    Have you seen a 1yr old HTC or Samsung and how it performs?

    My roommate and one of my work colleagus both have the Galaxy S. I personally cannot stand that fone because Samsung have gone out of theyr way to make that phone look like an apple, have vertical apple like menus and, of course, the software companion looks like a MAC OS onterface. SHOW some PRIDE Samsung! Have I mentioned that both phones crashed and needed battery out restarts? Holding them in my hands reminds me of the shobby quality samsung usualy has (i will never forget them for the top of the line expensive 19 grams headset that broke…. TWICE !!!!). I do not trust them, nor HTC after seeing how ugly they age. I mean they are great if you usually change phones year to year, but if youre like me and usually stick with it for 2 – 2.5 yrs, be happy you own a SE!

    Personally, I love my phone and I would buy it again! The update is just around the corner so thats perfect. Have not had a problem with it, and i love showing off timescape. I do not know why but everyone who sees it smiles.

    For all of you that just want the latest release of Android wait for someone to hack the bootloader and go vanilla. Its that simple!


  89. I used to love coming to this blog for more info about the updates…

    now, it’s just plain dull and boring… not the blog…

    but SE and their crappy promises, updates, and no one fuc***g cares about timescape and mediascape…get that shit out of there..i rahter use tweetdeck and fb app…

    dont want to curse too much …lol

  90. well, its funny sad, weird, its OK its just a phone, one little question ” wich is bigger dissaster fiasco… relese apple 4 reception signal problems or xperia delayed update and promises??
    i can wait more months for 2.1, all the childish people that want to sell their phones im almost shure they doesnt know how to use the x10 wich is amazing, put on ebay ill buy them im involved now thinking that sony e is crappy at support and greed is their third name, its sad cause the x10 is well built and nice not to mentoon powerfull yes with 1.6


  92. Poor in-call volume… Does it needs 2.1 ?
    Camera Flash is useless… Does it needs 2.1 ?
    Can you provide me an option to move my apps to SD card ?
    Could you provide me Multi touch, or at least double touch ?
    Could you provide me to run Flash apps or latest apps which supports higher version of Android OS ?
    Is MediaShit and TimeShit useful against TweetDeck or FaceBook for Android ?
    Does it have an optimized Dalvik VM aka 2.2 which is 5 times faster than Donut 1.6 VM ? So, I can leverage 1 GHZ power at fullest ??
    Do you believe Apple has already launched new iPod with iOS4.1 which is far more sophisticated than your PSP ?? A real gaming device. ??
    Do you sleep, still your customers are not happy ??
    Do you fool customers ?? Why you lied to the customers ??
    Fuck you…!! It is not an eagerness or thirst it’s a FRUSTRATION of your customers.
    You have lost trust of your customer and remember the cost of X10i… nobody is gonna forget you sooner, e’body have paid huge.
    Fucking SE and it’s CEO, worst planning… Keeps promising and removes the feature without customer’s notice.
    We are not fools, we are customers…!!! You are fool.

  93. Awesome SE. This is how you reward your customer who pays high price!!! You gave us junk!!! Damn slow phone, bad in call volume. Please remove timescape and mediascape, I have never used them!!! There are lots better applications out there, faster, better interface that can achieve the same thing!!!

  94. I just want a no buggy phone…I hope the update not full of bug..because many phone had buggy update, default OS runs better…

    for those that complain a lot, SE surely hear you guys, but MT and 16mc simply impossible for current h/w spec…CMIIW

  95. SE… what the hell are u people there doing? Don’t u think u are been kicked in your ass by all the Se Xperia owners.. just dont act like a kid who doesn’t care for anything and do what ever it do.. grow up friends..

  96. The retard from Se blog and the admin had deleted my all posts … so the people cant see the anger and the furstration with their bullshits …. and then they wrote something like
    “vimal says:
    Hi se,
    I am loving’it. Get some good update for us… we will
    Support se. You also do same. Waiting for reply. ”

    Who the f…. will say i`ll support SE right now if its not somebody who works there …. OMG speachless

  97. and this are my comments
    Lako says:
    September 26, 2010 at 12:58 pm
    MIne post was deleted 2 so the people cant see the furstration of the dissapointed customers like me … this is stupid … and the blog is about sharing complains and what people think … and if u cant handle it go shot yourself retards !!!!!!
    Lako says:
    September 26, 2010 at 1:01 pm
    we need mt and 16mln colors … not the stupid update you came out with … witch really is not a update … it is bullshit … mediscape and timescape improvements OMG GET A LIFE ! Who in the whole world asked this from you to deliver ? can you show me one customer who said: “I dont want 16mln colors and Multi Touch … i just wanna get improved stupid apps like Timescape and Mediascape and i dont wanna go further than 2.1x because been outdated is good !” …

    tell me i`m not right … and tell me who cant agree with me ?

  98. Ty for the admins of this blog because this is the real free speech we are talking about thank you guys for bringing the latest news for us. Deep bow for you!

    Regards Lazar Hristov

    Piece i`m out

  99. Okay, this is it.
    Think I’m gonna put my X10 on eBay or something and then get myself a finished product like a Galaxy S or maybe HTC Desire Z.

  100. dudes seriously i am getting more and more confused as i read your comments. i am an xperia x10 user myself (got the phone a week ago) and i cannot understand this whole hostility in here. i mean for those who already knew that x10 runs 1.6 android and now complain for the delay of 2.1 , ask yourself a question : WHY DID I BUY THIS PHONE? in oder to wait for the “outdated” as most of you people call it 2.1 android os? cmon be mature. if it wasnt for the super capabilities of this phone you wouldnt even be here. try to be patient, or self judging and say either : ok the xperia was not the right phone for me (something you should have consider before buying), or just stick around and wait for the change.. and if your eyes can tell the difference between 65.536 and 16M colours then ok ill pass. i totally love my xperia x10i (its in white and it freakin pwns the black one in looks) and i am very happy about my decision. as for the call volume, i have to admit its lower than other phones i had but its still bearable. and i bet that 90% of you people who “cant stand” being in android 1.6 cannot tell the real difference of 2.1 and 1.6 except for the five homescreens.. btw did u try ADW launcher for that? its perfect. peace and have fun.

  101. Stial shut up you X10 virgin!

    Wait till youve had youre phone a while and its bugs start anoy you before you comment on hardcore x10 users. No one is complaining about 2.1 itself as it wasnt bringing fuck all to the table its more about the bugfixes.

  102. Thats it! Today I sold my X10! I’m finished with S/E! Never again a product from this Beginners. By S/E an hello to Apple!!!!

  103. @stial_gr When you’ve had your X10 for a couple of months and find out that 1.6 has limits that are only rectified by updates then make your comment’s until then shut up.

  104. Keep scrolling your TimeShit app until you get a real update…!!!

    MediaShit as well……!!

    Thick skinned SE and it’s management.!!

    I am getting angry now…………!! Somebody calm me down please…

  105. Thick Skinned ain’t the word just thick, but what does it say about us we know that se are shit at customer support and yet we still buy their shit and get surprised when they fail to deliver.

  106. i`m waiting 4 2.1 update because then the devs can see is there mt support and can it be done just like Spica

  107. I’m somehow disappointed. I bought Xperia X10 mini pro because it seems to be good phone. Small but powerfull and still competetive with other phones. After two weeks of usage I found many problems. Most of them are caused by not really well done customisation of Android. Google invests large amount of money in investigation and invention in case of usability and user frendline. SE think they are better and they redesign homescreen in way which is pain to use. I see the point in trying to make this phone comfortable for people with large fingers but the fact is that this people will never buy such small phone no matter what. But those who have smaller fingers can easily use normal UI with much better comfort without need of slow scrolling thru pages in application folder or thru one widget per page. This all are wrong way and thought no sense.

  108. My heart wants to make a nice long “Bamboo” of my X10i and drill it inside an @ss of Program Manager of X10 and other end inside SE CEO’s @ss.

    Real shit.!! And I have a great reason to do such.!

  109. Cheers Sony, I entered a 2 yrs contract with vodafone on the promise of updates. Your a bunch of charlatans no better than the crooks who break in your houses and steal your possesions.

  110. I too have signed up for a 2 year contract with this piece of fucking shit of a phone.

    I owned the very first Ericsson WAP phone in the UK circa 1999 – it used to crash but people in pubs would wow in amazement at seeing a website on a phone, it wasnt even in colour…

    but the X10 is just a laughing stock…

    Not only is the operating system ALREADY out of date but the battery is shit, the sound quality is shit…

    11 years since people are wowing my Ericcson the same set of friends sit around and take the piss out of my brick of a fucking lump of shit.

    I AM SO ANGRY, even if I sell the phone (what is it worth 2nd hand, £50?) I’ve got to buy another phone out of contract…

    SE You are fucking wankers, I want to type the word c*nts but I am gentleman…

    Sort your fucking technical team out – are the people that work for you pasionate about their jobs/the image of the company?


    I am so fucking angry I’m typing in upper case…

    I am fully aware that swearing is crass and only used by simpletons that can not express themselves, but I am seriously fucked off…


  111. Re my above comments….

    what the fuck, SE and Rikard Skogberg you truly are fucking cunts

    the company will fail – trust me. you no longer can sit in an ivory tower in some shitty european country having strategy meetings and ignoring your customers…

    your day will come.

  112. SE sucks. i bought X10 when i should have bought HTC desire or something else. i will never buy a SE product ever again. I hope SE closes soon. there is no room for such a company on the marker.
    We should sue them for selling this piece of shit and not offering the proper support.

  113. Done enough, am waiting for the next HTC Desire HD lauching, definitely go for that one. 1gz processor is more than enough, x12 is 1.5 in the rumour, of course the battery is going to be the crazy sucking up for daily use phone. If wait for the x12, will definitely the same case repeating. Frankly who need the ti m3 sc @ pe and the horible m3 di@ sc@ pe? you need it?

  114. at this point i’m too tired to think about what is wrong with this company and hope the situation will improve. to hell with SE and i’ll just leave my phone alone, use it as it is, no more anger and time wasting. but i swear this is my last mistake with SE, may God read what i wrote here.

  115. If x10 had multitouch, 16000000 colors, android 2.2 (as well as any new android release in time), a unique user interface, hd recording from day 1… who would bother buy a new phone for the next 3 years? This is not the way companies work. Apple releases a phone per year, and although they say they support the previous one, many of the new software features do not work. All other companies like htc offer one android update… maximum two. I strongly believe the desire will not get version 3, and if it does this will certainly be its last. The x10 already had two minor updates, one of them solving the 60 characters problem of non english gsm messages. It will certainly get a 2.1 update… but hey. Do you really know what the differences against 1.6 were? Bluetooth file exchange (which you already have), exchange server intergration (which you already have, even through 3rd party application), and multiple google accounts (whjch is sth you will get). You cannot blame them for not giving you multitouch and 16m colors. You knew it was not there. You just presumed you will get it. If you want x10 to be a perfect device dont expect that from se… donate everything you can and want to xda developers and hope they crack the bootloader 😉 Then you can keep your phone for the next 3 years.

  116. Wouldn’t it be funny if at the end of october they delayed it again. haha im definatly goin to look into the htc desire hd cuz it looks like us xperia x10 owners have hit a dead end.
    Saddened SE customer

  117. Here’s one for all SE deserters wanting to become HTC fanboys –

    HTC’s next generation Desire – the DESIRE Z – only carries an 800 mhz processor, meaning guess what ???? That’s right, no Gingerbread update. HTC wouldn’t deceive their customers, would they?? Yes, they would..

    How many people will buy this phone thinking future OS updates will follow, only to be disappointed ? More importantly, why release an under-specked phone with the sole purpose of avoiding a Gingerbread update??

    The X10 was developed during a time of economic uncertainty. I think now that the phone has already been released Sony Ericsson realize their mistakes, but unfortunately it’s too late to do anything about it. HTC on the other hand are fully aware that the minimum hardware requirements to run Gingerbread (as stated by google) are 512mb RAM and a “1 Ghz” processor. Do you think they’ll release this phone with the express understanding that no future operating system updates will be available. I doubt it.

  118. Youranus, thats where this phone belongs… so does its manufacturer…S.E is in youranus… FUCK YOU SONY… FUCK YOU… TOO MANY PROMISES…DELIVERED : **none**

  119. What a fool I am. I blindly decided to trust SE on their promises. I read all over the internet that 2.1 will come Q3, 2.2 in Q4, Multi-Touch capability, 16m colors, etc… I bought this phone immediately.
    Sony Ericsson, you fucked me out of $600. Enjoy it, for you won’t have another penny from me or any of my friends/family again, I’ll make sure of it.

  120. SE makes me remember the old days when Nokia rolled out the flagship N97…

    SE will loss customers just like Nokia now…

  121. @Rick how much more stupid can you get with your post ? Every company is launching high end and middle end devices Desire Z is less powerful ….aaaa like X8 ? And maybe just maybe you are aware of DESIRE HD or even the first Desire is with the 1ghz and 512 mb ram ? so what you are saying is rubbish or what? The Se said X10 is high end device and it has to have the features of high end device … otherwise is pointless … like it is just now only the looks doesent work for smartphone

  122. HA! Just signed a contract for 85 phones, Android OS and guess what, we went for HTC 🙂 All the comments on not anything specific, but Customer satisfaction from SE had the final word. Thanks “Joe Public”, you all should get a medal!

  123. SE is taking too much to release its new firmware.Instead of Elair it should have been froyo.They claimed X10 as a high-end multimedia device but it lack an EQUALISER,which really sucks.I didn’t find on the white paper that Eclair will have it.Its completely ridiculous buying a phone and have to wait for long for an update.Other android mobiles have already get 2-3 os updates.I hope SE will not dissapoint us and the update will not delay further.

  124. sony is beening rely gay about the fuck updates they need to stop puting out phone get the fuck phones updated for fucking people

    people will start selling the fucking thing of no updates

  125. I’m really upset… Does Sony actually understand how they are crippling their name ? The brand will be crippled by this type of exposure to their inability to put on a version of android that is current.

    Imagine buying a PC with the power to run Windows 7 yet it comes with Windows 98 and you get told sorry we not smart enough to get our hardware to work on Windows 7.

  126. The reason I got x10 mini pro is because it’s the only STURDY FULL QWERTY slider that is POCKETABLE. I don’t even care about the updates since the phone is still usable and faster than win mo phones (I used to own x2, really heavy and big). Have tried other slider phones (in shops) and felt like it would break every time I slide the phone open.

  127. agree with Phillip Smith this is just stupid thing to do and the newest phone x8 has 1.6 android aswell ….. wtf?

  128. well2…
    With X10 :
    I’ve got A Broken Promises…
    I Don’t get Update after 2.1
    I Don’t have FLASH
    I Don’t have Multi Touch
    I Don’t or can’t call it Smartphone again on 2011!
    I Don’t Like it
    I’m being Damned with this X10!!!!
    A good Company never Lied to Customer!
    please care bout your customer,… feels sorry who had a 2 years contract there…

  129. Lets try and bring the comments up to a readable standard again, my head is going to explode if I have to carry on reading through the dribble some of you have posted here. I’m amazed at some of these comments, some of you should seriously learn to spell and punctuate before trying to insult someone as it would stop you from looking like a fool.

    On the SE update side, at least the update is still coming, and to be honest, It’s cool to know that it is still on the way, it adds to the excitement. The update is going to make a really good phone, even better. I doubt SE will stop with updates after 2.1, they were one of the first/only phone manufacturers to provide software updates for their phones.

  130. @Lako

    I don’t think you understood one word in my post.

    The X10 was sold with full disclosure about its specifications. It came out in the US with Donut and the express understanding that a 2.1 update will be avilable sometime in quarter 3/4. At no time have SE or any of its representatives stated unequivocally that a Froyo upgrade will be included in future updates. If you purchased the phone with the belief it would, then I’m sorry to say, “you’re an idiot”.
    As I’ve already stated, Sony Ericsson were hit hard by the Global financial crises. Their products are designed and marketed by employees who live and work in developed economies such as Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the US. Overheads are a lot higher than some company operating out of Taiwan and their margins are probably tighter as well; In other words, it needed to make money in an uncertain environment, without taking on too much risk. Enter the X10 family, a series of Android phones to test the US market without breaking the bank. Why didn’t SE go to market with 2.2 ? I don’t know, but I hazard to guess licensing fees would have been significantly higher to use Froyo than they would Donut.
    As far as high end devices, the truth in the matter is we don’t know what hardware/Software will be included on future releases from SE. I doubt they will be low-specked and I doubt they’ll be a cheap compromise.

    Why am I defending Sony Ericsson? Because I’m certain my X10 will still be going strong in 2 years time, with or without a 2.2 update.

  131. Why SE still have time to prepare for new product X8 ?

    Really sick of those bullshit promises! Why PS3 software can performed so great, why SE can’t?
    S “Ericsson” shame on yourself! Your planning, marketing and support is totally fail! Don’t be greedy, you’re the biggest liar in Android handset market and yes number #1 but count from the back!

    I’m hoping for PlayStation Phone but would it be ended up just same like S “Ericsson”? Hmm, will only support if PlayStation using its own OS instead of Android. Look at Apple, reviews OS and launch new phone annually. At least I’m sure with what i can get and what is not, no more prediction and praying hard for updates everyday. Peace in mind. Too bad that i’m not fancy about IPhone.

    Really heartache that i got a good LCD screen but can only enjoyed up to 65K color which is really sad and also really desperate for the speed improvement. For me, the integration done in Timescape and Mediascape is quite useful but the start up is really SLOW (with 1GHz of processor?!) so it will never be my HOME.

    Seems like off topic already. Hmm, just lost faith to Sony “Ericsson”. I’ll sell it if it isn’t a gift from my dear and he bought it with his hard earn money 2.7K here which is very expensive!

    Is there any hacker’s version of firmware just like PSP firmware from M33 team?

  132. This is annoying. I have an X10 and its certainly one of the best feature wise Android phones out there. It looks good too.

    Now I’m all for getting the latest Android OS, but I’m not really all that bothered, essentially the phone works. BUT, and this is a big but why can they not sort out the in call volume issue, this is an epic failure and makes taking calls outdoors almost impossible. If I was in a pub and a mate called to find out where I was I would have no hope being able to hear them. This is not because I have hearing issues, its because of the phone. For this reason I am looking to see if Orange will swap my phone for something else, maybe the Desire. Its sad that SE have totally overlooked this issue in their upcoming update.

    Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells

  133. Very dissipointed in Sony. Especially so that they have been known for high quality…..and you pay a higher price as oppsoed to competitors.

    Had purchased the phone like many on the promise that it would be updated in a timly manner.

  134. Mon fournisseur à annuler toutes ces commandes de nouveaux X10 il ne le propose plus à la vente (un smart-phone en 1.6 est invendable de nos jours )et d’autre part sa valeur de rachat actuelle est de 120 Euros (fameuse perte pour les entreprises)après trois mois car il ne sait les revendre qu’a l’exportation tout bénéfice pour Samsung et son Galaxy S ,les pré-commandes pour le droid x de Motorola démarre bien aussi ,je pense que l’image de Se va en prendre un fameux coup et que si il y a autant de mensonges pour la lancée de leur hypothétique X12 se sera la fin annoncée ,on ne vend pas des produits comme les politiciens ,les ventes sont a l’arrêt depuis des mois et la mise a jour fantaisiste ne donnera pas un meilleur son a la machine ce qui était primordial ,quel naufrage

  135. Rick M8 u`r talking bullshit again you are just talking so much usless stuff … 1st of all yes i buy it because its Smartphone and yes expected to get higher update like 2.1,2.2 or smtng because this is just what you expect from smartphones and ..computers … Because you can update your OS and if you see what Phill said maybe you`ll understand me . Its like microsoft windows is launching win7 but your pc lets say IBM or any other brand dont wanna use 7 and they`ll stick to win xp or win98 … so you are starting to think why i need this pc if its outdated by hes software ? …. and about the higher license for eclair or froyo ???!??!? are you for real ??? are you reading this stuff before you post it man??? Se is out there long before HTC and the last years they are very strong and had good devices a and one other thing are part of SONY anyway … but lets get back to this how can HTC pay every license for 2.1, 2.2 ??? can you tell me why?? because they want their customers to be happy ? and satisfied ? and in matter of fact i bought X10 Black … and after 1 month my phone was restarting itself forever i gave it back to my provider and they couldnt fix it … and gave me new one – white …and its starting to have some bugs … And about the crisis she hit HTC aswell ? but how they are managing ??? satisfying customers and making good name for themselfs with good devices and good support ….not like SE

  136. ” with some very harsh words ”

    So I am, of coz I am using fucking harsh word although I use SE cell phone more than 10 years, but I very very very very mad this time and never buy the SE cell phone again !!

    Yea, do you know the fucking reason ?

    Coz the fucking SE guys cant keep the fucking promise and never care about the owner feeling and suggestion !!

    If SE arent suck thing, who will speak fucking harsh, a uh ?

    Just think about it, wat your company fucking did !!

  137. Sony Ericssion ,a leading company in mobile technology – but a poor,………………..bullshit company in customer satisfaction

    i wasted my three month hard work in bullshit investment of INR 16000 i:e buy a mobile phone( shit in SE),i am in shame of me.

    And also learn a lesson from this investment,

    that is Dont to invest in trust of SE

    But one thing for SE Management and administration,

    We also work and loss our blood for earning money,so pls keep this in ur mind and do anything
    simply u wont make anything for urs. Bcoz the enduser is ours( that means customer

    Anyway bye

  138. Chill, folks. The 2.1 update won’t change much anyway.

    I think SE has learned a valuable lesson from this debacle : never EVER again tell customers in advance about updates or when they are coming out. If you tell customers something and it turns out to be wrong, they explode with fury. If you never tell them anything at all, they’ll be happily surprised when the update appears.

  139. Today, I stopped 2 people from buying SE products.
    I shared this blog link also and told them, how SE has promised, but never delivered.
    I exposed SE for Satio fail and how it ditched customers in Xperia’s case….
    Even, I told many things about features offered in HTC and Samsung Android phones. I told them about how SE is raping Android with MediaShit and TimeShit.

    I am happy again… In fact, my intention was not to stop them buying SE, but I wanted them to buy “latest”.

    SE, Smart is coming… Yes, Customers…
    Customers are coming…!!
    ..|.. (middle finger)

    Guess where this middle finger is going to enter………

  140. no Chris , they should have learned the lesson:

    Never ever advertise a product that is not ready ….

    and then delay the release, delay they updates betray the customers.

    Therefor I have preordered a HTC Desire HD at the first day, and sell my x10 on ebay.

  141. Hi all please email the bbc watchdog tv show and they will put it on there tv show and try and help sort this out. They need as much info and complants to highlight this as the bbc done with voadfone and there android updates. Log on to and click tell us a story! If they get alot of complants it might be on this Thursdays show!

  142. @ Chris,

    Hi Chris. Well, I agree with you at some extend. They should have never talked about updates and that would help me not to buy this junk and would buy something else. I prchased this phone ONLY because they talked about updates (coming SOON), So I wsih they have never had done that!!!!!!!

    You see the point, right?

  143. Frankly we buy x10 because of it’s an android, because it’s PROMISED will having an 2.1 update, and PROMISED in the quarter 3 of 2010. I don’t think people will not going to have the x10 if sony didn’t have these statement. Even the time before i buy it, I have confidence because of the “lifetime update for x10”

    Of course, we all know that we will be upgrading in 3 years time, new device coming out, but not by bull-shitting the empty promise that making the user getting down every time the update is compromising from the early promise.

    I swear if sony didn’t state the lifetime update for x10, many people will go for htc although i know the quality of the device is lower than the sony did. It’s a very good phone, but the company is compromising.

  144. X10 is very old no multitouch, no froyo no 16milion display x10 is a big flop, looks good&sexy but nothing include like woman 😉

  145. to be honest delaying by 1 month is not the end of the world u guys..
    SE makes a wide range of phones which they have to provide support for. Unlike apple who can focus all their energy on just one device.
    give them a break, its not like your phone is going to stop functioning running 1.6..

  146. I will never again in my life buy another SE product again. Whether it be a ps3, tv or anything I will not buy it.

  147. That´s it.
    I just posted my X1 on ebay and will never again buy an SE product.
    I have been using and promoting SE phones ever since i bought my first Ericsson 337 back in the early 90´s.

    The extra 1 month delay was just the straw that broke my camels back.
    I think that HTC or samsung (that acctualy provide updates) will be getting my hard earned money…

  148. SONY – acronym explanation
    Question “are we getting 2.1 update”
    Answer ” S.od O.ff N.ot! “

  149. wen u sell plz leave d forum.for good….
    and if u guys so complain…
    go to se head office
    …I love dis phone die…
    we nid great minds to move d sony ericsson alive not some freaks
    …fine deres a delay ..big deal…
    with SE and confident…

  150. You wanna know the funniest part. The people complaining will most likely buy a HTC or Samsung and immediately install a custom ROM on the phone.

  151. After the last events considering the promised update that SE never fulfilled, I think X10 users can dedicate this song for Sony :

    Just gonna stand there
    And watch me burn
    But that’s alright
    Because I like
    The way it hurts
    Just gonna stand there
    And hear me cry
    But that’s alright
    Because I love
    The way you lie
    I love the way you lie
    I love the way you lie

    chill out guys 😛

  152. i stay one month with x10 mini in old 1.6 version and I was hope to get eclair as soon as passable but SE disappointing me by delay the 2.1 eclair (and i don’t know why they are always slow!!! others got 2.2.1 like nexus one and SE delay 2.1 one or maybe tow month more!!!)

    i divorced my X10 mini and i sell it and I’m thinking to buy samsung galaxy 5(corby smartphone) which is have 2.1 eclair and samsung promise to update all their android phone to 2.2 froyo!!!

    I hope even for one time in my life to buy SE phone that all people hopping to get one like GalaxyS or Desire HD

    thanks all,,
    sorry for my bad English!!

  153. Can’t imagine buying this phone on a 2 year contract and being stuck at Android 2.1/2.2. To have this kind of hardware and be unable to upgrade the software would be maddening. At least with the iPhone 4 you won’t be left out of software updates until the phone is antiquated.

  154. ***********
    Hi all please email the bbc watchdog tv show and they will put it on there tv show and try and help sort this out. They need as much info and complants to highlight this as the bbc done with voadfone and there android updates. Log on to and click tell us a story! If they get alot of complants it might be on this Thursdays show!

    Keep spreading the word to the media everyone! Our voice needs to be heard!

  155. Just as everyone here I’m a victim of the SE x10 product.. i have always purchased Sony phones and been thinking that they honestly and constantly care hard to improve their products, they like satisfying their customers; however as always I’m wrong again..

    I regret having gone for SE X10.. only because I trusted the organisation and its morals.. I’m nor a begger and therefore will never beg for so called this mighty update that barely has anything new in it..

    Simply just gonna take a deep breath and tell myself that it was a very bad mistake and money spent for something that’s absolutely pathetic.. WILL NEVER CONSIDER SONY ERICSSON models again.. and I will make sure I will advice all my fellows and friends not to bother about it either..

    WE (customers) ARE NOT FOOLS or IDIOTS and yes you have successfully trapped us just because we had our faith in you SE lots..

    Saying NO MORE to Sony Ericsson.. goodbye for good..

  156. FOOLFACE. I emailed BBC, YOU asshats do the same, takes one minute. You may rant here, but no one will care, but make your voice be heard.
    click tell us a story!

    If we get our voices heard, we may very well get 2.2 by Q1 2011.

  157. I made my peace with SE…and Apple, since I have just purchased a shiny new iPhone 4 🙂
    Anyone want an X10? Seriously. Email me at brunulmobile (@) gmail (dot) com
    $100 (Ontario, Canada)

  158. Honestly Fuck Sony and their false promises. I work at a cellphone shop and I highly recommend not buying the Xperia to my customers since I got one on launch day and had to deal with statements like these from SE from the time I had it. Fuck you SE, you suck balls.

  159. Oh dear. Well on the plus side since this phone is about to be worthless (12000+ of these on Ebay), I anticipate it being cracked and used as a cheap, open platform with fairly good hardware. These things will still be kicking around for a while yet. As far as buying a new device from SE tho, just don’t do it, wait until they fuck up the X12 then buy an unwanted one of them off Ebay. If you have to.

  160. I reackon collectively you guys would have an IQ of 80 so there may yet be proper recourse available through consumer protection laws.

  161. It is going a little far, SE will update the phone, would you prefer a buggy, laggy update or one that works?

    SE is back porting some of the functions off Froyo to go on Eclair making the update very worthwhile and for those that just want the newest software by the time the official SE update comes along the guys over at XDA would have cracked the bootloader and by XMAS we will all have flashed our phones to run custom roms.

    I really cant understand why people can not wait, you rush things they dont work you take your time its done properly simples.

  162. I have emaild the bbc as well they need need ur complants email them they are the only ppl willing to listen and maybe help. Theres to point keeping all this to the forums tell them and post this on other forums. There was no voice for us that had this crap over the satio

  163. @Andi – “I really cant understand why people can not wait, you rush things they dont work you take your time its done properly simples”

    Launch flagship Android phone x10 (Android 1.6 but will be upgraded) (10 months)
    Aah but they tell you to wait, it will happen “soon”, – and you wait (4 months)
    Then they say “Yes, update is coming week 38” – and you wait (2 months)
    Then they say “Update is sooner than you think” – and you wait (1 month)
    Then they say “Wait, we need to move it back another month” – and you wait (1 more month)
    Then the say “Big surprize coming…” – and you wait
    Then they say “Hey, its another phone! running the same OS as current x10 (1.6) but will be upgraded” -and you wait?

    Seems like the good ‘ol Rinse-repeat lets fuck over the public tactic to me…

  164. Oh, and in the meantime -ALL- the other manufacturers have updated their firmwares to 2.1/2.2… – and you wait…
    Your right, this is going a little too far!

  165. Increíble como SE puede y sigue perdiendo clientes. Ahora estoy con un X10 que lo veo morir antes su PRIMER upgrate hacía 2.1 y ya tengo por entendido que no va soportar un montón de cosas que su HARDWARE (menos el multitouch) puede soportar tranquilamente.

    Ahora estoy en un contrato de vodafone por 2 años por un “smartphone” que no nada de smart!. No me imagino como serán los otros móviles de SE pero es de esperar que nunca tendrán mas de 2 upgrate. Mas nunca comprare un SE desde hace mas de 10 años que tengo un SE con mi primer T100 y ahora estoy deseando salir del X10 cuanto antes y buscar un Desire HD. Compre el X10 porque era SE y sus 8.1 MP de camera. Pero también porque su HARDWARE soportaba un gran nivel de upgrate según GOOGLE y sus especificaciones. Lamentable que SE este haciendo esto a un móvil con tan buen hardware y le importe nada los que compraron uno.

    No tener esas características de upgrate como el 16M, 2.2 (froyo) son cosas que me hace desear venderlo.

    Solo espero que XDA logre sacar un crack al bootloader y en verdad tener un smartphone en mis manos.

  166. @Andi Which 2.2 feature is coming in next update? Please enlighten us.

    Its just a update for namesake as already we are using practically modified UI with 2.1 features. You will not find anything worthwhile in the update so they can for all their money go to hell and not even release an update.

    I can add 11 screens in current 1.6 version X10 by using free themes from market. Root your phone and you can use Titanium Backup which is best app for backing up your phone.
    Other features they will add are not even worth wasting my time discussing.

    I am only waiting for day when 2.2 sees light on this phone.

  167. Not many companies are perfect at their first attempt. Like some of the people here, I bought this phone (I was sad, I had it on pre-order) knowing full well it was only Android 1.6. I was also well aware that it was obselete but I don’t care. Having had SE products in the past and found them to be extremely well built handsets that are reliable, I went for it. The fact it looks so good is a bonus. When I advise companies on new hardware etc, it is not always prudent to opt for the newest OS available for a number of reasons – the main one being reliability. I need a phone that works as a phone, this does this with aplomb, more than can be said with the iPhone 4 (although this issues doesn’t seem to be as prevalent in the UK). I also must state in SE UK’s defence, the customer care is top notch. The one issue I had with this was solved very quickly. And in direct comparison with the HTC Desire, the X10 is better, the menus are slicker, it is better built and looks better. Sometimes, having the latest software isn’t everything…

  168. Sander, the first 2.1 update will be available from the end of October 2010 (in the UK, other markets may be different) with the 2.1x update in Q1 2011. This is the current information from SonyEricsson UK.

  169. this is realy a bad news. is this realy hard for SE ? i have a mistake in my life and it is buy a sony ericsson phone.

  170. I’ve just had an update message come through to my X10!!!! But, it is asking my to connect it to the PC to update, this update is going to be OTA is it not?? My problem her is my micro usb port is bust!! (good ‘ol SE)

    Anyone else have this through today?

  171. this is crap

    let start a campaign to boycott SE phones, they will start to listen their customers then

    so pissed off we are not getting 2.2 errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!

  172. every 2 weeks i check out news from this website and always close it with disappointment. and it’s going to delay till next year?! wtf! what if google launch andriod 3.0 before the update release. i dun see why there is a delay since it had show off in a exhibition. this is the worst experience i had with SE after using their product for 5 years.

  173. Real piece of crap without Android 2.1. Are SE people are dumbo or zombies?
    Most of the other manufacturers are working on 2.2 where as Mr. SE proudly displaying 1.6
    SE u should be ashamed, playing with our customer sentiments.
    I have already all my friend to beware of SE smartphones. DON`T TRUST SE they are habituated of giving false impression.
    SE please stop fooling people around… ok…..

  174. I exchanged my X10 for a Desire and am so so so glad I did. Just feel bad I pursuaded so many people to get the X10 🙁
    Will never look back to SE again.
    Satio, W995, C905, X10, my last 4 phones, and all with unacceptable problems, all having to be returned over and over again.
    Thanks but i’ll be buying HTC from now on because they actually know what they are doing.

  175. WTF>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no 16M NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooOOOOooooOOOoooooOOOOooooOOOOoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! dam you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. you mother fucker idiots. son of bitches. first you promise 16m colors and then its not included. An update to already outdated 2.1 anriod was supposed to be by the end of september and its delayed. what the fuck is wrong with your team? do you think we are fools here who bought this phone? this was my last time ever i got a SE. SE SUCKS U SUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKERS

  177. I want to say something about SE but i can’t say it because i like to think i am a gentleman.Anyway i wish that everybody could send the stupid X10 back to SE so they may stick it up their a…s and claim all the money we have paid for the phone and of course some bonus because they fooled us and we all buy another phones.

  178. Not only is he a gentleman who thinks Sony should shove their phone up their asses, but he not only wants a refund, he wants a bonus too.
    Yep, sony is going to give my $600 back, and then they’ll sincerely apologize and give me another bonus $300 to buy a new phone.

    FULL FLASH! ANDROID 2.2 (with cyanogen)
    Sony ericsson have Always done this. first they provided pathetic support for the satio and then theyre doing this with the xperia…
    I AM NEVER EVER NEVER EVER going to buy a SONY ERICSSON again.. even if it has a 24megapixel camera with android 3.0! NEVER! coz SE are bound to let you down somehow! . FRAUDULENT IDIOTS! someone should let the poor people who are seeing the fancy advertisements and buying new SE phone know what crap they have to deal with.

    I am so made omg i hate sony For life Wtf it gets worse everytime next you will hear
    “oh sorry folks we just blew up all our laptops now where upgrading to 1.9 I am so mad at sony!

  181. It’s incredible the number of forums on which people are dissing SE these days. I am not sure SE realized their next android phones will not sell as well as the X10. Take its success and you get an idea of the number of people they pissed by failing to bring android 2.1 update on time. That pissed a lot of geeks and geeks are early adopters/haters of high tech product… so don’t expect X11, 12… meeting the success of X10.

  182. I have had my X10 less than 3 weeks and have been happy so far except battery life and stupid camera light. Android 1.6 doesn’t bother me, but I am looking forward to upgrade. The announcement from S.E. was a very poor decision and not having plans to develop the hardware to it’s full potential is a mistake too. If enough people complain to the service providers, there will be action. I’m stuck with a 3 year contract, so I wait patiently for update. 2 finger touch is native to this phone as I use it when viewing pictures… What’s the big deal about multi touch? I hope that S.E. smartens up and does the right thing. Good ljck to all users.

  183. finally we get some answers, it basically means to hit the curb to all the android lovers.
    wow what did i get myself into 🙁

  184. Well, i sold my X10 today, got me a HTC desire Silver edit. Hope sony releases the update real soon for the X10 users.

  185. I got rid of my Nokia N97 Mini ‘flagship’ because it was incredibly unstable even after 3 FW updates. As I am a very pleased SONY user (all my gear is Sony) i bought this SONY-ERICSSON X10. I have to say that even in it’s current state it’s waaaay better than the N97.
    Offcourse there are some weird issues (an 8MP camera without flash?!?, No support for local syncing with Outlook, Strange connection failures when the battery reaches less then 33%, Incomplete bluetooth stack).
    I suspect that this phone is more Ericsson than Sony..
    What if they didge the Time- and Mediascape and just develop an app that introduces the famous Sony XMB interface (cross media bar, like on PS3 and PSP). That would be a major Plus!

  186. i bought this fucking shit with 2 years contract. Can anyone tell me what should I do to end it? And SE is the. Worst company in the world. It can’t rule over the android world, it has no capbility. ” NO FLASH” What does they mean. When every phone has it, there is no website without it, so what to do with this shit phone. Camo on SE

  187. Okay, calm the hell down people. Here’s a couple of points.

    It’s a PHONE. You (and I) bought our PHONES to make PHONE CALLS, TEXTS, and the occasional email and internet browsing. I bought myself an X10 on an O2 contract, sixty quid a month. I can’t love the phone enough. I am a techie myself (you just need to look at the living room of my house to see that), and I’ve had the X1 as well.

    Now, I admit. The X1 was fundamentally flawed (well it would be, Windows Mobile anyone?), and the support was terrible. The X10 support is even worse. But even still – how many of you bought your phones to run an OS. In all seriousness. If you’re that pissed about not being able to update your operating system, buy a computer. And not an Apple one (yeah I made that mistake, but I build systems too, I have a PC as well; running Ubuntu thank you very much). Or, you know, root your X10.

    I reiterate. It’s a PHONE. It doesn’t need to have the cutting edge Linux kernel or the newest application. If it makes phone calls, you’re grand.

    …I have to admit, I don’t like the way Sony are handling this, and they REALLY need to work on the battery life before they work on more bloatware, but all the same…it’s still technically a very good piece of hardware. Just calm the hell down lads, and you know…maybe consider how lucky you are to have the money to buy it in the first place.

  188. Oh Come On Alex we did not pay $600 for just to use it as A PHONE. ok for a considerations lets use it just as A PHONE. its in-call volume sucks. Its battery timings sucks. why not you get yourself a nokia 1680 Alex. It would be a way better if you just want A PHONE.

  189. the update is delayed to November. SE really thinks we are fools :s. FUCK SE

  190. SE sucked BIG TIME.

    I had been a consistent SE user. I really saved up for this x10 and i really felt short changed. what even sucked is that SE keeps on breaking their promise. SE, i do really think you will be oosing the Asian Market to SAMSUNG in 2011.

  191. No Mr.Skogberg, its not as easy as that.
    Just because you admitted your problems doesn’t mean we’ll take it.
    Stick to your commitments. If not this update then have it ready on the next update. And no more delays. Yes its your fault, which means you have to fix it. Surely its disappointing for a large company such as yourself, SE.

  192. For a phone that was supposed to top the iphone, se has failed
    And not a windows 7 blue screen type of fail! Im done with sony
    Ericcsson. Not only because of the upg but im having to
    Get a refurb x10 to replace mine cause of software issues ! My phones 4 monts
    Old!. Hey SE WANT A NEWSFLASH! GIVE US 2.2 FROYO WITH FLASH!!! Anyone agree!!??

    I hate to say it but im goin back to apple. At least they give real answers and
    not to mention they make up for their massive epic fails!

    This pisses me off to no end. Older phones have 2.2 but all those ppl that got this
    Handset are stuck running a flawed firmware!. Stop screwing around and fix it before
    you loose more buisness.

  193. Been a big fan of Ericsson from their EH97 days and then Sony Ericsson from T68i onwards. I’ve often felt there’s no way I could ever change brands as I’ve gotten too accustomed to their products. Now that I’m using X10, and android seems to be a pretty standard affair with other OEMs, I guess I’ve found the perfect reason and way for me to jump ship. I have been loyal SE, but going back on their words and retracting features they have promised ie. 16m screen, release date etc and ignoring fundamental issues like low volume earpiece in a phone is inexcusable. I had so much respect for them, but they’re not giving any to me so I’m not going to even wish them luck. I’m out of here.

  194. I got this phone 1 month ago, tmobile said that it will run the latest android OS and adobe flash. Trying to get it replaced now after hearing what wont be included in the update! Dont want to be stuck with this for the next 2 years! Never getting another SE phone EVER

  195. Sony , if i don,t get good improvements with androd 2.1 then sorry to say me and my friends wilk sell their x10 phones , and we will never buy sony phones again , please do some work and make your customers happy . Thanks

  196. I was so close to buy a x10 a few weeks before but now i´m happy i didn´t. HTC here i come. SE you know how to shit hard on your customers. I feel sorry for all the x10 owners.

  197. I do not understand what this is al about, when i am reading all your comments it is like there is going to change a lot when 2.1 or 2.2 comes. I bought the X10 because of its looks and usage for social networking.
    Therefore, i am not as negative as the most of you all here… Enjoy the use of this phone en Android 1.6…

  198. Such a waste of my money. I thought i would take longer to get 16mi colors, froyo and flash support, but not THIS long. Bye SE. Anyone interested in buying an x10a from the Brazilian operator VIVO? Cheers!

  199. I wanted a HTC Desire for the 2.1 software and features but vanity prevailed and opted for the X10 for its looks and fact the 2.1 upgrade was promised for October. Now thats DELAYED and in the meantime the HTC as moved over to 2.2 and the HTC Desire HD comes out this month offering EVERYTHING that Sony now looks set to not give us at anypoint on there so called flagship smartphone. No surprise that my X10 is now going up for sale for whatever I can get for it and I’m getting the not quite as ugly as the original Desire; Desire HD. Take note SE – LOOKS AREN’T EVERYTHING and you cant keep shitting on your customers!

  200. Finally Skype is now available for Android… Wait a minute I can’t install it because it’s for Android 2.1 and up…. Thanks SE..for keeping me so behind innovation. I have to bring my laptop to make a skype call at the park.. you know.. skype? 20+ million users..not interested? ok.. bye bye SE

  201. […] con Windows Mobile. Se interessa a qualcuno, ecco il blog ufficiale di SE sulla serie X10 More details on Android 2.1 Xperia X10 delay | Xperia X10 Blog Noterete come sono felici gli utenti… Rispondi quotando   + […]

  202. For those that wonder why soooo many SE owners are negative—Some of us spent ALOT of money to get this phone only to be let down time and time again for updates and improvements. So before u judge us think about the fact that many of us renewed contracts or bought straight out at release time for this xperia x10, and some like me are on a second handset due to ongoing hardware and software related issues.

    So in turn and reality JUST WAIT the little flaws, missing updates, low in call volume, low music volume, no flash support, battery life issues will soon become evident and start to piss you off too.

  203. Very disappointing.SE has cheated X10 buyers.They must simply deny rumors about 16m color, flash support, multi touch and so on far before this.But they didnt to sell this brick.
    I promis you that their 2.1 upgrade will be even more useles than their above mentioned points.
    MAKE BELIEVE: X10 is a dead project.Sacrificed in favor of X11 and X12. But with such an awful record for SE, Im sure that X11 and X12 will not be succesful in the markets.

  204. Admittedly, when my chance to upgrade on this handset is nigh, I will be not be opting for another SE, Android 1.6??? with a delayed launch of 2.1 which has already been out for a year now! Thinking HTC or Apple is next port of call. If half the benefits of 2.1 are not included (the ones that make it great) then I don’t really want to see the mess SE make of it.

  205. I just think this 2.1 update is something they wanna throw out to keep us happy an cos they promised it. I’ve been reading more about the X12 and that is suppose to come with everything promised. I think they are saving the best stuff for when that phones comes out with 2.2. Apple did the same, when the brought out iphone 4 they released 4.0 software to 3gs and ipod touch. i don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t give the same software to the people that have the x10 when the x12 comes out, they say the phone is capable of flash and 16m colours ect so i believe they are just waiting to bring them out along with the new phone.

  206. Well folks, here it is. SE has cut short on its commitments to clients and to the future development of its own technology (Xperia Extend).

    Here is the update on the potential SE lawsuit I wanted to bring to life in Canada.
    We currently have ground to sue SE based on the two following and yet simple points.

    Xperia X10 was sold with the promise of regular firmware updates and the assurance that Xperia would evolve alongside Android OS (which is why we bought those bloody devices). This is considered as a contract with the clients and the providers/distributors of the said phones.

    Since this will not happen and is therefore contrary to what we were assured by the company, SE is in ”breach” of contract with clients and distributors.

    But the real point that could enable us to win in Canada is the following. Buying SE Xperia X10 will cause substantial losses to all of their owners (who will have to break their current contracts with carriers and assume the related fees, buy a new phone and finally get a new contract with same/different carriers). For some of us, the total amount in question can reach 1015$ (in my case:I have a 2 years contract with Rogers, so I have to pay remaining balance on my phone 315.00$CA, cancellation fees 400.00$CA, buying a new phone 200.00$CA and lastly new contract and related fees 100.00+, for a big total of over 1000.00$CA). It is easy to prove that those losses are intricately tied to buying Xperia X10, and they would not have occurred had we bought another device. Since our phones are a business tool and we will not be able to use it as needed and as promised, despite what SE advertised and assured, we have ground for a serious lawsuit.

    But to win this in court, we need to make it a collective case against SE, therefore proving without a doubt that we all suffer the same consequences due to misinformation and false promises made by SE.

    It is considered illegal in Canada to make false advertisement, and based on those two facts alone, we have serious grounds, but we need to stand together to win this and force SE to assume its responsabilities towards its clients.

    If you want to join the cause, please contact me at
    Mr Hyde

  207. “get a grip a phones a phone you anal c*nts”

    Not when you can’t get the apps you need because of the outdated firmware.

  208. dear ms

    A phone is a phone.! Really? If thats the case why bother being on a forum regarding
    Phones? Thats just stupid.. for some of us our phone is a buisness necessity and i dont
    Know about others but i dont like to invest my hard earned money in pieces of crap and
    Companies that screw over customers

  209. Its just a phone… God! Why do you care that if it updates or note? You bought knowing that was not latest version of android. Don’t like it? Dont buy it! I love this phone! I know that it could be better if SE were faster with their personalized android OS. But who cares? It makes calls, i can watch movies, have fun.

  210. Very disappointing of Sony Ericcson’s work. Shame on you! Your product is the highest price android ever launch. And now, nothing….. When the other try to attract consumer with after sales service, you just keep silent and do nothing. It’s been half a year man!

  211. No more Sony Ericsson for me ever again in this life! Noobs! Perhaps SE have to consider to do a 99% refund, because that is what the X10 is worth.

  212. What the hell!!!!!!!!! 2011? U guys are not fit to call urself as software engineers. Just going to work for the sake of money.! cheating the customers for ur benifit. Well go to HELL u dogs.

  213. […] More details on Android 2.1 Xperia X10 delay | Xperia X10 Blog by the sounds of this dont hold your breath on end of this month,,, and from what i read between the lines from rogers customer service, they are not happy with the lack of progress with this phone,,, and i did search the phone before buying and i questioned the sales people, and EVERYONE specified more for then this phone then what it has, and 2.1 isnt even going to give it what it needs,,, anyhow i wasnt happy ,, IM glad you are,, but i believe SE is finding out the majority isnt happy,,, […]

  214. i got mine X10 since April 2010 and SE still didn’t do anything with the OS. You don’t have a sh*t if you don’t got one of the newest updates of Android. I can’t even use WhatsApp. My wife got a older HTC…it’s OS is updated 2 weeks ago… into 2.2!!! And mine is still eating battery with 1.6!..They can put the 1 Ghz processor in their litle star because they can’t make sure we can use it properly,…with a up-to-date OS.
    WTF is SE doing? Eating out their noses and pullin their middle finger to consumers.
    I got sooo mad when i read this. I don’t need timescape,mediascape or other bullsh*t thats working on a OS from the ice age. Promises shouldn’t be made if u cant fulfill them. i believed those promises because i thought SE wouldn’t f*ck their consumers. And unfortunately i got screwed real bad. I can’t believe this..damnn

  215. Hey all,

    I got the phone because SE has always made quality phones. I am sure that if they haven’t released the OS update yet it is because they want to make sure that it is running perfect. Contrast this to Microsoft Windows. When you buy it, out-of-the-box, it comes with too many updates to count and it still has issues.

    I hope that we can all be mature and patient. Everyone’s use of profanity has only shown the general lack of intelligence and self-control on your part. Try typing something that has meaning.

    Thanks SE for always producing great phones! (I have owned SE phones exclusively for the last 7 years.)


  217. I don’t blame SE, I only blame myself… for being THE BIGGEST idiot in the world for spending my hard-earned cash on an x10… but rest assured, it will not happen EVER again…

    SE can shove this overdue update far up their arrogant assholes…

  218. SE really sucks.disappointed with them.they are saying “UPDATE” but nothing is updated in 2.1 what everyone was hoping for.

  219. This is beyond a joke now …

    I bought two of the fuckerswhen they were first released here in the Philippines; one for myself and one for my girlfriend both have been back to SE in the last couple of months with problems … Service is shit, they kept the phones independently for over 3 weeks each! And to think I was sooo stupid to believe the sales people when they said the upgrade was weeks away and would include camera flash and multi-touch … my fault for believing them …

    I thought I would never say it but Apple here I come …


  220. Can i know when is the update coming out for Malaysia?? I’m getting frustrated from all the waiting

  221. this is so disappointing. i just bought my x10. may be time to return it to the big orange store(at&t).

  222. Hi all

    I’ve had a support ticket open with SE support now for two weeks regarding 2.2. I suggest everyone who is not happy do the same. The email for this in the UK is and address your mail here to Rebecca Brumwell
    Keep your e-mail polite and always ask a question. This way, they have no excuse to close the call. Do not get keyboard happy – always wait until the next day to reply in order to keep the call open as long as possible.
    From my own line of questioning, SE refuse to give any evidence that any of their customers are happy with the situation. They have presented me with incontrivertible evidence of a deliberate ‘buyer beware’ policy regarding their products.
    I love my X10 as a piece of kit. However, whenever anyone asks me about it, I have to tell them to look at HTC because of SE’s attitude.
    That is a real shame as this is my first – and now my last – SE handset.
    Make sure you repeatedly ask for evidence that customers agree that Android 2.1 on the X10 is better than Android 2.2 as SE claim
    If we all get support calls open and keep them open, at least we have the satisfaction of knowing that a few SE SLAs will be breached….

  223. hi to all…
    last i xperia 10,i having a problem sd card…well,i can listen in mediascape..but in officesuit,in memory card.whn i click movies or songs etc it stated “No supporter files” wad doesnt mean..i neva encounter tis problem in my life… i knw tis is wierd… i am still cracking…could anyone help or advice thanks